Julia Gillard’s New Job!

Julia Gillard has a great new job with the Global Partnership for Education. With some sixty nation members, supported by many global civic institutions, together contributing to a billion dollar budget administered through the World Bank GPE is the only multilateral partnership devoted to getting all children in the world’s poorest countries into school for a quality education. They have appointed Julia to be the new Chair of its Board of Directors.

Can you think of a more appropriate job for her on the international stage? Read her own thoughts about it on the EDUCATION FOR ALL BLOG at the GPE site.

I have never had any doubts about her strong belief that every child should have access to a high quality education. She knows that education changes lives. It changed hers as it did mine! I was thrilled to be reading about her today and recalling her passion for equality of opportunity. Here are some verses I wrote about that soon after she became our Prime Minister, with some new lines about today’s news.

Chance Is A Fine Thing. Opportunity Is Better!

Another time, another place,
Or if they’d been a different race,
This girl-child’s father and her mother
Had no constraint to smother
Her, or have to run and hide
While waiting for a ride
To hope, across an open sea.

Their littlest one, weak in her chest,
Was able still to pass the test
For passage to Australia.
No risk there of failure –
An ideal migrant family!

That child although so powerful now
Still seems to stop to ponder how
It happened, and what would have become
Of her if, not a ten pound Pom,
She’d been instead a refugee.


Now she’s a famous Prime Minister,
Whose new job is to administer
A fund whose aim is to advance
Her own ambition – to give the chance
To children everywhere for equal opportunity.

58 comments on “Julia Gillard’s New Job!

  1. That is great news unfortunate she was not appointed 10 years ago.
    Hope this is an off shore posting because she has been always misunderstood
    and mistreated by the Australian Public.
    She must remember that overseas she might go unfortunately there is a duty
    for her to return to honestly answer questions on a few fronts.

  2. Julia had the smarts to exit the political scene and escape all the negative political turmoil that is currently prevalent and has now landed a plum job that she is passionate about; i.e., Educating the poor and disadvantaged … Good luck Julia, you are a credit to Australia and the Australian community …

  3. I can not believe that Australia has swapped such a wonderrful PM for the total idiot we have now. But it must be so much nicer for her now to be around people that appreciate her and give her the respect she should have received from this country. I am so very proud of her and miss her heaps as our PM. I will always follow what she does in the world, she is such an amazing woman.

  4. We went from a great Prime Minister to a FUCKWIT prime minister”

    Exactly. We went from Howard to Rudd/Gillard.

    The worst thing Labor did was dismantle the Pacific Solution. And Gillard was responsible for this. This ended us taking refugees from UNHCR camps and being replaced by people with $10,000. This enabled people smugglers to sell our 13,750 humanitarian places.

    Too bad you lot do not have a conscience.

  5. Neil, if you had a conscience you would welcome refugee’s, instead you want them to either drown at sea, or go back to be killed. your just a heartless bastard. howard lied about WMD’S, lied about children overboard, he has been lying ever since i first heard about him as treasurer in the fraser government. he is responsible with bush and blair for the deaths of thousands of people. and you call him great ! i bet you would have drowned jesus at birth if you had a chance. because he is not blond haired and blue eyed.

  6. I made my statement because i care about refugees.

    That is what we used to do until your hero Julia Gillard abolished the Pacific Solution. Take refugees from UNHCR camps.

    And the people responsible for deaths are you lot. More than 1,000 have drowned trying to get here since since Gillard abolished the Pacific Solution.

  7. “And the people responsible for deaths are you lot. More than 1,000 have drowned trying to get here since since Gillard abolished the Pacific Solution.”

    You said between 1000 and 2000 before. Next week it will be 500.

  8. “We went from a great Prime Minister to a FUCKWIT prime minister ! The dimwits far outnumber the wise in this country.”

    I for one will never believe this man got a Rhode’s scholarship on his own merit.

    The Davos speech convinced me he is a moron. I have heard better speeches from the drunken best man at a wedding. Having said that, he is as cunning as a shit house rat.

    Yes the dim wits certainly out number the wise that’s for sure. There are people on social welfare that would have voted for Abbott. The irony being, he would scrap it if he thought he could get re-elected.

  9. “The worst thing Labor did was dismantle the Pacific Solution. And Gillard was responsible for this. This ended us taking refugees from UNHCR camps and being replaced by people with $10,000. This enabled people smugglers to sell our 13,750 humanitarian places.”

    The Refugee Council of Australia dispels many myths about asylum seekers on their website: https://www.refugeecouncil.org.au/f/myth-long.php#places

    Neil of Sydney, people smugglers are selling “humanitarian places” to refugees. Those of us with a conscience can discriminate between the law breakers and their hapless cargo and we desire that the latter be treated with compassion.

    Back on topic, I would like to congratulate Julia Gillard on her new job and wish her well.

  10. Julia Gillard had a strange affect. She was loved as much as she was hated. I don’t know anyone in my own circle of friends and acquaintances who liked her.

    I still believe Rudd would have won the election if Gillard did not move on him. It matters not a jot now though.

  11. Congrats to Julia, it was an honour having her as ‘my’ PM. Julia was one of the best pollies in Australian history and I’m so glad that she has been recognised for her acumen and talent(s)……. Australia’s loss- the worlds gain.
    On Ya Julia 😀

  12. Good luck to her. She was treated abominably here, to our shame. Unending character assassination.. She wouldn’t give Murdoch what he wanted and she was a woman and an atheist. What hope did she have?
    Skills… negotiating and overseas diplomacy, just to start with.. When overseas she was respected. Our new FOOL prime monster is rightly seen as a weird relic of the Howard years. Fixed the woman problem by having only ONE cunning example in the whole cabinet and is himself responsible for WOMEN’S affairs.. After 4 month’s of a rather unspectacular reign he would be lucky to keep the LNP in office according to polls He is being seen for what he is and some are waking up despite the coverups and promotion he is still benefitting from in the MSM.

  13. I think there’s a fair chance that Abbott will try to nobble this. Find some obscure writ or something to slap on Julia in a “don’t leave home” manoeuvre.

    Comment here about how much some people of the right grieve for the plight of those poor people on boats, desperately seeking, etc,etc. To run this line was a feat of true psychopathic genius on Abbott’s part. “We’re the ones who CARE about these poor folk!!..” Total fucking bullshit. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t point out that as always this line of attack depended on a complaisant media, so I will.

  14. If Rudd was so great why did they replace him with Gillard?? If Gillard was so great why did they replace her with Rudd??

    Fact is the ALP govt was one of the worst in our history doing nothing but waste money. It appears that ALP supporters like big spenders. The bigger the better.

  15. you know why Neil, cut the bullshit ! does murdoch ring a bell ? or hadley, or jones, or bolt ? after all abbott follows hitlers lead, say a lie and repeat it enough times , and if enough people believe them and they will and did. then shit will prosper ! just like hitler and abbott.

  16. I thought Gillard told a lie to get into power??

    Didn’t Gillard shake hands, verbally agree, sign on the dotted line that she would do some deal with Andrew Wilkie on poker machines?? Yep, she certainly did.

    As soon as she could she broke her agreement.

    That has to be one of the biggest lies ever to get into power. But Gillards deceit does not bother you people.

    Morality with you lot depends on who is in power.

  17. Gillard told one of the biggest lies in Australian history and it does not bother ALP supporters.

    Just imagine if it was the other way around with John Howard making the agreement with Andrew Wilkie?? I know what you people would say.

    I must admit blogs are an eye opener into the deceit of the ALP and its supporters.

    Gillard trashed her word with that whoper of a lie and you people could not give a stuff. Most probably because you people break your word all the time.

  18. neil are you just a fuckwit or a total fuckwit ? now answer this ! how many lies has abbott told in the last 6 months ? in must be in the hundreds !!!!.. howard is a murderer and you know it ! a mass murderer ! does children overboard ring a bell ? your so full of it !

  19. Neil, your christian hero leader, today told another lie ! Don’t you remember before the election he said, if elected prime minister he will in his first week. spend a week with the aborigine’s. Well today in parliament he denied ever saying that. He lied to parliament ! Today ! well its all on video, both lies !.. now tell me neil, do you still love tony abbott ? if he lie’s to everyone else, then he must be also be lying to you neil ! he is being unfaithful to us all neil. that includes you neil ! time to let him go and find another hero neil. this one’s just a dud !

  20. I didn’t know Abbott came out with that denial in parliament. Can’t he get into trouble for lying to parliament?
    Silly question.

  21. They think they have it all sown up. Like a mob of gloating hyena’s. Pride cometh before a fall I hope, and perhaps time wounds all heels. You suggestion Steve makes me want to vomit. Revulsion for the lot of them. Why do they want to be in politics? Because they are the best politicians money can buy.

  22. It irks me that some commenters go off track and start badmouthing each other, thus destroying the concept of the what the topic was about … If this is how some Australians conduct themselves in this manner, then it is no wonder why we have lost our way in constructive criticism or appraisal …. On a good note, Julia did what she believed in, stuck to her guns and bowed out of politics to go onto better pastures … I’m proud of who and what you attained as an MP and PM Julia …

  23. Thanks, Pete! I’ve long wanted to say that, particularly on my own posts. But there seems to be a general non-interventionist policy throughout the internet. One can’t be too controlling, though I feel one should draw the line at obscenities, and I do occasionally censor really tasteless stuff. One hopes the conversation will be lively enough without bad language.

    It’s been good to read the compliments to JGPM here and the best wishes for her future. Just as it was great to see her get on with her life without looking back, seeking revenge and bad mouthing her enemies. If only Kevin Rudd had been able to do that. What a different outcome that would have meant for the the ALP, and for himself too, of course. Perhaps he would have been getting great UN job offers too.

  24. I”m guilty of going off track, however on many occassions when i have tried to be honest with my opinion, without being nasty at all… the trolls have gone on the attack and attacked me with a vengeance… even when they don’t get nasty, they answer with lies, or don’t answer at all… they just change the subject. very frustrating…. thats when my own weaknesses kick in…. I’ll try much harder to be nicer. And rise above their pettiness… and my own….

  25. There greatest tact Steven in response to any subject or topic is to blame Labor and always blame Labor, whether it has anything to do with Labor or not.

    It’s their look over there tactic in response to any fact or story that demonstrably illustrates just how bad this government is and has always been their ploy whenever the subject turns to Abbott.

    Every time they employ this diversion all they are doing is reinforcing how really bad Abbott is and how terrible this government is. If Abbott was a credible leader and this was a good government they could argue purely on their merits and show precedents for it. That they can’t and constantly hark back to Labor, even ancient Labor says it all about Abbott and this government.

  26. Nil of Sydney, and Voyager too, but a little less more so, I really hope you two get paid for your Trolling.
    I don’t think many of us would be so stupid as to waist our time doing propaganda duty voluntarily, for a pack of Vampires in the Finance Market, that see you only as a resource to be exploited and to utilise till your dead, or no longer any use to them. They will discard you and any of your dependents on the refuse heap of humanity with the rest of us when they have sucked everything out of you. You will join us one day on the refuse heap, if we actually accept you in the end to share it with us all, or we just might let you starve in the winter cold all alone.
    Your choice. but remember everyone changes their mind about a lot of things when they fall. But people don’t forget those that hurt them.
    Either you are fools, or you’re actually very woefully incompetent paid Goons, which are not much good at what you are paid to do.
    I feel let down we only warrant minor irritants, if you’re paid Goons. But if your Fools, we can finally cease trying to help you and move right along ignoring you.

  27. I was the victim of these obscene comments.

    Where have they gone?? It is a great honour to be abused by leftoids.

  28. Neil of Sydney @ February 12, 2014 @ 11:11 pm “Gillard told one of the biggest lies in Australian history and it does not bother ALP supporters.”

    Wrong, on more than one account and without going and hunting it all out with sources (as you never bother, so I won’t either, after all, it is only you Nil)
    Children Overboard and WMD in Iraq are two immediately come to mind and both were in the Howard Posse.
    Wikileaks gave us a lot of info and it certainly showed the dirt on your Heroes Nil. LOL

  29. Great news for Julia, Australia’s loss, sadly we are to be governed by testosterone blue ties for a long time. All the chest beating is disgusting, ape men!

  30. I guess that means that Pyne would be offered a job cleaning the shithouse at a private school with his expertise. I don’t even know why you even bother responding to Astroturfing Kneel, he’s a fact devoid deflated rice bubble who only quotes Murdoch.

  31. Miglo, why can I not get my image of Julia smiling into my comment?

    Remember that tool which always worked so well here?

    No when I do insert ac-julia-main-20140211102652401429-620×349

    It seems to disappear every time.

  32. Julia Gillard got thrown of of Slater and Gordon for corrupt behaviour.

    She is currently under police investigation.

    Makes sense. It is a prerequisite for ALP leadership.

  33. NoS, In you endo 😛
    Got a link to any real evidence NoS…. if so mayhap you could pass it on to the MSMLNP, they have been looking for some for 20 odd yrs with without finding anything 🙄
    … bar innuendo and tired old RWnut job rhetoric… show us what you got, NoS 😀

  34. Whilst Gillard works to educating the poorest in the world to give all an equal opportunity, punch drunk Abbott uses tax payers money to pay for private school security guards saying every child has a right to be safe at school.

    That is of course only if you are a wealthy private school kid. Public school kids deserve whatever harm comes to them according to this woeful government.

  35. For accuracy sakes, this was a program started by Labor in 2007 and Jewish schools get most of the funding but has come to the forefront as Abbott slashed $1 billion from the very successful school trades program but refuses to drop the millions given to private schools for security.

  36. I thought Hedley Thomas was one of the good guys. I remember you lot linking to him back in 2007. What has changed??

  37. Martin, NoS has no idea what an independent source is….. he only relies on being spoon fed apparatchick group think from Menzies Hovel….. I mean, this guy thinks howard was some kind of saint …… what a dill 😈

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