50 comments on “The backflips of Tony Abbott

  1. Crikey has awarded Abbott politician of the year. Well Bernhard Keane has.

    And his reason was that although Abbott lied and backflipped it was because he’s a great politician adapting to the circumstances.

    So now a great politician is one who breaks promises, destroys instead of builds and consistently lies.

  2. Of course Mobius. Tony is just the latest model of the Reagan-Thacher-Bush-Howard line. They’re not lies, they’re just non-core promises or promises that they made but not the ones that people think they made or would have liked them to have made, they’re promises that they made.. It’s not destroying, it’s nation building! and if they have to destroy it first, well it’s a matter of ‘we had to destroy it in order to save it!’… I’m sure you know the rest! If you’re looking for a plan here, try Lewis Carroll. The Libs have obviously chosen the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as a template.

  3. No backflips, backflips suggest a degree of flexibility. The video has it right, no backflips just falling flat on his face, The only thing to do when you are two faced.

  4. Oh c’mon right wingers, you cannot defend Abbott over this. If Labor did the same you would be livid and we would never hear the end of it.

    Abbott has wound back the code of conduct and it’s no longer a problem for his ministers owning shares in companies they have involvement with in government.

    Peter Timmins, a freedom of information consultant, says the Abbott government needs to address some concerns about the way it is approaching governing.

    “There are a range of issues that have surfaced since the election that suggest transparency and accountability really don’t seem to be at the centre of the Abbott government.”

    Under the previous government, the only potential course of action if a conflict of interest arose was the liquidation of shareholdings. But a new provision in the code gives ministers who want to keep their shares the option to refer decisions in which a conflict arises to a senior minister nominated by the prime minister.

    Gillard bought in the conflict of interest provisions for share holdings because of a concerted attack by Abbott and the right wing media, and now with a few changes to the wording of that legislation, Abbott is allowing his government to do what he stopped the previous government from doing.

    I would love to see a right winger try to defend this with something lucid and other than we won you lost.

  5. And the backflips just keep on coming. There can’t be many left now, just PPL and DAP to ditch.

    The $3 billion tax loophole that favoured the well off and Abbott promised to close if he won government, and which he also counted in his budget savings for his bullshit billions in savings, is no longer going to be closed, so blowing yet another hole in the budget.

    No wonder he wanted the debt ceiling lifted, he’s spending on the wealthy like there’s no tomorrow, making Labor’s supposed spendthrift during the GFC look like kids’ pocket money.

  6. The ONLY truth this person has left to utter is “No-one CAN BELIEVE a word I say”. So far he has avoided all questions put to him in the Parliament Question Time with the collusion of Bronny and the FARCE will continue with his now obvious arrogance prevailing. The person who is starting to look like the most dangerous to our reputation and incompetent PM is not likely to change. Plenty of spin, no real action on matters of substance. Clear as Crystal, ADULT etc There’s nothing there…..

  7. just PPL and DAP to ditch.

    That is what is getting set up today ME. I found it amazing that, in hte lead up, the media were quite right to point out that all of the changes hockey made since getting the till means they cannot blame any blowouts on Labor, and yet, now it is happening, it is back to he said, she said. They are enabling hockey to put all of his extravagance onto Labor

    I also note the way they got ziggy in to do his numbers on the NBN, which blew it out ridiculously. Now, ziggy is saying he”’ be able to pair that back. No shit sherlock, Could that be because the numbers were bullshit to begin with. Blow it out, blame Labor, pair it back to what it would have been anyway, claim Liberal money management. And the media allows it to pass.

  8. Abbott is definitely retarded, I wonder if he himself knows the difference between his lies and truths. It must be so confusing for him.

  9. Talk about a whinger. Nit picking is his most valuable talent.

    It is a shame that Hockey and Co did not focused on what the last government was saying and doing, instead of relying on their version of what was happening. Would have known that Labor had cut or was in the process of having 14.000 PS less, and had cut spending in general. No fat to find. They would have known this, if they forgot the opposing and slogans, and relied on reality of the time.

    The fact that they cannot deliver, is their fault, not Labor.

  10. Gloom and Doom out look and mystery cuts in May, might lead to affecting Christmas shopping.
    Hockey does not want business and Christmas shopping to be effected.

    I suspect, being vindictive towards the previous government is more important to this government.
    There have been changes in methodology, that makes the numbers look worse. Grattan.

    Do they occur with normal practices, or were they imposed by the government on the treasury. Seems they were.

    So they are comparing apples with oranges when it comes to this release.

  11. After listening today, to the senate hearings and this, there are no longer promises or predictions. There are only assumptions.

    Another great con.

  12. Audience is not convince, if one looks at the face.

    Still only one topic. Debt. One would think this is the only important thing, when it comes to the economy.

  13. Building strong communities fund has gone. Reason, we need the money, it is as simple as that. Next question should be, what do you need the money for? Oh, yes PPL for the wealthy and rebates for health insurance for the rich.

  14. I wonder how many of the audience aren’t paying off their houses and a car or so? Abbott has a personal debt of over $700K. It’s not the debt you run it’s what you spent it on. Something productive on one hand or muddle class welfare. Phoney’s still keeping the “buy boats” to help the Indonesian Economy, so the DD may still be in the locker. Hockey didn’t mention “spiders” being found everywhere today. It’s certainly not the “Greatest Show on Earth”. How bloody mediochre. Budget EMERGENCY becomes a fizzer. Nothing happening till next March?. Confidence goes further down. Don’t blame ME. I kept telling ALL they are DOPES and oxygen thieves.

  15. Fed up, I believe that the argument is that giving $75,000 for millionaire mummies to take time off work to be with bubs will “pay for itself”..umm, how? Perhaps PC’s fertility treatment is anticipated to be successful..whoops, did I say that. 👿

  16. Clarittee, through the grapevine, a completely unsubstantiated rumour but why would TA with his earning in the top percentile have such a large mortgage? Apparently he had to take a loan to pay out person’s unknown for a small parcel. But of course that’s just a rumour and not to be taken seriously.

  17. Carol, I can only imagine that “women Of Calibre” produce superior babies that fetch more out there. Well obviously they are selling something. I’m not buying it though. When “times are tough the poor do it rough”. That could be Phoneys’s slogan, but it has more than three words in it. Reject!.

  18. Clarittee, well obviously so..women of calibre pop out superior babies and so should be rightly rewarded for doing so. This compares with women of little calibre who can only do things such as ironing and doing line work at the local chook abatoir, which is of course a love job and anyway they should have studied more than typing, so it’s their own fault anyway.

  19. Another wipe out, along with Indigenous Legal aid and those sea parks.

    ……….Australia’s environmental legal centres have lost their federal funding in a move that could see the closure of some of the nine offices around the country.

    The federal government has immediately cut an estimated $10 million boost over four years quietly given to Environmental Defender’s Offices in the dying days of the former Labor government.

    The government is also planning to end a long-standing annual payment – which for all but one office was around $90,000 – from July 1, meaning the legal centres will no longer receive any federal funding from mid-next year.

    The impact of the cuts will differ around the country with each office having a different reliance on federal funding, with some receiving state government contributions and private donations. But the move is expected to put real pressure on smaller offices in places such as Darwin, Cairns, Perth and Hobart to stay op….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/abbott-government-strips-environmental-legal-centres-of-federal-funding-20131217-2zj2z.html#ixzz2niWUiCxE

  20. It appears we have Andrews counseling vouchers, from Howard’s day back, when one gets married. Wonder how he and Andrews cope with the fact that a majority of couples who have kids, do not bother with marriage, well not for far down the track.

    Talk about social engineering.

  21. If you are totally myopic and delusional you might try. Howard for GG and Rupey for president. Signed Tony Murdoch. You have to hand it to them as organisers. Who else could have managed to get such a weird group in a room together at the same time? I won’t Minchen his name. Heffernan helps pick them too. Unstable alliance? You betcha. The haystack people get sold out by the Nasty Party with their coalition of convenient anti labor, fascists ..

  22. Fed up @ December 17, 2013 @ 1:33 pm ”
    Gloom and Doom out look and mystery cuts in May, might lead to affecting Christmas shopping. Hockey does not want business and Christmas shopping to be effected.”
    I am heartbroken to the core of my being, to report to the Cocky Hockey he already has affected Christmas Shopping. Rule one in our house this year, all presents have to be self-made and have it as a gift of the Heart and sacrifice in some way to have any meaning. Bought presents are not allowed. This is because of the Fiberal’s destruction of our égalitarian community support structure to make way for their rape and take societal structure and behavior. As I might not have income tomorrow, I will save what I have instead, thus denying Cocky Hockey’s Supporters of that money they otherwise may have got in festive buying.
    What goes around, comes around. Karma is a Bitch!

  23. If one made the mistake of picking the Telegraph while out Christmas shopping, they will put the wallet back in the hip pocket and return home immediately. Full of gloom and doom for pages.

    It would lead to one canceling the Christmas festivities.

  24. First hint of another massive backflip to come from Abbott, and it will be a big one, which is why he’s buttering up the people now.

    Abbott mentioned that his PPL scheme may need to be changed, but he blamed the Senate for forcing him to do it.

  25. but he blamed the Senate for forcing him to do it.

    Of course, a hung Parliament is no excuse for Gillard negotiating what she promised, a Carbon Price, but not being able to negotiate what we all knew was a smokescreen anyway through a senate, that’s just sooo different. ❓

  26. Seasons Greetings to u FU. We have to wait and see I suppose. See how well he cleans up the Vomit. His intent seems on track though.

  27. What kind of a mind considers NBN, NDS, Higher rates for Pensioners, better pay for childacre workers, all withing the framework of AAA ratings from agencies as ‘Vomit’ 😯

    I’m also not too sure that Holden workers appreciate the ‘cleaning technique’ 😉

  28. Tweed shows his true colours and his total disregard for his fellow Australians and Australia.

    He just doesn’t give a fuck how much Abbott screws up, and make no mistake Abbott is screwing up big time, as long as the LIberals are in power. Things like the back flips and lies he would be going apeshit over if it was Labor in power he fobs off and makes excuses for because the Liberals are in power.

    Hypocrisy, selfishness and disregard for the well being of others are the hallmark of most right wingers and we are seeing it here.

  29. Do we recall the cries from libs and ltdnews about the ‘politicization’ of Treasury. Well, never was this done to it.

    They are not Treasury forecasts, they are Mr Hockey’s forecasts.


    This is what MYEFO was built on. Lies.

    The unrealistically pessimistic view of the economy as presented in MYEFO is designed to make Joe Hockey look like a fiscal hero come the May Budget,

  30. More back flips flagged on top of his flagged changes to his set in stone number one core policy promise of the PPL, today comes the news that NDIS will be cut and that cabinet have stated wages are too high in Australia and something needs to be done about them.

    Along with other noises made recently on IR this is yet more on preparing he public for WorkChoices and there is absolutely no doubt it was not cabinet who made the complaint that wages are too high, but it was their masters and political donors, big business, whose bad management are the real cause of productivity problems in this country.

    So Tweed what are your thoughts on all of Abbott’s broken promises, back flips, failures, secrecy, lying to you and causing rifts with other countries?

  31. Well if one believes in that free market and the ideology of the Tea Party, one would indeed find this government is doing a good job. I buy that. One, I suppose, has to respect their beliefs.

    We do not have to agree, or even respect the views they put forward. Well at least I think that is what they are doing.

    One finds it hard to know, as their comments appear to consist entirely of abusing all on these sites, that do not go along with them.

    If one believes in that hidden hand, the survival of the fittest, and success in life is entirely in ones hands.

    If one believes government should not be in ones life at all. If one believes there should be no government regulation at all, and big businesses should have a free rein, to do what they like, yes he is doing a good job.

    If one believes in a society that looks after its frail, that all should share the cost, according to their ability to pay. That government is there to provide the environment for a equitable and just society, one wants nothing of this man.

    If one believes their government and economy is there to serve the people, then Abbott is a no no.

  32. It appears that Abbott is slowly waking uo to how our Constitution works. Getting the votes and mandate to form government, is only the beginning.

    One then has to work with the parliamentary, which includes the Opposition and cross benches to get legislation through.

    He is at last beginning to understand what that word mandate means. That he has to do, as all PMs before him, negotiate to get bills through.

    The biggest lesson he seems to have learnt, is that he also has to get out and sell what he intends, and is doing.

    In fact, he has to sell it, to his own party and Coalition party first.

    What he has no learnt, is to think before talking.

    This week we had him telling Indonesia, it is time to work with him. He is continuing to ignore what others, including our near neighbours are saying.

    Then yesterday, we have him saying the he is liberating those who are losing jobs because of his ideology and actions.

    One must never under estimate the ability of this mob. They do have a agenda, they are quickly putting it in place.

    One must observe and follow what they are doing. Calling him names, is dangerous, it focuses on Abbot, letting him get away with murder of our society, as we know it.

  33. Mr. Abbott does not believe that subsidies to industry works. Does not believe in higher taxes. Wonder what his miraculous solutions are going to be.

    Definitely does not believe that Rudd had the answers, even though, we, nearly alone missed the worse of the GFC.

    As much as Hockey and his cronies do not want to believe, our economy up to now has been running at a reasonable pace. It also appears, that in the last three months, for the first time since 2008, we are beginning to lag behind.

  34. International court of justice has demanded that Australia returns all the document and material they stole from that solicitor in Canberra. It appears it is hard for Australia to ignore this order.

    Wonder what Mr. Abbott thinks. I suspect Brandis will give him advice, not to comply.

    ABC 24

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