It looks like we’re stuck with him

Just when you think you have nothing to write about, someone comes up with a comment that fills in the gaps for you. I thank Kaye Lee for coming up with one such comment just posted by her on The AIMN. Of Cory Bernardi Kaye Lee wrote:

We are stuck with Bernardi for another 6 years. In my opinion he should be sacked. He is obviously spending all his time writing hateful books and blogs whilst collecting a handsome salary from Australian taxpayers as well as funding from places like the Heartland Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council. I cannot believe that he is representing the views of the majority of people who elected him. How do you measure the productivity of a politician? Are there any safeguards to protect us from nutters like this man or do we have to just put up with him spreading his hatred and fear and hope that the people of South Australia wake up in 6 years time?

I was unaware that he receives funding from the Heartland Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council and I was unaware that he wrote a blog, although I don’t mind the latter, of course. Many politicians have their own blog as it is a way of engaging with their constituents, although if his blog is anything like his Facebook page then it will be off-limits to anyone who holds opposing opinions to his own.

But what struck me most about Kaye Lee’s comment was this sentence: I cannot believe that he is representing the views of the majority of people who elected him. Quite frankly, neither can I. As an ex-South Australian I must confess surprise that the likes of Bernardi can muster enough votes to win his seat. How mis-informed must they be? I cannot for one moment believe he represents South Australians. The same can be said of Christopher Pyne. Do people of his electorate truly realise what an incompetent minister he is?

I’ve highlighted just one sentence from Kaye Lee’s comment but she also raises some valid questions, such as How do you measure the productivity of a politician? Good question. How do you?

She has given us much to talk about.

Over to you.

40 comments on “It looks like we’re stuck with him

  1. I don’t think you do, Michael. I think you just turn up on polling day and X the spot of the name you remember from last time. In other words, if we could energise the entire electorate into actually THINKING about their votes, imagine what we might do!

  2. Ahh, you’ve got to admire the talent the Liarbril’s have in their party
    … their pre-selection criteria for candidates must go something like:
    Cory, did John like Betty or Scotty?
    Why do you blush, Cory?
    It’s alright Cory, Malcolm’s not here, you can say what you feel.
    Oh.. ok, ok, we understand, you don’t want to talk with Chrissie Pyne either…

    We know that no-one understands you Cory. That’s why people will vote for you. Even Mandy said she’d tolerate you…so stop playing with your paddles and come back and tell us why Scotty is bad.

  3. Might I add the Port Adelaide Football Club and its par excellence, Penfold’s Grange Hermitage?

    Oh, and I can’t forget a Coonawarra red.

    Oops, almost forgot King George whiting.

  4. Having worked for a hopeful candidate door to door stuff I was taken aback by the general population couldn’t care less attitude to politics , Most people do not share our passion for the rights and wrongs of political statements, Abbott made enough noise during his Opposition leader time, Created the opinion of a lying Pm and Hopeless Government and the swinging voters bought it, Both major partys have their set for life supporters its the swingers who make the Difference, People like this clown bernadi get swept in on a anti labor vote, We seem to all agree that Tony abbott Is Hopeless in his Position Can’t talk can hardly walk relys on his Think tank ( Peta ) for his comments , No vision for the Future to be seen anywhere, He has a free run in Parliament Yet he cannot make a worthy ” Follow me ” speech, Leaves the nasty stuff to his underlings, Pyneoccio, Moronson Dutton, and now Bernadi remember every thing has to be vetted by Peta, , As usual he will see what the Public reaction is before supporting or denouncing anything , He is Heading toward being our Worst ever PM, Daylight second

  5. What’s your thoughts on Cory Bernardi VOYAGER.

    What about Abbott’s long list of broken promises and lies? You go on so much about supposed Labor lies so I gather that unless you’re a first grade hypocrite you will also condemn Abbott’s lies in the strongest terms.

    What about Abbott doing the TPP in secret that is going to screw us as a nation VOYAGER? Everything you need to know about the Trans Pacific Partnership

    In fact why aren’t you condemning the things that this government is doing in secrecy when you would be up in arms if Labor had done anything in secret?

    Why do you keep harping on about banal and inane Labor put downs whilst totally ignoring the significant failings of the current government? Wouldn’t be that you don’t want attention put on this government as you can’t defend them?

  6. I would have more time for the ideals of anti-abortionists if they also supported universal and easily accessible free family planning clinics staffed by specialists. Does he think about the fate of the children who are born as the result of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies? Not all of them end up in happy loving families. Would this gentleman and his supporters consider giving support to these children and their families as needed? He starts out condemning abortion, goes on to the make-up of today’s families, single mothers, (notice that the mothers are always condemned not the men who get them pregnant), continuing in this vein with increasingly hysteric rhetoric. His world must seem to him to be under great threat and increasingly out of his control for him to have such extreme views. I suggest he has never seen the anguish of a married woman who knows she has to feed yet another child on a non-increasing income; the child raised by a resentful mother as the result of rape; a child forced to live in hell in an abusive family. Such considerations are too complicated for a person who has a one thought bubble of righteousness.
    Look to these living children, Sir. Set up Family planning Clinics funded by Medicare in every town’s community health facility, so that every child will be a wanted child and no parent be forced to have unplanned children. The rate of abortion would drop dramatically, leaving more time for you to move on to more constructive use of your time and intellectual activity.

  7. It is said that Bernadi set up Menzies House., What is not clear, where did the money come from.

    He spends many weeks every year in the USA at the Tea Party headquarters. Him, and Hockey first destination, was to spend time there after the elections.

    By the way, I consider Menzies House to be a failure., What do others think.

    Abbott would not condemn Cory last year after his bestiality speech,. Cory actually resigned, was not dropped. Abbott has not condemned him the time. They, are I believe still in step and great friends.

    It is said that Cory and his mates believe they own Tony. I wonder how long before the rest of the government says enough is enough.

    How long before we have another siev X. Not long I believe.

  8. …….The sun rises on 2014 with an unfortunate guest waiting patiently in the corner of the Liberal Party Room in parliament house, Canberra – a giant creature wearing a ‘G’day from WA!’ t-shirt, guzzling cans of Emu Export beer and belching with abandon.

    Nobody wants to sit next to the elephant in the room, but it is there. It’s the half-Senate election re-run in Western Australia, and on it a great deal of Australian history will pivot.

    To re-cap, the first recount of the September election took weeks to complete. It was asked for by the Greens, who’d worked out that the direction of preference flows came down to a crucial moment in the first count that relied on other parties having a lead of just 14 ballot papers.

    Having found ‘handfuls’ of miscounted votes, the Greens thought they stood at least a 50/50 chance of returning Senator Scott Ludlam if a recount was approved. It was, and they did.

    Yet in that process, 1370 votes went missing, leading the sheepish Australian Electoral Commission to itself petition the High Court to declare the election result void (Abbott’s nightmare is unfolding in WA, December 10).

    All things being equal, that would not present the returning Liberal Party members, and their Nationals colleagues down the hall, with that noisy, smelly pachyderm waiting to disrupt their first joint-party-room meeting.

    But there it is. Things are not equal…

  9. its not just that voters are apathetic, I think its that we dont get to hear politicians personal thoughts on “controversial” issues before polling day. They toe the party line and duck and dive any hard questions. And I also think people just wanted to vote Labour out without understanding at the exact consequences of that decision.
    I am most offended not by his stupid ideas, but by his claim that he represents the “majority” of Australians who agree with his views, and by Abbotts lack of leadership in shutting him down.
    Clearly girls this is a call to arms, back to the front lines of educating some men about what our rights are to make decisions abut our own bodies, because heaven forbid that the male of the species will be held accountable for their role in unwanted pregnancy. Our mothers and grandmothers fought for our rights and freedoms so we need to do for the next generations….

  10. As a South Australian I have been trying to unelect Poodles Pyne for years. Apparently he’s popular with old ladies, they obviously didn’t attend my daughter’s school where he made a comment about their smell.

  11. Hey, this could be good…you’re are an impoverished Indonesian fisherman, you get yourself onto an unseaworthy vessel while pretending to be an asylum seeker. Tony pops you onto a “large, engine-powered lifeboat” and bob’s yer uncle, you have acquired for yourself a brand new vessel courtesy of the Australian government. Next up, For Sale on EBay.. 🙄

    Asylum seekers intercepted on unseaworthy boats could be sent back to Indonesia on large, engine-powered lifeboats in an escalation of the Abbott government’s “turn-back” policy.

  12. As Bernardi is 1st on the senate ticket no chance of getting rid of him now or in the future as he will always stay at no 1. Most people don’t even know who the local member is much less who is standing for the senate and if they cared about policy we would not have this thing that is unconvincingly trying to resemble a coherent government.

    It’s interesting that Menzies House has recently updated its about us section. They are now saying that Bernardi while he was an original donor, one of many, he has no affiliation with MH. In fact MH has no political affiliation whatsoever.

    The fact that, everyone associated with MH has links to the Liberal party, every post is a neoconservative rant and that Bernardi features regularly in posts and on their blogroll is just coincidental.

  13. Allenmcmahon, and this fact refutes any claim that Abbott might make that he “distances himself” from Bernardi’s quite awful statements.

    Indeed, re no political affiliation, yet the right wing *demand* that this blog and others of the left “present a balanced point of view”.

  14. This site has been created, along with similar ones, to give a lift or a Labor point of view.

    It is not presenting itself as anything more than that.

    It is up to the reader, to decide4 if they take on board what they read.

    One sees sites such as Bolt and Menzies House, as being created to put forward a right point of view,.

    If one wants a balance view, I suggest they read across the board, and make up their own minds,

  15. To say we’re stuck with Bernardi is to say we’re stuck with the liberals, as others have said people don’t pay attentiom to who’s standing for the Senate, Bernardi got the liberal vote & that’s that. Be interesting to know whether any of those voters are thinking “I voted for that clown”. Probably not many.
    Not a wine drinker & not too much beer either these days so I can’t comment on the plonk issue. But S.A. certainly excretes above its weight when it comes to turning out horrid liberal politicians. I think Robert Hill’s the last one I haven’t despised, loathed or hated.
    And I’m still firmly convinced that the “Michelle who??” (as she became at 6.01pm on polling day) confected scandal with Rann was some sort of dry run for the anti federal Labor & especially Gillard persecutions that followed.

  16. Be grateful for Bernardi folks.

    The arrogance of incumbency has encouraged the retards and ratbags in the Coalition to throw open the shutters and given us a view of their warped world and their plans for our future.

    And we’ve got him for 6 years. Electoral Gold !

  17. Fed up, Unfortunately. to get a left/labor point of view I need to search for blogs like this. If I want a right/liberal point of view all I need to do is read a Murdoch newspaper or watch any free to air TV. I don’t need to search for blogs with that political leanings

  18. From what the Indonesian FM said, they are turning these boats back without notifying that country,. Says a lot, that this mob does not care for their defeat in any way.

    I come to that conclusion because they seemed unaware of the returned boats until recently.

    I wonder if our FM has been informed. Would not surprise me if the answer in no.

  19. These shirts should be pulled, as they are misleading. Australia did not come a reality until 1-1-1900. Yes, that is when we became a Federation.

    1788 was about the UK setting up a penal colony in its colony.

    ……..Aldi has pulled a portion of its Australia Day clothing from shelves following social media pressure over a “racist” design.

    The discount supermarket had been criticised for a range of promotional T-shirts branded with “AUSTRALIA EST 1788” logos, advertised online.
    A spokeswoman said…

    Read more:

  20. Abbott’s life boats effort reminds me a lot of his previous Bat-phone and boat purchasing ideas. That is, it exists only in Tony’s imagination; impractical, illogical and typical of Tony, a simplistic “easy answer”.

    For starters, and this is assuming that there is anyone on board capable of piloting a motorised lifeboat, and assuming that these boats safely make landfall (and who is responsible if they don’t), then what is Tony going to do? Will the Indonesians return these lifeboats? Or will Tony just keep buying more and more and more of them? I wonder what the cost is going to be? And how many more impositions is Tony going to make on the lowest earners in order to pay for this new you’beaut idea of his.

  21. Nope, just a British penal colony settled,

    They were not all British or white either.

    Definitely not Australia.


    Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013; from that moment, he and his government have broken promises and caused chaos, hurting Australians and damaging our economy and international reputation, writes Sally McManus.

    Each separate item below has a link to a source. Broken promises appear in bold, as well as in a separate list at the end.

    The List ….,6044

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