I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

It’s Christmas time.

And with that I’d like to offer good blessings to you all and best wishes for your health and happiness over the Festive Season and throughout the New Year. Whatever you are doing on Christmas Day – be it shared with loved ones, family or friends – I hope your day is filled with love and the good spirit of togetherness that Christmas brings.

And, again whatever you are doing, you will probably be sweltering somewhere under the scorching Aussie sun. Now that’s something Carol and I don’t have to worry about: by the time I press ‘Publish’ on this little post we’ll be enjoying a Northern Hemisphere Christmas, and who knows, possibly a white one. I’m dreaming of it. We will let you know. 🙂



37 comments on “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

  1. Brrrrrrrr, Michael. Be careful for what you wish for. Anyhow have a great time & enjoy your Northern Hemisphere Festivities. Don’t trip over Abbott.

  2. Crowey, PM’s all come, and all go.

    Nothing surer, as I think it was Mr. Keating, that reminded us,.

    Best wishes to all.

    Yes, I think the New Year might be better than most of us see at this time. Well I hope so.

    I believe this government are so sure of their superiority, that they will go after that DD.

    Time to drink and be merry.

  3. Did someone say it’s time to drink and be merry?

    Well in that case, merry xmas to all at the cafe and for the country’s sake, this govt gets it together…hah wishful thinking.

    Michael and Carol, enjoy the nh wherever you are.

  4. Migs and Min, enjoy your well earned break and have a wonderful Christmas, white or otherwise, and a fabulous new year 😀 and thanks for all your help and support throughout the year. 😀

    And to all whisperers, I wish you all peace, joy and happiness 😀

    Stay safe and well, and rest up ready for the start of round two. 😉

    Cheers 😀

  5. Wishing all at Café Whispers a wonderful Festive Season and a safe and happier New Year. Thank you all for helping to keep some sanity in this crazy world.

  6. Have a great holiday break, Michael and Carol. You deserve it. Best wishes to you for the New Year and for all your Cafe clients too.

    Let’s hope for a great New Year coming up with with crisis on crisis for this incompetent Coalition government! An early election would meet my dreams.

  7. It is ok today Roswell. Enjoy!
    Take care everyone and stay safe, but most of all, have a Happy Holiday!
    Best wishes to all, and yes, that includes you too Voyager. One day, maybe you will understand. :{D

  8. I (belatedly) wish all whisperers a happy xmas…. hope it was filled with delight, as was mine. 🙂 My belly was full as a goog’s…. 😮 had 5 serves of Pav 😀 … and I got lissed as a pizzard 😆
    Min ‘n Migs, have a lovers-ly time… and stay away from the yellow snow, (unless you see that c&*K su^*ker that posers as pm, in which case toss a yellow slushy snow-ball right in his kisser for me 😈 )

  9. Roswell, yes they have managed to surprised us. They are that bad, I suspect even worse.

    Even the French papers seem to have the man pegged right.

    Why cannot the media in this country, see Abbott in the same light, as all overseas seem to.

    Are we really that dense and blind.

  10. Mayhap the Journo’s need to become a bit more Unionised……. that way they wouldn’t have to kiss arse to keep their jobs. If they don’t write what Rupert wants then it’s out the door. Selling their nation out for their careers, only to find that they will lose the job anyway because the forth estate is out of date, out of time and out of money. The more they suck Rupes arse the less chance they have of gaining employment down the track….. having ltdNews on your CV will kill a journo’s chance of making any short list in the future,.. I mean who’d want to employ someone who so readily back-stabbed their own country.
    Journo’s have been divided, conquered and reaped……It would seem to me that being supposedly smart people, they sure have been dumb.
    But on the bright side, when they finally see the penny drop…. when people see how Rupes and Co. really treat their underlings, Unionism will rise again.

  11. Roswell, I wonder if we will ever see enough people that care, back out in the streets.

    Too many seem to think today, what happens does not affect them, or worse, they can do nothing about it.

    I am afraid, putting on the blinkers, to see nothing, does not prevent things getting worse.

  12. Among the junk from my mail box, was an ad for hot cross buns. Onw would think they woulkd get NY over first. The rest were for back to school.

  13. Lovo
    on the 29th
    There’s a saying that there’s two types of journalists in Australia, those who work for Murdoch & those who are going to.
    But they’re capable of organising though, as their campaign against Julia showed. Andrew Elder called that “the last great journalists strike in Australian history”.

  14. BSA, there is a new type, mostly women, going out on their own, using the net.

    Yes, setting up their own media. Not just blogs.

    Yes, and they are attracting advertising.

  15. BSA, as more find the internet where they seek their news, papers become irrelevant. Many do not even watch the TV these days

  16. Sorry it is late. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at the Café. I must admit that 2013 has probably been one of the worst years of my life when it came to family and pets. I am hopeful that 2014 will be better. Hopefully 2014 will allow me to resume contributing and commenting in a big way. To all of you I hope 2014 brings to you, and those you love Health, Happiness and Peace. They are far more important than anything else.

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