Abbott’s presstitutes

Just over a week ago Tony Abbott had this to say about the NDIS: He said:

. . . the Opposition had supported the NDIS “every step of the way” and wanted to support it to its conclusion.

Then yesterday he lamented that the Government wasn’t telling him enough about the scheme (link not available).

To all the journalists in our country: “Helloooo, where are you? Do any of you have the guts to ask Abbott why his party didn’t even bother to turn up when it was introduced into Parliament? Are you happy just to take his word that he claims to support it “every step of the way” and also blame the Government because he doesn’t know enough about it?”

“Stop laying on your back and acting like Abbott’s presstitutes”.

Support it all the way, my arse.

“FFS, the whole country knows that he’s been caught out telling a lie. All with the exception of you lazy mob of bum sniffers. Here’s the picture to prove the lie”:


Open forum: Would you pay $300 to support the disabled?

Julia Gillard is considering increasing the Medicare levy by roughly $300 a year to help pay for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. had an article today, Would you pay $300 to support the disabled? where two reporters offered two alternative opinions on the issue.

From Matt Young, who clearly would not pay $300 a year we get:

My issue is fairly simple. Once you add the extra amount to rising rates, health premiums, rent and cost of living in a time when our government is wasting my money on failed schemes, I don’t see why I should go without heating this winter when there might be an easier way to solve the problem.

As an aside, I don’t know what country Matt lives in, but in our country we are not experiencing rising rate. He continues:

The Australian public should not have to suffer for our government’s continually poor economic decisions.

Need I remind our dear readers of the Labor government’s Building the Education Revolution scheme, in which $16.2 billion was forked out to build outdoor infrastructure to Australian schools… when many of the projects were hardly urgent.

Then there was the Pink Batts scheme which failed to deliver what the government promised.

The average Aussie wallet is not a last port of call for a government drowning in debt and in need of a desperate decision.

Get your books in order Gillard, then I’ll pay your levy.

Claire Porter holds a different view, not based on politics but on need:

Saying you should be able to pick and choose what your taxes pay for is fine . . . But we can all get on board with the idea of a national disability scheme, surely?

I for one would happily hand over my $300 a year if it meant it made things just a little bit easier for the disabled and their families to get by.

I’ve perused the social media today and the loudest opponents are those who could most probably afford $300 a year. And yes, most of those are LNP supporters. I haven’t heard many complaints from those who earn less money. Funny, that.

How about yourself? Would you pay $300 to support the disabled?