The GST and other lies

Hockey GST

In 2004, Alan Ramsay wrote:

“Telling a lie is easier than killing it, even for a prime minister. A lie is a lie, and once it is out on the street no amount of passing traffic can ever truly skittle it. John Howard told a lie on May 2, 1995. Then he told more lies to reinforce the first lie. To protect himself from what he judged a serious threat to his last chance to be prime minister, Howard lied and went on lying. Now, three years later, he is telling still more lies to hide that first lie.

Ramsay was of course writing about then Prime Minister John Howard and Howard’s never-ever promise to never-ever introduce the GST.

“Suggestions I have left open the possibility of a GST are completely wrong. A GST or anything resembling it is no longer Coalition policy. Nor will it be policy at any time in the future. It is completely off the political agenda in Australia.”

Amanda Vanstone was somewhat more honest than ‘Honest John’ stating that, “I wouldn’t have tried it from Opposition. You’ve got to wait until you get into Government and sell it there”.

The GST was subsequently introduced by Howard government on the 1st July, 2000 with predictions of how its introduction would hit hardest the poorest in society while at the same time doing little to tackle the cash in hand economy.  On winning the election Howard promptly declared that victory gave him a mandate for the GST.  He however only succeeded in getting it through a hostile Senate after doing a deal with the Australian Democrats to exempt food.

Howard’s sales pitch to the Australian people included:

“This is something the country has needed for more than twenty years and we’re doing it because it is the right thing for the nation.

It will give us a fairer taxation system.

It will cut our income tax.

It will strengthen us in the world.

It will guarantee the revenue we need to support the health, education, police and other services so important for a fair society.

The new tax system is designed to reward Australians and their families with lower income tax and increased family benefits”.

Has the GST ever lived up to what was promised?

KERRY O’BRIEN: Pensioners are emerging as the latest bloc of voters to test the Howard Government’s promise to listen to their problems- in this case, over the GST.

They were due to receive a 4 per cent increase to their pensions today in line with the cost of living.

But they only received 2 per cent…

KERRY O’BRIEN: Edith Morgan of Pensioners and Superannuants Federation. . . says that pensioners are coming to her saying, “We have paid our own way all our lives. Suddenly, after the GST, we’re going to have to go to charities and collect food parcels to live on.”

KERRY O’BRIEN: The peak lobby group for the welfare sector, ACOSS, says that the compensation package was always inadequate.

They said that before it came in. They say the facts have now borne that out.

They say that in particular as people, pensioners, the disadvantaged, are experiencing the full cost. That’s being passed on to them by retailers.

Also, and from 2012:

TAX dodgers are cheating the country of up to $100 billion a year in undeclared income through the cash economy more than a decade after the introduction of the GST.

“It was said the GST would put an end to the cash economy but that was always a flawed argument,” he (Taxpayers Association spokesperson Roger Timms) said.

“Clearly it hasn’t reduced since the GST, in some ways it has promoted the cash economy. If a householder pays a tradesman in cash the householder saves on GST.”

Since it’s inception the spectre of raising the GST has been used as a stick with which members of both parties have used to try to beat their opposite numbers.  The slightest hint or a leak from an ‘unnamed source’ would have leaders and treasurers and their equivalent opposition spokespeople scurrying into a series of denials.

April 22, 2008: ‘It is very important that Mr Rudd guarantee Australians there will be no increase in the GST’, Brendan Nelson

May 18, 2013:  ‘Abbott plans to raise GST’, claims Bill Shorten.

 Peter Martin recently wrote, “Hockey and Abbott spent the entire election campaign never entirely ruling out an expanded GST, as they shouldn’t have“.

The Abbott government is now of course in a complete state of denial that they ever countenanced such an opinion.

The Abbott government has dismissed calls from Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson to consider raising taxes to get the budget out of trouble, including lifting the rate of the GST.

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s office on Thursday rejected the suggestion that the government would raise the GST to plug holes in the budget.

According to all economists, there as likely to be some massive ones..holes in the budget.

“A broader GST covering currently exempt services such as private health and private education would fix a hole in the tax system and get serious money from Australians with serious money”.

However, it is unsurprising that Hockey has rejected all worthy suggestions, even suggestions that the GST is something which we should be talking about, especially given that this would mean tackling the ‘serious money’. . . and anyway:

Joe Hockey criticises Treasury as not trustworthy….

2013 ELECTION Shadow treasurer will not produce final forecast of deficit or surplus because Treasury projections are ‘not credible’…  The Coalition is refusing to commit to a final budget bottom line when it releases policy costings because it does not believe the Treasury figures…

So there you are, once again nothing will be done, the Abbott government clearly incapable of playing hard ball with a difficult opponent (such as private health or private education), and any GST would doubtless instead of tacking private and wealthy institutions would instead be looking at bread rolls and goat’s milk.  Given that those looking to take the majority of the hits, the least powerful, those on welfare, are going to be hit big time in the forthcoming budget, any attempt to add further to this pain would be equivalent of hitting someone over the head while simultaneously stabbing them in the back.  Clearly Hockey’s current priority is to tackle welfare, and any further forays into real reform will have to wait until – next time.



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  1. Well said, Carol.

    Strangely, there are no mentions of suggestions to place GST on private health & education in mainstream media .They have left the word private out of anything re the idea of putting GST on health & education which does make a huge difference. Odd, isn’t it?

  2. Yes Howard lied and it still rings in my ear….. As long as I’m in power there will be no GST. And today it’s going to get worse for families, low income earners, pensioners and tax payers even your super not safe plus what government in the world sets up a special police unit to prosecute its own hard working citizens who’s away from there love ones for 4 weeks building these big projects.

  3. Wow Cafe Hatefest is in full swing.

    You people do not care about lies. You only care about lies allegedly told by the Coalition.


  4. LOL – you need to look much closer to home to find the epitome of corrupt and immoral Neil 😆

    JWH, AJA to start with – add in the most corrupt Attorneys General EVER (Qld & federal), continue to the current treasurer and his former assistant – the list is endless.

  5. What about the Keating L-A-W tax cuts??

    Facts is Howard won the 1996 election.

    He then took the GST to the 1998 election and the whole country got to vote on it

    “Amanda Vanstone was somewhat more honest than ‘Honest John’ stating that, “I wouldn’t have tried it from Opposition. You’ve got to wait until you get into Government and sell it there”

    And that is exactly what Howard did. After wining in 1996 he took the GST to the 1998 election

  6. Howard was dubbed the lying racist lowlife rodent by another lying scumbag in his own party 😉

    Abbott has taken that lying to new and more vulgar “heights” 👿

  7. Too funny

    Gillard shook hands, verbally agreed, signed a document to win govt and then broke her deal with Wilkie.

    John Howard took the GST to an election not from Opposition but in govt in 1998.

  8. Nil of Sydney needs to buy a dictionary so he can look up what this means:

    “The GST? Never ever. It was killed off by the voters at the last election. It’s dead and buried. It will never be part of the Liberal platform again.”

  9. Writing for The Sydney Morning Herald in 1995 Alan Ramsay said:

    Another tender spot for Keating followed his attack on John Howard after Howard had been elected to Leader of the Opposition. Keating claimed that “the Australian economy today is 40 per cent more competitive than when he [John Howard] was in office”. Although the question of how we maintain our competitiveness surely goes to the heart of the competency of economic management, there has been no attempt in the media to analyse this important claim. In fact, of the 37 per cent improvement in competitiveness under the Hawke-Keating Labor Governments, more than the whole (45 per cent) is accounted for by the depreciation of the A$. Such an exchange rate induced change in competitiveness is, of course, really an indication that Australians have had to accept a relative decline in living standards: our underlying competitiveness, as reflected in relative productivity growth, had deteriorated under Labor.

    Lies and damned lies.


  10. What a rambling non coherent article. Does the writer support the GST system?
    Of the 34 OECD Countries only one has no GST/VAT system – that is USA. They
    Tend to have State by State GST in place. It is a very fair system user based.
    As GST does not apply to fresh food you can manage well , but go for a lot of
    processed stuff and you pay. Seems fair to me!
    ps The rule of thumb is GST raises about 20% of Gov Revenue.

  11. Trolls are back 😉 .. it’s a wonder their here 😀 …. one wonders why they aren’t doin’ a ‘look over there’.. Flight370… like Fox is doin’ in/re: WA 😛
    ….vBS ” Seems fair to me! ” ….. and ewe…’like’…know…’like’…. FAIR 😮
    ……..OR…… is it opposite day already :/ 😕
    ….or…. do ewe eva agree with anythin’k’ said “here” on the CW network, mm, vBS…. no really,….. ‘like’.
    LNP types are ‘users’ whom don’t pay…….which is exactly why the tax receipts can’t keep up with the ‘subsidised’, Howard created, “black economy”. No wonder he was voted worst Treasure…. eva……. no really!!
    P.S. I thought GST meant “get stuffed tony”……if not !! … it soon will ❗

  12. Big swings against the major parties in WA, but the worst against the Liberals, almost a percent more swing against than Labor, 5.5% vs 4.8%.

    PUP and Greens get big swings to them.

    Abbott campaigned heavily in WA, to the extent of illegally using government resources for direct and unequivocal party political campaigning, plus of course rolling out a bunch of massive lies as his norm.

    And as he’s done everywhere he’s turned up to support the Liberals, he’s failed again.

  13. Barrie Cassidy on Insiders also went on (and on) about what a beating Labor took and how bad it was, whilst barely addressing the bigger swing against the Liberals in what must be remembered is currently a strong conservative State.

    He emphasised that only one if four voters in WA voted for Labor, but it was only one in 3.5 at the last election. Only one in three voted for the Liberals, but Cassidy didn’t mention that at all.

    This has to be framed in the context of WA being a strong Liberal State, but more than that, in the huge resources the Liberals poured into this re-poll, including Federal government public resources and Abbott along with Bishop the younger spending considerable time campaigning there using tax payers expenses.

  14. LOL. Nil talks about *hate*, then goes off on the biggest crazy-eyed, foam-at-the mouth rant I have ever seen. Fact is that the GST debacle has forever poisoned the “tax reform” well. His refusal to extend tax reform to things like trusts, bracket creep & the like….those screw-ups have made politicians afraid to even talk about genuine tax reform.

  15. Another article of hate but do you people have a better suggestion??

    “Clearly it hasn’t reduced since the GST, in some ways it has promoted the cash economy. If a householder pays a tradesman in cash the householder saves on GST.”

    Maybe so but it is better than nothing.

    Personally i would like a 10% GST on everything. Lower income workers could be compensated. Any exemptions always make a system more complicated and more expensive to administer. Ask any computer programer what exemptions do to a program. I believe there are cases in court about whether caviar should have a GST. A total waste of time and money.

    And tax avoiders have to eat and would pay tax when they shop at Wollies and Coles.

  16. Oh Null, have they renewed your contract? Obviously they don’t look to see if they actually get their money’s worth, when it comes to you.
    Have you actually converted anyone to your myopic mantra? Nup! Nope! Nil. Loser!
    You certainly live up to your expectations, which isn’t much above primitive.

  17. But NoS, the GST was made for the tax avoiders (aka the RW ‘users’ ). The GST was introduced by Howard. It is a regressive tax on the poor. Those on fixed incomes or unemployed or on the age pension or those who do not pay income tax, pay the same GST rate as a billionaire…. but without the subsidies or the convenient loop-holes these ‘users’ use to leech on their fellow Australians.
    We don’t need to raise the GST, we need to stop the subsidised loop-holed entitlements of those that think only “little people pay taxes”.

  18. The only loser is you deadbeat.

    Just more hate from people who can do nothing but hate.

    The ALP is the party of hate (as well as immorality and corruption)

  19. “The LNP is the party of hate (as well as immorality and corruption) ” …. there…. fixed it for ya. 😉

  20. Like I said, make the loop-holier than thou’s pay their fair share and rid this country of the rorts created by RWingers for RWingers. 😡

  21. Neil of Sydney @ April 6, 2014 @ 1:33 pm “Personally i would like a 10% GST on everything.”

    ROFL! Hypocrite!
    You just find it impossible to not lie within every post. I have never come across anyone that squeals so much at the word Tax, than you and those you happily identify with, as people of caliber, righteousness and wealth (read Greed).
    Isn’t Arthur $inodino$ one of those? Are you not forgetting your golden rule of “Do as we say, not as we do”?
    It does make you look rather foolish trying to justify the unjustifiable, when it is so easy to see your words are reprehensibly hollow and false.
    Why bother, because you’re putting lipstick on a pig, which is still just lipstick on a pig and it doesn’t make what you say, anything more than the pig it was, which is generally what your diatribes amount to.
    Just push your mantra and swallow your shame, as it will make you come across far less stupid, than you are promoting to everyone right now.
    We’ll give you a clap in appreciation if you do so, you gutless wonder.

  22. “Like i said. A GST with 10% on everything is better.”
    Did they repeat that to you a lot, when they where “improving” your Lobotomy Nil?

  23. “Isn’t Arthur $inodino$ one of those?

    Sinodinos has been called as a witness like Kenealy, Like Combet, like Cameron to the corrupt activities of the ALP politician, Eddie Obeid. At the moment Sinodinos is a witness. He may become a suspect.

    But a GST of 10% on everything is better.

  24. Well as person ask to give testament to the inquiry, he was decidedly uncomfortable and showed it. I wonder why? Is it because the outcome of the inquiries will most likely have him becoming a suspect? Yes, The ALP’s Obeid deserves his punishment and regardless of the political Party involved, perverting the Laws of our Nation, for the Profiting of self, is still just as reprehensible, whether they are from the Labor, Liberal/National, or the Greens (haven’t heard of one of that Party falling yet to unlawful extortion of the Public).

    Let me rephrase your statement into the way you are deliberately avoiding. “But a TAX of 10% on everything is better TAX.
    Could you repeat that statement before a Board of Banking Directors please? I’ll bring the mop and bucket to clean up your remains after your “Friends” are finished with you.

  25. I wanna stick Nil of Somewhere (Sydney denies him) in front of Gina and ask him to say his support for TAX three times. It would be more entertaining than the old fashioned Stocks in the market square. Maybe she’ll sit on him.

  26. ” The ALP’s Obeid deserves his punishment

    Yes it is ALP MP Obeid who is the accused. When someone is accused, wittiness’s are called like Sinodenis like Keanelly like Combet.

    And yes a 10% GST on everything is a better tax.

  27. So, Nil of Sydney, did you work out what this means?:

    “The GST? Never ever. It was killed off by the voters at the last election. It’s dead and buried. It will never be part of the Liberal platform again.”

  28. WA Senate result very disappointing result for Libs and ALP.
    More disappointing the swing to Greens and PUP
    Devastating result for ALP with only 1 Senator , at least Libs have 2 and probably
    3 . Interesting to compare Louise Pratt and Linda Reynolds.
    Seems the ALP infighting is nationwide. Most certainly Bullock and Pratt would
    throttle each other if possible , a knife might also be used.
    Oh! Labor, In fighting , Corrupt unions , Jailed MP + , makes it hard for ALP to
    win a foreseeable Election. Too much lead in the saddle bags.

  29. The LNP were the hardest hit though vBS…. which in anyone body’s language is an endorsement of the price on carbon and of the MRRT. I would suggest that it is the Coalition that is falling apart… especially after the drubbing they are getting in conservative W.A.

  30. … and as for the Libs getting 3 you have to be joking…… the margin between ALP getting 2 and the Lib’s getting 3 is quite significant, ALP only need about 0.4% to gain a 2nd seat whereas the Lib’s need about 0.7%….. and if you take into account that there are still 10% of poll booth votes to count plus the postals and if you take into account the greater fall in Lib votes (-5.49%) verses ALP’s fall (-4.83%) or 0.66% then one must conclude that the ALP have a better than ‘evens’ chance of picking up the remaining seat over the Lib’s…… which will/would mean 2 Lib’s, 2 ALP, 1 Green and 1 PUP.
    P.S. Congrats to Scott Ludlam, I cheered out loud when I heard he had got over the line…woohoo 😀 (can’t wait for his next speech in parliament 😉 )

  31. It’s funny that the Murdoch lackeys are crowing-on about the ALP’s % loss and are a lot quieter about the larger % loss of the Lib’s….. and not only that, I had just finished looking at the AEC site showing ALP down 4.83% when I heard one of Murdoch’s minion’s saying ALP down five and a half %….. WTF 😯 MSMLNP you are liars to your black-hearted core……. true dat 😛

  32. True dat Cuppa, but I do have the hope that when they finally learn to walk up-right ( 😛 ) that some semblance of humanity my shine forth……. but I ain’ts hold’n me breath, ay 😉

  33. Once again Abbott has failed Miserably to Get the People behind him (Not surprising ) Trying to claim His anti carbon tax was endorsed Hardly Labor Lost votes because of their Pathetic candidate what a tosser only true Labor people would vote for the Party with him as number one, The disaffected labor people went Green Palmer took the Disaffected LIBS Major re think needed Billy Boy. Get your Act together People are Looking for a Leader to get Behind. Shape up or ship out . Very Kim Beazley mode , Abbott is an acknowledged Tosser with out Peta he would be Lost

  34. Allah give me strength. John Howard bestowed upon you leftard nouveau riche an unheard of largesse and munificence. Under the neoNazi ALP they borrowed against the future earning of our grandchildren for trinkets like dead bodies at sea and in rooves, school halls that can’t fit students in – let alone parents.

    This article is based on a PM who left the scene in 2007 – hardly practical. I didn’t see the ALP repeal the GST ??? They did promise to do that – yet another broken promise, like the CO2 tax. And of course we still have children living in poverty – in fact, a bloody lot more since Hawkey decided to retire with his mistress.

    THe GST is collected by the Commenwealth and then, through the Grants Commission, allocated to the states. The Cth doesn’t benefit with respect to its federal budget. Why would Abbott and Hockey risk public opprobrium just to benefit state coffers.

    It doesn’t make sense. The states will have to go begging to Canberra befor Tony and Joe lift the GST rate, or expand the items taxed by it. And I can’t see NSW or Vic going to elections next year saying they’ll increase the GST.

    As usual, this is a Labor beatup. No wonder only 21% of WA voters voted for them on Saturday.

  35. WA Senate result very disappointing result for Libs and ALP.

    For the first time ever, I actually find myself agreeing with Voyager. Yes, both parties would be disappointed.

  36. You don’t know much about economics do you? But walling in ignorance is the norm for right wingers.

    What happened to the Liberals in WA, only 33% voted for them.

    Another Abbott failure as is the start of his trade talks in Japan, where he had to get on a bicycle as a distraction. What a loser, what a tosser.

  37. Also agree Michael, but considering the large amount of resources, including Federal money, that were poured into campaigning for the Liberals, and Abbott’s personal pleas and campaigning, then it was a real slap for them.

    Abbott has stated it was a huge disappointment and it means he has to try harder to get rid of the carbon price and mining tax. What a loser, what a tosser.

  38. ME – main parties should be very concerned . LIB 33% ALP 22% Green. 16%.
    As Labour supporters you guys should be going ape , for ALP Richo said
    ” this is an absolute shocker however you look at it ”
    Lovo – would rather back the Lib Preferences to get No 3 Senator .
    Antony Green projects this also.
    Would be more of a personal and credibility problem for Billy Shorten.

  39. ALP Richo, that’s a joke yes? Richo is firmly in the Liberals camp and has been for a very long time.

    I saw Antony Green saying it is more likely that Labor will get the third Senator.

    It’s a far greater personal and credibility problem for Abbott I’m afraid as it was Abbott who campaigned the hardest in WA for this poll, to the point of illegally using his PM’s website for direct party political campaigning. Also the fact that this early in his government’s stewardship he should be riding fairly high, yet every time he’s showed up to help in a by-election the Liberal candidate has gone backwards.

    What has me worried is that as this government erodes democracy, and the examples are extensive, why doesn’t this bother you and the other right wingers. Is it that like the many books and papers written on the subject of blind right wing support, the right wingers here are also gormless followers preferring to be led sheep rather than independent thinkers railing against any government that attempts to undermine democracy and human rights.

  40. Oh and what about Abbott’s latest lie.

    Abbott: “I don’t do deals.” That was in response to what he would do if there was a close election result and he had to deal with minor parties.

    Abbott after the WA results. I look forward to dealing with the Palmer United Party.

    I constantly see the right wingers allowing Abbott’s lies and broken promises slide by whilst they attack Labor over lies.

    Why the constant hypocrisy?

    Is it too much to ask them to be just a little honest every now and again about the Party they so blindly follow and the obvious failures of this government.

  41. Shame the facts are otherwise, Mobius. Labor has gone backwards in every election for the last 10 years. That’s what happens when they support green bullshit, gay marriage, illegals etc:

    Griffith (no “s”) – ALP 2PP:

    2013 – 53.01%
    2010 – 58.46%
    2007 – 62.32%

    A steady significant decline by the ALP

    Sth Australia – ALP 2PP:

    2014 – 47.0%
    2010 – 48.4%
    2006 – 56.8%

    A steady significant decline by the ALP

    Tasmania – 2PP for Liberals:

    2006 – 31.82%
    2010 – 38.99%
    2014 – 51.22%

    A magnificent decline by the ALP/Greens.

  42. And the Liberals are going backwards now. Newman has had the biggest plunge in the shortest time in Australian political history.

    Liberals on the nose in NT, Victoria and declining in WA.

    Abbott has had no honeymoon and is going backwards.

    It’s what happens when you are out of touch and can no longer sell the bullshit you so readily swallow and your media mouthpieces can no longer pass the lies and deceits across to the public as they also decline because of it.

  43. And again you don’t address this government directly but instead attack the other parties.

    There is no greater proof of just how bad this Abbott government is that it’s own unwavering and mindless rusted on supporters cannot lucidly support it, instead they constantly throw in attacks on everything else, especially Labor, as diversions and obfuscations. Which by the way is exactly what Abbott keeps doing to try to keep attention away from him and his considerable failures since coming to office.

    Also glad you confirmed you don’t mind democracy being undermined and like being an unthinking follower.

  44. “Abbott has had no honeymoon”

    What do you expect when #theirABC and FauxFacts Media constantly bag Her Majesty’s government. These leftards never have a positive comment.

    What about rejoicing in the stopping of rapists and genital mutilators who haven’t landed in 109 days saving the taxpayer an absolute fortune.

    We have stopped these barbarians with a medieval culture that practices beheadings, arranged marriages, FGM, sharia law, paedophilia etc etc.

  45. Haha, now I know your obfuscating by throwing in idiocy and another diversion, whilst going into a racist rant again.

    Didn’t take you long.

  46. What about addressing the current government, its considerable failings and the dissent within the Federal LNP, some directly against Abbott and his puppet mistress Credlin?

  47. Lies, damned lies, and statistics 😉

    Makes a huge difference if you actually look at 10 years rather than 6 🙄 (why would you start at an absolute high point for Labor (2007) UNLESS you were a lying, obfuscating lowlife RWNJ? 😆 That would be as dishonest as saying there had been no global warming since 1998 😉 )

    2PP election results over the last 10 years in selected seats + all states/territories:

    Redcliffe (State)
    2004 – 57.10
    2006 – 55.45
    2009 – 55.57
    2012 – 39.90
    2014 – 57.12

    2004 – 47.86
    2007 – 53.40
    2010 – 54.24
    2013 – 49.39

    2004 – 53.23
    2007 – 61.74
    2010 – 55.41
    2013 – 54.78

    2004 – 38.79
    2007 – 54.48
    2010 – 54.24
    2013 – 55.26

    2004 – 45.19
    2007 – 48.31
    2010 – 39.61
    2013 – 40.96

    Wide Bay
    2004 – 37.11
    2007 – 41.53
    2010 – 34.39
    2013 – 36.84

    2004 – 40.88
    2007 – 49.96
    2010 – 39.61
    2013 – 41.14

    2004 – 31.05
    2007 – 41.78
    2010 – 31.47
    2013 – 33.53

    2004 – 29.07
    2007 – 35.56
    2010 – 27.11
    2013 – 27.72

    2004 – 45.83
    2007 – 54.75
    2010 – 51.13
    2013 – 51.55

    2004 – 58.63
    2007 – 62.32
    2010 – 58.46
    2013 – 53.01
    2014 – 51.76

    New South Wales
    2004 – 48.07
    2007 – 53.68
    2010 – 48.84
    2013 – 45.65

    2004 – 49.00
    2007 – 54.27
    2010 – 55.31
    2013 – 50.20

    2004 – 42.91
    2007 – 50.44
    2010 – 44.86
    2013 – 43.02

    Western Australia
    2004 – 44.60
    2007 – 46.74
    2010 – 43.59
    2013 – 41.72

    South Australia
    2004 – 45.64
    2007 – 52.40
    2010 – 53.18
    2013 – 47.64

    2004 – 54.19
    2007 – 56.21
    2010 – 60.62
    2013 – 51.23

    2004 – 61.54
    2007 – 63.40
    2010 – 61.67
    2013 – 59.91

    Northern Territory
    2004 – 52.15
    2007 – 55.41
    2010 – 50.74
    2013 – 49.65

  48. Then look at the current Liberal crop Bacchus.

    NT. Dysfunctional and falling apart. Leader knifed over the phone.
    Vic. Failed government, leader back stabbed and knifed.
    WA. Failing and leader swapped.
    NSW. Failing but at least solid leader.
    QLD. Solid leader but massive failure of a government. The one Abbott models his after.
    SA. Failed to win an election they should have been a shoe in for. Abbott went there to help and they plummeted in the polls.

    All have the one thing in common in that they began breaking major promises and reneging on commitments the moment they gained power. They all are slaves to big business.

    And palmersaurus’s post illustrates a thing we have stated in the past. For them it’s all about winning. They don’t care how bad a Liberal government is, how much damage it does to the nation, if it usurps democracy to stay in power, lies and cheats to do so and even if it makes those who slavishly support them worse off, like shades of Deer Hunting with Jesus, as long as the Liberals win and the right wingers can go nya nya they are happy wallowing in their narrow little ideological make believe world.

    It’s why they always harp back to Labor instead of addressing the malfeasance and failure of the party they so blindly follow.

  49. Not only that Mö – it always amuses me that they need to lie and obfuscate to try to make their point. IF it’s such a great tale to tell, why the need for the “trickiness”?

    Hockey is trying hard atm, but he’s not very good at it 😀 JWH has an awful lot to answer for there – he took “weasel words” to a new level; an art form 🙂

  50. it always amuses me that they need to lie and obfuscate to try to make their point

    It’s Coalition standard behaviour so we must expect it from them. If they were on occasion to be honest and spin-free, THAT would be noteworthy.

  51. I wear glasses Mobius, and mine translated you comment as follows:

    “They don’t care how bad a Labor/Greens government is, how much damage it does to the nation, if it usurps democracy to stay in power, lies and cheats to do so and even if it makes those who slavishly support them worse off, like shades of Deer Hunting with Gaia, as long as the Labor/Greens win and the leftards can go nya nya they are happy wallowing in their narrow little ideological make believe world.”

  52. Well that’s a wonderful collection of irrelevant federal electorate results since 2004 Baccus. Fucked if I know why you went to the effort. Mines related to the last year, after Mobius declared that Labor/Greens were in the ascendancy. Wht you would include figures for the ACT and NT is beyond me, given they always return 1 CLP MHR with 1 ALP MHR in the NT and a Liberal & Labor in the ACT. They also do exactly the same in the House of Reps.

    The ALP has been losing votes continuously since 2007 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. The dopey fellow doesn’t have enough awareness to realise the only direction from a maxima is downwards 🙄 He’s an excellent example of the Dunning-Kruger effect 😆

  54. Where the hell did I declare that Labor or the Greens were in the ascendency? I pointed out where the Liberals are rightly failing, something you and the other mindless right wing Liberal followers constantly ignore and throw diversions onto Labor.

    At least most Labor supporters call that party’s failures and malfeasances, but never right wingers on Liberal blatant failures and dirt. Here they are blatantly undermining democracy and screwing the country and all we get from the right wingers is Labor, Labor, Labor and rank hypocrisy.

    Don’t fucking verbal. Yet another right wing on the nose trait that goes right along with projection and hypocrisy.

  55. Seems the Labor Bishop – the retiring one , the WA Senator thinks very very
    differently from CW’s. He was angry and extremely harsh with criticism directed
    at WA Labor’s total incompetence. With 3 out of 15 MHRs and what would seem
    to be only 1 elected Senator the West is a graveyard for the ALP. Change not
    possible under the current regime.
    Congratulations PM Abbott on free trade deal with Japan, this is a positive for
    both countries.

  56. Sounds like yet another inane comment from the ignorant 🙄

    What exatly do we get out of this deal, and when? Do we have to wait nineteen years to find out? What have we traded off? Is it actually good for ordinary Australians?

    All we get is the usual ” It’s done by my team, therefore it’s good” crap from the usual sources.

    Oh for some intelligent thought and analysis from a right whinger? A big ask, I know! 🙄

  57. Well said Voyager. Six years of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd and the Japs gave them a sianora. Six months of Tony Abbott and we have a Free Trade Agreement.

    I’m still waiting for the war with Indonesia as well. Another broken ALP promise.

  58. Palmersaurus, aren’t you a foulmouthed, self-absorbed, nasty, vindictive person wallowing constantly in bile, A typical bully-boy,,self-serving conservative dinosaur..

  59. And Joy C – you are nothing more than a self centred biggot. Read some of the
    abusive, foul languaged, inane and just plain stupid comments. Lovo and Carol
    probably dead heat here. As soon as the message does not suit you be
    abusive. Typical of the Labor/Union way and until this basic changes Labor will
    wallow in it’s own excrement at every future Election. Forgotten WA already?

  60. AND V-BS I wasn’t talking to you unless, of course, you are also palmersaurus, which wouldn’t surprise me. Just another RWNJ bully-boy.

  61. palmersaurus @ April 7, 2014 @ 11:51 pm “We get cars at $1500 cheaper and more reliable than the shit built by overpaid and underworked trade unionists here.”

    Your doing my lawn Sorepalm! Weed the garden and the lawns too. BTW, Clean my Car, polish it, and when you are done, lick my boots clean for your $2.00. Be thankful to me for it and your welcome. I expect you here tomorrow morning.

    And before you object, think about a lot of what you have said, because if you do not, your not going to do your stand a very good testament.

    Now everyone, this will be good, or they will run around it.

  62. palmersaurus @ April 7, 2014 @ 11:48 pm “I’m still waiting for the war with Indonesia as well. Another broken ALP promise.”

    You’ll have to explain that one to me well Sorepalm. BTW, since your so knowledgeable, I know just which Blog to cut and past your answer into, with lots of Indonesians who are Libertarianism and think much like you. Nothing like a good dissection of an argument to see if it stands up and survives on merit, or if it is a Strawman argument and ends up totally dismembered and looking foolish, which, BTW, most or your comments tend to do.

  63. WA Senate election swings, just for those too stupid to know how stupid they are 😉

    Liberal – 5.51%
    Nationals – 1.97%
    ALP – 4.78%
    Greens + 6.35%
    PUP + 7.48%

    Seems the LNP didn’t fare too well there either – thanks Tones 😆

    Remind me again who formed government in SA – thanks Tones 😆

  64. Oi TechinBris – the good thing about Ford, Holden & Toyota closing is that the ALP/Unions will miss out on $35 million each year in funding (50,000 @ $700/unionist).

    And they wont be eligible for the dole, as their spouses will still be working, making them ineligible. Anyway, Centrelink only gives them the dole once their redundancy runs at, from memory, calculated at $700/week.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of grubs !!!!!!!

  65. Oh Bacchus – no matter which way you spin it – Billy Shortarse is an absolute failure. It was a byelection and Shorty should have received a large increase in the ALP vote. The public has rejected him, the ALP, unions and corruption. They have remembered the dead in the sea and in the rooves. THey have remembered their golden boy who screwed girls on Muslim refugee cleaners working for minimum wage at Westmead Hospital.

  66. Interesting to look at what a real decline in voting over 10 years actually looks like:

    Lib WA Senate
    2004 => 49.34% Swing +9.21%
    2007 => 46.22% Swing -3.12%
    2010 => 42.99% Swing -3.23%
    2013 => 39.20% Swing -3.79%
    2014 => 33.75% Swing -5.45%

    And what a fairly consistent rise looks like:

    Greens WA Senate
    2004 => 8.06% Swing +8.06%
    2007 => 9.30% Swing +1.24%
    2010 => 13.96% Swing +4.66%
    2013 => 9.49% Swing -4.47%
    2014 => 15.81% Swing +6.32%

  67. No-one here, or I suspect anywhere else – whether in the virtual or the physical world, has any respect for the low-life scumbag Joy 😉

  68. It seems the praise fro the Japan FTA isn’t universal after all:

    CANEGROWERS says last night’s trade pact leaves TPP negotiations in a questionable position for sugar.
    “This is yet another kick in the guts for Aussie cane growers,” says Mr Stewart.

    “From what was our most important market a decade ago, access to our near Asian market is withering, when all indications were that this would be the agreement that would mark a turn in the tide for fair trade.”

  69. Oh dear:

    KEY Australian agricultural commodity groups have criticised the Federal Government over the free trade agreement struck with Japan.

    The dairy, rice and sugar industries have expressed extreme disappointment with the trade deal while the National Farmers Federation has said a number of sectors face marginal improvements.

    Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia chairman Les Gordon rounded on the Government, saying a trade deal excluding rice was extremely disappointing.
    “This announcement punishes Australian growers by preventing expansion into this important market for our high quality specialty rices and our value added rice food products,” Mr Gordon said.

    Australian Dairy Industry Council deputy chairman Robert Poole said there was “not much change for the dairy industry going into Japan”.

    Mr Poole said Australian exporters would gain $4.7 million in the first year to $11.6 million by 2031 out of a total export market of $511 million.

    National Farmers Federation president Brent Finlay said the peak farm body recognised the historical significance of the agreement.

    “However, we are disappointed with the overall outcomes for agriculture with a number of sectors facing marginal improvements or limited commercial gains,” Mr Finlay said.

  70. Labor started the FTA with Japan but held off because they couldn’t agree to many of Japan’s conditions, especially on agriculture.

    So in comes Abbott and in one foul swoop, purely for bragging rights, screws it all.

    Looking Abbott doing his lizard tongue thing with everyone he greeted and the arm grab handshake, that must have offended the Japanese, the Japanese must have been thinking we’ve got a live idiot here to dud.

    And Abbott didn’t disappoint.

    In a very short time he’s screwed up everything he’s touched, including for the State Liberals where he cost one an election victory.

  71. Labor started the FTA

    Don’t know whether the FTA with Japan is a good or bad idea but you should get your facts right.

    The Minister for Trade, Warren Truss, today welcomed the announcement by Prime Minister John Howard and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan that Australia and Japan would commence negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in early 2007.

    Mr Truss said the decision to commence negotiations reflected Japan’s vital importance to Australia as an economic partner. Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the signing of the first Japan Australia Commerce Agreement which provided the basis for our strong trading relationship.”

  72. Queensland Liberal National MP has hit out against the Japan FTA saying he’s disappointed.

    He’s stated a few sectors does not make an entire industry and he’s questioning the value of an FTA with any nation unless there’s benefit to all of Australia.

    Another massive Abbott failure. He’s keeps piling them up.


  73. Business confidence going backwards but only the MSM could spin that as a positive for Abbott.

    Another Abbott failure to add to his growing pile.

  74. Mr sore palms, your sounding very much like The don, aka Summo, aka OQ……not a nice trait to have…

  75. I see the lefties are gleeful that a FTA organised by Abbott may fail.

    It will take several years before we know how good/bad it is.

    “Labor started the FTA”

    It is comments like that why i do not believe anything you people say. Organising the FTA with Japan started in 2005/2006. Rudd/Gillard most probably sat on their bums for 6 years.

  76. “There are legitimate questions any country must ask itself about the sort of place it wants to be, and the political arena is the proper place for that discussion to take place. But a few months into the existence of the Abbott Government and it is becoming coming clear that we are being taken in a direction that the government itself has never fully articulated. It is reasonable to suggest that certain elites see the election of the Abbott Government as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to kill dead the idea that a government of the people can be a force for good in the lives of the majority of its citizens. Their plan to “end the age of entitlement” is nothing more than an attempt to gut the middle class and destroy those programs and institutions that underpin the idea of Australia as an egalitarian nation ”

  77. No Neil – I’m just pointing out that this idiot of a PM we’ve got f#^%s everything he touches – after all of the hard work, started by the Howard government and continued by subsequent governments, this DH has to come in and get a deal no matter what, just so he can get some publicity.

    Pity Ms Credlin didn’t think of all the industries that will miss out before setting idiot boy loose! Even for the beef industry – the full benefits don’t come for EIGHTEEN years FFS…

  78. And it’s not as though Abbott did anything but stick his lizard tongue out at Japanese dignitaries, make sure he got filed riding his bike and jogging and then have lots of photo ops rudely grabbing arms in aggressive handshakes.

    Abbott closing down the previous government’s very successful GP Super Clinics and replacing them with nothing.

    Will he rightly be called a murderer if anyone dies because they couldn’t get to a GP?

  79. From memory, the primary aim of the GP super clinics was to relieve the load on public hospitals Mö. What we’re likely to see is ever more overloaded Emergency Departments at public hospitals – that’s where you’ll get people dying, especially as they cut real hospital funding 👿

    The local GP super clinic is about ½km from the hospital – most have to go right past it to get to the hospital…

  80. palmersaurus @ April 8, 2014 @ 11:53 am “they wont be eligible for the dole, as their spouses will still be working, making them ineligible. Anyway, Centrelink only gives them the dole once their redundancy runs at, from memory, calculated at $700/week.”

    Well that means Corporations won’t get any money from those people, which will mean reduced profits leading to further sacking of Contract Workers like you, which means you won’t be able to pay bills which leads to lower profit for the Corporations, which means they will sack more people, creating a cascade effect and make it so they fail to make a profit forecast to the Market as they promised, which leads to the Market savaging them, which means your Friends fall from a cushy seat in a Board Room to a retirement earlier than expected, with a lot less than they planned, as their name has become synonymous with failure.

    See, we do follow the trail to the end, and not just stop where you obviously told to stop thinking.

  81. Joy Cooper @ April 8, 2014 @ 12:08 pm “@palmersaurus you are beyond contempt.”

    But is it so surprising Joy, when we know and can predict with certainty, just this sort of behavior, from people who think and behave like SorePalm?
    A contemptible Spirit will always give contemptuous behavior, leading to utter contempt from people who have been witness to their despicable diatribic insulation.
    SorePalm is such a lonely person, and only he knows why, not. :{)

  82. “Idiot Boy has got the Reverse Midas touch.

    Everything he touches turns to shit.

    You must be talking about the Rudd/Gillard/Swan govt.

    We went from taking 14,000 refugees from UNHCR camps to taking anyone who had $$$10,000. We went from spending $140M/year on our detention centers mainly for visa overstayers to billions of dollars on economic immigrants.

    We went from no Federal govt debt to having one of the fastest rates of growth in debt.

    The previous 6 years was a disaster.

  83. Bacchus @ April 8, 2014 @ 12:59 pm “Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia chairman Les Gordon rounded on the Government, saying a trade deal excluding rice was extremely disappointing. “This announcement punishes Australian growers by preventing expansion into this important market for our high quality specialty rices and our value added rice food products,” Mr Gordon said.”

    No surprise there as the Rice trade in Japan has always been a walled of protected market. Also, with the Japanese Government paying people to grow rice in radioactive contaminated areas and then mixing it all into the rest of the rice in order to recoup the losses somewhat, thus holding off the Japanese Farmers from revolting outright, even when they feel terrible in what they are inflicting upon their fellow Japanese, but no one wants to see their Family starve. No one would in their right mind buy Japanese Rice, so they have to block out most imports, in order to maintain the large staple crop that rice is, which is grown in Japan moving on the shelves.
    Free Trade my arse! It is market racketeering, posturing to be able to be free to do protectionist trading under a banner that is an oxymoron.

  84. Null the Repetitive @ April 8, 2014 @ 6:19 pm “The previous 6 years was a disaster.”

    Who told you it was a disaster and why was it such a disaster Null? Because you didn’t get all your own way? Links please to Peer review papers to confirm you statement.
    Awwww! Poor Child. We couldn’t care less what you think because it is worth nothing without information to back it up and prove your point.

  85. Stop trying to verbal me, Nil of Sydney.

    I said “Idiot Boy” and I meant “Idiot Boy”.

    That’s Sir Pository of Wisdom to you, Nil.

    PS: You still haven’t told us what the rodent meant by this:

    “The GST? Never ever. It was killed off by the voters at the last election. It’s dead and buried. It will never be part of the Liberal platform again.”

  86. Möbius Ecko @ April 8, 2014 @ 5:26 pm “Will he rightly be called a murderer if anyone dies because they couldn’t get to a GP?”

    Maybe not a Murderer, but maybe guilty of being an accessory to the outcome.

  87. cuppa @ April 8, 2014 @ 6:38 pm ““The GST? Never ever. It was killed off by the voters at the last election. It’s dead and buried. It will never be part of the Liberal platform again.”

    He lied Cuppa. Faux Horruer! The Lying Rodent himself, John Howard lied. It wasn’t a little fib, It was a lie as big as Australia!

  88. Who told you it was a disaster and why was it such a disaster”

    For people in UNHCR camps it was a disaster. They were locked out under Labor.

    But if you had $$$$$$10,000 and did not want to live in the country you were born you could get in. That guy who was murdered on Manus Island was only here because he could not get a job in his chosen profession in Iraq.

  89. The deal with Japan being heralded as a Free Trade Agreement is anything but a FTA. Japan is still imposing tariff walls that we have to climb over. Some of our meat exports to Japan will receive a small boost. It won’t be enough to make up for the lost live export market we had with Indonesia that the ALP killed off. At least we can let out a sigh of relief that the ALP didn’t tag along with Abbott and spoil the negotiations.


  90. Gee NoS has gone west again….. one wonders why he doesn’t want to talk about free trade and resorts to his usual derail tactic.
    The topic is GST and other lies, NoS, with the free trade comments coming under the ‘other lie’s ‘ section. If you want to ‘talk’ about the UNHCR perhaps this site may be of more interest to you NoS

  91. Ahh, Null of Syd, third part of the Triumvirate of Turpitude, before you veered off into your racist fantasies of Manus Island at the following :-
    Neil the Repetitive
    APRIL 8, 2014 @ 4:50 PM
    you were talking about the FTA and Labors involvement, here’s the crux, dickwad, One Term Tony, the ultimate DH signed it, nobody else, just One Term Tone, the aneural one is responsible for this beserker tract of rubbish, if it was no good then the ignorant one should not of signed it and returned to the table for further talks, end of story.

  92. “racist fantasies of Manus Island”

    No racism. The guy who was murdered on Manus Island made a dangerous trip because he could not get a job in Iraq.

    I have no idea what the rest of your rant is about.

  93. All the propaganda is coming out from the usual suspects who’ve been schooled in what to say… I wonder where the truth went to die? 🙄

  94. F me! How low can these pr!€#$ get? Slander a dead man for their own base partisan purposes. DISGUSTING behaviour, but not unexpected 👿

  95. If these right wing nut jobs love fascism so much, Then we should all pitch in and buy them one way tickets to north korea. They should feel right at home there.

  96. Slander a dead man for their own base partisan purposes.”

    What slander??? And what base motives?? I want to see fairness back into our humanitarian immigration. Not selling our small number of places. And not destroying the lives of people in UNHCR camps which we used to take until you voted for Rudd.

    And what was your motive for trashing the FTA with Japan?? Would you be saying the same thing if Gillard has got it?? I doubt it.

  97. Ahh, Null of Syd,

    Of course you don’t understand the rest of my “rant” it answered directly those aspects of your delusional world you don’t want to contemplate, that is, your “beloved” ruler, one term tone, is completely incompetent and totally out of his depth, dragging this nation down into the depth of social and economic ruin. He, like you, is incapable of stringing two thoughts together in a coherent fashion, unless of course there is some fascist, racist rant to be had, and even then it’s as totally incoherent as a blather by palmersoreare (™ LOVO).

  98. Ohh dear, V-B-S the third part of the triumvirate of turpitude is here, the legendary waste of space. Oh my goodness, obscenities now mean that it is ok for Morriscums morons to enter a compound and murder an individual. Goodness gracious me, considering the obscenity of Ma Bishop as speaker of the house that should mean any well intentioned individual should be able to enter parliament house and have at her with a machete? When will this corrupt one term tone government adopt some form of leadership and find who actually killed one of their charges V-B-S? And will that person face what all of us should expect to be justice? If you can’t answer these questions then you are as corrupt as the current government (and I use the term loosely).

  99. Abbott just sent us a further $1.2 billion pa in perpetuity into debt.

    Usual crickets from the right wingers but some media has picked up on this hole Abbott has created for Australia in the Japan FTA. That doesn’t include the further loss of Australian manufacturing, expertise and jobs the FTA’s will inevitably cause.

    Japan and North Korea have packed up their shell game tables and are celebrating what an easy mark they have just fleeced.

    Abbott made a speech on North Korea and no surprise, it was nothing more than a strung together piece of two and three word slogans. Pitiful. Surely Credlin can coach him better than this.

    Talking of Credlin. If anyone can get a look at the footage of the VIP plane broken down in Japan it’s very insightful. All the pollies, business people and press were mulling around on the tarmac and front and centre was Credlin calling the shots with Abbott diminutive mouse like in the background.

    There was no greater illustration of whose really running this country and whose the strong leader with the nous, and that ain’t Abbott.

  100. IMF. Lower growth and higher unemployment.

    Does one smell stagnation?

    Price of cars and other imports relies mor3e on the cost of the dollar than tariffs in any country.

    To pay for this amazing achievement of Abbott, all one had to do, was demolish local industry, including that of making our own cars.

  101. Just been given another quote for guttering and down pipes. Yes, and will be much cheaper if I pay cash.

  102. Also Fu the goods from Japan that will be cheaper are electronic and manufactured items that are purchased for relatively long terms, and will be held onto for longer now Abbott is screwing wages, conditions and employment.

    This trade off for an increased cost in other more regularly purchased goods and services, a loss of $1.2 billion pa in government revenue and further erosion of our manufacturing and agriculture sectors.

    Way to go Abbott. Yet very few in the MSM did any real appraisal instead making out that Abbott was some sort of warrior hero who has saved Australia. This was especially obvious on the ABC’s Drum last night.

    By the way quietly slipped by before Abbott visited China was the fact the government has loosened the regulations for China purchasing Australian entities and investments, meaning China can now directly own a lot more of Australia without having to go through any oversight or regulations.

  103. And the hatred continues

    To pay for this amazing achievement of Abbott, all one had to do, was demolish local industry, including that of making our own cars.

    It is not the Coalitions fault we have lost our car industry. Back in the 1970’s we used to make everything and now it is mostly gone. Manufacturers all give the same reason for leaving- it is too expensive to make things in Australia. And if we learn one thing from this disaster is that subsidies do not work. Ford/Toyota/Holden were given billions of dollars in help and they ended up making cars that no-one wanted to buy and were expensive as well. Both management and workers got higher salaries for a while however.

    I have seen reports that all Toyota had to do was pay its workers the same salaries as the surrounding manufacturers who made car components and they could survive.

    Just been given another quote for guttering and down pipes. Yes, and will be much cheaper if I pay cash.”

    Got a better idea for cleaning up the black market other than the GST??

  104. No Neil.

    Manufacturing has all but gone because the smaller manufacturers were swallowed up by big corporations who want to make even higher [profits for their own disgusting salaries and shareholder greed. Demand for higher profits is insatiable. So they move offshore at lower wages but still sell their now imported goods to our population at inflated prices and poorer quality. They are too stupid to see they are shitting in their own nest as they sell their goods to us, not their poor overseas slaves. As we have our wages and conditions lowered we will also be unable to but their goods. Then who do they sell them to ?. How many Bangladeshi can afford the clothes they make for nothing. How many Chinese can afford the goods they manufacture for our market ? It is all relative but the greedy Corporations just want more and more without realising the eventual consequences of their actions and successive Governments of this country have allowed it to happen by being Bribed and Brainwashed by Big Business. Successive Governments have allowed takeover after takeover until there exists only duopolies in most our industries which are privately rather than publicly owned. Our middle class is fast disappearing as in the USA. The result is mega rich and mega poor and what a wonderful society we will become as a result.

  105. J believe3 that the reason thecar indeustryt gave up the battle to stay. was the trade pact, that Abbott signed this week.

    Not wages, not unions but the high dollar and Abbott’s obsession with signing these pacts in record time.

    Yes, giving big business everything they want.

  106. J believe3 that the reason thecar indeustryt gave up the battle to stay. was the trade pact, that Abbott signed this week.

    Really?? Is that why Mitsubishi, Chrysler and Ford also left?? Is that why most of our manufacturing has also left since the 1970’s??

    It is what you want to believe however. Blame Abbott for everything.

    Also it is comments like that why we will most probably lose whatever manufacturing industry we have left.

  107. Watching the Man of Destiny today, sombrely stirring memories of the Korean War & scathing in his criticism of his host’s enemies, a million or two of which were supplied by the country he’s about to visit. He’s good!

  108. No plamersaurus, as usual you totally misrepresent what was actually stated and twist it into undeserved kudos for Abbott, who you blindly and unreservedly dote upon.

    Emerson said that it was the best that Australia could achieve. As Ridout said it was a matter of Abbott being in the right place at the right time. Abbott is riding on the coattails of the work started by Howard and the hard yards put in by Labor to stop us from being screwed.

    Yet even with that Abbott caved in and has basically thrown sectors of the agriculture and manufacturing industries onto the scrap heap. And is now screwing it with China who have him over a barrel on his stupidity of a few months ago.

    Nowhere did Emerson “lavish praise on Tony Abbott’s skillful negotiations.” Anyway that would have been hard to do as Abbott didn’t do any negotiating, just was there for the photo ops, nothing else. Robb did all the work but was shoved aside whenever the cameras were around. There’s the great shot on the Project last night of Australia’s chief negotiator, who did the hard yards with Robb, sitting all by himself in the middle of room 10 metres or so away from Abbott and the chief Japanese negotiator whilst the media were doing photo ops.

    So typical of Abbott, all spin and no substance.

  109. M.E. @ 7.42
    That’s a good post. It fitted straight in with my thoughts as I began to read it. For what must be the thousandth time I’ll go on about my favourite political quote, from Andrew Elder, who said that the sheer indulgence required to keep Abbott at the top of Australian politics is one of the most interesting aspects of current politics. For me it’s THE most interesting. In order to install Abbott, Australia’s national conversation & direction has been altered. I wonder as to how much of this is deliberate & who’s behind it, & how much is just some weird concurrence of events that had to happen somewhere, sometime & unfortunately are happening to us now.

  110. “To pay for this amazing achievement of Abbott, all one had to do, was demolish local industry, including that of making our own cars.”

    For the record: Australia does not have its own car. We assembled cars for; General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and a few years back Nissan. Those car companies are foreign owned.


  111. Maybe, but they were assembled in this country.

    Australians were employed, and paid wages. Other smaller industries supplies many of the parts.

  112. “Australians were employed, and paid wages. Other smaller industries supplies many of the parts.”

    Good observation. But do you have any solution to the problem?? Toyota/Ford/Holden could not make a profit.

    And after giving them a lot of subsidy money they ended up making cars nobody wanted to buy.

    I guess your solution is the govt should have given even more money.

    Ford left under Rudd/Gillard. Why didn’t they give Ford more money??

  113. Nil, I am still awaiting your answer, you gutless wimp!

    Techie, you’ll be waiting a while. I’d be surprised if you got an answer by 2021, or when he turns 15. Whatever comes first.

  114. The OECD found in 2012 that Australia’s investment in high-tech industries was lower overall than other advanced economies, but said Australia had prospects in specialised niches – such as medical devices, biomaterials, mining equipment and aerospace.

    So we had better smarten up and become the clever country..or can we? Not if Tony has his way…in fact, let’s go in the opposite direction. 👿

    The Australian Education Union said any move by the Prime Minister Tony Abbott to axe the Trade Training Centres in Schools Program tomorrow would be a flagrant breach of his pre-election promise that there would be no cuts in education.

  115. “Got a better idea for cleaning up the black market other than the GST??”
    Oh Sorepalmarse, You twit! The GST never stops the Blackmarket, because it operates in cash to stupid Moron. Wake up. You really are not in touch with reality are you. *sigh*

  116. Michael, I have noticed that with most of them. they never put up, nor shut-up. Actually, it is a trait that my old timer neighbors in Germany told me about, that it was prevalent with the true Nazi supporters.
    Many people went through the rituals expected of them in order not to come to the attention of the SS, but it was those who went beyond the pale to champion and force-feed it down everyone’s throats and make excuses for Fax-pas that happened, were those who were generally avoided as being dangerous to good natured people.
    After the war, many had to slink from their towns that their families had been in for generations, in order to disappear into an area they would not be known in.

  117. One cannot ignore, that the money invested in the automobile industry over time, has bought a good return to government, therefor taxpayers. Yes, I say it was a good investment.

    I am afraid it will not take much time, to reveal how good, now this government hgas refused to create the environment to survive in this fine land of ours.

    Yes, sometimes even government have to spend money, to make money.

    Leaving it up to thje trickle down effect and that hidden hand in a free market is a fool’s game.

  118. Wonder how much Abbott has spent with this week’s stunt of taking over 700 overseas. to announce Australia is open for business. Yes, that was what it is, a slogan, and a stunt.

    Abbott is very willing to spend money on his own brain stunts. While this is occurring, we have Hockey in the USA lecturing that government on what they should be doing. Not telling, but demanding. I must admit, this government, telling the Republicans off is a change.

  119. I wonder when there is going to be an inquiry into the GST and how it operates. Never been done since in conception by Howard. Would begin with how the cash economy has operated since it introduction. Many tradesman will not accept any payments except by cash. Not even cheques.

    7.30 tonight is about how self regulation works in the building industry, when it comes to safety. Do not be surprised if the answer is, it does not. Have heard many scary stories from my son, who works on some sites. Scary stories that one would not have heard in the past. Even refusing to work on some sites.

  120. “One cannot ignore, that the money invested in the automobile industry over time, has bought a good return to government, therefor taxpayers. Yes, I say it was a good investment.”

    I disagree. On the raw numbers all we’ve done is buy our own jobs. GMH alone has received AUD$2 billion from the government over the last 12 years.

  121. Australia’s investment in high-tech industries was lower overall than other advanced economies

    Carol, this won’t be helping things at all either. The below is Renai Lemay lamenting on the Governments lack of direction with the NBN and refusal to commit to even their pre -election promise for an FTTN network

    I try to explain to people the truth: That we have a Minister who is constantly, on a daily basis, acting chaotically, inconsistently and without integrity; sometimes even unethically. That it’s impossible to forecast the path of NBN Co or the rest of the industry because of this fact. That, when it really comes down to it, I just don’t know what to expect on a day to day basis when it comes to what is supposed to be an extremely long-term and stable infrastructure project.

    We will end up spending what Labor proposed initially (imo) and we will end up with nothing, but murdoch firmly entrenched as the only player on the field.

    Game, Set, Match.

  122. Well it looks like Turnbull was forced to carry out Abbott’s directions., That was to destroy NBNCO.

    Last night he admitted on 7.30, that in a decade it will have to be upgraded. Somehow he rationalised, it makes sense to spend nearly as much now for an inferior service. Then this technology will be dumped, with no further use, to be replaced by what NBNCo is doing now.

    Does not make sense to me.

  123. It also appears that, as I feared, the present Government will let alleged drug cheats get away with it, and then probably blame the previous Government for “over-reacting”

    Fairfax Media understands that as recently as last week, the panel was planning to meet in Canberra on Thursday with some of its now former members. It emerged subsequently that four panel members, whose terms on the panel were set to expire, had not had their positions renewed.

    Read more:

  124. what NBNCo is doing now.

    That should read “what what NBNCo was doing then.” 😦

    I didn’t realise he was on 730 last night, might go haves a look. Cheers FU 😉

  125. Fibre to the home, not only offers higher download and upload speeds.

    It offers stability, Turnbull’s mismatch of a scheme cannot.

    It will also be much cheaper to maintain.

  126. Also says a lot about our right to privacy. Another right I thought we enjoyed. Appears once again, I am wrong.

  127. ….Several commercially available social media-tracking platforms, some of them in routine use by public service online media teams, can easily track the web activities of protest groups and their individual members.

    Immigration experimented several years ago with powerful software called Radian6, which can provide surveillance across a range of social web platforms, but decided not to adopt the application for in-house use.

    The department’s key research contractor said the monitoring undertaken for Immigration was about ”taking the temperature of society” and that no reputable research company would help government departments compile ”hit lists” of political opponents.

    But pro-asylum seeker campaigner Vanessa Powell said she was intimidated and threatened when the DIBP tweeted her about an ”offensive remark” it said should be removed from her Facebook thread immediately or the government would ”consider our options further”.

    ”I felt quite intimidated and threatened as well because I didn’t know what action they were referring to when they said ‘we will consider our options further’,” Ms Powell said.

    When she identified the post in question – a comment using ”foul language” a friend made about a photograph of a protest at a Sydney detention centre – she removed it……..

    The department’s key research contractor said the monitoring undertaken for Immigration was about ”taking the temperature of society” and that no reputable research company would help government departments compile ”hit lists” of political opponents.

    Read more:

  128. Sorry, that could have been Lateline.

    Cheers for that FU. I hadn’t gone looking yet, so just looked there. Looks like they spent half the time talking about Carr? When it gets to the NBN, it’s just all “blame Labor”

    How long will they be able to get away with blaming Labor, considering they have completely changed the rules. The now have ownership. Anything from here on is their issue.

    The interview also shows either how little he understands the existing technology, or how much he is willing to mislead the public.

    it is a network of networks.

    It is true, but completely misleading in the context. It is also funny/sad when he mentions “it travels over wireless to a base station, it then goes into, say, some fibre transit network”. I recall the days when wireless was the answer. Apparently, he now recognises that wireless gets fed into the main infrastructure network, which Was, under both governments, going to be mainly fibre, but now, as Jones put it, will now be fed into a ‘dogs breakfast’.

    So, your email may go from wireless, to fibre, to copper, to wireless, to cable, and then to wireless again

    Under both proposals taken to the election, it would have been fibre in the middle.

    But, the journos would rather focus on Carr than another one of the lies the Liberals took to the election.

  129. I would rather my email went straight down fibre to it’s destination. Why the need for all his diversions along the way. We do not even know who will own all the unnecessary technology along the way.

  130. Fed up @ 7.29
    So Turnbull says the NBN will require upgrading in a decade or so!?
    All part of the plan & indicative of their reliance on the media to bail them out. It is & will be like that about everything, from their post election conversion to borrowing to this to anything else. They rely on their media allies for positive “look what we’re doing” coverage. They’ll be seen to be dynamically improving this vital infrastructure then. I have no trouble envisaging a “carbon tax or pricing mechanism?, well we’re the ones to do it!! Long standing coalition policy oh yes, John Howard had that very idea…”
    I’m not at all predicting this about carbon pricing, the coalition’s string pullers don’t want that. but they’re capable of it. And the media’s capable of covering for them. I don’t believe anything they say.

  131. I must say Abbott seems to be given a lot of credit today, Not sure what for though,. To me, it is just another Abbott expensive stunt.

    All the pictures I have seen, seem to be him by himself, saying how wonderful he is. Yes, and crawling up the of our neighbours.

    What, a dinner for 1500. Wonder who pays. Robb seem to give the impression, business is picking up the tab. Not sure I believe that. Even so, if they are, we will still pay, with the goods we buy.

  132. Abbott being praised by The Telegraph for flying economy to save money for the government.

    This is the man who was the most expensive LOTO in our history, costing more than the PM’s office, rorted tens of thousands of tax payers money, has a 3000pw mansion at tax payers expense he doesn’t live in, replaced the Australian made car fleet with BMWs costing five times more, is replacing the VIP aircraft fleet with the most expensive option and I could go on.

    This man is all about spin and nothing else. All his time is spent not on governing the country but on what stunt and photo op he can do next to keep his flagging public opinion up.

  133. I noticed the ABC has a new catchcry. It is no longer “the opposition says”, it is now “the prime minister says”


  134. Hockey has well and truly fucked our economy and he can’t blame Labor as it’s all of his and Abbott’s doing.

    Fastest budget deterioration in the world over the last six months and all of this government’s making.

    Now they are going to make us all suffer, including the pensioners who voted for them, to make up for their economic vandalism and stupidity whilst they continue to throw public money at the wealthy who got them elected.

  135. I wonder who is left in the country to work on the budget. Two are overseas, involved in Abbott’s greatest stunt of all time. One has been sidelined because of his involvement in a corruption inquiry.

    That leaves Mr Cormann, I assume.

    My suspicion is that treasury is playing a very small role in this years budget.

    I suspect Abbott has farmed the formulation of the budget, to to his allies in the commercial world. Just as he has done with everything else since coming to power.

  136. It appears that Mr Turnbull believes business only plan for the near and now. He has said, if is stupidity for any business to plan up to a decade ahead.

    Why then is this government talking about plans for submarines, up to 2060, which I heard the defence minister state.

  137. Not IPA but IGA helping Hockey, These Free trade deals are very Iffy Plenty of complaints from the People who thought they would Gain from It , Looking at the Overall picture It is now quite Clear that this Government Cleared the Decks with our Car Industry soley fo Leave the Playing field open for Japanese and South Korean cars, The Deal he Got for Australia is something we will never know wonder how the car Industry workers feel about Their Jobs being sent over seas, Tony Abbott could not Negotiate with three Independent MP’s He is all Photo opportunitys, China put him in His Place What Business would start a Business with all the cheap Merchandise flowing in, IT will mean Australian workers having to work for Third world wages or else , This PM is a Looney and I am wondering what other great innovations are in store for the Masses.

  138. Oi Fedup – you talking about the cracks since Krudd/Gizzard started using them as a taxi fleet for 5 years:


    I could go on and on, but the corrupt regime of Rudd/Gillard in importing Islamic rapists via boat has caused all these problems.

  139. At least Truth Seeker, the IPA would be more accurate than Treasury. They are generally out by $15-25 billion a year between actual result and budget estimate.

  140. What do you think of Abbott breaking two more major promises palmersaursus?

    That’s more than 20 in six months. The most ever in the time for a Federal government.

  141. Oh come off it Moby – there’s no legislation before Parliament that wasn’t in the 64 pages of the election policies.

    120 days without scum arriving on our shores by the way !!!!!!

    What about the 3 Arabs that raped the 2 girls at Fairfield ????

  142. I’m more worried about my ‘scum’ fellow Aussies…. YES I’m looking at you Palmy ya fucking pizza white trailer trash, you are an embarrassment to the notion of what it is to be an Australian……. being a bigot ain’t cool, (ya nobjob jerkerer, 😀 )…. being a bigot just shows your total lack……. which, by the by and by, is why you will never be an Alpha……Palmy….mm!!!

  143. G’day All

    Ahhh, palmersorearae (™ LOVO), here you are displaying your total intellectual vacuity for all to see, how totally transparent you are. Your puerile racism is so obvious that you could be an ad for Toilet Block Jones. How sad the contributors to your genetic makeup must be, you string any number of words together and yet they scarcely make any sense at all, for example “120 days without scum arriving” and yet who fills the orange roughy lifeboats, idiotscum? Why does One Term Tony need to order more of them, dickwad, oh, that’s right, they are still are arriving. My goodness you really are such a retard palmersorearae (™ LOVO), you must find it hard typing whilst breathing.

  144. “The government’s zeal to turn back asylum seekers is pushing our patrol boats beyond their limits. Six of seven are out of action

    You immoral pig. So these boats were doing nothing from 2008-2012??

    They were busy escorting illegal immigrants under Rudd/Gillard and were always under repair.

    I suspect your journalist has reported normal down time and has twisted what is normal into Labor Party propaganda.


  145. ” THE ALP IS A CORRUPT AND IMMORAL POLITICAL PARTY ELECTED BY CORRUPT AND IMMORAL PEOPLE” …….. so when the pendulum swings ( as it do) then your saying your fellow Aussies ( when they wake up to your ilk) are {insert NoS comment}…… mm, awesomee!
    NoS, I’ll go out on a limb here….. I bet you like Chubby Checker…… just sayin…. 🙂

  146. More are concerned about the cost of the so called success of this government. Many feel they might just be too high.

  147. And the white man who brutally raped and killed a girl just the other week palmersaurus? And all those other non-Arabs who rape and abuse women and children?

    And were they boat people? No.

    And can you tell us the crime rate of asylum seekers and immigrants?

    But of course you are doing you usual look over there as this government fails miserably and breaks promise after promise whilst shutting down democracy, which for some reason you have no problems with. If Labor did a fraction of this you would be up in arms, but as you’re a first class right wing hypocrite you keep mum and engage in lame diversions and obfuscations.

    It all means you have zero credibility and everything you say is utterly meaningless, coming from a blind ideology that forgives gross failures on the one hand whilst engaging in falsehoods and exaggerations to demonise on the other hand.

  148. I’m no bigot LOVO – I’m an Aussie patriot protecting kids, girls and females from Muslim rapists, like the 31 whose visas have been revoked and 31 of whom are currently in Silverwater Jail. It is clear that their religion allows for paedophilia – Iran already has it and the Iraqi government is debating reducing the age to 8 for girls to marry. Heaps of proof about genital mutilation, arranged marriages etc. These people come from medieval barbarian lands. They have no chance of fitting into our society. They are neanderthal scumbags here for economic advantage – the dole or disability pension.

  149. Fair suck of the sauce bottle ShaunJ. Your vacuity is showing. Islam is not a race, it is a neanderthal cult, ego I’m not racist. Some of my best friends are …

  150. Explain how 31 out of Miss Gillard’s 10,000 rapists (in the last 3 months of her rule) is equivalent to a whitefella. We already have a convicted paedophile explaining to a judge in Melbourne that paedophilia is allowed under Islamic law. And the judge gave him a good behaviour bond so he can go and rape kids again.

  151. You’re a bigot, nothing more nothing less palmersaurus.

    And of course the usual and very ho hum predicable diversion.

    Palmersaurus why don’t you have a problem with the government breaking major promises, far more than any other, especially in light of them being so savage against any perceived or break in promise by the previous government no matter how minor or indeed if factual?

    Why do you not have a problem with democracy being undermined and big vested interests outside of government actually running our government?

  152. Breaking news.

    Abbott accused of breaking a major promise in front of a high powered crowd in Washington DC.

    He was also heavily criticised for cutting foreign aid.

  153. NoS, Palmy and Co. here is a gift from me to you’se….. I have hopes for you, my fellow Aussies 😉

  154. As much as the tosser loser Abbott attempts to wipe out Gillard and everything she did she will haunt him forever.

    Gillard, already doing great things, will be remembered positively whilst Abbott will go down in history as a failure and loser.

  155. Mo, I can never stop listening to that…. Julia Gillard was the reason I listened.. she was outstanding, one of our best PM’s ever 🙂 … in the not to distant future the Australian people will realise that the Gillard Years were an ‘opportunity missed’……- missed because of the actions and lies of the MSMLNP and associated leeches, such as abbott and rudd.
    The Gillard Years will be seen as a time when Australia was Advancing Fairly… whereas ‘the little loser’s’ years will be seen as the ‘indulgence that we didn’t have to have’…. a time when a ‘fair go’ had the walls punched out each side of it……. a costly time for Australia and her people. It will take many years for Australia to recover from… “the little loser abbott years” 😦

  156. G’day All,

    Ahh, palmersorearse (™ LOVO), what a sad, despicable little throwback you are, here’s a little tip, when you reach beyond your acumen (Latin, for example) beware the little tricks your little mind can play. For example, in your small minded, racist, little diatribe you wrote, quote “ego I’m not racist”, now, I know what you were reaching for (ergo), but your subconscious overruled, and what it reveals is a racist trying to tell themselves (ego) that they are really a racist. You poor demented, tormented individual, please seek professional help, you sorely need it.

  157. 🙂 ShaunJ, ‘love your work’ 😉
    palmersorearse (™ LOVO), ……. and speaking of Neanderthal Cults…. the present day LNP, mm.
    … oh, oh, .. and their overly-networked, overly browed, idiotlogically blinkered factual denialist hideously ugly Aussie.. trade marked Trolls 😛

  158. Latest poll another bad one for the government, continuing the worst start of any new government.

    Labor not crash hot either, but better than the Liberals. It is the Greens who have surged ahead.

    Though polls this far out are meaningless it does indicate the people are telling the major parties something, but especially the Liberals, who in most cases were given huge majorities but are screwing it big time, and are terrible in every State and Federally.

    It’s as though winning an election by any means was a licence to continue lying after the election and to go on a rampage of broken promises and expecting the people to just swallow it.

    The States didn’t get long term Labor governments, and in NSW case the worst ever, because the previous Liberal governments were good. The Labor governments were voted in because the previous Liberal governments did what the current ones are doing, but the current crop are taking it to a whole new level of blatant lies and deceits whilst screwing those who voted for them.

    The only thing keeping the Liberals in the game is the MSM and the distortions if not outright lies they portray to keep the LNP in power or to gain them power. If it ever came to an open and honest campaign or truthful politics the Liberals would have been finished as a party a long time ago.

  159. Palmersorearse is a Bigot, by the terms dictated in any Dictionary. 100% bang on the money, and repetitively shown and proved fairly much with each of their posts.
    I can fairly much say everyone would agree, except for the Bigots themselves.
    Can I add on Puerile, vacuous, racist, sexist and loathsome, for they truly are.

  160. G’day All,

    Sorry “LOVO APRIL 14, 2014 @ 1:47 AM” for not getting back sooner, thanks for the accolades, I don’t really deserve them, your work is far wittier and incisive, I merely try to bolster the effort.

  161. More than lying?

    …..Former Australian Water Holdings chief executive Nick Di Girolamo, a Liberal Party fund-raiser and an associate of the Obeid family, was asked whether he had told the former Liberal energy minister Chris Hartcher about the gift of a $3000 bottle of wine, which was sent by courier to the Premier’s Roseville home on April 20, 2011.

    The revelations about the gift came late in an inquiry that had already cleared Mr O’Farrell of wrongdoing over his dealings with Australian Water Holdings and Mr Di Girolamo.

    ‘‘Who in the world did you tell that you’d bought Mr O’Farrell the bottle of Grange?’’ counsel assisting, Geoffrey Watson, SC, said.

    Spotlight on Hartcher: There’s speculation that the Energy Minister may have been aware of the gift.
    Spotlight on Hartcher: There’s speculation that the Energy Minister may have been aware of the gift. Photo: Louie Douvis

    ‘‘I don’t believe I told anyone that I’d bought the bottle of Grange, other than [wife] Jodie,’’ he replied.

    ‘‘Did you tell another politician, a fellow called Hartcher?’’

    ‘‘I don’t believe so,’’ Mr Di Girolamo replied.

    Resigns as NSW Premier: Barry O’Farrell.
    Resigns as NSW Premier: Barry O’Farrell. Photo: Anthony Johnson

    ‘‘Are you sure about that?’’ Mr Watson pressed.

    ‘‘I am sure about that,’’ Mr Di Girolamo said. ‘‘I resist the suggestion that I leaked this information.’’

    Mr Di Girolamo said his co-directors at AWH ‘‘may have known’’ but he did ‘‘not recall speaking to anyone about …….

    Read more:

    We need to keep in mind, the Premier supported Gi8llard when it came to NDIS and Gonski. Has done so since Abbott came to power.

    something stinks within the state.

    O’Farrell does not appear that upset!

  162. Watch whoever replaces O’Farrell become a complete Abbott toady just as Abbott is a complete toady to Murdoch and big business.

    Also anybody notice how the right wingers have fallen off the map?

    Funny isn’t it that any hint of trouble in Labor, whether true or not, they harp on and on leveling all kinds of baseless accusations and calling for the entire Labor party and for good measure the union movement to be done away with.

    And just to prove to everyone they really are hypocrites with no credibility they now fall silent and some, like the MSM, are making excuses for O’Farrell going as far as to say he did nothing wrong.

    I’ll ask them all this. If O’Farrell had been a Labor Premier would you be saying he did nothing wrong? Of course they wouldn’t, they would be calling for him to be jailed and the entire government stood down.

  163. Of course Truth Seeker, you ignore Tony Burke who received benefits from Eddie Obied in excess of $6,000 and didn’t include it on the pecuniary interest register. He never resigned, did he:

    ” FEDERAL Environment Minister Tony Burke and Communications Minister Stephen Conroy … received free holiday accommodation from allegedly corrupt former state MP Eddie Obeid.

    Both ministers were last night forced to amend their entries in the federal parliamentary pecuniary interests register, following revelations they accepted freebies at the Obeid family lodge at Perisher Valley in the NSW ski fields, on one occasion staying there together…

    Apartments at the Stables can cost as much as $2690 for a weekend during peak season. Mr Burke said in a statement last night: “…I declare two separate stays at this accommodation in the period 2004 to 2006…”

    Senator Conroy … volunteered a similar statement, saying he stayed in the apartment once in either 2005 or 2006.”

    As usual – the ALP is mird in corruption !!!!!!

  164. Yes Fed Up – Bazza was a leftie in the NSW Party, like Greg Smith.

    Time for the NSW Liberal Party to do what what the electors voted them in for.

    Stop the Islamisation of Sydney’s south western suburbs, sack Socialist Alliance teachers, introduce mandatory sentencing etc etc.

  165. Did Mr. Burke deny he stayed at Obeid’s place. I think not. At that t6ime, I believe one would only have seen Obeid as being a Labor supporter. The allegations of corruption have appeared only recently.

    Did not believe it was unusual to accept offers of holiday accommodation from friends.

    Personally, I lean towards the proposition that O’Farrell was set up. Just to much has happened conveniently. Yes, there is much corruption in the state of NSW. Many will not be surprise, to see it comes from the right, as well as left.

    Looks like we are getting Abbott’s surfing mate in place of O’Farrell. Yes, and from the electorate of Abbott. Solves many of Abbott’s problems.

    One can only feel sorry for the state of NSW.

    The next inquiry will be the interesting one. Yes, I believe has little t5o do with Obeid.

  166. Baird’s father was a moderate. His son is not. Has a banking background. Lives in Abbott’s electorate. They surf together.

    Is in favour of doing as Abbott directs.

    Says it all.

    Yes, a very convenient outcome.

    What is clear, the corporate world is too close to government today. There is a need for some barriers to be put5 in place.

    Leading nearly a thousand across north Asia makes one wonder.

  167. I am waiting for the inquiries into union governance and corruption. The name tells us all. If history is anything to go on, it will bag more from industry and the right, than from the unions.

    The beauty is, too late for Abbott to pull back.

  168. Fed Up – Obeid was a member of the same right wing faction. Obeid was a member of the NSW upper house. Burke met him heaps of times, and no doubt had converations with him. Burke is guilty of the same offence as O’Farrell – forgetting to note the “gift” in the pecuniary interest register – not once, but twice. How incompetent is this idiot ??????

  169. As they say, two wrongs do not make a right. Yes, one could question both sides. Corruption can be found across the political spectrum.

    What Burke and others allegedly did, have nothing to do with what has happened over the last few days. Still more to come. Yes. the MSM is saying this. Yes, the Central Coast is an interesting place to be. Might even out do the crimes of Mr Thomson.

  170. It is said that Baird is very religious Anglican., They could be lying. It is said he is not a moderate, but to the right. Maybe another media lie.

    Maybe he does not go surfing with Abbott. Of course he is much younger., Might have better things to do.

    Maybe as usual, you got it wrong. Then I could not imagine anyone as extreme as you are. Thankfully I do not come across many in my day to day life.

  171. Oh come on Fed Up:

    “What Burke and others allegedly did”

    Crap – he lied to Parliament and the people by not including it in the register. He’s corrupt !!!!!!!

  172. Letter from Shorten.

    Tony Abbott said time and time again before the election that he wouldn’t change the pension. This week we found out that is exactly what he is planning to do.

    It just goes to show the twisted priorities of the Prime Minister and his government – Tony Abbott wants to pay millionaire mums $75,000 to have a baby, but wants to cut the payments of about 2.3 million age pensioners.

    It simply leaves me asking: Why are the priorities of this Prime Minister so twisted? Why are the people who can least afford it the first to cop it, and the people who can most afford it the first to get a top up?

    We need to tell Tony Abbott that Australians don’t support changes to the pension. Can you watch and share this message from June, an aged pensioner, who thinks the Prime Minister’s priorities are all wrong?

    At the last election, Tony Abbott promised our pensioners he would not cut their pensions – he is now betraying the trust of pensioners who took him at his word.

    Watch and share this video from June and help us spread the message.

    I don’t support the Prime Minister’s cuts to the Age Pension and Labor will oppose these cuts every step of the way.

    Together we can spread the word on Tony Abbott’s twisted priorities. Thanks for helping to play your part.


    Bill Shorten
    Leader of the Opposition

    Donate Twitter Facebook

  173. Called before, does not mean one is guilty. It also offers the opportunity to clear oneself.

    The Pink Batts does not seem to be going anywhere. In fact, it is refusing to investigate the allegations of fires.

  174. Well, there was no ac6tion taken by parliament, or anyone else that I know of. Would cause many problems for Abbott and co., if they even tried to.

    Can someone remind me of the names,of the Coalition, that have been names, for much bigger and outlandish claims. Yes, how many attended those weddings and claimed expenses.

    As usual, you arte talking rot, with the hope of creating a diversion.,

    All you have achieved, is to remind one, of the many fraudulent Coalition clams, including many from the PM.

  175. No doubt you’d remember every gift you’d received on becoming Premier. Or every phone call you’d made in the last 3 years.

    I’m very sure I’d remember such an extravagant gift that I personally wrote a letter of thanks for, especially when you are being told by an inquiry that you had in fact received one.

    This “can’t recall” is endemic within the libs. Are they ALL early Alzheimer candidates?

  176. I thought that Abbott might have got around to visiting those affected by the fires, as that is where the royal couple is today. Obviously not.

  177. Tom R there is one explanation not out forwarded. Maybe they did not realise the value of the bottle. Funny that the thankyou note was not handed over until yesterday morning.

  178. Yes, maternity benefits, paid by the employer, that have long been available to woman of this calibre, using Abbott’s words.

    Makes one wonder, why Abbott wants to dismantle Labor’s scheme, which have given worthwhile benefits to low paying woman for the first time.

    Yes, all I see, it the benefits that are now paid by industry, as a part of a wage package, is being transferred to the taxpayer.

    They are still entitled to receive industry scheme benefits under Labor’s scheme.

    What is wrong with that.

  179. How so very unsurprising that a right winger harps to Labor when a Liberal is found wanting.

    They know nothing else and can never directly address the party they so slavishly follow. Yet it seems they follow Labor more because that’s all they ever go on about whenever something goes wrong in the party they supposedly follow but appear to know so little about.

  180. So it’s OK to receive corrupt benefits from Eddie Obeid, as long as you say you received them. Then of course, theirABC, FauxFacts and the Guardian etc gloss over that fact and you keep your Ministry !!!!!! Corrupt MSM !!!!!!

  181. None more so than Howard Tom, who had so many memory lapses the Sergeant Schultz meme was frequently attached to him.

  182. The Pink Batts does not seem to be going anywhere. In fact, it is refusing to investigate the allegations of fires.

    Are you able to elaborate FU?

    I did hear on the radio this morning they have asked anybody who had any sort of problem with their insulation to go and complain to the commission? Are they that hard up to try and pin something on the previous Government?

  183. So it’s OK to receive corrupt benefits from Eddie Obeid

    I don’t recall anyone saying that. Can you highlight it? While you are at it, can you highlight who else, apart from BOF, has had such a serious and unexplainable loss of memory in front of ICA, and lied to cover it upC?

  184. “So it’s OK to receive corrupt benefits from Eddie ”

    Where is the evident it was corrupt. The inquiry did not find so, as far as I can recall.

    Saying it is corrupt, does not make it so.

    God, you have to stretch your imagination, to come up with something to say.

    Who in the hell, do you think you are fooling. Not readers to this site, I suspect. Irf you are, they are very slow to come to your defence. See very few that agree with you. You are out of step. Way out.

    In fact, I believe your are quickly being left behind, ‘Not even the media are now taking what Abbott says at face value.

  185. Cheers for that FU, although, this line stood out to me

    A coroner has already found the scheme’s rushed implementation was a significant factor in the deaths of three Queenslanders.

    significant?? I’d have to read back through it, but I didn’t think any enquiry mentioned anything about “significant”?

  186. Here’s a Catch 22 for palmersaurus.

    If O’Farrell was a Labor Premier would he be attempting to defend him and divert attention to the Liberals.

    If palmersaurus answers yes we absolutely know he’s lying.
    If he answers no then he proves he’s the hypocrite we know he is.

  187. Tom R – corrupt Tony Burke had a continuous loss of memory till he was made to admit it before ICAC – and he’s still a shadow minister !!!!!! $6,000 – has he repaid it to Eddie Obeid or kept the benefit loke a good ALP toadie ?????

  188. Tom R, I have notice over the years, that Coroners are not above making political findings, that carry little within the real world.

    Yes, it was said, but I wonder where he got the evidence from.

    This inquiry was about process. That in itself is a new one on me, an inquiry into government process.

    I did not know there were rules that said governments had to adopt a certain PROCESS.

  189. As for Burke, there were no findings saying he or any of the others mentioned were corrupt.

    I suppose one could say, they have been proven not to be corrupt.

  190. I Love a headline I seen on the Australian site. Did not bother to look.

    “former PM Gillard, embroiled in police investigations”

    Funny, it is only the Australian that is still flogging this dead horse.


    Maybe because there were no corrupt findings found against the man. All in your head, I am afraid.

    Many asked, who does Labor stand for. Maybe the true question after watching coalition governments in action, is who do the coalition stand for?

    One cannot help but believe, the corporate world and no one else.

    Would love to know what Abbott means by being open for business. Whose business, one wonders. Not ours, I am sure.

    Time for the taxpayer to fully fund elections. Yes, and all donations from all sources prohibited.

    Time for all government business with the private sector to be conducted by open tender

    Will mean a great number of ex pollies being unemployed. Too bad. Will have to find something more productive to do.

    It is corruption that bought down O’Farrell. Corruption, in this case that can be found across the political arena.

    The pictures we see of our illustrious PM kneeling at the feet of Murdock and Gina need to become a thing of the past,

    We now have a premier that appointed that man to AWH. What does that tell us.

    It was a bottle of Penfolds Grange that then-Australian Water Holdings (AWH) boss Nick Di Girolamo paid $3000 for in 2011, but now may cost NSW Premier Barry

  191. why is corrupt Tony Burke still in Parliament

    Why then is tabot?? Did he not claim thousands he shouldn’t have? Lets play the game of listing all of the pollies who haven’t. Then we will list all the pollies who lied to a commission about it shall we?

    It is passing strange that a commission peering into corruption of the political process of favours offered to pollies should be getting lambasted now by the libs media mates after it discovers a pollie receiving gifts in the form of a favour. It truly is enlightening to watch. When it was the Labor stench being unearthed, there just wasn’t the space available for the praise ICAC were getting, or to repeat the crimes with the name Labor highlighted against it. Now the stench of the libs is being unearthed too, it is all, “look at Labor, they did it too””, and, blame ICAC, and it should be done in secret. All the time attempting to explain it away with the Sgt Shultz defence, an all too common occurrence these days I’m afraid. And, in this case, the evidence certainly doesn’t support it.

    Enlightening to say the least. What a brave and forthright media we have here in this country.

  192. seems. all rlead back to Central Coast, SW.

    …………The latest public investigations, Credo and Spicer, expose influence peddling and political slush funding involving office bearers and fund raising functionaries at the highest levels of the NSW Liberal Party – Arthur Sinodinis, Paul Nicolaou, Michael Photios and Nicholas Di Girolamo among others. They expose an alleged attempt to siphon Sydney Water’s customer cash flows in north-west Sydney to a consortium of vested interests via an entity – Australian Water Holdings – under the guise of a ‘public private partnership’.

    It has emerged that soon after Di Girolamo had the Grange delivered to the O’Farrell residence in April 2011, he was registered as a lobbyist for Kores, the South Korean coal company which was seeking to develop its massive Wallarah 2 long wall mine under a contentious catchment in the central coast.

    O’Farrell had famously told the locals in 2009 that there would be no mining in the catchment – “No ifs, no buts … a guarantee”. But in government Kores got the nod from the director general of Planning, Sam Haddad, and a Planning Assessment Commission is now merit assessing the mine on social,……

    Yes, maybe we will learn March he sixth.

  193. I notice that Baird this morning was making exactly the same promises O’Farrell made on stamping out influence peddling when he became PM.

    And because Baird is a far right wing conservative you know he’s lying through his teeth and will be taking donations from big business mates in short shrift.

    Then look at the two women who initially vied for the Deputy Premier position, Berejiklian and Goward, both exposed liars. Goward should have been sacked months ago for her misleading statements and outright lies on DOCS.

    Berejiklian, what a piece of work this woman is, and another Liberal incompetent who has constantly blamed her portfolio failures on the previous State Labor government. One of the best exposures of her lies was in a presser on a transport policy failure. She gave an excuse that was nearly identical to one the previous Labor government had made in a similar situation, but an excuse she as shadow transport minister heavily lambasted at the time calling it a lie. When an astute reporter pointed this incongruity out to Berejiklian she was left mumbling and then changed topic.

    Why are the right wingers so silent on the constant stream of major lies told by Liberal pollies but scream blue murder whenever they can pin a lie on a Labor pollie, whether it was one or not?

    Why do they keep indulging in these double standards where they condemn Labor for anything and everything but make excuses for and forgive corruption and malfeasance in the Liberals?

  194. Why do they keep indulging in these double standards where they condemn Labor for anything and everything but make excuses for and forgive corruption and malfeasance in the Liberals?

    I think the word you are looking for is “hypocrisy” ME 😉

    Saw this linked to, in regards to Hockey being drawn in. But I also noted another name in there too. And this is not from 20 years ago.

  195. Maybe I spoke too soon. Looks like tabot IS going to be drawn into this, stemming from a question Penny Wong asked back in Parliament a while ago, to which he initially denied, and is now “clarifying” his statement.

    I thought they had a time limit to “clarify” statements in Parliament?

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has moved to clarify he has never held a formal meeting with Australian Water Holdings chief executive Nick Di Girolamo, but he may have met the Liberal Party fund-raiser at party events.

    Read more:

  196. Do you know the glorious irony of the Liberals being found out in this investigation, just as they have in past investigations of a similar vein, it was setup for the sole purpose of getting Labor.

    Make no bones about it at both the Federal and State level the Liberals with the aid of the MSM, Murdoch in particular, and big business is doing everything they can to destroy the Labor party and unions for the sole purpose of running the country in perpetuity, not for the good of the country but solely for what they get get out of it themselves. And they are using vast amount of public resources to achieve this.

    As I read somewhere the Liberal party exists solely for he benefit of the Liberal party and everything it does is to that end. The good of the country and people don’t enter into the picture with them anywhere.

  197. I do not know about others, but I am looking forwarded to all Abbott’s Royal Commissions and inquires.

    I cannot understand why this mob believes all their own spin. They actually believe they are beyond reproach.

    Corruption is endemic to the world of politics., and has little respect for party.

    Does not that caravan that Abbott led overseas worry no one. When one takes to leading up to 1000 business men, one should begin to worry.

    All the advisory bodies, inquiries nor whatever other name one wants to call them, are made up of right wing business men.

    No representatives from the community of PS. In fact their voice is not wanted.

    We seem to have moved on from government contracts to be only delivered by tender. What was that phrase, they used when related to Packer and his casinos. Yes Packer approached the NSW government. All his wishes were granted.

  198. not for the good of the country but solely for what they get get out of it themselves.

    That there sums up for me why I vote Labor ME

    I understand that both (all) parties have corruption and dodgy dealing going on within them. Any party that can control power needs to be under a microscope, as corruption will always be attracted to power.

    But, the core of the parties is what controls them, and, as you say, the libs are about looking after their own, whereas Labor is still about workers. It is why Labor, imo, has so many “scandals”. Simply, they are more interested in attempting to keep the ranks clean, so are more open with investigations.

    I didn’t see Labor attempting to shut down ICAC or change the rules like the libs are now apparently speaking about around what brought BOF down. No, they simply took the blows and move on. Not so the libs, it is bunker territory for them, with a bunker being put in place by their media mates

  199. It appears the voters od WA might have got it right. Yes, a curse on both parties.

    Expect more of this attitude, until Labor begin to gain some traction. That will happen. Like it or not, politics always goes in cycles. The coalition cycle, I believe, is going to be shorter than usual.

    Abbott, I believe, is upsetting Howard’s Goldie oldies. They will be quick to seek revenge. Many like the lifestyle they have today.

    One only has to look at the benefits that are not indexed the same as Aged Pensions, to know where we would be today. Yes, we would be at the level of all the other benefits. Much lower than the present system has delivered.

    The figures are there in black and white.

  200. P.S. the comments section on the above link is also worth a look.
    P.P.S. One wonders if ‘privatisation’ is the neo-cons new way to -stop the boats-.. 🙄 .. because nobody will want to live here after the MSM/IPA/LNP have trashed everything for their ideology of the 1%.

  201. I came across these quotes and I wondered, as one does, where I had come across this sort of thinking recently?? :/ … reminds me of someone or other, but whom 😕 ………………………………… and yet!!!!

    “The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.”
    ― Adolf Hitler

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
    ― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

    “Woman’s world is her husband, her family, her children and her home. We do not find it right when she presses into the world of men.”
    ― Adolf Hitler
    I guess Tones isn’t taking all his cue’s from his hero 😆
    “No politician should ever let himself be photographed in a bathing suit.”
    ― Adolf Hitler

  202. Sooooo true Lovo, stupid dumb masses ! It appears to me the dumb one’s are breeding faster then the smart one’s. And they all vote. : (

  203. We must educate the ‘masses’ out in Western Sydney as to what Abbott and Co. are really doing to them…… show them that they are not really that dumb- just misinformed. When your only avenue of info comes via the MSM/IPA/LNP junta’s telly/radio/tabloid’s then it has been easy for this government of/for the 1% to, well, LIE to and manipulate their own people- their fellow Aussies…… that they have so wantonly misinformed shows how they really think about us- the ‘masses’!!! 😡

  204. Bolt does not like the way that Abbott’s Catholicism is being used against him.

    Mr, Bolt, it is not his Catholism that is the problem, It is Abbott’s abuse of his Catholism that raise the anger of some.

  205. I wonder how many Liberal politicians at all levels will be left on the Central Coast, when IACC is finished., Two hour introduction. Mr Harcher seems to be the one they are after.

    Where are our visitors, throwing their arms up in horror.

  206. It seems we are in for a Kennedy type speech
    Could not be because of IACC could it. What as occurred so far is devastating for Liberals.

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