Standing Orders

From day one Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been under fire for her blatant partisanship which favours the Government. I do not wish to delve into the instances here; I’m sure you’ve all witnessed her horrible display. Though I might add that it’s somewhat incredulous that this week we have seen 10 Members of the Opposition kicked out of the House and none from the Government. This of course isn’t without precedence, but it is indeed odd.

But speaking of really odd . . .

Her comment to the Manager of Opposition Business, Tony Burke that: “You were not standing properly on your feet – You should have been sitting down” has a touch of the ridiculous, don’t you think?

Has it really become that ridiculous?

63 comments on “Standing Orders

  1. She did say,”Call me Madam…” And then proceeded to act like a tart.
    Is there anyone, anyone at all on the Liarbril side who has integrity or good manners, even just a personable nature?
    We can’t afford the Liarbrils any more. The Cancer of the body Politic, “The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-A-Parallel-Universe” the unelected IPA are running the show and Oz is being dragged down into an uncivilized Neanderthal-like muck.

  2. And, for a laugh, who remembers this?
    Late in the sitting evening, when the Senate was on the adjournment motion, senator Michael Townley from Tasmania received the call from the chair. He bumbled through identifying the occupant of the chair [well, it was late] by saying: ‘I would like to take this opportunity, Madam chair, chairlady or chairperson, or whatever you are . . .’ Coleman put an end to his misery by saying: ‘Chair, thank you, thank you. Madam Chair will do very nicely, I don’t have any sex when I’m in this position.’

  3. I’ve stopped watching qt. Kero Bishop’s performance has assured her place as the worst speaker of all time and by a long way.

  4. uknowispeaksense
    I’m with you, I flatly refuse to watch QT now after over 30yrs watching both sides, her blatant bias is stomach turning. Every! speaker still alive would be disgusted in her attitude to the position, she doesn’t take her place in history seriously, just her attempt to have her side advantaged.

  5. In the early ’60’s I used to listen to qt on a crystal radio that my Dad made. The ABC was the only one to have a strong enough signal. All I remember was blah blah blah, blah blah…

  6. More seriously though… what practical purpose does QT currently serve? Yes, Mzzz Bishop’s bias is plain and on display and Labor can’t turn a trick… but does it really matter? Until the next election, we’re stuck with the current mob – Shorten et al don’t have the numbers to spill anything. QT does not actually affect the outcomes of legislation. The records in Hansard are clearly partisan but anybody who bothers to read Hansard will already be aware of this. Few people listen to QT and most of those already know who they’re going to vote for. I watch and listen to both sides, with incredulity, and wondering how on Earth anyone can get paid six figures for this kind of behaviour when it has no practical outcome on… well… anything.

  7. I did hear some sexist pig – a female – on the opposition side call Madam Speaker an “old cow”. You expect that from ALP scumbags that support credit card wielding sexual perverts and cabcharge users.

  8. How correct that Bronnys boy friend defending her Honour Thats you Palmersaurus You come across as a Dinosaur just like bronny every way you look at it She is totally wasted in that position there is a position available as a Clown in Ashtons circus

  9. They are racking up the worsts, this government.

    Worst PM ever;
    worst FM;
    worst Immigration Minister;
    worst Eleventy Minister;
    ….and all their other ministers, everyone the worst performers in their portfolios;
    the worst Speaker ever by a long shot, was also the worst Minister in all the portfolios she was bounced around, like her Health Ministership where she supported tobacco advertising;
    … and the worst government ever in the shortest time ever.

    By the way what is it with the Liberals and their support for the tobacco industry. They go on with faux concern about asylum seekers drowning but have no problems supporting an industry that kills tens of thousands of Australians each year. Bloody murderers.

  10. palmersaurus
    Old cow? More like old sow.

    Can you imagine the screaming and nappy wetting we would have had from the LNP brats when in opposition if the then speaker had behaved like the Brontosaurus.

  11. And to think that Bishop the older was once touted as PM material and possibly our first female PM, then she stuffed up port folio after port folio being eventually demoted by Howard as an embarrassment.

  12. Madam Speaker how do I stand properly on my feet .
    My feet are touching the floor my body is vertical but Tony Abbott and the cretin are horizontal cant you see them.
    Oh !I forgot . You can no longer see faults on your side of the house as you need the job and are frightened you will lose it and your superannuation .So mums the word and you would not make a madam no mater how you try as your over it in a big way.

  13. This imposter for a speaker needs to be totally embarrassed that she has to stand herself down. But she is so far up herself i don’t think she would get it. Time for the labor party to boycott question time until she is removed. someone with a conscience should replace her, IF the lnp can find one?

  14. Speaker Bishop should be aware what happens to blatantly biased Speakers. Just look to what happened to Ken Smith in the Victorian Legislative Speakership!

  15. Least she has never supported a rorter of hookers and hospital cleaners. Or supported a guy who visits wineries on the taxpayer dime. Or has slept with a guy that has ripped off $400,000 from the AWU. Or has slept with Michael O’Connor or that idiot from Queensland. Or supported describing married women as prostitutes.

    Yes – Juliar Gillard is someone you’d want to be godmother to your grandkid.

  16. It doth seem funny that idiots like palmersorearse are all from QLD….perhaps just another young Lib. doofus that ignores the fact that they worship an broken ideology?? (*waves* to Timmy G.)
    Julia Gillard was the best PM this country has ever had…….. Abbott has taken over from Howard as the worst PM this country has ever had……. these are facts, Palmy.
    Palmersorearse, you and your five daughters should go off somewhere private and contemplate that fact 😛 …… something you’d be good at I’d wager. 😈

  17. Oi Lovo – my favourite pic of Juliar is flat on her barren teats, legs akimo in India. I can assure you that Mrs Palmer’s 5 daughters never in their wildest dreams thought of Julia as they exercised. She was the greatest influence for increases in the “I” in LGBTIQ. Look at the studs she was able to sleep with – Blewitt and Emerson – highly sought after by the women of Oz.

  18. G’day All,

    Hey palmersorearse (like that LOVO),
    Least she has never supported a rorter of hookers and hospital cleaners – that would be Wooldridge.
    Or supported a guy who visits wineries on the taxpayer dime – that would be Brandis.
    Or has slept with a guy that has ripped off $400,000 from the AWU – that would be Reith.
    Or has slept with Michael O’Connor or that idiot from Queensland – that would be Ashby and Pyne, together.
    Or supported describing married women as prostitutes – that would be Pell and Abbott.
    you’d want to be godmother to your grandkid – I’m not a religious nut job so I don’t want a god anything near my kids/grandkids.

    So whats JG got to do with anything in your RWNJ textual diarrhoea?

  19. I think your reffering the woman in the chair that has a lot of cement and plaster on her face that was delivered by concrete mixer to be plastered on her face ??

  20. MIM 2014 !! I could easily join this tirade of insulting remarks which would make me feel much better !! But do Nothing to put an end to this hell in Canberra! So please join me and March in March between the 15th and 17th plus take 1000’s of pics and post them so that even if the TV decides to ignore it we can at least prove hat over a Million of us are really pissed off by the treatment dished out by this alien bunch of fascists !! Make a List !!

  21. Sorry palmersaurus, that’s already been done, and what spectacular failure by the right it was.

    Do you have trouble with originality?

  22. SSJ the attraction is the same thing that Abbott is promoting, MOB! rule, gotta be in the mob. Fascists always come in mobs.

  23. It reminded me of a certain coalition Senator named Bill O’Chee many years ago who demanded an opposition Minister “not be heard” because he had the affrontery to remove his jacket while in the Chamber.

    Forget the jackets, I think red noses and fright wigs would be better suited as proper attire for many current politicians.

  24. I secretely lusted after Anna Burke as Speaker. I think the bitch threw out 7 opposition members in one day. Did any of you leftards complain. And then there was the Thai massage frequenter for his sore back Albo who always refused opposition requests to table documents Now Tony Burke has a hssy every time he is refused. Karma is sweet these days when the ALP/Greens hypocrisy gets its comeuppance.

  25. So palmersaurus admits the Liberals are flagitious by stating they are giving Labor comeuppance. See right wingers can be honest when they want to, even in a post full of unsourced innuendos and rumours.

  26. palmer with the sore arse definitely is a disciple of the Mad Abbott and the 2 Bishops
    What makes you think the Liberals are doing good for Australia’s future with climate change and un employment. As well as looking after our disabled .A green army at low pay is about as useless as Mrs palmer . It wont help climate change by picking up rubbish .Most disabled are unsuitable for manual work continuously that is why they are on pensions because they are un employable. Ad charging a levee/tax on Doctor visits will only send more to hospital out patients emergency serviced that are already over used by non emergency patients .
    What single thing has this present Government has done in the Interests of all Australians.

  27. passum2013 as far as I can tell from the inane nonsense that has being spewed by the right wingers here, the only thing they believe this government has done successfully is stop the boats, and they openly brag about that terrible achievement.

    It was bad under Howard, worse under Labor and now as bad as it can get under this government. A pox on all of them over this.

    It really state just how bad this Abbott government is that the only thing his devout and gormless followers claim as an achievement is the oppression and maltreatment of fellow human beings, that and the constant harping on about Labor whenever questions are asked of this government. You can’t much better proof of this being the worst government ever led by the worst PM ever than the posts by the right wingers here.

  28. There was a question asked about how a Tasmania firm is facing big electric bills. How come there is double the number struggling. To pay their electricity bills.

    Is there any carbon emission in Tasmania to toss. I did not know they relied on coal.

    How can ax the tax make things better for Tasmanians.

    I was under the impression that Tasmania had advantages over other states because of the so call carbon tax.

  29. Fed up
    G’Day, no the hydro doesn’t pay a price on pollution(although we do pay it on our bills, go figure that one out) we get around $180 million in RET certificates because of that fact (one of the reason Abbott wants RET’s killed). Trouble is we basically give 1/3 of the total power generated to one company, that being Bell Bay aluminum smelter, the public subsidises them to the max, then another 1/3 gets pasted under base strait to Vic & sold for less than we pay here in Tassie(we have to pay for the extension cord too). Transmission costs have soared as the hydro tries to claw back the massive losses due to solar being taken up so much here, so if you don’t have panels on your roof your coping it ever way possible.

  30. Must agree with you there “Fed up”. My understanding is that basket weaving, the major manufacturing industry in Tassie, doesn’t use much electricity.

  31. Back to how that so called tax is working. Yes =, more lies from Mr. Hunt. Would one expect anything else?

    ……………Greg Hunt didn’t exactly pull out all stops either. Normally ministers like to organise media stunts for this sort of thing, perhaps getting some friendly vision of the printed report being handed over the minister’s desk. Hunt didn’t even bother to schedule a media conference. Instead he simply issued a press release.

    As media releases go, it was one of the most dishonest in recent memory. Hunt’s reaction to a complex and important public report was simply to blame Labor for the carbon tax.

    “The Climate Change Authority’s Targets and Progress Review Final Report shows the ineffectiveness of Labor’s carbon tax,” he wrote in a statement. “In its first year of operation, the carbon tax was a $7.6 billion hit on the Australian economy and a direct hit on around 75,000 businesses — yet emissions reduced barely 0.1 per cent.”

    There’s no polite word for this: it’s a lie. The report does not show that the carbon tax was ineffective. In fact, it argues precisely the opposite. On page 76, the report provides a list of “the main policy tools used to address climate change”. Top of the list are “market-based mechanisms”, including carbon taxes.

    Even Hunt’s figures are wrong — and are not actually contained within the report. Labor’s carbon tax never came remotely close to raising “$7.6 billion”. The 2013 Budget Papers estimated a carbon tax revenue of around $4 billion. Joe Hockey’s own Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook forecasts that “revenue foregone” from abolishing the carbon tax will be only $2 billion next year, and $4.2 billion in 2015-16.

    Nor were “75,000 businesses” affected. The carbon tax only ever applied to a few hundred of the worst polluting facilities in the country. As for Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, Hunt has conveniently ignored the fact that an overall reduction in greenhouse gases represents something like a 2.5 per cent reduction compared with business as usual, because the economy grew by roughly that margin last year.

    The reaction to the CCA’s report is perhaps the most vivid demonstration of the disastrous politicisation of climate policy in this country. That’s because the CCA has actually given the government a potent political weapon on climate policy — if only they were smart enough to wield it.

    The top-line announcement of the report was that the government should raise its emissions reduction target to 15 per cent by 2020, from the current 5 per cent. Of course, no credible policy analyst believes that the government’s subsidy-based Direct Action policy can achieve even a 5 per cent reduction, but let’s leave that aside for the moment. The report says that if the government really wanted to get up to 15 per cent, it could do so almost effortlessly……

  32. My god do you want more evidence of how bad this government really is and the double standards they wallow in.

    Criticism of the independence of Bishop the older as Speaker was questioned by a Labor MP, so what is this government going to do?

    Face the accusation and investigate Bishop, who by any measure is the most biased and inept Speaker parliament has seen.

    Of course not, remember this is the coward Liberals we’re talking about who apply a totally different and much higher standard to everyone but themselves.

    They are going to investigate to have criticism of the Speaker from within Parliament shutdown.

    So no problems in abusing and heavily criticising Labor appointed Speakers, including a female, but their poor Bronnie needs to have the rules changed so she can go on unimpeded at being the worst and most biased Speaker Australian democracy has ever seen.

    What an utter tragic joke this government is.

  33. All Abbott is interested in, is playing politics and wedging the Opposition. Yes, he says he has regrets for the workers.

    Abbott seems to forget, he is PM, not an onlooker.

    He is responsible for the good governance of this country.

    Yes, governing for all.

    Yes, ensuring all get a fair go.

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