Kate Ellis says . . .

I recently posted an email from Education Minister Christopher Pyne, ‘Christopher Pyne says . . .‘ where he had shamefully attempted to tell the world that the Abbott Government was the most committed government in the history of the universe when it came to education. It was incredible that Mr Pyne, whilst being Shadow Minister for Education, and now the holy Minister himself, had never read the Gonski Report. Thanks to a reader at The AIMN in John Lord’s piece ‘The Crisis that is Christopher’ comes this pertinent comment and question:

The Australian Primary Principals Association website states “The panel for the Review of Funding for Schooling delivered its final report to the Minister for School Education, the Hon Peter Garrett AM MP in December 2011″. What on earth was Mr Pyne doing in his last eighteen months as shadow minister for education? Failing to read the report or consult with the panel that produced it, has earned him an “F” for comprehension. For refusing to do his homework, perhaps he needs detention.

Yes, he’s emailing all and sundry and yet, thanks to another comment on John Lord’s post:

If Pyne had been a genuinely engaged Education minister or shadow, he would surely have read the National Curriculum, the product of several years of work by the ACARA body ( apparently to be significantly reduced by this government).

Strange it is that both Abbott and Pyne are . . . adverse to read important documents which might better inform them about the areas in which they have responsibilities . . . But that Pyne had not read the Gonski report, on which he was making decisions affecting the educational opportunities of all the nation’s children is beyond outrageous.

But enough of Pyne and his falsity and now to the Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis, who has also been busy emailing about Labor’s commitment to education. Here is her email:

Dear Ken —

Fighting for every child to get the education they deserve has never been more urgent.

This week the latest international research revealed huge inequality in our schools. The most disadvantaged kids are up to three years behind their peers, and students in regional and remote areas are almost a full year behind kids in city schools.

The Gonski report was exhaustive, and it set us a clear path to improving education outcomes and building a fair system.

No matter how much Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne try and confuse us with funding ‘deals’ and policy flip flops – we must stay focused on seeing the full implementation of the Gonski reforms.

Can you share this petition and keep the pressure on to make sure Tony Abbott knows we won’t be quiet until the problem is fixed?

Tony Abbott promised before the election that he was on an ‘absolute unity ticket’ with Labor when it came to school funding and reform, but over the last fortnight it has become increasingly clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are the facts:

– Labor’s Gonski reforms would have delivered $14.65 billion in additional funding for schools over 6 years, but Tony Abbott will now commit to only a fraction of the funding over just 4 years.
– States will no longer be required to make funding co-contributions of $1 for every $2 dollars of federal money, or index their funding by 3 per cent.
– Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne plan to amend Labor’s legislation so they can give ALL States ‘no strings’ funding deals – walking away from the needs-based loadings the Gonski report said were crucial to us closing the education equity gap, and walking away from funding being linked to improved teacher standards, student outcomes and increased transparency and accountability.
– The Coalition’s pledge that “you can vote Liberal or Labor and you’ll get exactly the same amount of funding for your school” is now nothing but a farce.

Can you share this petition far and wide so we can keep up the pressure? We must not let them quietly slip this change through Parliament.

This fight is only just beginning.

Kate Ellis
Shadow Minister for Education

P.S. I’ll be in touch again soon about more ways we can stand up for Australian children.

There certainly is a big difference. Kate Ellis obviously knows what she is talking about. As readers of the article Christopher Pyne says have pointed out; Pyne clearly doesn’t.

47 comments on “Kate Ellis says . . .

  1. What’s this? The post has been up 10 minutes and the right-wingers haven’t dropped in to say how bad Gillard or a Rudd were. They’re usually the first here. And saying the same things with monotonous regularity.

  2. Whereas I, saying the same things with equally m.r. (clever!), am far more readable. Do right-wingers read this, then? – why? For fulminating platform reasons, presumably. We all fulminate in our own way, don’t we? :-\

  3. Michael obviously they are so ashamed of Miss Prissy and his total inept ambivalence to a portfolio that he sees as nothing more than a status symbol to destroy the dark forces of leftism; they have scattered like cockroaches back into the darkness of factual denial.

  4. Kate Ellis actually cares about education and equity. Pyne and Abbott have a (barely) hidden agenda of education for the rich and ignorance for the masses.
    “keep em dumb and work em hard, they have no need for education”.

  5. Well said Jessica, the liberal party and many of their followers preach hate and racism every day on Abbotts pages. Nelson Mandela would never condone Abbotts persecution of assylum seekers. I was quite incensed to hear Abbott this morning talking about how great Nelson Mandela was. What a totally hypocritical man Abbott is. As for a lot of his voters they are so disgustingly racsist it is unbelievable. Shame on them and shame on Abbott and the Lnp.
    Pyne should be sacked as he has lied to Australians and has totally mishandled education. What a bunch of lying nasty people they are.

  6. Hi Jessica. Agree with your every word. This grubby government we have would like to reverse to South Africas apartheid ways, but thank god we have Cafe Whispers and the like to voice our opinions.

  7. Historically, I was never impressed with Kate Ellis and also wondered about her judgement when she married News Limited journalist David Penberthy, a former editor of Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and current editor of Adelaide’s Sunday Mail.

    However. after a recent appearance on Lateline and other more recent press conferences I’ve become a convert. Certainly she ‘gets’ Gonski (and Ken Boston the brains behind the report – KGB to friends and enemies alike). She’s also across the detail and can articulate same.

    Supporters of Gonski should ensure she gets plenty of airtime.

  8. why should these or any other in this cabinet read anything !! Its just like what they did in opposition !! say and do what they are told !! Follow the Leaders !! Rupert , Gina , JH , et al !! Sign TPPA !! Hand the country over to Monsanto ,GWB etc etc !! Frack us to death dig and suck and mine us into oblivion !!Advance Australia fair !! p.c and make JH he GG !!

  9. I think Kate Ellis is terrific, and has definitely done her homework, unlike the LNP who’s homework was eaten by the DOG! 😯

    Pyne and the mendacious LNP are an absolute disgrace, and for the sake of our children/grandchildren, our international reputation, our economic and social security and our future, this pathetic rabble need to go! 😡

    The thing that I don’t understand is why they are not all charged with misleading the parliament, let alone the people?

    And The Geriatric Bishop (my latest poem), misleads the parliament every time she gives an LNP MP the call by referring to them as “The Honourable”, as there is no honour in any of them 😯


    Cheers 😀

  10. Australia’s rich let us rejoice
    For we are in the free
    With lots of coal and wealth untold
    Our home is raped by thee
    Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
    Of minerals rich and rare
    In history’s page the sad adage
    Advance Australia where?
    In mournful strains then let us sing
    Advance Australia where?

  11. @lawrencewinder….Advance (( your own interests and those of the Big end of Town that control the Media and helped put you into power Tony ( I’ll be in touch about buying the ABC for a dollar soon as my payment Tony )) Australia Fairrrrrrrr

  12. Nice to see that Kate Ellis has done her homework. No doubt Christopher Pyne is thinking he is so smart that he will simply absorb the knowledge he needs to understand Gonski and the very needed educational reforms.

  13. Pyne has an obvious problem.
    If he did try to read Gonski, and yes the Better Schools legislation, he would have found it incomprehensible.

  14. ” Independent Public Schools Fail to Increase Student Achievement, but Increase Social Segregation.
    Monday July 8, 2013
    A review of independent public schools in Western Australia has found that they have not increased student achievement but could be developing a two-tiered education system in the state. The review found there is little evidence of changes to student outcomes, attendance and behaviour as a result of the introduction of independent public schools.”


  15. Pyneoccio, Moronison, Are absolutely Incompetent People (ouch,Being generous here ) Yet as much as we abhor them its their Boss who says its OK, If either were your employee They would be out the Door Yet Our Pm encourages them, 28 Asylum seekers Beat Sovereign Borders I laughed and Laughed and Laughed Moronison still managed to find an excuse , In normal times they would have been encouraged to resign for Gross Incompetence But Tony would have to sack himself first, Peta has got a Lot to answer for . Its a Baaad government Getting funnier

  16. If he did read any of it, he would realise his slogans or motherhood statements are a part of the present legislation.

    A big part.

    Yes, it is about improving the standards of teachers.

    Yes, it is abut giving headmaster more autonomous in the day to day running of the school.

    Yes,it about improved and national curricula.

    It is also about more. It is about each child being given the supports they need to reach their full potential.

    It is about funding the child, and is sector blind when it comes to the system.

    It is about constant review, and gathering of date, to make informed decisions down the track.

    If Pyne read any of it, he would realise in] t already doing, what he is making noises about.

    It is about working with the states, and encouraging them to make contributions.

    It is about a better way to spend the money.

    I will admit, maybe it saids nothing about compiling a book for parents, telling them how the can take more interest in their kids schooling.

    It is about the parents being a part, important part of the child’s education.

    I do not believe it says that all is needed is for rote learning and phonetics to be bought backed.

    I think it might leave how one teaches, up to the experts.


  17. The new government will go down as the biggest load of social misfits, to have ever have graced the halls of parliament house. What the Australian people must have been thinking when they voted this mob of idiots in, will have pundits baffled for a hundred years. Morrison and Pyne especially, are a case of narcissism the likes, I have never experienced being nearly seventy years on the planet.. I thought Howard was up himself, these two take the cake.

    The kicker is, Labor if it doesn’t want another electoral shellacking, must off load Shorten, he is best part useless. I have seen more life in a two week dead corpse.

    Albo get your f&%king self organised and get rid of this Shorten fellow before Abbott and his coterie of Babbling Baboons sink this country into the abyss.

  18. Phil, I am incline at this time, to wait and see what Labor will deliver. Not that keen on Bowen, but did hear a good interview today with Grattan. Have seen incidentals of Shorten being very passionate.

    I think Labor is much better when they have something to fight back about. Abbott is quickly filling up that barrow for them.

    Still pklenty of time, to see how this Opposition goes.

    We need to keep that focus on Abbott. He is doing a good enough job of bringing himself down,

  19. “We need to keep that focus on Abbott. He is doing a good enough job of bringing himself down,”

    Lets hope you are right, pardon the unintended pun. This government is going to bring a lot of tears to Australians, especially the poor.

    I bloody despair.

  20. I Think the Labor team is sitting back and watching Abbott and his motley crew carry on like baboons I feel Shorten is keeping a low Profile Because it means Abbott will be in the Spotlight and will shoot himself in the Foot many times , How stupid they are Looking anyone seen any bright sparks in their ranks ,Let me know if you Do, In opposition they went against any Labor proposal but now they are in charge are still pretending there way is best , watching them struggle to promote any semblance of a Progressive idea is amusing,

  21. Greg, I tend to agree with you. Why should Shorten make himself the center of the media’s attention when Labor wants everything focused squarely on Abbott. That was one of Labor’s biggest problems while in government..to get the media to sit up and listen to what Abbott was actually saying. There were rare occasions, and Abbott ran like a rabbit in the spotlight. Let’s keep the spotlight squarely on Abbott and his motley crew of incompetents. At least, that should be the strategy for the time being IMO.

  22. Phil, so do I. I am starting to believe, he will not be bought down

    This morning we have our fighting FM, taking on the FM of one of the strongest nation in the world.

    Not fighting our battle, but that of Japan and the USA.

    It appears this PM has picked up the role, that Howard adopted, as deputy sheriff within the region.

  23. Carol, Labor is saying a lot. Yes, they are not hogging the spot light. That would be bad.

    Shorten has shown, he can reply in a passionate manner, when the cause is real. This government not into automatic “no”.

    In fact. Shorten has told Abbott, on more than one occasions, they are willing to work with him in a bipartisan manner Abbott has rejected any such approach.

    I am at lost, as to how Labor should behave in QT. What does one do, when a PM treats the Opposition with contempt and derision, when they have a speaker 100% on their side, and joining in with her party;s behviour.

    They can do little, but sit there and take. Not sure the alternative action, of walking out would work.

  24. Maybe the answer is for Labor to concentrate on asking probing questions. Not gotcha ones.

    Sit in silence, and not challenge one answer. Let the audience make up their own minds.

    Wonder if Abbott will want to go to Africa next week. Maybe, he should show some charity, and send Malcolm Fraser.

  25. The whole affair is more about trying to write Julia Gillard out of history. In QT the other day see the Rabbid one suggest school policy be called “The Pyne Plan”. It is obvious the Julia really got under their skin. Go Kate and Tanya, keep them on the boil, that should make Credlin earn her pay.

  26. ” Never before has Q T been such a complete waste of time. They don’t make the slightest effort to answer a question.”

    Indeed. They the government have turned the parliament into a farce. The acquiescence of the media not pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of the shenanigans of this government is breath taking. When the Labor party was in government, the cat calls and shouting across the chamber from the opposition sounded like the chimpanzees enclosure at any zoo. The new speaker is an idiot of epic proportion, and has more bias than a Pommy Wind-Jammer. But however, this tells me more about a public that would vote for this narcissistic half wit, than the half wit her self. Lets face it, Abbott and his coterie of Babbling Baboons are on form, they are doing what we on the progressive side of politics expected them to do, in SPADES. The public can take the blame for what ever ill befalls this nation and it will.

    For mine I am at the end of my tether, again most on the progressive left knew full well Bill Shorten was not the answer to getting rid of the most right wing racist red necked mob of reactionary ignorant arse holes to come down the pike, no more was this reflected in the vote from the membership rank & file. Labor will not get anymore membership money from me. We I truly believe cannot win with Shorten. BTW Shorten is probably a nice fellow, who knows? But opposition leader material he ain’t.

  27. Thanks for the response Phil. I would give him a bit more time to get his SEA legs, He has a good deputy. Labor has always had a good bunch of girls to pick from. The Loathsome Nasty Party has high calibre women by ONE. If she’s the BEST what hope for the REST?

  28. “If she’s the BEST what hope for the REST?”

    Again Indeed. Yes Labor has plenty of female stars to be sure. Plibersek, Ellis, come to mind. Anyways as for Shorten, I hope I am wrong. My life’s work is to see the end of right wing reactionaries, how that is achieved matters not. This will be the first time in my life time a government has me worried about what they will actually stuff up next.

    The irony is, some of the people this mob of rancid, toxic, right wing toads are going to get into financially, voted for them, hoping they were going to make their life better. Fools, what bloody fools. You know I nearly choked on my corn flakes the other morning listening to these bullshit artists, wax lyrically about how the cancelling of the carbon tax was going to make them all 500 bucks a year better off. Forgetting they are going to remove thousands in social welfare. It is a nightmare. We are headed for turbulent waters with this mob of fools, I just hope saner minds in their party can see the folly of Abbott, Morrison, Pyne, Hockey et al.

    Hope springs eternal.

  29. Yes, this government has managed to belittle QT and parliament for that matter than they did in Opposition.

    Some say, they really believe the Labor government was illegitimate, and had no right to exist. Therefore they are justified in their behviour.

    They either have no idea of how our democracy works, or are setting out to destroy it.

    Which ever it is, it is scary.

    I heard journalist, when describing the clash between Bishop and the Chinese FM. He said he has never seen anything like it.

  30. Phil, and putting a new lot off side, every time they open their mouths.

    The actions they are taking, actually hurt people direct. Seems they do notice when given things, but they sure do, when those things are taken away.

    How many have they offended, and this is only day 81. The have sat in Parliament for 12.

    We seen a week of senate hearings, that highlighted their inability for good governance.

    During this time, all they have done, is roll the bulldozer through any legislation, that is linked to Labor. They have dismantled all departments and bodies, set up to provide the government with data and advice. Everyone. From the senate hearings, they are not taking the PS into their confidence, Not even telling them what they intend to do.

    I think the flag episode, is more about no one picking the PM up to the PM, asking if the wanted to be in step with the rest of the world. The PS are doing their job to the book. Not getting or giving

    They appear to be carrying out orders, without questioning. A bad attitude,, fore those giving the orders. No feed back whatever, as to the dangers might be.

  31. “I heard journalist, when describing the clash between Bishop and the Chinese FM. He said he has never seen anything like it.”

    Indeed. Just watched ABC 24. Although talk of war with China, Indonesia or the next country we so offend is hyperbole. However, it could harm our trade, W.A. with out the Chinese connection will die. The lights will go out. As for the government, I believe they are as you say, out to destroy our democracy. Their whole time in parliament is not about what they plan to do for the future but, to run down the past government.

    I don’t really have a stake in the future I am in my dotage however, for young people trying to buy houses etc. the future is looking bleak. The Australian people will rue the day they put this mob of used car salesman in charge, we are going to see much drama unfold.

  32. “Phil, and putting a new lot off side, every time they open their mouths.”

    Indeed all true. I believe and have believed all my political life, the Liberal party is just a conduit for the capitalist classes. I don’t believe they are really in control, and the real movers and shakes to use an hackneyed three word sentence often used by Liberals “The faceless men” most of them not even living in Australia.

    I certainly believe the real owners of this country, live in the expensive suburbs of London, New York , Bonn, and chateau’s in Switzerland. Abbott is to use the old Stalinist joke just a dangerous ” Useful idiot ” When watching him being interviewed by the media, I frankly find it hard to believe this tool, attended university at all..

  33. I think that Ms. Bishop started off that display in China. The cameras are only in the room for the introductory speeches.

    What in the hell are they up too.

    Do they really believe playing it tough, is the way one conducts government business on the world stage.

    The other question is why? Most countries would be happy to encourage both parties in this dispute, China and Japan, to sort things out, or take their matters to the appropriate court. Why are we taking sides?

    They are both supposed to be friends of Australia.

    Abbott has show signs of this during the week, when he said will will continue to spy on Indonesia. When he told GMH and Qantas, they can go jump in the lkake, as there is no more money coming.

    Their display on Better Schools.

    Then there is the bullying actions taken against little Timor, a country that Australia owes much.

    It seems to be all, we are now in charge, you will do as we say.

  34. One might find, at the end of this saga, that Abbott is far from the rest of them. That should be what scares the most.

  35. Any one like to wager a little bet, the timing of the fall of the first of the three AAA ratings occurs. Before or after Christmas break.

  36. Sadly true, Michael. It’ll be disappointing however if ‘we’ jump on the bandwagon, no matter how ’embarrassing’ for the other side (if indeed they can be embarrassed).

    Actually, whilst ever we have a conservative government making appropriate noises about getting the budget back to surplus, the agencies will treat them with kindness and understanding.

    Let’s never forget that the agencies are little more than protection rackets.

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