It’s official: Tony Abbott is an idiot!

I join the hundreds of social media writers who have, over the last four years, written about the demonstrated stupidity of our current prime minister, Tony Abbott. Here’s one of my favourites from a year ago, ‘Tony Abbott’s pearls of wisdom‘:

Tony Abbott says some amazingly stupid things. His brain fart comments on gay people, women and climate change are some examples. Strolling around the internet I’ve managed to find some more pearls of wisdom that haven’t had the exposure of his more famous gaffes, and I happily present them here for your enjoyment.

Let’s start with this one:

The Opposition Leader said roads were critical to improving life across all facets of society.

“Better roads means better communities; better roads are good for our economy; they’re good for our society,” he said.

“They’re good for our physical and mental health.

“They’re even good for the environment because cars that are moving spew out far less pollution than cars that are standing still.”

So next time I feel a mental breakdown or the flu coming on I’ll visit a road. They are good for my health. We should all do it. Roads do good things for Australians.

I know what he was really trying to say, but let’s face it, he stuffed it up. This next one is a real gem:

Ever since I was old enough to understand the term, I have regarded myself as a conservationist.  As a child, I used to play in the gullies and creeks surrounding the Lane Cove National Park. I wasn’t as careful then as now about protecting fauna, such as the red-bellied black snake, but I loved the bush for its potential for adventure and sense of solitude.In the valley behind our house, I first learnt to sleep under the stars. On canoeing trips, I learnt to read a map. On student bush walks, I developed a sense of direction.

As I said over at The AIMN, he no longer kills red-bellied black snakes and despises people who keep lights on. No wonder people such as Andrew Bolt rate him more credible than most of the world’s scientists. Scientists spend at least three years studying at university to become knowledgeable in their field. Tony Abbott reads maps. While floating down a river. How could you doubt him? How could you doubt a person who has a sense of direction because he walked in the bush yet needs a map to paddle a canoe?

This one is interesting:

Tony Abbott says he now has the “authority” to keep election promises. He admitted he had broken them in the past but said it was not his fault.

Well whose fault was it? Blame that ‘carbon tax’ I suppose.

I like this one:

Someone who’s earning $50,000 should be encouraged to move to $100,000.

Sounds fair enough to me. Tomorrow we’ll all line up to see the boss and ask for a $50K raise. Just tell him that Tony encouraged it (not that we’d need much encouragement).

This can’t be true:

Look, people should be polite to the Prime Minster. It doesn’t matter what they think of her policies or her government, they should be polite to her. That is the respect that the senior leadership of this country ought to be given and people certainly shouldn’t be disruptive of the Parliament.

Must be the new Tony we keep hearing about.

This is more like the old Tony:

Well, Kochie, I think the people of western Sydney want a plan, not a visit. They want a plan to ease cost of living pressures, a plan to ease traffic congestion and a plan to make the streets and community safer and the Coalition has real solutions to all these issues. We’ll build the WestConnex, we’ll end the carbon tax, we’ll stop the boats, we’ll stop the guns. Now, I think this is a big step forward for the people of Sydney.

Wow! How long have the boats been making it all the way to Western Sydney?

During a visit to Western Sydney (yes, the place where people shouldn’t visit) he said:

“We will bring in more trees and better soils, there will be incentives, not penalties and a green army for our degraded bushland and waterways under pressure”.

Where the hell are they going to pinch the trees from. Bring in from where? Maybe he’ll introduce a policy that all boat people have to bring a tree with them.

And finally:

I’ll be going to the National Press Club tomorrow (31 Jan). I’ll take questions then. Joe Hockey and Christopher Pyne will be taking media queries this afternoon.

History shows us that he ran away from questions asked.

I really don’t think Abbott tries to be an idiot. It just comes naturally.

Now we jump forward to this present day and an article in the Guardian by Katharine Murphy, ‘Navy entered Indonesian waters after wind, tide distractions: Tony Abbott‘. Tony Abbott, I’m afraid to say, has raised the bar of stupidity ever higher. This quote (which gained wide coverage in the social media two days ago) is breathtaking after it was revealed that Australian navy boats had entered Indonesian waters:

“On the high seas all sorts of things happen; there are winds, there are tides, there are other things that they’re focusing on,” he said.

“I have nothing but total respect for the professionalism of our naval personnel, for the professionalism of our customs personnel but, even people who are at the very top of their game, even people who are the very best at their job, will occasionally make mistakes.

“Test cricketers occasionally drop catches, great footballers occasionally miss tackles and, regretfully, there were a couple of occasions when this mistake was made – but it won’t happen again.”

He really comes out with some unbelievable garbage but this one leaves me absolutely speechless, other than to say that is now official: Tony Abbott is an idiot. A stark raving mad lunatic. A total buffoon. As for the first part of his statement, Mobius Echo commented here two days ago that:

No other words for Abbott come to mind. I’ve been in cyclones and hurricanes on warships, and mind you this was pre-GPS, dedicated military satellites, netcentric warfare systems and situational awareness, and we always knew where we were.

I’d believe Mobius over Tony Abbott any day of the week.

And let’s repeat this sentence from Abbott:

“Test cricketers occasionally drop catches, great footballers occasionally miss tackles and, regretfully, there were a couple of occasions when this mistake was made – but it won’t happen again.”

We can now all be relieved that no more catches will be dropped by Test cricketers. 😉

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  1. I think that Abbott meant, no more boats will wander into Indonesia territory.

    I think that was meant to be an apology that the Indonesians did not buy

  2. I wonder when the Indonesians are going to pull that line in, the one they have Abbott hooked and struggling on?

  3. Oh dear, sad little people here.

    Abbott is clearly NOT an idiot that’s quite obvious.
    He’s more qualified than Julia Gillard, for example, so if Abbott is an idiot with his qualifications then Gillard must be even more of one according to your criteria

    There are, however, plenty of idiots in Parliament, yes on both sides of the chamber. We had an utterly hopeless idiot as treasurer between 2007 and 2013, for example.

    As for backing by Murdoch, well we all know Murdoch had backed Rudd in 2007 and was very keen on Hawkie and Keating when they handed over all that media ownership power to him in the late 80’s.

  4. I loved that post Miglo, I hope you dont mind, but I have it on my wall at home, (no, not the toilet wall) when I’m feeling a little down, I have a look at it…. Always does the trick.

  5. JB ..WTF ” Abbott is clearly NOT an idiot that’s quite obvious.
    He’s more qualified than Julia Gillard, for example, so if Abbott is an idiot with his qualifications then Gillard must be even more of one according to your criteria” …….. Oh Dear, such an idiotic example of projection by you JohnB…. but I s’pose we should give you the benifit and ask what you mean by ” He’s more qualified…..”
    JB ….and as for Swanny “…But his work as treasurer is acknowledged by Euromoney as much for what didn’t happen to Australia on his careful four-year watch – economic Armageddon in the trail of the 2007-08 subprime meltdown, which he confronted in his first year in office – as for what he positively did, positioning Australia to power through the new crisis looming from abroad….”
    Full article:
    Visit for additional distribution rights. For more articles like this, follow us @euromoney on Twitter.

    JB.. as for the Wonderfull “look over there” Hawk/Murdoch thingy …. got a provable link for that, Cobba…….. or I could take pity on ya and throw you a bone (now there’s a good boy) not that it has any ‘present day’ relevance … now fetch :-

  6. “He’s more qualified than Julia Gillard, for example”


    No, maybe he is not an idiot, as he knows what he is doing. Just don’t tell us. Does not appreciate that his actions could have very unexpected outcomes, well not our eyes but he does not understand he could be sending the economy into free fall. All for the sake of ideology, or as he calls it, philosophy.

  7. @Lovo.

    Tony Abbott’s qualifications.
    BEc, LLB (Syd), MA (Oxon).
    Rhodes Scholar.
    Plant Manager, Pioneer Concrete.
    Press secretary and political adviser to the Leader of the Opposition, Dr JR Hewson 1990-93.
    Executive Director, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy 1993-94.

    Julia Gillard’s qualifications
    BA, LLB (Melb).
    Solicitor 1987-95; Partner 1990-95.
    Chief of Staff to the Victorian Leader of the Opposition, J Brumby, MLA 1996-98.

    Both these from their parliamentary pages.

    Abbott has a bachelor of economics and a Masters in Arts over Gillard, let alone his “real world” business experience.

    Regarding Murdoch being handed power by Labor.
    Well I remember it well.
    Here’s a comment on it from the ABC’s media watch;

    “In 1986, before Paul Keating famously divided the Australian media between the queens of screen and the princes of print, Rupert Murdoch published a third of our major newspapers. Under the Keating regime he lost television but was soon publishing more than half the papers. Fifteen years down the track he publishes more than two thirds.”

    And a recent Guardian article agrees.

    “In 1986 the Hawke cabinet made decisions that unleashed far-reaching changes in Australian media ownership and control.
    The changes resulted in the dominance of the Australian press by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, a consequence felt keenly by the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd governments in 2007-13.
    Within days of the announcement of cabinet’s key decision, Murdoch launched a successful bid for the Herald and Weekly Times, then the largest newspaper publisher in Australia and formerly managed by his father, Sir Keith.”

    At the time, the H&WT was a quite conservative voice which was not particularly flattering of the Hawke-Keating government. Rupert’s outlets were much more friendly.
    What a happy coincidence that the Labor media changes brought the troublesome Herald and Weekly Times under the control of friendly Rupert!!

    So, I believe I have answered your questions Lovo and proved my contention!


  8. Rhodes scholar that achieves poor marks while at Oxford. Worked as a journalist for a short period. Failed at the seminary. No great marks at Sydney university.

    Questionable ability as a politician, except for kicking heads and setting up funds to pursue other MP’s to prison.

    Was seen by many in the Howard government as having no ability. Turnbull, along with Costello, l even told him so.

  9. “I wonder who would or could employ him when he leave politics. Any ideas?”

    I hear they want a dog catcher in Bourke.

  10. Yes, he’s a fool, but I thought that was apparent before the election so I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that Australians voted for him and the rest of his loony front bench. I know the Murdochracy and compliant MSM had a hand in that but even so – did we want to be fooled?
    PS thanks for a great site!

  11. Come off it John B; he believes Jesus is the son of God, walked on water and raised the dead. He is prepared to create Australian government policy around these absurd notions. He also attempting to force children to conform to his demented christian ideology by introducing compulsory christian and bible studies. You choice to overlook this fundamental psychosis is an act of wilful blindness on your part. He is quite clearly insane, regardless of his very average educational achievements. ———— Gillard 1 – Abbott 0

  12. Tony Abbott 2009

    BIBLE classes should be compulsory so children have a fundamental understanding of Christianity on leaving school, federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.

    “I think everyone should have some familiarity with the great texts that are at the core of our civilisation,” Mr Abbott told the Herald Sun.

    “That includes, most importantly, the Bible.

    “I think it would be impossible to have a good general education without at least some serious familiarity with the Bible and with the teachings of Christianity.

  13. If our navy really can be distracted by winds and tides out there on the high seas we really are well and truly screwed, are his speeches written by a precocious 6 year old? his policy is dictated by his latest brain farts,he is the most monumental fool to have ever gained power, he is like a toddler with a complex toy when it comes to public speaking, he has no idea what to do or how to do it but he wont let anyone with the real nohow have a go. A national and international embarrassment, good grief how do we rid ourselves of this dolt before he ruins the entire country.

  14. Phil, Our local Playgroup is looking for someone to be the rear end of the jackass for the Christmas pageant, I am sure Tony is highly qualified for that position,

  15. Abbott being a fuckwit has nothing to do with whether I like him or not. If I did like him, it would not change that fact.

    No, I do not either like or dislike the man. I just have no respect for him. In fact, I hold him in contempt, for numerous good reasons.

    What’s more, I believe he is as an arsehole as well.

    Seems, when one looks at those polls, many more are coming to the same place,

    Now, maybe someone can tell me what he has done that is so great since the 18/9/2013.

  16. Reece I don’t think he knows exactly what he’s doing, those like Credlin who control him do. If he knew what he was doing why does he need minders like Credlin and others to follow him around everywhere to try to keep him on track, something they’re not always successful at.

    The best example is his recent speech at Davos, the one most of the audience walked out on, many as he was getting up on stage. You want to see first class idiocy at work, much to the great embarrassment of this nation, watch that speech in full to glean what an utter dick Abbott is.

  17. “Phil, Our local Playgroup is looking for someone to be the rear end of the jackass for the Christmas pageant, I am sure Tony is highly qualified for that position,”

    There’s only one problem with that, the dude in the front may end up with Abbott’s tongue up his/her chutney locker.

  18. “Tony Abbott, Road Scholar!”

    Tony Abbott Road Sweeper. Although even this task would tax this morons brain.

  19. Actually Tony Abbott is the only hope for refugees.

    Under Howard we took all our refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under Rudd/Gillard we took people with $$$$$$$$$$10,000. And you had to make a trip to Indonesia and then hunt down a smuggler, locking out refugees we used to take from Africa and other places.

    Selling our humanitarian places. What a disgrace was the Rudd/Gillard govt.

  20. Its a simple fact of life JB you would never ever trust your Hero to tell the Truth its as simple as that, No I don’t think he is a Fool but he is certainly Misguided he lied his way into the top job and has struggled with it, NO forward vision for the Country All he can do is to Destroy Good Programs , Lying is in his DNA, back flips via Gonski so many broken promises and he has only been in Charge since September Murdoch press will keep him there as long as the ABC international Tv Broadcasts are signed over to him, watch this space, One thing about Abbott he is very Predictable in his Manouverings ,My latest source of Humour is watching his Ministers telling us some mre bad news whilst struggling not to show their dislike , Mr turbull being the Latest, Todays Daily Telegraph was once again Totally out of order BIG HEADLINE ABC Treachery , what Bullshit and you are proud of this Nonsense .

  21. Actually Tony Abbott is the only hope for refugees.

    I’m thinking of renaming this post to: “It’s official: Neil of Sydney is an idiot!”

    Sorry Neil, but you asked for that.

  22. What did the Cole Commission and ABCC achieve. How many went to prison?

    ……….The age-old hatreds of Australian politics ensure that trade unions will always be a juicy target during periods of conservative government. During the Howard years, for instance, the Coalition established the Cole royal commission into corruption in the building and construction industry. The inquiry was motivated by exactly the sort of allegations that have come to light in recent days: standover tactics, union kickbacks, and tacit deals between construction companies and union bosses to drive up wages in return for industrial peace.

    Despite spending two years and over $60 million – making it one of the most expensive in Australian history – the Cole inquiry did not result in a single prosecution. Nor did the Howard government’s “tough cop on the beat”, the Australian Building and Construction and Commission, prove itself particularly effective at reforming the supposedly corruption-prone industry. The ABCC was pretty successful in its prosecutions record, but most of its actions were for minor breaches of employment law, such as unlawful industrial action. It did not uncover systematic illegality or entrenched corruption.

    There’s no doubt that Australian building sites could sometimes be managed more efficiently. But there is little evidence that unions are the primary cause of current inefficiencies. And there is no sign of any “wage explosion”, as Employment Minister Eric Abetz was warning this week in a speech to the Sydney Institute.


  23. “Sorry Neil, but you asked for that.

    Why?? Under Rudd/Gillard anyone with $$$$$10,000 could replace the refugees we used to take from UNHCR camps under Howard.

  24. Why did Morrison, reduce the intake of refugees from 20,000 back to 13,000. Labor intended to raise it again, to near 30,000.

    These numbers would go a long way, in alleviating the pressure in this region.

    Neal, much you write, makes no sense., You have been away too long. We no longer get diverted with rubbish comments.

  25. Big problems, I believe for Morrison occurred today in PNG. My gut feeling is, thank to the mismanagement of this government, the PNG scheme could collapse.

  26. “Why did Morrison, reduce the intake of refugees from 20,000 back to 13,000.”

    Actually it has gone from 20,000 people who know how to milk the system to hopefully 13,750 refugees from UNHCR camps.

  27. John B & Neil of Sydney (where the fuck is TimofAltona when you want to speak to him?)
    Forget about who went where and who did what.
    The article is about the baby talk that comes out of OGFL’s leering cakehole.
    And what you see there is about .1 of a percentage point of it all.
    Imagine what he’s like at home when he lets his thought processes really run wild.

  28. Still, much less. Does little to help them trapped in the region. Should have said 13,700. Laziness on my part..

    Still, it is Abbott who is a PM and who the focus should be kept on.

    Neal, why do you believe he is so good?

    olddaveym, does he ever go home. Where is home.

  29. Still, much less.”

    No it is actually much more. You have trouble with English.

    We have gone from taking 20,000 people who knew how to milk the system to hopefully 13,750 genuine refugees from UNHCR camps.

  30. (Rightwing Projection decode, possibly with a view to stirring up Neil’s very Australian sense of common decency: “I got caught out ordering the towback of a boatload of injured asylum seekers for which I have no affection and no sympathy.”)

  31. If abott says that about our navy, it must be winds and tides, just think of the air force and all the wind they have to put up with and flying at supersonic speed, the rotation of the earth might make the instruments fail, the army with all that wind, dust, rain, they might just get lost, hope they have good maps and GPS to help navigate them around the place.

  32. I am a pensioner in this land so I have seen a lot of politics through the years but none like this. This government has torn down many things in their short innings and not one thing have they done yet that relates to a better life for all Australians.I can’t see where they are taking us that is better than what we already had. And demolishing science projects in one fell swoop….Why? John B you seem to know something I don’t and I would love to hear why you think Tony is so good for us. If you mention Rudd or Gillard I will regard you as disingenuous. What is his Big Plan?

  33. “I wonder who would or could employ him when he leave politics. Any ideas?”
    I believe they are looking for shark bait in WA

  34. (Mea culpa, Neil of Sydney. “Turning back the boats where it’s safe do so” has an unforeseen and manipulative face to it, it seems; and, therefore, it’s vital for Australian Navy professionals to continue to be released from personal liability for ensuring workplace safety for self and others when carrying out orders and being forced to use appropriate force when dealing with people smugglers, per Scott Morrison’s charm offensive, today. So, I retract my earlier, somewhat cynical insinuation about a Tony Abbott’s ‘mistakes were made, but not by me’ character.)

  35. What nonsense Neil. Around 95% of boat people have been recognised as refugees as defined by the UNHCR. Most are from Afghanistan and if you read the news instead of listening to the Liberal party lies you would know the Hazara are facing genocide in Afghanistan AND in their country of first asylum , Pakistan. And that is why they flee to Europe and Australia. Also Tamil Sri Lankan refugees are facing appalling human rights abuse but our Government is the only one that does not accept the reports and instead supports the perpetrators of human rights violations!

  36. John B, the treasurer that you are referring to, is that the one who won world treasurer of the year? The one that gave us three triple A credit ratings, the one that kept us out of recession during the GFC when every other advanced economy plunged into recession? The one that grew the economy during his tenure by %13.
    I get tired of hearing coalition propaganda repeated by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

  37. With the agreement of the Motoring, Shooting, Sporting and Palmer United Senate members, the government will introduce legislation from July 1 next year that will require CSG to be known henceforth as ‘happy gas’, coal-fired generation to be known as Coke, as in ‘things go better’, and its future will be represented by an image of a nodding donkey in a sombrero (si, si, yes). Wind energy will be rebadged either as ‘infrasound’ or ‘chapped lips’, while solar will be known as ‘sunburn’ or ‘uncloud energy’.

  38. I have lived in this wonderful country since Gough Whitlam became Prime Minister,and this is the first time in 42 years i have feared for Australia to survive this dickhead of a so called man.I also blame the Australians who were so misguided by the MSM and Murdoch himself, to vote for this lying 3 word sloganist.But vote for him they did and they will have to live with the consequencies,hopefully this will see the end of the coalition for the rest of my lifetime because the Frasers and Howards of this country didn’t leave the country in a state that it will be left in after 3 years of this man.I can see no progress whatsoever coming from this government,a government that will not tell the country what is happening or even going to happen,because they have no policies (or none they are prepared to tell us)
    Shame on you swinging voters for getting us in this position

  39. “What nonsense Neil. Around 95% of boat people have been recognised as refugees as defined by the UNHCR

    It is amazing the contortions you people go through to justify your vote in 2007.

    The reality is under Howard we took all our refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under Rudd/Gillard those places could be purchased for $10,000. And they are told by the smugglers what to say to get a place.

    “SALVATION Army senior soldier Simon Hartley struggles with the consequences of asylum policy every day in Altona, in Melbourne’s southwest, in the heart of Prime Minister Julie Gillard’s electorate.

    He does not deal with asylum-seekers who arrive on boats. He helps the families of refugees suffering overseas who have been crowded out, denied a place in Australia because it has been taken by someone who originally came illegally.

    “The families we are assisting have put their applications through the correct channels, have not sought out people-smugglers and now are being told that they do not have a real chance of obtaining a visa,” Hartley says. “This is grossly unfair and will drive more to people-smugglers.”

  40. We have seen yesterday where this government is coming from. Abbott has very simple beliefs about what drives the industry. He also believes all this country’s ill can be placed at the feet of workers and their unions., abetted by bosses that cave in.

    He sees the solution as destroying unions, putting the workers back in their place.

    He also believes that government should be minute, there ti serve capital.

    He believes in this, as he believes in HIS god.

    He does not explain why the USA has suffered so badly with its low wages and poor welfare services.

    Abbott believes he has to do nothing, except cut welfare and remove all protections that workers have.

    As that mayor said today, SPC problems are not wages, they are cheaper, food products pouring into this country. She mentioned Italy, but I suspect trade agreements, especially that one signed by Howard, is contributing to their problems. As they said yesterday, they are not competing on a level playing field.

    I wonder how low Abbott believes wages have to go.

    Gillard took us down the path, with education, technology and other infrastructure of high wage, high technology jobs. Abbott seems to believe we can compe4te with the low wage countries of Asia, Africa and some parts of Europe.

    Yes, all Abbott believes he has to do, is destroy the unions. We know how Abbott loves to destroy.

  41. Nathine is saying the fame changed yesterday. No, it did not. It change the day Abbott was elected. We are only now finding out how much. Wonder if Abbott is going to visit SPC, as Nathine has just done.

    Abbott isn’t answering the phone to Nathine.

  42. One would have thought, with the five hours of discussion the SPC yesterday, one might have picked the phone up to the Victorian Premier.

  43. I believe the Australians will learn, as the Germans did pre second world war. One cannot afford to ignore politics in a democracy. One does so at their own peril.

    Farrell withdraws in SA. I suspect he has already caused the damage. Maybe another one that should have picked the phone up before acting.

  44. Neil, why not talk about what is occurring today. With this government one never is short of many things to discuss.

    Why not SPC, SBS, ABC or even why does not Morrison show us the videos that the Navy takes in all incidents, to prove there was no mistreatment, that the actions of the sailors were above board.

    Why not talk about Abbott’s belief that all the misfortunes of this country are caused by the workers, or those unlucky enough to need welfare to survive.

    Talking about history, changes nothing.

  45. After all Labor did leave a reasonably strong economy, especially when one looks at how other countries are travelling.

  46. Neil, you have been away too long. We have moved on from the issues you want to discuss. If you need to hear the answers all over, just go to the archives. Little to be gained, repeating all, just for you.

  47. Abbott cannot achieve, can only deliver disaster, as all his answers are based on false premises. He cannot identify the problems, therefore, cannot supply the cures.

  48. Test cricketers might drop catches and footballers miss marks, but Tony’s attempt at an explanation is equivalent to half the team leaping the fence and not knowing that they were no longer on the oval.

  49. This is what Abbott believes is excessive.


    Workers at SPC Ardmona are hardly likely to be eating oysters and drinking champagne for breakfast each day.
    Typical workers earn around $24 or $25 an hour – just shy of $50,000 a year. They can earn some extra overtime in peak picking periods on top of that.
    To put that in some perspective, the ordinary-hours average yearly wage in Australia is nearly $74,000. In manufacturing that figure comes in at just shy of $67,000. So whatever the problems are at SPC Ardmona, it’s surely not that the workers are grossly overpaid.
    On Thursday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott described the agreement between the company and union as ”extraordinary”, focusing on the above-award conditions such as ”wet allowances” and redundancy of four weeks a year of service. But this is disingenuous.
    Advertisement .

    Read more:

  50. ……WHEN naval officer Edi Sukendi saw the weird orange capsule jammed on a coral reef close to shore, his first instinct was to check it for explosives.
    Corporal Sukendi got word from a ranger that the strange vessel had landed on the afternoon of January 15, and disgorged an estimated 60 asylum-seekers, who immediately scattered into the jungle.
    This is the first look at one of the reported 11 lifeboats that the Abbott government bought out of Singapore to send asylum-seekers back to Indonesia.
    Sukendi was shocked at the sophistication of the brand new 8.5m x 3.2m vessel, fitted with 90 seats (with seatbelts), air-conditioning, navigational equipment, life jackets, food and water and an inboard diesel motor that he estimated was capable of doing 30 knots…

  51. “Workers at SPC Ardmona are hardly likely to be eating oysters and drinking champagne for breakfast each day.”

    Of course they can. They can also buy luxuries like food and clothes, send their kids to private schools and go skiing in the Swiss Alps every year. They have their own private medical teams with a Doctor on call 24/7 should the kidi winks get an upset tummy. You’ll find them on most Friday evenings, in the best restaurants in town, quaffing champers and munching on the finest caviar. All the time being protected and watched over by their private security guard, just in case some working class yob should upset them or their guests usually the local bank manager, who is advising them on what to do with the fifty dollars they have left over after paying for the wife’s 1 carat diamond ring.

    Yes it’s an easy life working in a jam factory, picking up apricots and other fruit all day putting it in jars, and standing on ya pins all day. Going home smelling like a box of Lebanese dates. Sounds like a job our P.M. just might be able to handle. Well maybe not.

  52. phil, have the workers ever had it so good. Too good, Mr. Abbott seems to believe. Wonder how many can remortgage nearly a million dollars, on their home? Remortgage because they cannot manage on their income.

  53. Abbott is a moron. He doesn’t know what it is like to work for a living, he knows even less about workers wages. He comes from a family that would have been better than middle class his father being a dentist. He is typical of his whole front bench.

    Yes, that is the question, how were the people conned? Well lets face it, it was the media. They were caning the Labor party and its leadership 24/7. The lies and propaganda would have made the good Doctor Goebbels proud.

    Until Labor invests in its own electronic media outlet Radio/T.V. they are always going to be at the whim of ‘ Murdoch’s Choice’ He is on record bty as saying ” I decide who governs Australia” .

    Well we are stuck with the bastard until the next election/leadership challenge/ or double dissolution. The next election will be the most important in our history as a nation. If we endorse this evil bastard and what he is doing to this country, we deserve all that happens to us. I would imagine we are very much like the Germans and Hitler,WW2 when they started losing the war they realised much too late, the terrible mistake they had made. Abbott has/will do a lot of harm to this nation, I pray to God he is gone soon.

  54. Yes, the unions have been around a long time. Much longer than the Liberal Party.

    Research has uncovered a much earlier version of one of Australia’s most famous folk songs, linking it to a strike which almost caused a civil war and led to the birth of the Australian Labor Party.

    The discovery places the ballad popularly known as Click Go The Shears around the time of the 1891 national shearers strike, which was the biggest industrial dispute of its time.

    Sydney-based researcher Mark Gregory found the lyrics in the National Archives as part of a doctoral thesis on songs and poetry linked to the Australian labour movement.

    The lyrics were published as The Bare Belled Ewe in Victoria’s Bacchus Marsh Times in late 1891.

    This is more than half a century before the song became popular in the 1950s, when American entertainer Burl Ives recorded an incomplete version during a tour of Australia.

    “The first time most Australians would have heard the song was actually in 1952 sung with an American accent, so really its popularity stems from that date in many ways,” Mr Gregory said.

    “There were shearers who knew it, so it was known and it was always known as a song sung to an American civil war tune or song called Ring The Bell Watchman.”

  55. Griffith University emeritus professor of history and politics Ross Fitzgerald says the published date of the discovery is significant because it links the song to a time when Queensland shearers almost caused a civil war.

    “The colonial government used armed and mounted troops and militia to deal with the armed strikers,” he said.

    “It was a very, very inflammable situation.”

    He says the shearers’ defeat in 1891 and 1894 led the Queensland labour movement to move away from direct action into parliamentary representation via the Labor Party.

    “That happened so quickly after 1895 that by 1899 for a week Queensland had the first labour government in the world, led by a man named Anderson Dawson from Charters Towers from the dual [member] electorate of Charters Towers,” he said.

    “Most people don’t realise that Queensland indeed had the first labour government in the world from December 1 to December 7, 1899.”

    Sean Murphy’s full report on The Bare Belled Ewe and shearing today will air on Landline this Sunday at noon on ABC 1.

    Topics: folk, music, arts-and-entertainment, 19th-century, history,

  56. Comment here & elsewhere about SPC. I think this is indeed intended as a “line in the sand”. I think the intended message for employers here is to reduce workers conditions first & last. If this particular company were to try it on with the workforce I’m sure Abbott could find a hell of a lot more than $25 million to spend on backing them up.
    More & more I’m starting to think that Abbott & this government are happy to largely trash the country in the hope that a brighter, purer, more subservient & thoroughly more right wing nation will arise from the wreckage. Unionised workforces are the target & workers & their dependents will be the collateral damage.

  57. So Nikki Savva believes Ms. Bishop is doing a womderfgul Job. Nice to have an FM who is polite and can make decisions??????????????? Insiders

  58. Bob,. Agree completely. /It is about destroying the unions and putting workers in their place. Also aimed at bosses, who in his words cave into their workers.

    That is the line drawn in the sand.

    Just listened to that speech of Santamaria. I forgot how far right the man was. To think, at a very young age, that man, along with Michael Baume had all the answers. At least I grew up. Abbott has not.

    If I recall, the far right of the unions of that time, were not in themselves very democratic. Maybe I recall are wrong.

    How can the ABC be bias, when they have so many from the IPA and the likes of Nikki Savva on everyday.

  59. ladybug

    Well, you read. Why?

    NO, it is not hate. I hate the direction this country is travelling an have the time and will to try and change things.

    One is free to scroll past. The only complaints seem to come from trolls, that visit from time to time.

    You are entitled to challenge anything I say. In fact. I love that. I also love hearing why this PM is and government is so good.

    Yes, it is up to you, how you respond to what I write. I expect. All I will feature, is personal attacks and little more.

    Have a good day.

    PS. I use every outlet I can find. My aim in life is to make people think and question.

  60. Yes, Bob, Abetz still says these workers are over paid. Sharman Stone does not seem to agree.

    ABetz once again cherry picking when talking about the award. As the article above shows, these workers are not highly paid.

  61. Just listening to Abetz. Not even Cassidy can make him sound good. Love the question, where are the jobs coming from. Abetz could not answer.

    Wouldlove to know what world this mnan lives in. In fact, if one listened carefully, he is not oozing confidence. In fact he is too busy blaming the workewr. Yes, worker, not unions or Labor.

    That is what people needs to keep in mind.
    He seems more angry with weak knees empl;oyers..

  62. It seems the Labor candidate for Griffiths is NOT a union hack. No, she is a lawyer that has appeared in the Union. As Julie did for the asbestos firms.

    I would love Shorten, when he comes back from the USA, to make an announcement, that no, he is not supporting rebirth of the ABCC. To announce he is calling for a wide, very wide Royal Commission into the behavior of Workers, Unions and Employers.

    For Mr. Shorten to say, he will stand by the results of such an RC.

    That would spike the agenda of the likes of Abetz and Co. The allegations would then be tested. Yes, there will be some unions that might be in an uncomfortable position, but I am sure there will be many more employers.

    The truth is, that most unions are honest. Not sure one can say the same of builders and developers.

    History has shown, that the unions survive any inquiry well. Never many caught in the net.

  63. Yes, m this government has indeed made sense. Well, it must, because that is what many are telling us. This is the region that Abbott and Abetz believe many are over paid.

    …With Shepparton facing hundreds of job losses at SPC Ardmona itself and many more indirectly, enforced income management could become a reality for large numbers of long-term employed residents encountering the welfare system for the first time. ”If you get up to 3000 new people who hit the unemployment lines at roughly a similar time, that will have a very dramatic and disproportionate impact,” says David Tennant, the chief executive officer of FamilyCare, a local welfare organisation.
    Mr Tennant is not opposed to income management as a broad principle, but argues that forcing it on people involuntarily is misguided. And he warns that the SPC Ardmona crisis, in the worst-case scenario, could present problems that will worsen the program’s existing shortcomings.
    ”If income management was compulsorily applied to more people then it would be a very dramatic and sudden shift. Anything that takes people who have had long-term financial stability and puts them in a crisis situation puts great stress on them … [there are] additional mental health issues, you have additional mainstream health demands. And for us, who provide child and family services, families that are otherwise functional and doing quite well are significantly disrupted.”
    Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews is likely to be watching the Shepparton trial closely: the MP last year called for a fast-tracking of evaluation of the income management trial sites and, more recently, announced a review into the welfare system, focusing on unemployment and disability payments.
    The trials are costing the federal government $117.5 million, or $23.5 million a site – just shy of the $25 million requested by SPC Ardmona.
    Says Mr Tennant: ”On the one hand you’ve got a program [income management] that so far is assisting in ways that are yet to show sustained positive impact, and another program that will keep 700 people potentially in a job, earning money and paying t.

    Read more:

  64. The electricity prices coming down for the second time in NSW in spite of the alleged carbon tax still being in place. Wonder why that is so?

    .THE NSW government has claimed victory against rising electricity prices, with households expected to see falling prices for the second year in a row.
    On Friday, NSW electricity distribution businesses Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy lodged their investment and pricing proposals with the Australian Energy Regulator.
    The plans show capital spending by the networks over the five-year period to 2019 is down by 39 per cent compared to the period 2009-14, the NSW government says.
    “Following these proposals, it is expected that this will be the first time since the turn of the century that households will experience two successive annual reductions in power costs, in real terms,” NSW Treasurer Mike Baird said in a statement on Sunday…

  65. With “Look- Ah!” and “So Crystal Clear”
    And grimace from ear to ear
    Abbott thinks he has class
    Rhodes Scholar? – My arse!
    Chuck him out or start living in fear.

  66. I am fed up with all this waffle ! yes tony is stupid and surrounded by idiots who will only make him look better ! also the people behind the scenes (pulling his strings !)must be really dumb (JC Gina and Rupert for starters ! ) he has made some bloopers that even GWB would have held to task over !in fact one president was impeached over ! but we cannot let him hand this country over to new owners even during the next 3 years he can sign the TPPA and let the American corporations take over ! the only glimmer of hope in that is that they would probably reduce his salary and perks along with all Oz politicians bcoz the yanks would not like him / them to be earning more than Obama or their mob ! Most people agree with ‘you get what you pay for’ ! Australian politics seems to be a big exception to the rule

  67. ……..Typical workers earn around $24 or $25 an hour – just shy of $50,000 a year. They can earn some extra overtime in peak picking periods on top of that.
    To put that in some perspective, the ordinary-hours average yearly wage in Australia is nearly $74,000. In manufacturing that figure comes in at just shy of $67,000. So whatever the problems are at SPC Ardmona, it’s surely not that the workers are grossly overpaid.
    On Thursday, Prime Minister Tony Abbott described the agreement between the company and union as ”extraordinary”, focusing on the above-award conditions such as ”wet allowances” and redundancy of four weeks a year of service. But this is disingenuous.
    Awards, as Abbott knows as a former workplace relations minister, are nowadays a safety net of the barest wages and conditions.
    For instance the award rate for a level two worker in the food industry is $16.85 an hour, a smidge above the national minimum wa.

    Sorry, one cannot repeat this story enough. How can one trust this government, if their actions are based on lies.

  68. “Sorry, one cannot repeat this story enough. How can one trust this government, if their actions are based on lies.

    TOOOOOOOO funny FU. Rudd promised an NBN costing $4.7B and finished in 5 years back in 2007.

    According to Rudd it should have been finished in 2012-2013.

  69. Forget that one, Neil. Not revisiting it. When you came back, comparing apples with apples I might.

    Now its Howard did not blotch the sale of Telstra, he might not have had was it 11 or more failed attempts at bringing in fibre. That is Howard, I mean.,

    Now, Rudd made a mistake of promising similar schemes to what Howard did.

    Labor learnt very quickly, it was not possible while Telstra was in the picture.

    It seems that Turnbull, wants to see Telstra back in that position.

    Labor then came up with a far superior scheme, that meets the needs of this country for the next century.

    It matters not what happens now, as of 2020, we will be putting in place the NBNCo we have now.

    This government will just create unnecessary waste of money and time.

    Now if Howard had separated the two arms of Telstra, before selling we would not I believe have fire to the home. Might even had occurred in Howard’s day.

    End of topic, as far as Neil is concerned. We have also been around thos ring many times with Neil.

    I am sure he keeps copies of his comments, that he cuts and paste. Might even go into the archives to resurrect them. He will proceed, no matter any answer given at this time, with comments that are word for word, he used in the past.

  70. Neil, no matter how many times you repeat it. The facts do not change. Thanks for the opportunity to remind others.

  71. Neil, did you find out how many union officials have gone to jail in the last fifty years because of Royal Commissions.
    I believe one union was deregistered in this state. By a Labor government I believe.

    Not interested, I bet.

  72. As someone elsewhere pointed out, one does not PAY bribes unless one has done something wrong, and wants to cover up the fact.

  73. ….or if the lying libtards shonks can’t bribe their way out, Fu, they use the Minchin Protocol….. unless, of course, your name is Slipper. 😀
    NoS, as per you go around and round and then ‘look over there’……. well ditto to you too ➡ and/or or try this ‘look over there’ 😀 😆

  74. The last link is an perfect analogy of the ‘worth’ of FTTH/FTTP to future income(s)… who would of thought that that building would bring in the income that it keeps bringing in year after year, it may have cost an bundle back then…but it has proven to be money well spent, mm! ….. just like the ALP version of NBN. 🙂

  75. LOVO, I hope, if they do not go ahead with what we have now, they drop the lot.

    That way, the Telstra egg will not have to be unscrambled again.,

  76. LOVO cannot understand, the original Rudd scheme and what we are now or was getting have little in common.

    The Rudd scheme was dumped, because it was sustained, was not doable.

    Neil cannot comprehend this fact. This is why he is so confused.

  77. “Neil cannot comprehend this fact. This is why he is so confused.”

    Neil is a conservative, he was born confused. They don’t come in any other model.

    Sorry two my mistake. Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber.

  78. “Should we pity them?”
    Well I do, I certainly don’t hate them. Hate is a wasted emotion.

    I always put it down to a poor education in working class people that vote conservative.

    You know down the street from us was a women she lived in a council house on a disability support pension. A few weeks before any election she would proudly place a huge billboard on her front lawn with the mug shot of her local state or federal member.

    Of course the irony was glaring, this silly women really did believe the Liberal government cared about her. I met her once and asked her who she thought was responsible for her pension and housing, well yep you guessed it, the Liberal party. These will always be the fools we are up against. And of course there are quite a few of them. But money doesn’t always follow conservative politics, I knew a Doctor who made me look like a paid up member of the K.K.K. Go figure because I can’t.

  79. What you’ve got to remember is we now have modern communications. I’m sure Abbott no doubt set up video conferencing from the chateau Napoleon in the French Alps with the Aboriginal leaders in Arnham Land.

    Yeh, I can just imagine Abbott sitting back with a glass of French Champers talking to Warren Mundean on the video link. After about five minutes after the pleasantries were over, Abbott would be saying sorry Warren, we’re losing the satellite you’re fading to black and white and the telly is a bit fuzzy wuzzy. I will see you when I get back to Oz in about three weeks give my love to the tribe.

    Abbott is a joke, the quicker we off load this dead beat the better.

  80. It’s official, tabot is an Idiot. Even youtube agree

    The Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, posts a video to YouTube boasting of how “we’ve delivered on our promises” and spends a lot of the time pretty much calm-ranting about “illegal” asylum seekers.

    YouTube decides the video is “deceptive content” and blocks anyone from viewing it


    More here

    That is too funny 🙂

  81. Pyne also raised his head. Must be worried about Saturday. Something about giving schools autonomy. Read, government outsourcing responsibility.

    Will Abbott have anything to say the Japanese government. Suspect he will not, and the Japanese know it. Free for their whaling boats to ram who they please.

  82. But money doesn’t always follow conservative politics, I knew a Doctor who made me look like a paid up member of the K.K.K. Go figure because I can’t.

    I don’t think Therese Rein votes LNP.

    It’s actually not that unusual Phil. The left has always plenty of highly educated and wealthy people in its ranks.

    It’s only odd to hard-arsed conservatives who have little concept of society and the common good. Abbott, Abetz, and Andrews spring to mind.

    There are good people in the LNP too but I won’t make life any more difficult for them by naming them on a Lefty blog.

  83. Be gentle on Nil. Nil cannot help the fact they don’t get the obvious facts of life. They unfortunately, in a 50/50 chance of choosing those who would make sure they do OK, chose the wrong people to trust and subliminally know it. They have noticed this, but still comes here again, to attain knowledge to reshape their gullibility. They are just requesting the obvious from us. Pity the sad person, for they are seeking help.

  84. I read out the quote about roads and cars moving causing less pollution than cars standing still to my husband and asked him to guess who said it? His first guess was Tony Abbott and then he said, thoughtfully: “You know, he must be right, he’s a Rhodes Scholar!”

  85. Tony Abbott has been an idiot and a bully for most of his adult life. I could not comprehend how the Australian public could vote such an obvious imbecile to the post of Prime Minister.
    A tragic role model for our children.
    He thinks that it is his right to rule us by his own limited and fundamental belief system. Just because he doesn’t believe in climate change he thinks he has the right to ignore science and the future of our planet, our children and their children and theirs,so on.
    And the whole Liberal party protect and support him, this speaks volumes about the quality of the party.

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