It’s hotter in LA since Andrew was there

A year ago I wrote a piece for The AIMN titled “Andrew Bolt: the glob-trotting weather presenter” in response to an article – ridiculing climate change nonetheless – he called “Almost too cold to type this message to a warmist“. He wrote:

As it happens, I am in Los Angeles, freezing my backside off in an unusually cold spell . . . The world is not warming as was predicted.

Well, Andrew, LA ‘s damn hot a year to the day later. From conditions where you found yourself freezing your backside off . . . to this:

A record-breaking heat wave combined with gusty Santa Ana winds has created extreme fire conditions across parched wild lands in the Southland, forecasters warned.

Red flag warnings for Los Angeles and Ventura counties have been extended until 3 p.m. Friday with abysmally low humidity worsening already tinder-dry conditions. Wind gusts of up to 50 mph are possible in mountain areas, the National Weather Service said.

Downtown Los Angeles hit 85F (30C), tying a daily record set in 2009. Bob Hope Airport in Burbank recorded a high of 86, breaking by one degree a record for the day set in 1976.

It’s funny how the weather can change so much in one year. Or maybe you were just using “an unusually cold spell” to support your opinion that climate change doesn’t really exist.

13 comments on “It’s hotter in LA since Andrew was there

  1. Dawn Whitehand’s right. A gradual warming of the planet’s surface & atmosphere will give rise to increasingly extreme weather events as water rushes hither & yon in new & spectacular ways inside a closed system.
    But you know that, even, one suspects, do the resident trolls.
    Better for the those inconvenienced by this to rely on “it’s cooler now than it was last Thursday” arguments, & here Bolt stands ready to help.

  2. Dawn not just cold a year ago and hot a year later, but record cold one year and record heat the next.

    Whenever the “natural cycle” argument is raised by the deniers they conveniently overlook the “record” part.

  3. Bolt? Oh Sheesh! Why are we bringing up that woeful Fool, who cannot get it in his head that the Climate is a Heat distribution mechanism for the Planet, to redistribute the energy that is attained when it hits this rock, from the Sun.
    More heat, stronger the convective redistribution, means the mixing with colder air and water has to be stronger to try to find an equilibrium. Coriolis forces do the rest.
    So naturally, as you get hotter hot days, you will get colder cold days. That will happen, but the creep upward is the part you watch as the cold starts to very slowly warm. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is so often forgotten by AGW Deniers. Bolt just doesn’t get the Sciene at all.
    So why bother with such a Dill. Is it entertainment value we want from his lunacy? Can’t think of much more he is capable of providing, other than obnoxious, racist diatribe, which I know I find nauseating and totally ill informed.
    He’s a paid Mouthpiece, a prostitute for hire. That is not an insult to Prostitutes who at least are trying to survive in a World gone mad, in a way they know they can. At least they provide a bit of happiness, where Bolt just provides misery. I know I couldn’t do it.

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