What the hell is going on?

Abbott asleep

Now and again – but rarely indeed – I come across a political article in the mainstream media that has me nodding furiously in agreement. Yes, like I said, rare indeed. The simple truth is rare enough, let alone an article that goes to the heart of it. This one by Geoff Kitney titled What is going on with the Abbott government? in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review stands out.

I cannot reproduce the article due to copyright reasons but I can compile a few telling sentences from it that gets the gist of the matter. I’m sure, that after reading them, you too will be nodding your head. Here goes:

The alarm bells about the Abbott government are becoming deafening . . .

And it’s not hard to imagine that the first question being asked about Abbott’s Australia is: “What on earth is going on?”

Australia’s most important regional relationships – Indonesia and China – have entered dangerous territory since the Abbott government came to power.

And what this has revealed has been a worryingly narrow vision which seems to take too little heed of the economic dimensions of Australia’s foreign and strategic interests.

A wake-up call is desperately needed.

I hope I’ve teased you enough to be encouraged to read the article. Actually, I implore you to. I would also implore you to share it widely because not only is a wake-up call required of the Abbott Government, but for all Australians who voted for him.

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  1. Hmm. I can’t remember a Government that has been so inept at Foreign Affairs from either side of politics but granted I’m only going back to the 70s.

    You would expect the PM would have picked up a few clues in his travels but apparently not. It’s like watching someone fresh out of Uni being thrust onto the world stage with no training.

    Can Tony Abbott mature into the job? I hope so. But first he has to recognise he has a problem with the Big Picture and I’m not sure if there is any depth in his Party room to draw on. He may have to get a few pointers from some retired MPs to get up to speed.

  2. Read this in the Fin yesterday Michael, and its already on FB if you look hard enough. An excellent article and reinforces my opinion that the back room boys will give Abbott the heave-ho within the next eighteen months. In many ways, how Abbott handles both foreign policy and resolves the question of education funding will either make or break him, but I’ll argue that its a walk up start for a change of leadership and most likely a one-term government. Every direction that the NLP has taken in the past three months has stirred up a hornet’s nest and the repercussions will are already being felt.

  3. My Catholic upbringing has me saying ‘deo gratias’ for the mainstream media article, just as you say (but as I left it behind roughly 50 years ago, that’s as religious as I can get). As for Abbott being given the old heave-ho, what about all the others who need that to be done to them already? – the Ed. Minister? – the Immig. Minister? – the goddam Foreign Minister? Will they all be rissoled? I doubt it.

  4. Its about time the Press are waking up to what’s going on. It seems the Agenda of the LNP is to smash and destroy every policy Labor proposed, regardless of its worth. Is this again Tit for Tat? I’m sure that many Liberal voters will find it hard to reconcile the motives since the LNP came to power.

    Those Islands that Japan and China are wrangling over is simply none of our business, dictating terms to the Indonesians simply won’t work, and now they have insulted the Americans. What is Abbott trying to do establish an isolationist policy? It might have worked in the 50’s but the world has moved on since then.

  5. I have a question. Following the sullen announcement that Graincorp will not be sold, I have read that the opposition (Labor) are furious at the decision. While I dispute it was a wise decision (political pressure) it was a good outcome. Don’t sell the farm. Why the hell would Labor have done the reverse and allowed the sale?
    It may be a moot point anyway, if the TPP is signed. Any thoughts?

  6. M.R. ‘Will they all be rissoled?’ No, but there will be a desperate re-shuffle in order to shore up support (no pun intended) and in their minds, stave off electoral defeat.
    I’m aware that it seems unreal to be discussing the next election only three months after the last one but that’s how quickly things move in the age of ‘social media’, a phenomenon that Abbott and co have grossly underestimated or choose to ignore at their own peril
    Abbott also seems to be suffering from the delusion that Asia is still a ‘second class citizen’ as far as world affairs are concerned and that the US is still our big brother who will rush to our aid when and if we need them. He couldn’t be more wrong!

  7. On the Drum last night, I heard a man say, that after an election, one sees the P servants busy, and often eager to get on with what the new government wanted to put in place. This person said this is not happening this time. They are sitting on their thumbs, waiting to see what this government wants.

    I felt this was the case, when listening into the senate hearings last week. Many of those who appeared did not answers, and I feel genuinely did not know. I felt whatever the government was doing, these people have not been told or asked.

    Yesterday, the NSW education minster said that Pyne has not sent one letter or talked abut where he is at, before the meeting. In fact, they were no wiser after it.

    Thus is reinforced, when one looks at all the departments and bodies disbanded by this government. All the are there to give advice when needed. Sadly many are science based or on social problems.

    When it comes to education, Pyne has set himself up as the sole expert. According to him, all others are wrong.

    Some are criticizing Bowen, for backing the sale of Graincorp. Do not take this as selling out Labor principals. It is an exercise in wedging the government. It is [laying politics, the way, sadly it has to be played today.

    What is going on. I am afraid when it comes to Abbott, pure ideology. Ideology he has kept hidden, and I suspect not even he has worked out.

    If that is not true, then it is pure opportunist on the part of Abbott. Linking his desire to be PM, th all the loonies on the outer of his party.

    Rudd and Abbott, in my belief, are very similar. Both single minded in going after the job.

    Both dangerous to the general well being og the country.

  8. There were only two previous governments.

    The PM is not and never should be seen as the government.

    The constitution reinforces this by not even mentioning the words “Prime Minister”.

  9. In fact, if one accepted, the PM defined the government, there were four previous Labor governments.

    Rudd to Gillard in the first. Gillard to Rudd in the second.

    Gillard and Rudd never embarrassed this country overseas. Never.

  10. Michael, agreed, but I thought that the capital ‘S’ might have given you a clue.
    Just checked FB but it doesn’t seem to be there – dunno if Ross took it down for copyright reasons but I did see it on FB yesterday which is how I came to read it.

  11. Also on the Drum yesterday, one of their better efforts lately, I heard the word “surreal” used more than once. A very strong word, to describe what a government is doing.

    I can see no way, one cannot explain what Pyne is doing, as not lying.

    Lying, in the true meaning of the word. Not changing ones mind, but knowing when they uttered the words. they were not going to keep their word.

    Even had that great stunt, at that bigoted school at Emu Plans to ensure all heard.

    On this one, the loudest noise is not coming from Labor, but from across all sectors of the community.

    I suspect, that the Nationals will flex their muscles, as they did with the Graincorp sale. It appears it is country schools that have the most to gain under Better Schools.

    Pyne yesterday, telling the Premiers, that any savings will come from state schools, tells it all. Yes, anyone that listens to Pyne, something hard to do, knows that he does not believe that the Federal government should have anything to do with Public schools.

    According to him, they are the responsibility of the state and territory governments. Private schools are the responsibility of the General government.

    Expect many handouts before Christmas.

    PS The night before last, on Business on ABC 1, there was an outcry by those from small businesses screaming that big business was controlling the agenda of this government, at their expenses. Another truth, I am afraid.

    Yes, what indeed is this government up to.

  12. Geoff Kitney’s article from the AFR is, indeed, being spread far & wide as I alone,, have tweeted it on three occasions.

    This is the response from one “self-funded retiree” as they describe themselves in their Twitter profile. (Have been spending the past hair-tearing-out couple of hours trying to make screenshots of his tweets so bear with me if they don’t work.)

  13. Grr THAT is not how I wanted it to appear. How does one place images in comments?

    Anyhow he seems to be a typical Liberal apologist. Abbott can do no wrong.

  14. Alas poor Tony, perhaps he should have read a little more Shakespeare ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the Crown’ (Henry IV), and a little less Niall Brennan and Bob ‘it’s-all-a-plot-sprung-from-the-loins-of-the-Soviet-Union’ Santamaria. Oh well, I don’t suppose there was room for too many books in Bob’s back-yard bunker.

  15. edward eastwood my thoughts exactly lol Decided against asking him. Like most Liberal apologists he wouldn’t have given a straight answer just heaps of look-over-there waffle.

  16. One should not forget, this government thumbing it nose at the likes of the UN and it’s bodies.

    The behavior of this government when it comes to Warsaw on climate change is disgraceful. Same goes for our seat on the security council. Many on the otherside of the fence do not agree we should sign any agreements. Would reverse our stand on the refugee charter if they could.

  17. Fed Up; Nothing could help young Christopher except perhaps a trip to the vet to be put down. You must remember that Pyne was born with a terrible affliction which left him with a face desperately in need of a fist, so this Xmas if you see the Poodle – please give generously!

  18. Shoreten is doing a good job of telling us, at this time. He is addressing Labor in Queensland. ABC 24.

    The best so far, turning back the boats, turning back time. Talking about Abbott’s obsessions.

  19. Pyne is really punishing the Premiers that signed up to Gonski before the election, Is rewarding those that did not,.

    it is as simple as that.

  20. I just noticed that Shorten does not have a protect like Abbott, lurking in the back ground.

    Does not seem to need anyone, to ensure he says the right thing, and to keep his foot out of his mouth,

    I noticed that Credlin was close by, this morning at the Mater Hospital.

    Of course the PC broke up, while saying the PM needs to understand he is no longer in opposition., Was getting around to talk about Abbott’s allegation of cuts to health and cancer suffers.

  21. 2 Questions I have.

    1 How will they be able to roll Abbott without losing face? After all he is the PM elect and did they not harrass labor for doing the same thing, also they promised a stable government and risk a hell of a backlash if they replace him.

    2 Who the hell would they put in his place? Any one of the front bench would be just as incompetent. Turnbull is about the only one with any brains but he still tows the line and totally goes along with his party and lies through his teeth as we saw with the NBN. The truth is they are a very bad party indeed and it would not matter who took his place, they would still have the same policies or should I say none policies.
    I personally hope they keep the moron we have now as most people either hate him or are beginning to hate him. Put the silver tongued Turnbull in and we stand a good chance of having this party in for another term. That thought is unbearable.

  22. Pam, I agree with your sentiment entirely. Turnbull would be a formidable PM. But Abbott will do his all to stop that. However, if Turnbull pulls off a Julia (no offence to Julia), he may bring a bit of sanity into the scene. Not equality, not taxing his rich mates, but a bit of sanity. And yes, another term is intolerable.

  23. Why are we always so surprised at the stupidity and cupidity of our so-called political ‘leaders’?

    But if we weren’t all so gulled by their promises at election time we wouldn’t vote them in, would you? Of course, we had no choice at the last election….we had to vote in the LNP. We couldn’t afford yet another ALP government, could we?

    It doesn’t matter who we vote in though, does it? Until we change the whole rotten SYSTEM, we will continue to get MORE OF THE SAME, no matter which party we vote for.

    So, what can we do?

    RestoreAustralia has offered a solution that we believe will bring about the huge changes that are needed if we are to take Australia forward into a successful and happy future.

    We need to change the whole SYSTEM. And to do that, we need to take one vital step first. We must put the power to initiate referendums into the hands of We the People so that we can conduct Citizen Initiated Referenda (CIR). At the moment, only the politicians have the power to start referendums, AND THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB!

    Once we have that power, we can unite as a nation and work together to bring in a whole new Australian Constitution, written by Aussies for Aussies. The one we have now was written by wealthy landowners beholden to the British government — ordinary Aussies had no say in the Constitution that was written to unite 6 British colonies into 1 British colony. And that was the start of our problems.

    Our team of over 100 ordinary Aussies in the Foundation for National Renewal have spent the last 15 years thinking about, discussing, and writing a Draft Constitution. We have published it and now we have made it available, through our online presence RestoreAustralia, for all Aussies to read, consider, and suggest amendments to. We want this Draft to reflect the needs and aspirations of We the People….all Aussies.

    To do this, RestoreAustralia is organizing Unity Congresses across the country. We are asking as many Aussies as possible to register your interest in joining, or even helping organizing, a Unity Congress in your area. You can read about it here:

    The definition of madness is to keep repeating the same mistake in the hope that we will get a different result. That is what we keep doing by electing one or the other of the 2 major parties. Australia cannot afford to continue this crazy behaviour. It’s time for a REAL change.

  24. “Fed Up; It was a joke.”

    I know, but sadly Abbott’s government is not. It is a disaster, of proportions this government has never seen.

    Edward, I was agreeing with you. Sorry to give the wrong impression.

  25. Edward, we still do not need to copy the violence of the other side. In that, I am serious.

    I like what you have to say.

  26. Yes, what is Pyne up to.

    .1. Victoria, Tasmania and the Catholic sector are not signatories to the Gonski funding agreements

    The first reason for backing away from the pre-election pledge appeared in the Sunday Telegraph last weekend in a report that said the deals with Victoria, Tasmania and the Catholic sector had not been finalised, something Pyne called a “shambles”.

    “Not only have Victoria and Tasmania been revealed not to have signed bilateral agreements – in effect making them non-signatory states to the new school funding model. But of course the National Catholic Education Commission have revealed that they never signed a written agreement with the government,” Pyne said a couple of days after the initial report.

    The response

    Pyne’s assertion has been rejected by everyone else involved in the negotiations.

    Technically, the Australian Education Act passed by the Gillard government defines a participating state as one that has signed a bilateral agreement containing details of how the reforms would be implemented. The process Labor followed was to sign a heads of agreement with the relevant state, and then to settle a bilateral agreement at a later stage.

    Victoria published its school funding heads of agreement in early August, and a Victorian government spokeswoman said this week it considered that binding.

    “This $12.2bn school funding reform agreement guaranteed record levels of funding and an unprecedented six years of funding certainty for Victorian schools,” the spokeswoman said.

    She pointed out that the prime minister, Tony Abbott, said in August: “We will honour any deal that has been done. We will honour any commitment that has been made.”

    The spokeswoman said: “Victoria made it clear that, along with Victorian schools and school communities, we expect the Commonwealth to honour this funding, which was agreed to on 4 August 2013.”

    The Tasmanian premier, Lara Giddings, also maintains the state signed a contract

    ”What we have here is a heads of agreement that has been signed,” Giddings said. ”That is a deal. That is a contract. That in itself shows that Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott are breaking an election promise.”

    The executive director of the National Catholic Education Commission, Ross Fox, said the commission and government’s legal advice was that he did not have to sign a contract and he maintains an agreement was reached.

    “The signature that mattered most to determine funding for Catholic schools for 2014 and beyond was that of the governor-general when she assented to the Australian Education Act which was passed by the Australian parliament earlier this year,” he said.

    “There is no uncertainty about agreement being reached under the Australian Education Act for funding for Catholic schools for 2014 and beyond. The Australian Education Act and related regulations determine the funding from the Australian Government for Catholic schools.”

    2. Labor left a $1.2bn black hole in the budget

    Pyne’s second reason was that a $1.2bn hole in the budget for education funding had emerged. He said an examination of the pre-election economic and fiscal outlook found $1.2bn missing from the government’s school funding commitments of $2.8bn

    “Now this of course presents a real problem for the government because that money was taken from the education budget and returned to consolidated revenue,” Pyne said.

    “And the implications for the new school funding model are that the funding envelope is now $1.6bn as opposed to the $2.8bn that Labor promised in the budget last year.”

    The money had been budgeted in anticipation of agreements with Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

    When the previous government failed to reach agreements with those jurisdictions, the money was returned to consolidated revenue in the economic statement and essentially listed as a saving.

    This was reported in early August, just before the official figures were released.

    Pyne says that his advice from the Treasury, which he has had since the election, is the money has “disappeared”.

    “It’s not available for us to use any more and as has become very apparent since we were elected, the cupboard is very bare,” he said.

    “And it’s not possible to simply find that money.”

    The response

    Pyne’s claim has been addressed by the opposition leader, Bill Shorten, who was education minister under Kevin Rudd in his brief second spell as prime minister this year.

    Asked on Wednesday if it was disingenuous to say Labor axed the funding, he replied: “The Coalition are like a bunch of B-team magicians trying to make you look everywhere except where the magic trick is actually happening so you can’t work out what’s going on. This is just spin from the Coalition.”

    Shorten did not directly contradict Pyne’s interpretation of the $1.2bn hole, saying only that Abbott had breached the trust of the Australian people.

    Asked what would have happened to the $1.2bn under Labor, Shorten replied: ”We offered a great deal to states. Two or three states didn’t take it but every other state did including Liberal states. The private sector, the non-government schools, the Catholic schools signed up to our arrangements.”


  27. Michael, it was actually Reb of the G.T. who posted the Fin review article on his web site and not Ross on FB. (middle aged fog on my behalf) .
    Fed Up: No offense taken, my ego’s not that small – cheers!

  28. Pam Rawlings: I couldn’t agree more, another term would be intolerable and would more than likely see a huge rush of asylum seekers heading not towards Australia, but the other way! I wonder if they’ll treat us as well as we treat them?
    Seriously though, I’ll argue that Turnbull would still take the job if it were offered to him. Politics is about taking power and then holding it (the tricky part), and power is the headiest drug of all.
    A quick cabinet re-shuffle with a few of the more moderate members of the LNP in place and Malcolm in the Big Chair, the back room boys and girls would see it as a viable option to win another term. Guess we’ll both have to wait and see.
    Mao Zedong said that ‘the revolution is not a tea-party’ but then again he never met a Mad Hatter like Abbott.

  29. We Can Safely Say that Abbott has increased his Stupidity But amazingly he is just Behind Pyne and Morrison , Apart from the damage he has created its Funny to see him Floundering and trying to sound Prime ministerial, For a Person who struggles to make coherent comments he is doing extremely well.
    in the Morning Newspaper headlines Check on what is the main story after Pynes announcement and his Super duper triple Looper Gonski moment the Sydney morning herald used it as their front Page The Murdoch papers were very different some made no mention of it on their front Page And the Australian managed to fing an anti labor main story with a Paragraph on its main page stating Abbott has been asked to intervene regarding Gonski, Its still a big fight to get the truth out there. But Abbott himself is doing a great job of that, Don’t you just love Pynes smirk when talking about Condemming Gonski/

  30. No offence taken.

    Politics seems so surreal these days. One cannot work out, where comedy starts, and reality cuts in.

    It is like a black humour or comedy, or maybe a farce.

    Sadly, it is none of them. It is the stark reality, we have to face every day.

    There is no apparent rhyme or reason to what is occurring.

    The a another reality is that very little happens without a agenda, in this case, a hidden one.

    Yes, we try to make light of serious matters with little success, I believe.

  31. As I said. What good is there in the board that Abbott has set up to direct Indigenous affairs. The end of Mabo and Land rights would be in the picture.

    …Malcolm Fraser criticises government’s leasehold plan

    Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has criticised a federal government push to introduce 99-year leaseholds over some Northern Territory communities………

    Mr Fraser is among a growing number opponents to the plan who say there has been little community consultation to date.

    “If the government is wanting 99-year leases, it goes a long way to making sure Aboriginals can no longer control their own land,” Mr Fraser said.

    That view is shared by senior Indigenous figure Rosalie Kunoth-Monks.

    She says many Territory communities feared the consequences of the government’s leasehold push.

    “Right now we are again traumatised because that’s the last stable thing we feel under our feet: our earth, our ground, our home of thousands of years,” she said.

    Advocate and former journalist Jeff McMullin said the government’s motives were sinister.

    “This is a drive by the new government for economic control of Aboriginal lands,” he said.

    “The land-grab is to facilitate the easy entry of miners for exploration and development.”

    But the government said the possibility of 99-year leases is a catalyst to building stronger communities capable of attracting business development and providing opportunities for locals.

    Ultimately it will be up to the communities to determine whether they enter into an agreement, but in the meantime Malcolm Fraser is urging the Abbott government to review its position.

    “There is a massive contradiction in the philosophy of the Liberal Party then and the Liberal Party today,” he said.


    Finishing off what Howard was unable to achieve. Mostly due to the Democrats of the time.

  32. Great AFR article. It’s a pity very few people read that paper and the ones that do already know what a bunch of incompetents this crew is. Even poor old Bolter’s rants are getting completely irrational because he can say nothing favorable about them that bears any resemblance to reality.

  33. Yes, Mr Pyne, money is not always the answer. Ms Gillard was concerned that millions was being spent with no improvement. Yes, Ms. Gillard did indeed say this.

    On the other hand, one can do little in a capitalist system without money.

    MS. Gillard then spent six years, much work and research, to come up with a way to spend the money more efficiently and better targeted.

    Yes the new funding model focuses on finding the child. Every other motherhood statement, you have been uttering,. in the last few days, can be found in Better Schools, which you have taken the wrecking ball to.

    Yes, that is top be found in the Gonski report, which you seem to lack the comprehension skills to understand. That is, if you ever bothered to read it, as you rejected it with in an hour or two of release.

    Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne says money is not the answer for every problem in education, as higher funding does not guarantee better results.

    The minister this week announced the coalition government would only honour one year of the funding agreements – dubbed Gonski – and allocate a further $230 million in 2014 to the states that did not sign onto the scheme.

    The move has prompted outcry from signatories to the Gonski reforms, including NSW and Tasmania, who will have to renegotiate a new model from 2015 that will look to incorporate the states that previously chose not to sign on.

    NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has expressed concern that the federal government had implied state schools will take the full hit for any cuts as Catholic and independent schools were protected under federal legislation.


  34. There is a video on this site, that one should not miss. Watch Pyne in the background. Wonder if Piccoli will be able to bring in the National Party behind him.

    Ministers ridicule Pyne over Gonski backflip
    State Education Ministers including NSW’s Adrian Piccoli say what they really think about the Federal government’s decision to renege on the Gonski funding deal.
    Autoplay OFFONVideo feedbackVideo settings
    Education ministers angry
    More NSW news
    The outrage expressed by NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and his Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, over the Abbott government’s decision to renege on their Gonski funding deal is no doubt genuine.
    It was little wonder that O’Farrell and Piccoli leapt upon Gillard’s offer of $3.3 billion in education funding like starving men.

    Piccoli in particular has long been an advocate of a more equitable model for funding state schools, even at the expense of the private system…………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/piccolis-gonski-outrage–a-different-complexion-20131129-2ygmg.html#ixzz2m81QKCXN


  35. My gut feeling about the graincorp sale was “don’t sell the farm” but I knew little about it so tried hard to listen to the various arguments for and against. From what I can gather, pretty much everyone was happy with the deal. We need the foreign investment plus they had promised over 200 million to develop infrastructure for the growers (rail links and suck). The Farmers Alliance had a concern because the price for growers to use the facilities was only determined for the next three years and they wanted certainty about what would happen beyond that. If I was Joe Hockey, I would have got the growers and ADM together and brokered a 10 year deal with a review after that time. This government seems unable to negotiate or mediate anything.

  36. ADM has an established global market which could have been of benefit to the growers and the shareholders in graincorp seemed to be happy too. Guess Warren and Barnaby were unable to explain that to their constituents.

  37. It’s hard to pick the worst action of this so-called government, but Julie Bishop’s calling in of the Chinese ambassador to give him a big talking to gets the gong.

    Bishop, like the rest of the motley crew, seem uninformed about history (both Sino-Japanese wars), and the absolutely fundamental cultural need for people in Asia to “save face”.

    Pyne’s Gonski’s disaster has the news banned in this house, and l’m very thankful to the bloggers on Cafe Whispers for their wise and considered writing.

  38. I really don’t really understand how Tony Abbot, (and that’s putting it kindly) ,saying nothing when he speaks has suddenly become a new revelation and is so actively discussed just after the election. I’ve noticed this ineptitude from when he was health minister . I have looked on in horror as he began to matter not because of any contribution he made in fact for the very opposite. I still cant get over the fact that people could not notice that he is a nobody with no coherence or developed sense of mental aptitude it was revenge that seriously backfired for anyone who voted for him and everyone else’s night mare. We are all in serious trouble with this maniac on the loose.

  39. Yes, Tony always wanted the top job, but it was revenge that drove him to seek the job, at all costs at this time.

    He asked Turnbull for a job, and was told he did not have what it takes. Turnbull paid the price.

    I am sorry that Labor, and particularly Gillard, by winning. She rubbed salt into the wound by showing every day, that she has his measure, enraged more vengeance and vindication in him.

    Mr. Abbott did not have one win, against Ms.. Gillard. It was Rudd, and the behaviour of those in government, that bought them down.

    Yes, Gillard passed every piece of legislation she set out to do./ All budget matters were passed for three years. The government last full term.

    The final wrap up of the election, does not give Abbott that extraordinary win. The new government has been going back in the polls from day one. No honeymoon whatever.

    Now, he has to delete everything that Labor has achieve, right back to the days of Hawke and Keating.

    No, it was hatred of a female PM, and Labor, that drove the votes of the electors.

  40. Pyne is back to saying,that learning can be learnt by bringing back phonics. Well news for Pyne, teachers still teach phonics among other methods, Have for years.
    Mr Pyne does not realise that English, when it comes to spelling, is not fully based on phonics. Works well for some kids, not for others. He also wants rote learning bough back. I wonder how many degrees he has in education?

  41. Penny Wong. Not the government they said they would be. From when they said they were open for business……..Hockey decision very confused.

  42. Pointed out that the deputy PM should not come on to TV, telling the Treasurer what to do.

    This is the only one that Barnaby and the Nationals have a problem with.

  43. Once again, the only one in step, when it comes to election promise made, is the PM. everyone else got what he said wrong.

    Yes, this PM does indeed marches to his own band, one others cannot hear.

    How could everyone be wrong?

  44. Abbott: 01 Dec 2013

    “We are going to keep the promise that we made, not the promise that some people thought we made or the promise that some people would like us to make, we are going to keep the promise that we actually made.”

    Donald Rumsfeld you have been trumped.

    John Howard your core/non-core promises have been trounced.

    Who said Abbott was stupid when he can come out with these gems and outdo two great leaders.

    And Abbott is now going about rewriting everything he said before he was elected, by removing it from the public and by saying what he said wasn’t what we thought he said but was what he is now telling you he said even though what he’s now telling us he said doesn’t in anyway match what the records show he said.

    Oh come on right wingers, you really can’t support this dangerous nutjob. Let’s face it if any Labor leader had been a fraction as bad as Abbott is proving to be and had said something this screwy you would have been over it like a rash, just as you were with Gillard’s non-lie.

  45. Policy launch 29 August 2013
    Pyne: “So you can vote Liberal or Labor and you’ll get exactly the same amount of funding for your school except you’ll get $120 million more from the Coalition because in this policy today we are announcing a number of measures, modest measures, prudent measures, but ones that will address some of the key issues that we think are important.”
    Speech to Deaf Group, Melbourne 19 August 2013
    Pyne: “So, your question asks about federal funding, we’ll provide exactly the same federal funding as Labor will provide in Victorian public schools.”
    Abbott & Pyne doorstop, 2 August 2013
    Abbott:“As far as I am concerned, as far as Christopher Pyne is concerned, as far as the Coalition is concerned, we want to end the uncertainty by guaranteeing that no school will be worse off over the forward estimates period.

    No school (singular) will be worse off regardless of whether Labor or the LNP won. No they are denying making such statements.

    Simply. They lied.

  46. Mobius, when it comes to education, I have no idea what the man promised.

    I know what Pyne’s guts tell him, but is that policy.

    Saying the amount of money, one intends to spend, tells us nothing.

  47. Yes, this government is sure unique, it seems in every way.

    .It’s rare, maybe unheard of, for an elected political leader to set out to put his country into even worse shape than he found it.
    If such a reversal occurs, it’s usually the result of war, or recession or incompetence or exceptionally bad luck, or a combination of external circumstances.
    Tony Abbott might not think this is what he is doing. It might not be what he intends to do, but he needs to be aware of the likely consequences of the course he has embarked upon. Because there is no doubt he is going to leave Australia in worse shape than he found it and this is going to be especially tough on the next generation. Babies born this week will, on average, live to around 2101 we learnt from reports a few days ago. But what will their lives be like?
    Just looking at two of the Abbott government’s policies – education and climate change – we can confidently predict the next generation of Australians will be denied the continuous betterment to their lives that their parents and grandparents have taken for granted…

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/his-country-our-grim-future-20131129-2yh5p.html#ixzz2mCKBfmuu

  48. Interesting slant. Yes, they do have to obey some agreements. Wonder why the department never advised Hockey of this earlier. Suspect all departments are now waiting to be asked.

    Australia’s ambassador to the United States, Kim Beazley, had to scramble in the 48 hours before the Abbott government’s announcement that it had blocked Archer Daniels Midland’s $3.4 billion takeover of GrainCorp.
    He had to deliver on a commitment in Australia’s free trade agreement with America that the US government be given the opportunity to directly discuss potential takeover bans.
    An exchange of letters between the Howard government and the US government in 2004 that is part of the free trade agreement states that if a proposed US investment raises ”serious concerns” that could result in it being blocked, modified or unwound, the Australian government will ”inform the government of the United States of the reasons … [and] provide the US government an opportunity to consult with the government of Australia on the matter”.
    Beazley was mobilised late because the government was only alerted to the 2004 commitment last week. Sources say that he satisfied the conditions of the trade agreement side dea.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/grain-of-doubt-over-national-interest-case-20131129-2yh6n.html#ixzz2mCTGRWXb

  49. I have no idea, I am also fast coming to the conclusion, no one does, including Tony.

    Did you hear what he has to say about the G20, We take over the chair today.

    He will lead by example. He will tell them, they need to do, as we are, live within our means. He will not be saying anything in private, that he does not say in public.

    SBS news.

    Been out three times today. Bolt, Brisbane and Bondi.

    Must be something up.

    Said he would only come out,. if he has something worthwhile to say.

    Sadly, I believe he would have been better to stay in the cellar this fine Sunday.

    Should be a terrific QT tomorrow.

    Maybe even Palmer will make that speech, he is threatening Abbott with. Then he is more likely to make them sweat longer.

    Trying to find the video of Kate Ellis, who was on Meet the Press this morning. No luck

  50. Fed up @ 5:02 pm

    Government on L Plates doesn’t even get close to this idiot lot in power. This was their own negotiated treaty and a lot of the current hang over stuck in the past ministers were around back when the US FTA was negotiated.

    Even their rusted on right wing supporters have gone mute unable to defend them in anyway.

  51. i think it is time we all took to the streets to show this lying lot that we are not going to take all this crap lying down ,our children need our help

  52. Mobius, even our visitors seem to be struck dumb,

    One thing for sure, it cannot continue like this,

    Abbott seems to think, if one says something, that means it has been done.

    He has trouble with intent, and doing. I think the Indonesians pointed this out, after he sent that letter. Plenty of intent, nothing else.

    Like all those aspirational proposals he had before the elections, that he seen as policies.

    Yes, I did have trouble comprehending what Abbott and Co were saying.
    Sadly I had no problems working out their intent. This was because, I had come to the conclusion, that he was saying nothing.

    Yes, from the day he said unity ticket, if one looks at the archive, it was clear that Gonski was dead. Even the likes of Kathryn Griener was surprised at the back flip. I do not know why.

  53. ………..The Abbott Government might think that in the end results will speak louder than words but they take the press gallery for granted at their peril. If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there is to see it happen, did it really happen ? In contrast, those ministers who assiduously court gallery journalists and do to the talk show show circuit of Sky News and Q&A will always be the ones feted as the strong performers, despite meagre policy records.

    However, the more important lesson for the Coalition this week was that it takes Coalition state colleagues for granted at their peril. Pyne committed an A Grade newbie error this week in expecting Liberal education ministers in NSW and Victoria to meekly fall in behind him on education funding. This faux pas was made even worse by the fact he didn’t even do state counterparts the courtesy of letting them know beforehand before dropping the story out in the media. Again, a sign of disregard of elementary political and diplomatic due process, something that seems to be an emerging hallmark of the Abbott Government…………..


  54. Both the transcripts for Abbott’s comments on Gonski funding are missing from the Liberal Party website (Aug 2 and Aug 29),

    Make no mistake people, what we’re seeing is neo-fascism in action as this government does everything in its power to erase and rewrite history, and it’s only getting away with it as much as it is because of a large section of the media being complicit.

    An example is Malcolm Farr on Insiders saying that the Abbott has handled Indonesia well.

    It is up to little blogs like this and other 5th Estate foru to keep the truth alive by continuously publishing the history and sourcing the original material whilst highlighting the lies and deceits of the altered material.

    Keep Abbott’s blatant lies alive for all to see.

  55. Another day. Day 76 since visiting the GG

    ….Treasurer Joe Hockey will seek an agreement with the Greens to abolish the debt ceiling this week as he faces new projections showing 13 more years of continuous budget deficits – enough to last the term of this government and the next four.
    The government borrowed another $800 million on Friday, taking it to within $3.9 billion of the $300 billion ceiling. It is due to breach the ceiling on December 12.
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
    Compromising comments: Tony Abbott referred to the Greens as “economic fringe dwellers” during the election campaign. Photo: Fiona Morris
    It is understood Mr Hockey wants to know what……………..

    “..The new government should ”cut early and cut hard”. The Howard government cut spending by 0.5 per cent of gross domestic product in its first budget and 1.2 per cent in its second. Cuts of that order today would save $8 billion and $16 billion.

    Dr Anthony said it would have to attack corporate welfare and middle- and upper-class welfare, ”especially assistance to the aged”.

    The Seniors Supplement paid to retirees too well-off to get the pension costs $300 billion a year. Family Tax Benefit B, which goes to families ”where one parent chooses to stay at home and look after the children”, costs $500 million more than it would if the threshold was cut to a generous $100,000.

    Ending the Clean Energy Household Assistance Package and unwinding associated income tax cuts would save $5 billion a year. ”Without a carbon price there is little need for the package,” Dr Anthony said…………..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/treasurer-joe-hockey-seeks-deal-with-greens-to-scrap-the-debt-ceiling-20131201-2yjum.html#ixzz2mG9DDUfI

  56. The only one in step, seems to be Abbott and his cronies. All others appear to be either out of step, or maybe dancing to different music.

    Dentition costs.

    .As the Australian Senate prepares to vote on a repeal of the carbon price scheme, a Chinese province will introduce this month the world’s second-largest emissions trading scheme.
    Guangdong province, the country’s largest province with a population of more than 100 million, will cap greenhouse gas emissions and issue carbon permits to big polluters from December 10.
    The announcement on a government website follows the introduction of emissions trading in Beijing and Shanghai last week and Shenzhen in June. Guangdong’s carbon market will trail only the European Union trading scheme in size.
    Economist Frank Jotzo, director of Australian National University’s Centre for Climate Economics & Policy, said the Chinese schemes worked on the same principle as the Australian model, which would become a trading scheme in July 2015 wer

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/chinese-provinces-emissions-trading-move-leaves-australia-behind-20131201-2yjvb.html#ixzz2mGCfTzv6

    Abbott happy out all day yesterday. First on Bolt, to tell us, we are in the wrong, for not comprehending what he said on that unity ticket.

    Then on to Brisbane, for a stunt with Cando, telling us that they are not afraid of Palmer.

    A lecture for those that attend G20. Will advise them, from the chair, to learn to live within their means, as he is doing in Australia. Well true fro the bottom half of income earners. The upper mob have to be rewarded for their efforts. No cuts there.

    Then he spent time, doing what he loves best, electioneering for Glasson in Griffith’s, telling the world that Rudd should not have resigned.

    Then turned up at Bondi, not sure what for.

  57. Whyt why why???

    ..We are not even sure what, exactly, are the government’s problems with Gonski. It is not about money. The Coalition, before and after the election, committed to matching Labor’s $2.8 billion in extra funding to the states over the next four years. The Gonski model provides schools with federal funding on the basis of equal funding for each student, which is then topped up for disadvantaged students. Few have quibbled with this goal. So let the states take the extra funding and seek to put it to best use, trying to raise the performance of all students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    This is not to say the Gonski model is perfect. The main concern of the Abbott government is that Gonski provides extra funding to a system that is failing by a number of measures: it barely distinguishes between mediocre and excellent teachers; it is failing to lift standards for the most disadvantaged students; it is not attracting enough students in maths and science, and the national curriculum needs urgent review. None of these issues can be improved by funding alone. So while Pyne may have a point, he has taken a hatchet to a problem and created a mess that need not have happened.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/smh-editorial/gonski-may-not-be-perfect-but-pynes-hatchet-job-unwarranted-20131126-2y80t.html#ixzz2mGIiQc8s

    Question asked by Keating, is do we want to be in it. I suspect, Abbott by his actions, does not want to be in anything, related to this century, in particular the Asian century.

  58. Mo @6:59 AM

    It is up to little blogs like this and other 5th Estate foru to keep the truth alive by continuously publishing the history and sourcing the original material whilst highlighting the lies and deceits of the altered material.

    A useful link to source the facts of such “erased” history is the Pandora Archive which also links to other archives, and is supported by the National Library of Australia..

  59. The answer, Fed up, is that the Abbott Liberals are tied too closely to Big corporations and American Republicanism. Class warfare exists. They want the poor to be poorer and the rich richer. The poor will then accept low wages just to exist. Bright kids in Public Schools – they don’t want leftist intellectuals. Better to have rich dumb kids running the country. This link made everything clear to me.

  60. DeanyZ1, they do not care about low income earners. That includes those in small business and contractors as well.

    They are for nightmare, of the free market, that has never existed, and only leads to disaster.

    This is why, they cannot tell us, what they are doing.

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