Places to see before they’re gone

With the conservative agenda being to unwind environmental protections and regulations, it saddens me to have to create a list of “Places to see before they’re gone”. Instead of protecting Australia’s precious places and species we have governments demolishing environmental protections and regulations.

Soon Australia’s precious places and species will be gone. There are pressures from increased expansion in mining; the frightening growth in fracking for coal seam gas; increased development and expanding urban fringes; continued use of unsustainable agricultural practices; and of course climate change. And this is on top of the fact that Australia has the highest rate of species extinction in the world.

The problem though is that once they’re gone they can’t be replaced. They can’t be rehabilitated to their original glory or restored. They can’t be magically brought back. It looks like it won’t be long before we’re actually visiting museums that hold holographic displays of different flora and fauna, or even landscapes.

It deeply saddens and disturbs me that my country seems to have too little regard and appreciation for our environment.

Here’s my list of places to see before they’re gone and they aren’t arranged in any particular order.

1. Great Barrier Reef

2. The Tarkine

3. Kakadu National Park

4. James Price Point

5. Kangaroo Island

6. Franklin River

7. Cape York

8. Victorian Alpine region

9. The Kimberley

10. Cape Barren

This is not an exhaustive list of “Places to see before they’re gone” and I’d love to know what additional places you’d add to the list.

NOTE: This was originally published at Alex Schlotzer’s blog on 18 January 2014

59 comments on “Places to see before they’re gone

  1. The Coorong in S.A. is under a lot of pressure from the stupid LNP’s total disregard for the Murray/Darling basin plan.

  2. Alex
    You much be such an old fart. Pack those bags now and set off tomorrow
    by the end of the week all maybe gone.
    Or eminent nuclear attack from North Korea or Indonesian Invasion ( war
    as suggested by that now departed old fart Kevin Rudd during the Election
    It is Sunday go outside take a few deep breaths then come inside and enjoy
    the Cricket like this old fart.

  3. My Dad was a soldier settler on Kangaroo Island. Just about all the farms were soldier settler farms.

    On our farm I used to find old Aboriginal campsites. The Aboriginal occupation has been dated back to 20,000 years. The campsites had the most beautiful old stone tools, particularly those which are called by archaeologists as ‘hammer stones’. In fact, Ive never seen better specimens in any museum than those I found on the farm.

    I never took any of the stone tools – they remained on the farm.

    Our farm was by no means unique, as approx 2,000 ancient campsites exist on the island.

    I said ‘exist’ though perhaps ‘existed’ would be the correct term now. Gunns bought up all the old soldier settler farms and turned them into pine plantations.

    Not only would all the old soldiers be turning in their graves, but those old campsites will be lost to the world. It really is a tragedy. A real tragedy. It should never have been allowed to happen. So much for SA’s heritage act.

  4. Michael your article reminds me of the aboriginal middens dotted all along the south Qld coastline from Redcliffe to Hervey Bay. My brother actually has one in his back yard at Clontarf. After preserving them for decades by all Qld governments, mother nature saw fit to take her shells back to sea in big seas. What has been left in her wake as the coastline disappears? More middens and sadly the people of today don’t know what they are looking at as they perform wheelies up and down the dunes every weekend. How sad.

  5. Well your wrong and most of the worlds scientists, climatologists, and other assorted academics, and Bo Bo the clown, don’t agree with you. The science is in, and has been for a long time.

    I’m sure if you live to a ripe old age I’m sure you may find your self (if you live near the sea) floating out into the nearest shipping channel in your favourite chair. Asleep.

  6. I hope I go that way Phil. Rather that than the ravages of cancer old son. I must say though I find it strange that Flannery lives on the water and Gillard just bought a home by the sea?

  7. I really don’t think it will be in their life time, or mine for that matter. There are more things to worry about. It’s dollars to donuts we are heading for another recession, we are fast running out of fresh water, and the planet is becoming over populated. There will be a reckoning, but I don’t think it will be global warming. For mine, its a financial crash, that’s going to stop the planet. Interesting times ahead.

  8. Oh dear, The Don is a bit of a moron, isn’t he? Almost all of the hottest years since records were first taken (more than 100 years ago), have been in the last decade-a decade dominated by record low solar activity. So where is the cooling that this low solar activity would normally entail, The Don. Way to kick an own goal there, you ignorant Climate Change Denial Cultist.

  9. In fact, the most rapid period of global warming in the last 10,000 years (at least) has been in the last 40 years. Yet solar activity has been trending downwards over that same 40 year period. Yet still the Denialist Cult still tries to claim that humans aren’t causing global warming. Idiots.

  10. The Don and,

    I find it strange that Flannery lives on the water and Gillard just bought a home by the sea?

    Perhaps you might also find it strange that every coastal Council in Australia has an evacuation plan to cope with the rising waters. An example is Fern Beach which is north of Byron Bay – every house constructed on that subdivision must be a demountable.

  11. Thanks Voyager for your considered comments. I don’t yet consider myself an old fart but I am concerned about the natural environment being ruined as quickly as possible under the current governments across Australia. There are many places I have seen ruined by development and mining; over time. Always using the excuse of jobs and growth, these developments never delivered and only ensured the natural environment was ruined beyond restoring.

    This doesn’t happen over night sure but with the increase in rampant development and mining and the demolition of environmental protections and regulations, along with climate change, it won’t be the decades one expects before these places are gone.

    I suggest that being an old fart you should spend your time seeing more of the great places of Australia so you can at least let your great grand children know what they looked like. I’m sure it’s far more fun than watching the Cricket.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  12. An example is Fern Beach which is north of Byron Bay – every house constructed on that subdivision must be a demountable.

    Where? Doesn’t exist. Never heard of it and I’ve been surfing this coastline for 40 years. Fern Beach?

  13. and I do not find it strange that councils have been coerced into formulating any type of plans because some wayward Govt forced it upon them. Hello Carol demountables? Whats is the point of a demountable? That is like building demountables in Tully, Bowen or Ingham..

  14. Don – building demountables is a joke.
    There needs to be consideration of storm surge and wind strengths.
    But the moment you try to raise a house above 8.5 metres max Councils and
    locals go into melt down. You just cannot win.
    Byron Council – probably the worst in Aust, not only morally bankrupt but
    physically bankrupt, how they have survived financially is unknown.
    All you CW sludges would be interested to know they cannot handle their own
    sewerage so they pump it into tankers and transship it to adjoining councils.
    Love Byron and not suggesting over development in any way but go there and
    no local Gov function works properly. The councillor s are all over inhailing.

  15. “All you CW sludges would be interested to know they cannot handle their own
    sewerage so they pump it into tankers and transship it to adjoining councils.”
    ….and you thought we would find that interesting… becausssee.. 😕 why? exactly 😮
    …and as for the ‘sludges’ bit…….. Why must you continually come here and project.. 😛 😛

  16. Well ‘the Don’ in spite of the sun showing low activity,
    we are still seeing steadily increasing numbers of record high temperature days
    and although there are also record lows they are few in number comparatively.
    Add to this the steadily increasing average temperature and Human assisted
    global warming is more rather than less compelling.
    Your conclusion is plain wrong.

    ….enjoy the cricket ..don’t forget the sunscreen.

  17. Projection is all he knows LOVO. To not project is to admit that he’s indeed a deeply flawed and gormless person, following a deeply flawed and failing party led by the worst leader this country has ever seen, who also projects his considerable flaws and failing onto others as an example to his mindlessly adulatory followers.

    To be otherwise means they have to think.

  18. I would love to see these areas before they are gone, but alas, I dare not spend anything as I may be caught up soon the the ravages of the exploitation of the average Australian that Don and Voyager support in their myopic befuddled state of minds.
    BTW, LOL! Using “The Australian” as a “fact” is an oxymoron. That is the best joke I have seen today! ROFL Thank you Don for the mirth! ROFL

  19. I’d love to know what additional places you’d add to the list.

    This one!

    A place that, were Labor still running the country (is anyone at the moment) would have had a viable future.

    It is not just environmental trashing that is going on, it is economic as well

    ACTU President Ged Kearney said with 32,000 full time jobs lost in December, 12,000 more in the Commission of Audit’s sights, not to mention massive job losses in the manufacturing industry, Australians are asking what Tony Abbott’s jobs plan is.

    What I want to know is, why, when I google 32,000 jobs December I don’t get any links to a news site?

  20. Using “The Australian” as a “fact” is an oxymoron

    It can’t even be used for toilet paper TechinBris, as it is already coated in shyte. 😉

  21. Like I said, The Don can’t answer even a very simple question. Members of the Denialist Cult are really, really *dumb*.

  22. If Don has ‘concluded’, then perhaps he can answer the following question that was recently put to Maurice Newman

    We have so far pumped two trillion tonnes of a greenhouse gas, CO2, into our atmosphere since the industrial revolution, at a rate faster than ever before. Why would we presume that it would have no effect?

    I haven’t seen Maurice Newman respond as yet. Perhaps the Don can?

  23. Thanks Tom R for the good laugh.

    I was actually trying to be serious. Difficult as it is in these trying times 😦

  24. We do find ourselves in very trying times with Tony Abbott and co running the show.


    Decimation of our environmental credentials
    Decimation of our auto industry
    Decimation of our International relationships
    Decimation of our education system

    Very trying times indeed Alex 😦

    Just saw this on ABC. Wonder if anyone here is able to shine a light into what it actually might mean in the big picture?

    Nauru expels Australian magistrate Peter Law, bars chief justice Geoffrey Eames from returning to country

    There just seems to be so much restriction and intimidation going on related to this Government and anything they have their paws into. Wasn’t it not long ago another lawyer had some things seized in relations to Timor?

  25. The current bush fires have given Australia its annual CO2 quota for all 2014.

    Luckily I don’t think that these are counted in our reduction target though. It was also interesting to note that during our recent extreme heatwaves, the electricity system seemed to cope. Little thank was offered up to an important player in this though

    Solar owners should be thanked by the community at large after taking the edge of southeastern Australia power networks during demand peaks on Wednesday, the Australia Solar Council says, according to a report in Energy Matters.

  26. I was born near the Coorong. Definitely needs preservation. :mrgreen:

    And as I mentioned earlier, I grew up on Kangaroo Island. Why is it that every place I’ve lived in is now facing destruction? 😦

    I used to live in Adelaide and everybody knows that place is dead.

    Now I’m in Canberra. This place is being destroyed too. Cyclone Abbott will wipe it off the map.

  27. Immigrants and refugees who agree to settle in regional Queensland could jump the queue to come to Australia, under a proposal flagged by the premier.

    It seems as though The Liberal/National Party are abiding by there Big Political Donors, in creating a new workforce of lower paid employees to work in the mines and on other infrastructure in far Nth Queensland.

  28. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney @ January 20, 2014 @ 11:21 am “The current bush fires have given Australia its annual CO2 quota for all 2014.”

    You got it wrong Voyager, it’s all your “friends” and your constant diatribes of bull shit that is creating way too much methane, which is actually pushing us over our allotment of carbon pollution. Desist!

  29. Decimation, is being too kind. It is destruction one is looking for. Decimation, I understand leaves nine tenths behind,. Destructiontruction takes the lot.

    Coalition demolishes what Laboe builds. Always has, always will.

    Labor then rebuilds. Always does.

    Second time around, appears to stick.

    As for man made climate change, does not matter what they think, time will sort matters out. They can explain and apologize to their grandkids down the track.

  30. I believe that the little bee, so important in our food chain reacts badly to heat, along with many other animals.

  31. When is Abbott is going to form that Green Army. Have not heard anything lately.

    I bet the man love playing with toy soldiers and guns as a toddler. Trouble is, he still seems to do so.

    What is it with the right, and their obsession with war. War on everything.

    See the cotton farmers are once again getting access to the precious water, that flows down the Murray/Darling basin.

    A little long, but one does need to keep remembering what the man offers us.

  32. You are so correct MT. Voyager is our Village Idiot. A lovely little Pet Troll to bring out and scare the Children, with warnings that if they are not humane to others, they will become as wretched as this Troll and thus become the new Village Idiot and never be taken seriously in anything. 🙂

  33. I see that Andrews has flagged massive cuts to welfare including breaking a promise on disability pensions.

    They have to cut money to those in need and the most vulnerable to pay for all the massive welfare handouts to the wealthy and subsidies to big business who control them.

  34. I see that Andrews has flagged massive cuts to welfare

    Nice. Kill of the blue collars workers future, then remove their safety net. It is the liberal way.

    This could have been written specifically for hockey deliberately destroying Holden

  35. Actually, once again Voyager manages to kick an “own goal”. Although global warming is not directly linked to Earthquakes (& no-one yet has ever tried to link the two-with the exception of stupid comments from the Denialist Cult, like Voyager). Some new research (c.2010) is suggesting that changes in glacial mass could cause significant uplift in underlying land-masses which could-in turn-lead to increased frequency & strength of Earthquakes. Of course the jury is still out as to whether this is the case.

  36. T’Bris, I was referring to Abbott

    Then for clarification, perhaps you should have used Dangerous fool, as what tabot does/is doing will/does have negative effects on us all.

    We don’t know where the deterioration of relations with Indonesia will end, suffice to say that we should now be taking what Rudd said previously (and was ridiculed by from our press) very seriously.

    And our relationship with East Timor, and possibly the entire international community, is starting to take a hammering through the revelations in the court last night

    Australia’s “illegal” seizure of documents from a Canberra-based lawyer acting for Timor-Leste falls short of the high standards expected of a nation with considerable international standing, the International Court of Justice has been told.

    Has any one Government in this country ever done so much to tarnish our relationships so dramatically? And this has all been done within 6 months of taking power.

  37. I’ve fond memories of the Coorong. As a youngster in the ’50s, I recall the Coorong as a wildlife (birds mainly) wonderland with literally millions of waterbirds dotting the surface of the immense lagoon and providing a spectacle which I’ve only seen rivalled in wildlife doco’s on places such as the Okavango Delta in Africa, or the wet season in west Arnhem land.

    The stinking eyesore, virtually devoid of birdlife that remains is testament to the casual destruction we leave in our wake. I think it’s buggered unless/until the locks on the Murray are removed or managed to keep the mouth open, for a start. Diversion of many of the soldier settler drains in S-E SA in order to return feed water to the lagoon via Saltwater Creek would also assist, imho.

    The threats to our beautiful planet occur at many different scales. While a “trashed” wonderland such as the Coorong is obvious to most, far more insidious and widespread threats challenge the unique qualities and ecology of our “sunburnt country.”

    Two such threats are tropical weed species, where a weed such as Acacia nilotica threatens the continued existence of highly productive Mitchell Grass regions in NT and Qld, while the escaped ornamental Rubber vine destroys rainforest remnants and riparian forests throUghout FNQ.

    Equally serious are the problems posed by feral animals – goats are busily destroying the arid /desert shrublands, leading to desertification in throughout the country as well as causing significant environmental damage wherever a feral population becomes established. (They are WORSE than rabbits), imho.

    There are no “easy” solutions to such environmental problems, and while conservative lobby groups, and politicians of the left and right decry environmental values and the value of science, NONE are likely to eventuate.

    Consider the alternate reality, where instead of the billions of $$ frittered away on useless, illegal and counterproductive wars since howard .
    Consider the alternate reality where the same billions were spent in addressing the truly existential threats we face.


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