What’s in today’s news?


As the alleged owner of 70 per cent of Australia’s print media, most of us would would head to something belonging to the Murdoch empire to find the major stories of the day in our small country. To save us from scouring through endless piles of tree-destroying newspapers, dear Rupert has kindly provided us with news.com.au where all of the nation’s (and at times the world’s) breaking dailies can be sourced. With so much going on in our political and environmental world, in particular with our under-performing prime minister and our over-heating country, I was eager to read up on the all the latest, news, findings, opinions and/or whatever.

To my gob-smacking bewilderment, nothing that I thought would be of any newsworthiness (to an intelligent person) could be found. These are the stories splattered all over the front of today’s news.com:

Bride loses 40 kilograms after wedding shock

‘Get lost Google’

Billionaire bunkers: Beyond the panic room, home security goes sci-fi

Python loose in Aussie suburb

Hollywood stars caught in email stuff up

Woman cried after seeing Schwarzenegger naked

Neil Patrick Harris wins Instagram with boozy pics

Kardashian’s booty ‘definitely photoshopped’

Yahoo trashes Google, Apple and Snapchat live

Who is Madge’s brand new toy boy?

And on it goes. That’s the sort of rubbish the Murdoch media want us to read about. It isn’t fit for monkeys. How eerily different it was leading up to the 2013 election, by the way. Or on that matter, ever since Gillard won the 2010 election.

Meanwhile in real news, I found this over at Fairfax:

Where Abbott fails: pain must be seen to be shared

Here are some snippets from it:

 . . . the government is bumbling and stumbling into 2014, imperilling the consensus necessary for genuine economic reform.

The government has started the year copping stick for floating the possibilities of a co-payment for previously “free” visits to bulk-billing doctors and charging Australians for consular assistance when they get into trouble overseas. They are not unreasonable things to consider within the overall context of how much we can afford as the nation ages and has proportionately fewer tax payers.

But such possibilities look unreasonable when they come from a government that also wants to pay an overly generous maternity leave allowance for the very well paid, reinstates the novated lease tax minimisation rort for the minority who can access it, puts the interests of the financial planning industry ahead of the interests of clients of the financial planning industry and wants the poorly paid to have no tax break at all on their superannuation contributions while ensuring well-off retirees – people with several million dollars in assets – continue to live in a tax haven paying no tax at all on high incomes, or even a little bit of tax on pretty high incomes.

So far, the impression given by the government is that it is committed to maintaining the privileges of the privileged, while whittling away at the breaks afforded the not-so-privileged.

I know now where to go for my news, and it ain’t from dear Rupert. He might own 70 per cent of our media, but honestly, he provides us with 100 per cent of its crap.

24 comments on “What’s in today’s news?

  1. A great graphic and a good post Michael. The photo sums up most of Rupe’s remedial readers to a tee.
    The problem with Michael Pascoe’s article in Fairfax today is that he too is still swallowing the neo-lib line of ‘we can’t afford it’ when that’s simply untrue.
    Government’s which have sovereignty over their currency can easily fund adequate medicare for all. The reasons that they refuse to are ideological and not fiscal. In short, it’s simply more doo-doo from Dutton and ‘Eleventy’
    ps. Betcha Rupe says his prayers in front of shrines built to honour the memories of Beaverbrook and Hearst – The Wizard of Ooze.

  2. I noticed this as soon as babott won the election. The murdock news.com all of a sudden resembled one of those newspapers that used to have aliens found living with your wife and her three headed baby kind of headlines. It’s infuriating to realise just how little respect they have for the population. I wonder how many people noticed this?

  3. Perplexed, likewise..immediately things started going bad for Tony anything pertaining to politics seemed to promptly disappear from most of news.com. They do however seem obsessed with *weight loss* and at present are running 3 headliners…that should drag in the crowds. 🙄

  4. Having read news.com.au frequently over the past few years the decline since this past election has been staggering. But the content is interesting, weekly there seems to be an article or two on how wonderful tipping is…. Work choices V.II, lower wages so we feel compelled to tip.. Might be a bit conspiratorial but I’ve seen stranger links make before…..

  5. Chris, I should imagine that the pro-gambling lobby is heavily supported by the Murdoch media, especially televised. The Getup campaign reads in part,

    You know something is deeply wrong when kids no longer quote player statistics, they quote betting odds.

    The former government initiated a plan to ban broadcasting of odds and gambling ads during play but I would expect this to go absolutely nowhere while Abbott is PM. As far as the written media, that is usual tactics, same as televised, make gambling as sexy and appealing as possible..ah the joys of gambling, pity about the losing part…

  6. I have to be bored crapless to even venture near the Oz,

    I suspect, however, that I’m not alone and I would not be surprised if the Oz site is hemorrhaging visitors. One can only hope!

  7. I Stopped buying the Australian about 6 years ago when I realised they were not giving a balanced view of Life ,this was around the time the Good Performing Rudd came to power before he went to water, Even if I was out of toilet paper would I buy an ozzie as that’s the only sensible use for it .I have mentioned before take note of the Headlines on all morning newspapers and there is two countrys out there, All Murdoch press Bags anything regarding Labor even inventing it ,It catches the eye even with out buying one, Useless Tony hardly get a mention Nothing to Praise is there . But not a Jot of Complaint and there is plenty to complain about . This Latest piece of Nonsense Towing an Unworthy sea faring boat FIVE days back to Indonesian water Really takes the Cake, Remember any Utterance from a minister has to be Vetted by Peta ( Tony is Irrelevant ) Given away rubber duckys Bloody nora, next it will be hot air balloons just got to have the right wind , Or next stop just blow them out of the water

  8. I’ve re-read Pascoe’s piece and I find it a bit disturbing.

    One term Tone is playing Robin Hood in reverse, he’s ripping off the battler’s to give to the rich.

    Is this Tone’s secret agenda? to create an Australian serfdom for the very rich.

  9. Havent bought a muddoch paper for years. Not that fairfax is a whole lot better, but they dont push Abbotts barrow nearly as much. Herald Sun ect ect only good for lighting fires. Even the comics have gone down the drain. And yes, probably best paper if your a gambler.

  10. You bag the crap “news” on the Murdoch sites, fair enough, and then you contrast it with a pro-Labor opinion comment on the Fairfax site.

    Don’t pretend you’re interested in objectivity and facts. You are only interested in bagging the Abbott government and if that means taking sides with corrupt foreign regimes, well and good, eh ?

    What a pathetic hypocrite.

  11. I don’t read much from ltd news at all any more, but I have noticed a marked decline in interest in politics, compared to the Gillard years, when patterns of speech and earlobe sizes were front cover news.

    Now, even Indonesia resetting it’s relationship with us and with them holding all cards doesn’t barely rate a mention. tabot undid 20 odd years of hard work from all sides of the political divide, and all they care about is Labors relationship with the Greens

  12. Or highlighting Public Service extravagance

    Number crunchers and their families at the department tasked with helping to balance the government’s books roped off the “African Plains” section of the National Zoo and Aquarium for their family Christmas party BBQ on December 8, at a cost of well over $10,000
    Employees at the ABS also had a lavish family Christmas party last month, enjoying a full-day, five-hour carnival with rides including “The Hurricane”, “Dodgem Cars”, “Giant Slide”, “Jumping Castle” and food stalls at the Hall Showgrounds in Canberra that took two separate days to set up and pull down.

    The ABS carnival, held on December 7, cost in excess of $30,000


    But here’s the kicker, further down in the article

    A spokeswoman for the ABS said fundraising activities and tickets sales were used to help pay for the family carnival, organised by their own Social Club.

    “The ABS made no financial contribution,” she said.

    The most the oo could come up with was wondering if this happened during working hours. I’m guessing, since that detail wouldn’t have been hard to determine, that it wasn’t, which is why they simply posed the question to their readers, rather than to those concerned.

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