A New Year Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Victoria Rollison nails it again.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Happy belated New Year everyone!

While Tony Abbott was in France over the Christmas break, he sent out his pre-recorded Christmas and New Years messages to the plebs back home.

With the help of my family, including @CatRollison, @KayRollison, Rick Fielding and two of my favourite Tweeps, @GalacticWomenAu and @ForthLeft, and with the extraordinary production skills of @WineTosser, we recorded my latest letter to Tony Abbott during the Christmas break:

Wound Up stars and is produced by Scott Clarke and is published on Independent Australia. Look out for the next episode!

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21 comments on “A New Year Open Letter to Tony Abbott

  1. ‘It’s Time’ to put these mongrels out of our misery. As the days go by, the more I have become out-raged by this unAustralian twit. I am never one to advocate violence, but if I ever got the chance I’d king hit the mongrel dog. 😈
    I pledge to do all that I can to bring this mongrel down!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I urge all that read here to do the same.
    I will be doubling my efforts in regards to my -“……and print”- campaign to get the real news out there. Many of our fellow Aussies either don’t use the inter-webby or only ‘do’ Facebook or Ebay and the like and the only ‘news’ they get is from that traitorist liar Murdoch….
    ……. but I too have a printer Mr Murdoch, Mr abbortt…. I may not have much ‘reach’, as it were, but at the very least I can “…and print” which may help start conversations.

  2. ” The only one in Broken Hill, I’d imagine.” …. which would be twice as many as ‘the Gutta’ and 4 times as many as K.I. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 😈
    😆 😛 😛

  3. And after watching the Wound Up vid, the one I agree with most

    “Hockey THE BASTARD!”

    I’m still wound up about that. And, in three years time, the voters will be getting another reminder of the fallout from the decision this government made to kill off Holden and most probably our manufacturing with it.

  4. I just made this comment at the AIMN but thought you guys might enjoy it too.

    Ok now this is pretty funny.

    “It’s hard to imagine another world leader awarding themselves a gold star after 100 days in office..”

    Actually Kevin Rudd brought out a glossy 55 page brochure after his first 100 days so I thought I would look it up.

    Google led me to a story called Kevin Rudd’s first 100 days on the following site


    The really funny part comes when you click on the link to read Kevin’s 55 page book. I am so laughing, but I won’t spoil the surprise. Look for yourself.

  5. lol Kaye, tabot the dark horse

    I was impressed how many votes Tony Abbott got too, since he wasn’t a finalist, so over 2000 people wrote him in. We’ve only even nominated him once for Asshole of the Day and he didn’t win, so maybe we should be paying more attention to him.

  6. Kaye Lee, umm err, it’s Tony Abbott and his umm “message”,

    If ever we should enter a New Year full of optimism, it is 2014. This is the year, I hope more of us than ever will ‘have a go’ The Government will do its part: we are scrapping bad taxes, we’re cutting red and green tape, we’re ending waste, we’re building infrastructure and strengthening the Budget.

    Happy New Year Australia.

    What Tony’s message should read is:

    If you’ve ever been optimistic, then 2014 ain’t goin’ to be it. This is the year I hope to have more than “a go”, but you lot can just bugger off.. This government will do it’s part, we’ll be giving more money to the wealthy, we’ll be cutting red and green tape – at several of Gina soirées plus downing a substantial amount of bubbly while we’re at it, and yes we’re ending waste by redirecting all dollars to those more in need such as the uber-wealthy (giving money to very wealthy people isn’t wasting it..trust me), and we’re not going to be building any infrastructure, in fact my iron clad promise to never build another school hall will come to fruition, and as far as the Budget..it’s going to be “strengthened”..trust me…

  7. How bizarre is that eh Carol. A story about Kevin Rudd, you click on the link to Kevin Rudd’s book of his first 100 days and you get Tony Abbott. The man who is building the roads of the 21st century, our one and only Infrastructure Prime Minister, the Rhodes scholar with the very average pass, Tony “all roads lead to me” Abbott.

    Note the date on article now too

    Kevin Rudd’s first 100 days

    Wednesday, 30 November -0001 10:00

    before Tony gave his speech and apparently altered

  8. Kaye..Rudd promised to “hit the ground running”..Abbott on the other hand is trying to do-a-Howard and doing it very very badly.

    Howard’s strategy was to get all the nasties out of the way in the first few months of term, then by the middle which is the lead up to the election, sprout forth with all of the positives. Sadly for Tony, and there are a number of reasons why it isn’t working for him – no good will in kitty – over the top rhetoric appealing to the lowest common denominator and to those who are easily bored. And while being in opposition is sexy, being in government is boring – absolutely zilch idea how to operate other than photo opportunities etc etc and etc –

    Conclusion: Tony is a one term wonder, and less than that – Turnbull agreed to let Tony take the reigns being convinced that Abbott had the best chance of securing the red-neck vote versus the latte sipper vote – so unless Turnbull is completely without balls (which could indeed be the case), he will make the predicted play once the Liberals’ fortunes do not improve in the polls..say around September.

  9. Mr Cory Bernadi is very wrong, when he says that we need to return to the tradition of raising children by their natural mother and father. He condemns step and other families.

    I wonder if Mr. Bernadi is aware, that it has only been in the last century, that this is possible.

    Before that, the kids of the wealthy, rarely seen their parents, being the responsibility of nannies and nursemaids, sent off to boarding school at the first opportunity. Many of these children als lost their mothers at a very young age, even at birth. Remarriage always followed.

    The kids of the poor, had very little childhood at all. Death was more common here with their mothers, as well as fathers. Anyone that has bui9lt a family tree, will notice very quickly, how often widows remarriage. Often within weeks. Same went for widowers.

    Yes, a mother, who was widowed, has to find a new bread winner fast, That or let her kids starve.

    These children were in the work force at a very young age. Long before many hit their teens.

    Yes, Mr Bernadi, for most of history, step families were the norm.

    Mr. Bernadi, back in 1965 I had a beautiful daughter, one I was capable of reading on my own. We had everything we needed.

    Silly me, convinced myself, that she needed a father. Her natural father was not available.

    Yes, I married, had three more children, who were reared in the most dysfunctional family one could imagine. I did everything to make it work, including staying too long.

    My kids still curse me for the hell they were reared in.

    Children will be OK, as long as they are with people who love and care for them. Whether male or female, blood relation or not, they will be OK.

    There is no such thing as a traditional family.

    The one thing they do not need, is a mum and dad trapped in a loveless marriage, staying together for the sake of the child.

  10. The one thing they do not need, is a mum and dad trapped in a loveless marriage, staying together for the sake of the child.

    Well said FU. I am all for trying everyting to save a marriage, short of staying for the wrong reasons.

    Good to see Shorten coming out against him

    Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says as a stepfather he is offended by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s comments about “non-traditional families”.


    I had seen it on the news, but all they mentioned was tabots trying to shrug it off with this throw away line views do not represent Government position

    Unfortunately, tabots own stance on this is entirely in step with those views, as his long history of statements about abortion have shown. Shorten should keep pushing this. If he makes enough noise, the remainder of the msm will have to take note.

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