Pedlars of hate

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has posters in her electorate office which label the Opposition Leader as racist, homophobic and sexist.

The posters, which were photographed inside the Sydney electorate office of Labor MP Tanya Plibersek, caught the attention of a 2GB listener who forwarded the photos onto talkback radio host Ben Fordham.

Carrying the slogans “Note to the ladies: Make me a sandwich” and “I’m threatened by boats and gays, gays on boats are my worst nightmare” the posters were this afternoon raised in Question Time with calls for Ms Plibersek to apologise.

On his Sydney Live show Thursday afternoon, Fordham asked how Ms Plibersek would feel if the shoe was on the other foot and “nasty posters” of Julia Gillard were on display in a Liberal MP’s office.

Here is a photo of one of those inoffensive posters.

Quite funny, isn’t it?

What isn’t funny is the offensive muck that 2GB themselves come out with that really does put the shoe on the other foot.

Did I say shoe?  I meant boot; the one they sink into those dastardly scumbags that keep their political hero out of The Lodge.

Good old 2GB.  The same radio station that employs those fine custodians of moral virtue, Alan Jones and Ray Hadley.  Maybe Ben Fordham might want to watch these two videos of his work mates in action before he sets the bar of decency at an unreachable level.

You have to be extremely right-wing, or of sick mind, to find them amusing.  I find them rather offensive, but obviously they pass scrutiny at 2GB; those pedlars of hate.

And as for that Tony Abbott poster, well I think I’ll hang it on my front door.  I can’t see it offending anyone around my neighbourhood.  It might even keep the Liberal candidate away. 😉

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  1. What is offensive. It is a decent phot of him. Might make him look too good.

    He did make comments along that line.

    Oh, they are so thinned skinned and easy to offend.

  2. You know… I would accept his complaint…. if not for the behaviour of the LNP themselves, the shock jocks and many of the dopey hateful fools who support them.

    BUT……………… They can dish it out .. and they think that they are so witty, clever and funny…………. BUT the moment they consider themselves victims.. HOW LOUD do they cry …!!!!!

    If anything THIS shows what a weak bunch they are..and they DO NOT represent me.

  3. The old two rules syndrome, dont do what I do, do what I say…..(bitch)…. one rule for you and another one for us……….

  4. “Dead Man Walking”… “Go Back To Tasmania And Rot”…. Two new Liberal slogans only 48 hours old… Bloody hypocrits!

  5. Tony, and my all time “favourite”, Bob Brown’s b*tch. Abbott had no problem with that one whatsoever.

  6. Tony B, thank you for the link to Bolt’s piece on the Herald Sun. Without a moment’s hesitation that must be one of the most disgusting articles I have ever read.

    Words fail me..and it certainly on-topic concerning Pedlars of hate…

    WHAT a miraculous recovery by Craig Thomson. Only last week Labor’s disgraced former backbencher was too suicidal to be held to account.

    Labor wouldn’t lie in playing the stop-or-he’ll-kill-himself excuse, would it?

    I’m sure Prime Minister Julia Gillard was truly worried about the effect of the “vicious and personal” attack on Thomson over findings he’d rorted up to $500,000 of union members’ money, and was heartfelt in counselling that “the Opposition should move on”.

  7. Im sure all the people that ring in to speak to these to f wits are extremely intelligent people :/

  8. Anyone care to revisit Bill Heffernan’s “deliberately barren” comments about the PM? Oh of course not, the Tories are allowed to make sexist smears about Labor politicians.

  9. Killbill, then there’s the one about how Abbott finds females in long flowing robes and headscarves “confronting”..but only if they’re Muslims of course…Catholic nuns are of course allowed to wear religious garb..

  10. In northern Pakistan a couple of weeks ago a family celebrating a party were captured on phone dancing and singing. It found its way onto utube and now they have all been sentenced to death.

    Catlicks are more reasonable.

  11. Those posters were so on the mark!

    I agree, they were, and, they were factually correct. However, I don’t think that a sitting member of Parliament should be condoning that sort of antics, even though we all do them, and laugh at them. It does nothing to help the image, and tone, of the national debate.

    There is a time and place for everything, an MP’s office is not the time or place.

    Having said that, I laughed the other morning when bishop put the acid nature of the parliamentary debate all back on the PM. According to her, the fact that the libs have descended to repulsive slanders and countless meaningless SSO’s just in order to spread more repulsive slanders, is all the PM’s fault ❓

    Kind of like bolt somehow claiming that Labor were the ones who brought up any concerns about Thomsons mental health. What a load of BS.

  12. Migs, your idea of putting up the posters has certainly grown wings. Someone just put up a blank template..maybe an idea for a caption comp. in the future.

    It’s in jpg format so should work if I put a link to it here..well, maybe…


  13. I can’t believe the amount of traction that poster is getting in the news and in Parliament. The rightards are going feral on

    Those readers are probably the same type of people who phone 2GB.

  14. Migs, as technological duh-brain moi couldn’t manage the link, I’ve saved it just in case you might want it in the future.

  15. Now it is the speaker’s chair in the line of fire.

    Is she standing up for Mr. Thomson or for standard within the house We cannot have anything the Opposition says or does criticism in any way. It is just not on.

    Just observe what happens in the house when phases such as three stooges or we know in our guts, he is nuts, how quickly the Opposition jumps to complain, as been deeply offended.

    At the same time the continue to scream obscenities and sexual abuse across the table, throughout QT of the most extreme and cruel type. Words that one never hears from the Government. Two of the Opposition women are the worse offenders.

    To watch Ms. Julie Bishop shaking with anger because no one took her serious over the Abbott poster was a sight to see,

    The older Bishop was not much better, when she mouthed off to the Acting Speaker, that Julia always win, she knows that.

    This is one, the advisers should tell the Opposition to drop. It was time to reply with a little humour, not manufactured indignity.

    t strikes me as inappropriate that Acting Speaker Anna Burke is doing the rounds of ABC studios this morning (Radio National, 774) to feed the media meme of the week that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is promoting a newly toxic debate.

    She is also telling people to lay off the disgraced Craig Thomson, saying nine inquiries is “enough”. She’s also selling the achievements of minority government.

    Yes, she is a Labor MP. But at least notionally, she is meant to at least seem impartial in the exercise of her duties.

    Her interviews today suggest she is an example of the hyper-partisanship she’s deploring.

    By the way, I believe it is correct to voice her opinion, if she believes the behaviour of the Opposition is lowering the spirit and standards of the house.

  16. Mr. Hockey is correct for once. But he is unclear who it has been bad for.

    I thought this was the week when they has the smoking gun, the polls so bad and Thomson would crack.

    I even notice our Abbott barrackerss have disappeared.

    Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey also weighed into the furore, adding the news of the posters capped an awful week for politicians and that all MPs have to do better.
    “It’s been an awful week for the profession of politics and we just have to get on with the job,” he told the Seven Network.
    Mr Hockey said Mr Abbott was being pragmatic about the posters.

    Read more:

  17. Migs’ I can. They have no more shots left in the locker and are desperate.

    The stupid lady has refused to recognized she is beaten.

    She even has the extremity to throw the dirt back.

    The PM rubs salt into the wound, by doing it with a smile.

    They are back to she is a lie and aren’t they terrible.

    One month to go from today.

  18. Thomson’s Gazump. Or Was That A Gazelle?

    It was the Member for Dobell
    Deciding he would cross the floor
    That sent Tony Abbott pell mell
    Running for the chamber door.

    Delicious irony! Farewell,
    Keys to The Lodge, for evermore!
    That’s a story pollies will tell
    For many years to come, for sure.

    The man condemned to living hell
    In a cruel, relentless war
    Fought back, unexpectedly so well
    He brought his enemy to the floor.

    Time will come for the final bell,
    There’s a bit of action still in store.
    But will anything this tale excel
    In Aussie parliamentary lore?

  19. Sue, was he crossing the road to join him or runaway. If it was Abbott, who does resemble a chicken, it was to run away.

  20. “He brought his enemy to the floor”

    I believe he failed to do this. Patricia, you are being kind, giving credit were it is not due.

    In fact he has failed to lay one glove on the female opponent.

    Woe is Abbott, one that can never obtain that goal he was told in his nappies, was his to take.

    It could not be right, that the females in his life were so wrong.

  21. AntonyG, it let him down, he did not reach the door in time. I noticed they came prepared, with their coats off. Still did not help.

  22. With thanks to Stafford, the caption is:

    See Tony Run
    Run Tony Run

    See Tony Hide
    Hide Tony Hide

    See Tony’s Policies…………………………………………………..?

  23. Min, I believe the PM has it right. Tony can run run run, but he can never hide hide hide.

    What happened in Henny Penny, when the sky did not fall. I believed they stopped listening to the warnings.

    Even yesterday with his stunt on online gambling, it consisted of threats and warnings. Warnings that it would not be safe to turn our computers on.

    The fact the ability to gamble on line is already here, most direct the emails to the junk box, along with the Viagra, lengthening of that body part and medications.

    he is incapable of talking about anything in a positive manner. Everything has to be negative or a threat.

  24. Well Miglo, they would be right if they did.

    I have never seen a PM in control as Gillard was this week. She has shown she can dish it out as well as take it.

    The PM has shown how to dish it out with grace and humour. That takes strength.

    Both the PM and Thomson are still standing. As for Slipper, he has slipped off the radar. By the way, he is still Speaker.

    What has Abbott achieved? Apart from making a fool of himself.

  25. The poster thing is just another example of presenting oneself as the victim & accusing one’s opponent of what you’re doing yourself. This works if you’ve managed to achieve media dominance.
    We all cut our own side a bit of slack, & one cites George Orwell at one’s peril, but a lot of the shock jock listeners & such really do seem to be able to hold two contradictory ideas in their heads at once. Perhaps there’s nothing else in there so there’s enough room.

    I didn’t know Ben Fordham’s on the wireless. Isn’t he on ACA or something as well?

  26. Hey, Miglo where have the blog’s right wing barrackers disappeared to. It must be their rdo 😉

  27. Cu and What has Abbott achieved? Apart from making a fool of himself.

    It seems that with Abbott that there are only 2 alternatives..either shut TF up or make a fool of himself…the thing which we didn’t count on was that Tony could also make a fool of himself via physical exercise.

  28. Interesting

    javascript:void‘index2.php?option=com_newsmanager&task=view&id=13030’, ‘win2’, ‘toolbar=0,scrollbars=0,width=300,height=500,directories=no,location=no’);

  29. Did he lie. Is it OK to tell two bodies different stories under oath.

    Qantas has denied it misled a Senate inquiry over the grounding of its fleet in October, after a Labor senator accused it of giving conflicting versions.

    Labor senator Glenn Sterle has accused the airline of giving conflicting versions of the decision to Fair Work Australia (FWA) this week and his upper house committee in November.

    Qantas CEO Alan Joyce led committee members to believe he alone had made the decision to ground the airline, the senator said.

    ‘And in front of that committee … we were led to believe quite clearly that the decision was made on that Saturday morning before the grounding,’ Senator Sterle told ABC Radio on Friday.

    That position was at odds with evidence given to FWA by the airline’s chief finance officer, Gareth Evans, who this week revealed a lockout had been discussed at the executive committee level two weeks before it happened.

    Qantas spokeswoman Olivia Worth said there was no contradiction.

    ‘If one goes back and reads the six hours of transcript that the Qantas CEO answered, we did indicate that Qantas had always known that a lockout was an option,’ she said, adding it was the only option for industrial action that an employer could take under the Fair Work Act.’

    The Qantas grounding followed several months of industrial action by three unions over pay and conditions.

  30. Max said:

    As if there are no gay Catholics or Conservatives

    I wish someone would try pointing that out to Abbott. He won’t answer though; he’ll either wobble his head or make a bolt for the door.

  31. There is no such thing as “satire”. It is a made up concept and a made up word. In 1729 Jonathan Swift (often confused as somehow the true author of “Gulliver’s Travels”) wrote “A Modest Proposal” which suggested that impoverished Irish folk might ease their economic troubles by selling their children as food for the rich gentleman and ladies. It was taken seriously by many, as well it should have been because it was a serious argument and to say it was somehow “satire” is a nonsense. The full title of Swift’s work is “A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People From Being a Burden on Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Publick”. I commend it to you. David Barrow

  32. The thing about satire is that it is precluded under legislation pertaining to defamation. Satire has had been noted been an acceptable form of political commentary for a number of centuries.

    Satire compares with defamation – all a matter of intent. Defamation of a person is treated seriously, and I personally would be taking the person to court. Often the lines are blurred, but generally the court will take into consideration “intent”..that is, to make fun of, or to defame the other person.

  33. jules and Min

    silly isn’t it, rather than a few, they ramp it up to over the top abuse


    really, how silly

  34. Sue, for any of us who have been inundated with endless Julia Gillard has to shake one’s head at the sheer hypocrisy at the tearing at forelocks from the Liberal camp.

  35. The right wingers must be fairly blind if they haven’t noticed those posters before. They’ve been around over six months. Maybe they’ve been too preoccupied designing their own hate material.

  36. That Bishop interview is worth watching, sorry listening to. So was the performance she put on yesterday in QT

    What scares me most about this woman, is that seems to be genuine in what she says. She believes her own shit.

    She truly believes she is much better and smarter than the PM.

  37. Their shit doesn’t stink.

    Yeah, but their fart gives them away, Migs.

    Mr Abbott told the Nine Network today: “It’s tacky, it’s not funny and Tanya Plibersek should be better than that and the Labor Party should lift its game.”

    Did the reporter rofl? And then remind him about his standing in front of some extremely offensive posters at the convoy of no consequence? Didn’t think so.

  38. She truly believes she is much better and smarter than the PM.

    That’s why Julia is PM and Bishop is a nonentity. 😆

  39. I think the real difference here, is that Pilbersek is a politician … and the offensive material (and it is offensive if you are objective) is in her office … and only a few nights ago I saw her on TV saying that Parliament has degenerated into vitriolic, personal insults (which I agree with) … and how they need to better themselves …

    … if she then became a “target”, because of the posters, then so be it for the hypocrisy …

    Simply saying things like “well its not as bad as …” or “well they do it … ” just doesn’t cut it … in fact it simply escalates the issue and fogs any policy issues … in other words it works in the Opposition’s favour to defend it!

    The right wing stations peddle right wing crap all the time 4BC (1116) Talk Back is full of it … but a politician’s office ain’t the place …

    All our politicians, political parties and supporters need to take a long hard look at themselves … rather than their opponents …

    Most have lost the plot and voters …

  40. I believe Warwick Fairfax was also a HBS graduate. Hardly something to shoot her mouth off about. lol

  41. Bishop, Harvard, Abbott, Oxford. It they are anything to go by, it does not say much for the establishments. I would say the management course left much to be desired. I believe it coast something like $50 000. Money wasted in her case.

    They are also bringing up the fact that Tanya is married to a convicted drug peddler. Something by the way she is very open about. It appears he become a addict when very young, As some do, he became a peddler.

    He used his sentence to clean himself up and get on with his life.

    Last week the attempted to get the PM’s ancient love life back into the picture. No luck there either.

    Of course in Abbott’s world, it is OK to pull down anyone, if it furthers their cause.

  42. TB, then perhaps Liars Party senator Michaelia Cash should practice what the Masters of Hypocrisy preach. (see Mandy Mack @11.57am 31/5)

    Apparently it’s only offensive if someone takes the mick out of Liealot , but OK the Liars and their barrackers like the deeply offensive Anal Jones & co threaten the Prime Minister of this country.

    They wear their hypocrisy like a large neon badge.

  43. I have not doubt there will many an offensive thing against Gillard in Coalitions politicians’ offices and computers. I also have little doubt that unless it’s a Labor politician that sees them, others that visit those offices, like the media, or are shown the offensive material will have a good chuckle and say nothing outside of that office.

  44. CU @8.31pm, but we mustn’t say anything nasty to poor widdle Liealot, his poor widdle ego is so easily bruised. Boo f*cken hoo! Toughen TF up, Liealot, you can dish it out but you can’t take it you w@nker!

  45. TB, I agree, it would be better if both sides pulled back, but you do not really believe those posters are anything like the dirt that the Opposition is throwing.

    After all everyone cheers when the victim of bullies hit back.

    Mr. Albanese had been warning them for weeks, that they need to take care, as two can play the game.

    The PM did lay a glove on Ms Bishop yesterday.
    It has been a long time coming.

    The Opposition need to go away and spend some time on reflecting if they want to continue down this path.

    The PM has telegraphed that the gloves are off, and she does not intend to lay down and die. She intends to fight to the death.

    It is up to Abbott. He will need a thicker hide, if those mild posters unhinged him.

    But it was yesterday, after the shadow treasurer asked a question of Wayne Swan, that we really saw something special.

    As she sat down, some Labor backbencher called out something about plagiarism.

    Bishop turned – and there it was – “Blue Steel”!

    A flash of pure poison, deep and savage.

    “I BEG your pardon?” the shadow treasurer hissed, as her tormentors whooped and cackled.

    As you can imagine, Julia Gillard is thoroughly enjoying her opponent’s discomfiture.

    And yesterday, she couldn’t resist the chance to sink her own dainty ankle-boot into the fray, taunting Bishop about her claims to have been educated at Harvard Business School.

    A bit rich, reckons the Deputy PM; Bishop was only there for six weeks.

    “The truth is she was there for a summer program, for a course that now costs $60,000,” Gillard mocked.

    “That is $10,000 per week, $2000 per day … ”

    There was something a bit icky about this attack.

    Gillard is a hungry political carnivore, and no doubt about it. But yesterday it looked horribly like she was killing for sport


  46. I saw Phil Ruddoch just over a week ago. It’s true that he does look deceased.

    But I hope I never see Andrew Bolt.

  47. TB, I think that what people display in their office is entirely up to them.

    I used to work for three Italian brothers and their whole factory was decorated with posters of topless women.

    I hated the job, but I stuck it out for three years. :mrgreen:

  48. jules, have you noticed, those jackets are starting to look as it they are too loose.

    This lady is either exercising or watching her food intake. I would say both.

    It one looked today, the lady does not appear too bad.

    Not a pretty effort but nothing one does not see every day.

  49. I just heard Abbott speak. The low paid workers of Australia needed the pay rise as they’re about to be hit with a carbon tax.

    I noticed how he emphasised the word ‘tax’.

    He doesn’t miss an opportunity, does he?

  50. Migs, I worked underground for 12yrs, some of the poster collections down there were years old and continually added to, literal floor to ceiling type, sexist and crude some would call it……… I call it Art…. 😀 ( sorry ladies) 🙂

  51. Miglo, Capital Hill is worth catching up with.

    There was time, I liked Ruddock, that was before Howard got his claws into him. I am afraid he sold his soul for Howard. Maybe the is why he looks so miserable now.

  52. By the way, Hunt reckons it will take no longer than 12 months to dismantle everything.

    Where does one learn to tell porkies with a straight face.

    Mr. Hunt is doing a Ruddock for Abbott. That is selling his soul.

  53. I had a lot of respect for Ruddoch when he was my Minister. He always went in to bat for Aboriginal people while Howard was throwing rocks at them.

  54. Miglo, my most lousy job was for Arnott’s. Never know why I stayed 14 weeks.

    It was like going to Parramatta Girls Home each day. Uniform, rules and in every way.

  55. Cu, I worked at Arnotts for a couple of years and have never encountered a company who treats their staff as badly as they do.

    They treated a packet of biscuits with more respect than they did a worker.

    One poor bloke I know went to work there after serving 12 years in the navy. He was told it would be a permanent job. Then one day some guards came up to him to tell him he was being laid off without notice. He had to leave immediately and had two guards escort him from the building – in full view of 100 people. It was the most humiliating experience of his working career.

  56. Cu, people do tend to start to look miserable once they sell out to Howard. Jocular Joe looks decidedly unjocular these days.

  57. It certainly is all about respect. One job that I had was putting the inserts into Tricking’ Life magazine – worst job, best people. I loved it.

  58. Miglo, the man got it easy. i still do not believe how bad it was. I had just come back from 12 months in Queensland. Work was scarce, as it often was with Menzies stop go economy.

    I was about twenty. I went on to work in many factories, but this was one out.

    One was lined up, going in and out. One put that shocking uniform on, which was similar to the girls home I mentioned,

    One then down to the factory floor. You worked those belts, or stacked tins. Talking was not tolerated. One put up their hand to go to the toilet, which they timed.

    If one was talking to a male, it was instant sack.
    On the way out, one was searched.

    I am not exaggerating.

    Working on the tea wagons was the worse job. One drank the tea without stopping.

    I hated doing the bosses tea, up in the roof of the building. The Arnott brothers ignore one completely. You would be left standing in the middle of the room, with no clear area to place the tray. They never once acknowledge one, let alone say thanks.

    The work was hard and i do not remember the pay, but I do not believe it was much.

    I went to my local doctor, as I was ill whole time I was there. He was a Maltese pig, but not a bad doctor. When I said I worked at Arnott’s, he snapped, you have the Arnott syndrome.

    Those tins were within the weight limit, but lifting them continually and stacking eight high was not taken into account. I took his advice and found another job.


  59. I think that we forget at times the hard won workers rights, how far we have travelled. I was management when I worked for Jetset Tours, but being female our 15 minute tea break was timed. And heaven help any poor girl who spent too much time in the loo.

  60. Miglo. I wonder with twenty years of Mabo, are they going to remind us of the scare campaign by Howard and his effort to dismantle it when he got into power.

    Remember, our backyards were in danger of being taken over by the Aboriginals.

  61. Just keep away from the monte carlos. Most of them come from the waste and broken biscuit. Iced vovos was another I would be wary of. In them days the women drip the biscuits on trays. That loveley pink icing would find its way to the arm pits. Many of those women were big.

    Remember one day when they changed a belt. No time to clean it down. Will not say what it smelt of.

  62. Chicken factory versus the ongoing battle with maggots. Also the lumps of coagulated chicken fat hanging from the rafters. I assume/hope that health standards have improved.

  63. CU
    Monte carlos and iced vovos, they were my favourite.:(=
    luckily (it seems) we had them rarely. biscuits were not really a thing in my household.

  64. Sue, I am sure those days have gone. We much have had stronger stomachs then.

    I was much happier working in engineering and electronics.

    I am glad that my kids do not have to work in those type of places.

    Son worked for Amco but that was a little different. It was mostly printing and big machines.

  65. Am catching up on the Mabo show on the ABC now. Yes, Howard is there with all his threats. It was on earlier tonight.

  66. When I worked at Arnott’s I had two routes to the canteen. The short way past the Ginger Nut production line, or the long way past the Tim Tams. I felt it good excercise to take the long route. :mrgreen:

  67. Cu, a most interesting case and one which I studied via constitutional law. I must watch the show one day to see how the story is interpreted.

  68. Min, not too sure what I watched. It was a short ine just before the news,. it is one we should remember more. Many things changed. Both the Mabo and the Land rights that came later.

    My brother, who I have little to do with, told me years ago he new Mabo and what a wonderful man he was,

    el gordo is in a funny mood tonight.

  69. Miglo at 9.46
    I saw some of Abbott’s bit on Lateline. The ABC called it “bipartisan support”.

  70. Cu, I agree. We know so little about our own history and the Mabo case should figure highly. Gone are the days when good quality shows were produced about line with Howard’s policy of reducing Australian content.

  71. he doors. The question is that the member be no
    longer heard. The ayes will pass—
    In division—
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Ms AE Burke): No!
    Lock the doors; too late—no way; not on. Out!
    Mr Hockey: Madam Deputy Speaker, you just
    called him back in.
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I did actually call him
    back in, because the doors had locked.
    Mr Hockey: The Government Whip—
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The Government Whip
    does not have the authority. I actually said he should
    return to the chamber because the doors had been
    locked and he was actually in the chamber when I said,
    ‘Lock the doors.’ In accordance with the rules, I had
    asked him to stay in the chamber, as the doors had
    been locked. I think that is the right way to proceed.
    Mr Hockey: Madam Deputy Speaker, I raise a
    point of order. Just to clarify: as we said that we would
    not accept the vote of the member for Dobell, when we
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for North
    Sydney does not have the call. The member for North
    Sydney, it is not for the opposition or the government
    to accept a member’s vote. We need to clarify this: it is
    for the parliament to accept a member’s vote. The
    member for North Sydney.
    Mr Hockey: The coalition has said it would not
    accept the vote of the member for Dobell and if the
    member for Dobell entered the House and voted with
    us, we would have someone leave the chamber. To
    provide clarity, we became aware that the member for
    Dobell was sitting on our side, and that is why the
    Leader of the Opposition and the Manager of
    Opposition Business attempted to leave the House, on
    that note. The member, obviously—
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The member for North
    Sydney has made his point. We are in the middle of a
    division. The issue still remains that, when the call for
    the doors to be locked has been made, those in the
    chamber must be counted in the vote. I understand the
    point the member for North Sydney is making, but
    there is no ability for the parliament to exclude a
    member’s vote. The member for Groom is seeking the
    call. I would like to now, before that, put the question.
    The question is that the member be no longer heard.
    Mr Ian Macfarlane: Madam Deputy Speaker, on a
    point of order: you are classed as outside the chamber
    if you are past the adviser’s box.
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: The Leader of the
    Opposition was on the floor at the time—that is the
    chamber. We will now proceed with the vote. The
    question is that the member be no longer heard;fileType=application/pdf#search=chamber/hansardr/4a17e30d-c43b-48b9-83ed-4280fc00314c/0000

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  74. TB, I think that what people display in their office is entirely up to them.

    I’m afraid it’s not her office it’s ours … the public’s … and anyone can enter … as for posters of topless women or any material offensive to a client or customer or worker that has been banned in work places for some time (as you should know in your position) I ran service workshops in the ’70’s and it was not allowed on the walls in my workshop … it IS a form of harrassment …

    To simply say, as others have done here, that “they do it, so should we” demonstrates a childishness beneath many of the contributors here that I know and admire – caught in the web of frustration, methinks … as I said in my earlier post, getting down to the Opposition’s level doesn’t fix the problem, it just exacerbates it and escalates the insulting language and behaviour … one of the reasons that many younger voters are simply fed up with politicians in general … (some older voters have had enough too … I know you read my posts at TFR 😉 ) …

    The Parliament and its members should be role models … ALL OF THEM … what’s happening in Parliament is reflected in the attitudes and behaviours of ordinary folk … and so it goes on, ad nauseam … fuelling the fire will never put it out!

  75. TB, walk into any community club in NSW or the ACT and you’re hit with any number of anti-government posters regarding the proposed limits on pokies. I don’t like seeing them there – in community owned clubs – but that’s their choice.

  76. TB, I agree it is behaviour we can do without.

    Saying that, I agree with Miglo, it was in a private office,

    The ones of Abbott and co, we see and the comments that one can only object to, are all in the public domain, Many said in the house.

    Bolt attempted to point out how bad the PM. He showed some of the milder outbursts of Abbott’s and , Tanya’s posters. The ones he showed of the PM where extremely mild in comparison to those of Abbott’s. That was on Bolt’s own show.

    There are cartoons, satire and jokes. There is abusive language, lies and name calling.

    Mr. Abbott’s outbursts have been occurring from day one. Go through some of Abbott’s and Pyne’s MSSO speeches. They are just a tirade of name calling and filthy language. They are offensive to most who listen to them.

  77. The ABC showed the Mabo story a few years ago. I was impressed by the performances of the lead actors and felt I had a better understanding of the push for Land Rights.

    I supported the land Rights movement from the start, and the more I found out about it, the better I understood the spiritual and physical relationship of the first inhabitants with the land and the lasting pain they feel at having that relationship so violently and arbitrarily fractured.

    However, it is perhaps only in the last 28 years that I can really appreciate the damage that the stolen generations has done to Aboriginal lives, in the physical, spiritual and psychological senses.

    That was when I had my daughter, followed quickly by my three boys. That was an epiphany, I suppose. Because I started to think about how devastating it would be if my kids were snatched from me simply because the authorities wanted to destroy my culture and wipe me and my kind from the face of the earth.

    It’s not a pleasant thing to address, but as a nation we have to ask ourselves those questions and answer them honestly

    Using the old chestnut that Aboriginal parents are incapable of caring for their children is a complete nonsense. If that were the case, the claim of terra nullius would have been true. The fact is that Aboriginal children were, and are, loved and nurtured by their parents. And have been so for millennia.

  78. Jane, if they could not care for the kids, why did they leave the full bloods behind.

    When someone can answer that, I might believe they were taken for their own safety and well being.

    They were then bought up to reject the Aboriginality and see themselves as white.

    They were stopped from knowing their mothers.

    My mother used to employ women after the left Cootamundra Girls Home. It was sad seeing them trying to live in the white world that rejected them.

  79. CU @2.52pm, exactly. It gives the lie to everything that’s been said in defence of that policy.

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