I would have liked to have done something else

In my working life I only had three jobs that lasted more than five years; a cabinet-maker, a finance manager, and a public servant. Most of them sucked, although the last two I mentioned were very enjoyable.

However, each one was a job and not a career. I would have liked to have done something else. Something I had a real passion for and one that I could have spent my whole working life devoted to.

If I could start all over again there are a few that would fall into that category and I would pursue a career in them relentlessly.

Given the chance, I’d be an astronomer. I studied it for a year at university but the first six months were the most boring of my life. We were drilled with small structures of the universe; things like photons, bosons and muons. They are not exciting, only a fraction more exciting than the equations a half a metre long that we had to damage our brains on. I was more interested in the large structures of the universe; planets, galaxies and anything that might dwell in them.

I threw in the towel.

Second choice would be a paleontologist. Yep, digging up old bones tracing the evolution of we humans or the odd dinosaur. I’m very interested in ‘things’ we know little about and would loved to be involved in new discoveries.

For that reason I could easily take a career in Egyptology or archaeology. Not much work in Australia for the former and little of interest in the latter unless it’s Aboriginal archaeology. I knew a girl who studied archaeology and ended up in a career researching Australian verandah designs in the 19th century. I guess when there’s nothing else around you take anything.

Which is what I’ve done all my life.

Would you do anything different given the miracle of another chance?