I want to hear the good things about Tony Abbott

On John Lord’s excellent appraisal of Tony Abbott at The AIMN, in It Goes to the Character of the Man, someone asked (which I have slightly edited:

. . . could you please inform us about the positive things that Abbott has done since being elected?

This is a question I have asked often and have yet to get a proper answer. The usual non answer has been how bad Labor was. I want to know what policies have worked for the Coalition. Asylum seeker policy is claimed as successful (by them) . . . but I want an honest appraisal . . .

I have been asking similar questions on this blog for well over a year. I’ve never received an answer, except that “Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd are bad therefore Tony Abbott must be good”. The “good” Tony Abbott is Prime Minister now. Here is the chance for his admirers to give us an honest appraisal of his performance to date as PM.

Come on, let’s see if you can conjure up with something valid and honest. Of course, it’ll be a first and it’ll be new ground for you, based on your arguments to date.

Here’s your chance. I’m waiting.

Tony Abbott - Caricature

Tony Abbott – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

152 comments on “I want to hear the good things about Tony Abbott

  1. The good thing about Tony Abbott’s policies won’t be realised until the next election. That will be the collective realisation by all those swinging voters who voted for him previously that they had made an aweful mistake and the LNP will be left in the political wilderness for a very long time as a result. That will be a very positive thing indeed.

  2. That is if, this money-up conglomeration known as ‘the government’ doesn’t succeed in changing Parliament, Democracy and our Political freedoms as we know them. That is how I see their agenda. To ram through every change possible to make Democracy redundant and indeed unlawful. The puppets are idiots, manipulated by very powerful masters.

  3. BTW here is a video link of a doco about early America. (!hr 50 mins) Just watch the first 10 minutes to see if you want to know more…

  4. Where are all of Abbott’s groupies? You know the ones who claim he can do no wrong & that we malign him because we are jealous of his brilliance, humility, compassion, fine intellect & physical prowess. MIA I see.

    As for me, I believe Abbott has absolutely no redeeming features at all. None whatsoever. Nada.

  5. He calibrated the imbecile, deceit and prick meters in one fowl swoop. Obviously by virtue of his election, they were broken and in a shambolic state due to over use. Trouble is it will take 3 years to get back to groundhog day and fix the damage because the moral compass is still free wheeling.

  6. I wish there were some. They are still carrying on as if we are going to an election soon. Get on with the job you said you wanted, and would be so good at (According to yourselves) What has Australia done to deserve this mob of actors and liars.?

  7. Many took abuse when Labor was in power for six years, because of the Opposition of that time, to accept that Labor, and even Greens do have a right to be voted in.

    At all times, we defended our Government and what they were doing.

    Those who criticized us hard, if they turn up, are still back in that time. Not a word of whats Abbott is doing, but continual criticism of what Labor did backk in the dark ages.

    Yes, we criticized the Opposition, sometimes harshly. We used their own words at all times. We disputed the policies they put forwarded. That was not an onerous task, as there were very few. Even 76 days into this government, we are still in the dark.

    What the difference is, we addressed actions and policies of the government of the time.

    Why are they not defending Abbott and his government?

    Just listened to the new minister for Mallee’s maiden speech. I do hope he is the dawn of a new calibre of politicians entering Parliament.

    I am not saying, I agree with everything, or even anything he said. I liked the way he said it.

    It is rare today, that one can say, they respect one from the other side of the fence. Yes, one can respect, and still disagree.

    The following Labor MP made similar comments.

  8. Milne has just outsmarted the Government. Hockey will be in Parliament soon to make an announcement.

    Bowen bought the debt ceiling in. Wish Jill Hall would shut up. What just happened is good for Labor. One does not want the debt ceiling to be a DD bill for this government.

    That would carry more weight than the alleged toxic tax. All experts say the ceiling should go.

    They now have to justify all new debt in Parliament.

    The deal that Milne has pulled off, has many good strings attached to it.

    Hall, my illustrious MP, put a sock in it.

    Hockey now in Parliament.

  9. Well, umm, err, there’s the thingy about…nah. Policies? Let me think. Joe Hockey gave 8 billion…no that wasn’t a policy, that was a spending spree. Ummm…that little prefect had an education policy, then changed it, then changed it again….! Barnaby said something about a policy, I think. So did Julie Whatsherface. Yes, they have policies…lots of them…..don’t they? The boats? What about the boats?

  10. Bishop, speaker has cut off any reply to Hockey’s announcement. Claiming he was only adding to a question asked during QT.

  11. Is this one of the better thing about this government.I do not know where it sitsd, with their professed lo9ve of free speedh.

    ,,,On Wednesday morning, the Liberal backbencher Cory Bernardi called for the ABC’s online news service to be curtailed because it competed with Fairfax Media and News Corp. “We could perhaps cut the ABC budget and allow the commercial media operators to compete more effectively,” he told Radio National.


  12. Could this be the positive one is seeking?

    Tony Abbott and his chief of staff Peta Credlin are enforcing a culture of “obsessive centralised control phobia” and are out of touch with voters, according to Liberal National Party senator Ian Macdonald, who has delivered a scathing attack on the Prime Minister’s office.
    Senator Macdonald is furious that he has not been consulted about the government’s terms of reference for its Northern Australia policies, saying he “discovered” them by accident and was treated dismissively by the Prime Minister’s office.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/government-senator-takes-swipe-at-obsessive-control-phobia-of-pms-office-20131204-2yq39.html#ixzz2mUKmBHYa

  13. All this ceiling business is to modify history to make Labor look bad. The HIGH ceiling will be blamed on labor. This mob manipulate everything to try to keep Labor from getting back in. abbotts UNREAL government. Their spin doctors work overtime. QT is about NOT answering anything, directed to them and just repeating slogans that rather childishly( for an adult government) ridicule the opposition unceasingly and with total repetition of nothing at all to do with the question. Cement hair Bishop is a disgrace. Doesn’t even hear what someone rising for a Point of order says before saying “there is NO point of order”. It takes a lot out of you to watch that sort of tomfoolery. The LieNP are still treating us as idiots. Perhaps we are. Collectively “WE” voted the B’s in.

  14. Bill Shorten isn’t saying much, he doesn’t have to, the coalition is advertising their own inefficiencies. Talk about Keystone Cops.

    No wonder the “shadowy control peoples” are trying to minimise the media exposure.

    Just imagine what we’d see if there was no restrictions and media were allowed normal access to them.

    I do the occasional cartoon, and I’m not sure which one of these is most appropriate for the last few weeks . . .

    You pick.




  15. I hear the sound of crickets from the right wing nutjobs. There’s nothing to recommend Abbott, and their silence confirms it.

  16. I’ve got one!!!! Tony Abbott’s policy of using “national security” as an excuse to use ASIS to intimidate witnesses that will reveal corruption and stealing from the Timorese government by the Howard government to put money in the pockets of their political backers is a pretty good one…..oh wait, no it’s not. Sorry, false alarm.

  17. I am not sure why the question has been asked. If a person’s house is burnt to the ground and all that is left is ash, is it pertinent to ask “did you manage to save anything?”

    From what I have observed from listening to as much varied news as humanly possible, I have easily deduced that Abbott has no redeeming points, has not done one positive thing since he became PM and is an unsavoury, lying human being. To think that this man is in charge of running this country, to think that he can act like a spoiled brat and get his own way no matter at what cost and to think that he Could take us to the point of no return within the next 2 and a half years, is stomach turning.

    I know what you are getting at here though. You are taking the “Micky” out of LNP rusted on supporters, knowing there is not one positive thing that anyone can say about Abbott and the LNP Government. I get that. And to date, I have read all the comments, it seems the LNP trolls are either having a long sleep or they have their tails between their legs and keeping quiet. Silence is the order of the day, not only for LNP MP’s, but seemingly for all LNP members and supporters. What can they say? NOTHING. Therefore they aren’t saying anything. Tony Abbott is a fool, a bully. He is behaving like a malevolent dictator. He is also like a spoiled brat who wants everything his way right or wrong. Because he is wisdom impoverished, what he wants IS always wrong.

  18. Point proven regarding ANY praise for this Buffoon of a PM, Its embarrassing to watch his Performances . The Decent Liberal politicians and there are a few Must Cringe when they are forced to support Abbott and The likes of Pyneoccio, Hockey, Its must be so difficult to support Moronison If Rupert fails to get what he is Banking on from the Libs Its going to be Marvellous to see him fall from grace, Probably the broadcast rights that Labor denied him and supported our ABC, ,Wont be Long now for that to happen over to you Malcolm,. you heard it here first

  19. Yup, no probs. IMO he ha s given a very good guarantee that the LNP only have three years to wreck the joint. then they will be in the outer for a very, very long time. 🙂

  20. . . . could you please inform us about the positive things that Abbott has done since being elected?

    Proved a lot of us correct about their incompetency, amongst many other things we pointed out BEFORE the election..

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  22. i used to think peter costello was a real smart arse, but abbott leaves him for dead. what a nasty piece of crap he is ! as for bronwyn bishop…. argh !!!!!!!

  23. The only positive thing I want to hear about Abbott is that he has lost both his seat and the election and become the third leader to do so. The only other good thing I want to hear is that he has been charged with perverting the course of justice and will be serving a lengthy prison sentence. The other good thing will be him being arrested and charged with crimes against humanity and hopefully being imprisoned where Milosevic was and taking Morrison and Brandis with him.

  24. I do not believe this one is going to go away. as Peter Martin said on the Drum there are such things of lawyer client privilege. The other is, how can Brandis order the agency not to hand the documents over to the court. Where does he get that power.


    The former senior spy who blew the whistle on alleged Australian bugging of East Timor’s government took his case to the intelligence watchdog but it did not investigate and advised him to get a lawyer if he wanted to take the matter further.
    Lawyer and former ACT attorney-general Bernard Collaery – whose office was raided on Monday by ASIO along with the home of the former Australian Secret Intelligence Service officer – revealed the unsuccessful attempt to get an official inquiry, as East Timor’s Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao lambasted the Australian government.
    The Inspector General of Intelligence and Security oversees the intelligence community but is poorly resourced and has been criticised for not following up many complaints.
    ”The witness saw the IGIS about his concerns,” Mr Collaery said. IGIS did not launch an investigation, but ”he received official permission to see a lawyer about his grievances”.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/intelligence-agency-failed-toinvestigate-spying-claims-lawyer-bernard-collaery-claims-20131204-2yr3m.html#ixzz2mVF7Drrf

  25. I seem to recall a time, in the distant past, that Abbott and Costello looked like running on a ticket. Did not last long.

    I believe there is no love lost now between Costello and Abbott. Pete has knocked back anyone connected to Costello, that include the lady that took over Costello’s seat,

    Could one imagine Costello as PM and Abbott as treasurer. That was back before Howard made his , was it third attempt for the leaders job.

  26. There’s no doubt that Fairfax does some of the “best and fairest” political coverage in Oz. Streets ahead of Ltd News and their ABC.

    I would be a subscriber with real money, except there are one or two unsavoury characters with influence on Fairfax who I believe should not be rewarded in any way, shape or form.

  27. Cuppa, our local Fairfax rag is the Canberra Times. I don’t have to subscribe as all the local cafés and clubs have a copy laying around. All it costs me is the price of a coffee. On other days I can get the main stories online. No unsavoury characters get any money out of me.

  28. I am watching Hockey, complaining about the Labor party opposing. He also lied about Labor being in coalition with the Greens in the last government,. NO, they were not.

    RN ABC 24

    Bullshit, is your name Mr. Hockey.

    Not interest in talking about what he is to do, only about what Labor did,. or he says they did,

  29. Maybe it is good that this government ignores rules and conventios, is a law to themselves.

    >blockquote>.Abbott’s claim that the ABC had breached its act distracted not only from further revelations about the willingness of the Australian Signals Directorate (formerly the Defence Signals Directorate, or DSD) to hand Australians’ data over to the US National Security Agency, but also from Turnbull’s blatant interference in the operations of the ABC. Turnbull called ABC managing director Mark Scott to criticise him over the Indonesian story.

    This was a major breach of convention by Turnbull. Previous ministers for communications have communicated with the ABC through the chairman of the ABC board, who is appointed by government, not sought to directly influence the editor-in-chief, who is not. If Turnbull’s call to Scott was a formal rebuke, it was utterly inappropriate and breaches the ABC’s independence; if his call was an informal Malcolm-Mark chat, then it reflects a failure on Turnbull’s part to understand his responsibilities. If the Communications Minister has a problem with the ABC’s editorial decisions, he can do what Richard Alston did with his ill-fated Iraq War complaints — use the ABC’s, and then ACMA’s, complaints mechanism and write to the chairman..


  30. Maybe it is the shut down of any body, that allows the public to ask questions of this, free speech loving government.

    …At least, in the US, such is the shock at the exposure of the NSA’s extensive and illegal surveillance that even the strongest national security advocates are calling for the agency to be reined in and for more oversight of its activities. Here, we can’t even have a parliamentary inquiry into our out-of-control intelligence agencies.


  31. By the way, this wonderful government is going to rescind that moderate, very moderate so called poker machine legislation.

  32. This PM is setting up a business advisory panel. Yes, this PM wants to be seen in the same light as Hawke and Keating. He wants to be a reforming PM.

    The panel is headed by, I think Maurice Newman, formerly on the board of the ABC.

    Mr. Abbott must have had a senior moment, as he forgot to have any representatives from the union movement, as Hawke and Keating did,

    Of course, we know who he is here to rule for. Business, but only big business.

    It appears what they want, is good for us.

  33. More.

    .The prime minister also announced the make-up of his business advisory council, to be chaired by businessman Maurice Newman.

    It will include Jac Nasser (BHP Billiton), Michael Chaney (NAB, Woodside), Catherine Livingstone (Telstra), Solomon Lew (Premier Investments), Peter Fox (Linfox), Daniel Grollo (Grocon), Graham Kraehe (Bluescope, Brambles), Jane Wilson (Sonic Healthcare), Barry Irvin (Bega Cheese), John Hart (Restaurant and Catering Australia) and former productivity commission head Gary Banks.

    Mr Abbott said the council would guide, encourage and “warn” of issues arising as the government reformed the economy.

    The council will meet three times a year and the first meeting will be this mon


  34. Brand ARSE is the most scary. An Attorney General should respect the processes of law, and the separation of powers. This person needs watching, carefully. I trust then NOT at all. How quickly the image of Australia changes. We will have no reputation overseas or anywhere. Better start forming a list of people we have /are offending, just for the record.

  35. I’ve got one!

    Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has moved swiftly to save the porker machine industry from the draconian restrictions placed on them by the Gillard Government.

    Australian adults lose an average of US$1,300 each a year gambling, easily the highest in the world. The government estimates that 600,000 people hit the pokies weekly, around 40% of them considered hooked, or at risk of addiction.

    It is obvious that Australians LIKE gambling and we refuse to have this “nanny” state telling us what to do.

    Oh and thanks for the donations wink wink nudge nudge

  36. Are these good things?

    The Coalition’s pro-business agenda will transform the country within a few years, Tony Abbott has vowed, as he called on the business community to “campaign” against those trying to stop the new government from implementing its policies.

    “Australia will be quite different in a few years’ time because a Coalition rather than a Labor government has been calling the shots, and calling them with a preference for freedom,” he said.

    “I am confident that the BCA will continue to tell the government what it should do: repeal the carbon tax, repeal the mining tax, cut red tape and get the budget back under control,” he said.

    “Even more importantly, I hope that the BCA will campaign against everyone who is trying to stop the government from putting that good advice into practice.

    “The government’s job is to make it easier for our good businesses to do their best,” he said.

    “Certainly, when I look at a business audience, any business audience, I don’t see people who exploit workers, rip off customers and damage the environment.”


    Tony’s gonna change the whole country in two.

  37. “Certainly, when I look at a business audience, any business audience, I don’t see people who exploit workers, rip off customers and damage the environment.”

    You gotta be kidding me???

  38. Good, for who? Abbott has now established a business committee which does not include representatives of the workers. I ponder on how long it will take them to get on to wage restraint.

  39. This is a good thing …

    We are secretly negotiating to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, under which Australia will be forced to police internet users, censor Internet content and oblige service providers to police their users and hand over information on them. We are publicly siding with the US and Japan against our major trading partner, China, which is seeking the same security zone around its coast that the US, Japan and other countries have. We have seriously offended Indonesia, our most important neighbour, in deference to our membership of the Anglo-allied espionage community. We have failed to get either a Labor government or the Coalition to set up an inquiry into the Iraq war, as others have done, to ensure that the mistakes we made in 2003 are not repeated. We have attracted no political interest in a review of the war powers that enable an Australian prime minister to send us to war without a debate or a vote in Parliament, and it could happen again. We have not, in short, behaved as an independent country with a coherent foreign and defence policy.


    Onya Tony!! You tell those red bastards and fuckin foreign c**ts to get fucked. We’ll do what we fuckin well want! Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI!OI!OI!. And East Timor can get fucked too. It’s our money!!!! We give them footballs and shit, so they should just shut up and behave their fucking selves.

  40. I do not think we are going to like that new country, that Abbott so desires.

    Does Mr. Abbott really think that the worker, unions and the community is going tl kneel at his knees, making it easier for him to strafe us all.

    Does he really believe he, has been given a mandate that allows his no accountability, no debate, and all his legislation to be rubber stamped, without any debate.

    Does he really believe, that unlike any previous PM, every MP, on the cross benches have no tight to voice a view, or to cast their vote on the floor of the house, according to their conscience.

    If so, Abbott must believe, the constitution has been suspended, and he, the chosen one, has been raised to the rank of dictator.

    It must be what he believes, as this is not how democracy or our constitution works.

    According to the constitution, Abbott has the numbers of MPs to form government. That is where any mandate ends.

    Mr. Abbott then has to garner the votes on the floor of both houses. That means he has to work hard to convince the MP’s to vote with him.

    Mr. Hockey, under the constitution, Labor has the right to opposed, as you did in Opposition. It is bizarre for the government to talk, as they are now doing.

  41. Is this a good thing?

    Scott Morrison says his decision to leave asylum seekers already in Australia on indefinite bridging visas without work rights will leave them worse off but was necessary to get around parliament’s refusal to reintroduce Howard era-style temporary protection visas.

    Whatever it takes Scott. These aren’t people, they are illegals. Doesn’t matter that we have condemned them to a life of poverty and precluded them from becoming productive members of our society. Detainees should be thankful we don’t shoot them. We leave that for others when they get shipped back home.

  42. Maybe his service to big business is a positive.

    ……..Tony Abbott calls on business to ‘campaign’ against his opponents
    Prime minister promotes Coalition’s pro-business agenda and announces a high-level lineup of advisers at BCA annual dinner………..

    …………….The Coalition’s pro-business agenda will transform the country within a few years, Tony Abbott has vowed, as he called on the business community to “campaign” against those trying to stop the new government from implementing its policies.

    Setting out his business credentials in a speech to the Business Council of Australia (BCA) annual dinner, Abbott announced a high-level lineup of business advisers and a broad review of competition policy.

    “Australia will be quite different in a few years’ time because a Coalition rather than a Labor government has been calling the shots, and calling them with a preference for freedom,” he said.

    “I am confident that the BCA will continue to tell the government what it should do: repeal the carbon tax, repeal the mining tax, cut red tape and get the budget back under control,” he said.

    “Even more importantly, I hope that the BCA will campaign against everyone who is trying to stop the government from putting that good advice into practice………………


  43. “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

    ― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  44. Won’t be long before we will hide the fact that we are Australians when we go overseas, due to the abbott factor. I’m flat out remembering anyone so revolting, and I go back a fair way. When these “people” stop playing games in QT and actually try to answer any questions I will fall over with shock. Like everything with abbott. It’s an orchestrated “farce”. ADULT government—- What rubbish. They’ve been spinning for so long they wouldn’t know how to be “fair dinkum”. and there seems to be one thing in common with most of them. They have an axe to grind, and they all appear a bit “mean” spirited. You are in power now . It’s what you sold your soul for. Get on with showing us how good you are, and JOE stop looking like the sky is falling in and realise that what you do, and say has an effect on peoples confidence. The BUCK stops with YOU now M’lad and keep away from POOdle Pyne. You are adopting his whine.

  45. So Gillard got nearly 600 pieces of legislation passed in a minority government through skill and negotiation, Abbott, always the coward, has to get a bunch of high powered businessmen being paid by the taxpayers to prop him up to get policies through.

    Again nearly that whole speech to the BCA was full of three word slogans and Abbott had a very hard time of not sneering as he told porkie after porkie, but make no bones about it, this was the first step in bringing back WorkChoices, and that’s what he indirectly intimated to the BCA.

  46. I heard Malcolm say, or words to the effect, it parliament this morning, it was stupid business sense, to plan and put in place technology now, that will not be needed for a decade.

    Did not say, that NBNCo, which he was referring to, will take up to a decade to install. Did not say, his NBN lite nodes and the equipment he intends to spend billions on, will be worthless in that decade.

    Did not say,the copper he wants to used, will take millions to maintain. Fibre being much cheaper.

    Therefore, one would believe the sensible way to go, is put in place the best, universal and uniform across the nation. One system, against many in NBN lite.

    Also we end up with a system, owned by the people, that will earn income.

    Mr. Turnbull, a decade is not the far away. I thought all big business planned that far ahead,

    Mr, Turnbull, you are into conning. The buyers are not that stupid.

  47. Another con going on, is being conducted by Alan Joyce with Qantas.

    Just cut it free, and make a even playing field for any that show interest.

    We do not need a national airline. Let the competition come.

  48. Fed up @ 1:10 pm

    The strangest thing happening in Australian politics at the moment, one I think is without precedent.

    The left and left wing bloggers like yourself are advocating a free and open market whilst the right are calling for protectionism and socialism whilst a hard right wing government engages with a left wing party for socialist reforms and market controls along with brining in interventionist policies even Howard would never have condoned.

    Just where the fuck does Abbott stand? It seems to me wherever the wind blows, whether that be left or right or out of his arse, as long as he believes it gives him power.

    And if even the rabid right are having enormous difficulty in standing up for him because they are lost as to whether he represents them or not. Abbott the nowhere man whose everywhere.

  49. I want to hear the good things about Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott has died, along with Scott Morrison, Christopher Pyne and George Brandis. All are now burning in hell. 😀

    Well you just said you wanted to hear the good things about TA. You didn’t say they had to be true 😉

  50. Another bad thing in a very long list of bad things you can attribute to Abbott.

    Abbott is now freezing grants to organisations that have already have them.

    So they can give $8.8 billion to the RBA that didn’t ask for it. They now have an unlimited debt ceiling dealing with a party they denigrated and constantly denigrated Labor for dealing with, they are handing untold amounts to the wealthy and promising to hand them huge amounts more, yet at the same time they are going around penny pinching needy organisations and institutions that are doing good for not only Australia but the world.

    What a terrible terrible government.

    On another note of major government failure.
    A group of boat people have been living on Xmas Island for several days undetected. Wow, Abbott/Morrison certainly are protecting our borders.

  51. Mo, that’s amazing. Some border protection scheme this mob’s got going. Personally, I’m glad they snuck by.

    Although the right will be suggesting they’re only a group of terrorists and not genuine refugees. Illegal terrorists, btw. The legal ones come in by plane.

  52. Burmese apparently, and already the condemnation is being raised against this government and Sovereign Borders. In the last weeks extra patrols, boats and aircraft have all been put into service to search for boats and “protect our borders”, yet since the L&NP won government two boats have now got through undetected.

    This was always going to be a big problem for Abbott who mouthed off so much and made grandiose promises amongst chest beating three word slogans that he could never keep, not that he ever thinks more than the next slogan ahead or has ever worried about the consequences of his brain farts. There’s always been someone to cover for him and prop him up.

  53. I at least expected Tweed and Voyager, and maybe even Neil of Sydney to come gushing in to tell us how good Tony Abbott is. I guess they have nothing to say. Speaks volumes.

  54. Michael
    Couldn’t go that long without saying Hi.
    So I’ve thought of something, sort of if you twist things a bit, good.
    Surprise, as Sam Johnson should’ve said, is of two kinds. We can be surprised by something, and we can be surprised that we’re surprised by it.
    While I’m surprised by this government on a daily basis I’m never ever surprised that I’m surprised by it.
    So on that level Abbott’s kept his promise to me. On that level, no surprises.

  55. I’m surprised that you’re not surprised about being surprised Bob. I expected the worst and they are still surprising me. My favourite surprise, or should that be the surprise that I just cannot fathom, is the scrapping of the CEFC, an organisation that is not only making a profit of about 200 million a year, but also aiding in the move towards clean energy at no cost to the government. The reason given for this astonishingly bad decision is that “we said we would so we will”. Apparently, the desire to erase Julia Gillard from history, and the reluctance to acknowledge climate change, outweighs common sense. Or could it be that clean energy initiatives may detract from the profits of Liberal Party donors, just like action on problem gambling which has also been scrapped by our Social Services Minister.

  56. I think Bob is saying that Abbott is living up to his expectations. For me Abbott is going way beyond my expectations.Side note: If anyone thought this government had the ability to rise above party politics, listen to Asbestos Bishop, in talking to international politicians, refer to the “Abbott Government” rather than the “Australian Government”.

  57. Try as I may, the only good thing that I can think of about our Prime Miniature Tiny Abbott, is the fact that he is just as fragile and easy to die in an accident as the rest of us are.
    One never knows when this Nation might get it’s luck back.

  58. Boats seeking throught. Businesses fleeing the country.

    For a country open to business, there are sure many closing down.
    Now we have a trade ageratum with Korea. Yes, one that allows the,m to sue the Australian government clause in it.

    Was not a pretty sight, watching Bishop, literally on her knees, apologizing to Indonesia.

    We now have the government ministers talking to the media. Is there a battle between the dries and wets.

    Rescinding the toxic tax are not saving these industries.

    Holden does not seem to impressed with the assistance that Abbott has given. Not appreciative of him doing away with the MRRT, Toxic tax, and changes made to the FBT when it comes to cars.

    Abbott’s policies are not delivering the miracles he promised.

  59. The silly thing is, if they go ahead with Direct Action, they will need a similar body to CEFC.

    Does not makes sense to shut down a body, that is working, is not costing the taxpayer.

  60. Fed-Up posted “It will include Jac Nasser (BHP Billiton), Michael Chaney (NAB, Woodside), Catherine Livingstone (Telstra), Solomon Lew (Premier Investments), Peter Fox (Linfox), Daniel Grollo (Grocon), Graham Kraehe (Bluescope, Brambles), Jane Wilson (Sonic Healthcare), Barry Irvin (Bega Cheese), John Hart (Restaurant and Catering Australia) and former productivity commission head Gary Banks”

    So Tony has covered, Mining, Communications, Investments, Transport, Building, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Entertainment, who are going to sit around and brainstorm to see how much better they can make our lives???? Yeah right and pigs will fly.

    Where are the representatives of the working force on this committee, where are the Educators, the Union Officials, the Media, the sociologists, the bankers?, the farmers,the indigenous, the public service? In this brave new world do they imagine that they would have profitable businesses without employees?

    This is just another bogus expense being paid for by the taxpayers.


  61. I didn’t read all of these (bit like ministers and parliamentary reports!) But I did assume that most of them were not complimentary !! And wanted to get in b4 it was full ! Firstly trying to be positive about anyone in this cabinet is really difficult !! As Racist, Bogan, Aliens does not constitute a good basis of opinion ! But specifically on the subject of the mad monk ! Maybe I could help prevent his image from getting any worse !! Firstly when in doubt SHUT YOUR MOUTH !! Second it is not a good Idea to appoint JH as GG !! FRACKING will destroy the planet !! and Adultery is a CARDINAL sin!! I did have a few hundred more but don’t wa
    nt to be GREEDY !

  62. Yes, we know he feels put pain. We know because he tells us so.

    .Like his translucent “direct action” policy on global warming in which almost nobody can find substance, the Prime Minister appears at best only half-committed to averting a clear and present crisis for thousands of people whose livelihoods derive directly from the automotive sector.
    Asked his intentions on Friday, the best Tony Abbott could offer, in an interview with Melbourne’s 3AW, was: “I do wish Holden would clarify their intention because at the moment they have got everyone on tenterhooks.”
    Well, quite, but this was hardly the commanding aura of authority or national leadership one would expect from a prime minister. Neither could one imagine such resignation from John Howard, whose tabloid instincts and empathy for blue-collar battlers would at the very least have brought a sense of urgency.
    “… there’s not going to be any extra money over and above the generous support the taxpayers have been giving the motor industry for a long time,” Abbott added, lest hopes were building.
    In practice, people facing gross uncertainty as they head into Christmas, whether as Holden workers, components suppliers, or for that matter, those in Qantas, are looking for a good deal more than that.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/hard-line-on-holden-makes-tony-abbott-seem-cruel-and-incapable-20131206-2yvcm.html#ixzz2mg0TBzb2

    I just read that Abbott is feeing a little tired. What tired after 80 days in the job.

  63. Are the Liberals playing god with people’s lives. Maybe thus government believe that are god. and all must bow before them. Example, China and our fighting FM.

    Does playing it tough, really work, especially when ones opponent is bigger and stronger. More so, if we need them, more that they need us.

    ….The fate of asylum seekers shouldn’t be left in the hands of any one minister whose decisions can’t be reviewed – that’s why we need complementary protection legislation, writes Jane McAdam.

    The Abbott Government’s intention to repeal complementary protection legislation is both unjust and inefficient.

    On Wednesday, the Government introduced the Migration Amendment (Regaining Control over Australia’s Protection Obligations) Bill 2013. If it passes, then there is no guarantee that people at risk of torture, death or other serious human rights violations will be protected from removal from Australia.

    People at riskof torture, death or other serious human rights violations will be protected from removal from Australia.

    People at risk of this kind of harm don’t qualify as refugees unless it is for reasons of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership of a particular social group. So if the bill passes, someone living in disputed territories in Syria caught up in the civil war, or a woman at risk of being the victim of an honour killing, may be sent home..


  64. More scary. Morrison having the last say, that cannot be challenged.

    ….The introduction of complementary protection created a transparent and functional process. Claims could be heard and disposed of more quickly, and Australia could demonstrate clearly that it was implementing its international legal obligations.

    This is why the Government’s desire to return to a wholly discretionary approach raises alarm bells. The Minister cannot be compelled to exercise his discretion in the first place, and there is no way to have his decisions reviewed. There is no check and balance on the exercise of ministerial power. And there is no way to know whether or not Australia is sending people back to serious harm, and violating our international law obligations in the process.

    The repeal of the complementary protection provisions seems to be another sign that the Government wants to do things behind closed doors. If the Government is truly committed to ensuring that no-one who engages Australia’s complementary protection obligations will be removed, then why remove a functioning, efficient and transparent process?…


  65. The biggest winners this week, has to be the pubs and clubs.

    Maybe, I am wrong, it could be the tobacco industry, with the signing of that trade pact with South Korea. Leaving the door open, to sue the government for lost of earnings. Good bye plain packaging.

    Read a comment, by what one could only call right wign, that Capitalism is coming to get us. Sorry, the man is wrong, big multinational industry is coming to get us.

    By the way, why do so many see Capitalism as the natural way of things.
    It is not nature, it is man made.

  66. That millions of taxpayers money has been spent on defence of plain packaging is simply ludicrous. It has done nothing to change smokers behaviour. Like the Quit program a total and utter waste of money by funding sporting associations that are continually in the news for drug taking!!!

    If all smokers quit, according to medical opinion, the population would rid itself of smoking related diseases. If so, why haven’t we seen improvements in the death rates of non-smokers from so called ‘smoking related diseases?’ Also, without smokers, according to the logic, there would be less need for physicians.

    We are now being told that this generation will not survive as long as we have, despite the fact that they have kept themselves, healthy and smoke free? A fair majority of my generation smoked for over 40 years and had a tipple with it, yet they all seem to be reaching octogenerial status.

    I would like someone to explain to me why there are more heart attacks occuring in 40 year olds than ever before?

  67. ….and how do the anaesthetists and oncologists explain how they live until 80+. I have been a smoker and a non-smoker and the paranoia directed towards smokers is not only discriminatory but comes close to fascism deciding what is good for the population and what and who should be scapegoated, for what they see as an abomination on mankind.

  68. If so, why haven’t we seen improvements in the death rates of non-smokers from so called ‘smoking related diseases?’

    We have, huge improvements, proven with empirical data now going back many decades.

  69. If plain packaging does not work, why is the industry so much up in arms.
    Will probably not have much effect on regular and long term smokers. That is true,.

    What it is and will do, is discourage the young from taking up smoking.

  70. Has anyone ever cared for someone with lung disease caused by smoking.

    If they have, the will learn quickly, it is not the dying that is the worse. It is the long hell one goes through, until death is welcomed.

    Those who escape the scourge should thank their parents for the genes they gave them.
    The trouble is, one dose not know when smoking, whether they are in the majority, that will get lung disease,

    They say it causes heart problems and deaths as well.

    Same arguments are used for tobacco, asbestos and the dangers of carbon emissions. One can swap the labels around in many studies that arise out of these industries. All are similar. All are fake. All are lies.

    Yes, I went along with the tobacco companies. Smoked most of my life, and thankfully have the right genes. Woke up quicker with the asbestos miners. Not taken in by the climate change deniers, who correct title, should be liars.

    Another is those against fluoride in our water supply. Does one know, this being the oldest continent has been scourged of the minerals from the soil. Among them is fluoride, along with super phosphate.

    When they went looking for the reason post war, why many of the migrants that came from Europe had good teeth, compared with Australians, it was found that fluoride found in the waters of Europe was the reason.

    All that has been done in this country, is to add fluoride to the levels found in nature in Europe.

    Somehow that has be translated by some in this country, to adding poison to our water supply. Makes one wonder at the thinking ability of some.

  71. If it is not working, why are tobacco companies so concerned?

    If Big Tobacco’s ongoing legal onslaught against the Australian government is intended to intimidate other countries considering plain-packaging laws, it’s not working. Not according to the architect of Ireland’s incoming plain-pack scheme, at least.
    “It makes me more determined,” Irish Health Minister Dr James Reilly tells The Global Mail.
    “It indicates to me that the tobacco industry know [plain packaging] is going to work, and that’s why they fear it.”
    Draft legislation modelled on Australia’s plain-packaging laws was approved by the Irish cabinet in November, clearing the way for a bill to be introduced into Ireland’s national parliament, the Oireachtas, early next year.
    It follows a surprise announcement on November 28 by British Prime Minister David Cameron, of an independent inquiry into the effectiveness of Australia’s laws, with a view to implementing similar legislation in the UK before 2015 national elections. In July this year, PM Cameron had appeared to abandon the tobacco-control measure..


  72. Who are the winners. Not us for sure.

    …The government will move tomorrow to repeal landmark poker-machine reforms, acting with a speed that has left harm-minimisation campaigners including Reverend Tim Costello “shocked”.
    Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews on Wednesday morning will put to a vote in the House of Representatives a bill repealing almost all of the harm-minimisation measures passed by the Gillard Labor government in November 2012.
    “This is a straight capitulation to the power of the pokies lobby,” says Costello, chair of the Australian Churches’ Gambling Taskforce.
    Among the measures that would be stripped away by the legislation are a requirement that by 2018 all new poker machines be capable of supporting a pre-commitment system, and another that ATM machines in gambling venues have a $250 daily withdrawal limit. So-called ‘pre-commitment’ technology allows gamblers to set how much money they plan to lose in a given session, locking out the player once the limit is reached……….
    The bill would also dismantle plans for a national gambling regulator, and remove the two levies on the gambling industry intended to fund it; scrap a requirement that warning messages flashed on poker machine screens be “dynamic”, to catch gamblers’ attention; and abolish the proposed trial of a mandatory pre-commitment scheme, which was to begin in the Australian Capital Territory this year…


    Note the minister. This governments leading Christian.

  73. and this little inconvenient fact.

    …….“You have to explain – when 70 per cent of the public want reform of pokies, and see the damage – how a government is so deaf,” he says. “The explanation is that they’re captured by pokies’ donations.”
    The Global Mail has previously reported a sudden upsurge in gambling-industry donations to Australia’s major parties, which coincided with a deal between independent MP Andrew Wilkie and then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard, exchanging the Tasmanian backbencher’s support for a raft of poker-machine reforms. The Coalition in particular benefited from the industry’s largesse, pocketing donations of well over $1 million as the debate over the so-called ‘Wilkie Reforms’ raged.


  74. Well someone did try to write good things about Abbott. Found the going hard. aYhe rest have jus shut shop, as it seems our visitors that hate Labor so much.

    I’m getting so tired of writing about the nastiness and incompetence of the Abbott government. Truly. My intent today was to write about some of Labor’s stupidities.
    That was the plan. To balance up the ledger a bit. To point to the idiocy of Labor’s determination to block the increase in Australia’s debt limit to $500 billion, for one. To highlight the hypocrisy of its decision to obstruct cuts to tertiary education, which Labor itself initiated, when in government.
    These are tactically dumb calls, and, given the opportunity, I would have been happy to explain why.
    But alas, the opportunity does not present itself. Every day, new examples of the nastiness and incompetence of the Abbott Government crowd out the possibility of writing about anything else.
    And the events of the past 24 hours have been exceptionally target-rich, even by recent standards. It’s hard to know where to begin.
    Perhaps we should start with Cory Bernardi. Remember him? Tony Abbott chose him as his parliamentary secretary when in Opposition. Alas, Cory was forced out after he gave a speech linking gay marriage to bestiality.
    This homophobic, Islamophobic, climate-change-denying, free-market Christian fundamentalist burst back into the news overnight after word came out that he had initiated a major bitch session about the ABC in the Coalition joint party meeting.
    Apparently the allegedly independent Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop (whose early performances in the role, incidentally, suggest she may yet rival former Labor Speaker and trick cyclist Leo McLeay for competence and impartiality), joined right in.
    Reportedly, so did Senator Ian Macdonald, of whom more in a s.


    I have really been trying hard to find good news for Abbott.

    Trouble is he keeps coming up with ways, not necessary to surprise one, but shock.

  75. ……….THE PRIME MINISTERSHIP OF TONY ABBOTT has turned out more of a disaster than his most dubious doubters could have envisaged.

    This demands desperate measures from those who promoted him and who will lose on their investment if the government continues to flounder.

    In less than three months, Tony Abbott has alienated, angered or altercated with vastly more groups than he has satisfied.

    He offended women by appointing 18 men to a cabinet of 19 and 11 out of 12 parliamentary secretaries. He alienated Aborigines with his cynical broken commitment to spend his first week with the Yolngu. He outraged rural residents with backflips on funding. He shocked the education community, including the prestigious Gonski panel, with bizarre policy-on-the-run. And now he has dismayed Liberal and National supporters with his cosy deal with the Greens on debt.

    Abbott’s L-plate treasurer Joe Hockey stunned observers with ……….


  76. It appears this government can release details when it suits them.

    .George Brandis’ claims about the Asio raid have been dismissed as ridiculous by Timor-Leste’s ambassador. Photograph: Alan Porritt/AAP
    The inspector general of intelligence and security has issued an unusual public statement to deny that any former spy had raised concerns with her or her predecessor about Australian espionage in Timor.

    Vivienne Thom, who oversees Australia’s intelligence agencies and investigates complaints, said in a statement that “to the best of my knowledge, no current or former Asis officer has raised concerns with this office about any alleged Australian government activity with respect to East Timor since my appointment in April 2010”.

    “I have spoken to my predecessor and he has confirmed that, to the best of his recollection, no current or former Asis officer raised concerns with this office about any alleged Australian government activity with respect to East Timor during his term as IGIS and he had no discussion with any former or current Asis officer about any such concer.


    My brain is hurting from thinking, but I have one!
    The good thing that Tony Abbot has done is to get voted in so he can prove to us that our suspicions were more than justified. Now it is time to show him and that little mob of folks called ‘swinging voters’ that we are not happy campers and that he has got to shape up fast or get right out before we go down the tube and also become the laughing stock of the known universe.

  78. Positive things the Liberal party has done. Clearly Liberal have done a LOT of negative or destructive things – but pretending that they haven’t done ANYTHING good at all simply smacks of Labor is good, Liberal is evil one-eyedness, which doesn’t help people THINK.

    Are we actually talking about the subject or just loving another opportunity to circlejerk about evil Abbott?

    We’re not converting the people we need to convert by the FUCK ABBOTT hysteria, we’re just patting ourselves on the back.

    We NEED to convert people.

    So I present, my tragically short but absolutely valid list of positive things the Abbott government has done so far:

    – They prevented the Graincorp takeover (for good reason? Maybe or maybe not, but there it is)

    – They have stopped the asylum boats (they did it terribly, and perhaps for the wrong reasons, but there’s no doubt people smugglers were a problem even though immigrants generally were not, and no doubt there were far too many people dying in the sea)

    – They are introducing paid parental leave (why, those evil bastards! Yes there’s problems with it, but there’s a positive aspect there, don’t deny it.)

    – They are reducing regulation (and yes, much of that regulation was GOOD regulation, but some of it was bad. Heck, even Kevin Rudd in 2007 said “The truth is business regulation is now right out of control. The quantity and complexity of business regulation today is eating away at the entrepreneurial spirit of Australian business.”)

    So there it is. It’s not clean, it’s not pure good, it’s not a shining beacon of light. But let’s get our heads out of our arses and be an opinion that Liberal voters can read and say “Y’know, those Labor people aren’t fundamental, they are rational.” Then, with those ex-Liberal voters, we can actually WIN the next election.

    And isn’t that what we really want?

    Or do we value the circlejerking more?

    Wow, that’s a lot of guns pointed at me… okay, fire away.

  79. Fair enough Richard but the problem is that as you have pointed out there are negatives, in a couple of cases substantial negatives, in the positive things you have highlighted for this government.

    When Labor were in power there were also positives and negatives in much of what they did, far more positives than negative, but you will be very hard pressed to find the positives anywhere outside of the circlejerk, but no only will you find the negatives splashed across the headlines in exaggerated glory, you will find them repeated over and again.

    Along with that you will find that most of their positives have been portrayed as negatives and if that weren’t bad enough you will also easily find totally fabricated negatives because the right thought all the other constant unfounded bashing of Labor policy wasn’t enough.

    So now we are supposed to show the positives of this government’s policies?

    I think not.

    Anyway the right and their mainstream media mouthpieces are doing that in spades anyway, even to the point of making out positives for policies that have none. They are now doing the reverse of what they did with the previous government, reporting the bad as being good and exaggerating the good as being the saviour of this country.

  80. They prevented the Graincorp takeover

    Yes, that was a good move. It is unfortunate that they were the loudest in opposition over this kind of “protectionism”. In other words, they went back on their word for it.

    They have stopped the asylum boats

    Frankly, we have no idea what they have done. What we do know for fact is, three people have died at the hands of our own.

    They are introducing paid parental leave

    Actually, Labor introduced a PPL. tabpots gold plated one hasn’t gone anywhere yet. I don’t expect it to either.

    They are reducing regulation

    You mean like fixing spelling mistakes? Really, that whole day was another crock cooked up by the libs and the media followed along. Nothing of note was achieved.

    Personally, I’m sick of “circlejerking” on political blogs. But, if you want to say positive things about the libs, you need a microscope. And then, I’m not going to waste my time on the tiny things. Considering the momentous duplicity and careless disregard for our national institutions and people, they would need to do something massively positive to warrant notice. imo 😉

  81. Abbott’s massive Freudian slip on Insiders that you won’t see repeated in the MSM.

    “We could have continued to try and fool people.”

  82. While you say “the usual non answer” about Labour screwing us over, there is a reason for this. It is hard to find new schemes and policies created by liberal simply because their main aim at the moment is to recover from the debt Labour has created. How can we possibly spend any more money when we have such a huge debt.
    I fully agree with the budget, and while I am a middle class UNI student, I see no other way to recover this nation from the previous government. I would prefer to pay higher taxes, and perhaps I will struggle with money for the next few years, but I am willing to do so, just so my children will not have to. Labour supporters are naive about the reality of the economy and while We (liberal supporters) may always give the “non answer” as to what Good comes from Tony Abbott, the Labour supporters seem to also have a problem when it comes to answering the problem of “how would you recover from this debt?”.
    As a second note, I am also a volunteer fire fighter; just like Tony, and I often hear snide comments about him just going in the uniform and walking around for publicity, I can assure you, there is no way. If you have signed up to put your life on the line to save others, you have put in the hours and hours of hard work, the stinking heat and terrible conditions, you are not there for the publicity. Not only does the say something about the man he is, he also created his own triathlon to raise money for charity, nearly 14 years ago. So you all can see here, on your little band wagon, uneducated about how a country is run, but until you have done something about it. You have now grounds to stand on.
    Liberal is our future. Liberal is what Australia needs.

  83. Labour supporters are naive about the reality of the economy

    As it seems are the economists 😉

    We WERE on track to recover from the structural deficit within the budget. Labor had a path, it was just so unfair on all those big miners flogging off our resources and legging it over seas with their super profits (to name just one track of the path 😉 )

  84. Hardly “on track” there was nothing in place to recover, Gillard and Rudd would have continued to spend the money we DON’T have just so they look like a proactive government.
    Let me put this in a way y’all can understand.
    You’re parents(Liberal) have gone away for the weekend, and you’ve (labour) decided to throw a house party while they are gone. Sweet. You invite all your friends(Australian voters), spend a whole lot of money on snacks and drinks, everyone loves you, this is the coolest party ever! Things start to get out of hand, your house is getting destroyed, people are breaking shit, making a mess, and so, you soon realise, you want your parents to come home, you need them to help you get this under control, and while all your friends are going to hate your parents for ruin the party you can just blame them say “it’s not my fault, my parents are the bad guys, they ruined all the fun we were having.” And so your friends will hate your parents and not you. You need them, just like Australia needs liberal, you need them because the party is over, it’s time to grow and accept that you can’t keep it going forever.
    Yes this budget is hard, but we can’t, as a nation, to keep pretending like there isn’t a huge debt there, it’s time to clean up and fix this, and once that is over, maybe your parents will let you have another party…

  85. emmilykate

    Ignoring the already well and truly debunked “debt” assertion (Hockeynomics and all that), let’s just examine what happens when the parents got home in your party analogy.

    1. They murdered a gatecrasher or two after sending them to the neighbours house.
    2. They did a bit of extra trashing of their own house, stole money off all the guests and gave it to a few of their very wealthy mates to do the “clean up.” even though the house already fairly tidy.
    3. They decided the disabled guests actually weren’t disabled, kicked them out of their wheelchairs and got them to scrub the floors….

    You get the idea…. anyone else feel free to join in. I couldn’t really be bothered with RWNJ’s.

  86. Well at least I wouldn’t have to worry about having faulty insulation in my house killing my friends.
    Labours hands are stained red as well my friends. That’s politics.

  87. emmilykaate there are so many things wrong in your assertions it’s hard to know where to begin.

    You do know that $68 billion of the debt is of Hockey’s making, just over half the $127 billion he’s crowing about. That $68 billion had nothing whatsoever to do with Labor and was all Hockey’s spending or forgoing revenue.

    Then Hockey outright lied about it and claimed his debt was Labor’s. But thankfully he’s been found out in the deception though you wouldn’t know it from the media, who obviously have you fooled.

    If you don’t believe me here is the link to the PEFO: Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook

    PEFO was bought in by Peter Costello as an completely independent check on a government’s finances going into an election so they can’t cook the books and surprise a new government if the government changes.

    Then Hockey did a 10 year forward projection on his shonky figures in MYEFO, which isn’t independent at all and is produced by the government of the time. In this case it was done by Hockey using an associate, so is not valid.

    Hockey’s projections for a $667 billion debt in 10 years was the most disingenuous manipulation of financial data ever undertaken by a Treasurer.

    Hockey artfully assumed Labor spending would keep increasing when the independent PEFO clearly showed that not only would it not increase it had already declined over the last fiscal cycles. Hockey outright lied.

    Hockey misleadingly stated that Labor had left hidden spending and named the items, on the record if you want to check, but every one of those items was in PEFO and budgeted to the dollar. Hockey outright lied.

    Then Hockey did the most deceitful thing of all. He added his government’s spending, like PPL, tax cuts to the rich etc. and forgoing of revenue, like getting rid of the MRRT etc. to the MYEFO projection and called it all Labor’s deficit when the majority wasn’t. Hockey outright lied.

    And Hockey continues to lie to this day and fool people like you.

    Don’t get me started on the Abbott falsehoods you stated.

  88. emmilykaate 59 people have died in industry accidents so far this year alone, 9 in mining.

    So by your stance Abbott is a killer.

  89. emmilykaate you do know that roofing accidents and house damage went down significantly in the period under the HIP as compared to the periods before it.

    The HIP saved lives, many lives, not just through older citizens now having better insulation for their homes, but the scheme found that most homes had substandard, faulty and dangerous electrical wiring in their roofs and throughout the house. That was the case for my sister, who had her whole house rewired to current standards when it was found the electrical wiring was ticking bomb it was that dangerous.

    In having the scheme abandoned with one million homes still to be done it can be said that it’s Abbott and the media who are the serial killers and destroyers of homes.

  90. That’s politics.

    That’s gutter politics actually. Seems to be the only recourse these days left to defend the libs with

  91. I’m sorry is this forum about what’s good about Tony Abbott or about what’s wrong with Hockey.
    It seems; just like Labours 2014 election campaign, have said more about your opinion on Tony Abbott than give solutions for Australia’s problems. Regardless to who’s fault the debt is; be it Hockey or Labour, we need to take action, and if Tony Abbott is the one doing this then I’m all for it.
    Kevin Rudd allocated $672 million to building remote indigenous housing in the Northern Territory. As of January 30th 2010, not one house has been built, where has this money gone? Pre-election Kevin Rudd criticised John Howard’s NT intervention policies, saying it treated Aborigines as 2nd class citizens. He has now EXPANDED on those policies.
    They are politicians, as educated adults we need to accept the reality, I’ll admit neither side is perfect, but the Liberals are what Australia needs right now. Once we have recovered, sure Labour can step in and spend all the money again and make every happy.

  92. But emmilykaate Abbott isn’t doing anything constructive to fix it except hurt those who are the most vulnerable by shifting their money to the wealthiest. As one commentator stated Abbott is handsomely rewarding those who supported him and got him into power whilst heavily punishing everyone else to reward those he favours. It has nothing whatsoever to do with fixing anything and is pure ideology.

    There are many other things he could do that would fix the problem and not take the punitive and totally unreasonable actions he’s now taking. I could list some if you want, but he will never do them as they distribute the heavy lifting, which is something Abbott will never do.

    Plus he lied, still lies and lies about lying. You can’t trust him on a single thing he states.

    Plus I don’t know where you get your facts from, I wish you would source them, because many are just plain wrong.

    It also disturbs me that you think it’s perfectly OK for Hockey to not only lie about the debt you say Abbott has to fix, but for Hockey to have created more than half of it and then blame that on Labor.

    Are you OK with all the lies and deceits being told by this government and prior to that to get elected on false premises?

  93. I’m sorry lying and false promises?
    In 2007 Kevin Rudd criticised the Howard government for it’s abuse of taxpayers’ money on political advertisting, promising he would never do that. “I believe this is a sick cancer within our system. It’s a cancer on democracy. You have my absolute, 100% guarantee, and each of you can hold me accountable for that.” In May 2009 he launched a $38 million taxpayer funded advertising campaign to defend Labor’s mining tax, using the loophole that it was a ‘national emergency’.
    Before the election Kevin Rudd pledged to hold a referendum on fixed four year terms for federal parliament. This never happened.
    Pre-election Julia Gillard slammed the Howard Govt’s ‘cruel’ limitations on Medicare rebates for IVF treatments. Post-election Kevin Rudd placed caps on all IVF treatments, all obstetric services, and some ultrasounds.
    Pre-election Kevin Rudd promised to initiate legal proceedings against Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on a charge of incitement to genocide, but never did.
    Pre-election Kevin Rudd promised to take Japan to the international courts to stop whaling. Post-election this was watered down to ‘we’ll do everything in our power’, then finally to ‘I don’t have a magic wand’.
    Kevin Rudd promised to build 260 childcare centres on school grounds. On April 22 2010 he made a junior minister announce that this had been scrapped.
    Kevin Rudd quietly reversed his decision to no longer make temporary residents sell their houses when they leave the country.
    Kevin Rudd proposed a national high-speed broadband network, budgeted at $4.7 billion. Almost immediately after election this was scrapped and replaced with a new plan, with a budget of $43 billion.
    Kevin Rudd promised a federal takeover of hospitals should their performance not drastically improve by July 2009. Never happened.

  94. Oh goody ‘they’ have sent us a replacement for Neil……. *waves* to Emmily. 😀
    Neil was getting a bit stale of late….. same old same old, round n’ round etc, I do s-o-o hope Emmily can provide divertissement……. in fact she has already with this ➡ “Let me put this in a way y’all can understand. ” @9.58am …… the “y’all” says it all for me 😉

  95. Look I came here for a genuine political debate, if you are going to be arrogant and patronizing, then I am done, I’ve said what I wanted and when it comes down to it. Tony Abbott is Prime Minister, which is all I asked for with my vote. Enjoy your bitter, unproductive lifestyles.

  96. Pre-election Kevin Rudd promised to take Japan to the international courts to stop whaling.

    Didn’t we just win that case?

    Labor’s track to get back to a stable budget was on track, hockey threw that overboard and multiplied the problems howard placed into the system. No one is conned. The game is up.

    The new government’s mini-Budget (MYEFO) contained dramatically bigger deficits than the bureaucrats’ PEFO projections, with no surpluses in sight. The worsened outlook was partly due to policy decisions taken by the new government (like scrapping the carbon and mining taxes and giving a large grant to the RBA), partly due to a change in the assumptions used for projections beyond the first two years of the forward estimates, and partly due to a slightly more pessimistic economic outlook. Hockey’s first Budget confirms this Budget outlook, with Budget deficits for years to come.


  97. Look I came here for a genuine political debate

    Then what is your opinion on the fact that Hockey deliberately blew the budget out on coming into Government, and is now blaming it on Labor?

  98. PEFO (you know that charter of budget honesty thing that Pete introduced) has Labor in 2014-15 bringing in a deficit of -$-18,245m cf a deficit of -$26,706m in Mr Hockey’s budget.

    Mr Hockey’s revenue is down by 3.0% (that’s what happens when you forgo revenue) and expenses are down by 0.8%. This budget (and forecasts) is about changing who pays and who gains, not about the bottom line. Debt increases, the deficit increases, yet some still seem to think that the Liberals are what Australia needs right now. 🙄

    Anyone here want to buy a bridge? I’m sure we could come to some arrangement 😉

    Someone’s been sold a pup (and been silly enough to accept it on face value) 😀

  99. PEFO (you know that charter of budget honesty thing that Pete introduced) has Labor in 2014-15 bringing in a deficit of -$-18,245m cf a deficit of -$26,706m in Mr Hockey’s budget.

    Yep, the great hock n tone swindle

    Labor needs to push this image relentlessly

  100. Maybe there is no such thing as a free lunch, For some, there are free suits and degrees for your child.

    ABC has two long serious accounts of his behaviour today, on the BBC, Not bad for any PM. Shame they are both negative.

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