ABC, stay brave

Tony Abbott takes aim at the ABC

Tony Abbott takes aim at the ABC

It is without a doubt that the Abbott Government is intent on curtailing as much scrutiny of itself as possible.  Step 1 is the ABC, with step 2 doubtless being the alternative and social media.  However, for the moment it’s the ABC.  Recent events include:

Tanya Plibersek:

“Tony Abbott’s comments today show he’ll blame everyone – including the media – for the promises he continues to break,” she said.

True enough Ms Plibersek, but more importantly – as broken promises are there for all to see – is the intention to deny the Australian public the chance to form their own opinion.  There shalt be only one opinion and his name shall be Murdoch.

It cannot be denied that the overwhelming bias since 2007 and before, has been pro-conservative and anti-most of everything else.  As an example, such was the success of the anti-Climate Change agenda, that the mainstream media sent Australia back a decade in terms of finding solutions.  A survey at the time (during Kevin Rudd’s 1st year at Prime Minister, but this is just from memory) provided that of all the Murdoch stable, only Melbourne’s Herald Sun provided anything near a balanced approach, and this was around 67%.  For others, the figures were far worse.  A balanced approached?  Unbiased?

Clearly, if you want to get the message out who does Tony Abbott run to?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has fired a verbal warning to Jakarta…

Did he pass on his displeasure to Indonesia? No. Did he do it by way of a media press release? No. Did he pass the job onto his Minister? No.

The article tells us – wait for it – that . . .

Mr Abbott told radio station 2GB.

Specifically, Alan Jones’ Breakfast Show.

Clearly buoyed by his success in “accurately” enunciating his foreign policy intentions via shock-jock radio with a sure certainty that (of course) senior Indonesian officials have similar enthrall with Australian talk-back radio, Abbott has now turned to that other well-known broadcaster Ray Hadley, likewise at 2GB.  At least on this occasion Tony Abbott had at least a miniscule chance that someone/anyone from the media might listen to Ray Hadley, plus take it seriously.

Abbott’s interview with Ray Hadley is quoted below – this one should note, is the same Ray Hadley who was recently ordered to pay a woman $280,000 as compensation in a defamation case. “Acting Justice Henric Nicholas described Mr Hadley’s attack on Carlingford fish and chip shop owner, Kim Ahmed, as an ”unbridled tirade … spat into the microphone for the consumption of the audience”. Note: damages will be paid by the Macquarie Radio Network’s insurer.

“Meanwhile, people’s reputations are under question because of the ABC’s reporting of this matter, so I trust that the ABC will do the right thing.”  Ms J. Bishop was of course not speaking about the victim of Hadley’s defamation case.

However, undeterred by providing this interview to Mr Hadley and whilst knowing of Mr Hadley’s recent conviction of only a little over a month ago (and if not, one should ask why not), Tony Abbott then proceeded to shed crocodile tears about the naughty ABC not being on his side.

“A lot of people feel at the moment that the ABC instinctively takes everyone’s side but Australia’s,” he said in an interview with Ray Hadley on Sydney radio station 2GB.

“I think it dismays Australians when the national broadcaster appears to take everyone’s side but its own and I think it is a problem.”

It lacks ”at least some basic affection for the home team”.

Translation: the ABC has criticised me, and is therefore unpatriotic. I am, I am, I am, the Australia.  Tony, your ego is once again on display for all to see.  Tony, there is no home team; Tony Abbott currently heads one of the major political parties and the one which currently happens to be in power.  Tony, you are not “the home team”, Australia and the well-being and benefit of all Australians is the prime concern of all, irrespective of voting preferences.

Does Tony Abbott expect a robust critique of himself by appearing on shock-jock radio talk-back shows?  Or is this avoidance?  A token gesture so that he doesn’t cop the criticism of being entirely invisible.  Look at moi, I’ve been on Ray Hadley . . . duty done regarding “communication”.

Abbott’s crusade continues, to politicise the armed services, who as per the ABC are apolitical and who are sworn to adhere to basic practices.  Abbott’s awkward attempts to cosy up to the Navy in particular is nothing more than political opportunism.  By the way, Abbott if you are so concerned about Navy personnel, why this?

“Navy personnel carrying out border protection were quietly stripped of some workplace safety protections last month . . .”

So much for concern about “the home team” . . .

Well said by Wendy Harmer,

And what of the other national state-funded outfits he (Abbott) is, by inference, comparing with our ABC ? Russia Today, France 24 , those in Laos or the “baddies” North Korea? Their aims are clear: to promote the current government (or regime) in a favourable light and to vilify the opposition. To be a mouthpiece for those in power. To cosy up to governments and vested interests in affectionate embrace.

Is it any coincidence that certain ABC journalists have been threatened with “services no longer required” should they dare write a critique which might be unfavourable to the current ruling classes?

It is no secret that the NBN is being canned due to Murdoch:

The biggest fear for pay TV is advertising dollars being sent elsewhere as online services offer more affordable advertising rates than pay TV or free-to-air TV can offer.

The next stage on the path to control of what we see and what we know is our ABC is control of all dissenting opinions.

Malcolm Turnbull (this comment rapidly taken from the front pages, but still available via this link as I write):

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has strongly defended the ABC’s editorial independence in the face of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s attack on the national broadcaster, which he says ”instinctively takes everyone’s side but Australia’s”.

Mr Turnbull defended the Prime Minister’s right to critique the ABC but, in comments that could be interpreted as resistance to Mr Abbott, he said the ABC was rightly accountable to its board of directors, not politicians.

Further from Turnbull:

Mr Abbott told radio 2GB that Australians wanted ”some basic affection for the home team”, but Mr Turnbull said the broadcaster was more constrained by rules around editorial fairness than its competitors in commercial media.

Without putting words in Mr Turnbull’s mouth, this might be interpreted as, “Abbott, what on earth are you raving on about? The ABC is “more constrained” than anything and anyone in the the commercial media.”

Kevin Andrews:

Speaking at Canberra airport on his way to a cabinet meeting, the Social Services Minister said that in a robust democracy, the media should be scrutinised as much as anybody else.

Indeed Mr Andrews, and we all look forward to your critiques of the unsubstantiated rumours, false information, and opinion dressed up as fact as is currently presented to us by the mainstream media.  Surely, if your boss desires to continue to give patronage to such things as shock-jocks, the requirement should be that these persons must come under the same scrutiny as the ABC.

An anonymous constituent:

Coalition senator Ian Macdonald vigorously supported the Prime Minister’s criticism of the ABC on Thursday, noting that constituents asked him, ”when are you going to get rid of the ABC?”

Here we arrive at the crux of the matter, Tony Abbott wants the ABC to be his own personal cheer squad, as if we don’t have enough of that already from the Murdoch media and it’s associates.  However, this is a mere side issue on the road to the silencing of all dissenting opinions, the inability of Australians to read alternative views.  This is of course quite suitable to the Murdoch media who currently languishing behind paywalls,  who wants opposition silenced, or as much as possible in a semi-democratic society – first step, procure excuses to cut the ABC’s funding . . . next step . . .

We are therefore placed with a Prime Minister who believes that “the home team” is the only team that one is allowed to barrack for.  However, when he stated that “Test cricketers occasionally drop catches, great footballers occasionally miss tackles and, regretfully, there were a couple of occasions when this mistake was made – but it won’t happen again.”.

Labor’s communications spokesman Jason Clare said the study was ”all about providing an excuse to cut the ABC’s budget”.

“The night before the election Tony Abbott said there would be ‘no cuts to the ABC,” he said.

“If Tony Abbott cuts the ABC’s budget it will mean he is a liar, simple as that”.

This issue might have conveniently disappeared for the moment, but watch out come budget time, it is likely that B1 and B2 will be hocking their ‘jammies.

When the Institute of Public Affairs starts talking about the irrelevance of Australia having a national broadcaster, then we should be doubly fearful.  I wonder if having nobbled the ABC via budgetry means that there will be any “takers” to fill the shoes of the ABC in providing news transcripts for the blind?  Not much money in that one for Murdoch, so I can’t see it happening.

If there was ever a case for a taxpayer-funded state broadcaster, it doesn’t exist today. Australians have at their fingertips access to more news from more varied sources than ever before. Online, every niche interest and point of view is well covered. And as private media companies continue to struggle with profitability, the continued lavish funding of the ABC only serves to undermine their business model further.

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  1. MURDOCH BRAND DEMOCRACY; Abbott and the LNP have been placed in protection by the Australian media and mining barons and there is nothing anyone can do, except maybe to stop fighting and try to enjoy getting shafted for the next few years. Rinehart/Fairfax and Murdoch news ! ! ! > Where democracy goes to die : ( The Guardian co UK. Where comment is free and welcome : )

  2. 7.30, we have a spectre of Abbott thinning g god for him being PM. Know what, it is easy making criticism, now he has to make decisions, this is harder.

    On and on he went, how dare SPC, a wealthy company wants money. Why, when he spends, he does it the right way.

    Why did one feel sick. As one watched him in action.

    One gets so many versions of Abbott lately. I wonder why? He can be full of bravo, then look hesitant, onlty tocpme back as he had today, patronizing.

    The one you never seem is him taking responsibility for his actions. Never his fault.

    What scares me most. I am of the opinion, he believes every word he says.

  3. Could one imagine what the media reaction would be, if it was Ms Gillard behaving as Abbott and his mob. What would the headlines be, if any, back benches came out as Sharman Stone or even Joyce Has.

    Has one noticed, Abbiott can still not say her name. It is still “she”.

  4. Just had a thought. Abbott performs better when he has someone or thing to attack.

    Now he has the ABC and the workers a weal knee bosses at SPC.

    This could be why he seems to have his bravo back tonight.

  5. This is why the ABC has to go. > > ASIO and the LNP taken insider trading to a new low in regard to East Timor ? ?. >>; Alexander Downer: becoming an advisor to Woodside Petroleum after authorising spying on East Timor when he was foreign minister in the Howard Government reeks of payback for services rendered.
    An individual who is found guilty of the criminal offence of insider trading in Australia is subject to a maximum fine of $450,000 and/or ten years imprisonment. >> Jan 20 (Reuters) – East Timor demanded on Monday that Australia return seized documents relating to the two countries’ negotiations over oil and gas reserves thought to be worth tens of billions of dollars.

    The dispute brought before the United Nations’ top court pits one of Asia’s poorest countries against its wealthy giant neighbour, Australia, in a case involving spy agencies, bugging allegations, snatched documents and potentially huge rewards from developing oil and gas fields.

  6. So it looks like Labor.s remuneration body for truck drivers is to go. Four Corners. Coles frighting it. Want self regulation back. Abetz does mpt like it.

    Looks like we have another big issue to add to March in March.

    The driver who stops to help another driver, leading to not being kille4d, was denied compenstatinh., Helping another driver was not a part of his job description.

    Four Corners is a must watch.

  7. It’s time to assess the need for the ABC. The online access to all reporting
    takes the past role of the ABC and makes it somewhat redundant.
    No longer is the ABC the purveyor of Australian content. Simply put their
    Standards of reporting have plummeted.

  8. I nearly fell off the couch Tony Abbott, money for chocolate tours is different to tinned fruit and support to keep an industry going, in an area also of high unemployment…any support is the same support, still tax payers $s! As for the home team crap, he seems to forget he works for us! and personally I want to know all sides of an argument not just the one fed to us by the government. Of course the final insult of thanking God when he has people and children imprisoned on remote islands is more the work of an unchristian buffoon. I almost threw up, instead I remoted him off

  9. Sod off Voyager .. we plainly need the ABC more than ever before in the face of the fascist tendencies being shown by this govt. and its’ faceless masters

  10. Voyager please put your real name up I have a feeling you may be Tony Abbott because the very same drivel comes out of your Head, Take a deep breath Voyager Just look at what this clown (Your alter ego ) Trying to close a media outlet down because it isn’t telling the News The way he wants it done, Such Censorship In a Modern society is Totally Obscene . Every news story deserves to be broadcast and the Public will decide what is right or wrong , Watergate for instance would never have been reported if you followed these new rules, To the ABC Journalists Keep doing the Great IMPARTIAL job you are doing, This Man who you slavishly follow is becoming despotic more so on a daily basis, He doe’snt make statements with out heading for a result he wants, This latest move is a step toward Giving MURDOCH the International TV rights which he lost out to the ABC, Just take a Moment to Contemplate just what this man has done since becoming PM, There is Nothing of any note On the plus side and so many mis understood and down right lies and Backflips , Please feel free to enlighten us all on something the Horrible person has done for the good of all, write it on the Back of a Stamp

  11. For once I cannot agree with Media Watch. They had no option but to tell the burn story,

    I think he has a valid point FU. For a long time, investigative reporting has been missing in action at ALL news outlets. They report what they hear, but rarely delve further into it. Labor suffered under this for years, rumors and innuendo being the staple of the day. They also have a tendency when, if there is an accusation, to weight one side. See the Thomson and Slipper cases for a great example of this. The media as a whole, not just the ABC, but including them, only really look at the prosecution side, and assume they are correct. I didn’t really see the day in question here but, if the ABC go on their previous record of being quite lazy in their reporting, and mindlessly parroting allegations without counterpoint, then he may well have a point.

    It is unfortunate that they do this, as the case, as it might now stand, that our actions could be directly responsible for the asylum suffering these burns, even if accidental, will be largely blown over. As has the direct responsibility of the deaths of three asylum seekers due to this governments policies.

    Basically, the ABC, if the claims by the host on media watch are correct, has let itself, and again us, down but lax and sloppy reporting.

    I don’t believe we should get rid of the ABC, we should simply get it back to its charter, although, with this latest war against it, I fear it is now too late.

    Labor should be ashamed that they didn’t clean it out and set it back on path when they were in power.

  12. Greg Tooland
    You are under a leaf at the bottom of the garden .
    Labor recently while under the Red Head introduced a Bill into the House
    to censor the Media, appoint a Demi – god to also censor all forms of media.
    The Bill was thrown out and was just another nail in the coffin for Labor.
    Now that’s what I call Democracy!

  13. introduced a Bill into the House
    to censor the Media

    No they didn’t. It was a bill to help ensure that what they reported was accurate. The same regulation that TV is subject too.

    Do you consider our television stations to be censored? Because they operate, and have done so for many years, under similar stipulations that this bill entailed for print media.

  14. Wow, looks like the ABC AND Sharman Stone need to be more “Ustralian”

    “A Liberal backbencher has accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey of lying about union conditions at SPC Ardmona”

    I saw several Labor people pointing this out yesterday, including Shorten, glad a lib said it, as it seems to be only party that gets any media attention these days.

  15. 40%+ voted Green , 33% voted ALP

    LOL – you really do post some $#!t Voyager!

    …among the 34 ABC journalists who agreed to declare their voting intention, with 41 per cent of them saying they would vote for the Greens, 32 per cent declaring support for Labor and 14 per cent backing the Coalition

    😆 That’s a really representative sample isn’t it – statistically significant? 🙄

  16. It isn’t surprising that ABC staff coalition supporters would be too ashamed to admit their support for the current mob of incompetents!

  17. Senate Hearing NBNCO, Hobart,.

    I seem to recall the head of the ABC that is speaking out, was not given the job by Labor, or has ever been seen on, as being a Labor supporter.

    It what I have said is true, the fact that he has spoken out and defended the ABC, refusing to apologize for releasing the story, say it all.

    Our country is the world, our countrymen are all mankind. We love the land of our nativity, only as we love all other lands. The interests, rights, and liberties of American citizens are no more dear to us than are those of the whole human race. Hence we can allow no appeal to patriotism, to revenge any national insult or injury: William Lloyd Garrison, Declaration of Sentiments, Boston Peace Conference, 1838

    “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” : Jean-Jacques Rousseau – (1712-1778) Political philosopher, educationist and essayist -Source: The Social Contract

    “No man survives when freedom fails, The best men rot in filthy jails, And those who cry ‘appease, appease’ Are hanged by those they tried to please.”: Hiram Mann

  18. Wouldn’t releasing the navy video recordings be the obvious thing to do in the case of the “burn story allegations”? At least show them to a parliamentary committee.

    No way. Now that the military has been politicized and refugee policy militarized, operational matters must remain secret. Government decision making is unaccountable, and when required it can be suggested that the Navy is totally incompetent. This allegation must be investigated.

    It will not take too much political pressure for the ABC cower. That seems to have happened.

  19. Voyager and,

    Survey of voting at ABC
    40%+ voted Green , 33% voted ALP
    Guess they should add this as a sub-title to all reports , so that balanced
    reporting is always seen to be maintained.
    ABC – adolescent bum cleaners!

    Might you have a link for that? So there was a survey somewhere, done by someone and the people who responded (was it door to door, phone or an online survey?) indicated their voting intentions as 73% left wing. Clearly 99.9% of Andrew Bolt readers (or at least those whose comments make it, to appear on that highly censored blog) are 90% high school drop outs whose idea of *fun* is spitting at old ladies as they try to navigate the escalator as the local mall. …an equally valid proposition. 😉

  20. Has anyone, including the ABC, suggested that the Navy was guilty

    From where I sit, the ABC, among others, reported allegations that were aired in the region. The government was asked for comment.

    Allegations made. Should the ABC have ignored these reports from other media, in the region.

    Maybe, it was up to the government to deal with the allegations, quickly and in an open manner. Would be no story today.

    From what I understand, some think the ABC should not have reported anything, until they obtained the facts.

    What are the facts. Allegation of abuse, by out navy.

    How does one check this story” they asked the government.
    Now, if the government does not comment, does that mean that similar allegations cannot be aired, because the government refuses to comment in any way.

    Everyone, in other countries is entitled to know. We are not., Is that what some are saying.

    The government could have put this one to bed, by releasing the videos they take of all operations.

    That is how we learnt, that refugees did not throw children overboard.

  21. ……………Attacks on the ABC from the right are not exactly rare. But the election of the Abbott government has ratcheted up the anti-ABC alarms. They are being driven by a government that, astonishingly, seems already to have run out of ideas. Bereft of a positive policy agenda, the Coalition has instead decided to fight a reheated culture war on issues left over from the Howard years. To the chagrin of many on the right, it’s losing.

    The motivations of the ABC’s critics in News Corporation are even more transparent. News has an obvious vested interest in taking down a highly competitive public broadcaster, a broadcaster that is comprehensively beating its own audience figures in many segments. News also has its eyes firmly set on winning back the Australia Network from the ABC, a deal potentially worth $220 million for the Murdoch-controlled corporation.

    Actually, the very idea that News Corporation can validly criticise the journalistic integrity of the ABC almost beggars belief. We’re talking about the same company that currently has many of its top executives on trial for perjury and corruption in Britain — a fact that somehow never seems to get mentioned when criticisms of the ABC are made.

    As for Andrew Bolt, who has trumpeted his claims of bias, he was found by a court to have got many basic facts comprehensively wrong when he wrote his notorious “hip to be black” articles.

    It’s a measure of the efforts the ABC takes to ensure its independence that it even has a show like Media Watch prepared to exert considerable scrutiny on the ABC’s own reporting. There is nothing remotely like it anywhere in the News Corporation stable, let alone in the studios of 2GB.

    Ordinary Australians know this. That’s why the ABC remains one of the most trusted institutions in the country, unlike tabloid newspapers or talk radio programs.……………….

  22. If you were a fine young man or woman serving on a Navy Ship and had
    Loosely worded trumped up stories aired on the ABC you are entitled to feel
    humiliated . Unfortunately defence personnel cannot make comment.
    This for the ABC is just what everyone is talking about, forget the correct facts
    just make it into a sensational story. One that gets the CW Sludges sucked in.

  23. Voyager has obviously never served in the Armed Forces.

    I was in the Army during the Vietnam conflict, the brass were always covering up for wayward soldiers. The soldiers, sailors, and not so much the air force were involved in every type of embarrassing activity going. I came back on the train with 2 RAR from Townsville to Brisbane they totally wrecked the train. The train was totally rooted. Piss ups and brawls were common.

    If the sailors did do anything wrong with out video evidence any investigation is going no where. The brass even if this story was true, would unless there is evidence deny it. This is the stock response.

    The right wingers that post here must live in a gold fish bowl, this expose is nothing new, it has been going on for years. Members of the armed forces have a code of silence that makes the bikies look like children who tell tales.

  24. This government is operating on the premise that they can get away with anything in the long run.
    History has suggested that could be true.
    It is my feeling in this case will not be true. This government is just making hard cuts because of the economic’

    They are doing so because of extreme ideology that will change the nature of our society and culture.

    What is more important is the perceptions being created in the community.

    They will find as Labor did, impossible to revert.

  25. More lies from Pyne.

    ………The NSW government has rejected the $70 million Abbott government plan to encourage public schools to become independent, contradicting claims by federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne that the state was on board.
    The rebuff from the nation’s biggest state is a blow to the federal government’s plan for a quarter of all public schools to become independent by 2017.
    “We believe we have the balance right”: Adrian Piccoli.
    “We believe we have the balance right”: Adrian Piccoli. Photo: Tamara Voninski
    Announcing the initiative on Tuesday, Mr Pyne said ”every state and territory, including Labor states and territories, have signed on to the initiative with the exception of South Australia”.
    The claim was rejected by the NSW government. ”The NSW government has not signed an agreement with the federal government to introduce independent public schools,” the state Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said………

    Read more:

  26. Loosely worded trumped up stories aired on the ABC you are entitled to feel

    But I guess if you are a politician, they can just parrot any allegation the want and it is all ‘in hte public good’?

    I don’t agree, assuming what Paul Barry said on Media Watch is correct about hte tone of the stories, that a side should be taken or elevated above another unknown one. But, the ABC have been doing this now for years, most notable against Gillard, Thomson and Slipper. Hypocritical to just highlight it when poor ol tabot is on hte receiving end.

    And, that is assuming they did that. I had read a few stories, and they were very clear they were only allegations, refuted by the Navy, and denied outright without even considering it by the Government.

  27. Paul Howes NPC

    I really aren’t sure what to make of Howes speech. He is correct in that SOME there had been a pattern of unsustainable wages growth in some sectors of the economy, adding “we could be pricing ourselves out of the market”.

    Read more:

    He would have been better off highlighting them, as the government will just choose which ones (Holdens, SPC) they want as examples. I would assume he is referring to Mining and some sectors of the Building industry?

    It looks like he wants to open a meanigful dialogue with the governemnt, which, as most here would agree, is just a waste of time. They are intent on destroying unioons, the war has already started.

    My only hope is Howes is just giving them more rope. A dangerous ploy to make, as, if past examples are anything to by, they will just take this proferred rope and cut it right there. So, assuming this is Howes ploy, it is the wrong one to take with this mob anyway. imo

    And besidea, his words will just be twisted and misrepresented to support the government, and qualifications left out where he highlights the current failings.

  28. (Memo to Voyager, from either Joe Hockey or the 18th Century: the age of entitlement is over, and the era of reason and/or rule of law is in. That is all.)

  29. Tom, Howes said that SOME wages were too high. Put the emphasis on SOME. No one asked who were the SOME. The answer could be useful.

    I am not a Howes fan, but found much of what he said interesting.

    Did widen the debate, from Abbott’s agenda to diminishing union to dealing with any problems in the judicial sphere.

  30. Did widen the debate

    That may have been his wish FU, but this mob are not for widening anything except the distance between the haves and the have nots

    You cannot reason with them, that is where Howes falls down. I do, however, agree with his speech, he talked much sense, but sense has no place in this war.

  31. “yep, reasoning with this mob is a waste of time ! they are completely heartless, selfish, and dangerous to the extreme ! the Nazis rule once more !

    Yep, spoken by someone who believes he is morally superior to anyone else.

  32. Yep, spoken by someone who believes he is morally superior to anyone else.

    Or perhaps just morally superior to those who say “shit happens” in relation to a soldiers death, or “difficult things happen” in relation to torture in Sri Lanka?

  33. yes neil of sydney, i do consider myself morally superior to this heartless, selfish, nazi regime ! and if you support these horrible people, then yes, i am also morally superior to you as well ! not morally superior to everyone. just this government and you ! Note….not superior… just morally superior !

  34. Yep looks like i got it right.

    However my opinion of you people is that you are natural totalitarians. If you had the power you would exterminate anyone who held different beliefs.

  35. “However my opinion of you people is that you are natural totalitarians. If you had the power you would exterminate anyone who held different beliefs.”

    You’re having a laugh right? You conservatives are unbelievable. That you try and associate modern progressives with Stalin, Trotsky, Mao or any other so called left wing homicidal maniacs from the mists of time’ well yep, that’s just fine. When we associate extreme RWDB’s with the Nazi’s hey, its Godwin’s law.(which is bollocks anyway) Btw let there be no misunderstanding, Nazi’s were right wing fascists so spare any of us your revisionist history.

  36. Arguing with Neil is like playing chess with a pigeon.

    No matter how good you are, the pigeon is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyway.

  37. Neil, your talking about whats inside of your own head. just like what abbotts thinks and says about others is what he really believes himself.. your beliefs are limited to the extreme. left wingers don’t believe in extermination. We believe in caring and sharing. your talking about your own beliefs. you need a good dose of humility, and a heavy sprinkling of love and compassion into your heart. At the moment your just another nazi lover !!!!!!!

  38. Neil of Sydney @ February 6, 2014 @ 3:30 pm “Yep looks like i got it right.”
    Nope, looks like you got it wrong….again Nil for Brains.
    We actually pity your lack of mental ability to see when you’re being conned and so we, naturally as caring humane people, work to nurture and bring you into the realisation that all of those who say they are your friends and tell you want you want to hear, are not necessarily going to look after your best interests. They will look after theirs, as most 3 year old Children learn rapidly in their journey of life.
    So we take pity on your and try to save you from yourself as you obviously didn’t get some of life’s more obvious lessons.
    So we are trying to warn you that you are correct in your saying “[having] the power you would exterminate anyone who held different beliefs”, but it is those who you are trusting, that you really should be careful of, and not those who really shouldn’t bother to care what happens to you, and are not profiting from you (actually the reverse) but being good humane people, they try to assist another of their kind , even though it insults them. You give nothing, but still we give to you and you actually crave it, or else you wouldn’t be here.
    I don’t know about you, But I see you as one of those fools, that likes to dance in places where Angels fear to tread. Simple warning for you, it kills, not us. You’re a Tool, that is all. But all together, we do protect each other, from the malice of those who care naught for you or your life or us.
    Let me burst that misguided thought bubble for you, that makes you think they care you breath at all.

  39. If you mean asylum seekers Don then they won’t be illegals. And the funny thing is that under this Abbott government they are more likely to get through undetected to Hervey Bay.

    But as to the rest of you guff, it’s the usual nonsensical guff, nothing more need to be said of it.

  40. “pmsl@phil…modern progressives?… that the new name that you have bestowed upon yourselves…”

    You really don’t know much do you? Modern progressives has been around for over twenty years most apt me thinks. Unlike the numb nuts you support, let me see an apt name for a party with a mob of Philistines? Uncultured yobs? Flat earthers? Luddites? Small minded? Fuck heads running it. Nah I’ll stick to the one I brought to this blog “Babbling Baboons” most apt.

    Of course one of the most stark similarities between Baboons and conservatives, which is so distinct in a one Tony Abbot,t they both walk dragging their knuckles on the floor.

  41. “phil you sound like summo to me, had a name change have we, and doing some stalking as well again i see !”

    Who the fuck is summo when he’s at home?

  42. Phil, Steve Subhash was referring to The Don as Summo ( Summo was/is an silly odd little troll that infects the interwebs) I think he may have inadvertently typo-ed your name instead of The Don/Summo………. as to whether SSJ is on drugs is a moot point that only Steve can enlighten us with 😀 😛 😆

  43. Thanks lovo,… again, i am sorry Phil, i meant to say don ! no not on drugs, summo stalked my facebook page and found out i live at hervey bay, he would accuse me of being a lazy bludger, without knowing a thing about me ! Don also mentioned hervey bay, i put two and two together and realised summo has had a name change to don.. .(.Some ) right wingers are real gutter trash.

  44. Yea no worries. The only stalking I do is my wife when I want my leg over 🙂 She doesn’t use the computer, just as well she would clump me in the lug hole

  45. Any ( so called illegals ) would have to be so much better to have live in hervey bay, than you don, you bigoted moron !

    Interesting point. I wonder if 1 million refugees turned up at Harvey Bay would you say the same thing??

  46. why mention hervey bay don ! why of all the places in australia do you mention where i happen to live ? yes you life life scum. your just another another nazi lover, who will stop at nothing.

  47. Ged Kearney, ACTU PC now on ABC 24

    Insiders seem to believe Labor would be on the defense when it comes to the RC. Maybe they will surprise by being on the attack.

    That would put Howes NPC into [erspective.

  48. It is interesting, that the cabinet vote on the SPC decision was 9 v 11. That is close, after the five hour discussion that occurred.

    Abbott will be on, within the hour. ABC 24

  49. I would have given SPC the $25M. Politicians would spend that on toilet paper and travel. And when you think of the billions wasted by Labor on pink batts and school assembly halls it is not a lot of money.

  50. Or overseas weddings and $13000 carpet. The laugh is, giving Abbott anything with taste is like giving strawberries to pigs.

  51. “The laugh is, giving Abbott anything with taste is like giving strawberries to pigs.”

    You know after all these years it never ceases to amaze me the hatred you people have for anyone who votes for the Coalition.

    You really do believe anyone who does not vote Labor is morally inferior. It is even more amazing when in my opinion the ALP is a totally corrupt political party.

  52. NoS, not quiet correct there…… I believe that anyone that votes Liberals is morally inferior…… see what I did there 😉 ……… 😛
    The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.

    John Kenneth Galbraith

  53. Neil of course it’s obvious the ALP, and their backers the unions are corrupt. Who was that sheila union solicitor who had her house renovated by the unions whilst bonking a union (as they call them) heavy? (Why call them heavies unless they are involved in something heavy)
    Which PM before he became a PM arranged for his missus to gain a state govt contract to employ public servants via her (read his) employment agency? Which current party leader is keeping his head and missing in action down because of union affiliations?
    Ditto for that old beer swilling drunk that used to lead them around with rings i their noses?
    This royal commission would never be called under a scum alp govt. It’s going to be yummy 😉 Just watch all the lefty wankers think up new excuses…lololol

  54. I’m in two minds about the ABC. Supporting the National Broadcaster against the depredations of Abbott’s, no Murdoch’s barbarians seems like a good idea but what are we supporting? Somewhere in all those cheerful “the federal opposition says”s I sort of lost interest. And watching (by accident) Sarah Ferguson’s attack on Bill Shorten tonight made me reflect that we’re being asked to defend the ABC as it is, not as it was & I don’t want to die on the wire defending Chris Uhlmann’s or Ferguson’s jobs.
    I’d certainly support the ABC’s “staying brave” over the current Murdoch attacks & wouldn’t want to see it sold off to Murdoch at mate’s rates. A bit of a conundrum.

  55. Well the ABC 7.30 news wasn’t too brave tonight. Saying with a straight face that our great pm will be keeping his promise to move in with some indigenous people for a bit some time this year. A promise he’s already broken as he’d pledged to inflict himself on them within a week of election & there’s plenty of proof of that we could find .Those few who might read my scribblings on this site & others will know that a nigh on pathological hatred of the Australian media often features in them. But this just tipped me a bit, the national broadcaster actively assisting in the dissemination of untruths such as this. Murdoch’s? all the time. Commercial TV? they don’t care but I thought the ABC was still a bit better, despite all those braying political “commentators”, than this. Just one small issue among many but it got to me.

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