Same-sex marriage laws have been overturned

News has just come in that the High Court has overturned Australia’s first same-sex marriage law. This is disgraceful, in my opinion.

The Canberra Times reports that the “court was due to hand down its findings in the landmark case at 12.15pm, however, a statement announcing the decision was accidentally published on the court’s website about 20 minutes before the six judges handed down their findings”.

Nothing appears on the other news sites yet but we will keep you posted.

36 comments on “Same-sex marriage laws have been overturned

  1. Well, people, welcome back to the 1950’s. Thank you Abbott for wasting tax-payers money on this stupid challenge. “Stop the Waste” is beginning to sound more of a lie with every passing day.

  2. What a shame, This subject should not be a political football, Live and Let Live Does it really Matter if Two people just want to lead a happy life. Truth is You can live as a couple regardless of this decision taken today, And in time This decision will be overturned , I am Happy being a Hetrosexual But Feel that people be allowed to live their Lives as they choose, I do not feel threatened at all, Except By this Government ,

  3. If same sexers want to marry so be it.
    Do not like them ‘having children by insemination etc’ and raising children
    in such a relationship. Must have a huge and negative impact on the child.
    Adults can look after themselves children cannot

  4. Hey Voyager. I thought you would be to busy typing over at the Guardian blogging sites, where your useless Abbott and his misfits are taking a bloody pounding.

  5. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney @ December 12, 2013 @ 2:33 pm. “Must have a huge and negative impact on the child.”
    What a load of Codswallop! Straw Man argument! Show evidence and I’ll intro you to a number of Gay Parents I know who would slap you down for your insolence in referring that their Parents had given them less opportunity than your Parents gave you. Matter of fact, they gave them more in the love and care required to have to tolerate such Bigots, who would heap scorn and hatred upon them, due to their learned discriminating behavior from their Parents or those who had such a influential impact on their lives.
    As far as I am concerned, Children of Same Sex relationships are more probable to be adored by their Parents as there can be no “mistake” in their coming into the world! Just remember that the same sex parents have to make a greater sacrifice to come by their Children than Heterosexual couples do.
    Put your bigotry aside Voyager. You know how dumb your argument is.

  6. Damn WordPress is dropping words again. Should be:
    Show evidence and I’ll intro you to a number of Gay Parents Children I know, who would slap you down for your insolence in referring that their Parents had given them less opportunity than your Parents gave you.

  7. Sad to see the High Court taking the side of discrimination against gays. I just don’t understand it. I’d love to hear all the expert legal opinion on this judgment, but where is it?

  8. The High Court didn’t silkworm. It was doing its job and making a ruling on a legality of Federal and State jurisdictions, namely if the ACT marriage legislation was consistent with the overriding Federal one, and the Hight Court found it wasn’t.

    The ACT thought it might get away with bringing in a slightly different marriage Act, thus circumventing the failure of the NSW and SA in trying to bring in same sex marriages.

    I don’t know if the ACT plans to appeal, but at the moment unless a State or Territory can come up with a completely different way of marrying people to get around the Federal Marriage Act then they will always fail until the Federal law is changed.

  9. The High Court would just be doing it’s job clarifying the law that exists. IF you don’t like what happened sheet it to the person(s) who referred it to the court in record time. Time will wound all HEELS, with a bit of luck here.. Another action of a government against a lot of it’s people. “Small” government is one that doesn’t interfere. Phoney has it wrong (as usual).

  10. Mobius, as this was a ruling of the full bench of the High Court there cannot be any appeal without changing federal legislation. I was semi-hopeful that the High Court might leave a small window where it might be possible for a state or territory to pursue this slightly differently, but the High Court have been very specific – they uphold that the Federal government has the right to dictate who may or may not marry. Ironic isn’t it (in a sad kinda way) that same sex couples can have a wedding ceremony, can count themselves as defactos (in fact Centrelink insists that they do) but for want of a single slip of paper cannot count themselves as married.

    If you want marriage equality then change the government..paraphasing one of Abbott’s favourite slogans.

  11. Thanks for the clarification Carol. Marriage equality is just one reason to change this government, and the reasons for doing so sooner rather than later are piling up every day.

  12. Michael, evidence point to Voyager being wrong, Some of my grandkids survived such a union. They where born within a marriage between mum and dad. Did not like that experience much.

    Kids only care about being loved. Marriage or gender does not worry them

  13. It is still in many living memory, where a child born out of wedlock was called a bastard, and shunned by decent society.

    Today more than half are born this way. No marriage in sight for mum and dad.

    These families seem to be strong, and no different from these where mum and dad have married first.

  14. I think the high court might have pointed out, it is easy for the Federal government to cover same sex marriage, and maybe it should. It did not need to do this,

  15. Here is a study that showed that “[A]n estimated 16,000 same-sex couples are raising more than 22,000 adopted children in the U.S., and these findings indicate that these children will likely fare no differently, as a result of their family type, than those being raised by heterosexual parents”.

    But I am not surprised or angry at the High Courts decision… the federal law was always going to win. What we need to do is keep pressure up on the federal MP’s to get the law changed.

  16. …….ah, marriage 🙄 …….. WTF was I thinking 😮
    My standard advice is…. DONT DO IT 😀 …..but hey it’s easy for me to say… I at least have had the right to make that mistake. 😉
    …. you have been warned, … no really 😆

  17. Yep, joni, Carol, Mö et al. The decision is just the High Court ruling as per Commonwealth legislation vs State /Territory legislation. Having not yet read the judgement, I assume it’s under section 109 of the constitution – “When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

    Not unexpected, and the only way to change this is a change to the disgusting Howard amendment to the marriage act. (“marriage” means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.“)

  18. so one man ( ONE BIGOT )changed the meaning of the act. because it suited his warped view on life. somehow that just does not sound right to me. the lieberals really are very close to the nazis in my humble opinion.

  19. What the court pointed out, is that the commonwealth government had the power to legislate for same sex marriage. Howard’s words mean nothing.

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