In case you missed it.


In case you missed it, here’s a press release from Tony Abbott in November 2012.

The next Coalition government will create a strong and prosperous economy and a safe and secure Australia.

Our policies will deliver more jobs, higher wages and better services for Australian families.  We will achieve this through lower taxes, more efficient government and more productive businesses.

Today, I am committing a future Coalition government to creating one million new jobs within five years and two million new jobs over the next decade.

My confidence in this pledge is based on my confidence in our policies and in the competence and experience of my team.  Sixteen members of the Shadow Cabinet were ministers in the Howard Government which delivered a golden age of prosperity.

The last Coalition government created 2.4 million jobs, oversaw a 21 per cent increase in real wages and resulted in Australian households experiencing a near tripling in net household wealth.

We have done great things for our country in the past and we can do it again.

The next Coalition Government will create one million jobs in five years and two million jobs in ten years by:

–  Abolishing Labor’s job destroying carbon tax.  On the government’s own figures, eliminating the carbon tax would add a cumulative $1 trillion to GDP by 2050;
–  Scrapping the mining tax and restoring Australia’s reputation as a safe place to invest;
–  Removing $1 billion a year of red tape costs from business and implementing our Deregulation Reform Agenda to lift national productivity;
–  Ending Labor’s waste and bringing the Budget back under control, taking needless pressure off taxes and interest rates;
–  Tackling lawlessness in workplaces by restoring the Australian Building and Construction Commission;
–  Removing export bottlenecks by investing in the major infrastructure that Australia needs
–  Establishing a one-stop-shop for environmental approvals;
–  Lifting workforce participation through a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme and reviving work for the dole;
–  Strengthening relationships with the growing Asian region through greater emphasis on foreign languages in schools and a new two way Colombo Plan;
–  Establishing a Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council and ending Labor’s anti-business rhetoric.

In 2013 the Coalition will make further detailed announcements with policies that will strengthen the economy, encourage investment and create jobs.

I have nothing more to say than simply . . . we were conned.

99 comments on “In case you missed it.

  1. Remind us, Michael, what’s the amount of debt left by Swan, Gillard and Rudd that the Abbott government must repay ?

  2. Get the Rudd promises up and see how the look in his panic to buy
    votes in the weeks prior to the last Election.
    And how far have things gone with labor implementing their own internal
    cleansing process.Lots of the usual Hypocracy here as normal.

  3. Elections are all cons these days. The general public has far more faith in the capacity of government’s willingness to deliver than is actually the case. Policy over the past 30 years has been a journey that has chosen to neuter the capacity for governments to influence the economy. Politicians play to the electorate expectations rather than admit the truth. To admit the truth would be political suicide.
    Now.. the debt left by Gillard and Swann. I seem to remember that this was part of a government attempt to reduce the pain from a decade of financial market excess that happened because government regulation has gone missing.. part of the trend spoken of above. So perhaps JohnB believes that governments should just let the bubble burst and bugger the human consequences? As far as I can see you can either take that position or lay the blame with those who set policies in place to feed the bubble. Harping on about a relatively low level of government debt in absence of either of these accompanying positions is just vacuous partisanship. That would make you no different from the many posters on this site that you decry.

  4. I don’t have a problem with the debt and I don’t have a problem if Hockey keeps running a deficit. I’m just putting up what Tony Abbott promised. Some of you Abbott tragics carry on as though he’s still in opposition.

    Do try to keep up. 🙄

  5. What ever happened to the David Ettridge Suing tony abbott court case in Canberra, in 2013. Is it still happening

  6. I love how the Liberal supporters don’t defend Abbott – they merely attack the previous Labor Government. Of course, this comment won’t lead,to a defence of Abbott, just another excuse for why he’s incapable of doing anything to actually improve anything.

  7. Reading this again, in light of what he’s done, makes me feel like I am being groomed by a vile predatory male rapist.
    I, too, am happy with a deficit if they spend the money on the real needs of Australia, not bloody roads and coal ports.

  8. Whilst I do not have the gift of eloquent speech I do have the ability to read the writing on the wall. We are headed for the ‘recession we had to have’. Coalition need to get over to the correct side of the house & start governing FOR the people & the GOOD of the Country. I don’t give a rats what Labor did or didn’t do – that’s history & the blame game from Coalition is ‘old’ – get with the program & govern… Coalition say the adults are now in charge & the Country is now open for business… finding it hard to see that from where I sit. My trust factor in our political parties & their pre-election policies is pretty much a big fat zero.
    What I wouldn’t do for a news story that puts a smile on the dial.
    I do appreciate reading the comments here to get varied views.

  9. Shorten on ABC 24. Starts off with words to those that are enduring bush fires.

    Yes, I think the fight has begun.

  10. Before anyone gets carried away, you have to have fair elections, where we all can vote knowing all votes are equal,. the results of the last election show the system is flawed/rigged, to explain what is happening I will put a money value on each vote. when you turn up to vote you pay $1 to your first preference candidate — we will find out,, how much has to be raised to win a seat in Parliament., result based on total amount collected by a Political Party divided by how many seats they claimed these figures are unbelievable.
    LNP receive $5.829.859 to buy 90 seats result one seat costs LNP $61.946, now lets see what other party’s pay for a seat based on the same criteria ,
    ALP $77.586 a seat, IND $87.957 a seat .KAP, $133.244 a seat. PAP $703.952, a seat, GRN $1,097.444, a seat,
    Some other parties received more than the cost of a LNP seat but were not allowed to have a seat. they were FFP $179.618, , CPD $87.679 ,
    SEXP $77.378..
    Lets look at the 2 party preferred LNP receive $6.398.846 to buy 90 seats @ $71.098 a seat, ALP receive $5.575.173 to buy 55 seats @ $101.366 a seat,.

    What is going on. 1.097.444. Aussies who supported the GRNS have only one voice in Parliament, 61.946 Aussies who supported LNP also have one voice.,

    Queensland elections based on the above, LNP 15.571 a seat ALP 93.156 a seat,
    KAP 141.049 a seat. .
    The GRN 184.147 for no seat , while IND Peter Wellington with 10.725 has a seat in Parliament, pass this message on. all Aussies need to know the whole truth..

  11. Lets look at Abbott’s Record-Squat except for, Destruction of the Auto Industry and as reported the inevitable recessions in SA and VIC as a result. Now reading todays news I find that the actual number of jobs lost will exceed 200K from that auto shutdown. Indeed Abbott is closer to his target of 1 million jobs. Shame it is in the wrong direction. Now I see LNP member have decided to mention the Debt level. Well firstly it is the Debt to GDP level. Which is 17% give or take a pip. That equates to the lowest rate in the G20. Now further even the Right Wing Monetarist economists insist Australia should be spending more and not trying to go back into surplus but alas unless you are Deficit Joe, the 500 billion dollar man, Australia has a mass spending whole and needs massive cuts. Problem being is those new 200K of workers heading for the dole line. So for a little bit of mathematics, ( I know for the crazy libertarians maths is for fools but bear with me bears). If the average wage of those 200K is 50K lets multiply 200K by 50K thats mmm 10,000,000,000 ( I added the zeros for effect) taken out of the economy. Now lets be fair Mr Abbott has promised well nothing but not being able to make hard promises so no new manufacturing Jobs for those laid off. But by golly I here the local Coffee shop has offered to hire and train Bazzer with new skills. He just has to get ride of his tatts first. Indeed a few will be picked up on the airport warehouse forklift call in rosters. I know he jobs are causal but hell $18 an hour is better than minimum wage why should those evil union workers complain. Living the life of larry they are. I tell you that’s what Clive told me (well the nation at the press club love in). What was Clive’s hourly income again? Oh thats right $180,000 an hour. But talking of love they can all board Clive’s Love Boat, lightning (or icebergs) never hit twice. Thankfully to Abbott’s new, well no policy on Climate it’s a cert. Thankfully our troops are protecting us from invasion, they just can tell us what they are doing. But Mr Meany Morrison said they are good so suck it up Mr ABC/SMH/Daily Mirror/The Guardian you unpatriotic ass hats. How dare you think your job is to report news. It’s to protect the patriotic well being of the nation.

    Well that’s all folks, Australia is certainly heading in a direction. Now remember your place peasants

  12. rossleighbrisbane @ 10:20 am

    Nothing overtly illustrates what an abject failure Abbott and this government are than the right wingers neither able to defend him, state what he is doing that is good for the country and that they always attack Labor when asked to stick up for Abbott’s long string of failures both as a leader and as a decent human being.

  13. In another move to keep this government from scrutiny parliament will sit for just 50 days this year.

    Now who was it that made such a huge hullabaloo and condemned Labor to hell when Rudd shortened parliament by a few day, that’s right you know who.

    Utter hypocrites the right wing, it’s part of their core, along with lying and projection.

  14. Does anyone realise that this government has NOT been in power five months yet. Yes, they were installed on the 18/9/2014

  15. Yes, should be 2013. I am sure most spotted the error, and worked out I was a year ahead of myself.

    Wonder if he will still be around by that date.

    Wonder why the wife was on show this morning. Wonder is Abbott found a sofa for her to put down by her weary head last night. Maybe she flew up today.

  16. ME, Abbott did say he would only be calling parliament to sit where necessary. He was not going to be like Gillard. It appears Gillard called the houses together for no good reason, Had them sitting around for weeks doing nothing. Waste of time in Abbott’s eyes.

    Of course he does not see the need to be available for questions and scrutiny.

    Pyne once again accused the Opposition of wasting time, movement of standing orders, and not voting for all the government puts up.

    Abbott will only have the House sitting, when he has legislation to pass.

    The problem I have, is recalling a time, when the houses weren’t flat out, passing legislation under Gillard.

  17. A million jobs in five years. And now he stands in parliament to tell us its not his government’s job to create any. When will the media call this creature out.
    He really does have nothing but slogans & a limitless bastardry.

  18. No surprise Medibank Private to be sold for $4 billion. Up go private health premiums by a lot, nothing more certain. Remember Howard promised lower health premiums in bringing in the private health care rebate and then went on to approve every way above CPI rise from that day on.

    Another of Abbott’s easing of cost of living pressures thrown out the door. He’s certainly failing to meet every guarantee and milestone promised.

  19. Interesting point made yesterday that since the car industry is no more in this country all current tariffs on imported cars should be removed, which will save car buyers several thousand on their purchase, depending on what they buy.

    The government has flagged it has no plans to remove the tariff, which nets them about $1 billion per annum and at the moment gets ploughed back into the Australian car industry. If the government keeps the tariff as it appears they intend to, then this is in effect a tax.

    What happened to the low taxing government Abbott promised so many times?

  20. Bob, he would be taking credit if unemployment is going down. This must mean unemployment will rise. I suspect it is deliberate not to assist any business where unions prevail, Where unions and employers work together.

    I have the feeling that cabinet meetings are not going to well for him. Up to nine disagree.

    The arrogance of Pyne is unbelievable.

  21. If one watched the beginning of QT yesterday, one would learn this government not only treats the Opposition with contempt, but also dead Labor politicians. Cannot give a condolence speech, which out taking vicious political swipes. Abbott, and those on his front bench, reached a new low yesterday. Not one comment in the media.

  22. Shorten now on ABC 24. Breakfast for closing the gap. Has visit Aborigines in the north., Abbott has already spoken,

  23. You know we have only Murdick to blame 10s of millions of free advertising, and to think how inept the general public is they believed it i spentc2 weeks on a pre polling booth and to listen to the drivel well it does not supprise me at all welcome to the hungry mile.and of course i must thank the general wankers out there for putting my and your children into chains slaves have to be sold.

  24. Sorry FU. Nobody should take any notice of what the ALP says about workers.

    Fact is the unemployment rate was high from 1983-1996. If it is possible for a govt to do something about unemployment the Hawke/Keating govt was a total failure.

    And external factors may mean a govt cannot do much about unemployment.

    Same goes for Rudd/Gillard. In 2007 unemployment reached 4.3% under Howard and was trending down and it is now 5.8%.

  25. No i don’t know. I would like an explanation. I don’t like ALP people speaking about unemployment because they have had no success in reducing unemployment when in power.

  26. 3 people a minute have lost their jobs since Abbott came to power. But wait. they are going to create a million jobs. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah.

  27. $80.00 a week, just should pay the bills, what do you think neil ? before i forget, neil do you need a quid or two ? i’ll help you out ! after all thats what us leftie’s do; we help those less fortunate than us. even if it means we miss out ourselves ! you should try being nice sometimes, goodness is its own reward.

  28. On the subject of jobs..

    Is it any wonder that Abbott chickened out on his pledge to spend the first week of his prime ministership in an Aboriginal community.

    Hundreds of Aboriginal public servants drafted into Tony Abbott’s department to help “close the gap” are being paid up to $19,000 less than their new white colleagues doing the same jobs….

    In another blow to indigenous voices in the federal arena, representative body the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples says it is sacking two-thirds of its workforce, a loss of 23 jobs, after the federal government cut its funding.

  29. I suspect, that Abbott does not see the jobs that are being bulldozed by him, actually have anything to do with people. Whether aboriginal or white.

  30. Steven James, Regatding Labor not having created more jobs, it was nit an era of world economic growth. You are forgetting that the rest of the world has been clinging onto life rafts while the good ship Australia merely experienced minor turbulence on the high seas of economic collapse. Labor did well that more were not affected. The irony is that the better we did the less people knew or cared about the rest of the world. It was a no win for the government whatever they did.

  31. audrieau, ..and lets not forget that abbott/hockey and co along with their ever complicit MSM were continually talking down Labor’s successes whilst all the while doing “look over there’s” with three word banalities.

  32. “I suspect, that Abbott does not see the jobs that are being bulldozed by him, actually have anything to do with people. Whether aboriginal or white.”

    Pretty low comment. I expect ALP supporters to play politics with the unemployment rate to help Labor win an election.

    But if you want to talk about facts, unemployment was 4.3% when Howard lost the election and climbed to 5.8%.

    So under Labor we went from 400 and something thousand unemployed to 700 and something thousand.

  33. “Look over There” it’s NoS and his ‘misleadings’ going around again…. and around….. and around…… no wonder he’s such a dizzy d’oh 😛
    Ya gunna have ta face it one day NoS– Howard was a failure– and no amount of your round’n rounds will ever change that FACT.

  34. In 2011 the right wingers were right behind Abbott when he said this in attacking Labor on the loss of manufacturing:

    ‘Any government which makes it harder to manufacture cars is making it harder for us to continue to be a first world economy because without cars, without steel, without aluminium, without cement, we don’t have these manufacturers in Australia, we are not really a sophisticated economy any more.”

    Now as absolute and irrefutable proof of their hypocrisy, and thus their total lack of credibility in anything they state, they are fully behind Abbott destroying the car manufacturing industry in Australia purely as an exercise to destroy unions at the behest of his masters.

    So how come the incongruity, and this is just one of many examples where the right wingers supported Abbott in what he stated before the election as being fact and not deception, yet now support him when he’s back flipped and proven to be deceptive.

    That in a nutshell is a Liberal supporter for you, blind and gormless. They don’t care at all what their beloved leader at the time says or does, whether honest or not doesn’t matter, only their opposition leader has to be open, honest and fair to the point of impossibility. And if the opposition is open, honest and fair they will invent a dishonesty for them.

    The Liberal supporter doesn’t care if the party they follow is corrupt, deceptive, secretive, undemocratic, dirty and dishonest, only that they win election so they can brag. It matters not to them that the party they so mindlessly follow destroys and hurts, only that if doing so wins.

    What a tragicomical lot.

  35. Wonder what the right wingers think of this Abbott government gifting Rupert Murdoch $882 million by the ATO suddenly dropping an appeal against Murdoch dodging taxes. A case that was started under the previous government.

    When Abbott was asked about it on his tax payer funded, “look at me I’m a hero,” rain and drought self promotion tour, that is also going to cost tax payers hundreds of millions in handouts, he skirted around it.

    If you ever had any doubt that Murdoch is calling the shots for Abbott and Abbott is going to richly reward him at the cost of the Australian people this is it.

    And why aren’t the right wingers up in arms against Abbott handing out disaster relief like they were when Gillard did it? Telling isn’t it that when Gillard handed out disaster relief if was a total waste of tax payers money, and Abbott railed hard against it with the aid of the MSM in full angry flight. But now Abbott is doing it he’s the greatest hero this country has seen.

    The dissimulation of the right is breathtaking in its breadth and extremum.

  36. Any government which makes it harder to manufacture cars is making it harder for us to continue to be a first world economy because without cars, without steel, without aluminium, without cement, we don’t have these manufacturers in Australia, we are not really a sophisticated economy any more.

    This is actually a correct statement. We are in great danger of becoming a quarry, no manufacturing just services, tourism and mining.

    But what was Abbott to do?? We tried subsidies and that did not work. And we should learn from this that subsidies do not work. I am all for one-off handouts to help business in trouble but continual funding is abused.

    Instead of building better cars Unions and management just gave themselves more benefits.

    If there ever was a cry for help it was just before Christmas when Toyota management asked for a 10 day shutdown instead of three weeks. All management got into return was a two-fingered salute from the Unions.

    I think you will find Unions destroyed auto manufacturing in Detroit. That is why Toyota and VW do not make cars in Detroit but elsewhere in the USA

  37. and where do they all head to when unemployed? Places like Hervey Bay. No jobs there, so they become unemployable, although some are unemployable due to laziness….or look for lefty bludgers jobs in the public sector

  38. ………..fter recent cabinet divisions about who should do the review and how far it should go, Abbott told Alan Jones on Monday morning the government was “very close” to announcing it, and that it would report within months.

    Asked by Jones, “how can we justify providing subsidies to solar energy and wind power with borrowed money when many of those companies are foreign companies, Thai companies for example?”, Abbott replied, “well, that is a very fair point, Alan, and that is why we are very close to announcing a review into this which will report in a matter of months and then the government will have more to say because just as the carbon tax is massively boosting power prices, the renewable energy targets are also having an impact on prices. Not as great, but still not insignificant. What this government wants to do is bear down on prices.”

    Last December, Abbott described the price impact of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) as “pretty significant”.

    According to the Australian Energy Market Commission in 2013-14 the RET was responsible for around 4% of the average household bill, falling to a likely 3.1% in 2014-1……

  39. Oh what a lying bunch of bastards this government are, just about all of them, and none worse than Abbott, who has just lied as big as the one the right wingers have been saying Gillard lied about.

    Abbott after promising he would make the emissions targets I don’t know how many times now, and he and Hunt have been stating DAP would make their promised targets is now going to review the targets because they can’t make them as they have promised all those times.

    Liars. So lets see the right wingers come out and constantly call Abbott the massive liar he is. If they don’t then they are have absolutely no credibility and all they say is meaningless blind ideological guff.

    The we have Fu’s link to the Tweet, but read the full newspaper article. Turnbull’s senior secretary has come out and indirectly stated they lied about the cost of Labor’s NBN, overstating it to be more expensive than it really is. This is an admission of a massive lie.

    So come right wingers, don’t be shy, lets see your condemnation of that lie as well. You are so quick to call Labor and their supporters liars even when they aren’t, you should now be fully condemning the Liberals for actual massive lies, even admitted ones.

    With US Secretary of State Kerry now coming out and saying Climate Change is real, like a 3D movie slapping you in the face the evidence is that stark, and demanding countries drastically reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, something he is going to bring up at the G20, yet Abbott is going to avoid, it means Australia is now out on its own. It will only be a matter of a short time before Australia is penalised for not meeting targets, refusing to do anything about climate change and destroying its environment.

  40. I don’t read Neil, and haven’t for a long time, as I mostly know what he’s going to say, sometimes almost word for word, he is that predictable a recidivist.

    In this case he will do a look over there at Labor as a lame diversion, something he’s probably done constantly in his replies here. The one thing he won’t do is address the lying Abbott and this terrible government.

    So why read and respond to his posts if you already know what they will be and he gets enjoyment out of being wrong and a liar as he thinks in goading you it’s a petty and meaningless victory to him.

  41. The unemployed will probably end up in Abbott’s Green Army, Not that I believe we will ever see the birth of Direct Action.

  42. What is not there, is the fact, they deliberately underestimated the cost of NBNCo.

    They also underestimated deliberately the cost of NBN Lite/ fraud.

    By the way, they are no longer promising fire to the node for most.

    No for many, there will be NO fibre at all.

    Also, their time frame is also; fraudulent.

  43. ………From Geneva, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is expressing deep concerns.

    Babar Baloch, a spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, told reporters in Geneva there were “significant shortcomings” in the legal framework for receiving and processing asylum seekers from Australia, including lack of national capacity and expertise in processing, and poor physical conditions.

    Back during the election campaign the real implications of this complete void of information seemed far away. The collateral damage was still theoretical. Now it is real and tallied by the mounting evidence of human despair, injuries and at least one life….

  44. …….Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs has urged the Abbott government to appoint a respected former judge or public servant to investigate the conditions in Australia’s offshore detention centres.
    Her comments come as Iran’s foreign ministry reportedly called in Australia’s ambassador to protest the death the Iranian asylum seeker.
    According to a report from the country’s official news agency, IRNA, the ministry’s consular director, Hosein Mirfakhar, expressed Iran’s ”protest and discontent” to Australia’s ambassador to Iran Paul Foley…

    Read more:

  45. Yes, it is all about attacking workers. No wonder the company was so quick to deny it5 worse wages and conditions that led to them threatening to leave the country.

    ……..The Abbott government pressed SPC Ardmona to slash pay for workers by as much as 40 per cent under a radical bailout plan for the food processor.
    Three union officials said they had meetings with SPC Ardmona managing director Peter Kelly before Christmas in which Mr Kelly said he was being pressed by the Abbott government to put workers on the award if the company wanted a $25 million subsidy.
    Other sources involved in the restructure have independently confirmed the Abbott government’s pay push at SPC Ardmona.
    Moving workers on to the award would have dramatically cut living standards for staff at the Shepparton plant with pay cuts of $20,000 to $30,000 a year for many. Other sources have confirmed the radical push while Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane refused to directly answer questions on the subject….

    Read more:

  46. The problems re productivity could not possibly be laid at the feet of employers.

    …Over the last decade, Australia has experienced a productivity slump. Our long term productivity growth ranks well below the OECD average, and significantly below that enjoyed by leading economies.

    However, the reality of falling productivity and its consequences has been masked for most ordinary Australians by the mining boom, which has created created jobs and driven wages up.

    A number of international studies have suggested that in many workplaces, the quality of leadership and management skills can have significant direct effects on productivity, as well as indirect effects through their consequences for how workplaces adapt and to changing business conditions and innovate.

    A similar picture is now emerging Australia. This gap is evident in official data on the ability of Australian business to introduce technological innovations, new products or services, or new management systems or organisational innovations. Among SMEs and in certain industries, the record is even more dismal.


  47. ……..Does your manager do a good job? If the answer is yes, it appears you are in the minority of Australian workplaces.
    Only one in four employees in Australian workplaces believe their managers do a good job.
    The remaining 75 per cent believe their workplace suffers from poor leadership and needs better management.
    And, perhaps unsurprisingly, most of us think we could do a better job: three-quarters of the workforce believes it has the know-how to be a good leader.
    The findings are the result of a survey into management by the Centre for Workplace Leadership, a federally funded research centre at Melbourne University to be opened by Employment Minister Eric Abetz on Thursday.
    The survey of 2300 workers was carried out by the university’s researchers from the first week of February. It found that, while there were concerns about the quality of management, over half the nation’s workforce had a leader in their workplace they could look up to……

    Read more:

    Now we all know the boss is always right.

  48. What do they say about glass houses.

    ……Dick Warburton
    The senior businessman appointed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to review Australia’s renewable energy target has been the subject of a secret internal investigation into his role as a former director of a firm involved in Australia’s worst foreign bribery scandal.
    The investigation findings were sent earlier this month to the Reserve Bank board and deal with Dick Warburton and his fellow former Note Printing Australia directors’ knowledge and handling of Note Printing Australia’s sanctions-busting trip to Iraq in 1998.
    Mr Abbott on Monday personally approved the appointment of Mr Warburton to review the nation’s renewable energy target, despite serious questions about his role in overseeing a company which police allege engaged in repeated foreign bribery.
    The federal police have alleged in the Melbourne Magistrates Court that during the period Mr Warburton was one of several NPA directors, it repeatedly engaged in foreign bribery across Asia……….

    Read more:

  49. oh yes’ you are full of hate for those less fortunate than yoursellf. your comments here tell all of us how much you despise anyone who is not white or well off. you are just a nasty little troll. yajustgottalaugh

  50. yes neil, look at what morrison is doing to all the refugee’s, he is full of hate, and his nastiness is becoming worse every minute. And if you choose to support every action he takes, then how do you think we could even begin to like you. Morrison is an evil man !

  51. I agree with Dutton. Those who can afford to pay for medical treatment, should pay more.

    Do not agree with his solution.

    If he was genuine, he would first remove the rebate he has returned to higher income earners for private medical insurance. He would then remove any exemptions from the levy.

    If this did not raise enough, he would raise the levy.

    Yes, the answer is enhancing Mrdicare, a universal m3edical insurance scheme, not moving on to a welfare system.

    Where did this government male any pre election promise to dismantle Medicare. That is what they are about.

    Yes, a two tier system, to go along side their two tier education system.

  52. Know something, I could not care if visitors to this site hated or not. That is their problem.
    Nothing to do with the disastrous political scene we are faced with.

  53. “yes neil, look at what morrison is doing to all the refugee’s,

    Yes, he is trying to clean up the mess that Labor created and to bring back some fairness into the system.

    Under Howard we took our refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under Rudd/Gillard you could buy your place.

    And many people died in detention under Rudd/Gillard.

  54. no he is not neil, he is showing the world what a complete bastard he is. And with heartless supporters like you , hatred is spreading far and wide into those whose minds are closed. you see neil, you are also full of hate, otherwise why would you defend such a monster ?.

  55. Neil, what is your point. No one denies that occurred. Does not make Morriosn’s actions any better.

    We now have Chimna strongly condemning our treatment of asylum seekers, especially children.

    Now China and Iran in one day. That is quite an achievement, Neil, that one can be proud of.

  56. hash, are you really as racist as you portray yourself to be? you pick on blacks, boa ties, in fact anyone who you deem to be worse off than yourself. Karma will deal with you. Sad really.

  57. What is it about this man. Is nothing to be left. Madame Lagarde said tonight, education and health are essential spending,. I will add, one spending that one does not have a choice about.

  58. Neil, do you also believe in fairies as well. During the Howard years there was a lull in those seeking asylum. Yes, Around a million less I believe,

    Howard knew this. This was before being kicked out, he began the new centers in Christmas Island. Now why would a man, such as Howard, who hated spending, do this. Some hundred’s of millions was made available,

    Sadly, it was no more than a pause. The numbers quickly built up again.

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