Two-faced Tony

There is no argument that Tony Abbott has shown himself to be the consummate hypocrite, more evidently so since taking over the prime ministership. I’ve stumbled across a wonderful example of his hypocrisy, which has the added bonus of producing further evidence of his stupidity.

Do you remember this from earlier last year?

Tony Abbott demands Julia Gillard explain WA asylum seeker boat arrival.

Tony Abbott is seeking an urgent briefing from the Prime Minister on how a boat of suspected asylum seekers last week managed to reach the Australian mainland for the first time in five years.

The Opposition Leader has written to Ms Gillard requesting an official explanation about the incident.

He writes, “the Coalition is gravely concerned over the extent to which the capacity of government agencies to undertake security checks on arrivals have been undermined and the massive consequent cost blowouts running at more than $5 billion since the last election.”Moreover, Minister O’Connor has failed to satisfactorily explain why he plans to spend more than $100,000 transferring these mainland boat arrivals by air to Christmas Island for health checks and other procedures that should have been done in facilities where they are already accommodated.”

Mr Abbott also accused Julia Gillard of running a $100,000 taxi service for the 66 Sri Lankans – who landed in Geraldton, Western Australia, on Monday – amid plans to fly them to Christmas Island.

Now listen to the same bloke today:

Australia PM Tony Abbott defends asylum policy ‘closed book’

Australian PM Tony Abbott has defended what critics have described as government secrecy over asylum policy.

Officials have in recent days refused to comment on reports that Australian naval forces have turned back at least one boat to Indonesia.

Asylum-seeker accounts have also alleged mistreatment by navy personnel.

Mr Abbott, who promised a tough line on the asylum issue when he took office, said restricting information flow boosted operational enforcement.

“I’d rather be criticised for being a bit of a closed book on this issue and actually stop the boats,” he told local media.

“The point is not to provide sport for public discussion. The point is to stop the boats.

“I’m pleased to say it is now several weeks since we’ve had a boat, and the less we talk about operational details on the water, the better when it comes to stopping the boats.”

All of a sudden ‘keeping quiet’ stops the boats.

I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself, I need to swear . . . Oh for fuck’s sake.

73 comments on “Two-faced Tony

  1. You have said it all – back then it was costing $5B a year.
    Don’t know what the grande total of spending on these Illegals is to date.
    And it is probably better that I don’t .
    I’m vomiting already but not swearing MT. Remember this is a children’s site
    after all .

  2. A copy of this quote is now over at the Guardian, the last time I done something similar with the Guardian, it was there for a while, and then it was deleted.

  3. But, but, but Abbott YOU haven’t stopped the boats!!!! They are still coming & have been all along. Wait till the monsoon season ceases. That’s right, not only is he a hypocrite he’s a self-confessed liar.

    PS VOYAGER From-Another-Universe, where does it say that the NOT ILLEGAL asylum seekers were costing us $5 billion a year???? Your powers of comprehension seem to be rather limited.

  4. Tosser tone doesn’t know if he’s coming or going ?? it’s all a secret anyway, boats ? what boats ? I bought them didn’t I ? oh yes I hid them ? then I sold them back to the Indons and made a loss , doesn’t matter , only taxpayers money ha ha . must go have to run the country, a wedding to go to don’t you know.

  5. VOYAGER one boat in 6 years made it to the mainland and Abbott made a large hullabaloo over it. Two have gotten through Abbott’s Operation Sovereign Borders in just 6 weeks, and that’s in the normal lull period for boats.

    So looking forward to you highly condemning Abbott and his failures, especially since you haven’t done so for all his other failures and broken promises. You wouldn’t be a hypocrite now would you?

  6. Luv this site so I can vent my anger. The Mad Monks piece in this am’s Murdock papers. Stop the bullying. Hold the phone for a while. What did he do to a young woman who beat him in an election during his Uni days, and who was that person who stood up in front of those dreadful placards e,g, “Ditch the Bitch” etc; and who was the bloke who continually abused the Prime Minister daily for three years in Parliament but not having the guts to say anything out of Parliament. Now we have the ADF Chief blatantly telling us lies about the boats ” being TURNED back” yet blind freddie can see the F…… boats being TOWED back. But we must remember who we are dealing with, a man who hasn’t fully recovered from all those years of TRYING to be a Christain, a man who is very wary of his own skin, and finally a man who can not be true to his own family.

  7. An interesting clip there, FU.

    I’m still trying to figure if the conservatives are just stupid (as <a href=""<John Stuart Mill famously asserted) or are pathologically self-interested. Or maybe both.

    The Republican in that exchange kept saying they weren’t opposed to unemployment benefits and a minimum wage, but just wanted “to pay for it responsibly”.

    Superficially, that sounds like a very reasonable argument and it certainly resonates with most people.

    But it’s dead wrong. Firstly, “responsibly” is in this context is a Humpty Dumpty word: it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

    The Democratic spokesman nailed it when he asked “how did you pay for the Iraq war ?” The answer of course is deficit spending.

    On the subject of the dole and minimum wage, he was also spot on when he said they “actually pay for themselves”.

    He clearly understood that “one man’s spending is another’s income”.


  9. Its IMPOSSIBLE to shame our PM, We all recognise his Fork tongue style of speaking No one BUT No one can deny it Except if your Name is Rupert, He Is so Embarrassing , I foresaw the charm offensive coming, Todays ” Telegraph ” telling us he has three daughters and is deeply concerned about these Coward attacks, They are very very good at finding an issue to present Tony in a Good Light , We were led to believe that Indonesia had complied to Australias TOW Back the Boats policy, All the mayhem brought about by this ship of fools in less than 6 months , And He tells us Its all going well, what a tosser, I feel that sometime soon He will slip up big time its in his DNA The sooner PETA officially takes over the better, Is asio watching love yeh work tony ,lol

  10. Furthermore, at least two boats have reached mainland Australia. The naval operation has been working with it’s secrecy etc. Don’t forget the system to stop the boats commenced in July prior to Abbotts federal election win.

  11. Of FFS!!! If the finer details of operational enforcement is not known, then we can stop the boats. That’s it. That’s his policy. Say nothing about it and the job gets done.

    Abbott’s controlling fiasco. Gotta luv it. NOT!

  12. I was talking to Mr Morrison yesterday and relayed to him the sentiments being expressed by Michael Taylor and Cafe Whispers. He said “Who?” I explained that you were a left minded mob of try hard scribes who played on the internet and are outraged by his actions. He replied ‘Mission accomplished then!’, laughed and walked off. Keep it up folks, you’re continuing to have no affect..

  13. And the numbers that are rapidly growing that browse all these sites.

    Howard had his wars. Firstly against guns, then the big one, against Irak and Afghan..

    Abbott is desperately searching for such luck.

    Once again, he is out fighting a war. Sadly, one that can only be found within his own mind.

    It seems or maybe apparently, he is seeking one with Indonesia.

  14. Tony and his mob apparently believe the rubbish they distribute. Yes, falling for their own spin. That could be the only explanation for their actions since being elected. Abbott said this morning, apparently, he only cares what the electorate thinks of him at the next election. That means he has to stop the boats.

    Worrying about whether they will have jobs or not. Already evident in Canberra, where there has only been 300 jobs advertised, in all of the Capital city,.

    This beats the last record low of 400 in the early days of the Howard government.

    PS. Howard also holds the record for the most jobs advertise over this period in 2007. Yes, that number was around 1500 if memory serves me right.

    300 jobs across the Federal, ACT and private industry.

  15. The Don, please talk to Mr. Pyne. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.

    Seems no one else can.

    Maybe you can sit him down and read the Gonski report to him.

    It is apparent he lacks the skills or motivation to do so himself.

    Please explain to Mr. Pyne that the education wheel has been invented, that he does not have to reinvent it.,

    Tell him that the Gonski investigation and research into education was over a decade, and no lefties were involved,

    Mr. Abbott, we are not at war. Mr. Abbott, we are in the wonderful situation, that is capable of giving safe haven from those fleeing war.

  16. Mr. Abbott, it is not seeking idle information, when one is concerned with the actions of their government.

    Mr. Abbott, we have a right to know,.

    IDLE INFORMATION????????????????????

    Sorry, should be, idle curiosity???????????????

  17. And what about the Refugees who Lived on Christmas island for a week undetected, having beaten Moronsons curtain of steel .Did we give them New tents ? Tonys read my Lips statement ” We said we will turn the Boats around NOT tow them back ” Keep Highlighting his stuff ups People are starting to Listen, I don’t usually comment on right wing interlopers But ” DON ” you live a very sad life if Moronson is your roll model

  18. The Don who was talking to Mr Morrison yesterday, and Gina the other day attending one of her many soirées, and of Malcolm just worships the ground he walks on…scaper anyone??

  19. Definitely seems as though it could be Carol. Scaper was in The Inner Circle was he not? IPA dinner attendee & Liberal Party bigwigs’ bosom buddy ad nauseum. Has been very quiet for some time. May be on day release from the Funny Farm.

  20. Not to mention the lie “I’m pleased to say it is now several weeks since we’ve had a boat”.
    Ermmm…how many boats have we heard of being turned back.
    This moron thinks we must be dumber than he is.

  21. ……Mahfudz Siddiq, head of the Indonesian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, demanded Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop sit down with her Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalegawa ”as soon as possible” to explain.
    ”The situation is not helpful. It will get worse for our bilateral relations,” he said. ”Unless the situation is handled soon, I fear it will deteriorate further after the spying affair and the end of our military co-operation. I worry if the issue of people-smuggling is not resolved … it will inflame [this].”
    Susaningtyas Nefo Handayani Kertopati, a member of the Indonesian parliament’s oversight commission on international affairs, urged Jakarta to make a stern response to Australia, which she accused of having an ”extreme attitude” on people-smuggling. ”The government should not be ambivalent or hesitant in addressing Australia’s extreme attitude. It must deal with it seriously,” she said.
    Seven News on Thursday night aired mobile phone footage purportedly filmed by asylum seekers of Royal Australian Navy personnel boarding their boat.
    The asylum seekers claimed they were intercepted near Darwin on January 1 and towed for six days back to Indonesian waters. Some have said they were mistreated.
    Chief of the Defence Force David Hurley rejected these claims, saying in a statement that Defence personnel operated in difficult and unpredictable condition yet ”consistently demonstrate great compassion and courage, often at great risk to their own safety”.
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott continued to fend off accusations of excessive secrecy after days of media reports that at least one asylum-seeker boat had been turned back. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison is still refusing to say whether he will continue to front the media in regular briefings, as he did last year…..

    Read more:

  22. Hey VOYAGER re Fed up’s post @ 4:13 pm, I thought you said the Indonesians were OK with the Abbott government’s policy?

  23. Tony Hogarth
    JANUARY 10, 2014 @ 9:59 AM

    His strategy is definitely working a treat then.

  24. He’s either a Queenslander or a Crows fan….or both 👿 …. or mayhap he’s one of them ANDEV tossers 😛

  25. “James Moylan says:
    December 30, 2013 at 11:26 am
    Perhaps ‘hate’ is the wrong word? It just arcs up the conservatives and gives them a reason to utterly dismiss your critique. You just become an ‘Abbott hater’ and so all of your justifiable outrage is just dismissed out of hand.
    Maybe the truth in Aus is that we have to tailor our critique in such a manner as to make it acceptable for morons and bigots. Let’s face it – for as long as the mainstream media in Australia is unabashedly corporate and right-wing then we (all the rational and involved citizens) are simply obliged to be overly rational and calm in every utterance. Why?
    Remember the way that the last labor government was demolished. How was that accomplished?
    Despite an extraordinary record of economic management Labor was branded as being untrustworthy and irresponsible by the Australian Press! Day-in and day-out this BS was retailed all over the shop. This lie was perpetrated by a press which simply focused on pointing out (or inventing) controversies and disagreements (which must be a part of any functional democratic process) instead of considering what was actually being accomplished. So any hint of passion by any left of center politician was reported as an ‘outburst’. Any change of stance as a ‘lie’. And any matter that failed to accord with the mythology being pumped out was simply ignored. This despite even the overseas papers of the the same companies being happy to acknowledge Australia as being an economic miracle in (just not for any Australian audience).
    Yes it makes me sick just thinking about it but throwing up our hands is not an option. ‘Foot in mouth’ disease killed the last government (as it will the next unless we unwind the stupid corporate media conglomerate that oversees the distribution of nine out of ten words in our media.)
    Yes the Abbott gov will likely fall early because they are barely a shabby imitation of a government.They are so obviously just the political arm of whatever monied or conservative interest group that currently has the most invested, they will invariably make stupid mistakes that even the mainstream media will not be able to paper over. Yes the Aussie voter is now at least sensible enough to vote for their own interests and against an obvious bunch of corporate mercenaries as Abbott and crew – but they are definitely not sophisticated enough to bear yet another three years of wall-to-wall propaganda being pumped out by the Fairfax and FOX consortium.
    Apparently we live in a world where rationality tends to the left but the default setting is stuck on ‘right wing bastard’.”

  26. Actually sounds like another recent poster who was full of his own importance, but yajustgottalaughattheclown 😆

  27. I hope the PUB does not mind.
    Too good comment to let go. Yes, another big lie. I think that Pyne and his cohorts really treat the last six years, as if they did not exist. They seem to be creating a seamless line from Howard to Abbott.

    As far as they are concerned, the Labor governments of the last six years was not only legitimate, but they did not happen

    January 10, 2014 at 3:22 PM
    Christopher Pyne is now saying that the Howard government had a National Curriculum which Labor implemented.

    JOURNALIST: Do you think you gave the Gillard Government’s changes enough time to take effect?


    Well the Gillard Government hasn’t made any changes to the National Curriculum. The Howard Government initiated the National Curriculum. Then the Gillard Government and Rudd Government got elected and they implemented the National Curriculum that the Howard Government had begun.

    That started in 2010. There have been no changes to the National Curriculum since it started being introduced into schools and I think it’s timely to review it.

    This goes way beyond blatant lies, it’s lying of epic proportions. Pyne justy can’t admit that Labor got that curriculum up and running, he has to erase it all and try to convince us we just imagined it existed.

    There was no national curriculum under the Howard government. All Howard managed was getting a draft History curriculum done. Labor ditched it.

    This discussion paper from April 2007 shows where the National Curriculum was back then – it was still being discussed, it didn’t yet exist.

    Click to access Trends%20In%20National%20Curriculum.pdf

    The enabling legislation for a national curriculum was passed in December 2008.

    Here’s some more information, maybe it should be added to pdf collections. Pyne is intent on wiping out six years of Labor progress on education and a national curriculum. He’ll no doubt have all this taken down and replaced with lies and propaganda as soon as he realises it’s still there.

  28. Being seen on other sites, it seems. The trouble is, this government does not care what we think of them.

    Then maybe the time is not far off, when a majority out here feel the same about them.

  29. More on Pyne. Not getting a goof hearing on ABC

    .The Abbott government’s review of the national curriculum has triggered criticism from its political opponents who say the overhaul is driven by ideology, rather than education.

    The education minister, Christopher Pyne, has made numerous claims about the national curriculum – some of which, education advocates argue, are demonstrably false.

    Here, Guardian Australia examines the key claims and the frequency of topics in the curriculum, following complaints about a lack of emphasis on conservative leaders, the Anzac story and western civilisation.

    Leftwing bias

    Pine seems to be complaining more about how teachers do their job.

    Mr. Pyne, Gonski identified why we are not getting value for money. Yes, it is how the money is distributed. This, you refuse to accept.

    By the way, the curriculum is always under review.

  30. Today’s effort from Abbott.

    ….An asylum seeker boat is escorted by an Australian navy patrol at Christmas Island. The prime minister says he will not release any information that might help people smugglers. Photograph: Scott Fisher/AAP
    When asked if he also meant people who may be legitimate refugees, Abbott said, “the vast majority of these people, as the former foreign minister Bob Carr said, are economic migrants.”

    He said he could accept “the yearning for a better life that beats in the heart of every human being”, but said he has a responsibility to Australians to keep the country secure and its borders safe.

    Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said on Twitter shortly after the interview that Abbott’s comments were “fear mongering”……….

    I believe he might be twisting and exaggerating Carr’s words.

    Even so, does not, make him right.

  31. ‘bit of a closed book’? Just look the other way and we’ll take care of it? What the hell has he got planned? Are they just going to quietly sink them all and tell nobody? “Hey at least we stopped the nasty, invading boats”..I think Tony better go back to bible studies or something. He’s behaving more like a Nazi than a Christian, unless his model is the Westboro Church.

  32. IF he is so successful as he claims why wouldn’t anyone be shouting it from the roof tops. The People smugglers would hate to know he is winning. The cover up indicates there is a lot to hide. Are you being conned? YES and big time. This FRAUD is conning us now as he always has. He makes Arthur Daley look like a SAINT. Under HYPOCRITE in the Dictionary there is, Guess what? a picture of PHONEY.
    Australia, You have made a great FOOL of yourselves by putting this DOPE in control of the Country complete with a SELECTED group of weirdo’s. The rest of the world knows it. When will WE wake up? The quicker the better to minimise the DAMAGE. Abbot doesn’t build. He destroys….

  33. clarittee
    JANUARY 11, 2014 @ 10:45 PM
    IF he is so successful as he claims why wouldn’t anyone be shouting it from the roof tops.

    Because unlike Snorten Shorten and all the other loudmouthed alp politicians,it simply is not his style.

  34. This new culture war is doing two things for the libs. Sowing doubt about education, and also taking attention away from their broken Gonski promise.

    After the national curriculum was devised and implemented, with very little opposition exept of course from those who oppose all but their complete model, it was recognised that the biggest issue was the funding model. Labor were working towards this. The libs have trashed it with their billion dollar buy out of the remaining states, which basically resets it.

    I saw the interview the other night on 7.30, and the interviewer did not mention funding once, even when pyne introduced it into the argument. She just let him dictate the interview about what he wanted it to be about, and didn’t really challenge him at all.

    Again, it is just the libs playing their usual obfiscation. Although, taking on education, especially with two such partisan hacks, shows some real balls, or ifnorance. I’m not sure htey will get away with something so obvious about something people are so invested in.

  35. The Don wrong yet again. Must be hard going through life being in error or being an error all the time.

    Let’s see about the loud mouthed Shorten and the ALP.

    Who was it that demanded that the ALP government make public every detail of boat arrivals and incidents? Well that would be Abbott and the Liberals, and they made a loud fuss about it, shouting to every media outlet the number of each and every boat and asylum seeker.

    Who was it that was constantly in the media scaremongering, lying and shouting misinformation at the top of his voice, when he didn’t have a brain freeze that is, why it was loud mouthed bully boy Abbott.

    Where was Shorten through all this and where is he and the ALP now, mute.

    Keep peddling your alternate reality bullshit Don, it’s an example to all what deliberately ignorant fools Liberals supporters can be.

  36. On that day in 1788, a flotilla of ships sailed into Botany Bay, to set up a penal colony in Australia. They did this, as they did elsewhere , without the permission of the populations of the land they took over.

    Is this the wonderful heritage, we should honour.

    ….The British Empire comprised the dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom. It originated with the overseas possessions and trading posts established by England between the late 16th and early 18th centuries. At its height, it was the largest empire in history and, for over a century, was the foremost global power.[1] By 1922 the British Empire held sway over about 458 million people, one-fifth of the world’s population at the time.[2] The empire covered more than 33,700,000 km2 (13,012,000 sq mi), almost a quarter of the Earth’s total land area.[3][4] As a result, its political, legal, linguistic and cultural legacy is widespread. At the peak of its power, the phrase “the empire on which the sun never sets” was often used to describe the British Empire, because its expanse across the globe meant that the sun was always shining on at least one of its territories..

    Did the countries that were invaded better off by the colonization of their countries. I suspect not.

    I was reared to respect Anzac day from a time I cannot recall. What I do not like, is the romantic version of the day we now get. This was not so, up to the 1990’s.

    The day seems to have become a grandisation of war, claiming to be something it is not.

    We began to become Australians on Federation Day, 1-1–1900.

    I say began, as we did not carry our own passports until; I believe the 1950’s. Took a while to move away from British courts.

    The final step in the process, will we remove the British Royal Family from being our head of state.

    I believe, the heritage of a country changes over time, as does the culture. We are no longer the country we were in 1788. Yes, that we at the beginning, but everything that happened since then, makes us what we are now.

    In fact, from that day, there has grown a country, mine that has many warts, but also has much more to be proud of.

    Yes, we are indeed a culture, made up from people from many lands, and many cultures and religions.

    Up to now, we have kept what is good, dumping what is bad.

    It is wrong to say, our culture is still the same, as 1788.

    No, it is not. It is our own culture, that we should be proud of.

    This is what our kids should be taught. Taught to be proud to be the Australians we are today,.

    No need for the racism and superiority of a small number that we find in our community. We are better and luckier than that.

    Father Macgire once again has it right. Yes, his list that would have been taught, I suspect, is not what Pyne is about. Yes, he says, if we have religion taught, it has to be warts and all.

    Will try to get a recording of his interview on ABC 24 One that should not be missed.

  37. Yes, the father is right. One would have to teach how the Catholic church was treated in our early history,. Yes, banned, masses being held in secret. Then last century, if one was Catholic, there was no way one would rise to positions of power within business or government. Was not allowed.

  38. No. Pyne wants a romantised version, that has nothing to do with reality taught. That is dangerous.

    More so, the good father is right, once again, when he said, the kids today will not buy it. They are all capable of Googling, to seek their own truth.

    Days of indoctrination are over.

  39. PS, there will never be a curriculum everyone agrees about. Education should not be about learning so called facts by rote, but teaching kids to think and question for themselves.

    Following my granddaughter, who is entering grade two this year, that is what the teachers are attempting to do. Yes, she has been successfully taught to Goofle.

    She has been taught to give a speech of three minutes in public, Yes, and to compose that speech, using the net.

    Reading is big, in her class. Mum has since day one, sit down, and go through her homework with her. Yes, mum is encouraged to talk to the teachers every day.

    What in the hell is Pyne talking about.

    In her lunch hour, she spends time at groups, such as singing in the choir.

    By the way, she attends a public school.

    I envy the education she is getting. Same goes for older grandkids that attend PS.

    Love all those well equipped classrooms that they sit in,. More important than the school hall, they now also enjoy.

    Nothing like a digitized white board for educational purposes.

    If there are any parents on these sites, let us in on the education your kids are getting.

    PS. Sadly, there are still schools, so far behind the eight ball, they are not coping. Time to bring them up to scratch. Gonski did hold hope that would happen. Sadly, we are not being taken back into the dark ages.

    How many parents know what history the kids are being taught?

  40. Abbott is also out, doing the same thing about man made climate change.

    Yes, suggesting the RET goes, and making false claims, claiming that renewals are insufficient and will not work.

    This was overlooked in his radio interviews, where the refugee questions blocked out all he is saying.,

    This week, it has been the downgrading of education, refugee policies and climate change.

    We need to address polices that this government is promoting. We need to concentrate on why they do as they do,.

    We need to address the issues as they arise.
    Hard to do. I know, as they release so much, every day, it is hard to keep up..

    Leave the personalities to others.

  41. When at University, as an adult student, in sociology I did a unit on religion and Society. It was very revealing. Changed my views completely,.

    Yes, should be taught. Not for the reasons Pyne wants tough.

    The history of the RC in this country should be compulsory reading, for those supporting Pyne and Co.

  42. LOVO, I wonder if they will begin with reading the Gonski Report and consult with that panel.

    Second, I believe they are going to consult with the present body responsible for the curriculum.

    pigs will also fly.

  43. Fu, I already know the result……= give more to private schools, cut more from public schools, discredit and break up teacher unions, claim what a success the review was/is/have achieved whilst simultaneously blaming Labor for the lack of success of their successful review(s) 😯 …… and all the while Rupert’s people will be running “Look over there’s” about boat people and an assortment of other inanities. 🙄
    Pynetossle is the epitome of an upper class twit, it would seem that in his view ‘real’ education is just too good for thems plebs… (he truly is a f/wit of the lowest order 👿 ).

  44. ‘Militancy problem’, what ‘militancy problem’? It’s all part of Teh Plan*.

    *Terms and conditions, and partisan watchdogs and fraudits and special reviews and backroom closed-door deals and crossed-fingers and no-surpise surprise policies and msm-boosting, apply.

  45. What is Tony about. We hear so much, that one does ot know whyat Labor stands for. Do we know whatr Abbott stands for.

    .What Weaknesses and Strengths Does Tony Abbott’s World Affairs Journal Interview Reveal?

    The US-based Journal of World Affairs, a “bimonthly international affairs journal that argues the big ideas behind US foreign policy” has just published an interview with Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. (Hat tip to The Guardian for pointing out the article).

    “The Liberals needed someone who could articulate the virtues of smaller government, lower taxes, immigration reform, and a strong defen.</blockquote.

  46. With this MOB, you can always GUARANTEE that the people selected to do the enquiry will give you the exact result you are looking for. They (the LieNP) are masters at getting the outcomes they want from a structure. That might look like good management, but it’s CORRUPTION where integrity and proper process are sacrificed for expediency to serve their political interests. They understand the separation of powers NOT!!. IF they understand it then they are even worse. Quality of government and respect for it by the people drop again. They TRASH everything. Can anyone recall a government in their lifetime, whose word meant LESS?

  47. The right has always had problems with the separation of powers. Conflict with their belief, that once elected, they can do as they like.

    At least a Queensland Premier of many moons ago, did ,not beat about the bush when ask. His reply, “what is that”.

    The dictator model is more to their liking.

  48. Amazingly I have to agree With that fellow contributor to this site . “DON” I like most of the Fellow contributors Huff and Puff about this Clown ABBOTT, You quite rightly point out “He doe’snt give a shit ” And that is the Absolute truth of the Matter, This Very poor specimen of a decent Person (Abbott ) is not a fool, we think that complaining and Pointing out his wrong doings is going to make him change his mind , No way jose. Face the facts Lying is no problem to him, promoting stupid ideas , Fraudband, anti Gonski, Refugees foreign affairs economy, Jobs for the Boys and Girl ( Sophia “Voters don’t want me ” mirrabella ) He has proven time and again Truth is not in his DNA, More costume changes than dame edna, he is a chameleon man, Budgie smugglers, lycra bike gear, fake tan Kissing everything that doe’snt move quick enough, Gun pictures from afghanistan , Phone pollie pedal charity rides then confessing ” well it was a Marginal seat ” , This Person has been doing this sort of stuff ever since he got into politics (Definitely ) and there has been evidence of his student days of his genuine nastiness (Need a new hole in the wall, Then i’m your Man ) He has been Promoted and supported by the vested interests of money people ,In the Media owners and Big Business, In short He is a Toad and will not change , All us decent folk can do is to remind People what a grubby person he Actually is , I also believe the worst is yet to come , I can not believe I have written so much , I feel better now,lol
    PS hello asio and George hug hug

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