The Omen

As Tony Abbott leapt from his seat like a startled gazelle yesterday in his now famous dash for the parliamentary door I was reminded of the other door he repeatedly dashes at.  The front door of The Lodge.

Which reminded me again of something else.

Earlier this year I drove past The Lodge and noticed on the road a poor dead fox.  His deceased nose was pointing to the front gate, a sure sign of where he was headed.

Whilst I don’t like seeing animals killed on the road, even feral ones, I mused that this was an obvious sign that sly, sneaky, underhanded feral types will never make it to The Lodge.

An omen for Tony Abbott, perhaps?

A feral red fox with a Bobuck Possum in its mouth.

50 comments on “The Omen

  1. The trouble with the fox,
    Is he really is a pox,
    Upon the face of our Australian wildlife.
    The trouble with Tony,
    Is he really is a phoney,
    A disaster on the Australian way of life.

  2. Miglo
    The fox was distracted by the running rAbbott and got itself in the sights of one of those convoy trucks of no consequence.

  3. Miglo, Yep go together like bread and jam, rats and mice, etc. Unfortunately couldn’t get a rhyme with gonorrhea or syphilis either. Damned English language — severe lack of rhyme with the most juicy of words!! ;-O

  4. Miglo

    to keep Anal happy,
    the truck while reversing, hit the fox that was chasing the rAbbott

  5. OMG, it’s Joni…love and huggy squishes to you and C*. I was just about to write a post and only an hour ago was reading something that you had written on this blog last year on the topic. Now, as if my magic here you are.

  6. deknarf earlier said he…..

    ….”can’t find a rhyme with gonorrhea!”
    Well there’s a very odd idea!
    Tell me! Where did you look, my dear?
    The obvious that comes to mind is ‘diarrhoea!’

    But even easier than that one is
    The other. What was it? ‘Syphilis?’
    Both words spell danger to young men and misses,
    Warning not to be too generous with their kisses.

  7. Reminds me of the story of the “Sly Fox and the Little Red Hen’ …and if you dont know how that story ends (Take note Tony ‘n Gina):-

  8. Maybe the hyena is the better comparison.

    It is unfair to the fox.

    Sly he might be, but the fox also clever. Now, I thought of the dingo, but that too is a noble animal, that does not warrant being placed with Pyne.

    QT I am catching up.

    Abbott got up to praised the Queen. Is this another stunt.. Directly after Mabo, which he had little to say.

    The PM did not back his little speech up. So will the headlines be that the PM. Sorry, she did mentioned it, but only to say what was going on in England.

    First question. om line gambling. Turned back on him.

    Another stunt, the PM once again outfoxed him on.

    The poor man cannot win at all.

  9. Sorry, deknark, that that hadn’t much to do with Tony Abbott! Some thoughts that come to mind for Miglo are…..

    It seems an insult to a fox
    To liken him to Tony Abbott,
    Not even a boar or a wild ox,
    Certainly not the harmless rabbit.

    Just because he did a runner
    Don’t think of a deer or a gazelle.
    For sure, there’s no animal who’s gonna,
    Like him, deserve to go to hell!

  10. At least the fox is an honest hunter, a hyena honest in feeding on carrion, the dingo a noble animal.

    All of the animal kingdom do their job honestly. It is only the human species for devious reasons of their own who treat others as unworthy of respect.

  11. Min, that is why I have trouble finding a suitable animal. I as sorry, there is not one as low.

  12. funghi are very useful and essential to nature. They form a base niche in all their forms, except for those species that grown between your toes I guess. Abbott could be likened to them.

  13. Rats Abbotts are very adaptable public health pests. They are not fussy eaters and can make themselves at home in houses, sheds, garages and gardens. They are not only smelly and destructive, but can pose a risk to human health.

    Rattus Abbottus is an introduced species to Australia and a pest to people, economies, and small businesses 😆

  14. I do hope he is one of a species. Would hate to see him spread his kind. One is enough.

  15. I like reptiles and have had many a pet lizard growing up. Always liked snakes and think they are magnificent, so toe fungus has to be it.

    Most cockies are useful and some are absolutely necessary in nature, and cockies are also food for many other creatures, like reptiles. So a cockroach is too good for Abbott.

  16. A Portugeuse millipede- nasty, smelly invader that even spiders and centipedes turn up their noses at.

  17. Damnation..I thought belly button fuzz, toe nail clippings..nope, cannot think of anything which does not have a use of some kind or another..thereby precluding these things from appropriate discriptors.

  18. So what does “Gillard won’t lie down and die, and where there’s life, there’s fight” really mean? In my opinion, it means that ‘this Leader of the Opposition’, this Tony Abbott, is becoming increasingly unnerved and progressively unhinged, as he sees the prize – the keys to The Lodge – retreating from his eagerly outstretched hand. He realizes that it will be no cakewalk now to grasp the keys. He knows that his strategy to demolish Julia Gillard and her Government has failed – that she is going from strength to strength, that she won’t lie down and die as he had hoped and anticipated.

    He knows that he will have to fight fiercely for his prize, yet the only fight he knows is not working. He must now know that his incessant negativity is not only not working, it is actually working against him. He must know that the only strategy that could work for him and the Coalition would be coming up with sound and attractive policies, properly costed, policies more attractive and less costly than the Government’s, smartly packaged and presented. But this option is inconsistent with his lazy approach to policy creation, his dilatory approach to costings, and his ignorant approach to economics. It’s all too hard.

    He expected to surf to power on the unpopularity of the Government and a wave of favourable opinion polls, waving triumphantly from his surfboard in his red budgie smugglers. But the surf has become choppy, the rocks too close, and the best waves are now down the coast where a red-headed surfer is riding quietly and confidently, headed for a welcoming sandy beach.

    ‘Gillard won’t lie down and die’ really is Abbott’s dilemma.

    What do you think?

  19. CU
    And today Swan said that the Opposition will have no excuse to have their policies costed:
    “The new parliamentary budget office, promised to independents Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, will be formally announced by the parliament’s presiding officers.

    Asian Development Bank director and former senior public servant Phillip Bowen will head up the new office, which will provide costing and financial analysis of election commitments”

  20. Fungarse, ratarse,lizardarse….. in the future all you’ll have to say is ” like an Abbott” and everyone will Know what ya mean….. he needs no negative descriptor, he IS one….

  21. I have the feeling Craig Thomson is getting his own back on the Liars. I couldn’t help
    lundered around trying to escape the chamber.

    I think the enjoyment was twofold-they tried to runaway and in doing so made public idiots of themselves. A sweet revenge, indeed. I imagine Slipper had a bit of a chuckle, too.

  22. The federal opposition has been accused of hypocrisy with at least 34 MPs and senators, or their partners, investing in mining shares over the past two years while leader Tony Abbott talked up the carbon tax’s damage to the economy.

    The figures, released by Industry Minister Greg Combet, came as the opposition leader claimed the coal industry would ‘die’ under carbon pricing to start on July 1 and compared government promotion of cash payments to a ‘Nigerian lottery scam’.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard challenged Mr Abbott in parliament to guarantee that his predictions of ‘doom’ would come to fruition on July 1.

    ‘The opposition knows its aggressive negativity will fall foul on the first of July,’ she said.

  23. Thanks for the startled gazelle inspiration, Miglo!

    Thomson’s Gazump. Or Was That A Gazelle?

    It was the Member for Dobell
    Deciding he would cross the floor
    That sent Tony Abbott pell mell
    Running for the chamber door.

    Delicious irony! Farewell,
    Keys to The Lodge, for evermore!
    That’s a story pollies will tell
    For many years to come, for sure.

    The man condemned to living hell
    In a cruel, relentless war
    Fought back, unexpectedly so well
    He brought his enemy to the floor.

    Time will come for the final bell,
    There’s a bit of action still in store.
    But will anything this tale excel
    In Aussie parliamentary lore?

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