I must be mixing with the wrong people

I couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve met, although they must surely number in their thousands.

Tony Abbott – a person I have never met – appeals to the oddest types and I’m thankful that I haven’t met any of them either. But they are out there! The majority of them prefer, it seems, to hide behind an internet persona while spreading the government gospel, usually with huge amounts of vitriol and disdain against anyone who wants to save a forest, a heritage site, the planet or an asylum seeker.

I’m yet to meet a person – in real life – who behaves as insanely mad as the knuckle-dragging, right-wing cheer squad do when they bang down on their keyboard all frothed up with hate.

But I must be mixing with the wrong people. From what I’ve recently read here, there are hordes of Australians (who are not the internet Neanderthals that I deal with on a daily basis) who are grateful for Tony Abbott’s stamp of authority on our national affairs.

I really can’t claim to know anyone who fits into this category, though the nameless commenter here obviously does:

I am amazed at how many Australians I speak to every day who say that they are elated now that the boats have stopped and equally elated that the ALP 5pm news spin machine has dried up. In fact, they all say that they are enjoying their after work family time more due to the stance Morrison et al have taken against the labor media barrage we suffered previously.

An amazing number of people, apparently. And they speak about it daily. Or maybe it was just a bit of bullshit.

Here’s a ripper from another nameless imbecile:

Most of these “most asylum seekers arrive by air.” are foreign students who fly in to get a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree. They spend a lot of time perving at the bikini girls on Bondi beach.

This causes them to apply for asylum before there visas expire.

Do any of our readers live in Sydney? If so, perhaps you could take a photo for us of all those perverted PhD students grouped together with their eyes bulging out. They should be easy to spot. There should be, apparently, tens of thousands of them. Or maybe it was just a load of bullshit.

From the same person:

I have to listen to people crying because they cannot get jobs because so-called asylum seekers who fly in do not want to go home.

I’ve seen them everywhere: dozens of people crying on each others’ shoulders in shopping centers, clubs, pubs, footy games and around the family BBQ. Our country is in tears because an asylum seeker finds a job. Or perhaps that was bullshit too.

And it appears that we all, apparently, have access to someone who has accommodated an asylum seeker. Although this nameless person calls them illegals, and I don’t know if known illegal residents – of which asylum seekers are not – are at liberty to stay in hotels, motels, guest houses or whatever.

Talk to a few people who have accommodated these illegals , they carry on like ungrateful pigs . Even thrashed hotel/motels in Brisbane justify that Sludge! Stay on Manus Island , it is a really beautiful island. I had to pay a lot of money to get there and to leave

And I’m sure Manus Island must be a beautiful island. Aussies must be flocking to the place. Our asylum seekers would be so pleased to be locked up in such a beautiful place in the world. Why bother coming to Australia (to trash hotels) when you can live in such a paradise?

Either I must be mixing with the wrong people or the right-wingers on this site (who are typical of what I’ve seen across the internet) know nothing but bullshit.

I suspect it’s the latter.

Image courtesy on knowyourmeme.com

Image courtesy on knowyourmeme.com

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  1. Extremely well written! And I am in the same boat as you! Still have not met anyone with those opinions! (So feel that it must all be bullshit!)

    From: Caf Whispers Reply-To: Caf Whispers Date: Friday, 14 March 2014 21:33 To: Christopher Atkins Subject: [New post] I must be mixing with the wrong people

    WordPress.com Michael Taylor posted: “I couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve met, although they must surely number in their thousands.Tony Abbott – a person I have never met – appeals to the oddest types and I’m thankful that I haven’t met any of them either. But they are out there! The maj”

  2. I was sitting with a close friend the other day, one I suspect does not have any love for Labor at this time,

    Was surprised to hear him niter, what is he axing now, must be something, he has a smile on his face.

  3. Most of these “most asylum seekers arrive by air.” are foreign students who fly in to get a Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree. They spend a lot of time perving at the bikini girls on Bondi beach

    Yep that was me. The statement was true, however the last sentence may be an a little exaggerated.

    I have worked with Medical doctors from China who fly in to get a PhD on a student visa and then live illegally in Australia by overstaying their visa. And then somehow or other get permanent residency.

    University education is an anchor for foreign students to get asylum in Australia.

    I guess it is a complement to our country that so many people want to come here.

  4. “And I’m sure Manus Island must be a beautiful island

    Our detention centers were empty in 2007 except for visa overstayers.

    When Bacchus, TomR, Michael, Min, Adrian et al voted for Rudd in 2007 they locked up more asylum seekers than any Australian govt.

    To try and blame Abbot on something Rudd/Gillard set up shows how dishonest you people are.

    Manus Island is an ALP setup which Abbot is trying to fix.

  5. Most people do not share our Passion for social justice and form their opinions on Newspaper headlines or the TV news bites, As long as Labor and more specifically Bill Shorten come across Just being there for the ride, So for us anti Abbotts we don’t have a fired up leader and Party to rally behind , Too Tame by far, IF our lot don’t make any noise then No wonder we are so ineffectual, There is plenty to raise a storm about it happens every day, Much to my disgust it was turning on the TV of a morning and seeing that sleazy Abbott THATS every day complaining about anything against Labor “Toxic Tax” “Baaad Government”etc etc sickening but very effective , He had Labor going in circles ,Labors talented People just couldn’t work Abbott out, He Doe’snt play the Normal way because he tells Blatant lies often and because we do not Kick up a BIG fuss the Silent Swinging voters think he must be normal, They (Labor ) need a rocket up there arse, Bill shorten is very like Kim Beasley Too Bloody nice its as simple as that, We should have gone with Albanese a man who wouldn’t take Abbotts Bullshit, Come On Labor change your Tactics keep the Faith Michael

  6. Warning, warning, danger to all “bikini girls” (well those on Bondi Beach – the rest of us are apparently safe), watch out for “foreign” undergraduates who flew into Australia by plane perving at you – on the beach – not from planes ;P

    Real Australian undergraduates never perve on “bikini girls” – they know better:

    Oh, apologies didn’t read the bit that said “may be a little exaggerated”. Notice not admitting to be totally B/S – just a little bit misspoken.

    University education is an anchor for foreign students to get asylum in Australia.


    BTW University education may be a valid and legal method to migrate to Australia depending upon qualifications – university students tend not to be fleeing for their lives and therefore, not seeking asylum.

    Yes Australia is a lovely country, but I would say that wouldn’t I? I was born and raised here. Most people feel that way about their country of birth.

  7. “BTW University education may be a valid and legal method to migrate to Australia depending upon qualifications

    Yep, quit true.

    However it is also a way for dishonest people to obtain residence in Australia.

    Beats me why they do it but thousands of students migrate here legally and then try any method available to get residence. If everything they try fails they say they are from some persecuted Christian or political group back home.

    Like i said i worked with a medical doctor from China who arrived here to do a PhD and then overstayed his visa because he did not want to go home. He is now a University lecturer.

    It should be noted that Chinese students from Hong Kong fly home but Chinese students from mainland China do anything to stay here.

  8. “Most people feel that way about their country of birth.

    Not the people i work with.

    Most people from Eastern Europe and China would stab their own mothers in the back to get out of the countries they were born in.

  9. Neil, most of the refugees that I have come across, lived among and worked with, do not fit the picture you present. Suburbs of Guildford, where I raise four kids, then Cabramatta,

    Neil, most people here are saying the are not happy about how these people have been treated since the turn of the century . Yes, that covers Howard, Rudd, Gillard and now, the worse of them all, Abbott.\

    Neil, sometimes I think you are a adolescent, suffering from .Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) i

  10. “Neil, most of the refugees that I have come across, lived among and worked with, do not fit the picture you present”

    Yep. most probably people we took under our humanitarian program.

    However some alleged asylum seekers fly in. They are mostly wealthy students from Asia who do not want to go home.

    “the worse of them all, Abbott.

    For goodness sake, Abbot has just got in.

    John Howards program was the best. Under Howard we took our asylum seekers from UNHCR camps until you lot voted for Rudd in 2007

  11. Neil, it might amaze you, but most refugees do not head this way. Their first preferences seem to be Europe.

    The world is not beating their way, across our borders.

    Neil, look at the map and some history of Guildford, through to Liverpool. Yes, I live there from the 1960’s through to 1990’s.

    Many are the same, as who are coming now.

  12. Will someone tell hoses idiots in the NT, most damage is done to babies by alcohol, before many know they are pregnant. Yes, it the first trimester.

    It is a health and community matter. No place for the law.

  13. “The world is not beating their way, across our borders.

    What planet do you live on??

    Perhaps you have been retired for a while and have no idea what is happening in the real world.

  14. “Obviously not the same one as you.”


    English is now the language of Science, Law, whatever.

    And there are 50,000 PhD’s from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China et al who want a job here.

    You obviously do not know what is happening and also do not care

  15. Neil, I still have contact with thew so called real world. Yes, children, grand and great grand kids. In fact that real world have become a part of my family. Yes, any family get together is like a meeting of the United Nations.

    Where do you live again?

    I finished off my working life, working with Doc;s and the police, in the western suburbs of Sydney, Yes, in and around Liverpool.

    Ever been to Bankstown, Guildford or Cabramatta?

    I am not saying there are not problems, there are. None that time mainly corrects.

    It is a shame that racist are able and are allowed to exasperate these problems. Yes, hatred among a handful of so called Australians is the biggest hurdle.

  16. Neil, maybe you can explain to Pius, the commonsense in Abbott;’s words on Tassie forests.

    …..The agreement’s core deal offered certainty on both sides. It guaranteed secure supplies for timber companies which, in return, agreed to shift their sources from native trees to plantation timber; and it protected regions of native timbers with “high conservation value”. A crucial part of the deal involved expanding the World Heritage-listed area that now comprises about 1.5 million hectares of central and south-west Tasmania. The first part of this wilderness region was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1982; it was later expanded three times. A fourth addition, in concert with the forestry deal, took place last year. The 74,000 hectares Mr Abbott now wants excised from World-Heritage protection belongs to this latest addition of about 170,000 hectares.

    If he succeeds, there is every chance he could also wreck the peace deal. Peter Gutwein, a state Liberal parliamentarian in Tasmania, calls the deal an “illegitimate agreement struck between big environment, big unions, big industry”. Some who signed up to the deal, though, see it differently. Terry Edwards, head of the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania, an employer body, says the deal was “absolutely imperative” in giving the industry certainty. Japan, especially, had welcomed it. “Everyone was enjoying the relative peace achieved”, he says. Mr Abbott’s talk of World Heritage excisions had worried markets about forest wars breaking out again. “It is a significant risk by the federal government,” says Mr Edwards. “It’s unwarranted and our association doesn’t support it.”

    Tasmania’s timber industry currently employs around 4,000 people, about 2,000 fewer than six years ago. Vica Bayley of the Wilderness Society, an environmental lobby group, and another signatory to the agreement, says the deal was partly about protecting timber jobs. Mr Abbott’s tactic to pitch the Liberals as the party to get those jobs back is risky. “Japan is watching this closely”, says Mr Bayley. And if Tasmania again starts logging timber in what is now a World Heritage-listed area? “It could be a killer blow to the industry.”

    (Picture credit: EPA)..


    4000 jobs???????????

  17. “Gee, think of the productivity growth Australia would have, if those 50,000 came.”

    I think of all the lives that have been destroyed.

    You obviously have no idea what is going on.

  18. Talk to a few people who have accommodated these illegals , they carry on like ungrateful pigs . Even thrashed hotel/motels in Brisbane justify that Sludge! Stay on Manus Island , it is a really beautiful island. I had to pay a lot of money to get there and to leave

    This crap comes straight from the RWNJ’s mendacious garbage spouted in America about the Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans who we know were predominately African-American. It was so bad & widespread that Snopes investigated & found such stories to be completely false as, no doubt, is the above quote.

    Also notice that NoS has changed his story about foreign students (plural) to medical doctors (again plural) to A medical doctor (singular). Can’t keep his story straight even in almost consecutive posts. Amazing.

  19. You know allot of the right wing morons are electoral office staffers paid by the LNP to troll forums and social media. Funny isn’t it how they know the LNP propaganda better than Government ministers. I have caught them playing both sides to make their opponents seem lame so they can spew their vitriol against those that don’t agree with everything they say.

  20. Also notice that NoS has changed his story about foreign students (plural) to medical doctors (again plural) to A medical doctor (singular)

    I was just giving an example you rude person.

    But yep, a lot of these alleged asylum seekers who fly in are wealthy overseas students who come here to get a degree and then apply for asylum before their visa expires.

  21. Good luck to them I say. They pay a large fortune to be educated here, and then we get the benefits of the education they’ve paid for. Win, win! 😉

  22. Oh dearie me, the rabidly & rancidly rude NoS has called me “you rude person” for calling him to account re his his differing posts. What a boneheaded dweeb. Now that is deliberately rude NoS.

  23. “Now that is deliberately rude NoS”

    I know. It comes natural to you people.

    Not quite sure what you are trying to say is wrong about my story/stories.

    I have worked with a medical doctor from China who flew in to do a PhD. He overstayed his visa and is now a University lecturer in Australia.

  24. I’m sure he was the best person for the job too Neil. If you’re not good enough to compete, you don’t deserve the job. 😉

  25. Oh mannnnnnnn! I had a good laugh reading this. It’s beyond incredible that these so called “know-it-alls” have their facts askew’d within the full glory of ignorance and try to proclaim some kind of knowledge privy only to themselves. God help Australia. I wonder if these people are fostered kids of the PM’s own image.

  26. We are all giving Neil the Knob to much respect I suggest we just ignore him. Every time we take aim at him we are diverted from the theme of the original question,

  27. “I’m sure he was the best person for the job too Neil.

    Yeah right Bacchus. The best person always gets the job.

    Last thing this country needs is skilled University lecturers flying in from overseas swamping the job market.

  28. I’m sure if anybody goes through our old posts they’ll find plenty of examples where Neil has screamed that we need to bring in skilled immigrants.

    He went on about it for years. 🙄

  29. No. Or are you trying to be funny??

    I said i would prefer refugees to skilled immigrants.

    But education is an anchor to get into Australia. The Greenfilth person i worked with was always going on about how unfair it was that asylum seekers who arrive by boat are locked up while asylum seekers who fly in are not. Made no sense to me also until i found out the alleged asylum seekers who fly in are legally in the country on a tourist, student visa and apply for asylum after they arrive.

    I guess it is a compliment to the English speaking countries that so many people are desperate to come here.

  30. Trashing motel rooms? NRL ‘players’ don’t trash them do they? They are forgiven – ‘boys will be boys’. They are the Heros of Anal Jones, Hadley et al. What a place this country has become. Am humiliated and ashamed.

  31. So, Neil, if you’re bugged about people with PhD’s coming to Australia to live & work here, then you must be *livid* about Abbort’s decision to re-open the loophole that will allow businesses to bring in *thousands* of low-paid 457 visa workers….oh, sorry, this is Neil we’re talking, in his eyes Abbort can do no wrong.

    The truth is that most visa overstayers (30,000 who have been here for over 5 years) come from places like the UK, US, New Zealand & Ireland-but I guess their fair skin protects them from being thrown into detention centers at Manus or Nauru…or even
    getting caught for that matter.

  32. “then you must be *livid* about Abbort’s decision to re-open the loophole that will allow businesses to bring in *thousands* of low-paid 457 visa workers…”

    Actually you are wrong. I cannot believe that we need these 457 visa workers.

    But Labor set the example when Gillard employed McTernan as her media adviser on a 457 visa. Nobody in Australia could do McTernans job??

  33. “That’s utter bullshit.”

    No it is not. As far as i know i have always said i prefer refugees over skilled immigrants. You are the one who said we should be taking more skilled immigrants.

  34. Well i am pretty sure i have always said i prefer refugees over skilled immigrants and you said the other way around. I did a google search and found this from 2010.

    I said this


    I would prefer to take 40,000 refugees and cut down on the number of skilled immigrants.”

    And then you said this

    Neil, we need skilled migrants. They are more likely to gain employment and become much-needed tax payers. Those who can’t obtain work through lack of skills cost many $s in welfare and job-skills training.”

  35. McTernan was a waste of space and probably the biggest mistake Julia Gillard made, BUT it would have been very difficult to find anyone in Australia with his experience and background, having worked for Tony Blair as his equivalent of Peta Credlin amongst many other roles, mainly for the Scottish Secretary of State. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_McTernan)

    He was also involved with the successful 2007 Australian election campaign.

  36. Get stuffed Bacchus

    We cannot find anybody in Australia to organise a race riot?? We cannot find anybody to tell lies about opposition politicians and to organise thugs to chase Abbott around causing trouble??

    This country started as a prison colony.

    You got it right when you said “McTernan was a waste of space”

    But Gillard employed him on a 457 visa

  37. Neil, you just do not get it. All those highly educated people you worry about wilt create jobs, for you and others. It is not a matter of competing with.

    As for Mr. Terman, what is your problem. No one has denied that to be the case. What is of concern, are employers that abuse the system, Also abuse the workers they bring as well. All that has been ask of them, that they take steps to employ Australian workers, before importing any.

    Today I attended the March in March. in Gosford. It was a good experience. there was a good turn put, of what appeared to be a cross section of the community.

    What was apparent, was the lack of politicians involved,. It was not a about party politics. It was not about getting rid of this PM or government.

    It was about changing the mindset of Australians. Of going back to a more compassion, caring and dignified society. It gave the message, if the politicians did not listen, they would be voted out.

    The main concerns were how we treat asylums seekers, fears that the disabled are to lose benefits, losing Gonski.

    What seem to concern people is the lies.

    People did not seem to be angry. Most appeared to be saddened and disgusted at how politics is played today.What’s more, the mood seemed to be enough is enough, and they want change.

    More than that, they are demanding change.

  38. Cronulla race riots, among the worse we have had., I see, to recall some pollies stirring them up.

    As for the so called Aborigine riot. Has to be one of the mildest this country has seen.

  39. We cannot find anybody in Australia to organise a race riot?? We cannot find anybody to tell lies about opposition politicians and to organise thugs…

    Well there is Peta Credlin and her husband, but I don’t think they were interested in the job 😆

  40. Michael, today in Gosford, was that young disabled chap, Andrew, a couple of QandA’s ago, who asked the probing questions on the Disability Pensions.

    Today, he gave another outstanding speech. I wonder if he could be approached for a post on these sites, Kaye might know his name. He speaks from the heart.

    I only thought of this on the train home.

  41. One does not really understand what Neil is on about,. He keeps saying, “phds”

    We all know this means academics, and we all know that they are not useless, no way workers. According to the likes of Neil, academics add nothing to productivity and the economy.

  42. I think there might be someone around here who has a very clever, talented daughter who would quickly put the lie to that one Fu 😉

  43. Bacchus, I believe there is many.

    I am sick of Abetz, in his miserable behavior as a winner. Why does one have to do everything wrong, because thew are beaten. Could it not be, that one wins, not because the opponent is so bad, but because people have chosen what you are offering.

    Being in power sixteen years could have something to do with Abetz win.

    What Abetz and the Coalition are saying, they did not5 win, because they offered better policies, but because Labor was so bad.

    Nit much fun winning races against opponents that have no ability. Does not say much for pines win.

    This coalitionist is not happy with just winning, but feels the needs to tick their opponent to death.

    No government survives more than sixteen years in this country.

    I was bight up to believe being a good winner, as well as loser. That one should always respect their opponent. It used to be called, being a good sport.

    It used to bet considered how one run the racer, was as important as winning. When one loses, one believes they lived to win next time.

    we take our kids to sport., We teach them to shake hands when the game is over.

    Governments are elected for one term., They have to prove themselves again at the end of the term.

    I have never believed so strongly, that the means is more important than the outcome. Yes, how one wins is important.

    I suspect that Abbott now believes he can walk all over the Premiers. I suspect and hope this is true. I sense that at least Victoria is beginning to stand up to Abbott.Lets hope more grow spine and fall in behind him.

  44. I think Napthine realises if he toes the Abbott line, he will almost certainly lose the election in November – he probably will anyway…

  45. I am glad to say, the new Tassie Premier was a much more graceful winner than Abtez.

    Yes, I agree this might be the last we see, of any swing towards the Coalition. It seems to go in cycles, from the days of Whitlam. Sometimes the swing back comes out of the blue, as Whitlam found out to his distress.

    Abbott does have some strong views on his belief the Federation is broken, One can find clues in his book, Battle lines. We maybe in for some shocks, that many have ignored., I suspect he believes that the Federal government over rides the states art all times. Interesting days ahead.

    Marshall now on, Same as usual, even if one does not get the numbers, one has won. Willing g to form a minority government. Already has the cheque book out for the independent.

  46. Oh Neil, that is *hilarious*. You’re going to compare Gillard’s employment of a *single* foreigner to Abbott’s re-opening of the flood-gates for cheap 457 labor? You truly are a delusional piece of shit-& one who will clearly “die in a ditch” to defend your beloved poster boy Tony Abbort. I just hope they’re paying you well for your efforts, as I doubt your trolling efforts leave you much time for productive labor.

  47. I see Abbott is proudly out, announcing the go ahead of Labor’s policy. The road link in Sydney. According to NSW Premier, Labor was guilty of only putting money aside.

    Unless I have it wrong, was it not the responsibility of NSW Premier to get this off the ground.

    Abbott is using every waking hour, to work for us. Sorry, is that not the job of a PM.

    What are these unsolicited offers they are talking about. This is the second one. The first was the new Packer

    Does this mean, government now is not in the business of calling tenders.

    One thing for sure, this tunnel is sure needed.

    Abbott spent more time putting the boot into the previous government than talking about what he was announcing. I wonder who has the contract?

    Why does Abbott have the need to continually tell us how hard he works for us. Telling us, how much clever is he than the previous government.

    In fact, I do not recall Abbott giving much support for this project pre-election. All we ever heard was the east-west connection, which many query.

  48. Just sayin 😮 ……… as a regional NSWelshman that lives 1,200 k or so from Sydney, I am sick and tired of hearing about another road or tunnel being built on the otherside of the Great Dividing Range…… people out my way have a ‘real’ understanding of why it’s called the Great DIVIDING Range…… we, out here, pay and pay and pay and those $’s then get divided up over there… on the ‘other side’.
    If people are stoopid enough to live in cities, levy THEM or whateva…… 🙄
    I pay my taxes, Mines out here pay their royalties, farmers out here feed those on the ‘other side’ and pay taxes…… and what do we get??? — we get another tunnel or toll-way or hi-way on the ‘other side’. 🙄
    But hey ya get that, not enough votes out here for pork-barrelling. 👿
    The best way to reduce traffic congestion in the Cities would be to reduce the size of the city….. not build another f’n road to suburbia. 😈
    …..ok, ok, I’v had me tantie….. I’ll go off somewhere, have a Bex, and get over myself. 😀

  49. “Oh Neil, that is *hilarious*. You’re going to compare Gillard’s employment of a *single* foreigner to Abbott’s re-opening of the flood-gates for cheap 457 labor?”

    Leadership is important as it sets the tone. But there are other hypocrites.


    ALP national vice-president and prominent union leader Tony Sheldon has recruited overseas workers on 457 visas to fill three key positions in his union, defending the move by claiming he could not find suitably qualified Australian workers to take the jobs.

    Mr Sheldon, who two weeks ago accused some employers importing 457 visa workers of engaging in “human trafficking” and a “form of slavery”, confirmed to The Australian that his chief of staff Dermot Ryan, media officer Barry Dunning and senior organiser Celia Petty were employed on 457 visas.”

  50. There are currently three professionals employed on the 457 Skilled Visa As part of an expanded TWU National Office staff.

    Celia Petty has more than 25 years experience in the labor movement, including leadership roles in the Teamsters Union And the American Federation Of Labor In the United States. Her specialist knowledge of labor issues in the transport industry was simply not available in Australia.

    Dermot Ryan Brings more than 15 years of experience working in the private, not-for-profits and political sectors, including running his own small business and working for the Chernobyl Children’s Project International.

    Barry Dunning has more than five years experience in grassroots campaigning, advocacy and media communications.

    Despite seeking to fill these positions locally, applicants with the required skill sets and experience were not forthcoming. Each of these members of staff brings specialist experience, skills and knowledge, providing training for local staff within the Transport Workers’ Union.


  51. Wow now all the leftoid deadbeats come out.

    Upset about locking up asylum seekers but saying almost nothing when Greens/ALP locked up more asylum seekers than any Australian govt in history.

    Worried about increasing population but wanting more immigration.

    And after being mainly silent from 2007-2013 out they all come.

    Buy the way i think about 25 asylum seekers committed suicide from 2007-2013 under LABOR. But Labor supporters did not care about deaths in detention until the Coalition was in govt.

  52. LOVO, there is another way to get up to 20 % of traffic off that road,. The two, into Sydney from the north.

    The local business men on the Central Coast have organized and are demanding that NBNCO is continued. They say, that with what has been delivered, many are already working from home, in contrast to traveling to Sydney.

    Businesses in local business parks have already signal, if this does not occur, they will leaving the coast, leading to more make that journey each day.

    This area is asking that the Central Coast becoming a hub. Seems any less technology will not deliver. Google is looking for 30 sites across the globe for big investment. this would be among the leaders. I noticed that Ballarat are making the same claims.

    Taking 5% of cars off these roads would free up 20% of traffic.

    Seems a win win situation for me.

    Just go ahead with NBNCo with fibre to the premises.

    There has already been improvements with the first section laid. There was a strong presentation made to the senate hearings when they came to Gosford.

    Otherwise LOVO, the tunnel will be needed. That is if one wants to get into the city, if they travel from the north.

  53. There was not one asylum seeker murdered under Rudd and Gillard, and Howard for that matter.

    This government has only one policy to Assisi these people. that is towing back boats.

    One wonders how long, that policy can even last.

    Suicides happen whenever asylum seekers a lock up indefinitely under all GOVERNMENTS.

  54. “Suicides happen whenever asylum seekers a lock up indefinitely under all GOVERNMENTS.”

    Yep and it was the Greens/ALP who locked them up. Howard found a way to stop the boats so our detention centers were empty in 2007.

    I believe we have had no boats for 3 months now.

    To blame the murder on the current govt for a mess you people created shows how corrupt and dishonest Labor supporters are.

    It is the ALP way. Hand a mess to a Coalition govt and then blame them for it.

  55. “There was not one asylum seeker murdered under Rudd and Gillard, and Howard for that matter.”

    So the guy was murdered because of Coalition policies??

    I don’t think i have ever heard a Coalition politician encourage refugees to come here by boat.

    But you people do. This whole disaster is the responsibility of Rudd/Gillard/Greens and anybody who voted for them in 2007.

    That means you FU. Same goes for Bacchus, Michael, Min, Adrian, Marcus, diannart et al

    You lot encouraged them to come by boat and they drowned in there thousands.

  56. Neil, has anyone ever told you, that you are a bore?

    \He was murdered because Mr. Morrison and his government did not ensure his safety. After all, he was locked behind wire in an Australian detention centre.

    They are in government, and sorry, are responsible.

  57. No

    You, FU encouraged him to come here by boat. Most if not all Coalition supporters do not encourage him to come by boat.

    And he most probably would have been murdered no matter who was in power. It was Labor who set the record for the number of people in detention. It was Labor who put those people on Manus Island. Manus Island was empty in 2007.

    I may be a bore but your are responsible for all the people who drowned coming by boat, the suicides and the murder because you want them to come by boat.

    The Australia Labor Party is a corrupt and immoral political party elected by corrupt and immoral people.

  58. Abbot was saying that Labor was rolling out the red carpet encouraging refugees to come here by boat.

    I don’t think he said this is the right thing to do.

    It is the ALP/Greens who want people to risk their life on a dangerous boat journey.

  59. I don’t think he said this is the right thing to do.

    They weren’t doing that though, so it is pretty irrelevant what he said about it after. It was him making up shit about “red carpets’ that was aimed at attracting people smugglers

    And he said it loudly enough so that those seeking asylum would get the message, no matter how wrong it was. It went well with his billboards advertising each successful landing. He was the people smugglers best advertising guy. Ably abetted by a compliant media. It was disgusting what he did, and how he lied about the conditions here

  60. No mate. You are as dumb as Rudd.

    Abbott said Labor was rolling out the red carpet encouraging people to come here by boat.

    And he was right.

    The people smugglers were up on what Rudd had done. They did not need Abbot to tell them what had happened.

    Like most businessmen the smugglers knew that there was money to be made because the ALP/Greens/Min/michael/TomR/FU/Adrian et al changed the policy.

    You lot encouraged them to come. And come they did.

  61. Neil, the only way to stop the people smugglers is to catch the Mr Bigs, incarcerating the fishermen/sailors and punishing people who are in the majority genuine refugees has little effect as there are plenty more impoverished fishermen and a world full of refugees.

    And the only way to catch the Mr Bigs is by Australia gaining the cooperation of the Indonesians..well didn’t Abbott stuff that one up…

  62. Neil, we do not even allow our worse murders to be murder in jail

    If this government locks anyone up they have a duty of care to keep them alive.,

    Blaming the victims foes not wash.

    It is not about stopping the boats. For some the means still does not justify the ends.

    Yes, how one achieves things is just as, if more important, than winning.

    This minister along with all others, where the ones that stood up with tears in their eyes, opposing the legislation that PM Gillard needed to put the Malaysian Solution in place, They cried over the prospect of poor asylum seekers being sent to that country, because PM Gillard could not guarantee their safety.

    Mr Abbott and Mr, Morison believe in duty of care, when it applied to PM Gillard.

    By the ways, Abbott opposing that legislation is going to come back an f haunt hi,m Could see both Islands no longer be available to send these people to the Islands. It is only a matter of time before it ends back in Court.

    The other danger, that political unrest in both countries, could see the scheme collapse.

    Al Abbott will have left is towing back boats. How long does one think this will last.

    Abbott is burning to many bridges, leaving himself with nowhere to go..

  63. Min

    How many refugees do you have at your place??

    Smugglers have been stopped. No boats for three months ( yay to Abbott).


    PS it was The Greens who opposed the Malaysian solution. And i would have opposed it to also.

    We had a working policy in 2007 but Min, Adrian, Fu, Michael, Tom R voted against it because Howards Pacific Solution was immoral ( allegedly)

  64. Maybe one could say, that Abbott’s continual opposition to Labors effort to bring some control to how we assessed asylum seekers, led these people to believe they could keep coming.

    Maybe Morrison and Abbott, out every day, screaming from the roof tops, that Labor was weak when it came to the asylum seekers boats, sent them them message, it was OK to keep coming.

    Maybe vetoing every piece of legislation put forwarded wouldn’t have helped.

    One could say, that Abbott refusing to let Labor do anything the wanted to, meant

    The Greens did not help, siding with Abbott, because they wanted a open door policy.

    We has PM then set up a expert panel. Abbott even thwarted any actions on their recommendations.

    Politics is the art of the possible, and numbers. It was impossible for Labor to do much. Abbott and the Greens, ensured she did not have the numbers.

    Abbott also has to take some responsibility for his actions over the last few years.

    The truth is, Abbott wanted to see the boats keep coming.

    Sorry Neil, but based on Abbott’s actions, one cannot come to any other conclusion. Abbott was not even willing to see Labor’s policies tested. Could not afford to, they might have worked.

    Neil, what actions of Abbott have stopped the boats.

    I see nothing, aside from the PNG scheme, which was put in place by Labor. This same scheme that could fall over by the inept actions of this government

  65. Carol, asylum seekers will find a way to come, regardless of Me “Bigs”.

    I would be surprise if there were many. More like people that from their own communities, helping one another.

    Could explain why there has not been many caught.

  66. G’day All,

    Ahh, Null of Sydney, do try to be correct occasionally, there were 3 boats in February and 2 boats in January, this doesn’t count the turn arounds, which, unless you wan’t to accuse the RAN, of piracy occurred within our territorial waters, thus they are arrivals. Sheesh, it’s amazing what an ignorant turd the average LNP stooge is. Now Null, continue your LNP lies, confusion and dribble at will.

  67. ShaunJ

    It is a great honour when you abuse me.

    Fact is there have been no arrivals for three months.

  68. The people smugglers were up on what Rudd had done. They did not need Abbot to tell them what had happened.

    But Rudd had NOT “rolled out a red carpet” In fact, it was still onerous to get here. The simple fact is, tabot lied, and he did so loudly and proudly.

    Fact is there have been no arrivals for three months.

    That we know of. That also is not to say there have been no boats coming here. They are just shipped off to a hell hole where they could end up being killed. What price?

  69. Because Labor so foolishly allowed the big three foreign miners to redesign the tax, they chose to get all their deductions up-front. Once those deductions are used up, the tax will become a big earner. Long before then, however, Tony Abbott will have rewarded the Liberal Party’s foreign donors by abolishing the tax.
    This will be an act of major fiscal vandalism, of little or no benefit to the economy and at great cost to job creation.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/ending-mining-tax-will-damage-jobs-20140316-34vh1.html#ixzz2wATDyM7z

    This term in office appears to be all about repaying those who got them there, and rubbing salt into their opponents. I don’t think either will sit to well with the voters.

  70. “But Rudd had NOT “rolled out a red carpet””

    Yes he did and it was done in a blaze of publicity.

    Look how great we are proclaims Labor in 2008. We have done away with Howards evil Pacific Solution proclaims Labor with a blast of trumpets.

    You lot encouraged all those asylum seekers to come by boat.

  71. According to the sign there were 639 illegal boats had arrived before the sign was put up. So Abbott was not supposed to mention that?? And how did that sign encourage boats?? They were already coming in great numbers. Smugglers are up on govt policy since they can make money shipping people to Australia.

    Give it a miss mate. With a blast of trumpets you morally superior people abolished Howards Pacific Solution and caused all this trouble and cost.

  72. And how did that sign encourage boats?

    Isn’t the current argument morrison is running that letting them know encourages them. Putting on a billboard, by their own thinking, is akin to advertising during the Super Bowl.

    And, from the time Rudd dismantled the Pacific solution, the libs trumpeted about “our borders are open”, which, considering the amount of people Labor locked up (to their eternal shame) was obviously not true.

    The best friend asylum seekers ever had.

  73. You are insane and also dishonest.

    It was the Rudd govt with a blast of trumpets announced the abolishment of the Pacific Solution.

    So the people smugglers did nothing until Abbott said something in Opposition??

    Mate you people are dishonest.

    I have also heard lots of Green/left people say let the refugees come.

    You lot encouraged them to come and want them to come by boat.

  74. The SA libs are having their obligatory dummy spit, and they haven’t even lost yet. Jay Weatherill puts it pretty succinctly. The libs made the rules, but Labor played the game better.

    “That’s an extraordinary situation where you can win 52 per cent of the two-party-preferred vote and still be six seats short of a majority,’’ he said.

    Mr Weatherill rejected the calls yesterday.

    “I don’t think you can complain about the rules when you designed the rules,” he said.


  75. You are insane and also dishonest.

    Whatever nil. The fact remains, from the day they revoked it (the Pacific solution), the libs were out there encouraging asylum seekers here with dishonest statements about the treatment they would receive here.

  76. Get stuffed you lying pig.

    I don’t think i have ever heard a Coalition politician say asylum seekers should come by boat. It is certainly not Coalition policy but it is ALP/Greens policy

  77. It appears that some state libs recognized the ‘abbott factor’

    It was, he said, probably also a mistake inviting Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Adelaide only two days before the election.


    I think the libs underestimate the social importance a company like Holden holds within the larger community, especially Adelaide.

    “Football, meatpies, kangaroos and Holden cars”. Pride is not something you so readily dismiss in your ideological pursuits. The libs might well note this result, and look to the real causes of it.

  78. Whatever nil. The fact remains, from the day they revoked it (the Pacific solution), the libs were out there encouraging asylum seekers here with dishonest statements about the treatment they would receive here.

    Absolutely Tom, and it was widely reported on along with cartoons about it in the MSM.

    It was Abbott and Morrison who demanded the Labor government be completely open about the boats, detailing each one, how many asylum seekers on board and the number of smugglers. Also Labor had to give information on every incident in great detail, all of which the Liberal arseholes used to advertise to the smugglers. Then when in power the very first thing they did was make everything about the asylum seekers secret. Nothing tells you more about their guilt than that action. They knew they were encouraging the smugglers with their shouts of open borders and red carpets whilst giving them every bit of information they could from and open and honest government.

    This terrible Liberal party has the deaths of many asylum seekers on their hands and are still indirectly causing their deaths and suffering today.

    Despite that the number of boats fell rapidly on Rudd’s horrible upping of the harsh treatment of asylum seekers and if he had still been in power that low rate would be occurring today. Not stopping, as even the Liberals with their harshest of all treatment of desperate people have not stopped the boats, and that’s despite spending billions more than the previous government.

    I’m irked by the fact the right wingers who went on and on about the cost of Labor’s solution, yet now are totally silent about the billions more Abbott is spending, indeed bragging with glee about him stopping the boats. If Labor had spent the billions Abbott is and had stopped the boat these same right wingers would be bitching about the amount it’s costing and how cruel Labor is.

    Hypocrites forever and a day. It’s part of their core nature.

  79. Now go right ahead and continue writing something with your head up your arse.

    One a thread is probably enough don 😉

  80. “Also Labor had to give information on every incident in great detail,

    Labor was in govt they could do anything they wanted.

    And you wonder why i support the Coalition. I am anti-labor so have nowhere else to go.

    But to blame the Coalition on the mess you people created shows you lot have no shame, ethics or morals.

    And it will take years to empty the detention centers you people set up.

    We went from 6 boat people in detention in 2007 to who knows what now.

    All the responsibility of the ALP/Greens and the people who voted for them

  81. So Don gets his head out of his arse long enough to make another inane post, and puts it right back up there babbling shit all the way.

  82. New slogan of this government. “this government is known for what it does”

    Sure is, that is what last weekends marches were about.

    Many have got out onto the streets, to tell this government, they do not like what they are doing.

    New catch cry from Abbott. “situational ethics” promises and policies.

  83. …… the case of mining, however, there’s a weakness in this argument. For the income earned by an industry to generate jobs in Australia, it has to be spent in Australia. And our mining industry is about 80 per cent foreign-owned.

    Got the message yet? For our economy and our workers to benefit adequately from the exploitation of our natural endowment by mainly foreign companies, our government has to ensure it gets a fair whack of the economic rents those foreigners generate.

    This, of course, is the justification for the minerals resource rent tax. And the fact that, so far, the tax has raised tiny amounts of revenue doesn’t mean mining is no longer highly profitable, nor that the tax isn’t worth bothering with.

    Because Labor so foolishly allowed the big three foreign miners to redesign the tax, they chose to get all their deductions up-front. Once those deductions are used up, the tax will become a big earner. Long before then, however, Tony Abbott will have rewarded the Liberal Party’s foreign donors by abolishing the tax.

    This will be an act of major fiscal vandalism, of little or no benefit to the economy and at great cost to job creatio

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/ending-mining-tax-will-damage-jobs-20140316-34vh1.html#ixzz2wBnl1YF9


  84. Pyne up misquoting the previous PM, Julia Gillard.

    Julia said that Australia has been spending more money with no improvement in education.

    Yes, this is something she and the Gonski report was strong on. Yes, they both laid the blame at the feet of Howard and Coalition method of spending the money.

    Pyne has once again said that the backgrounds of the kids do into account. Gonski is strong on all the points, that Pyne claims she is about. What Gonski does not agree on, is how Pyne intends to spend money.

    Dutton up once again, with his attack on not this shadow minister for health, but the shadow deputy leader. Not one word, as usual, as to what he intends to do.

  85. One marcher had this on his poster ➡ ” If Tony Abbott & Greg Hunt were drowning & you could only save 1 of them, what pub would you go to?”
    😆 😆 😆

  86. Nasty people in those Marches. Some posters said

    Fuck Tony Fuck Democracy

    Lots of the usual Nazi posters

    Somebody with a kill abbott sign here

    I would think a sign like that would be a criminal offense.

    And you wonder why i am anti-labor. You people are nothing but immoral scum.

  87. Neil, I’m disappointed to learn that some people carried such offensive and inappropriate posters.

    Fortunately those people – despite what you might think – are in a very, very small minority.

  88. G’day All,

    So then Null of Sydney, you will have been protesting that LNP lickspittle Toilet Block Jones and his ilk when they came out with “Put in a chaff bag and dumped at sea” kind of stuff re Julia Gillard, on Radio no less, rather than an ill consider sign by an angry citizen. Sheesh, you reckon the average LNP stooge would have the ability to look up the phrase “gross hypocrisy”.

  89. Sure is, that is what last weekends marches were about.

    Can someone please explain it to our msm. They are a bit confused, because it is about more than one single issue with one single slogan. The petals just can’t keep up.

    As for the signs, some are pretty bloody terrible. It is also possible that many were not even there. It’s called photoshop.


  90. I really don’t get right wing supporters and just how so narrowly minded biased they are that it blinds them to everything else including what’s plainly there in front them. That and blame shifting everything especially onto Labor. There has never been a mob that though they say they take responsibility, don’t, but blame everyone else for their stuff ups and terrible policies.

    So Abbott keeps a promise I thought he wouldn’t and that’s indexing veteran pensions to he age pension instead of CPI. Veterans are the only ones who don’t have their pensions hooked to cost of living and it seen them being ripped off for many decades now.

    Labor knocked this back in government and Abbott promised it during the election on strong lobbying from the veterans associations, who vote Liberal anyway so it didn’t matter what Labor did they would never get their vote, but they should have done the right thing anyway.

    So Abbott has announced he is keeping his promise that will see 57,000 veterans better off from the 1st of July, of which I’m one. It will cost the budget $4.4 billion.

    So he’s finally kept a promise after breaking dozens of them, but of course there’s a catch, this after all is arsehole Abbott we are talking about.

    To partly pay for my pension indexed to the aged care pension, which is something Howard should have done but refused to when he was rolling in money, Abbott is going to take welfare payments from the orphans and widows of servicemen killed in action or who died whilst serving.

    And so I go on my military Facebook page to talk about this with some ex-servicemen mates, and they are blaming Labor. Something to do with the mining tax as it was a dud and not brining in enough money so Abbot has do screw the remaining kin of deceased service people. Do you believe that?

    And if they aren’t blaming Labor the remainder are blaming the “lefty media” for a beatup as all the media is biased against Abbott and has always been pro-Labor.

    Do you believe these right wingers? I expect this from the likes of the gormless Neil and rabid nonsensical whatever-he-wants-to-call-himself-this-week, the others are hardly worth mentioning they are that insignificant in their view, but I didn’t expect this from people I know and served with, even though I knew they were right leaning, they never expressed their ideology in rabid terms like this, if they spoke of politics at all, which was rare.

    I’m having a lot of trouble trying to imagine being this brain dead. If this is what following the Liberal party does to you then I’m so glad I eschewed it not long after Howard got to power and saw the damage to democracy he was slowly doing.

  91. Do you believe that?

    No, because, as was shown above, the mining tax is about to pay off big time.

    I wonder if tabot will be as callous as to cut everything linked with it immediately, and then procrastinate over removing it, leaving extra billions in the budget?

  92. Abbott has left himself in a bind by removing two large revenue streams, but still promising the benefits that revenue was providing.

    He knew it at the time of the election but got tied into his brain fart three word slogans and as the MSM weren’t holding him to account he had free reign to make promises he knew he could never keep. That was something to worry about after the election when, again with the aid of the MSM, he’d continue to bullshit and bluff his way through whilst causing great harm along the way and long term damage that Labor will again have to fix sometime in the future.

    So now we have these ludicrous promised cuts to the least able to be able to cope with them whilst the wealthiest are receiving considerable tax payer handouts the country can’t afford.

    Personally I don’t think Abbott will go through with the cuts to the welfare of deceased service personnel families. The backlash, even from those benefiting from his service pension indexation changes, will be too great. But he’s now landed himself into another multi billion hole on top of the unaffordable PPL and scrapping two major revenue streams.

    And remember this is all before he delivers his promised tax cuts that he again went on about the other day as the only way to get the country moving.

    In short we are in deep shit and it’s all of Abbott’s making, and no amount of blaming Labor will alter that.

  93. No, because, as was shown above, the mining tax is about to pay off big time.”

    Always the same. Keating got thrown out just before his reforms were to pay off big time.

    Rudd got thrown out just when his asylum seeker policies were to pay off big time.

    Looks like Labor lucks out every time.

  94. Keating got thrown out just before his reforms were to pay off big time.

    Do you disagree?

    Rudd got thrown out just when his asylum seeker policies were to pay off big time.

    Do you disagree? (although, I disagree with the process)

    And do you disagree that the mining boom is about to pay off big time?

  95. I hate the ALP deceit about the mining tax. When in Opposition Labor said Howard wasted the boom because they handed back increased revenues as tax cuts and middle class welfare.

    Well what did Swan plan for the mining tax?? Hand the money back as tax cuts and welfare.

    And i doubt revenue from the mining tax was about to take off. Very few things the ALP does works.

  96. Much is made of that small bonus going to the children of deceased defence personnel it is also target at those at the bottom of the pile. It was to help people on lower benefits such as Newstart, and other money given to young, often homeless young people,

    Mr. Abbott claimed we cannot afford to help these people. Does one really believe, a nation as wealthy as the country cannot afford to look after it’s weak and vulnerable.

    Mr. Abbott then pointed out, that the same people will lose the school kids bonus. Seemed to be challenging the Opposition to say they should also retains this as well.

    Not sure what Abbott was getting at, with his reasoning. Funny the PM, pointing out, this is not all these people will lose.

    Once again, it is not about having no money, it is about making choices on how one spends the money available.

    It is about raising the necessary revenues, to promote a fair and equitable, civil society

    One does not put the rich before the poor.

  97. I don’t know about the rest of you all, but can I say that I would take 2000 Refugees, as long as someone else takes Neil away from us. Australia will be richer for the trade.

  98. No more money for industry.??

    ………….Australian taxpayers will lend $US100 million ($110 million) to a mining joint venture run by BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto in Chile, under the latest funding deal by Australia’s controversial Export Finance and Insurance Corporation.

    The loan to two of Australia’s largest and most profitable companies is being made despite recent criticism of EFIC by the Productivity Commission. It advised the corporation to focus more on small exporters who were unable to secure finance rather than wealthy multinationals………

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/mining-and-resources/taxpayers-fund-110m-loan-to-venture-run-by-bhp-rio-tinto-20140317-34y5u.html#ixzz2wIOqCOzJ

  99. Google Roll back Red Tape website.

    This is what one gets.

    Red Tape Rollback | Congressman Todd Rokita
    … Transportation · Manufacturing · Energy · More · Facts & Figures · Contact. Family Farm Family Transportation. Red Tape Rollback Worker. Trucks Red Tape.
    About Red Tape Rollback – Congressman Todd Rokita – House of …
    The purpose of Red Tape Rollback is to give businesses, individuals, and … Please look around my site to learn more, and click the “Contact” tab to share your …
    Red Tape Rollback – Congressman Todd Rokita – House of …
    Through the Red Tape Rollback initiative, U.S. Rep. Rokita helped secure a key victory on behalf of Indiana universities. He’s also worked to help other Hoosier …
    Rolling Back Red Tape: 20 Regulations to Repeal
    Jan 26, 2011 – Rolling Back Red Tape: 20 Regulations to Eliminate …. Reduced Credit Act,” The Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2010, at http://online.wsj.com/
    Rokita red tape rollback – YouTube
    ► 1:01► 1:01
    May 21, 2012 – Uploaded by WLFITV
    Rokita red tape rollback. … WEB-Lafayette Jeff SB Logansportby WLFITV 15 views · 2:12. Watch Later 15 …
    Cut EU red tape to save billions, business chiefs tell Cameron …
    http://www.telegraph.co.uk › Finance › Global Business
    by James Quinn – in 25 Google+ circles
    Oct 12, 2013 – The European Union should cut or amend 30 pieces of red tape in a bid to ease regulation … The panel was asked by Mr Cameron to “help identify where action is most needed to roll back EU red tape”. … More from the web » …
    Red-tape rollback | Magazine Comment | Building
    Red-tape rollback … Cutting down on red tape is part of the European commission’s miracle cure to boost … Worker dies on Morgan Sindall site in Merseyside …
    GOP ACTION REPORT: Rolling Back Red Tape to Help Small …
    Aug 24, 2012 – ROLLING BACK RED TAPE ON AMERICAN ENERGY … has passed several bills aimed at rolling back excessive red tape that is hampering American energy production and driving up gas prices. ….. Add Disqus to your site.
    Tas Liberals pledge to cut ‘green tape’ by 20 per cent – ABC Rural …
    Jan 20, 2014 – The Tasmanian opposition says it will cut green and red tape for … ‘clean, green’ brand through a roll back of environmental regulation.
    Rollback on finance sector regulations a danger to savings: Industry …
    Mar 9, 2014 – The government says it is rolling back the reforms to cut red tape and costs for consumers. It wants to water down requirements for financial …


    Another Abbott policy lifted wholus bolus from the USA.

    should not this being done as normal process of good goverance.

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