Monday in Canberra

Sue earlier wrote:


We have been following the “slippery slipper” across a few stories . But it may end up with its own thread with the revelations today in the Age.

Just how many Liberals are involved will soon be left to the bookies, I guess.

Who knew what and when is like the classic defense “I smoked dope but never inhaled”

So getting to today’s story, we have Julie Bishop, Tony Abbott and Warren Entsch.

Tony Abbott must think the James Murdoch style of answer to probing questions is good.  As according to Warren Entsch, his message to Tony must have gone to the message bank, “cause he didn’t pick up”.

Then as a side dish to the main course we have good ol’ Barnaby Joyce with “he seems only slightly less dodgy than Slipper”.

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Due to not having a lot of spare time on my hands I wasn’t able to meet Sue’s request, however, in a moment of inspiration I thought I’d build this post around her comment and throw it open as a Monday in Canberra thread where we can discuss the news coming out of our capital.

Over to you.


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