“These are matters for Tony”

Greg Hunt, the Federal Member for Flinders is the Minister for the Environment. He had only been sworn in a matter of days and he closed down the Climate Commission and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

I think the man is a hypocrite. Or gutless. This interview with Leigh Sales in December 2009 reveals that he is perhaps both. Here is a quote from it:

. . . But I do enjoy the environment – I’m passionate about it; I believe in the challenges of climate change – but these are matters for Tony.

Great. He wants to do something about climate change yet is happy to lick the boots of Tony Abbott – a man who thinks climate change is crap. He’ll leave it up to Tony. Wow, what a man of principle.

How does he sleep at night knowing he’s sold himself to the wrong bidder?

I’ve seen enough

In the days before the September election I resigned myself to the impending (and dreadful) likelihood that Tony Abbott would be forming a new government. After his victory I thought to myself, “Well, he’s won. I can only sit back and see how it goes”.

Well I’ve seen enough.

I’ve seen enough to come to the conclusion that it does not go well at all.

In six short weeks I’ve seen the Prime Minister insult our Asian neighbours, insult Putin, insult APEC members, insult insult UN officials over their views on climate change, and insult us all by running away from any journalist likely to ask a question.

In six short weeks we’ve been swamped with allegations of travel allowance rorts from his party members and we’ve seen Tony Abbott quickly jump to their defence, even though the finger of probable guilt has been pointed at them.

In six short weeks we’ve seen seen a group of wrecking balls, in the form of his Ministers, unleashed upon an unsuspecting electorate. We’ve seen Greg Hunt shut down the Climate Commission and in doing so, rebukes all the evidence that we are indeed approaching the serious threat of climate change.

We’ve seen Scott Morrison present us to the world as a nation of heartless bastards, and I am ashamed of that. In six short weeks we have seen that the only voters that matter in this country are the racist rednecks. And if the rednecks haven’t been appeased enough, now Brandis is making a High Court challenge to the ACT’s same-sex marriage legislation.

In six short weeks we’ve seen Joe Hockey dismantle every argument he has ever had about the previous government’s economic management and he himself is setting us on a course of possible economic Armageddon.

It’s only been six weeks, but yep, I’ve seen enough. There’s much more I could mention but I’m taking a break now. It’s time to bang my head against the wall.