Don’t worry. The Government is here to assist you.

Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss has just announced in Parliament announced that Holden will cease operations in 2017. It is a huge blow, the ramifications of which are yet to be fully considered. But they will be felt by the community. And hard. Amid claims that it’s Labor’s fault anyway, Mr Truss heroically assures us that:

. . . the government stood ready to assist sacked workers and to support dealers and employees.

I’m wondering if he ran that by Tony. We should remember these recent words from The Australian:

The ball is now in Tony Abbott’s court. If he reverses his $500 million cut to industry support, and commits to continuing to support it, Holden will stay. If he refuses to do that, Holden will go. The choice could not be clearer.

Now I’m very pleased that he’s in South Africa attending the funeral of Nelson Mandela. He can now come back to Holden’s funeral.

Perhaps the $500 million cut to industry support can now be spared “to assist sacked workers and to support dealers and employees“. Or perhaps he might do one of Howard’s old tricks and introduce a levy, in which case the tax payers will be supporting the sacked workers and dealers. We will have to wait and see.

Either way, I don’t believe Abbott, Truss or anybody when they sort of say; “Don’t worry. The Government is here to assist you”.

They missed their chance.


Holden (Photo credit: racin jason)

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  1. Why the f**k do the idiots think that Abbott has “got his way” in Holden closing down?

    What an utterly stupid thing to say.

    The unfortunate facts are that tariff reductions since the “Button Car Plan” of the 1980s (that’d be a Labor government then) has made it harder for local industries to compete.

    Personally I’d like to see continuance of subsidies as well as introduce matching tariffs on car imports from countries with a tariff on our car exports (e.g. Thailand).
    However Labor has made government subsidies an unaffordable luxury as we face the huge debt gifted by Kevin, Julia and Wayne Swan.

    How the fuck you can blame that on Tony Abbott, I really don’t know.

  2. See it’s always Labor’s fault with the right wingers, always, even when in this case it’s Abbott’s.

  3. ” How the fuck you can blame that on Tony Abbott, I really don’t know.”


    Bubonic plague. Abbott.
    WW1. & WW2. Ditto. There must be Aryans in his antecedents.
    Syphilis. Ditto.
    Polio. Ditto.
    Vietnam. Ditto.
    J.F.K. assignation. Ditto.

    Etc. etc. Abbott.

    Yea I know, but, it’s about as plausible as the crap Murdoch was reporting about Julia Gillard and the Labor government.

  4. That’s it phil, and they’re too thick to see their own hypocrisy.

    JohnB is blasting Labor whilst at the same time saying he would like to see a continuance of subsidies and a matching car import tariff, and Abbott had every opportunity to do that, but instead, before his productivity audit reported, in a contradiction said Holden would not get one cent more, sounding it’s death knell.

    Abbott was Holden’s executioner and history will rightly show it that way.

  5. One can blame Abbott and Co, because of their lack of skills.

    One had to feel sorry for Mr. MacFarlane yesterday. He was saying one thing, Hockey and co the opposite.

    No wonder business confidence is now in free fall in this country. Goodness knows what the next unemployment figures will be.

    Yes, so obsessed with carbon tax and MRRT, that nothing else is on their radar.

    There can only be one of two options. They did not want to save GMH, or they are completely incompetent. Blaming the carbon tax, and the workers.

    Th union has already been working with GMH, giving up conditions, in an effort to keep the industry.

  6. MacFarlane is saying it is not impossible to maintain the industry in this country.

    Would love to be at that meeting with Abbott and premiers on Friday.

  7. It appears that Holden was asking what happens after 2017.

    What the government is saying is plain rot. Talking about money not spent. That money was there to be spent. up to 2017.

    Maybe they all need to attend comprehension classes.

    Abbott has taken $500 billion out of the money that was to be spent before 2017.

  8. if one watched QT yesterday, it is hard to come to any other decision, that this is what the dries in the party want.

    Not what MacFarlane wanted, as they were very active in undermining him, at every turn.

    I wonder how long before MacFarlane throws the towel in. Maybe he is to close, and cannot see what is going on.

  9. Hockey demanded that Holden made immediate decision. Not wait, until the Productivity Commission made it decision.

    Keeps saying decisions had been made, So this government takes rumours at face value,

    GMH was clear yesterday when they said the decision was NOT made.

    So rumours are taken over what a man says.

  10. Where is Peta?, did Abbott tell his mob to pull the plug? will McFarlane throw in the towel? the mind boggles at these questions. Peta was probably on her way back from SA as there is no show without punch and to make sure Abbotts big mouth didn’t get us into trouble, as for McFarlane I would guess he will do as he is told and being the coward Abbott is there is no doubt he told his mob to pull the plug.

  11. Another apparent cock-up. Wait for the productivity commission in march and then War on Trust demands a quick answer. Joe appears to want to make up for the Wheat deal and be tough on GM.
    Blame it on Labor. The A DOLT government were firmly driving this one. The BUCK stops right there boys(and girl). IDIOTS ALL. Keep it up and recession AHOY.for us. The GFC never happened either.
    Another FARCICAL question time. I only watch for historical accuracy purposes. It’s agony and likely to produce suicidal tendendies in thinking people. DAP means Destroy Australia Promptly.

  12. I do not believe this government makes cock ups. It is going according to their to their plans.

    The target is first, blame unions for everything, then demolish them.

    Not so sure the public is that stupid though.

  13. This government is ignoring the fact of the high dollar, and are laying the blame with high wages. High wages exist in Germany, and the industry survives there.

    The industry is blaming the high dollar for most of there problems.

  14. The market here is too small. Without exports you are done. The tariff and subsidies situation is corrupted. No leveL playing field at all. China’s currency is artificially low. At this time I believe support would have been prudent. It’s a good value for each dollar expended. Unemployment is a great precipitatpr of recession. This abort government do nothing to instil confidence in the populace. They show no talent or wisdom, just slogans and dogma. tending towards right wingnut. with mean spirited contempt for the less well off.

  15. All we are getting out of Hockey, is wages. Seems those words are going to replace carbon tax.

    While the Coalition has blamed excessive salaries for taking down Holden, we know how Tony Abbott himself felt when he was given a pay cut in 2007, writes Annabel Crabb.

    Subjectivity in the human brain is a marvellous thing, and nowhere is it more richly observed than in the matter of comparative value for money.

    “I am underpaid,” is how the universal conjugation of comparative remuneration begins. “YOU are fairly recompensed. But HE is taking the piss.”

    And so, this week, as the Parliament brawls its way toward Christmas like a gaggle of Friday-night office workers, several strains of thought emerge as to what constitutes a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey – who has decidedly pro-market and anti-protectionist inclinations and on the matter of the Australian car industry is temporarily being allowed to indulge them – made it pretty clear yesterday that he blames the overpayment of automotive workers for the economic troubles that have since claimed the scalp of Holden.

    “And why are we in a position today where the third manufacturer, Holden, is refusing to confirm it is around for the long term, even though there is an additional $1 billion on the table?” the Treasurer demanded in Question Time.

    “I will tell you why. It is because the Labor Party has made it so damn hard to make anything in Australia. Labour costs are one great example.”

    Mr Hockey recommended that if Labor wanted to give the automotive industry its best chance of survival, it should immediately encourage Toyota workers to accept the cost-cutting package that company is currently offering…

  16. Shorten correct. Abbott promised to create a million jobs yet so far this government has thrown away more jobs in three months, Simplot, Electrolux, Gove, Qantas, Holden and many others than were lost under Labor in six years.

  17. Whatever remuneration Joe is receiving at the moment won’t alter the fact he is costing this country plenty in lost confidence and confusion, So he is an overpaid underperforming object we have no means of calling to account for some 3 years. Someone should inform him HE IS the Treasurer, so cut the theatrics and get on with the job,”L” plater. Self promotion proved to be no indicator with the LieNP. Experienced ADULT, Hit the ground running. NATURALLY good managers of money. Yeah right.

  18. No, record profits in the mining industry, that led to aw high dollar, and small highly competitive local market.

    Those profits should have had the MRRT in place, earlier, to assist the industries that where been harmed by those suer profits.

    That is what occurs in other countries.

  19. I believe Germany has a high paid workforce, with as good or better social welfare as we do. They seem to be doing OK. Even a strong car industry.

    Now the USA has none of the entitlements we have, low wages and no social security.

    They are not doing too hot.

  20. “Abbott was Holden’s executioner and history will rightly show it that way.”

    Indeed. And no amount of squawking by right wing trolls will change that very fact.

    Holden will be just the start of the damage about to be inflicted on Australia’s economy. This mob couldn’t run a pub chook raffle, totally hopeless.

    The high point for me will be when the numb nuts that voted for this mob of ‘Baboons’, realise the folly of their ways.

  21. Are they afraid that someone might read their lips.

    No need for that, one always knows what they are going to say,

    Debate on new unions regulations lower house.


  22. Abbott in the house with a ready speech. Yes, he will be talking to Toyota. They must have agreed to take on the unions.

    Yes, what has occurred during the last two days, has not occurred by action.

  23. What a contemptable Bunch of Liberal frontbenchers, There is NO doubt they wanted Holdern to close its doors, Why ekse would you carry on like they did in Parliament yesterday Led By Hockey and supported by Truss who sent a threatening Letter to GMH That in its self is Bad enough But turn around and try to Blame every one else is so typical of this Sad Government , Tomorrow we will have to sit through Abbotts crocodile tears, What an absolute Mess they Have created led by Him, Only 2 years and nine months to go before will have the Pleasure of Binning him to the rubbish tip of History, No wonder his Poll figures are dropping Keep spreading the Word

  24. I should but, I can’t believe that the LNP government is blaming LABOR for GM-H’s financial plight … It’s the current government of the day who has axed financial aid to GM-H and no-one else …

  25. Abbott came back to parliament wit a prepared speech, within minutes of getting off the plane. They think they have what the want. Explains the cockiness of Hockey and co over the last few days.

  26. Fed up @ the Credlin photo. Is it normal that an unelected person sit in a seat occupied ONLY by those elected by the people. She might have the prime ministerial ear and believes that this is her government, her power..but it’s not the power must always reside with the people.

  27. I think that Hockey’s cockiness comes from the fact that he thinks that he can blame it all on the previous government, but all that anyone needs to ask is, And what do you plan to do about it? Let’s hope that someone in the MSM bothers to ask…

  28. Have a listen to you lefty sooks. You’ve effectively fucked industry in this country with unionized high wages, carbon taxes, over regulation and ignorance. Your ignorance continues tonite. 3 months into a term of Govt and Detroit pulls the pin, so you ignoramuses gang up and blame a 3 month old Govt. You all take the cake for the biggest bunch of losers in cyberspace. It’s a joy to send a link of this tripe through social media so they can see for themselves just how fucking stupid you lot are! Please, OH PLEASE KEEP IT UP!! If ever there was a combined group so blinded and frustrated that they can’t even realise their own stupidity. it’s here. KEEP IT UP!


  29. Carol, I do not know if that is the advisers chair. Remember where Abbott hid when fleeing Thomson,

    Carol, one needs to ask, not what they are going to do, but why are they doing it.

    What occurred, was deliberately orchestrated by the government. They are desperate for another Patrick type dispute. That is the only thing that makes sense, when you listen to the words, and read their body language.

    Big toxic tax, is about to be replaced by big bad unions.

    There is already more than one bill before the house, attacking unions.

    Go back, and look at what they have said and done this week. All leads back, to setting up an attack on the workers conditions and unions.

    They are too cocky, when they should not be.

  30. OQ carries no like he thinks it’s highly amusing that a few thousand people will lose their jobs. No matter who is to blame, that’s the stark reality.


  31. It must be Part of a Master Plan, 3 cheers for Tony No ok 2 cheers for Tony no OK ! cheer for Tony Oh come on Marjee try and forgive him . I have to Agree what was Cretin doing in the Parliament, ? Unbelievable carry on , Bronny is to busy looking at Labor to notice

  32. what do you do oq, or summo or who ever you are ? you don’t know a thing about me , apart from you stalking my facebook wall ? or have you been delving deeper into me. what do you know about me ? come on you gutless wonder tell the world or fuck off for good you wanker ! knowing what i do know about you, from all the bullshit you spew forth ! all you will have to say will be nothing but a bunch of lie’s anyway. why don’t you tell everyone who you really are.? why are you so scared of people knowing who you really are ? do you think some people will sink so low as to stalk you ? just like you stalk me ! and god knows how many others you stalk ! your nothing but a low life piece of scum. now fuck off for good !

  33. OQ calls me a bludger and to get a job ! ten years with the sydney county council. and eighteen years with education queensland. does that qualify me as a bludger ? not all right wingers are liars, but OQ is right up their with abbott, and pyne !!!!!!!

  34. Steven. not even worth a reply. Funny. over the last three or four years, views and opinions made on this site have have a habit of coming true. The writer willsoon find that to be true.

    I want to be very wrong about my predictions.

    I do not want to see a rerun of Howard’s attacks on the unions.

    One must not forget, Howard is lurking in the back ground, and appears to have a lot of influence on this government.

    It is so Déjà vu. It feels like we have been here before.

  35. Thanks fed up, I feel right wingers really do belong back in nazi germany times. Their emotional intelligence, their empathy, their compassion, their understanding of the much wider picture of life and everything it entails has not developed at all. They are power hungry to the extreme. what once was old is new again. such is life!

  36. OQ, typical bully, has a lot to say, all bullshit ! when anyone questions him . he refuses to answer and runs away ! just like that other gutless wonder Abbott ! time to question yourself OQ ! thats what your stupid name means anyway !

  37. …….Prime Minister Tony Abbott is expected to announce a royal commission into union slush funds early next year – an inquiry set to embarrass the Labor Party.
    Fairfax Media has contacted the Prime Minister’s office to confirm a report in The Australian that the Abbott government will establish the high-powered inquiry to examine union financial management and control.
    The royal commission’s terms of reference are reportedly still being developed but the inquiry is expected to have “wideranging powers” to “investigate past [union] malpractice”.
    It comes as court action continues into the controversial Australian Workers Union “slush fund” operated by Julia Gillard’s former partner, Bruce Wilson, in the early 1990s.
    The former prime minister, Ms Gillard, who provided legal advice to help establish the slush fund, denies any knowledge of the Mr Wilson’s allegedly fraudulent use of the money.

    Read more:

  38. According to Abbott, we should concentrate on mining industry. Problem is, it does not employ many.

    Abbott is more focused, come could say, obsessed, on destroying unions, rather than creating jobs.

  39. Steven, not only do some visitors have much to say, so do members of this duly elected, according t the constitution government. All is rubbish.

    I will add, rubbish, but not without some reason on their part.

    Do not under estimate this government,. They are capable of much.

    Most, we will not want.

  40. good morning Fed up, I don’t underestimate this government one little bit. They are here to cause as much damage possible, to keep the masses on their knees, and to make as much money possible for the already mega rich ! they really want to damage australia in so many ways, just for the money !

  41. “Prime Minister Tony Abbott is expected to announce a royal commission into union slush funds early next year – an inquiry set to embarrass the Labor Party.”

    I’d much prefer there was a R/C into the remuneration of CEOs of public companies.

    The salary package of just one that I’ve got in mind makes the alleged rorting in the unions in toto look like the nuisance loose change one tips into a jar.

  42. I wonder what effect the trade agreements we are rushing to sign, have on the decisions that car manufactures are making.

    .Car manufacturers are awaiting the finer details of the agreement before passing judgement. The deal could have substantial implications for local manufacturers; particularly Holden, which builds the Cruze small car locally but also imports specific models of the same car from South Korea.

    There are fears the new deal could further erode the cost equation of building cars in Australia, compounding the effects of the high Australian dollar, higher labour costs and lower levels of government co-investment measures compared with comparable nations.

    The development comes in the same week that the industry presents to the Productivity Commission about ongoing financial and regulatory assistance.

    In a statement to Drive, Holden said: “Holden sells a range of cars both imported and locally manufactured. We will assess the effects of this announcement across our operations.”

    Though Toyota Australia’s ties with South Korea are less direct, the Japanese manufacturer could also be affected by the fresh trade agreement because its locally-built cars compete directly with cars produced in South Korea..

  43. How the fuck you can blame that on Tony Abbott, I really don’t know.

    Perhaps by listening to what they are saying.

    ”Are you seeing this question time attack on Holden?” read the text message, sent by a company insider. ”Taunting [Holden] to leave. It’s extraordinary.”

    Read more:

    Holden were asking for what every other country with car manufacturing does, handouts. They need them to compete against competitors that are subsidized by the countries they manufacture in. The libs have caused this, the buck stop(ped) with them. Holdens WERE a sustainable company, whilst they were on a level playing field with the others due to Government subsidies. For whatever reasons (think Unions = BOO) the libs wanted them gone, and sent every message to them to pack up and leave. This loass cannot be blamed on anyone but the current Government.

    I hope every person who voted this mob in reflect on that. Particularly if they are a manufacturing worker. You got sold a lemon. Rupert got what he wanted, protection of HIS countries jobs. Not OURS!

  44. Abbott said they needed to find out Holden’s intention, justifying their behaviour in QT.

    Could not he just spoken to MacFarlane, or even picked up the phone.

    He was the one, that demanded that GMH delay their decision until next March.

    Then we had Hockey and Truss demanding that Holden give them figures of what the want. Figures the government already had.

    Also there was change of leadership in Detroit. A woman took over, and obviously believes calling someone’s bluff, when they lower themselves to threats and bullying.

    Maybe we will hear more bullshit now, as PM will be questioned by the media.

  45. Kind of economy that builds for the future.
    What are that code words for.
    One with a impotent union movement and obliging wok force, I suspect.

  46. Will one of the reporters tell Abbott, it is not about the money on the table, which is up till 2017. What GMH wanted to know, what happens after 2017. Maybe, also the $500 million that Abbott took out.

    Once again, walked away.

  47. Maybe it is time for this government to stop being obsessed with what the Labor did, and focus on what they need to do.

    They, especially their leader appear to be incapable of coping with more that one task at a time.

  48. Anyone watching, notice the difference of the speaker in the chair, to that of Madam Speaker. NBN Labor response.

  49. We got all of Turnbull on ABC 24. Very little of reply, which by the way, is very good.
    More Senate committee hearings next week.

  50. Turnbull does not look and body language too comfortable. Made sure he lobbed off most of the decision making, to the Finance Minister. Dutton now introducing amendments to Health Bill. Yes, giving rebates to higher income.

  51. How fair is this?
    The ABBOTT government rescinds GM-H’s $500 million with one hand and hands over $billions to the mining sector … World demand for coal has hit it’s lowest level in decades … Appears as though the current government is distributing good money into poor investment opportunities … Begs the question why Australia needs another deepwater port at a time when the coal mining industry looks like it could go bust …. More good money going to waste; and at the expense of the GB Reef Worl-listed heritage area and real meaningful jobs for the average Aussie Joe ….

  52. Turnbull just said that they deliver a report, that was made in line with the policies he gave them.

    Second, he said that every where else in the world, private business dare expect to deliver, with government subsidiaries.

    It was clear from senate hearings this week, that the present scheme was not looked at. Did not need to be, as Turnbull was asking them to come up with a scheme that fits in with his policy.

    Turnbull is not comparing apples with apples. He is handing it back to Telstra, and maybe other IPS.

    It is not, and never will be, a stand alone universal high speed broadband.

    What the report does show, all the criticism made of Turnbull’s promises before the election is true.

    Cost more, deliver less, in more time. Is not a fibre network.

  53. I believe that Turnbull has delivered a dog’d breakfast, that will come back and haunt him for the next three years. Once again, one based on ideology.

  54. Gillard said she had ensure Holden would stay, until 2017. What they are talking about what happens now, what happens after 2017.

    Of course Abbott is not playing politics with every answer.

  55. I do not believe anyone, including the economist and GMH, that the high dollar would prevail for so long. It has not acted as it has in the past.

  56. Of course Abbott is not playing politics with every answer.

    The libs started playing politics with this before the last election when they started blustering about ‘protectionism’ and so forth

    It should be politicized by Labor, because the libs politicized it first, and, because that politicization has now destroyed an industry

  57. You know Turnbull is lying through his teeth when most of his speech in parliament was on how from now on on the NBN it will be truth, honesty, transparency etc. yet nothing on how he has now pared back the number of nodes, won’t make his much promised 2016 deadline for the few nodes and his Fraudband will cost $16 billion more than he promised.

    Turnbull lied, just like Pyne lied and Abbott has and continues to lie.

    So add yet another massive broken promise to a long string of them. I think it’s this woeful government’s intention to break so many promises that the people will be confused as to what was promised.

    The corrupt NBN report claims that the NBN would have cost $30 billion more than Labor said it would, but yet again Turnbull through the enquiry takes the very worst case scenario and over inflated projected prices to arrive at that. The radio report spruiked up Switkowski’s credentials without mentioning he has also blatantly lied over the state of copper and is not an independent spokesperson, being firmly in Turnbull’s corrupt pocket.

    So in the end we will end up with a much inferior broadband, delivered later than promised, costing $16 billion more than promised and delivered to far fewer people and businesses than promised.

    Rack up yet another huge failure for this government, where failure is so commonplace they think turning up for parliament and not falling asleep is a major milestone of success.

  58. No surprise, more lies from this government of liars.

    Abbott claims perfect storm of circumstances caused demise of Holden, aping Holden CEO. Abbott says Holden couldn’t be saved, this is after his government goaded Holden into closing down.

    Yet McFarlane has revealed Holden presented government a business plan to save Holden. Abbott government wouldn’t take it up.

    Factoid. Subsidies to the private health industry are three times higher than to the manufacturing industries including the automotive industry.

    Yet Abbott will not stop subsidising that sector whilst announcing yesterday the removal of a Labor policy so the wealthy can get higher medical subsidies, the industry can make bigger profits and the poor will be worse off. On top of that the TPP will ensure pensioners and the poor are screwed even more on medicines and health.

    I said from week one this was the worst government in our history and was pulled up on it for declaring that so early. The signs were all there then and this government has proven me correct in every way and in spades.

  59. More stuff out on Fraudband.

    Telstra copper 4-6x costlier than FTTP: NBN Co.

    You know the copper Switkowski said was in a parlous state when he ran Telstra, but then said was in fair shape when appointed by Turnbull.

  60. One footnote I detected in a Fairfax article yesterday was the fact that on ditching his Holden for a BMW that Abbott claimed that Holden had failed to tender. Holden denied this claim.

  61. Who would have thought it..the msm is finally waking up to this disaster of a government. I say “finally” because although they were a disaster of an opposition, it has taken but a few bare months for everyone to wake up to this reality. No folks, what you saw in opposition is exactly how they are in government.

    Whether bullying East Timor, picking fights that they can’t win with Beijing, humiliating themselves over Gonski or mugging childcare workers while debauching their own travel allowances, they approach the governments of the Commonwealth with all the witless hysteria of amateur night in a Chechen bordello.

    Sometimes it’s embarrassing. Sometimes amusing. And sometimes it’s just a tragedy.

  62. Michael, Abbott, Pyne et al do not indulge in mere trivialities such as actually reading..I was going to say “reports”, but it’s probably anything which contains words and/or numbers.

  63. Sorry had to abandon trying to follow the government’s NBN fiasco on social media as I couldn’t keep up with the sources and massive backlash against Turnbull and the government.

    #NBN is trending like no tomorrow and other social media is also going apeshit over it, as are opinion responses to online media.

  64. Latest is that the NBN would have paid for itself, even taking Turnbull’s inflated costing of $74 billion, and then it would have turned good profits.

    Fraudband can’t even pay for itself let alone ever turn a profit, which is why Turnbull is now paring it back and cutting costs out of it for a more inferior product than promised.

  65. That mock-up poster was done in 2011. The author has stated that he way underestimated his prediction of how bad an Abbott government would be.

  66. Gottliebson:

    Tony Abbott is shedding 274 jobs each day since taking office, that’s 11 an hour.

    Remember he promised to create a million jobs in his first term. He is so far behind this is already a broken promise this soon into his term.

  67. The limits of fraudband are well known and well documented….. whereas the limits of FTTP/H are at this time an unknown….. the possibilities… like the future, have been hijacked by these defenders of Rupert the dinosaur. 😥

    ” Basically, Transit is a high-tech examination of our headspaces, where we have come from and where we are going to. It will involve live audio/visual streaming between Armidale and Brunswick as well as the use of blue-screen chromakey technology to allow actors on two different stages to create one, coherent and ultimately entertaining piece of theatre; a piece of theatre that would likely not be possible without the National Broadband Network.”

  68. If this government put asode the bulldozer, and concentrated on real problems facing hr nation, they might do a little better.

    .The Abbott government has put a stop to a $1.2 billion scheme set up by the former Labor government to deliver pay rises to aged care workers.
    Before the election, the Coalition portrayed the Gillard government’s Aged Care Workforce Supplement as a tool to boost union membership, because providers needed to have an enterprise bargaining agreement to qualify for funding.
    The Coalition promised to return the money to the general aged care funding pool and consult with the industry about another way to distribute the funds. On taking office in September, it suspended applications for the supplement.

    Read more:

  69. ME, listening to the senate hearings, many have already been stood down. New buzz word. Well for me it is . demobilization.

  70. What was clear, none ot the new board had read draft 13. One written during the election campaign. All knew how bad Labor was, but no one bother to read the evidence, The other was there is no need to know the state of the copper, or the cost of remediation. Conroy could not find out, why this is so.

    In fact they seemed to know very little. Not even who was in charge.

  71. I think it is time one looked at those other 30 overseas companies that were approved by Hockey. I think they interluded mining operations that were knocked back by Labor on environmental grounds.

    All we heard about, was GrainCorp., the one knocked back.

  72. ME, everything the social media and sites criticizing his NBN lite have been proven true, In fact, they have been kinder to Turnbull’s model, than the figures he released today.

  73. In fact, they have been kinder to Turnbull’s model, than the figures he released today.

    Well, finally Renai has come around. From ME’s link above to Delimiter

    Well, I am here today to formally apologise. I was wrong to have faith in Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition on this issue. You were all right, and I was wrong. Turnbull does indeed appear to be attempting to “demolish” the NBN.

    It is basically what we have been saying all along. Lying is in their dna

  74. By the way, the medical insurance rebates for high income earners is before the house. The ones that Gillard thought those on high incomes did not need.

    I suspect that Dutton will take the money out of the health budget. Has to come from somewhere.

    No wonder the PM did not have time to talk to the head of GMH. Not even to pick the phone up. Too busy taking off the poor, to give to the rich.

    Demolition is hard work. Heard that the PM thought he was a little tired. This was a couple of weeks ago,

  75. Well the Royal Commission into the decision making re Pink Batts. Not headed by judge but Brisbane Lawyer. After all their were four deaths and all those fires. Shame that the tragedies where fewer than the norm in the industry before that.

    Decision making. What in the hell does that mean. Could not they get any judge to head it. Comes to think of it, the judges are generally retired. Maybe, with all the inquiries this government has set up, there are none available.

    This will be the ninth I know of.

  76. How many inquiries are there by this government. Read some 45 and the list growing the other day.

    One should be aware, that inmquiries can clear as well as condemn.

    .The Abbott government will launch a royal commission into union ‘‘slush funds’’ in the coming months in a move that will place heavy scrutiny on union officials and senior Labor politicians.
    The royal commission comes less than a fortnight after a Fairfax Media investigation uncovered millions of dollars in a string of secret union slush funds.
    The series of Fairfax reports revealed the involvement of the NSW Right’s powerful Transport Workers Union in a $500,000 takeover of its own Queensland branch with the backing of the disgraced former HSU leader Michael Williamson.

    Read more:

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