Australian History

A friend (who until now I only considered a moderate right-winger) sent me (and other progressive friends) this pathetic email:

For those that don’t know about Australian History, here is a condensed version:

Australians originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters and gatherers.

They lived on kangaroos on the plains during the summer and would then go to the coast and live on fish and mussels in the winter. The two most important events in all Aussie history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer.

These were the foundation of modern Aussie civilisation and together were the catalyst for the splitting of Australians into two distinct sub-groups:
1. Liberals, and
2. Labor

Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture.

Neither the glass bottle nor aluminium can were invented so while our early Aussies were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery.
That’s how villages were formed.

Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to BBQ at night, while they were drinking beer.

This was the beginning of what is known as the Liberal movement.

Other men who were weaker and less skilled at hunting, learned to live off the Liberals by showing up for the nightly BBQ’s and doing the sewing, fetching, and hair dressing. This was the beginning of the Labor movement Some of these labor men eventually evolved into women. They became known as pooftas.

Some noteworthy Labor achievements include the domestication of cats, the invention of group therapy, group hugs, and voting to decide how to divide the meat and beer that the Liberals provided. Modern Laborites and Union leaders drink imported beer and they like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu and French food are standard Labor fare.

Another interesting, evolutionary side note: most of their women have higher testosterone levels than their men. Most social workers, government workers – state and federal, personal injury lawyers, journalists (especially at The Age), ABC staff, and group therapists are Laborites.

Liberals drink domestic beer, mostly Carlton or XXXX. They eat red meat (rare), and still provide for their women. Liberals are police officers, engineers, corporate executives, athletes, members of the military, airline pilots, business owners, farmers, Doctors and Nurses and generally anyone who works productively. Liberals who own companies, hire other Liberals who want to work for a living.

Laborites produce little or nothing. They like to govern the producers and decide what to do with the production. That is why most of the laborites created the business of trying to get more for nothing – and usually plead for government money to fund their unproductive, parasitical activities.

Here ends today’s lesson in Australian history.

It should be noted that a Laborite may have a momentary urge to angrily respond to the above before forwarding it. A Liberal will simply laugh, and be so convinced of the absolute truth of history, that it will be forwarded immediately to other true believers and to more Laborites – just to piss them off.

And there you have it!!!

What do you think of it?

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  1. About as funny as haemorrhoids. That rubbish btw has been around for years, with changes to the script from time to time, to suite the particular moron that finds it funny. Of course it would be funny if there was some truth to the political reference.

    That particular load of crap has been around in one form or another since the 1970’s at least. It’s desperation stuff from a group that know they are ignoramuses, and are proud of it.

  2. Agree Sue. Utter disdain is an appropriate response to said email.

    Hope you & Carol are well, Michael?

  3. Couldn’t wait to tweet this with appropriate comments to all of my mildly left leaning friends and fellow business owners, who look after their employees with the resultant better productivity that comes from it. And yes i did just end and begin with prepositions.

  4. Wow! Its amazing how fast Pyne has got the new history curriculum up and running, and here was me thinking how utterly useless he was.

  5. That’s actually a very sad email. The truly sad part is that there are people who choose to believe that rubbish. There will always be some ignorance.

  6. If it wasn’t so stupid it would be funny. I’m wondering if he/she ran out of meds when this was written?

  7. My first, genuinely earnest reponse, to people I meet who are proudly right wing, is “Doesn’t it ever bother you that the intelligent people – the scientists, philosophers, educators and inventors are almost unifromly left wing?”

  8. That’s just pointless, unfunny, rubbish, whether it’s done by a left winger a right winger or no winger showing the imagination of a gnat. It’s something you’d come across in a class of grade 7’s. I’d just like to get the time back that I spent reading it.

  9. Summed it up BILL. Put together by a drongo without ANY obvious talent. It’s a part of a concerted attempt to ridicule the left while having no idea of what LIBERAL means. Like on many occasions the stupidity and lack of facts or any logic makes you glad you don’t belong there. You just wouldn’t want any of them as neighbours as there is no reward in interacting with them.

  10. I wonder how our fathers and grandfathers who worked in the factories, fought for workers’ rights such as a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, all good unionists who believed that everyone who works is entitled to respect…and who fought for their country would feel about such opinions.

    BTW, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that dole bludgers (if there is such a thing these days given the pittance allocated, not even subsistence level), do not in fact vote Liberal. In fact I believe that this is the case (sorry, I can’t find the link).

  11. “BTW, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that dole bludgers (if there is such a thing these days given the pittance allocated, not even subsistence level), do not in fact vote Liberal. ”

    A certain percentage of the unemployed, people on disability support pensions and other people on social security must vote Liberal. The Liberal party wouldn’t be able to form government otherwise. That along with the gerrymander that still exists in some states. This is the irony, the unemployed and others would vote for a party that would take it off them if it could get away with it.

    It was floated by John Howard to hand social security over to the private charities, that this would have been political suicide, was I suspect the only thing stopping him.

    Just imagine, you would have to be able to sing a rendition of ‘Onward Christian soldiers’ to get food vouchers. The working class that vote Liberal are morons.

  12. What struck me about this *effort* was how classist it was..

    Some noteworthy Labor achievements include the domestication of cats, the invention of group therapy, group hugs, and voting to decide how to divide the meat and beer that the Liberals provided. Modern Laborites and Union leaders drink imported beer and they like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu and French food are standard Labor fare.

    It’s quite odd isn’t it that the unemployed/dole bludger/unionist thugs are also purveyors of imported beer and French cuisine. Umm err, nurses all vote Liberal. 😯 Perhaps the unionist nurses who Campbell Newman sacked might like to enlighten the author.

    And apparently Liberals only hire other Liberals, which of course is the reason why Australia’s unemployment rate is hovering at around 47%…

  13. ““Doesn’t it ever bother you that the intelligent people – the scientists, philosophers, educators and inventors are almost unifromly left wing?””

    As posted by lisathatcher my exact sentiments. I think a couple of genuine studies have been done in Canada and the U.S. people of the left persuasion, are not as gullible and smarter than right wingers. No surprise there.

    As far as Liberals hiring other Liberals, that’s a load of tosh, I have been working 45 years and never been asked my politics.

  14. What on Earth drove CW to give this juvenile rubbish oxygen when we’ve got hicks like Warren Truss braying “we’ll all be rooned if we don’t get Labor’s debt fixed” echoing around the media, and not one word of protest.

  15. From the Haw-Haw Private School of Nit-Wit privilege.
    “Haw-Haw I once knocked off a policeman’s hat at a demo when I was in Uni.. Haw-Haw…was doing accountancy… Haw-Haw…have to admit, Haw-haw.. that the gels from the Labor side had a lot more .. Haw-Haw.. get up and go than the young Lib slit-arse mechanics..Haw Haw.. Took over daddy’s business ….fucked it… Haw -Haw …now advise on financial planning… Haw-Haw… good lurk.

    Sadly, based on a factual conversation some 10 years ago.

  16. I hope Nuts’n Bolt and his fellow shock-jocks don’r read this. They’ll think it’s the truth.

  17. “It would seem you all lack not only social graces but also a sense of humour!”

    Sure…………. It’s purpose is to slag off the Labor party supporters under the guise of supposedly being funny. It is not funny at all. Not only not funny, but a load of abject bollocks.

    If it was reversed and the Liberal party supporters were the butt of the joke, you would be screaming your tits off.

    There have been dozens of these so called long winded jokes slagging off the Labor party and its supporters doing the rounds of offices, this is just another one. Mind you, I have seen some of the anti Liberal ones and they are tasteful and funny. I said that with a straight face too.

  18. See –George Brandis has benefited from all those books he bought on tax-payers
    To write such an eloquent historical article shows he has impecable research skills

  19. MJ, to show its stupidity.

    I realise that Michael but the dumb Left is just as bad.

    I was emailed a photo-montage yesterday from Lefty friends that was just as idiotic. No doubt you’ll get it in due course but it won’t be from me.

    There seems to be an equal balance of stupidity on both sides. It’s best left in the pre-school sandpit along with the cat droppings.

  20. ” There seems to be an equal balance of stupidity on both sides. It’s best left in the pre-school sandpit along with the cat droppings.”
    Well put, MJ.

  21. ‘ Laborites generally produce little or nothing ‘
    What are CWs doing today proving this incorrect?
    What percentage of CWs are part of the 822,000 Australians on Disability Pensions?
    And it is obvious that a large percentage of CWs suffer from the mandatory
    Mental Illness , it is seen here on a daily basis.

  22. And you Voyager are a fine example of the mental illness seen here on a daily basis.
    Michael, I started to read the comments before the article, then decided I’d better read the whole thing. It is an article full of black humor. Those that want to knit pick & point & say ‘look over there’ will continue to do so.
    The history of Australia has always been whitewashed by governments to suite their ideologies although I must admit that the LNP have become very adept at covering up their tracks over the last 50 years or so. Everyone will try to cover up the messes they make & will always blame the other side.
    There has been too much airbrushing done in our history. We need to stay vigilant & make sure that the real stories remain just that REAL.

  23. Carlton and XXXX aren’t “domestic” beers any more. The breweries that make them are owned by SABMiller (multinational headquartered in the UK) and Kirin (Japan) respectively.

  24. VOYAGER, how do you reconcile the statement that ‘government workers … are Laborites’ but ‘Liberals are … nurses’. Aren’t nurses government workers? Oh, I forgot, it’s only some government workers. The ones we have decided we don’t like.

  25. IAN –
    The amazing thing is ‘ the perceived classing of people by jobs to political
    voting ‘ is long gone. The number of swinging voters has greatly increased.
    Today give a tradie a truck and some tools he wants to be a Small Businessman.
    Labor hates such enterprise and lost votes.
    Oh yes – the big one, loss of Union Membership. What a wonderful thing we
    have experienced here in Qld. That is 20,000 less members in just 2Unions in 1yr
    (AWU & Together). Don’t know what the total loss of memberships is.
    As for you MT – I am not in Spain , what a hypocrite you are swanning
    across UK. It’s a training tour with you teaching the Poms how to whinge!

  26. Yep. Maybe unions as we know them will disappear. My guess, is they will change.
    This is because, workers are still around. Yes, at the end of the day, no business makes any money, without workers.

    Workers know that they have to stand together, to protect what few rights they have.

    At the same time, business, big and small, also have their own bodies, that exist to fight workers, and to fight for what they see as their rights.

    The world is forever changing. That means that unions are forever involving into new identities.

  27. “What percentage of CWs are part of the 822,000 Australians on Disability Pensions?”

    One thing for sure, not many choose to be on that list. I assume not many ever seen themselves needing this assistance.

    Yes, one can go to work this morning, and due to unforeseen circumstance, find themselves facing a lifetime of disability.,

    Whether one is left or right wing leading, is of little consequences.

    Yes, that blood vessel could explode, that car hit you, or even come down with some illness. One could even come up against an idiot, who sees fun inking hitting people. Maybe even falling bricks from a building.

    Some people make stupid statements at times.

    Hodgeman isn’t sounding that hot, during his media conference,. ABC 24

  28. As for you MT – I am not in Spain , what a hypocrite you are swanning
    across UK. It’s a training tour with you teaching the Poms how to whinge!

    Well that’s something I didn’t know. I had no idea I was in the UK. The last time I looked, I was in Canberra.

  29. Election SA and Tasmania, along with two by elections in Queensland. All we need now is a rerun of the WA Senate election. Should be interesting.

  30. Michael, the man never lets a few facts get in the way of his comments.

    How is the job market in Canberra. All of Canberra, not just the Federal government?

    How are the small business owners coping?

  31. The interesting thing about the decline in union membership is the simultaneous decline in the wages share of the pie, viz a viz productivity.

    In the days when workers were unionised their wages rose in parallel with productivity. There was something inherently fair about how the wealth was distributed.

    That link has been broken for some time now, 30 years in the example of the US. So look to the US for a glimpse of the future.

  32. Interesting. I million for the Audit Commission. 15 million for Pink Batts investigation. Something does not add up, with this government. Do they I tend the Pink Batts to last three years. Along with the AWU and Gillard, as well as the HSU.

    Plenty of work for legal eagles with this government.

    Unlike standing bodies such as the Australian National Audit Office and the Productivity Commission which have ongoing capacity, the Commission had to pull together staff, and to operate within a A$1 million budget, which Dastyari reminded us contrasted with A$15 million for the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program.

    It doesn’t have time for a more

    ……..Commissioners of the Abbott government’s Commission of Audit Robert Fisher, Tony Shepherd, Amanda Vanstone and Peter Boxall faced a Senate hearing yesterday, but little was revealed. AAP/Lukas Coch
    Treasurer Joe Hockey expected yesterday’s public hearing into the Commission of Audit would be a “show trial” and a “stunt”.

    And at face value he was right. Those who hoped Tony Shepherd or the other Commissioners would reveal their views on privatising Australia Post or a co-payment for doctors’ consultations were bound to be disappointed.

    Shepherd’s repeated response to speculative questioning was that the Commission was “not ruling anything in or out”, and that it was up to the government to decide how to act on its recommendations.

    Senators Richard di Natale, who chaired the hearing, Kate Lundy and Sue Lines made some progress in getting the Commissioners to reveal their processes and decision rules.

    Others were in a partisan mood. Liberal senators David Bushby and Dean Smith wasted no opportunity to mention the Howard government’s budget surplus – no mention of that government’s structural deficit – while Labor’s Sam Dastyari posed a string of “gotcha” questions.

    Labor’s Sam Dastyari was determined to find new details about what the Commission of Audit’s Tony Shepherd had discussed with Abbott Government ministers. AAP/Lukas Coch
    Dastyari’s first “gotcha” was about the GST, making it clear Labor would vigorously oppose any hint of a GST rise. By contrast, di Natale, while not endorsing a GST rise, reasonably stressed the Commission’s brief, focussing on cost-cutting, was one-sided, and that ways to increasing revenue should also be on the table.

    Shepherd ducked that issue, referring to the government’s plan to have a separate tax inquiry.

    Unfortunately that questioning about revenue, which could have led the Committee into rich policy territory, was not pursued in any depth. Government processes tend to separate revenue from expenditure. The nation’s taxation capacity is taken as a “given” (particularly when politicians like Dastyari raise hell when there is any sniff of a new or higher tax), and expenditure has to fit within that constraint.

    That’s why proposals for new initiatives generally have to be funded by cuts in other programs, almost regardless of the public good justifications of those programs.

    Time poor, scope rich

    Dastyari’s most telling “gotcha” concerned the Commission’s secrecy, seizing on a statement Shepherd had made in an article published last August, when he wrote an audit into the “scope, size and efficiency of government” should be conducted “carefully and openly in a reasonable period with wide-ranging consultation and trade-offs made explicit”.

    While there is nothing in the Commission’s terms of reference prohibiting a more open process, it certainly does not have a “reasonable” period. It was appointed in late October, with reports required by the end of January and March.

    Unlike standing bodies such as the Australian National Audit Office and the Productivity Commission which have ongoing capacity, the Commission had to pull together staff, and to operate within a A$1 million budget, which Dastyari reminded us contrasted with A$15 million for the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program.

    It doesn’t have time for a more open process. The first we will know of its recommendations will be at Budget time, by which point Hockey has said he’d “expect that the government will adopt a vast number of recommendations”.

    That lack of openness, be it a reflection o……

  33. Migs, you summed it up perfectly, when you referred to it as “This pathetic email” 😦

    The way the LNP like to rewrite history, I think it will be very confusing for future generations looking back over the first couple of decades of this century, as there will be many conflicting records to draw from. 😯

    And 2014 is shaping up as dark days for Australia, as I outlined in my latest post; “Would you like fries with that public utility?” 😉

    Cheers 😀

  34. ABC News this morning. Business confidence rebounds under Abbott.

    Hmmmm FU in a perfect world every opposite has an equal and opposite reaction.

  35. Funny that Don, I have read the opposite elsewhere.

    Then we have Mr. Abetz says that unemployment will grow until they get the budget under control.
    Yes, they have to claw back the great spending and great debts of the last trouble.

    Problem for Mr. Abetz. He will have big trouble finding statistics to back up his statements.

    Maybe some here, can find the facts, to back up

    We also have Mr. Robb, in the land of the free, addressing a far right wing group, telling them how far Australia is out ahead, when it comes to this country.

    Yes, we are best or near, best, on all figures that count.

  36. Don, maybe time for some to visit Canberra, talk to local business people, to see how much confidence they have.

  37. Abbott-Bishop split looming over showdown for Liberal Party presidency
    FEARS are mounting in the government over a clash for the federal Liberal Party presidency that could pit Tony Abbott against his deputy, Julie Bishop. Danielle Blain – one of the Liberals’ four vice-presidents, a former president of the Western Australian division of the party and a close ally of Ms Bishop – confirmed yesterday she intended to nominate for the position, to be decided at the mid-year federal council….

  38. Michael, I am not surprised you think this way. I suspect you were there, also back in the days of Howard. I have seen figures, that Abbott’s cuts are having a greater and quicker effect on the economy in Canberra. Three hundred jobs in the whole of the city last month is a record low. It beats Hpward’s effort of four hundred.

    By the way. Howard als holds the record for the greatest number of jobs the same time period. Yes, back, just before he was kicked out.

    Cutting the PS is ideology, nothing to do with the economy. Robb was acknowledging this when he made that speech overseas.

    I am really concerned with Morrison and his general. Are they telling us, our navy on several or more occasions, over what time table, no one knows, have failed in their navigation skills in sailing the ships, they are aboard. Can one really accept, that our navy lack the skills to know whether they are in the waters of other nations. Find it hard to believe.

    I suspect the navy is still sailing to agreements, made by the previous government, but thanks to the Abbott’s behavior, have been suspended by Indonesia.

  39. Has anyone notice, the more Morrison tries to put secrecy, in place, the more we seem to find out.

    Maybe the penny will drop with the man, that one cannot hide what a government does.

    In a democracy, one has the right to know what is being done on our behalf. We also have the right to know how.

  40. After the lack luster performance in Qld this past 20 years under the previous mob, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that there is renewed business confidence in this state. The processes in place may take some time to filter through, but already the shopping centers and streets are noticeably busier with people eating out again, shopping and enjoying the Qld weather. The Sunshine Coast tourism people are saying that this year has been the best holiday season ever. In fact every school holiday break this year has been a bumper compared to the previous 10 years.

    Amazing isn’t it how much confidence a conservative govt instills in the majority of people. Real estate has recovered somewhat and a resurgence in the southern migration to Qld is reportedly occurring according to the real estate industry, with inquiry rates from southern buyers almost doubling since September 13 and tripling since 2009.

    I wonder how many are coming out of that cold hole full of Public Servants Canberra?

  41. The Don
    JANUARY 17, 2014 @ 12:43 PM

    Even the most blinkered people on the planet would have to agree with that.

    The Beattie/Bligh cabal was so disliked by the vast majority of Qlders. that it astounded most of us when 7 of them retained their seats. People who’d voted all their lives for the Labor party couldn’t wait to get rid of them.

    Newman’s proving to be from the same mould though, he hung onto Driscoll for far too long. Another term and we’ll start to see the same rot as what infected the Labor mob.

  42. “Amazing isn’t it how much confidence a conservative govt instills in the majority of people.”

    You really can’t make this stuff up.

    What unmitigated horse shit. Try telling that to the employees at Holden’s and other manufacturers that will go under due to the Abbott government. Which no doubt will flow on to Queensland in some form or anther.

    Not to mention the draconian anti democratic laws, the arse holes in government in Queensland, are trying to hoodwink the Queenslanders into accepting. The social media is full of evidence, that the police in Queensland have discarded their blue shirts for brown ones and jack boots.

    Queenslanders dumb one day, stupid the next.

  43. I see Voyager is still wasting his gift of life, still, and still thieving everyone Else’s Oxygen.
    Nothing much changes, does it.
    I wonder if it is possible for Voyager to figure out a fundamental fact of life, without it having to be told to them by someone else, who has figured out how gullible they are.
    Nope, didn’t think so. The action of what they write say so.

  44. ” Queenslanders dumb one day, stupid the next.”
    Yep K Rudd certainly fitted that description, amazing how he fooled all the southern voters for so long.

  45. “Fed up, I do talk to people in Canberra. Word is that we’re on the cusp of a recession here.”

    W.A. for all the bluster of the Barnett government is going the same way. The Pilbara is slowly but surely winding down. Now all the infrastructure has been put in place and finished, the unemployment rate is going up.

    The real bad news is, there are plans to totally automate the loading of the ships in the ports associated with the mining, and the transport of the iron ore from the various mines. This is not idle speculation, the plans are on the table. So how many employees will get the arse is any ones guess.

  46. “Yep K Rudd certainly fitted that description, amazing how he fooled all the southern voters for so long.”

    That my friend is just your opinion, that and five bucks in Queensland may get you a cup of coffee.

    Rudd has many faults, being stupid is not one of them.

  47. I see Dummo “The Don” is still peddling his crap here 🙄

    Roy Morgan Research’s latest Business Confidence survey in December 2013 has fallen sharply from its immediate post-election peak of 136.3 in October to 125.2. This turnaround was expected to some degree after the election but a number of negative events since have contributed to a more severe drop than was considered likely. These December figures are the results of 1,841 interviews across all industries, business sizes and locations across Australia.
    The further drop in confidence among business in December was caused by a decline in positive feelings about where the economy is heading in the next 12 months and the next five years. There has also been a small drop in the proportion of businesses considering that the next 12 months are a good time to invest in growing the business.

    This decline in Business Confidence in December was across micro business down 6.1 points to 123.3, small business down 6.0 points to 137.3, but medium/large business were steady (up 0.2 points to 147.1). Medium/large businesses (turnover $5m+ p.a.) have clearly been the most confident over the last three years and in December, they remain at a historically high level – and well above their smaller counterparts.

    So small business confidence is down, as you’d expect under a coalition government which historically backs large business to the hilt..

    Yareallygottalaughatthedeludedclown 😆

  48. So small business confidence is down

    And all of this is due to the current Government and their behaviour and policies, not a rabid opposition constantly talking down the economy goaded on by an equally rabid media.

  49. The Don, got any links for those comments. 😮 …. other wise people here will think your just making shit up… (which couldn’t be possible..could it 😕 )
    …mayhap you will find something here… 😛

  50. Don, I do not mean talking to the PS. There are many more workers and small businesses that have nothing to do with the public service.

    I believe that the property has already begun to fall. Many thousands of dollars in some cases.

    ” automate the loading of the ships in the ports associated with the mining, and the transport of the iron ore from the various mines. “

    Wonder how much groceries, those robot machines, that do not need humans will buy at the local Woolworth. Wonder how much tax they will pay.

    It will not only be PS that lose jobs, as some seem to imagine.

  51. There was one lesson I recalled from high school economics over sixty years ago, that I think still hold true. If not, some here will correct me.

    When it comes to unemployment, one has to be careful, as the numbers go us, it takes on a life of its own. The unemployed, lead to more unemployed. Simple really, they no longer have money to spend, leading to more losing business. There is a level, that governments should do all to avoid. Yes, today I believe we call it stimulation. Spend more, not less, to get people back to work.

    I heard Abetz say, we are buying overseas, and this is crowding out business. Something I think it would take a stretch of the imagination to believe. Especially when interest rates are at an all time low.

    What has become evident over the last few decades, is the fact that unemployment resulting from recessions, or even depressions, take longer and is harder to turn about after every Downard fall in the economy.

    Commonsense said, one does all to prevent unemployment in the first place.

    This government has been warned, that any further cuts to the economy, will lead to unemployment. They do not seem to care. I believe some see unemployment as a way of putting the worker back on what they consider, is his place,.

    Whatever one thinks of Rudd and Labor, his stimulus did keep this country afloat over the last few years, since 2008. What we have also resulted is a manageable debt, one of the strongest economies in the world. Yes, a good but fragile economy.

    One this government cannot afford, because of their own obsessive ideology play games with.

  52. Bill. What you say about Newman is corrreeeccccttt. The people of Ashgrove will see to his demise, but the boy wonder Blieije is another kettle of fish. He needs a swift kick in the pants and pulled into line. Either way tho Bill, nothing could ever be as bad as Bligh. I wonder whatever happened to the $350million donated to her govt after the floods 3 years ago?

    I remember there was a huge backlash with 1000’s of people asking for their donations back as it sat in her coffers year after year. She is a real cow that woman. As for Mr Pumpkinhead, ask any senior copper about his goings on. Like Shortone, he can’t keep his pecker in his pants. Have a Merry day and a Rose of a weekend.

  53. “Best thing about Dr. Death is that he’s gone.”

    The rise and fall of Rudd has been gone over on a thousand blogs, in half a million paragraphs. For mine, the downfall of the Labor party was not down to him, it was down to Gillard. She came to him in the night like an assassin, and he was brought down by a few in the party who thought they knew better.

    Well as it turns out, it didn’t get any better. I like most people have a circle of friends and acquaintances, I have yet to meet anyone who liked her. Some of my staunches Labor party mates, hated her guts. Why? Got me stuffed. Anyone thinking this women didn’t have an ego as big as a double decker bus, is a fool. Having said that I liked her. She was whip smart, articulate, even with her obnoxious nasal delivery.

    The public were shocked when Rudd was dumped, he may have been everything they said he was, but, he was a winner. He would have won the next election and I give a flying root what anyone else thinks. He was a laid down misere to win it.

    Yes, he was a petulant school boy, a nerd, a waffler writ large. But he was smart, notwithstanding what I have said about Abbott in the past. You don’t become P.M or speak fluent Chinese, become a millionaire before politics, if you are a moron.

    He is the opposite of Abbott. That’s why Abbott’s fate is sealed, he may be intelligent, a Rhodes scholar but he is still a wanker, and as each day passes, the public are more and more on to him. Anyone walking around like he does looking like he has a sheep under each arm, is destined for failure.

  54. …call me a fool.. 😯 BUT I think she was very humble and down to earth 😀
    Julia Gillard was one of the best PM’s this country has ever had, if only the MSM and the lickspittles in the ALP had given her a fair go, she would still be lighting the way to the future…. but alas we have taken a couple of steps back into the shadows.

  55. “but alas we have taken a couple of steps back into the shadows.”

    We are in the early days of an unfolding nightmare.

    Rudd should have not let his emotions rule his head. We would still be talking about them in government. Although Gillard taking money off of single mothers was their swan song. Many of my daughters friends, have found themselves with an unwanted belly full of arms and legs and are receiving social welfare. They care less about the things discussed here, No money = I’ll vote for someone else to spite them.

  56. “and speaking of foolish ‘things’ :roll:”

    Nothing surprising here. The public are played for fools, always have been, always will be.

  57. “Although Gillard taking money off of single mothers was their swan song. Many of my daughters friends, have found themselves with an unwanted belly full of arms and legs and are receiving social welfare.”

    Only if they were on these benefits when Howard changed the rules and subject to Howard;’s grandfather clause. Al that Gillard did, was make it a level playing field.

    I believe that Gillard did introduce other assistance to these women.

    One thing for sure, they will get nothing off Abbott..

  58. Fed up, please don’t spin. Gillard took a lot of money off of single mothers. That is not the brief of the party I resigned from. Their job is to see that the less fortunate among us get a fair share of the large rich Australian pie. I have yet to have it disproved, but the large increase old age pensioners received, was not voted for by Gillard, who btw took credit for it. As I said, a lot of the young mothers who have no interest in politics voted for Abbott, those are the facts.

    Rudd in the election campaign could have promised to restore it, his words were I believe were’ we’ll look at it ‘ For mine, it was a big factor in the Labor party losing government.

    Correct, they’ll get nothing from the Abbott government, but that is not the point.

  59. phil,

    Would you like to tell us the history of the single-parent payment changes? What exactly did the Gillard government do? I would be interested to hear what, in your mind, actually happened…

  60. No, Phil, that happens to be the truth, Maybe Gillard should have levelled that playing field by repealing Howard’s leglistation.

    From where I stand, and with my back ground, I believe this would have been wrong.

    I know from experience, that relying on benefits to live as a single mother is disastrous..

    One is better off for many reasons back in the workforce. That is not fallacious. A well paying job, gives satisfaction to all.

    What is also needed, is much training, education and support, to allow thise4e mothers to work. After all, they are doing the job of mum and dad. They often have to cope with repeating the damage caused by a violent marriage, they have left.

    One must also remember, that dad also has a role to play.

    I was lucky enough as a single mother of four, after 13 years of a violent marriage, lucky enough of taking advantage of the education opportunities of the Whitlam yeears.

    Both I and my kids benefitted by this. Living on a pension, whcih I could have for the rest of my life, was not an option for me. Doing the factory and labour like jobs I had done upo to then, was als a no go.

    Phil, in this matter, it is not black and white,

    Yes, Gillard did not explain what she did clearly enough.Did not explain what else was on offer. The truth is, no one was willing to listen anyway.

    All Gillard did, was remove the grandfather clause from Howard’s leglisation.

    Many will solve the problem, as many did when Howard bought in the leglistion, have another child when the youngest turns seven.

  61. Phil, the best thing that happened to me at forty was the opportunity to get a tertiary education, I was stranded with four kids to raise, the only jobs available at the bottom of the pile. Without this, my best option was to remain on the pension.

    Believe me, it was not easy, but definitely changed my life.Gave me a future. The likes of Gillard know this,.

  62. Bacchus, all that Gillard did was to remove a grandfather clause. Yes, she could have explained her actions better. Then many women my age and younger, think it is self explanatory.

    Single mothers and their families are much better off in well paying jobs. To be able to do this, one needs training and education,. A pension alone leads to a dead end for women,

    Sorry if my comments are full of mistakes. For some unknown reasons, my eyes are letting me down tonight.

    A woman who had babies since Howard’s days have been expected to return to work when the child turned seven I believe. Those in the benefits in Howard’s day, are covered until the child turned sixteen.

    Tell me, if that is fair?

  63. There is no sense of humor when it comes to assistance for single mothers. They deserve better.

    Many men do wonders, when in a similar situation, Sadly, men are never so far behind the eight ball, than women find themselves in.

    Men, often have the access to better paid work, which women often find not available,

    I admire men, and there are many, that makes a great success of rearing their kids on their own.

    I am afraid, whether a mother or wife, are much more than that, They are also people within themselves that have their own needs. We only have a child for a short Period in our lives. We have a big part of our life to live when they are grown.

  64. Yes Fu, I’m well aware of the history of those changes – I just wondered what phil’s understanding was. I suspect it was informed solely by the MSM 😉

  65. Fed up, you are talking to a person that knows all about social welfare, however it is all well and good to talk about getting a decent job if, there are jobs available. We do not have enough now, and employers are not training them. There are no jobs. Tossing hamburgers is all kids have got forward to look to.

    Bacchus please give me a bit of credit, No my opinion is not just formed by the MSM. Up until Gillard cut money off the single mothers I was a member of the Labor party. The issue was discussed until the cows came home. Besides I don’t take a blind bit of notice of the media in this country. Even the ABC is a conduit for the Liberal party.

    Don’t get me started about Bill Shorten being shanghaied into the job. More Labor party insanity.

    Gillard took hard cash off of people who are least able to afford it. All the rest is just salad dressing.

  66. Phil, it might surprise you this old lady know as much about social welfare. Must more, I suspect, than you have experienced in your life. Yes, L lived it, studied it and worker in it.

    Yes, I at 23 had a daughter out of wedlock in 1965. Back when the child was seen as a bastard, no social service, and most lost their babies to adoption.

    I then married, and managed to learn what DV was all about. Also learnt first hand what it was like to have a daughter sexually abused by one’s husband for thirteen years.

    I worked in the field of residential care for kids at risk, then onto residential care for those who suffered intellectual disabilities. I ended up as as District Officer. Yes, child protection and working with the police was where I shone.

    Along the way, I became a single mother with four kids I would die for. I manage to get an Associate Diploma in Welfare, then a Social Science Degree.

    Yes, I do know a bit about welfare.

  67. To get a decent job, one has to get education and training, along with support for the kids,.

    Yes, more important, that a pension, which chains you and your family to a life of poverty,

    I was lucky enough to have those opportunities, thanks to Mr.Whiltam. Also lucky enough to keep my daughter who was born in 1965,

    What single mothers need most, is access to training, education and support for kids, while one is doing so. The good jobs will follow.

    I do not want to see are. Howard’s legislation repealed. I suspect that Ms., Gillard, along with other Labor women are of a similar belief.

    Yes, those girls with a stomach full of legs and arms need assistance. Pensions is not what they lead.

    I can tell you a similar tale about a young granddaughter, with two babies, who also went down the training and education track, but I believe I have said enough. She is married today to the father of her babies, with two more added.

    Yes, I do know a little about welfare. What; is more important, I understand what welfare is out, and the damage it can also do.

    Single mothers need benefits, to enable them to get back on their feet. They do not need the benefit to be ongoing, to give then a lifestyle, they have become accustomed to.

  68. Gillard took the cash of the few that come under the grandfather clause. All others that had babies since, were expected to return to work when the baby turned seven.

    Gillard did not bring in the legislation. All she did remove the grandfather clause, protecting a few that would receive the benefit until the child turned 16.

    We had two classes of single mothers. Where was the concern for those, who missed out under Howard’s legislation.

    If you do know and work in welfare, you would know, getting these girds educated and into decent jobs, is the best you can do for them and their kids. Win win situation.

  69. Phil, inferred that I knew nothing of welfare. Did not you notice.

    Fed up, you are talking to a person that knows all about social welfare

    I have very passionate views on how one can assist single mothers, especially young ones.

    It is a shame, if having a baby prevents them from reaching their full potential.

    Now I wonder, if Phil will outline his experience.

  70. Michael, what I do not know, is why they are still talking about Gillard about.
    It is what Abbott does, that affect the young ladies, with bellies full of legs and arms, not Gillard.

    Yes, Gilard should have joined the dots better, but that is history.

    He is cutting off their access to education and training. They did the same, back when I attended university,. Thankfully I got through. Would not be able to afford It later. I was not willing to attend, at the expense of my kids needs. I think he will also make child care harder.

    Funny we hear about one minor changer Gillard made, but nothing about the good things she gave these same mothers.

    Funny thing, there were many of us that benefit from what they called an anomaly. Meant we could collect the pension and TEAS.

    The money has been paid back many times, in the extra money we earned, paying more taxes and even amassing a little super.

    Michael, I believe he did get the point, and he does not like it.

  71. Fed p

    1. I did not infer you didn’t know anything about social welfare.

    2. I am nearly seventy my self so spare me the I ‘ve done it tough routine.

    3. My old man was wounded in WW2 and in and out of work all of his life. My mother god bless her had a terrible time of it. Of course it wasn’t called PTSD then also his guts being shot to bits, throwing his guts up 24/7. I have eaten bread and butter for tea. Back in the fifties and sixties veterans apart from medical got five fifths of fanny adams from the government that sent them off to war. The small remuneration they got was a joke. Thanks muchly.

    4. I stand by what I said. And you can keep spinning it all you like. Gillard took cold hard cash away from women who are doing it tough. Not everyone is capable of attaining a tertiary education. You might notice, it is out of this group of people we get our office cleaners, toilet cleaners and a host of other obnoxious jobs most people wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

    5. I would appreciate you not talking down to me, like I am some idiot. I like yourself paid for my own education, as I said save your old style lecturing for some of the younger posters who think the world started last Friday. Thanks.

  72. Phil toss that giant-sized chip off your shoulder & start treating people with some respect.

    PM Gillard only continued with what Howard had started. When I saw women complaining about having to go to work (with much assistance from Government) because their youngest was 16yo it made me want to puke. Some interviewed by media weren’t even recipients of single parent pension but still whinged about it. Many of us had to go to work when our children were much younger.

    A few years ago a neighbour, whose only child was nearing seven, became pregnant despite not being in any apparent relationship. She had done a few government-sponsored courses including real estate but seemed to prefer to live on the pension, for whatever reason. Not that that inhibited her life style.

    I am a proud member of the ALP, too.

  73. Look I don’t have a chip on my shoulder . Can you read? It was Fed up that disrespected my good self. She presumed much.

    I will repeat for the last time, Gillard took money, I’ll repeat that, Gillard took money off of single mothers. The facts about John Howard and his changes to social welfare are beside the point. I know all about them, and no I didn’t get that from the MSM. It is rumoured and I have yet to see anything to change my mind, Gillard was against the last rise for pensioners.

    All the other guff about training is all true, I never said it wasn’t. However common sense must dictate, that only applies to a small minority of the women concerned, as it does in society generally.

    It is not rocket science to work out there are people who think the sun shone out of Gillard’s arse. I’m sorry but I do have my own opinion on that, and it doesn’t. Further more it was Gillard who gave us Tony Abbott. That is the fact of the matter and all of the members of my branch concur with that opinion.

  74. Phil, one cannot read your comment any other way.

    Maybe I learnt a little more along the way.

    I do not claim to have done it tough. I also had wonderful parents, and childhood, that was an advantage.

    I had the luxury oif a wonderful mother who I lost in my teens, and a father, that live well into his 96th year.

    I did it no harder than many more,.

    Yes, I am proud and thankful for the opportunities that came my way. I am thankful for a school headmistress, that seen good in me, when things where the blackest. Yes, the one that literally took the time, to push me into the education system at forty.

    I am proud of my four kids, and those that came after them. Yes, they also had it harder than necessary, but all have got off their backsides and got on with life.

    I could have made better decisions, and had an easier road.

    No, I am not crying victim. Not playing the victim. No, a survivor is I, that beat the system.

    I want the same for others, that find themselves in the same situation.

    Please, it is a dangerous occupation, quessing the agenda of others.,

    What about the money Ms. Gillard also gave them.

    She took the money off some of them, not the lot. Yes, those who were covered by the grandfather clause. The few who were covered by that clause, now get the same, as those who went onto the benefit since the Howard legislation way back in 2006 I believe. Where has there been an outcry for those mothers over the years. Still not hearing it. Most at the time supported what Howard did.

    I have not denied that. All I have done, is put your comment in context.

    No government is perfect. No government can please everyone.

  75. Joy, I hate to say it, but I have a grandson that exists for exactly that reason. Silly thing, is that she did not need to. Is entitled to a disability pension. I do not know what she will do in a year or so, when the boy turns seven,

  76. Fed up. I am a Socialist in the true sense of the word. Anything that compromises the welfare of my brothers and sisters will not be tolerated. I resigned from the ALP over it. That along with the later decision against the vast majority of the members to install Bill Shorten as the opposition leader, convinced me I made the right decision.

    Anyway the fight is not between us, the enemy is Abbott and his excuse for a government. I know what ever Gillard did will pale into insignificance to what’s coming down the pike. We are headed for dark days, that we can both agree on.

  77. Yes, I do suspect that Gillard was not in for pensions on a long term basis, Does not mean that she was not keen on other support, that assisted all to become self sufficient. Yes, giving everyone a chance to meet their full potential. Once again I will say, benefits are a dead end street for most single mothers.

    Things like that School Kids bonus and affordable childcare is more important. Be fair, and take the whole picture into consideration.

  78. How did Gillard give us Abbott? Sorry, do not bother answering., What I am more interested in, is keeping with the focus on Abbott and what he does.

    No, Gillard was far from perfect, but she did achieve much, setting the infrastructure, to take us into the future,

    Abbott is dismantling all at record pace. That concerns me more.

  79. Believe it or not, welfare is only a stop gap measure, and in a fair society, should be unnecessary. Can trap people in poverty.

    Yes, I am very far to the left.

  80. If your father was given the type of assistance I am talking about, maybe you and your mother would have had a better time.

    We need to move away from the welfare and charity concept, onto one, more of entitlement, connected to need. Yes, from the concept of worthy and unworthy poor.

    I do not intend to talk down, If I do, I am sorry.

  81. Well I don’t agree with you, but you didn’t expect me too. And btw how do I talk to you? Too much guttural, not enough nuance? It is good that the Noel Pearson idea of the poverty trap doesn’t get any traction, that’s because its just a load of bollocks.

    We don’t have the jobs now for young people, we are no doubt headed for another recession, our manufacturing industries have been going out the window since the seventies. Those jobs have all gone to South America, Mexico and China. They aren’t coming back.

    Most of our kids who are not going on to tertiary education, are involved in service industries, these are not sustainable in a capitalist society. That btw is not my opinion, but a fact.

    Even in the great resource state of W.A. the mining industry is not only winding down, it is gearing up for automation writ large. Result… More people out of work.

    So we now have generations of people that will not work and may never work. What do you propose we do with them? Let them starve? The American system, that may yet cause riots. The British system of cut backs, that has seen riots and will see the end of Cameron. I btw haven’t got a problem with work for the dole, if that work has some dignity and future outcomes.

    In the outback of Australia we have thousands of Aboriginals, that 1. Cannot get the medical help they need. 2. Are addicted to alcohol. I say this as someone that has worked with them and travelled this vast land an opinion not formed out of some office on the tenth floor of some sky scraper. Cutting them off of social welfare is a recipe for disaster. There are small attempts to get them into cottage industries this only affects a few unfortunately.

    Yes, we will always have social welfare and thank God for that.

    The society you are looking for wont happen in our life time.

  82. Bacchus, I would rather look at some tape on guaranteed minimum income. There are many proposed models.

    The jobs of the past are long gone. That golden age, as some seen it will never come back,

    Ms,. Gillard understood this, That is why she put so much emphasis on education and skill training, so our youth are ready for the jobs of the future,. Yes, there will be jobs for our kids, if we are clever enough to put all necessary infrastructure in place.

    Ms. Gillard, believe, along with many other from the left side of the fence, escape is education, not more welfare.

    No. I do not agree with Noel Pearson and his mob. That is not what I am talking about,.

    We live in a global world, with a global economy and trade. Nothing is going to stop that from happening. Keating and Gillard realized this. I believe many in the union movement are also of a similar mind.

    Charity is a way of trapping the poor, and keeping them down, That is not the world I want.

    With Better Schools, NDIS, NBNCo and CEF we were well on the way, to taking our place in the Asian Century . Yes, at the top of the heap, not as the poor white trash of Asia, where we are now heading.

    Do we really want the low paid , dirty Jobs, that led nowhere, of our youth, for our kids.

    No, I do not.

    I am sick of people whining, saying our youth and future are doomed.

    No, I do not agree with Noel Pearson. He is wrong, along with the likes of Abbott, who is hooking into his belief.

  83. Who is in charge of the boats and 500 ADF personnel involved. Is it the army, the navy, customs or someone else altogether?

  84. We will always have a percentage of people unemployed and unemployable. They need a safety net, I will never agree to a U.S. style of social welfare.

    Manufacturing has gone, along with it thousands of jobs. Yes I want what you want, jobs for our kids, decent paying jobs, jobs with a future. But I am a realist and cutting social welfare is not the answer. This is the talk of conservative politics, conservatives use the same old platitudes, they want to cut social welfare because they hate the working class and think it is a tax saving measure for their rich mates. You are helping them achieve what they would do if they thought they could get away with it.

    This of course is notwithstanding the money John Howard threw at people via the baby bonus. He knew full well most of that money would end up in the pockets of people like Harvey Norman. Cynical? Damned right I am.

    I am glad that the majority of people who want what you want, are not prepared to cut social welfare to achieve it.

  85. That particular web site I have no doubt will be sued sooner or later. Now Shorten’s name has been released it will be impossible for him to, if it gets that far, a fair hearing. You adding it here for more speculation is beyond the pale.

  86. In all honesty Phil, I am over the entire political landscape in this country. Like you, I resigned from my party because they represent very little. Ethically and morally, they are corrupt and wandering in the wilderness. God forbid a man stands and speaks his mind in this modern era. Too many bloody lawyers for my liking and what does labor do in Griffith, endorse another, just like the bloody conservatives. And then there’s Clive. God give us strength! How in blazes does a goose like Clive gain traction? Smartarses the lot of them. I’m going fishing.

  87. “In all honesty Phil, I am over the entire political landscape in this country.”

    Yep like you I’m over it. That we have the amount of youth unemployment, waiting lists in hospitals, the rising costs of housing, etc. etc. etc. in a country as rich as Australia is nothing short of a scandal.

    It is quite obvious the two major parties takes turns at governing, and both take turns at F*&^%$# it up. You would think with the population of this country, they could find at least one statesman, to steer the ship of state. Nup. I despair.

  88. Don, old information that you and your cronies have raised here on more than one occasion One that never goes anywhere. Do you really believe the MSM would not be running with it, if there were any real concerns.

    Agree with Phil, one day it will be sued.

  89. Phil, I agree absolutely re “But I am a realist and cutting social welfare is not the answer.”. No it’s not – cutting welfare does not create jobs, cutting welfare does not enable access to education. The right whingers are quite delusional, they believe that people who are on welfare payments =

    the unemployed = dole bludging dope smokers
    the disabled = dole bludging dope smokers
    single mums = dole bludging dope smoking sluts

    Yes there are a certain number of people who are unemployable but all that most want is an opportunity. However, the Libs thought processes seem to continuously revolve around punishing the many to get at the few – whether it be welfare recipients or asylum seekers.

    For example, the pensioner education supplement would not even cover petrol or bus fares much less the cost of books – where is the encouragement in that one.

  90. Yes Carol I agree with you. I will never accept the idea that cutting social welfare will help the poor. It is already a fact employers, think that most employees are over paid, they say this is stopping employers putting people on, this is clap trap.

    That Gina Rinehart can accumulate 17 billion dollars, or so, in personal wealth, is obscene, it is a scandal, but this is the system that tells us the working poor should accept lower wages and the poor fend for themselves.

    If I can be crude for a moment, of course the worse offenders of castigating young single mothers are the men that impregnate them, and then shoot through. These are the people that drive the propaganda that sees these women as you said as, sluts and pariahs, only good for sex. ,Some people treat them like lepers or objects of amusement.

    In a lot of outback towns we have whole Aboriginal communities addicted to alcohol, and their only source of income for luxuries like food and clothes is social welfare.

    Yea, lets cut them off social welfare and spend more money, as if we don’t waste enough, building more prisons to house them, when they go really off the rails breaking the law to get money like drug addicts to feed their addiction. .They can’t get adequate medical assistance now. So saying they can get help to break their addiction in most cases is nonsense.

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