You are a disgrace to our nation

It’s rare that I post an article simultaneously with The AIMN but this is one that I am very passionate about. Given that this site is frequented by many people who are equally as passionate about this (on both sides of the argument) I have no hesitation in offering it for debate.

I was appalled at the results of the recent poll conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald that revealed, for whatever reason, most people want the Abbott Government to treat asylum seekers more harshly than the disgustingly inhumane levels they currently do. It was noted, disturbingly, that:

A strong majority of Australians, 60 per cent, also want the Abbott government to “increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers.”

It is obviously not good enough that the:

Manus Island’s detention centre has been described as cruel, inhuman, degrading and violating prohibitions against torture in a detailed report by Amnesty International.

The most extraordinary claim in Amnesty’s report is that drinking water in the largest compound . . . is limited to less than half a litre a day.

“A dozen bottles a day for nearly 500 men, according to the staff who supply them, or less than a single 500ml bottle per person, an amount that is clearly insufficient, especially given the heat and humidity.”

Or that an:

. . . independent body of psychiatrists, psychologists, GPs and other medical professionals and advocates gave advice to the government about the serious mental health impacts of offshore processing and long term detention.

The living conditions in the facility are hot, extremely cramped and poorly ventilated. There is no privacy. The conditions in one dormitory were so bad that Amnesty International considers the accommodation of asylum seekers there a violation of the prohibition on torture and other ill-treatment. “P Dorm” is a World War II building with a low, curved, metal roof. It sleeps 112 men on bunk beds arranged with no space between. There were no windows, and two standing fans. As a result, the smell is overwhelmingly bad and the heat is stifling. Asylum seekers reported finding snakes in the room and flooding when it rained.

As the week progressed, we witnessed a string of unnecessary humiliations.

The men spend several hours each day queuing for meals, toilets and showers in the tropical heat and pouring rain, with no shade or shelter. Staff refer to them by their boat ID, not their names. Almost all are denied shoes. Most have had their possessions confiscated by people smugglers or staff on Christmas Island.

Pointless advice, apparently, as sixty per cent still want the Abbott government to increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers.

I now have a message to that sixty per cent: You are a disgrace to our nation.

It is highly unlikely that any of that sixty per cent will read this post but I have the satisfaction of telling The AIMN’s readers what I think of those disgraceful human beings and I can only hope that my feelings are widely disseminated. I would like to hope that my feelings would not only be widely shared, but widely supported.

This message comes with the warning that course language will be frequently used. I won’t be holding back.

To that sixty percent:

You are disgusting pieces of low-life shit.

You’re no doubt mildly pleased that asylum seekers are forced to live under conditions condemned by Amnesty International but it still isn’t good enough. What would make you assholes happy? No, on second thoughts, I’d dread to know what would really make you happy: I’d find it even more shameful to accept that we share the same nation and I can assure you that a high degree of shame already consumes me. And disgust. And anger.

What is truly disturbing, nay frightening, is that you possibly represent the views of the majority of Australians. Sixty per cent of them to be precise. That means we have a nation that is predominantly populated by the lowest common denominator when it comes to compassion for the plight of human misery. In other words, we are predominantly a nation of heartless, selfish, ignorant, racist bastards. And you sixty percent have proven to be heartless, selfish, ignorant, racist bastards because you want the Abbott government to increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers.

I have no idea why you are the way you are and I don’t know where you came from. I didn’t grow up in an Australia where heartless assholes like you dominated the social landscape. What happened? Were you simply born a nasty piece of shit or was it external influences like the fear mongering mainstream media in this country that caters for your Neanderlithic intelligence. Or maybe you’ve believed the equally racist Abbott Government – don’t get me started on them or their resident Darth Vader, Scott Morrison – or that xenophobic freak John Howard. Or maybe you await your daily dose of instructions from that screaming idiot Alan Jones on how to run your life. Perhaps you were among the angry mass that came down from the trees pumping with racial hatred when Jones urged his listeners to:

“Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge. This Sunday every Aussie in the Shire get down to North Cronulla to support the Leb and wog bashing day . . . “

If any of those poor sods locked up in those filthy detention centres – you know, the ones that aren’t getting treated harshly enough – if they ever make it to this ugly country, what would you like done to them? I can’t imagine how horrific it might be, though I’m sure it’d be something ghoulish enough to satisfy your heartless souls.

As I said, you (and your ilk) are a disgrace to our nation. And what a crying shame that sadly, you are our nation.

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  1. While I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve written, you must remember that whoever conducted the poll – and I suspect that it was an arm of the Murdoch press, only canvassed 1000 people (hardly representative of a cross section of the community) and as Patricia points out – we don’t know what the question was or how it was phrased.
    It’s more than likely that the 1000 they canvassed live in the back blocks of Qld or the NT or WA. and I still believe that the majority of Australians share your feelings.
    Cheers, 🙂 🙂

  2. We had a similar problem here where a small minority of ill-informed people have decided that a fast food restaurant is to low brow for our area. They based most of their campaign on a survey that they say 9 out of 10 people agree with them. They fudged the numbers but more importantly they loaded the question. “How long has it been since you stopped beating your wife?”

  3. Patricia/Edward, it’s irrelevant, I think, where the poll was conducted or who the 1000 people polled were, the point I’m making is that those who think that the Abbott government should treat these people harsher are, in a word, assholes. Whether it’s 60% or 6%.

  4. Michael Taylor, as an angry forty-percenter, I totally agree with you.

    I heard on ABC radio today that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) believes that Tony Abbott’s refugee policy may be in breach of international law as well as Australia’s human rights obligations. As such, the UNHCR have issued a “please explain” directive.

    What have you got to say for yourselves Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison?

  5. I’m with you on this one too. I am beyond disgusted with these results. It matters not if it was conducted by a small number of people or over a large number of people, the results speak for themselves.
    I cannot comprehend what is becoming of people (Australians) any more. Whatever happened to duty of care for another human being? Whatever happened to seeing another as seeing ourselves? Where is the compassion gone? What has become of our nation of people, our sensibility, and our willingness to make this world a better place for all?
    There are NO excuses for the mistreatment of refugees, because whatever name we give it, a human being is a human being, and everyone deserves respect.
    I don’t want to hear about criminals and their standing in this regard, because they will get what they deserve. I fear that the Abbott government is treading a very fine line and is behaving like a criminal. I am disgusted and appalled beyond comprehension that the Abbott government allows all of the above to happen.

  6. I don’t believe this Poll or any other Poll Michael as they are to easily manipulated especially the Murdoch papers, going back in time to when the ARL and NRL rugby league groups were at odds with each other, Murdoch who was after the tv rights only commented on the News limited Group the other lot never got a mention, It hit me way back then that how easy it was to Manipulate communitys. Bringing me to my Point These people will tell us anything, If I happen to be in the 40% I am proud of that fact I’ll stand with you on this matter anytime, I have never been polled non of my large friend Group have ever been Polled , Take this result with a Bucket of Salt Michael, Abbott and his Motely crew are Heading toward big trouble , Are we to believe this mob took a poll of their own Telling them the People are behind them, Read my Lips says Abbott ” we will turn the Boats around not TOW them ” well reported on ABC news And at the same time Michael his Personal poll figures show that this same Population To dropping Him. Keep the Faith

  7. Obviously Queenslanders, Northern Territorians and Western Australians aren’t exactly welcome on this site.
    That leaves the citizens of the other states and territory as the only people with any compassion for their fellow man.
    Quite a divisive comment above and one I wouldn’t have expected from contributors to this page.

  8. Thanks for that ME, so, no back blocks in NSW, ACT, Tasmania or Victoria then?
    Seems to me this page is trying to get above that level of talk, maybe I’m wrong on that.

  9. It doesn’t say anywhere who commissioned this poll
    Just it was done by UMR
    and “Reported” in the SMH

    UMR research

    Managing Director Australia
    former Labor Party pollster John Utting

    The poll, based on a nationally representative sample of 1000 online interviews

    A strong majority of Australians, 60 per cent, also want the Abbott government to “increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers.”

    Groups most strongly favouring harsher policies are older Australians (aged over 70 years – 68 per cent), and self-employed people (71 per cent). People in Queensland and Western Australia are slightly more supportive of a more severe approach (65 per cent and 64 per cent respectively) than in Victoria and NSW (both 62 per cent).

    Only 30 per cent of Australians think asylum seekers should not be treated more severely, while 9 per cent are unsure.

  10. I can tell you what some want in Queensland – when I lived there, a guy I knew wanted refugees and asylum seekers (“they” not “people”) thrown overboard and shot. I thought he as joking and said to him: “You do know you’re talking about people, don’t you?” But he was dead serious – not people just animals. And in a workplace in Ipswich the consensus among workers there was that the only mistake in the past was not to kill off all the Aborigines. Howard dog-whistled on race and sadly people took him up on the racism he offered, not openly but subtly, and this is the result because Labor didn’t have the guts to take the high road and tried to outdo Abbott and his vile treatment of desperate people in need. No, this isn’t the Australia I used to know and love. It’s become selfish, openly racist and utterly heartless. Thank you for your comments, Michael.

  11. One way to get the 60% to understand is to show them the ‘cost benefit’ of on-shore processing. No matter which way anybody wants to frame the argument… on-shore processing is cheaper…. i.e. it costs less….. and why does it cost less I hear you ask…. well it’s like this, MOST ARE FOUND TO BE GENUINE REFUGEE’S…… IT’S CHEAPER TO ‘FLY’ A LEGAL BOAT PERSON FROM VILLAWOOD TO SYDNEY THAN IT IS TO FLY LEGAL BOAT PEOPLE FROM MANUS & ETC TO SYDNEY…….. sorry for yelling but 60% of you reading this might be THICK…. 😯
    ( either that or a Port Adelaide supporta 😛 )
    From the ‘poll’ link :-
    “According to the Australian Parliamentary Library’s research service, between 70 per cent and 97 per cent of asylum seekers arriving by boat at different times have been found to be genuine refugees.

    Under the former Howard government’s “Pacific Solution”, 1637 unauthorised arrivals were detained in the Nauru and Manus Island detention facilities between September 2001 and February 2008. Of those 70 per cent were found to be refugees and ultimately resettled to Australia or other countries.

    During the Rudd government approximately 90-95 per cent of refugee assessments completed on Christmas Island resulted in protection visas being granted. 99.7 per cent of people from Afghanistan (the majority of whom arrived by boat) were assessed as genuine refugees. Grant rates for protection visas for people from Iraq, Iran and Burma, many of whom also have arrived by boat, were also high, ranging from 96-98 per cent

    Read more:

  12. Emotive posts like this are just as disgusting as you claim these Australians are. We cannot fully judge people based on one small part of a response or set of responses they made. Most Australians probably know very little about what’s really going on, and I doubt that 60% of us wish harm on others. This seems more like an Abbott bashing article to me. So I take it that these conditions did not exist before the current coalition government? We are all guilty of falling for the media hype at times, especially when it helps us validate our own opinions and values. The asylum seeker issue and illegal boat arrivals are often discussed as one, but I don’t think they should be. Whilst I don’t agree with everything our new government is doing, I can honestly say I didn’t agree with the previous one either. Sure, the coalition is getting some if it wrong, but they are trying a different approach. It’s a work in progress, and surely no worse that the previous government. As for the inhumane conditions, then obviously this needs to be investigated and acted on accordingly. So why wasn’t it done last year, or the year before? Stop Abbott bashing, and start educating people, or being proactive. Perhaps the 60% you refer to are concerned about illegal immigration and don’t fully understand what they are saying. Perhaps they were referring to harsher penalties rather than harsher living conditions. Perhaps there is so much media hype about boat people that it’s causing a lot of emotional and uneducated responses. Perhaps our damn media loves playing games with all of us. I’m sorry, but it don’t see how your post was in the slightest bit helpful. Granted, I need to do more reading myself.

  13. So the moral of the story here, judging by some revealing comments include;

    Outback Queenslanders and Western Australians may be racist rednecks responding to a skewed poll by the evil Murdoch press.

    Then Cornlegend comes along and blows those conspiracy clowns out of the water by revealing it’s a representative sample from a LABOR pollster, therefore the poll results are likely to be more accurate (i.e. favourable to the Labor cause).
    Of course Lovo’s solution is that respondents need to be “re-educated” with a good bit of lefty propaganda.

    Let’s face it folks, if Kevin Dudd hadn’t undone the Howard government’s tough approach to the people smugglers, there’d be bugger all refugees in detention and we’d be able to afford a higher refugee intake. Everyone would be happy, Australia would be doing its bit and it would not be the divisive issue it has become due to the ALP’s utter criminal negligence.

  14. MT – the level of your misguided frustration is reflected by your demeaning use
    of bad language in recent posts. Maybe you should lift your standards in 2014.
    Last night at a party I caught up with an old friend who works in a motel in
    Brisbane. Yes you got it they provide accom to boat people for the Fed Gov
    and have done so for sometime. He told of his first hand experiences.
    (1) many rooms being regularly trashed with the Gov paying of course
    (2) the ever present TT (Toyota Tarago) picking up to take BP( Boat People )
    to hospital and dentist , no waiting lists here. Those Aussies on the wait list
    just wait longer.
    (3) TT collects BPs and regularly takes the family to Dreamworld , Seaworld etc
    as a matter of course
    (4) huge amounts paid by Fed Gov for International phone calls and Internet.
    (5) these residents show an amazingly bad manners , demands and generally
    Abusive language to all staff and other residents.

    These are the absolute scum that you ignoramuses try to promote and protect.
    Well here is a first hand report on the true facts , no Murdoch Media here,
    just a recital of ongoing living experience from a real staff member with no
    agenda .
    If you condone this you are and remain CWs
    Yep Complete Wankers!

  15. JohnB.
    I didn’t make any assumptions
    “therefore the poll results are likely to be more accurate (i.e. favourable to the Labor cause).”
    people on the AIMN were asking who commissioned it, and who conducted the poll
    I merely provided what information I could find, with no personal opinion included.
    I will now though.
    What sicko designed the questions.?
    What was the point ?

  16. JohnnyBee, “Of course Lovo’s solution is that respondents need to be “re-educated” with a good bit of lefty propaganda.” …… say what 😕
    JohnB, I guess it’s no use having a convo about the FACTS involved with the subject of Climate Change…… or what a mockery Howards second choice is making of the pm’ship…. or how your little ‘cell’ has emerged out of the woodwork to give us Whisperers an pure example of the ‘thickness’ of the 60% 😛
    Marc, John, vBS… here’s a link(s) that you won’t bother reading ya two planks 🙄

  17. Lest we forget 😦
    Beneath our radiant southern Cross, We’ll toil with hearts and hands; To make this Commonwealth of ours Renowned of all the lands; For those who’ve come across the seas We’ve boundless plains to share; With courage let us all combine To advance Australia fair. In joyful strains then let us sing “Advance Australia fair!”
    ….. poor fella my country 😥 …. where did she go 😕 😕

  18. I am wondering how one could make it harsher for these people. I wonder at the need for punishment at all.

    We do not even jail the families of the killers.

    Having children, even babies in detention should be one step too far for most.

    Facing years in these camps, seeing your kids miss out, is indeed punishment.

    The question that needs to be asked, will these kids be the terrorists of the future

    . I cannot see how they could have any respect or love for this country and who live in it.

    For every action, there is a reaction. I hate to think what it will be here.

  19. Cornlegend
    Authorities are well aware of what is going on.
    You all are now informed as well , and there is a marked silence.
    This behaviour is totally unacceptable but is the norm.
    If it is like that now with them it will only get worse.
    Come as an Illegal and abuse our people and the system. Very sick.
    ‘We can do better with our intake of people’

  20. This lefty wing nut’s frustration of being ignored is clearly showing. Just another crazy rant by a starved highbrow seeking self satisfaction. A sanctimonious attempt at establishing himself as the moral leader of the nation.

    Whilst you are being so moral, why not take some of these queue jumpers into your home and support them MT? I’ll donate some lamb chops and potatoes.

    Better still, seeing as you feel “so very passionate”, why don’t you establish a settlement fund and buy a facility to house them via the charity of your gracious self and others of your ilk. There’s at least a dozen pious moralists here who should be able to raise a couple of dollars surely.

  21. I happily put a few dollars towards refugee support, If I could I would put more towards them. They are, in many ways, the future of this nation, as they have been for over 200 years. Thanks for the article Michael, what a pity in this day and age that you had to write it.

  22. The question is, can Australia afford Morrison’s asylum seeker action, as they are now putting in place.

    Can we justify 500 ADF personnel plus hundreds more from other departments, being used to catch a few asylum seekers coming by boat.

    Can we afford not handing out any visas, even bridging ones, keeping people locked up.

    Why have there not been any assessed and settled in PNG by now.

    I believe they are now sneaking pregnant women to a isolated detention centre onshore. Yes, bringing them down, alone, leaving their families behind.

    The problem, is that we are not being told. We were informed by our illustrious PM that he was not into feeding our ideal curiosity.

    Why did Abbott break his holidays last week to appear on commercial radio, to tell us, these people are not genuine. He could not break his holiday to make a comment on the Israel previous leader who died. Truss back in the seat.

    When do his holidays end?

    Cannot recall Gillard taking such a long break, even when her father died suddenly.

    We cannot afford what they are doing in a monetary sense, as well as the damage it is doing with relations with those in the region.

    Their actions are nothing more, than extravagant waste, to satisfy their egos.

    They cannot accept, the action taken by Gillard, put in place by Rudd has shown results.

    What is frightening, that the Labor scheme needs much more work to make it work. Arrangements made in Indonesia., to change visa regulations for those coming from Iran, and signing with PNG was just the beginning. I see no evidence that this government is following through.

    Indonesia has told Abbott more than once, his scheme of towing back boots will not work.

    Time for this government to grow up.

  23. Michael, it is funny how the words of those who are in disagreement with what we say and believe, is the same as used for every wave of refugesdsince the second world war. The only thing that has changed, is the countries they came from.

    Yes, each wave was going to change this country and bring it to ruin.

    Yes, each wave did change this country. No, it did not bring us to ruin.
    The opposite occurred. We became a more vibrant, exciting and successful country.

    No negatives from where I sit.

    What has not changed, is the stupid racism fro a certain quarter.

    After listening for over sixty years, I find their prater a little inane and senseless.

  24. More projection from The Don. They wallow in it as they are so bereft of any other lucid debate.

    You do know wingnut is a term for a right winger The Don. You can’t even get that correct. What a failure.

  25. Duh Don, had one of those pie’s once…. never again… they are shit…… even the dead horse couldn’t cover the taste of the dead horse … more like road kill wrapped in pastry … just sayin.. 😛
    Everyone knows if you want a good pie or pastie you have to go to Broken Hill or the Adelaide Hills…… 😀
    😛 😆 😛

  26. Yeah, I’m with you on that, Michael.
    As with Fu, I’ve watched and heard similar responses to successive waves of post ww2 immigration from the ignorant and fearful.
    That their fears remain groundless, without foundation in reality is perhaps best exemplified by some of the subsequent generations who have adopted the same repugnant attitudes towards more recent arrivals.
    I’ve wondered how the nazis convinced the German population at the time that persecution of minorities was a good idea..
    We’ve been part of such a process since the inglorious rodent, imho, with the same tools off propaganda, secrecy and lies being used against the people, and for pretty much the same end, although the label might be different, [i]at first[/i].

  27. Fed Up wrote “Cannot recall Gillard taking such a long break, even when her father died suddenly.”

    Actually, Fed Up, Gillard bailed out of a major international summit when her father died.
    She returned from APEC instead of continuing her national obligations there.

    Now I had sympathy for her situation and did not support criticism of Gillard in that situation even though I believe she was a pathetic Prime Minister.

    You have made an accusation against Abbott over failing to make a comment on the death of a former leader who’d been in a coma for 8 years.

    Incomparable, and you’re just left with egg all over you face.

    Sorry I had to point it out,

  28. JohnB, how sensitive is one. So Gillard should not have come straight home when her father died.

    By the way, Abbott has not even bothered attending some important world meetings. Sending minor staff, not even a minister.

    If Abbott can break his holidays to stir up hatred again asylum seekers, would not have hurt him to address that death.

    Important enough for Bishop to get herself there.

    Still, did Gillard take any breaks of this length, that Abbott has.

    Thanks JohnB for the diversion.


    I said I was sympathetic to Gillard’s decision and did not support criticism of her.

    You said that Gillard didn’t take that long a break even when her father died. I pointed out that she DID (and understandably so) leave an important summit for the unexpected death of her father.

    Abbott, on the other hand, didn’t interrupt his break upon the death of a comatose former leader who’d not been taking part in international politics for 8 years.

    To compare the two incidents as you have done, is something one would expect from a pathetic, blinkered Labor hack.

  30. Yes, JohnB, if you say so, must be true.

    The question I ask, why did Abbott take time off his leave, to use commercial radio to further demonise asylum seekers.

    One cannot say, that Abbott demand for Gillard to break her leave was any more important than the death of Sharon. (by the way, I do not like the man, the former Israel leader).

    Also, I do not expect Abbott to break his leave.

  31. John B, I have reread what you wrote. Not too sure what you mean, One could, and I did, take it to mean, she should have waited until the show was over, to come home.

    Bailing out., to me, means one left before they should have. One needs to be more careful of what they write, I think.

    Maybe I am not the dope.

    JohnB, is this even worth arguing over? Surely there are more important matters to take heed of.
    Once again, what was the longest length of leave that Gillard took at one time.

  32. Sorry.

    “Took at any one time”

    I cannot recall her ever taking more than a week at anytime. In fact, I seem to recall, at least one leave, she came back back early because of the Queensland floods.

    Before anyone has a hissy fit, I would have like to see her take longer breaks. It is a stressful job, and one should take ample breaks.

    It is just seems that we have Abbott on and off leave, with no knowledge of what his plans are. One does not know whether he is coming or going.

    Of course it is only idle curiosity for a voter to want to know what their PM is up to.

  33. JohnB
    You are dealing with Labor Hacks here 100% of the time.
    3 Stooges here – no there are dozens of them here all of them stupid.
    So every day is a new laugh. Boat People is one of their weak spots.
    Don’t know how many times they kissed Julia’s arse, not quite the same for
    Kevin R when he rose from the dead but they were still there , some were still arse lickers.They don’t talk much about Little Billy Shorten because they probably
    know his short comings.

  34. Yes, we are indeed of left-wing persuasion, that talks about the government that is in power. Why one wants to linger in the past, is beyond most here.

    One does not have to do much when it comes to Abbott, just let him have enough rope, and sit back and wait. He will do the job himself.

    Why would Shorten bother to draw attention from the man. Also, there is the matter, that the MSM does not have time for the Opposition, especially when it is Labor.

    That suits me fine.

    Running out, saying no everything a government does, is not that brainy.

    One waits and picks their battle. There will be many.

    Yes, this is a proud site that aims to give the view fron the left.

  35. VOYAGER projecting again. Thing is VOYAGER what you don’t realise is the laugh is on you and the other right wingers. You are such a great example of wing nuttery and reality detachment it provides lots or mirth to so many.

    Another poll and another Abbott failure. He and this government just keep proving they are the worst this country has ever seen. No wonder the wingnuts are in a tizz going on about Labor, they certainly can’t find anything to praise this miserable government on.

  36. Cuppa, the Murdoch media (which only has its reach in Australia due to the media ownership changes deliberately brought about to benefit News Corp, by Hawke and Keating in the late 80’s) did indeed sell us a dud, Kevin Dudd, in 2007 when they backed him in the election.

  37. Murdoch only “backed” Kevin Rudd at the last minute when it became clear that the Rodent wasn’t going to win.

    Even then it was only one paper, the Adelaide Advertiser.

    That’s NOTHING on the nationwide, front-page propaganda campaign he put up for the Liberals, including dozens of biased articles inside the papers too.

    Murdoch even despatched a hatchet man lieutenant from his New York tabloid to ensure the campaign’s success.

    Fact is, Abbott wouldn’t have won without this help. He’s never been liked or trusted, and the polls confirm this with there being no traditional post-election “honeymoon”.

    And now, because Murdoch helped the Liberals get into power, this dud “government” owes him. In other words the dud Australian government is beholden to a non-Australian. The lousy bastards have sold out our domestic democracy and sovereignty, beholden as they are to a foreign power. In my view this makes them an illegitimate government because a non-Australian intervened in our domestic democratic affairs to get HIS preferred choice elected.

  38. . ..So-o-o-o, ……. John B……. your sayin…. that…..Murdoch….is …..on….Labor’s….. side……………………….. 😮 bwaahaahaahaahaa. 😆 😯 😆 😯 😆
    …… sounds like you might have a had a bit to much ‘Gear, Timothy’… mm, 😉
    … 😛
    ( just as an side note to all, they ain’t got nothing but hate Labor…. I’m mean that’s it…that’s all these trolls have ‘GOT’, nothing constructive…. nothing positive…. “hate Labor and it’s ALL Labors fault”…. when asked to show us here, at CW, why their point of view should be listened to….. all we have ever got back in return is “because it’s not Labor etc “.. ad pukeium 🙄 )
    So-o-o JohnnyB…. “Why do you think Tony is more betterer ????” Please give examples and links …. otherwise your just an projectionists full of rhetorical hearsay (made up shit) and overly opinionated waffle, not to mention that you and your ilk view ‘lying’ as a tool to justify an end …..which of par4daCourse couldn’t be possible… could it… ( except for the fact that every single Liberal Party supporter is a lying sack of traitorous shit….. sell outs.. all ) … no really. 😀

  39. Taxpayers have allegedly been defrauded of tens of thousands of dollars by a recently retired Liberal Party federal MP.
    Name Alex Somlyay.
    Read it on-line Brisbane Times.

  40. JohnB media ownership laws fully supported and endorsed by the Liberal opposition and especially Howard as opposition leader. Indeed Howard wanted them to go further.

    So don’t try the lame shift the blame onto Labor shit you right wingers always do. That’s the problem, and it was Howard’s biggest failure, the right always blame shift and side step their failures. A failure is always someone else’s fault with them, even when it’s demonstrably their fault, yet any success is immediately their doing, even when it’s demonstrably not.

  41. Doubts over work by wife of ex-MP Alex Somlyay

    Taxpayers have allegedly been defrauded tens of thousands of dollars by a recently retired Liberal Party federal MP, who appears to have paid his wife for non-existent work in his electorate office.

    Documents obtained by Fairfax Media indicate that Alex Somlyay, a Liberal MP for 23 years who retired at the September election, billed taxpayers $69,157.15 for his wife’s employment during 2012-13 alone.

    Mr Somlyay’s wife was not seen at work during the past three years, a source close to the electorate office said. Nor was the source aware of any electorate work completed by the former MP’s wife in or out of the office in this period.

  42. Can’t be Crowey. As you know according to the right wingers only Labor is corrupt and the Liberals are as pure as driven snow with bright sunlight streaming out of their arses.

  43. Awww come on… its only another $70k… whats the problem? Pales when we consider all the Tea Party rorts. Sadly a couple of Labor ones as well. Dont they get paid enough? Gotta bring the Mrs into the business as well… sad…. very sad.

  44. Was this a true survey or just the Herald trying to sell more newspapers with a make up survey? Whilst there will be some who are of this mind, even 2 acquaintenances of mine who are dedicated “church goers” I don’t believe the majority of Australians think like this. Negativity is a very powerful force, the only way to deal with this is to boycott the relevant media. Loss of attention just may bring about a change. In any case after having a recent break in a very progressive Asian city, clean, great service, no dole, all doing some sort of work, within another 2 generation Australia will have Asian masters. Last year I returned to Sydney, birth place & Melbourne where I lived for 30 years. Sydney stunk, both cities poor or no service, general city populace rude. Homeless & beggars abound, something I had never experienced in these cities. Australians need to lift there game. So no need to worry about an invasion by boat people, the Asians will simply buy the country!

  45. It appears that the disruptions on Christmas Island is because of the family groups being separated. Anything possible is apparently being done to make the lives of these people unbearable.

  46. @Möbius Ecko. Labor were in government, Howard wasn’t , the media changes were entirely in Labor’s hands.
    The Herald and Weekly Times weren’t so ALP friendly so Hawkie had ’em taken over by (then) Labor friendly Rupert.

    Nothing to do with Howard, everything to do with Hawke and Keating.

    Now how did that work out for Labor, eh ??

    BTW, I don’t read the Murdoch press, as a rule. I don’t like rabid bias either way.
    Not much alternative as the Fairfax press is pushing Labor all the way, although it is not quite as biased as the Murdoch press.

    @staffordhall, the only surveys which are “made up” are the ones which show Labor in a bad light.

    All those which show the Libs as polling badly are direct poll data from Yahweh via Mount Sinai.

    Oh, and if Somlyay is guilty, go him big time.
    If Thompson is guilty, likewise.

    LOVO, Tony is bettered because he’s not the incompetent arseholes of the ALP.
    So that gives him a shitload of leeway.

    Now, I don’t agree with everything Tony says, in fact there’s plenty of things with which I disagree. However he is far from the incompetent, hypocritical arsewipes of the ALP, so better off with the less objectionable politician.

  47. So-o-o John, Tony is better, ( though I like your spelling betterest 😉 ), because he’s not Labor 😮 …. says a lot, no really 😀 …. don’t s’pose ya got a link to that 😆 😆
    (…as per Whisperers, as per 🙄 )
    JohnB, so-o your using the old ” because they just are ” debating tactic in relation to abbortt and his liars. Noice one dat, shows your depth of thought…… anyhoo good luck with tying those shoe laces 😛

  48. Great news, a couple of detention centres are to be shut down [ well, according to the ABC ] and after the last 20 years of Federal Government lies that could be total BS.
    One in Tasmania and the other at Weipa on the Cape.

  49. Oops, it’s not a couple of detention centres it’s actually four, one in WA and one in SA. as well.
    So excited about it I didn’t read the item properly the first time!

  50. JohnB, maybe you can point out to us, some of the good things this government has done, and why you agree with Abbott?

    Would also like to gear more about the asylum seekers that come by air, who they are, and how they are treated.

    This government is being challenged in the courts about their endeavors to create two classes of asylum seekers. Those who came by air versus those who came by boat.

    We are all aware of the what past PM’s and governments have done.

    What should concern us now, what the one we have now is up to. Yes, one cannot change the past, but we can damn well influence the present.

  51. Yes, polls are indeed made up. They are made by the views of the people that are polled.

    If one wants a certain result, one makes sure you avoid people who have views that are counter to the result you are seeking.

    If one takes care compiling the questions, in a certain light, one will always get the outcome they desire.

    Unless one is given a full outline of the questionnaire, and methods of obtaining data, no poll is worth the paper it is written on.

  52. JohnB, maybe you can point out to us, some of the good things this government has done, and why you agree with Abbott?

    That’s a good question, Fed up, and one that echoes the question often asked at the Café. I’m yet, however, to see an answer from anyone who has been quick to criticise the previous Labor Governments.

  53. Yes, we are getting closer to knowing the outcome of legal action taken against Slipper, Thomson and Ashby.

    All should be interesting.

  54. Thankfully Pyne is being challenged. GMH is the topic. Pyne accused of taking information out of context. It appears Holden is blaming free trade agreements.

  55. One must understand, that to accept the present policies on those seeking asylum, are not genuine.

    Anything else cannot work for them.

    Yes, these people are liars, unworthy and of lesser value than us.

    They have to create, the impression, that they are not only unworthy, but of dire risk to us, our security, our culture and what makes us Australian.,

    Then and only then can they support Morrison and Co.

    PS Four detentions are being closed on shore, These are four small centres. They acknowledge that local businesses will suffer.

    Are they emptying them, to Christmas Island?

  56. @Staffordhall, wasn’t there a nasty old poll recently the uncooperative results of which were attributed to a deliberately skewed sampling by the Murdoch press.

    Turned out the poll was commissioned by Fairfax and run by a former Labor pollster. OOOOPS !!

    Fedup asked “Would also like to gear more about the asylum seekers that come by air, who they are, and how they are treated.”

    I presume that you are referring to the asylum seekers who come with visas, identification, passports and so on, by air, with the boat arrivals who have deliberately destroyed their identity documents.

    Yes, well they all have to be checked out to determine their bona fides… I wonder which group are going to take longer ??

  57. Does monster government departments work? Andrews is looking at merging Cetrelink with human services such as Medicare.

    Well I suppose that is better than handing over Centrlink roles to Australian Post.

    Wonder where migration fits into the propose plan?

  58. Fed up, if that’s the case then Andrews really has no idea. Someone needs to tell him that Centrelink already is part of the Dept of Human Services, as is Medicare. Surely he can’t be that much of an idiot.

  59. Oh, just another foot in mouth moment there then Michael! Lost count of how many times that has happened with this mob of sheep! I guess thats why Abbort has tried to keep them all away from microphones.

  60. Well, in less than 3 years we will be able to. And In Victoria, we can get the state moving again after November. The road toll fell in Vic last year, cos nobody could drive on the f’ing roads! Over in the west they call Hamilton the ball joint capitol, cars go through them in 20,000k’s!

  61. I have heard it said, in fact from Pyne’s men to promote or teach multiculturalism. They say this is so, because all cultures are not equal

    I assume they also extend this to religion and nationality.

    One has to try to get some idea, how some minds work, before one can even make sense of what they believe and support.

    Yes, not all men are equal. Once one accepts that fact, it leaves one open to treating others, anyway one desires.

    It is my feeling, that we all adopt an ideology and belief systems to make some sense of the world and what we are aiming for.

    I also believe there is no perfect ideology or political belief that has all the answers. The world is not that simple, it is complex place that is forever changing.

    What scares one, is those on the extreme right, which are now our government, apparently have complete faith in their ideology and beliefs. They apparently believe there are no other possible answers.

    They are not interested in the reality that now exists. They are not interested in what is going on in the world economy, or even in Australia’s economy.

    What is more terrifying, they despise and look down on all that have different views. They do not even acknowledge that others also have rights. There is no compromise possible with this mob.

    Another frightening fact is that when things do not work, as they predict, they can never take responsibility for their action, but blame all others. Nothing is ever their responsibly.

    We have, as we are seeing with Christopher Pyne this morning, out, twisting and taking out of context, what the GMH Newman said, attacking the SA premiere in the childish manner. Nothing is their fault. They must be scared of the polls, to let the man off the hook.

    One must keep in mind, this mob, to protect their own arses, will say anything to defend themselves.

    Why they cannot come, tell us what they are up to, and get on with the job, is beyond me. Are they so ashamed of their policies, or could it be, they know the public will not buy them?

    It is about time they begin addressing the world that exists, not the one they apparently see in their feverish minds, that if they have one.

    No thought is ever given to the fact, they could be wrong. No outside advice is allowed to muddy their waters. No expert need apply. They know all. .

  62. All the polls since the election have been similar. Yes, they mean little, except that maybe this government is not having any honeymoon.

    Maybe it was more about kicking Labor up the arse, not wanting Abbott.

    For all Abbott’s talk of mandate, which I see he has dropped, there are none out in the streets, or anywhere else supporting what the government wants

    In fact the opposite seems to be the case.

    They want things such as NBN and I suspect CEF left alone. They want Better Schools. In fact, they want most of what Gillard achieved.

  63. “They don’t talk much about Little Billy Shorten because they probably
    know his short comings.”

    Wrong. I have and I do. He was the worse choice Labor could have made. He has all the charisma of a pallet of bricks. He dresses like a bag of shit tied in the middle, and his hair dresser must be as blind as a bat. One would think he would at least get his wife to put his tie on for him. It looks like a tie fashioned out of a used handkerchief. If she is already doing it, she needs re-training. Albo was the only choice, charisma in spades, articulate, funny, and on his game.

    Having said that, Abbott is a ‘Babbling Baboon’ he hasn’t a clue. He and our token women on the front bench, masquerading as a foreign minister, has just about embarrassed this country enough. Abbott if still P.M. will be swept from office next election, that is money in the bank. But, lets be honest, he wont take his party to the next election, even members of his own party are beginning to cringe at his very name. Turdball will be at the helm at the next election. Abbott has served his purpose, he got the racist vote, and the other half wits who think they were going to be better off. He will soon be gone.

  64. phil
    JANUARY 14, 2014 @ 4:12 PM
    Couldn’t agree more.
    Only change I’d make is that Albo will only be there as long as Tanya Plibersek lets him .

  65. “Only change I’d make is that Albo will only be there as long as Tanya Plibersek lets him .”

    Agreed. She would make a great P.M. She comes across as sincere. Where as Gillard unfortunately for mine, didn’t. If there is a challenge, I hope they don’t leave it to the last months of the government. Shorten must be hoping for a double dissolution because for mine he’s had it.

  66. Hopefully the next Labor government sniffs the wind a bit better than Rudd or Gillard.
    World politics appears to be moving to the right so the younger brigade like Plibersek will need to acknowledge the days of left and right are now more like 2 dogs of the same pack fighting over the middle 10- 15%.
    One person who must take a major share of the blame for Labors shellacking is SHY and her incessant harping on the boat people issue.
    All of my Labor voting friends were prepared to vote for Genghis Khan rather than be associated with her.
    This post started out talking about polls, the polls were SCREAMING at Labor for 3 years that boat arrivals were an issue with a majority of the population, seemingly the news never reached the head honchos in the party backroom.
    If Labor thinks the boat people issue will go away then were in for a lot of years under the religious right wing brigade.

  67. “If Labor thinks the boat people issue will go away then were in for a lot of years under the religious right wing brigade.”

    True. The polls telling us the majority of Australians do not want the boat people here are real. Btw I am not one of them, the truth is, in the scheme of things we don’t have a problem compared to other nations. Unfortunately many people don’t see it in those terms. I like yourself have Labor friends who didn’t admit it, but may have changed their vote over this issue. But having said that I would like to see a more definitive poll.

    For mine the Labor party really shot it self in the foot when it took the money off of single mothers. My Labor friends, who all know a single mother went ballistic. This as we know was down to Gillard, who also if the rumours are correct, was against the rise for pensioners, but took credit for it. The rot set in when she moved on Rudd, telling the faithful it was his leadership and the polls is bollocks. She had to feed her ego, and the rest as they say, is history.

  68. Phil, re

    in the scheme of things we don’t have a problem compared to other nations. Unfortunately many people don’t see it in those terms..

    Because the media have chosen not to portray it in those terms. I was reading an article the other day which described how Italy has over 10 times the “refugee problem” as Australia yet the Pope (and I’m certainly not religious) decreed that the Christian attitude should be to care about those less fortunate.’re supposed to be a good Catholic.

    The anti-refugee rhetoric is purely political. Abbott knows that we do not have a particularly important asylum seeker problem, but just wait..make a mental note..EVERY TIME Abbott stuffs things up (and there’s been too many to count since he became PM), out trots the good old tried and true “look over there” issue of asylum seekers. Where is the problem? I thought that Abbott had it all under control, so why pray tell is it still an issue.

  69. Bill, Labor’s stance was that the way to tackle the problem (or rather what the msm told us was a problem) was via liasing with Indonesia. What is the point of catching impoverished Indonesian fishermen and incarcerating them in Darwin..plenty more where they came from.

    Step 1: get Indonesia to recognise that people smuggling is a serious problem – Indonesia perceives it as a minor irritation. This was done, that is, Australia sought Indonesia’s cooperation and as a favour to us, the Indonesian police were liasing with the Feds to catch the real crooks, the Big Bosses. They also caught operatives who were working out of Australia (Australian nationals).

    Indonesia also gave permission for 2 of our patrol boats to enter her waters.

    Of course we never progressed to Step 2 as Abbott and J.Bishop via their ham-fisted egotistical handling aka grandstanding managed to stuff up years of negotiations with Indonesia.

  70. “Because the media have chosen not to portray it in those terms”

    All true Carol you wont get an argument from me. Abbott plays up to the rednecks in society and unfortunately they are still with us. People have short memories, we treated the Vietnamese, Greeks, Italians, Dutch, Germans, Slavs, English, Scots, Welsh etc. exactly the same, when they were coming in big numbers after WW2.

    We have learned to accept these people now, and would wonder what all the fuss is about. Of course, at the end of the day we have caused this influx. The push/pull factors are real.

  71. ” I thought that Abbott had it all under control,”
    Abbott is cunning enough to realise that short answers are all the general public have got time for.
    He did nothing to win the election, he just let Labor lose it with Rudd and his long mind numbingly boring, condescending answers to simple questions.
    Boat loads of people arriving on our shores will be an election issue for the next election as well, just as the horrendous flood of illegal migrants are an issue in Europe, the UK and the US.
    It’s the way the world is and Labor best get it’s head around some way to get the electorate on side on this issue.
    Dissociating itself from the Greens and SHY would be an excellent start.
    [Every election except the last I’ve voted for Greens in the Senate since 1971 but they have forgotten what their grassroots policies were]

  72. Carol Taylor
    JANUARY 14, 2014 @ 5:50 PM
    Yes, acknowledged.
    The general public however got tired of the Gillard- Rudd – Gillard – Rudd circus and finished up I think not believing or even listening to what they said.
    Much easier to listen to Abbotts miniscule mutterings and go on with their daily lives assuming Tony would solve all the issues.
    To me it’s not a matter of who’s right or wrong or who’s left or right, it appears that you say what you can to get into power and then do the least possible.
    Cynical, I know but Australian politics have left me that way.

  73. JohnB so now it’s whose in power responsible. Everything is now Abbott’s and the Liberals doing so why do you keep harping on about Labor and not iterating all the great things Abbott and this government are doing and lambasting their considerable string of failures, lies and broken promises?

    I raised the support of the Liberal opposition and especially Howard because Howard constantly used the Labor opposition support as an excuse when his policies went south, which was often.

    So like all typical right wingnuts you blame Labor when in opposition and blame them when in government. When are you ever going to take responsibility for the party and leader you support?

  74. the only reason they would of stopped is because by then it will be illegal to report anything about them going on the way current liberal govts of this country are legislating, and with the balance of power abbott is so extreme it scares the shit out of me what he might do.

  75. LOVO says “One way to get the 60% to understand is to show them the ‘cost benefit’ of on-shore processing.”

    Trouble with onshore processing is that it not only acts as a “pull factor” for those seeking asylum, but also those seeking an easy economic ride. There are a significant number of “economic refugees in the mix, the problem and the harm comes in trying to sort out who is who from the undocumented arrivals who sometimes have been known to lie about their origins! (surprise surprise)

    On shore processing is also treated as a feeding trough for taxpayer funded legal parasites who would defend Genghis Khan (as a persecuted Mongol minority seeking refuge from a Han dominated regime which had built a wall to prevent him reuniting with family) if there was some money in it for them.

  76. JohnB
    JANUARY 15, 2014 @ 2:41 AM
    Also, why are we contracting a UK company to do our security work?
    Can’t we manage to handle that ourselves?

  77. Good question, Bill. I think the reason might be because many (not all) of our “businessmen” are utterly pathetic speculators who don’t know how to properly run a business and rely on shonky share deals or real-estate speculation to make their fortune.

  78. If you ensure your tinfoil hat is firmly fastened, Crowey, the Feds won’t be able to brainwash you and you’ll be able to read all about it. The Fairfax media will ensure that it’s fully covered.

  79. Indeed, Crowey. Thankfully we have Green Left Weekly and the Korean Central News Agency to provide objective and unbiased reporting, not to mention the newsletters from the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean Popular People’s Front (splitters).

  80. JohnB, at least those items provide an alternative opinion other than the Murdoch media who think that people will believe whatever bias is fed to them. Gosh some who read the Murdoch press actually do not know that it’s just one opinion..they actually take everything as factual.

  81. Can’t understand THAT Crowey. I’m sure he would be welcome on 2GB and the Australian would do a good honest article on him anytime he wanted.

  82. Bill Shorten has been given a good run by Fairfax, trouble is he keeps cocking things up and there are some rumblings about his “record”.

    I say that he’s perfect to represent the ALP, he fully represents the arrogance, dysfunction and shamelessness that we’ve come to expect from Labor.

  83. I think Alex Somlyay’s pretty safe so long as he doesn’t do anything that could conceivably benefit the ALP in any way.

    Talking to a mate this morning & the topic of media criticism of Abbott came up. When you add it up there’s a reasonable amount. What’s missing is the dronebass negativity that Gillard & Labor as a whole copped, with every story immediately being absorbed as part of the whole, overarching media theme of getting Labor out. Or more charitably, letting Abbott in. But it’s bloody hot here, my back’s hurting & I’m not feeling charitable. By & large the MSM’s done a good job of forgetting what Abbott’s promises were.

  84. Just because something is in a left-wing rag, does not mean it is ineffectual. One does as they do with what they read anywhere, question everything that is written,.

    Thankfully, that is easy today, with the WWW.

    How one does not shake, when Abbott said Australia is open for business.

    If one follows Nick Cato last night on the Drum He is of the belief that no one is allowed to ask questions of the immigration minister, if based on what he called rumour, without checking the facts.

    Is not asking the minister if the rumour is true, checking facts. In this case, the journalist where going to the one man, that should have answers.

    I think Nick and the right are saying, one cannot, ever criticize our PM.

    If they do so, they do it at their own peril.

    Could we have a media that is scared sick of Abbott and Co.

    I have no problem with Labor lying low. Good policy in MHO.

    Why give the media the chance to demonise what they say, diverting attention from Abbott.

    We are now over the holiday period. Much is occurring in the political world, that the media cannot avoid. Let all the attention be focused on Abbott, not shorten.

    What I would love to see visitors that champion Abbott tell us some of the good things he has done. We can then respond to things that have substance.

    I have never seen a government or PM yet that is all bad. Could I be wrong, that this one has broken the mould, that one has to dig deep for positives.

  85. JohnB, “Trouble with onshore processing is that it not only acts as a “pull factor” for those seeking asylum, but also those seeking an easy economic ride.”
    and “On shore processing is also treated as a feeding trough for taxpayer funded legal parasites who would defend Genghis” ………… got a link(s) to support those statements. 🙂

    Got any links t

  86. Shorten now on ABC 24.As usual, there is a break in transmission. It seems, always when the answers are getting interesting.

    I notice the government did m not say, what they are using life boats for.

    Wonder where the information came from is the first place. The Morrison’s mob could not possibly be leaking,

    Morrison seems to be doing some backtracking.

    Could the fact that Abbott broke his holidays to demonise asylum seekers, with Morrison backtracking infdictatge their in house polling is telling them there could be a backlash against their actions.

    Could it be, that many do care about how these people are treated. That it is not idle curiosity, to want to know what the results are from what this government does.

    When asked about the possible abuse by those towing back the boats, his reply left me speechless. Yes, Morrison does not believe that anyone in customs or ADG would act that way, therefore he does not believe it is true.

    It appears the shorten interview has been broken, unable to return. Manage over an hour for Morrison.

  87. Another inconvenient fact. It was the free trade agreement with South Korea, that finally sunk Holden in this country. No wonder Pyne was out on the hustings yesterday. Had trouble answering this question.

    Wonder how many others, have made decisions, taking that agreement into consideration, as well as the two that Robb intends to sign.

  88. It seems they will not be using Treasury modelling. Looks like they will be following Costello’s model. Making up one of his own.

    The answers are interesting. Contact now breaking down.

  89. “It seems they will not be using Treasury modelling. Looks like they will be following Costello’s model. Making up one of his own.”

    Indeed. The head of the commission was so evasive, the whole exercise of the Senate questions were an utter waste of time. Reading between the lines, there are going to be a lot of unhappy people by the time they have finished. It isn’t half obvious, the poor are going to carry the can for the deficit.

  90. Word of advice to those that accompany witnesses at Senate Committe Hearings. Do no wear a short skirt. If one does, do not cross legs, or better still, sit behind those giving evidence.

  91. This government has set them an impossible task without allowing them to also address the revenue side.

    The real problem is the fall in government receipts. Yes, the money coming in.

    This was made worse by the actions of the Howard government, not help by Rudd’s first budget, of cutting taxes, using

    What has been ignored that, but the Rudd and Gillard had their razor gangs. The Gillard practiced fiscal consolidation over the last few years, leaving little space for more. There was also a tight rein kept on the PS plus government spending.

    I suspect there is no low hanging fruit. What this government will do, to reach their target, is to begin cutting PS, but cutting programs.

    Their problems are made harder, by the actions of the Howard government, as well as Rudd’s first budget, of cutting taxes, using the income from windfall profits. Profits, they should have known, would not continue into the future. Sadly the tax cuts, which benefit the upper income earners, at the expense of lower income earners.

    Listening to the hearings, one gets a slight impression; Mr. Hockey might not get what he is after.

  92. Interesting if there is any truth in the matter.

    ………Posted Mussitate
    Hidden away on page 18 of the Daily Mail, is this legit.
    “Opposition Leader Tony Abbott could face a police inquiry into allegations he offered a foreign posting to Liberal MP Alex Somlyay if he quit politics.
    Warning the alleged offer in 2010 could be in breach of the Commonwealth Electoral Act that carries “criminal penalties”, the Labor Party has referred the allegations to the Australian Federal Police.
    NOT reported in most mainstream media…..WHY NOT??????? You may well ask. Mainstream media have not stopped carrying on about what Craig Thomson did when he was involved with a Union.
    Why have they NOT reported.

  93. A business can expect nothing from this government, unless you are prepared to put boot into your workers.

    ………..TAXPAYER subsidies will not be paid to struggling companies that fail to fix their problems under a hardline edict from Joe Hockey aimed at forcing employers and unions to scrap workplace deals that push up costs.

    Rejecting aid for “lazy” companies, the Treasurer told The Australian that federal cash would not be used to shore up dividends or to continue poor industrial practices.

    Mr Hockey seized on an admission from General Motors yesterday that its decision to end manufacturing in Australia was made regardless of government incentives, as the comments escalated a wider fight over industry assistance.

    The Treasurer cited the company’s statements to accuse Bill Shorten of perpetuating the “fantasy” that the Holden factories, due to close in 2017 with the loss of 2900 jobs, could have been kept alive by a Labor government.

    As attention turns to Toyota as the last local carmaker, M….

  94. Yes, most tape, of all colours was introduced for a good reason. I bet we do not see any regulations, that Howard bough in, in his wars against terrorism.

    …………Frydenberg claims that junking the financial planning reforms will save the industry “costs of about $90 million, and an annual compliance bill of $190 million.” But, as Ian McAuley noted here at New Matilda yesterday, the costs to ordinary people with superannuation accounts will be much higher.

    One report on the reforms argued that, by cutting fees into retail superannuation funds, the reforms would collectively lead to $144 billion in extra super by 2027. McAuley concludes that scrapping the reforms “would not only reward the financial services industry, but would also allow the re-emergence of firms unconstrained by any investor ‘best interest’ rule – firms like Storm and Westpoint which wiped out many depositors’ life savings.”

    That’s the thing about regulations. They are usually introduced in the wake of disasters that are all too often caused by firms that cut corners. The reason they are introduced is that parliaments act to try and prevent future disasters.

    Yes, bad regulation is a drag on company profits, and therefore on the economy. But good regulation saves lives and protects people’s life savings. The cost of Deepwater Horizon runs into tens of billions of dollars. The cost of the global financial crisis now runs into the trillions.

    A few extra safeguards in the offshore drilling and US mortgage industry might just have been a worthwhile investment. Let’s pray that the consequences of the Government’s attack on red tape isn’t a similar environmental or financial disaster in Australia…..

    I know when I have a big clean out, I always seem to lose tings I wanted to keep, and were valuable.

  95. This is what this mob says overseas.

    ……….While in Canberra the Commission of Audit was railing against Australia’s ”poor productivity, high dollar, high energy costs and heavy reliance on the resources sector”, in Los Angeles Australia’s Trade Minister was declaring the nation just about the most attractive in the world.
    ”In terms of the ease of doing business, we are ranked number three in the world ranking of economic freedom, behind only the island states of Hong Kong and Singapore,” he told the US-Australia dialogue.
    Andrew Robb has support. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative US think tank, has once again named Australia as third freest nation in which to do business, putting us behind Hong Kong and Singapore, and above New Zealand and Taiwan in fourth and fifth place.
    ”With an economy that benefits from sound fundamentals including monetary stability, low public debt, and a vibrant employment market, Australia has weathered the global economic uncertainty well,” the Foundation said.
    ”Openness to global trade and investment is firm..

    Read more:

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