You won’t recognise the place

Lawrencewinder commented on a post at the Café that after his election win Tony Abbott said we wouldn’t recognise the place after three years.

I don’t know about you, but after only three months I don’t recognise the place. That place, sadly, is Australia. Our country.

I thought I’d throw this question up as a sort of an open forum: What changes have you seen after only three months? Was Tony Abbott right, that we won’t recognise the place?

Over to you.

44 comments on “You won’t recognise the place

  1. The main change, is from socialist to conservative. Not good.
    The changes will be as in the US under Reagan; tax the rich less, disadvantage the poor. I cannot understand their thinking, even now. To divide the people in the first place, then to further divide the divided people into rich and poor, instead of uniting all people for common good, the conservatives must oppose everything good for others, for their own greedy and vested interest.

  2. I’m sure that the inhabitants of Fukushima didn’t recognize it after the tsunami either.
    Same principle, only this disaster is man-made. To paraphrase Shakespeare; ‘Who will rid us of this troublesome arsehole?’ Pray that the High Court rules for another poll in WA and Labor and the Greens maintain the numbers in the Senate otherwise we are all in seriously deep shit.

  3. “the common good” that’s it right there ,they don’t believe in society, only the individual.

  4. If this guy and his mates are still in power after 3 years this place won’t be recognisable by it’s own mother ..
    We need to get them out before the only people who can still afford to eat are Gina and Rupert

  5. this bloke is a religious nut, he will do whatever his religious masters tell him to do, along with Murdock the phone tapper, this place will be a complete mess by the time we can get rid of him, it’s just a matter of how long it will take to fix all that he stuffs up, and it will be enormous .

  6. I’m starting to see a big difference between what was promised the place would look like and what it is turning out like. I think the only debt that is being taken care of at the moment is the one owed to the power companies and industry that funded their campaign. I’m still happy I voted for him given the alternative available. I think the scenery will change due to the anti climate change attitude.

  7. If we cant get the Labor Party standing up and speaking LOUD and DAILY about the policies and agendas and incompetence of the LNP government we are all going to suffer. I pray for a double dissolution election before the May budget is handed down or we are all screwed (except for the rich and those in big business and mining that support them). One change is the silence we are getting from the LNP.

  8. you ain’t seen nothing yet,it’s going to be hell on earth.and we have all those brain dead people who voted for this idiot to thank,the only trouble is WE ALL SUFFER.

  9. 000: “What is the nature of your emergency?”

    Me: “All three! A demagogue has leapt my Abbott proof fence, mortally wounded our social accord, raped the office of the Chief Scientist…”

    000: “Deposit $18. No change possible from MBP $6 per request from the government you elected.”

    Me: “MPB is…?”

    000: Murdoch Best Practice, but discounts may be had for chanting slogans.”

    Me: “Don’t tell me.”

    000: “Yes, that one is #5, sir. Abbott and Bishop will govern as they campaigned. Endless reps of meaningless slogans.”

    Me: “Good God.”

    000: “Precisely, sir. Six Masses and seven Confessions a week are where he got the idea the WWW has nothing on it but porn and games, his priest said so.”

    Me: “Ah. So! When Tony had the Libs’ WWW policy unveiling?”

    000: “Precisely. Abbott said ‘Malcolm practically INVENTED the Internet!'”

    Me: “I’d watch that on YouTube!”

    000: “That’ll be $6, sir. Payable to Rupert.”
    by Doc Wright (ret.), formerly of Radio 2XX, Canberra

  10. If we cant get the Labor Party standing up and speaking LOUD and DAILY about the policies and agendas and incompetence of the LNP government we are all going to suffer.

    They do. We just rarely hear it. I guess the media know what we should hear, and when

  11. What changes have you seen after only three months?

    The biggest has to be our international standing, particulalry in regards to AGW, where we are now seen as a pariah, instead of a leader and role model.

    Other countries are openly laughing at us now, the Indonesians regularly mocking the pm, and even the French are sticking the boot in. In three long months, imagine after three years?

    But locally, the deliberate decimation of Holdens, and soon, our entire manufacturing capabilities, will be the largest change of all. This Government refused to allow Holdens to operate on an even ground with international competition (all countires subsidise their car manufacturers), and the long term effects of this on the blue collar workers is frightening to comprehend. All for purely ideological resons. And, like howards structural deficit, it will most probably be a Labor Government that will wear the brunt of this fiasco.

  12. The biggest effect is the genuine LIARS are now running the show, and think they are secure and know no shame.

  13. There has been a marked turn around in the Economy. It happened on the Monday
    after the Election. Amazingly seems to have lasted to Christmas contrary to the
    despots on CW. Retail good over Xmas. Please God may it continue in 2014.
    ASX seems steadily upward , baring natural disasters or a collapse of mineral
    prices 2014 should be much better than 2012 – 2013.

  14. v.B.S. Happy Gnu’s Rear….. 😉 ….. and have you been told today ??…. if not, consider it done. 😛 …. the only reason that ‘things’ are going so good at the moment is because some ALP policies are still in play…. only a RW nut-job would think that this present lot of inept self servers has contributed to our 3 x triple A status. ( soon to be wrecked by Joe 😦 )
    v.B.S. “There has been a marked turn around in the Economy.” Holden employee’s and their honourable Unions would agree with you, mm !! ( Tony’s job ‘creation skills’ at work there 🙄 )
    ” 2014 should be much better than 2012 – 2013.” … such a wonderful bit of projection there 🙄 … Labor fixed the economy, got us through the GFC… and improved the lot of many Australians….. they even tried to fix the structural imbalance that the worlds worst treasurer/pm foisted upon us for his personal history endeavour’s, (then lost his seat 😆 😆 ) … and here we are in 2014 reaping the benefits of Swans and Keating’s legacy(s) ( which is 22 years of continuous growth in the ASX and our economy in general ) only to have Tony ‘I only know how to be a bully, hate Labor and say NO’ Abbott come swinging in like a Miley Cyrus on Howardoids ( 😳 , I know…sorry !! ) and claim ” It was me that fixed the economy” …. now that stinks like Costalotto in a H.R. in Hunter Street saying something cool like ” Make ya pay” ( sorry again : oops: ) 😀

    I can see 2014 being a great year…… LP and Nat’s membership down… ALP membership on the increase…. I can see it being a stellar year for Unions…. and all thanks to tony being tony… with appropriate recognition to Julie being Julie and Chrissy being WTF and Joe being Joe and Mal being soo unconnected.. for their roll in the rebirth of Unionism in Australia….. no. really 😉
    … anyhoo, *clink* cheers 🙂

  15. Oh lookie here, it seems that Abbott just makes things tells big, big porkies..

    The Abbott government came up with its pledge to create 1 million jobs in five years solely on the employment growth rate achieved under the former Howard government, a Coalition insider says.

    In comments that cast further doubt on the achievability of the pledge made before the September election, the source has told Fairfax Media that no modelling or detailed calculations were done to reach the figure of 1 million jobs.

  16. Well we have today’s diversion. Cory Bernardi’s book. Seems to have created a backlash on the ABC.

    Bringing back abortion does not seem to be appreciated. Many commenting, listening to this story, they thought they were back in the 1950’s.

    Cory fears for the Australian family in every way.

  17. Fed up, and to quote Bernardi..

    One of Tony Abbott’s backbenchers has accused some women of using abortion as “an abhorrent form of birth control” and labelled those who advocate pro-choice as “pro-death.”

    This and other pro-Catholic items will be part of Abbott’s attempt to bring back “core family values”. Also included will be efforts to make divorce more difficult..just for women of course…

  18. Thanks Carol. I just heard what they were saying on ABC 24 without checking out more.

    Do not forget, Cory is a close friend of Tony’s, even though Tony has still been unable to bring him back into the fold.

    The ABC said that Cory has influence within the government but many wished he did not write the book.

    Described as an “explosive book”. Very active on new media. One to watch.

    Now they are connecting him to the Tea Party. Spends more time there, than in this country.

    If this is Abbott’s scheme to regain votes in the polls, I think he might just be on a loser.

  19. What is the difference between a $6.00 co-payment and a gap payment, which we already have.

    Do we really need both, on the same fee..

    Do not forget, there are very few specialists that bulk bill.

  20. Cory Bernadi on ABC at 8. I believe that Bolt has much to say in the book.

    I do hope they ask him about his connections to the Tea Party and how many tmes he visits them each year.

  21. Book published in December last year. Why has it taken so long to get into the media.

    It appears we could all be pro death.

  22. Threat to the established order. Yes, I believe that is Bernadi’s biggest trouble. They establish order, which they ruled has disappeared.

    I love the questioning he is getting.

  23. Albanese now on ABC talking about Cory’s book. Good interview. Important enough for Albanese to get himself to the studio. Worth following up.

  24. Min

    The Abbott government came up with its pledge to create 1 million jobs in five years solely on the employment growth rate achieved under the former Howard government, a Coalition insider says.

    It looks like they could have almost used Labors numbers as well. Mind you, it must be remembered that Labor achieved this within the shadow of the worlds largest recession since the Great Depression.

    And more than 900,000 jobs created in the past five years has also been a solid achievement. Tony Abbott’s aim of creating 2 million jobs in the next decade is nothing but a repeat of Labor’s achievement — and given the growth in overall population, he (or his successors) will have to do better than that.

    I wonder why we don’t see that mentioned in the msm whenever the numbers are thrown about. In fact, as when they were in Government, any good news for Labor is simply ignored. It remains that way now. Meanwhile, the msm continue to apply lipstick with gusto to the pig that is the current government

  25. Tom, I do not know if it is a temporary aberration but the media seem to be questioning this governments figures on many fronts today.

  26. Lovo is still living in the past.
    Union memberships (ALP sub branch) are in free fall.
    In Qld the past 12 months saw AWU membership shrink by 16,000.
    While the all Together Union misplaced 4,000 souls.
    Dinosaurs are still about but fewer in number and now most prolific in Disney Movies

  27. If unionism is in free fall, and no longer counts, why is this government so intent on destroying it altogether.

    Are their claims that unions hinder businesses and leads to poor productivity, just rubbish.

    Yes, I agree, as we lose our industrial base, we lose the union’s ability to to recruit the numbers they had in the past.

    I think that unions play a different role these days. More work is done in the courts, mounting wage cases and in education, research and lobbying.

    I, for one, believe that both the union movement and the Labor party would be stronger if they separated.

    There is no way on earth, that workers will be better off if the union movement disappeared. Something new would have to be created to take their [place. Workers have no power, except when they stand together.

    Yes, unions are nothing more than workers associating with one another, to better their position in society. To ensure that they get a fair days pay, for a fair day’s work. Trite I know, but still truth.

    That is another reason, that this government and the states are attempting to prevent people from association to gain what they want.

  28. VOYAGER why do you continually ignore all of Abbott’s lies and broken promises?

    And as you mentioned the economy can you tell us the two reason for it?

    (hint they have nothing at all to do with this government)

    Businesses were asked what major factors they would like to see changed to improve and overwhelmingly said nothing.

    Wow that’s not a very good endorsement for Abbott who wants to destroy everything in place.

  29. Not quite as the headlines screamed.

    …… Larbor has demanded that the federal government say whether it plans to sell Australia Post, as a former commissioner of the competition regulator says the postal service ought to be privatised.
    Debate flared on Monday after Rod Sims, chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, was reported to be urging the Abbott government to consider selling Commonwealth-owned assets such as Australia Post and Medibank Private.
    In the ensuing debate, Mr Sims said he was only talking about the benefits of privatisation in general.
    ”There was no reference made to privatise any specific Commonwealth-owned entity,” he said.
    Mr Sims said privatisation would be key to improving Australia’s productivity and that the government ought to consider all government-owned assets in its ”root and branch” review of competition laws.
    ”Generally, the private sector will r.

    Read more:

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