A short history lesson for the LOTO

Here’s a short history lesson for the leader of the Opposition . . .

On the 25th of April 1915 the ANZACS landed at Gallipoli.  It was a campaign that we did not win, but it is the date we commemorate all those who have served in our armed forces; those mates who fought for their country, many of whom never returned.

Thank goodness Tony Abbott was not Prime Minister in 1915.   How many more thousands of young men would have died while he waited to call them home, UNTIL THEY HAD A WIN UNDER THEIR BELT.

Winning is not everything, you can not win a war at any cost, for what is lost is more valuable that what was gained.  History has recorded that our decision not to win at all costs was our best decision of the campaign.

The most successful operation of the campaign was the evacuation of the troops on 19–20 December under cover of a comprehensive deception operation.  As a result, the Turks were unable to inflict more than a very few casualties on the retreating forces.  The whole Gallipoli operation, however, cost 26,111 Australian casualties, including 8,141 deaths.  Despite this, it has been said that Gallipoli had no influence on the course of the war.

How many young lives ,would Tony Abbott be prepared to be lost from our nation, while we try to secure a win under the belt?

How much psychological damages to young brains, physical damage to young bodies . . ?  To our country’s spirit?

AND . . . if it was ANY ONE OF HIS DAUGHTER’S LIVES ON THE LINE, how different would he see the situation?

Tony Abbott, the AFGHANISTAN CAMPAIGN is NOT a sporting event . . . the lives lost to all mean more to many people than POINT SCORING.

You’re an unfit person to hold the position you do, when you consider a WIN UNDER THE BELT more relevant than the lives of Australians.

But to you, winning is everything, isn’t it?  Whatever the cost.  As long as someone else does the fighting . . . your dirty work.

A big thank you to JooR for the above post.

Chris Uhlmann has Got to Go

The ABC has intervened following the publication of Paul Keating’s note describing Chris Uhlmann (ABC 7.30 program) as incompetent.  I understand the ABC was swamped with comments agreeing with this assessment to the point that the ABC stopped publishing the responses and Bruce Belsham, Head ABC Current Affairs used his power to dismiss Keatings remarks and write a defense of Uhlmann.


Anyone who has watched Uhlmann interview Gillard and then watched him interview Abbott would acknowledge that the guy does a jekyll and hyde routine.  The fact that the shows ratings have plummeted should indicate that there is a problem, but then the ABC does not need worry about ratings does it.

Just how low can their ABC get before there is a change?  Who would have thought Rob Sitch would make a good training video for ABC presenters?

Try Not To Breathe

Bernie Banton spent his last few agonizing breaths fighting for their rights, this week the NSW Coalition kicked them and their families in the guts. Damn hard too.

They are the workers suffering and dying from the effects of asbestos, which leads to some particularly nasty and painful conditions.

Those who are unlucky enough to have this condition have a long, undignified, and agonizing death to look forward to. Their families will have to deal with watching their loved ones suffer excruciating pain with each breath, and know that there is nothing that can be done for them. This truly is a disease you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy, it is beyond horrific.

The company who gave us this deadly product was James Hardie, and the government at the time of the legal battles for compensation was the Howard Liberal Government.

As I mentioned, Bernie Banton was the man James Hardie hadn’t counted on. Bernie spent what were his final years fighting those whom he saw as the bastards who refused to help those suffering. Those bastards were the Directors of James Hardie, and Tony Abbott, who was then Health Minister. Tony Abbott did not want sufferers to have access to medication that was subsidised, and James Hardie didn’t want to be held liable for the serious problems that they had caused.

In a true David and Goliath battle, Bernie won on both counts, gaining compensation guarantees and access to subsidised medication.

The Face Of Courage, Bernie Banton

Then, like a war criminal fleeing for Switzerland, James Hardie moved its headquarters overseas in a bid to avoid the compensation payments, under the Coalitions watch.

Here in NSW, victims of this awful condition have received yet another awful blow, at the hands of a heartless Coalition government.

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