Who is Peta Credlin?

I’ve asked the question, but I’m sorry if you came here looking for the answer. I can’t give it to you.

We all know that she’s Chief of Staff to Tony Abbott and we all know the power she wields. She is in the news, almost daily, and it usually revolves around some form of use of this power.

So, out of interest, I thought I’d like to learn more about this powerful woman. The first thing one usually does in their learning quest is turn to Wikipedia. Even if the content is questionable, at least it’s the only place on the Internet that will have an entry about everybody or everything. You name it; it’ll be there.

But not so with Pete Credlin. Australia’s most powerful woman doesn’t rate an entry. Her husband Brian Loughnane does. His entry says he is married to Peta Credlin.

Her absence from Wikipedia can only be put down to one of two reasons. Firstly, she isn’t a person of interest or importance. Secondly, she is a person of interest but somebody has made the decision that all information about her is not to be made public. I tend to go with the latter. It fits in with the new Government’s fanaticism with secrecy and censorship.

What do you think?

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  1. This is the woman who is the headmistress of the Liberal Private boys school. She is probably on the payroll of Murdoch and Gina to control the School captain and head boys. She wears leather, killer heels and wields a whip. Oh oh the federal police will be around soon as I have been blocked from the libs page and Tonys page and threatened with expulsion from facebook for talking planting facts on their pages. that means they could be near point two of Hitler’s 7 point plan to a dictatorship.

  2. I’m sure you’re right! – anyone with an expression like that is bound not to want to be known about. In fact, you might say it’s the photo of a person being surveilled who doesn’t want to be and is grimacing as a result. At least I think that’s why …

  3. There’s a recurring pattern of weak men backgrounding the media in order to undermine female leaders. Gutless Labor men undermined PM Gillard in the same way Credlin is being now. Given Loughnane’s role as Federal Director, why is his influence never mentioned.



  4. She, is … Ta, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the “FACELESS-WOMAN- of-the LOONY-LIARBRIL-RIGHT.”
    Bow down all you minions! Peta “Bloody-Idiot” Credlin is going to tell you where to go.

  5. Loughnane is married to Peta Credlin, the Chief of Staff for Tony Abbott, the current Prime Minister of Australia. They married in December 2002 after the 2001 federal election where they worked together in the Victorian office of the Liberal Party in a move engineered by Senator Kay Patterson (Source Wiki)……
    Did Patterson “engineer” the marriage? These Liarbrils.. .. odd, odd,..odd.

  6. Peta Credlin is a personally powerful woman:

    Tony Abbott routinely refers to her as ‘the boss’ – “What does the boss think?” Abbott also calls her “the force majeure” Tony’s wife Margie Abbott says: “I’m scared of her” she’s an alpha female Credlin describes herself as “the Queen of No” a control freak – “She controls absolutely everything” Peta ‘full back’ Credln at school she used to take the teacher to task – she seemed to know more than everyone else very good at assimilating information and turning it to strategic advantage oodles of ‘erotic capital’ the ‘princess of process’ runs through all the invitations with a red pen Coalition staff live in fear.
    Source: http://www.transitionthegrove.org.au/index.php/component/kunena/federal/3755-giraffe-in-the-room-tony-abbott-s-chief-of-staff-peta-credlin?Itemid=0

  7. Chief of staff to 3 Liberal leaders, Nelson, Turnbull and Abbott. It seems that Tony “inherited” her, but there was no mention of Peta The Power-tripper until around 2011.

  8. I remember her at Newman College at Melbourne University…she seemed pretty boring and mainstream to me. Anybody who has to keep that kind of muzzle on a whole political party, obviously understands she hasn’t got much to work with and that the whole thing could fall apart pretty easily. I mean she sends Abbott on the 7.30 report with an earpiece? How is that anything other than cowardice?

  9. When do you get back to the office Michael? I see FU is still doing your blogs. Don’t know much about Credlin but she seems to do her job very well judging by Abbotts success. She is the opposite to Gillard it seems. Gets down to doing the job and getting results rather than just yapping about it and under delivering.
    A future PM?
    How did Shorten get himself into the position of. Defending socialism of the Corporate Sector. Surely he saw that one coming.
    Is is just coincidence that the most unionised industries are the first to go under? Motor Vehicles manufacture and Airlines are international products that have to compete on the world stage. Unions in your saddlebags just make it more difficult to compete. …. Don’t start me in the Carbon Tax….
    Back in land

  10. Tweed since you went on so much about Gillard’s lie that wasn’t one why aren’t you hoeing into Credlin who has told some real porkies. Oh that’s right you are a hypocrite like most of the right.


    Credlin leads Abbott blindly follows, which makes a mockery of the right wingers contention of Abbott being a strong leader.

    Thick as thieves screwing Australia:

    And this sums it up, Credlin cheating for Abbott, who needs to be led every step of the way.

  11. ‘Who’s Who Aus.’ (accessed 8 Dec 2013) – summary
    Full name Peta-Louise Credlin, b. 23 Mar 1971, Wycheproof Vic, to Brenda Mary Barry and Lenard John Credlin. Gender Female (!)
    Educ.: Sacred Heart Coll., Geelong, Newman Coll. Univ. Melb., ANU [LLB (Melb.), GradDipLegalPrac (ANU)].
    Career: COS to the Fed. Ldr of the Opposition The Hon. Tony Abbott 2009-13, Dep. COS to Fed. Ldr of the Opposition The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull 2008-09, Snr Advr to Fed. Ldr of the Opposition The Hon. Dr Brendan Nelson 2007-08, COS to Fed. Minr for Communications IT and the Arts Sen. the Hon. Helen Coonan 2006-07, Snr Advr to Fed. Minr for Def. The Hon. Robert Hill 2005-06, Dir Pub. Affairs Communications and Publishing Racing Vic. Ltd (RVL) 2002-05, Advr to Fed. Minr for Communications IT and the Arts The Hon. Richard Alston 2001-02, Electorate Off. to Parlty Sec. to Minr for Foreign Affairs and Minr for Immigration The Hon. Dr Kay Patterson 1998-2001; admitted to Prac. Supreme Crt Vic. 2009
    Voluntary: Memb. Newman Coll. Old Collegians Exec. Assn since 2012, Dir Goodcompany Foundn Inc. 2005-08, Bd Memb. Aust. Racing Museum 2002-05, Aust. Racing Hall of Fame 2002-05, Memb. Aust. Asia Young Ldrs Program Delegation (Japan) 2000, Philip C Jessup Internat. Law Moot Team Univ. Melb. 1995
    Awards: Recipient ACT Law Socy Prize 2009, Official Visit to UK Distinguished Vstrs Programme UK Foreign Office 2006, John Madden Exhibition Univ. Melb. 1995, Rotary Exchange Student 1988
    Clubs: VRC, Lib. Party Aust., Sacred Heart Coll. Old Collegians, Newman Coll. Old Collegians
    Contact: peta.credlin@aph.gov.au
    Office of the Prime Minister PO Box 6022, House of Representatives, Parliament House,
    Canberra ACT 2600

  12. When anyone associated with the Coalition is doing a good job they get under
    the skin of CWs . Seems Peta C is not only doing that but also getting shafted
    for simply being a woman.
    Not even CWs have learnt from the abysmal treatment of Julia Gillard , if you
    don’t believe me read ‘The Stalking of Julia Gillard’ . It is a shocking but honest account of the continuing dysfunction of the Labor Party and the penalty for
    being born a Woman. This mentality must change.

  13. Voyager talking about someone getting shafted for being a woman! Sorry, but that’s laughable. Actually, he’s laughable.

  14. I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about. Don’t know who this woman is blah, blah blah. it’s very easy to se who this woman is. SHE is Australia’s real Prime Minister. She controls everything that wingnut Tony does and says. haven’t you noticed the earpiece that seems glued to the side of his head of late? watch the way he walks, it’s kind of a strut. he walks that way because the real master, Peta has her hand and arm that far up his freckle that that lump in his throat is her thumb.

  15. I believe at one time there was a very short entry, but was taken down.

    Abbott praised her this week, saying her and the husband are responsible for his win.

    Trouble is, she did not stand for election.

    I wonder, will she go to SA this week to hand Abbott’s hand. Maybe she will stay behind this time, to keep the troops in line, while Parliament sits.

    ..In the past week, much has been made of the ”control freakery” of the Prime Minister’s office. Dozens of petty snubs – a minister’s preferred candidate for a political adviser’s job vetoed here, a proposed media event nixed there – gather a collective momentum until the oppressed begin an audible moaning campaign.
    (Curiously, the centralisation of power in Kevin Rudd’s office was always blamed on Kevin Rudd. But in the Abbott government it’s blamed squarely on his chief of staff, Peta Credlin, of whom the words ”obsessive” and ”freak” are used, though one suspects that were she a man, the words ”powerful” and ”exacting” might be substituted. As Marlo Thomas wrote: ”A man has to be Joe McCarthy in order to be called ruthless. All a woman needs to do is put you on hold.”)
    These are the sorts of tensions that can dictate – once they’ve set hard – the shape of a government. And when you see how deeply held these petty offences can be, then the achievement of Mandela – who managed to move on not from the disappointment of being yelled at, or not being invited to sit at the top table, or getting the wrong portfolio, but from a savagely unjust and discriminatory regime plus nearly three decades in prison – is all the more extraordinary…..

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/lessons-to-be-learnt-at-passing-of-a-great-leader-20131207-2yxzt.html#ixzz2muZ9ijSB

  16. It is true, that only Abbott and Credlin were present, when Abbott met all the Department secretaries, when the government was first installed?

    Is that the norm? Could it be, that neither trust no one, including their ministers.

  17. I am really worried that one of our visitors seem to be obsessed with me. Cannot think why? I must get under his skin,

  18. Our visitors defending a woman, that is one for the books.

    Yes, rescinding that toxic tax does not seem to be saving any jobs. I wonder why.

    The truth is, it is not us criticizing the alleged lady.

    It appears to be ministers and others in the Coalition government that are screaming.

    We are just repeating what is being said.

  19. Lee, are you sure, it is not house mother, of the lower school.

    I am always surprised, that our visitors generally all turn up at the same time.

  20. Tweed: “She is the opposite to Gillard it seems. Gets down to doing the job rather than just yapping about it.” One big difference mate, Gillard was an elected politician, Credlin is unelected party apparatchik. So who’s really running the government? Those elected politicians in Parliament and Cabinet or an unelected

  21. It’s something else that Labor is constantly labelled “socialist” or “communist” as a derogatory yet this Abbott government is far closer to actually being socialist and communist in its structure, policies and actions.

  22. The official register of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions will reveal that in the financial year before the carbon tax was introduced Australia produced 546.2 million tonnes of emissions. After the carbon tax was introduced, the emissions dropped to just 545.9 million tonnes. These figures do not include fuels and refrigerants.

    Well done Juliar, well done labour.

  23. Roswell:

    Voyager talking about someone getting shafted for being a woman! Sorry, but that’s laughable. Actually, he’s laughable.

    I assume it’s some manifestation of Right-Wing Projection.

    Right wingers just can’t seem to avoid projecting descriptions of their own side’s conduct onto their opponents.

    See none of the wingnuts have addressed the Credlin topic without (also) talking about Labor.

    Their own side is indefensible.

  24. This might show some light on how those on the other side of the fence think. Yes, they could even believe their own spin.


    It is a fallacy that Gillard did not deliver. Look how hard it is for Abbott to erase all that she achieved.

    The party might have been in continuous turmoil, but it was a productive and well run government. One of reform for the future.

    One could say, Gillard’s problem was not that she talked and not acted, but she forgot to sell what she did. I think she might have had a silly idea, that results would sell themselves. She should have done a lot more talking, as well as doing.

  25. Tweed Look at the Mayhem Created by Tony Abbott and His ship of Fools, Peta cretin deserves all the Uncomplimentary comments as does Abbott, Just over three months in the FAR to hard Job Foreign Affairs Total disaster Creating Trouble where there was none, Gonski from conski to Longonski via Pyneoccio and Sovereign Borders Invaded by 27 Terrorists seeking Asylum help ,They managed to Penetrate our ring of steel, The Government Has lost all credibility with all this Need to know mentality, we’ll decided what to tell you, Who thought of this Brilliant Idea, “We have a mandate and the People will believe and Accept anything we say and do” How long will they persist with this Nonsense ? Their credibility is shot never to return once found about lying you can never be trusted again, Longongski Via Pyneoccio via Cretin is a Perfect example of the lying 4 different positions in a week is a Memorable stuff up in any ones Language,

  26. Lay off Tony Abbott’s adviser Peta Credlin, says Senator Mathias Cormann

    ……..Senior Coalition minister Mathias Cormann has urged unnamed colleagues to “back off” from making attacks on Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief of staff Peta Credlin in the media.
    ”The people that are briefing [the media] are disgruntled people,” Senator Cormann said on Sunday.
    The West Australian senator said Coalition MPs should be thanking Ms Credlin for the central role she played in getting them into power, rather than resorting to cowardly and anonymous attacks in the media, he said.
    “[The] people that are out there briefing against her in the shadows should just back off,” he said.

    Fairfax Media has been told that Immigration Minister Scott Morrison was chided by Ms Credlin as they left a cabinet meeting last month.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/lay-off-tony-abbotts-adviser-peta-credlin-says-senator-mathias-cormann-20131208-2yzgw.html#ixzz2mvHmsQln

    Yes, it is unfair to pick on the present government. It is wrong to think, one can treat them, the same as they treated the previous government.One cannot have that, can one.

    It is a shame though, that Abbott and I suspect Credlin believes that winning the election, gives one the mandate, to have every promise they made, even if one has difficulty working out what they were, rubber stamped by those on the Opposition benches.

    A right that no PM has had in the last 113 years of Federation.

    The mandate is to form government. Nothing more, nothing less. Mr. Abbott like all others, will find that politics is the art of the possible. Yes, he still has to garner the numbers on the floor of both houses, as the Constitution demands.

    The value of each MP is the same, whether in the government or Opposition.

    Yes, I do find this government, which I see as legitimate, is very thin skinned. A fragile lot, is the government we now have.

    Like all bullies, can dish it out, but go to water when on the receiving end.

  27. 94 days since the election. 83 days since the government visited the GG.

    By the way is our head of sate going to Africa, or just Abbott.

    Why did Abbott not take Hawke and Fraser along?

    Yes, Abbott is correct. Back in those days, there was bipartisanship when if cones to apartheid.

    Not too sure, that Abbott would have been o the side on Fraser back then.

    The same as he is not on the same wave link as Fraser, when it comes to asylum seekers and boats.

  28. What a nice mess, they are getting us into. Yes, it does cost to roll the bulldozer through all that legislation that Gillard managed to achieve.

    ………The budget update to be unveiled next week will forecast a deficit of about $40 billion and a peak in debt of more than $400 billion.
    People can dance their jig of joy all they like, but Australia is the loser.

    The figures are well above the forecasts of $30 billion and $370 billion in the Treasury’s pre-election budget update released four months ago.
    Most of the deterioration has been driven by the government, and the Senate, rather than changed economic circumstances.

    The biggest driver is the government’s decision to top up the Reserve Bank reserve fund, which will add $8.8 billion to the deficit.
    The decision not to proceed with Labor’s tightening of the fringe benefits tax on employer-provided cars will cost $1.8 billion over four years. The decision not to more heavily tax high superannuation earnings will cost $300 million. The decision to retain generous tax concessions for self education will cost $270 million.
    The budget will face unknown costs as a result of the government’s decision to delay $5.2 billion of public service cuts and the decision of the Senate to delay a vote on the mining tax repeal bill, which also repeals $13 billion of associated spending on measures including the schoolkids’ bonus and the low income super contribution.
    Labor’s surprise decision to use the Senate to block spending cuts for higher education that it had previously proposed will cost $2.3 billion.
    ”It looks like something the last opposition did to the last government, blocking something it shouldn’t,” Deloitte Access director Chris Richardson said. ”People can dance their jig of joy all they like, but Australia is the loser. Our biggest problem is never the government, it tends to be the opposition.”
    The measures will add to government debt, which will pass $400 billion rather than the $370 billion forecast during the election…

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/debt-blowout-budget-deficit-forecast-to-hit-40b-peak-20131208-2yzh3.html#ixzz2mvRA08UF

  29. So Wikipedia is in on the conspiracy to hide details about Credlin ?

    You know you can edit Wikipedia and create your own entry, just don’t mention the NWO Zionist connection too much otherwise they’ll be on to you.

    As for the “furtive” looks in the photos, well if you spend enough time taking photos, you’re going to get an unflattering shot to use to back up your hate filled rants.

  30. Abbott has a plan. Like Gittins. I would too, love to be let in on the secret.

    .But no leader of this country since John Curtin has more cause for self-congratulation than Keating. No leader is without character failings and Keating’s were outweighed by his contribution.
    If Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey want their chapter in Australia’s economic history to be half as glorious as Keating’s there’s much they could learn from him, starting with his clear sense of purpose. ”I had to make sure this slothful, locked-up place finally became an open, competitive economy.”
    His vision was of ”an efficient, competitive, open, cosmopolitan republic, integrating itself with the Asian region”.
    ”To do what’s right and good gives you the surge. Without the surge, what are you? You’re just mucking around with tricky press statements, appearances and ‘doorstops’.” – ”You make the political strategy around good policy rather than around trickery.”
    Keating was a man of courage. ”I always believed in burning up the government’s political capital, not being Mr Safe Guy.” – ”You’re nobody until you attract a good set of enemies.” – ”If you run hard enough and fast enough for a great change you’ll get it.” – ”Statecraft and nation building are about taking the risks and moving the country on.”
    And a man of toughness. ”Nations get made the hard way; nation building is a hard caper.” – ”You’ve got to elbow your way through.” – ”In the end, if you want to get the changes through you’ve got to hold your nerve and squeeze the system.”
    Does that sound like any present politician? Last week Hockey said he had an ”economic plan” focused on building economic growth. Great. At last. What is it?
    ”It is focused on getting rid of inhibitive taxes and inhibitive regulation that undermines our capacity to be at our best. We need to speed up the Australian economy and … if we repeal the carbon tax, it will add to economic growth … when we get rid of the mining tax it sends a clear message to the world that we need mining investment.”
    Really? That’s the best you’ve got – to undo the reforms of the previous government? To move to a less economically efficient instrument against climate change and undercharge mainly foreign-owned mining companies for their appropriation of our non-renewable resources? That will balance the budget? That’s what will lift productivity? Seriously?
    According to Abbott last week, ”the challenge is always the same: to build the strongest possible economy with lower taxes and less red tape leading to higher productivity and stronger economic growth … my business – the business of government – should be making it easier for you to do your business”.
    Really? Easy as that, eh? No need for courage or toughness. No need to do anything that won’t win a vote of thanks from the Business Council.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/keating-gives-abbott-a-masterclass-20131208-2yzap.html#ixzz2mvTDJ51F

  31. JohnB, why do you say fill rants. Just asking who she is. Asking why does she have so much power. What is hateful abut that.
    You know, one can offer criticism, without hating.

    Maybe you can point out to many of us here, what we have said, that is not fact?

    Who has said they hate her, or Abbott for that matter.

    What many are saying, he lacks the ability or insight to be PM. What is hateful about that.

    I am sure, that there are many here that has any respect for Abbott.

    Mainly because, he has not yet earned it.

    His stint as Opposition Leader, says he should be given the respect, he gave the previous government.not.

    That is not HATE.

  32. Maybe it is the secrecy this government indulge in, that raise fear and distrust.

    ….The government has refused the Senate access to the secret text of the trade deal it is negotiating in Singapore, saying it will only be made public after it has been signed.
    As the final round of ministerial talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership resumed on Sunday, Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz wrote to each of the 12 participating nations warning that the deal and the secrecy surrounding it presented ”grave risks”.
    Australia’s delegate, Trade Minister Andrew Robb, has told Fairfax Media he is prepared to agree to so-called ”investor-state dispute settlement provisions” in return for access to markets including those of the US, Japan and Canada.
    The provisions, rejected by the previous Labor government, allow foreign corporations to sue sovereign governments.
    Tobacco company Philip Morris is suing the Australian government over its plain-packaging legislation using the ISDS provisions of an obscure Hong Kong investment treaty. The company is pursuing the suit even though it lost in the Australian High Court…….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/coalition-blocks-senate-from-secret-details-of-transpacific-partnership-trade-deal-20131208-2yzh2.html#ixzz2mvW73UFy

    Just a thought.

    We have already been sold out with the South Korean one.

  33. Peta is reportedly “fiercely private”. One report without minimal biographical details is found in Marie Claire.

    The ship of fools and fops, to put the description politely, stepping decorously from fiasco to fiasco will rue the day they were ruled from the PM’s office. Now we know why Tony did not appoint women to the Cabinet.This state of affairs is destined to end in tears. The expression of difference and disagreement in contrast to media management.is fundamental to democratic governance.

  34. Could thus be the reason, that we find the Coalition government worrying. Yes, not hate but real concern, in the way it has performed since taking office.

    ..Has there ever been a government that’s had to buy itself out of a massive political problem in its first three months?

    This suggested a lack of process inside the government, a lack of hard policy work during the opposition years and a lack of direction, of clearly thought-through goals.

    A distressing possibility is that in office the Coalition has gorged on its slogans and still believes its overriding mission is to disgrace the Labor Party. Here’s hoping that’s not so. It’s no way to run a government…..


  35. The orchestrator of most (if not all) of the nastines that is characteristic of the LNP (dirty tricks, and dirt files ) is Peta Credlin. Her being a woman has nothing to do with bringing up facts about how things are done . It is reasonable to question the POWER of an appointee. She closely monitors and controls the party. Why wouldn’t individual members of it become disenchanted at a weird control freak, calling all the shots. Thanking someone for getting you elected without accounting for the downside when it is so massive in loss of trust in the institution of parliamentary process, shows that “BY ANY MEANS” is alive and well, in Abbott’s MOB. You can fool some of the people some of the time etc….This government have NO direction and no decision making capability.

  36. I see Omnia offers nothing but the usual Right Wing Dribble, & off-topic as always. Assuming that number is correct, it would still significantly *lower* than what it was pre-Carbon Price. Meanwhile, energy generated from coal is still significantly down, whilst energy from renewable sources is still significantly up….and we have the CEFC earning $200 million per year. How does that compare with Abbott’s ridiculously expensive, & widely panned, “Direct Action” plan?

  37. The official register of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions will reveal that in the financial year before the carbon tax was introduced Australia produced 546.2 million tonnes of emissions. After the carbon tax was introduced, the emissions dropped to just 545.9 million tonnes.

    Or 300,000 tonnes.

    Given that he purpose of the tax is to change behaviour I’m amazed there was actually a reduction in CO2, off the bat.

    I think most fair-minded people would be pleased about that.

    In the long run the opinions of Telegraph readers will be irrelevant.

  38. Shorter misnomer. “Please look over there at the previous Labor and not fucked up Liberals and their idiot leader being led by the nose by a woman.”

    Well fuck me drunk JohnB @ 9:39 am, so in the three years of those things happening to Gillard you were front and centre pointing out how wrong they were?

    Wait, no you weren’t, you were front and centre knee deep in the denigrations and falsehoods.

    It’s called hypocrisy JohnB, something you’re also knee deep in.

  39. I don’t know the answer to the question about Credlin but it’s certainly worth asking & keeping in mind. I don’t think her style of management’s translating very well to government but this was predicted by many, just another of their uncontested lies was that they were ready to govern. But while that’s an important issue for the country I’m not convinced that Credlin or, especially, Abbott think so. He’s got what he wanted, he’s PM. Nothing else matters in this life.
    I think the machine will grind Credlin before it does Abbott, in that case it’d be interesting to see how much he defended her. I’d say quite a bit as he’s so dependent on her.

  40. Truss lecturing the car industry. Back to MRRT and Carbon Tax.

    Tanya warned by speaker. I refuse to use Madam.

  41. Hockey earlier thanking the Greens for helping ditch the debt ceiling.

    Pity they hadn’t made the deal dependent on ditching both, the debt and the ceiling.

    While Hockey jumps up and down pointing at Labor’s Debt, his corporate mates are filling their boots with government securities.

  42. I read Bob Ellis just before the election, and he stated that Tony and Peta were having an affair. The word was that Margie knew about it, and she was planning on divorcing Tony after the election (I think only if he lost). Apparently everyone in Parliament was whispering about it. The post has since disappeared, but I found evidence of it on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/TheAbbottoir/posts/509804239104439

  43. We should keep from the personal stuff, only because it diverts the focus from Abbott himself.

    It is really none of our businesses, but I must say, nothing has been seen of the better half since he left her in Bali.

    Not even for the white ribbon days celebrations.

    Has not moved out of the family home.

  44. I wouldn’t worry too much about the quality of comments FU. I mean its not like they are widely read.
    I would photo copy the latest news poll if I were you FU/Michael. It will provide some comfort on election night 2016…or 2014?
    Tabling of the Debt/Deficit Audit findings will be the bell of the start of round one.
    Get the facts lined up then start the attack. That is the way the Symphony will commence.

  45. Tabling of the Debt/Deficit Audit findings will be the bell of the start of round one.

    Note that MJ – real work on correcting the neo-con agenda will soon be required if the dopey one with the cracked crystal balls is to be believed 😉

  46. Awww poor Tweedy backed an idiot who’s made a record nose dive in the polls, polls Tweed loved to bring up not all that long ago.

    And talking about hypocrites and the idiot leader. Abbott, you know the person taking away money from low paid workers and pensioners, he has got himself a foreign limo and will replace the fleet of Holdens with top of the range BMWs at tax payers expense.

    This is the same Abbott and his cohorts that went on for several weeks about Gillard and Labor ministers not getting around in Australian cars.

    Is there a greater bunch of hypocrites anywhere than this anserine mob and their asinine supporters.

  47. That’s a laugh Tweed. Facts needling you again?

    If I’ve lost the plot and you haven’t then why don’t you tell us all what Abbott is doing that is so great, what is making him a good PM, and why if you reckon he is so good did he take a record and rapid dive in the polls?

    The problem is not me adapting in opposition, as I’m not in opposition, Labor and the other parties are, but the Liberals and their rabid supporters who never adapted to being in opposition and put on the longest and greatest dummy spit in Australian political history, along with the rancid right wing media, still acting like a wrecking opposition in government and their gormless supporters still attacking Labor as obfuscation to draw attention away from the massive failings of their party in government.

    Why, across so many fora, have so many of the right wingers either gone silent or resorted to lame obfuscation rather than boast about the achievements of Abbott and the government. As this government fumbles and bumbles from one disaster after another, breaking promise after promise, more right wing pundits fall silent and disappear from social media and more right wing media are forced to report the abject failings that are so blatantly obvious.

    On all measures this is a terrible government, and the polls show this and the right wingers continuously harping back to Labor shows this.

  48. Three years without Tweed, yay.

    And thanks for answering my questions in spades. You have confirmed you believe Abbott and this government are terrible as you can’t literate why Abbott is a good PM and this is a good government.

  49. Craash, well done..you found something! Hardly much for someone who must be counted as one of Australia’s most powerful women. The thing which is now coming to the public’s attention is that Abbott is nothing more than the public face of powerful influences. I do hope that Abbott works it out that he must grow balls a brain if he isn’t to face a leadership challenge as early as the first half of next year. The rumblings in the Liberal ranks are growing by the moment…for some *strange* reason elected representatives do not like to be treated as superfluous to Credlin’s needs.

  50. Carol, the fact that Credlin showed up this week in the house and not South Africa, shows that the behaviour of the government. in and out of parliament, has her full backing.

    The only one that she seemed not to take into her confidence was poor Mr. MacFarlane. They have made him look like a fool this week.

  51. Fringe benefit tax not even thought of. So the two things that Abbott blamed, carbon and FBT played no part in equation.

    A lot of things have changed when he sat down with Gillard on Lake Burley Griffiths.

    Deavereux, MD GMH ABC 24

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  54. Credlin is def. Abbott’s minder, yes. But who is her minder? Loughnane and her are not nearly as smart as they have us all thinking. They were controlled.
    Somebody is helping these people, somebody who is NEVER up for election. Somebody not Australian, and not interested in Australia, except for what its resources can mean to them.
    Breed slaves for the Northern Exclusion Zone; dig up Aus and ship it out. That’s the ethos.

    Kay Patterson has a lot to answer for. Who was HER control at the US universities she worked in?
    They come over here, scouting for the talent of the next generation in universities, etc, then boost their egos (and their credential lists, and their lifestyles), pander to their consciences (if any) by telling them it is all about averting a cataclysmic world war.

    We’ve seen it all before. It’s all just a little bit of history repeating.

  55. George, have to agree. That is where many staffers end up. After all, that is all she is, a staffer. One that is given too much say and power, it appears.

    Wonder where she has disappeared to. The women in Abbiktt’s life seem to have become invisible.

  56. Only reason the loathsome Abbott defends his ex-lover, Peta Credlin, was that it is well documented she shared his bed in a sleazy 18 months affair. Beyond that she is just another pathetic minion being thoroughly used by the Machiavellian fascist, Abbott who would stoop to any depths to maintain his grip on power for power’s sake. Credlin, like Abbott, is a notorious, vile bully with delusions of grandeur. She, like the revolting, reprehensible Abbott, will sink into ignominious obscurity at the next election and Australia will rejoice at their demise. She really DOES emulate the monstrous rapacity and corruption of the heinous politicians in HOUSE OF CARDS which just happens to be her favourite show!

  57. Hi Whisperers. I am back from my winter slumber. All ready to explore as much of the East Mediterranean as possible for the next 6 month. Wooo Hooo.
    Because I have not blogged for a few months don’t feel neglected. I do browse the whisperers comments randomly.
    I noted FU was still ahead in the irrelevant comments category..Stoltsy made a dramatic late charge with his mindless blog about the barrier reef, kakadu, etc etc dissolving before our eyes since that momentous day in September.
    This morning I couldn’t help limbering up my typing fingers after reading Salstarat. Whew now there is a dude who could keep a brace of psychiatrists humming pretty much open ended. Misogyny on a grand scale.
    So without fear or hesitation Salstarat you have won it. You have passed FU by a long head for the most stupid comment from a whisperer. Well done lad. Can I offer some advice. …please don’t procreate son.
    So FU and Stoltsy were neck and neck for second but Stoltsy gets the nod for innovative comment stupidity.
    Well Tony has made a very smooth transition from aggressive and successful Opposition leader to Statesman PM. Yes boats have been stopped, turned back (when safe to do so) and indonesia has not yet declared war ion Australia. Nice Job Tony. Pitty stupidity reigned from 2007 and it cost over 1,000 deaths, $20 Billion in wasted taxpayer funds and a legacy of 50,000 mostly queue jumpers now residing and using up more precious taxpayer funds.The financial cockup by the Gillard/Rudd Dynasty is legendary and will be the subject of many case study. What a waste of 6 years and $400 Billion pissed up against the wall.
    The script has been set in motion for the next election. Personally I don’t think Tony has allowed enough time to air all of the Gillard/Rudd cockups before the 2016 election but Tony obviously intends to try.
    Not sure which Legal Jurisdiction will be the most interesting. The Victorian court handling the Gillard Slush Fund, The Royal Commission into specific unions and unions generally or the ongoing NSW ICAC. The continuing Craig and Williamson show will entertain us for a while. Of course there will be overlaps in the jurisdictions but the stories will be based on the endemic corruption in Labor.
    You guys get the drift?….. Tony is doing all the statesman stuff with China, Japan and finding lost airplanes as representative of the international community and stitching up elusive trade deals. In contrast we have The loon Carr giving his state of the nation address. The old Labor leaders jettisoned by Gillard will be doing their best. Someone has obviously muzzled the goose Conroy but there are too many gooses to muzzle in Labor at one time. Enter left stage Penny Wong on her first day as Prime Minister (acting).
    God there is going to be blood on the floor at Labor HQ.
    Anyhooo my goal between now and the start of European winter 2014 is to explore as much of the east med waters as possible.
    Cheers and a special congrats again to the winners Salstarat, Stoltsy and FU.

  58. I’d never heard of her until I looked her up on Google images. When I saw her I thought OMFG!!!…..Abbotts chief of staff is a Shemale! I actually thought she was a Trannie. Ah well, guess one can’t help how one looks.

    I guess this is what prompted Barnaby Joyce to say Her husband actually confirms Credlin is a woman.

  59. I wonder how long Peta Credlin will last when Malcolm Turnbull becomes PM?
    I think she & her loving Hubby will be in the first bunch to be shown the road out of Canberra

  60. Raymond, mayhap she will put her hand up for a seat….. I hear that the seat of Warringah may be vacant soon. 😆

  61. Credlin is without doubt a tranny,we will all find it is rife in our so called society. I feel sorry for the ignrant in this world!

  62. WOOSTER – No problem you having a swipe at Peta C, but don’t you dare marginalise and insult others in the process. We now live in a world of “Equality” & acceptance. Most of us even accept uneducated people like yourself who cannot spell properly ….you bigoted F%ck!

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