Yes, we are frustrated

Whilst we blog writers source most of our material from the issues of the day, usually found on the mainstream media, now and again a comment will appear on a blog that can also stir us into action. And we do receive many. One posted by John O’Callaghan on the Worse than disrespect post on The AIMN before the election is one that such comment. John wrote, which I have slightly edited:

I remember Bob Hawke when he first became Prime Minister saying that the biggest obstacle that Australians faced is apathy, and when you combine that with a gutless media that panders to their own survival and keeps the general public uninformed and not thinking for themselves, as an example, making sure we’re happy that the majority of funding for education goes to elite private schools to produce future Tony Abbotts, John Howards, George Pells and the like. The Republicans in America have been employing this tactic for years and up to 2008 it was working, but even the Americans are waking up to this right-wing bullshit and have twice voted for Obama and the Democrats but it seems we Australians are a bit slow to recognise that the right-wing are brain washing us to vote against our best interests. Why would any parents with school aged children vote for a party that will take away the school bonus? Why would any parent with a teenager working their first part-time job or low wage full-time job vote for a party that will tax a young person who earns over $6000 as opposed to $18000? Why would a person vote for a party that will force them to spend 5 to 6 thousand dollars to get fibre to their home when they can get it for free? Why? Is there someone out there in cyber land that can answer my questions? I don’t have the answers but is there someone out there who has? I get the feeling from reading the posts from sites like John Lord (The AIMN), Independent Australia, Café Whispers, WixxyLeaks and the like that people are frustrated just like me and want their voices to be listened to. But until we become united as one we will never be heard so I suggest we join forces as a united voice, if you like, something like a union. And don’t forget the Truth Seeker and his brilliant poems and political musings as well. All this talent just going to waste because we are preaching to the converted and we are so smug and empowered by the power of the internet and feel we have done our bit by voicing our opinions, but we have to be pragmatic and realise that our opinions do matter but nobody is listening and unless we get our message out to the general public we are a lost cause. I remind all you good people that when Independent Australia tried to lodge an application for membership of the Canberra Press Gallery, it was rejected by David Speers. I hope that all the independent on-line publications will form a union to fight the good cause for the good of all Australians.

Well, John, I can assure you that we are frustrated too. And that’s why we exist, as do the other sites you have mentioned and many more that haven’t been mentioned.

Yes, we are frustrated. Frustrated at the apathy in this country and frustrated by our gutless media. And from the look of the latest Newspoll, the number of frustrated people just got a whole lot bigger.


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  1. I have a feeling that this is the very reason that the Abbott government has sunk in the polls, and so rapidly. Where is the goodwill that normally occurs with a change of government? And the answer is, there is none because the public is waking up to the fact that not only have they been lied to by Abbott but that the Murdoch media in particular set out on a course of deception – the deception of omission, to deny the Australian public fair analysis of the policies which Abbott took to the election.

  2. Michael, I think most of us who blog or comment regularly on this and other sites are in firm agreement with John’s sentiments. A consortium, a bloc, or whatever you want to call it not only needs to be formed but must be formed! The question of course, is how do we go about it? How do we go about establishing our credentials as a bona-fide alternative and most importantly – united organ to the MSM?
    Anyone have any ideas how we can begin?

  3. Oh yeah there’s lots of frustration around with how things are going and the lack of more vigorous reporting. It’s remarkable Abbott got away with doing a set video but declaring it as making comment to the media.\

    Hopefully the frustration can be channelled into doing what we can to limit the damage and length of time Abbott and his cohort sit on the government benches.

  4. The reason why Abbott has “sunk in the polls” is the orchestrated campaign against him by the left who refuse to respect the choice of the electorate, by the Fairfax press and by some coverage on the ABC and SBS.

    The land mines in the economy, forward estimates and diplomatically, as planted by Rudd and Gillard, are being revealed and for some reason, Abbott is copping the blame for them exploding.

  5. I didn’t vote for this clown,but I do know a lot of people who did.Mostly their reasons are because they did not like Gillard or Rudd.Most of them have now changed their mind and realise how stupid they were.I read all of these sites,but a lot don’t and rely mainly on the MSM for information.
    I don’t know how expensive it would be,but maybe a monthly print publication of the best articles from all these sites would help to get the message through to the masses.It would get lost on newsagent shelves,but if sold at train stations,ferry terminals,bus stops, could be very popular.

  6. “The reason why Abbott has “sunk in the polls” is the orchestrated campaign against him by the left who refuse to respect the choice of the electorate,”

    Oh dear, what a complete & utter load of codswollop…and what did you call the orchestrated campaign against Gillard-then Rudd-by Uncle Rupert & Auntie Gina (via Channel 10 & much of the Fairfax media) JohnB? Oh, & that orchestrated campaign was by the Far Right, who refused to accept the outcome of the 2010 election…but I don’t recall Right Wing tossers like yourself bitching too loudly about that. The *real* reason Abbott has “sunk in the polls” is because the incompetence & untrustworthiness of him & his government is so palpable that even Uncle Rupert can’t protect him. Now, John B, be a good chap & piss off back to Menzies House where you & your fellow Right-tards belong.

  7. “The land mines in the economy, forward estimates and diplomatically”. Oh what a load of complete & utter bunkum, John B. How much does Menzies House pay you to spout this utter bullshit. Diplomatic ties with our neighbours were perfectly fine, but Abbott saw no problems in insulting over half of them-from Opposition-purely for domestic political gain. the economic issues are-likewise-entirely of Abbott’s own making, with his constant flip-flopping & ad hoc approach to the big issues.

  8. Yes John we are indeed frustrated with this pretend government who are doing so much damage to our nation and our reputation. I like the idea of forming some kind of union, and as i was reading the comments, the question raised itself in my mind of why we could not do a voice of Indi online… I mean we who comment on these progressive blogs are a community of mostly like-minded people. Can we somehow use the principles employed in getting a Cathy Gowan selected to goverment as a way of getting our voices heard out in the general public? I can’t see the details of how to set something like this up or how it could be made to work yet but there may be better heads amongst us who might have a greater insight. I do think it is a worthwhile idea to think about.

  9. This really strikes a chord… and so does John B (but not in a nice way…what planet is he from?).
    I think we should start thinking of joining up as John o C suggests and getting seriously active. The frustration of swatting Trolls online perhaps needs to be converted into something a tad more realistic.

  10. I would like to say, I do not feel smug about the time and effort I put into the blogs.

    Yes, many think alike, but the numbers are growing.

    We seem to be slowly hooking up. Do not know whether it is possible to link more formally. Not even sure, there are not downsides to doing so.

    I believe that even though we post on Facebook, many would just go past the articles. I also hope, that having information out on front of people, some might just sink in.

    I think much from the right wing media, sinks in, because it is n their face. Many would not exactly read in detail what is there.

    When it comes to a democracy not too sure, that being frustrated is a bad thing. Keeps one on their toes.

    In this day and age, one of perception.
    We only glanced at so much, at what goes on around us. How many sit down on a regular bases, to watch a TV show. Not many, more likely, the TV is going in the background, while doing other things. You pick up words like Juliar, and she lied. Not must else.

    If there is a union, I have a dream of it being a place where many moderate views can be found. Where there can be debating and questioning. Even a testing of ideas. Not just a left wing site.

    Yes, sometimes I can dream.

  11. If I like a story or comment from a blog I print ten+ copies and leave them ‘around’.
    I look at it as my small way to get around the msmlnp blockade, and their spin, of the truth.
    It eases my frustrations…. and is a bit of a lark. 😀

  12. Why would any parents with school aged children vote for a party that will take away the school bonus? Why would any parent with a teenager working their first part-time job or low wage full-time job vote for a party that will tax a young person who earns over $6000 as opposed to $18000?

    They probably didn’t.

    As for John O’Callaghan’s valid point about “preaching to the converted” I would also add “preaching to the ill-informed”, putting it as politely as I can.

    While we bitch and let off steam trawling through the minutiae of the daily political droppings the Left blogosphere is passing up an opportunity to educate its own in the most critical area of all, economics. It has to come from the blogosphere because it’s not in the text books.

    That’s what I find frustrating.

    Every time Joe Hockey opens his mouth he sprouts utter bullshit but it attracts no criticism or analysis from the MSM or the Left blogosphere because neither understands that it is in fact bullshit. And the more “serious” economic blogs have bigger fish to fry. It is after all a universal problem: the total dominance of neo-liberal ideology.

    I might’ve missed it but I didn’t see a post here on the debt ceiling, a “target rich” area I’d have thought for a left-wing blog.

    I recall some 18 months ago (?) there was a debate here amongst the regulars about how economics would not be a critical issue at the upcoming election.

    The subsequent Debt/Deficit horror play (in which Labor was a passive participant) so terrified normally sensible people that they voted against their best interests and we got a change of government.

    The foundations of the prevailing economic paradigm are hollow (as many non-othodox economists are aware) but it takes some effort to undo all the brainwashing, such as “the government must live within its means”.

    If as little 5 or 10 percent of the electorate could grasp that, we’d never see another conservative government.

    Therein perhaps lies the challenge for left-wing blogs.

  13. There does seem to be a movement,of having many authors on sites. We have Michael with AAIM. The TPS has moved down that track, I think the PUB isin a similar vein. There is some cross fertilization.

    Could there be some type of association among the owners of the blogs, that meet and even site up a site, where the best is presented.

    We need to move away from just day to day politics, to looking at policy and even different ideology and beliefs.

    Looking at history, and even how society works today.

    One must never forget the environment and sciences.

    I believe this is happening now.

  14. “Fed-Up”… my thinking is gravitating toward a sort of impeachment process ( I know we don’t have that legislative mechanism) but something to actively analyse the characters in the processes like the TPP and the abolition of the Carbon Pricing….

  15. Nobody might be listening. I am sure that could be true. Trouble for Abbott, people might be suffering from selective deafness, but they are not blind.

    I do not think they are too happy with how this government is presenting itself to the public. One hears the whine in their voice, and nothing but thrashing Labor, especially Gillard, here and overseas.

    When a new boss takes over, the last thing a worker wants to hear, is how bad the previous one was, even if that is true.

    We know what Labor was about. We do not need to be retold every day.

    If the new boss trashes who went before, how can one trust them, not to turn on you. It is just not done. Not good form for many reasons.

    No, Abbott is doing a good job of bringing himself down. Some of his ministers are ensuring the whole house of cards, built on quicksand collapses.

  16. MJ, you have got me getting it, though I wouldn’t say I have got it ….. but I am getting to got it….. and if you can get me to be getting to got it… then it should be a breeze for others to get to got…….. ya got that MJ.
    …and if not try here 😉

  17. Well, just encourage people to watch QT. The hate that poured out of Pyne today was unbelievable. The incompetence of Hockey was there for all to see.

    es, it is clear, not from McFarlane, but Hockey and Co. The minister responsible is saying one thing. All the others, the opposite. In this case, it is serious.

    GMH has gone.
    It is all carbon tax, and unions.,

    Pyne stood i that Parliament, commented on Thomson, courts cases, every union misdemeanor for the last fifty years. Yes Gillard, the lot. It was a shocking rant, that II though was not accepted in parliament, but it was the hate that oozed out, that got to one.

    According to this Madam Speaker, the PM is not responsible for the actions of his ministers. Not responsible if they are lying. Yes., I am not joking.

    The lower house is going to be completely trashed if there is to be three more years of this.

    Just encourage all to watch.

    Looking at those polls, I suspect people have seen, shocked, are stopping to listen.

  18. I expect most people don’t actually know what the government does to impact on them personally.

    Some people are completely apathetic and simply don’t know, others read the Main Stream media and ares till none the wiser.

    I have considered building a service where people can register to be alerted to policy changes that impact them directly. This would completely circumnavigated the traditional media and provide useful, factual updates that are personalised.

    Ie: You could fill in a registration form indicating your person situation. This would include income range relationship status, number of children, do your kids attend public or private schoolsetc. You would then receive alerts like:

    The Abbott government has just passed legislation that will increase your tax payable by $2,000 next year.


    The Liberal government has proposed to increase the costs of child care by $14 / day for each of your children and increase the maximum size by 25%

    It would take some work to build and would need a pool of contributors to regularly update, but could be useful in waking people up to how much they’re getting a raw deal.

  19. Lovo and MJ: I’m in complete agreement with your comments, and a firm admirer/follower of Bill Mitchell who has been championing MMT for many a long year but as you both point out, the problem is getting the message out in the face of an all pervasive brain-wash about neo-liberal economics so that as writer David Simon put it, ‘even intelligent people now accept it.’ What is needed is a cohesive group/organization push to get the message across. We all sit in front of the greatest communication device known to Man, yet somehow I feel that we have not yet harnessed its power to the fullest extent in the political sense. Fortunately, the Abbott government doesn’t seem to understand or seemingly underestimates it and this presently is to our great advantage but it may not last long. Carpe Diem, ‘Don’t mourn – organize’ (Joe Hill) Let us all turn to how we can organize and I know that its a cliche but ‘In unity there is strength.’ I’m open to any suggestions, and willing to contribute time, effort, (I cant offer money, I don’t have any), and any articles that might kick this off.

  20. @Fed Up

    You might want to look at the Newslock Beta ( that is doing exactly what you suggest. It has almost 100 Australian independent news websites, with the top stories decided by votes, twitter retweets and Facebook likes.

    It’s experimental at this stage.

  21. MJ & edward eastwood – I’d like to see both of you taking the MMT message to the AIMN – there’s a greater range of people there who just might listen to those with a deeper understanding of economics.

    I find myself quickly out of my depth, having no formal economics education and having only relatively recently discovered (thanks to MJ) the logic of MMT.

    Here are a couple of recent topics where your more informed input would be invaluable:
    Mr Hockey, if you want to save some money well here’s a thought . . .
    Dark days ahead

  22. Bacchus: Thanks for the compliment, however like yourself I have no formal economics training and quickly become out of my depth, but also like yourself I can see the sense in it and more importantly, I can see the sense in creating a ‘Job Guarantee’ inherent in its premises. The real challenge is to either, a) form a political movement with MMT as one of its central planks – lotsa work in that or, b) convince an existing party to adopt it as a central policy platform – perhaps a bit easier. However, as one of Bill’s acolytes Victor Quirk, pointed out to me recently, neither the Greens or the ALP seem interested despite the fact that it’s a sure bet as a vote winner. In the present climate of economic theory, it’s a bit like being Galileo or Copernicus arguing the earth was round not flat.
    That said, it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop espousing the virtues of MMT to my limited understanding. In the meantime, as my specialty is International Relations, I’ll try to weave it into blogs – once again, thanks for the compliment.
    Over to you, Mangrove Jack…

  23. Will someone please point out to Sussan Ley, the workers she is referring to, already have university degrees in childcare.

    The Labor government were very aware, that it would ot cover all, but this was a beginning, to be extended when economy allowed.

    There is already a case before FWA. Where the money comes from to paid them, if successful I wonder.

    Already paid nowhere near what most others with similar qualifications get.

    I suspect the so called professional training is not for these workers.

    I suspect, that they have some way out plan, to be bring in workers. with no qualifications, and train them to do the work of the experts now.

    Why is she not waiting for the productivity investigations, due next year.

  24. Fu,

    Child care employees come in three levels of qualifications:
    * Certificate 4 – works as assistant (this is the $19 per hour level)
    * Diploma – works as group leader or director > 50% of staff must be qualified at this level or higher (or be working towards qualification).
    * Degree – works as teacher or director. There are minimum requirements for hours of degree qualified staff, depending on the number of children cared for by the centre.

    If a centre meets the National Qualifications Framework, they could apply for funding for staff costs under the Early Years Quality Fund. The idea was to encourage more centres to meet or exceed the NQF requirements… (

  25. In terms of ongoing training, all childcare staff must renew their senior first aid certificate regularly (yearly I think), and undergo ongoing training in various aspects of childcare. These are usually held after hours once every couple of months…

    I wonder do the Liberals even have a plan yet for where they want to go with this? 🙄

  26. Quick comment en passant…will get back later (hey, great to have some back-up!)

    I also have no qualifications in economics but when it comes to MMT that could be a distinct advantage:

    The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds.

    Guess who ?

  27. Yes, great at trashing. Have not seen any talent for anything else/

    Over one hundred world leaders at that memorial service. Many have wives.

    Have been there over one hour, and has not begun. Said to last up till five hours.

  28. Yes, one does get frustrated with a government that cannot identify the problems, and has Ono internist in doing so.

    ……..Those likely to benefit from the taxpayer largesse include brown coal power plants; Environment Minister Greg Hunt has just hired a brown coal lobbyist as a key advisor. The government is also handing the fossil fuel sector a huge fillip by abolishing the carbon tax, reviewing the Renewable Energy Target and axing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, a renewables-friendly investment body.

    Green industries like the clean technology sector are a huge and growing part of the economies of our competitors and trade partners. In fact, the world leaders in green industries are in Europe and China. Australia lags well behind in these industries of the future. But the Abbott government will only make matters worse.

    In recent Senate Estimates’ testimony, the CEFC told the government it is on track to finance growth in clean tech and renewables, while reducing emissions, all while returning a profit to the taxpayer. That’s the sort of industry policy anyone could support.

    Well, anyone but the Coalition, that is…

  29. Ley intends to fund something that is already in place.

    I don’t think Ley knows what she’s doing Fu 😉

    And a correction to my earlier post – should be Certificate 3, not Certificate 4 for Childcare Assistant…

  30. I do not think any does. I canot understand the need to change the number of legislation they are.

    Seems to be driven by, all that Labor did was bad therefor has to go.

    They are having white papers and productivity on everything, but not waiting foe thr results.

    That childcare one today, is about nothing but dredging up anything, changing it, so they have the opportunity to trash Labor.

    While all this is going on, they are not dealing with any of the real problems that need addressing. There are many.

  31. Now repeat after me; ‘It’s all Labor’s fault, it’s all Labor’s fault, we can’t do anything because it’s all Labor’s fault..’ Are we all on the same page now? Good! Ms. Credlin’s class will continue after the break…

  32. They are having white papers and productivity on everything, but not waiting foe the results.

    Barnaby Joyce came out and announced a White Paper on Australia’s food production future and to double our production by 2050. He sounded very impressive as he went on about a scoping study, then a Green Paper and then the White Paper, explaining what each was to the reporters as if they were idiots.

    Then one reporter asked why Joyce was putting out another White Paper when there was a comprehensive one put out previously and had done what Joyce said he was going to do.

    Joyce fumbled around the answer as he always does and basically didn’t answer it, but the gist was this was his White Paper, so made it far more important than any that had previously done exactly the same thing.

    This is more of this government erasing the past and putting their own stamp on everything, no matter that their stamp is screwing things up, incurring unnecessary costs for no or little achievement, and in some cases doing long term or irreparable damage.

    They were an unbelievably lazy opposition and now they are an unbelievably lazy government, either dismantling things and exchanging them for simple dumb replacements or removing them and exchanging them with the same thing rebadged as their own.

  33. On the subject of how to promote a wider understanding of Modern Monetary Theory, my first thought is that there are already dozens and dozens of sites, some backed by highly credible academics (Mitchell, Kelton, Wray etc) and others created by enthusiastic proselytes.

    Social Democracy for the 21st Century: A Post-Keynesian Perspective

    So is there any point re-inventing the wheel ?

    Despite the phenomenal instant interconnectivity of the net, blogsites seem to develop tribal loyalties and followers may not stray too far from the familiar. I think I’ve been reading CafeWhispers and its earlier manifestations for maybe 10 years.

    Somewhere during that period however I’ve strayed and came across Bill Mitchell’s work and quickly got obsessed, becoming determined to inject what I’d learned into my CW activities in the hope of recruiting others to the cause.

    Whilst the descriptive side of MMT is non-political, it quickly becomes obvious that public purpose, the undisputed milieu of the left side of politics, suffers when government is handcuffed and shackled by the imaginary chains of neo-liberal ideology.

    The Right will never want to get to understand MMT because it’s antithetical to its self-interest. The Left however must get its head around the MMT’s seeming paradoxes and counter-intuitive prescriptions with nothing less than revolutionary fervour. Yes Edward, Joe Hill indeed !

    We can wait for the political cycle to crank over and give us another “leftish” government, but even the Labor party needs to be snapped out of its “fiscal rectitude” bullshit. The most dispiriting aspect of the last election for me was watching Labor and the coalition on a “unity ticket” regarding economic policy, both spruiking the urgent need to get “back in the black”.

    So what to do ?

    There’s obviously a developing interest in MMT amongst the patrons here at CW so maybe it’s time to ask Michael for a permanent spot up there with Cafe Talk and Media Watch where those who are interested could post their thoughts and ask questions about MMT.

    It would be a good place to put on record and analyse the rants of Hockey, Cormann, Robb, Joyce etc (gosh, so many) because ridicule is going to be our best weapon.

    This could never be a substitute for Bill Mitchell’s and the academic blogs, but it might just be a bit more accessible for those who are just curious. Bill has at times expressed his frustration with bloggers pushing their own versions of MMT and creating confusion but if we stick close to the script we shouldn’t fall into that trap.

    Over to you, Michael.

  34. This graph seems to show, that Abbott has had no honey moon from day one.

    The Financial Review’s Poll of Polls shows the strong shift in voter support towards federal Labor since the September 7 election.

    ……….The Abbott government’s extraordinary collapse in public support has been confirmed in the latest Newspoll, which puts Labor well ahead on a two-party basis and shows the Coalition has lost its carbon tax advantage.

    The Newspoll, published in The Australian on Tuesday, finds the Coalition’s election-winning margin has been erased in just three months, with Labor now leading the two-party preferred vote with 52 per cent compared with the Abbott government’s 48 per cent.

    The poll result confirms an Australian Financial Review/Nielsen poll, published two weeks ago, which was the first since the election to show that voters had dramatically shifted allegiance away from the Coalition, despite the party’s landslide win on September 7.

    This translates into a 5.5 per cent swing against the government since the country voted, a shift strongly represented in the Financial Review’s Poll of Polls.

    The Newspoll, whose two-party preferred figure is based on preference flow at this year’s election, also found the Coalition’s primary vote had fallen by three percentage points to 40 per cent, while Labor’s had risen by the same amount to 38 per cent.

    The Greens’ primary vote was measured at 9 per cent, up from 8.7 per cent at the election, while “others” polled 13 per cent, up from 12.4 per cent in September.

    The result is the Coalition’s lowest primary vote polling since then-Opposition Leader Tony Abbott launched his devastating campaign against Labor’s carbon tax in early 2011.

    The Coalition won the election with 46.5 per cent of the primary vote compared with Labor’s 33.3 per cent..

  35. I love the assumption of Sussan Ley, yesterday, that contact of child care workers with the union, is naturally bad for them.

    I wonder why this is seen as so, especially when the same union is mounting a case for wage rises and justice for them at FWA.

    Any worker has the right to reject any approach the union makes.

    I also fail to see, how a fund to top up wages in the sector, so not to put the responsibility on the parents, could be seen as union slush fund.

    These workers are professionals, and I think would be able to make uo their own mind, whether the union is for them or not.

    Yes, it is only targeted to a small sector, those with qualifications, not being adequately paid. It seems the cleaners earn more than them. Yes, it is not enough. That was acknowledged at the time. It was only ever seen, as a beginning.

    I wonder where Sussan Ley thinks the money is coming from, when FWA gives their judgment. Would be hard to imagine, that rises will not be granted.
    Yes, the lady, if one can call her that, should be looking at ways to add t this pool, not diverting money elsewhere.

    By the way, there is already funds for professional training and development.

    Conroy giving them hell at the hearing now occurring. Accusing Turnbull as lying about a document seen in papers a fortnight ago. Talking about Quigley’s report.

  36. It looks like, Turnbull is asking that big changes be made with the report, of the review, the Board is now doing.

    Interesting answers at this hearing,

  37. I was reading FU’s link to the Huffington Post (other thread) on the hypocrisy of some world leaders and Nelson Mandela.

    While there I looked up an article on Modern Monetary Theory I’d read some time back when MMT and the Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman were butting heads.

    Krugman Taken to the Modern Money Cleaners

    It’s a quick backgrounding on where MMT has come from that might be of interest to newcomers.

  38. I wonder where Sussan Ley thinks the money is coming from, when FWA gives their judgment. Would be hard to imagine, that rises will not be granted.

    Yes, the lady, if one can call her that, should be looking at ways to add t this pool, not diverting money elsewhere.

    This is exactly why an understanding of MMT helps one keep a clear mind on what’s really important here. It’s (almost) never the money because the government is not financially constrained, a concept that is at the very core of MMT.

    That’s not to say it can spend willy-nilly. What it does mean is that the government can always afford to pay for whatever goods or services are offered for sale by the private sector with the proviso that the capacity constraints of that sector are not over-stretched. That might cause inflation.

    Right now a bit more more inflation would not even trouble the RBA. It might even welcome it. But we’re a long way from that scenario with around 1 million workers either unemployed or under-employed.

    But by bullshitting the public this is a funding issue (“Labor left the country broke”) they can convince a lot of people that we can’t afford to pay the childcare workers a fair wage.

    I haven’t been following the issue but is that the line they’re running ?

  39. Mangrove Jack; Thanks, it is nice to know that there are others out there and that they feel the same way. I am in full agreement with your observations concerning Bill Mitchell and his frustrations at being mis-understood and mis-represented, and I’m in full agreement with you about the need to bring MMT in an accurate yet simple to understand format. The other salient point which you make concerning leftish bloggers is that they tend to be clannish is absolutely correct and this is possibly the biggest impediment to a greater cohesion of the like minded. Everybody wants people to read their blog but in the main there are few who want to refer their readers to other blogs apart from listing them on their blog roll. This is one of the things that must be overcome (We Shall Overcome!) if we Lefty’s are to be united on a broader scale.
    Michael, I hate to use a cliche from a movie but if you build it, we will come!
    ps MJ, loved the quote from ‘Big John’, his insights are as relevant today as they were in the 30s.
    pps. If you would like to post your blog site address, then I can make comment in which case my e-mail address will appear and you’re more than welcome to correspond with me to see how we can get this rolling. Vice-versa also applies
    Edward (Waiting for Lefty) Eastwood.

  40. Does anyone believe this government, that is focused on revenge and vindictiveness, is capable of dealing with today’s needs.

    .And a man of toughness. ”Nations get made the hard way; nation building is a hard caper.” – ”You’ve got to elbow your way through.” – ”In the end, if you want to get the changes through you’ve got to hold your nerve and squeeze the system.”
    Does that sound like any present politician? Last week Hockey said he had an ”economic plan” focused on building economic growth. Great. At last. What is it?
    ”It is focused on getting rid of inhibitive taxes and inhibitive regulation that undermines our capacity to be at our best. We need to speed up the Australian economy and … if we repeal the carbon tax, it will add to economic growth … when we get rid of the mining tax it sends a clear message to the world that we need mining investment.”
    Really? That’s the best you’ve got – to undo the reforms of the previous government? To move to a less economically efficient instrument against climate change and undercharge mainly foreign-owned mining companies for their appropriation of our non-renewable resources? That will balance the budget? That’s what will lift productivity? Seriously?
    According to Abbott last week, ”the challenge is always the same: to build the strongest possible economy with lower taxes and less red tape leading to higher productivity and stronger economic growth … my business – the business of government – should be making it easier for you to do your business”.
    Really? Easy as that, eh? No need for courage or toughness. No need to do anything that won’t win a vote o.

    Read more:

    Conroy still going hard at senate hearings on NBNCo.

  41. MJ, I agree with you. I was just commenting on Ley’s excuses for her actions. Even if you went along with the cry of no money available, she does not make sense.

  42. “one confidence. The hate is there for all to see.”

    One picture is worth a thousand words.

    When will we be rid of this ‘ Babbling Baboon? ‘

  43. Does Hockey know what he is up to. Suspect their agenda is more, kill unions, than saying manufacturing in this country,

    …….oosting productivity and getting costs down.

    Unions say the agreement must come with a new commitment from Toyota that it is in Australia for the long-term and guaranteed support from the federal government.

    Mr Hockey said the car industry workforce needed to be more ‘flexible’.

    Asked what sorts of things should be done, Mr Hockey said: ‘You can have different work shifts, you can get rid of union picnic days and various other things.’

    ‘They want to be more competitive but everyone needs to work together to make that happen, including the unions.’

    The government says it is awaiting for a report from the Productivity Commission into the car industry, due in March 2014, before making any new policy decision.

    Labor frontbencher Tony Burke said this contradicted Mr Hockey’s call for Holden to immediately come clean on its future.

    ‘It’s no won..

  44. All the worker has to do.

    Asked what sorts of things should be done, Mr Hockey said: ‘You can have different work shifts, you can get rid of union picnic days and various other things.’

    Following on from previous comment.

  45. Mr. Turnbull. Mr. Conroy is doing a good job of showing your experts up.

    The rudeness of Bishop, is well on display today. QT

    Tomorrow we will see the truth about the NBN. After following the senate hearings today, one should have little faith in whatever they reveal

    Now, this speaker seems to believe, it matters not, who questions are directed too. Anyone can answer, even switching from one to another, during the answer.

  46. I just started blogging, in part due to my own frustration. I live in America, and while the details may differ, the generalities are similar. The constriction of mass media has affected us worldwide and I believe one of our only hopes is to unite via the internet to provide a viable marketplace of ideas. I am disgusted by the lack of newsworthy topics, the flood of pure distraction into the news while the issues that are changing our world are either marginalized or buried entirely. It gives me hope to see blogs such as this one! Thank you.

  47. You’re a brave lady Rachel. The NSA is probably sifting the contents of your trash bin looking for left-wing (“socialist” in your country) tracts as we speak. Don’t answer the door-bell.

    Personally, I look to the USA and see the dystopian future neo-liberal ideology has planned for us.

    Ross Sharp referred to “Dear Hunting with Jesus”. Perhaps you know it. It seeks to explain why poor working people in the US support an ideology that is killing them. Things are not that bad here yet, but the triumph of media influence and right-wing ideology after our last election is not a happy portent.

    “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America” is another book in similar vein. Until I read Barbara Ehrenreich’s book I thought slavery ended in 1865. I’m thinking now that the slaves might’ve had the better end of the deal.

    It’s good you take comfort from the burgeoning of progressive blogs but “where do we go from here?” is something some of us are asking.

    Some of us are talking about the need to promote a better understanding of “Modern Monetary Theory”, the antidote to neo-liberal economics. MMT is a joint undertaking of Australian and American economic thinking, increasingly described as “an internet phenomenon”.

    Debt, Deficits, and Modern Monetary Theory

    An understanding of MMT gives you the intellectual weaponry to blow Right-wing zealots out of the water when they chant the virtues of austerity, but it takes a bit of effort to clear your head of all the orthodox nonsense you might’ve been taught before you begin to “get it” (as Lovo amusingly put it above).

    Here’s a link to the transcript and podcast of a really great interview with one of your own academics, Professor Stephanie Kelton on Harry Shearer’s “Le Show” a while back that will lift your spirits.

  48. Mangrove Jack, what an excellent article that is, the Stephanie Kelton interview. Not sure if i understood all the details of it but certainly got the gist of it. Thanks for sharing. It gives a totally different perspective on debts and deficits. It should be compulsory reading for politicians and economists alike. Probably not much chance of that with the current lot of Liebrals as it seems they do not actually read anything of value.

  49. Thanks hilderombout.

    I love the “theatre” of the actual audio, the podcast.

    The “Liebrals” would hate it if “ordinary” people started listening to such heresy.

    If more people understood this it would consign most of the conservative platform to firewood.

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