Abbott, nowhere man

My concern prior to Tony Abbott being elected Prime Minister was that his only aim was to win, that whatever happened thereafter really didn’t concern him a great deal.  Perhaps he thought to emulate his Liberal predecessor, and being in government there would be nothing more than that which he had already done, a never ending line of photo opportunities.  Boring I know, but if a job has to be done then it has to be done.

I think that it has been a rude shock to Tony now that he is PM, that he is actually expected to do something.  Tony has been propped up by so many people, the shock jocks, some very reputable journos, his wife (heaven knows why) and assorted family, all covering up and making excuses for him.

Tony promised that he would stop the waste – which he has admitted is non-existent.

Tony has promised to turn the boats around – well, he stuffed that one one hasn’t he.

Refresh my memory, why else was Tony elected?  Ditch the Witch?  Well, she’s gone.  So what are you Tony planning to do next?  Oh that’s right, you’re going to sack a couple of tens of thousands of people while at the same time increasing employment.  Tony has been amazing silent on how sacking a quarter of all CSIRO scientists is going to benefit..well anyone, except Tony’s bottom line.

He’s a real nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody.
Doesn’t kave a point of view,
Knows not where he’s going to,
Isn’t he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, please listen,
You don’t know what you’re missing,
Nowhere Man, the world is at your command.
He’s as blind as he can be,
Just sees what he wants to see,
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?
Doesn’t kave a point of view,
Knows not where he’s going to,
Isn’t he a bit like you and me?

I can only describe the current situation as eerily quiet. There are no new initiatives.  There are no new ideas.

If any normal person ever had the aspiration of achieving the top job in this country, that of Prime Minister then they would be saying, My turn, I now have the opportunity to do what I want to; it’s my vision, it’s my turn.

And this is why I stress out and big time for the future of our country.  No vision, and going nowhere.


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  1. Good post. I worry that Australia is becoming a nation that expects less and less of our leaders. There was a time that our politicians were visionaries, who saw in Australia a great future, a better Australia. In Tony Abbott all we have heard was talk about stopping illegal immigrants, getting rid of the carbon tax and stopping all the alleged waste of the labour years in power. But where is the vision for Australia’s future? What ever happened to Australia seeking to become a republic? Where is the vision for all Australians enjoying a better future? Australia deserves a better class of politicians than this lot.

  2. Let’s not forget that Universities will now also see cuts to funding across the country! What the LNP don’t realise is that regardless of their attempts at dumbing down society there will always be those of us willing to point out the arrogance, ignorance & impunity of their actions!

  3. Carol, I suspect he does know where he is going., It is a place, that he knows, all will rebel if they find out. He is further right than the Tea Party. One has to go back to Santamaria to work him out.

    In the next few weeks, we will see the unions and lower income welfare attacked in a way no other PM has been game to do.

    It was surprising how much some of hos closest mates gave away in this weeks senate hearings.
    I am talking about the likes of Brandis and Abetz.

  4. Abbott was propped a very long time before his foray into politics. His father propped him up on many occassions, getting him the very best lawyers when he comitted a crime or was being taken to court.

    Like most cowardly bullies, Abbott always had someone to prop up his thuggery with encouragement and to hide behind when he got out of his depth, like he is now.

    And now the media and the right wingnuts prop him up, blaming Labor and most of all Indonesia for his utter diplomatic fuck up.

    And evertime he loses a prop his failure as a human being are revealed for all to see with shaking body, nodding head and blank stare or his cowardly flights away from the confrontation rather than face it without a prop.

    And you see him being propped today by a woman, not his wife, but Peta Credlin, who props him up for her own power as proxy PM of this country.

    And you see him being propped up by the Murdoch media, who lie and distort for him, covering up is idiocy and childish inept thuggery.

    And you see him being propped up by the faceless men in the background, the extreme Christian hard right who also prop him up for their own selfish gain using his boneheadedness to do that.

    And you see him being propped up by his daughters who fob off his “daddy” stuff ups as inconsequential, and that they have and endearment for his childish idiocy shows its something he’s been a stuff up for long time.

    And he’s been propped up by his party, the majority of who didn’t want him as their leader knowing from personal experience what a screw up he was and how unpersonable he is, but prop him up anyway for their own power and gain for under him they can systematically rort and get away with misdemeanors at the cost of the people they could never do under anyone else, plus by propping him they get portfolios and responsibilities they know they would never get on merit.

    Abbott is just one big prop, all facade and no substance.

  5. I do not mix much. I am wondering if anyone has voiced excitement at that great big toxic tax going, Has anyone mentioned it?

  6. Abbott was elected for what he will destroy, not what he will build. He forgets he’s no John Howard. Whereas voters were forgiving of Howard – hence his reelection, they won’t be of Abbott. This is because regardless of his faults, Howard had the air of a statesman. Abbott has the air of a smug thug!

  7. abbott hasn’t a clue on how to run our country,he has committees to tell him how things are done,he hasn’t even got the guts and know how to deal with the indonesian problem ,he has gto be told ,
    what have the people who voted for this loony done to australia.

  8. Fed up, that great big toxic tax has hardly registered with most of us because we have had the compensation payment. My electricity & gas were almost the same as they were last year. This was just another scaremongering tactic to get the man into power,

  9. Poor VOYAGER, all he has left to defend his idiot of a leader is repeating a false mantra against the previous government.

    And if you believe the crap you spew then thanks for admitting Rudd had to fix the problems left by Howard, and they were huge and still negatively effecting this country to this day and well into the future.

  10. VOYAGER I don’t know what news you are reading but the mess we are in is due solely to Abbott’s inept handling of the situation.

    Tebagus Hasannudin, the deputy chairman of Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Commission, says Mr Abbott’s response is “is lacking in diplomacy skills”.

    “Because when a response was given by Prime Minister Abbott, it was not in accordance to the standards expected by Indonesians.

    “Other type of responses, better ones, could have been made, better for both Australia’s internal politics and foreign affairs interests, to show that it’s a friendly and neighbourly country – that is my opinion.”

    The party heavyweight says Mr Abbott has damaged Indonesia’s trust.

    “That’s the basic principle of Asians – once you’re unfaithful, you will no longer be trusted,” he said.

    “This needs to be understood by Australians – especially the Australian Prime Minister. Abbott’s response is lacking in diplomacy skills.

    “If I can suggest, [he should] just express regret and apologise for what happened in the past, because he wasn’t involved in it, thus he’s not responsible for it.

    “Say it will be revised, so the relationship between the two countries can go well. That’s it. Done.”

  11. The “books shambolic” Voyager ?

    You must know you’re talking utter bullshit ?

    There’s plenty to criticise in the last government, but you’ve picked one aspect of policy where a reasonable person would say they did pretty well.

    My criticism is that the deficit isn’t big enough.

  12. “As we noted earlier this week – Australia’s reputation as a constructive force at these negotiations has been trashed. The diplomats themselves are probably not to blame – t-shirts or not – they have simply had to work within very narrow ideological parameters set by the office of Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. The country’s role has been so obtuse that one delegate quipped it could even disqualify itself from membership of Cartagena Dialogue, the group of moderate countries it helped to found in Copenhagen in 2009.

    Indeed, in the past few weeks, in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and in Poland, the new Abbott government has been bestriding the international stage with all the finesse of a drunk in a bar, knocking over chairs, offending bystanders, and throwing up repetitive slogans that most countries find incomprehensible.

    The Abbott government – and the inner coterie of advisors that sets policies and controls the messaging – probably regards this criticism as a badge of honour. But it is equally likely that it has completely misread the mood of the international community, just as it apparently did with Indonesia and at CHOGM.”

  13. Well done Carol You Have captured Precisely what this Man Is, In this country Because of the Bulk of the Media Glossing over His Many Many Many Stuff ups ,He was able to CON the general Public Who generally couldn’t care less for Politics Using the Howard method Of the 20 second Grab on the Evening News, Man of action etc, And didn’t that work for Honest John. If You Go into a Newsagents and see all the daily Papers on offer you can soon tell which are Murdoch and those who are not, Just read the headline on Offer Everything they could Highlight against Labor would be splashed across the Front page whereas the Likes of the AGE and SMH were the exact opposite, If you Live In Queensland or West Australia you only get Murdoch tripe, But to get the Message out there is extremely difficult as we will be Howled down By the Other Lot. Paul Keating recognised this Truth about the Media going back 30 years, There will always be this them and us as there always Has been, When I read “Voyagers ” Pronoucements All it can offer is some imagined grumble about the Labor government as there are No Forward thinking ideas from The man Who put the CON into conservative,

  14. Why is it, that the Australian is tho only one still in custody in Russia. Could it be lack of ability or interest in this governments ability to help him. Could it be that Mr. Abbott put Mr. Putin offside

    All others from the Green Peace ship are out on bail.

  15. So it is Labor’s fault that Abbott is such a failure.?

    If so, how does one explain the fact that the economy is among one of the worlds leaders, with three triple A rating.

    Where is the proof of all the disasters that are mentioned. Instead of allegations, that mean little, why not produce a few facts. Tell us what this government has done better.

    It appears that Mr. Joyce is unable to travel to Indonesia. It appears they are considering alternate sources for beef. Something many in the country have wanted to do for a long long time.

    Why do many feel we are superior to that country. That they owe us.

  16. “My criticism is that the deficit isn’t big enough.”

    MJ, Hockey is quickly fixing that one up.

    The shame is, he is doing it in a way, that will make economic conditions much worse.

    But rest easily, the deficit is growing at a rate, that Labor could never equal.

    I suspect, so is unemployment.

  17. Cuppa, no election yet. This is government is there, by the will of the people. Those same people need to see what a disaster their none thinking vote has delivered.
    Will be time then for a new election, not yet.

    They have only been in government 67 days. Maybe they can still show us, they are capable of government. They say miracles do happen.

  18. I suspect the Indonesians see this being about Abbott and his ilk. From the protesters in the streets, they are fully aware of how politics are played in this fair land of ours.

    The truth is, there are many in Indonesia that have no love for us. The bigger problem is, that these people might be in power earl;y next year. They have been given, thanks to the incompetence of our PM an open door to attack us on every level.

    Contrary to the thoughts of those on the right, we will be the losers.

    It is Abbott that has all to lose. The Indonesians have not gone along with his Sovereign Borders, despite Abbott”s attempt to say all is OK.

    Even Morrison yesterday was carrying on with the pretense that Indonesian was onside with him.

    It is this pretense that Abbott and Morrison insist of maintain, must be getting up the nose of that country. They keep telling us loudly and clearly, they do not agree with Abbott. Abbott keeps telling us they do.

  19. I’m fed up with the disgrace and animosity the halfwitted Abbott and his redneck cohorts are bringing on Australia. They had better hope no one gets hurt.

  20. There is something to do with the G20 I believe the first week in December. Another r stage for us to be embarrassed. Also one for Indonesia to launch complaints.

    We also have the states and feds meeting to together soon. That one should be interesting.

    Why no announcement yet, that Abbott has made contact with the Indonesian President.

    It appears he was in meetings all day yesterday. Surely it is clear as to what has to be done.

    That phone needs to be picked up, not a letter.

  21. “Chinese officials have expressed their surprise and disappointment that Australia is seeking to repeal its carbon price, just as the world’s second largest economy and biggest polluter prepares to launch new carbon trading schemes of its own, and seek linkages with international markets.

    Just hours after Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt was hailing the passage of the carbon repeal legislation through the lower house in Canberra as a “victory for the people”, his somewhat more powerful and longer sighted Chinese counterpart, Xie Zhenhua, was hosting a presentation at the Chinese pavilion at the climate talks in Warsaw, hailing the start of pilot carbon trading schemes in Shanghai and Beijing next week.”

  22. “MJ, Hockey is quickly fixing that one up.”

    Sadly correct FU.

    There’s 2 kinds of deficit, the good kind when the government makes up for a private sector spending shortfall to maintain employment and the bad kind when the government in pursuing ideological surpluses actually achieves the opposite, an even bigger deficit but with rising unemployment.

    I doubt Hockey would understand the difference.

  23. A collection of quotes from Tony Abbott on Labor raising the Debt Ceiling

    Triple M Radio Interview – May 11, 2012:
    I mean, all of us would like to get back into surplus – and I think it’s very important that we do – but the problem is she is increasing the Commonwealth’s debt ceiling to $300 billion and that’s like going to your bank and telling them that you want to increase your credit card limit. You normally only do it if you’re anticipating more spending and that’s one of the problems with the Budget, I think. They’re talking surplus but in fact they’re going out and increasing the debt limit.

    2GB Alan Jones Radio Interview – May 11, 2012:
    Well, that’s exactly right. The Government should be forced to specifically justify this, not to just sweep it under the carpet and allow it to go through in the appropriations becauseby convention the Opposition doesn’t oppose the appropriations. I think we do need to take a very, very seriously critical look at this question of the debt ceiling. I’m not saying that, having looked at it critically, we would necessarily oppose it, but the Government has to justify this. Our money, our future, is too important to be mortgaged like this without the Government giving us the strongest possible arguments for it, because every dollar that they borrow has got to be repaid.

    Melbourne – May 17, 2012:
    They do not need to increase the debt ceiling and they do not need to add $50 billion to our nation’s credit card limit if they are actually getting us back in to surplus. Now, the fact that they want to borrow more shows that they don’t believe their claim that they will get back to surplus.

    Melbourne (Williamstown) – March 27, 2013:
    The debt ceiling, the nation’s credit card limit, is $300 billion. Now, the Government needs to get this down – it needs to get this down urgently – but my fear and the growing fear of the Australian public is that the Government will try to solve its problems by increasing your problems…

    Melbourne – September 9, 2013:
    Well, it is a failure on the Government’s part because it is the Government which having already raised the debt ceiling several times, now admits that the current debt ceiling will be exceeded before Christmas. Our national credit card is maxed out. Under this Government, we will just keep on maxing out the credit card, we will keep extending the credit limit, we will keep bumping up against that credit limit. We will just borrow more and more and more. What we need to do is turn things around from a situation where we are constantly living beyond our means to a situation where we start living within our means and paying back the debt and that’s exactly what we do under the fiscal scenario that was put to you all by Joe and by Andrew in the last couple of days.

  24. Thanks to all of you who have posted links to articles that really need to be brought to the attention of all Australians, because the only way they are going to learn about them is by the rest of us sharing them on our facebook & twitter shares. The MSM are still not picking up what is happening in the ‘real world’.
    I know that there are some good journalists out there, come on you guy’s start to do a better job for the good of the country – start investigating. The 5th estate & social media are the only places to find out truths.

  25. We can debate until the cows come home, but it all boils down to this. Abbott and Co simply were unfit to be the Opposition in this country and it’s showing now that they are in government. Political thuggery in Opposition just doesn’t cut it in government. They concentrated so much on the fight to take power, that they failed to develop credible policy along the way, and failed to flush out the old-guard failures and replace them with newcomers with REAL talent. This is why they spend so much time keeping everything secret instead of being the “open and transparent”, “adult government” they proclaimed they were. Abbott has only two settings – “off” and “wrecking mode”, and it certainly looks like he’s stuck on “wrecking mode”. This is the first time in my memory where a party was elected to govern on what it will destroy, not on what it will build. At least Abbott has confirmed one thing – The WORST of a Labor government is still far superior to the best of a Coalition one!

  26. Greg @8.34 ” If you Live In Queensland or West Australia you only get Murdoch tripe…”
    To be fair The West Australian (6 days/week) is owned by Kerry Stokes (another billionaire, but not Murdoch) who also owns Channel 7 (lots of cross-promotions that aren’t labelled as such). Murdoch DOES own the Sunday Times (one day/week). Of course, the national Murdoch paper (The Australian) is also sold in WA (or given away).

  27. They are great quotes from Abbott Kaye Lee.

    Stuff like “living beyond our means” and “maxing out the credit card” might be important if you’re running a corner store but have no meaning, relevance, or applicability in a system such as we’ve been running since the 1970’s (a floating fiat currency).

    They are what we used to call “schoolboy howlers”.

    But they’ve got appeal to folk who don’t understand the difference.

    Sadly (for us) that also seems to include the LNP economic spruikers and 100% of the financial journalists.

  28. Exactly MJ.

    Every time I hear that rot about credit cards and living within your means and likening the debt to a mortgage, I point out that individuals do not have a share of everyone’s money with which they have to provide services that won’t make a profit – like hospitals and schools and roads and railways and a defence force and a police force and pensions, for example, for EVERYONE to use.

    I also point out that most businesses run on credit. They borrow money to invest in their business which brings them income. When interest rates are so low it’s a great time to do that, increasing our capital productivity.

    As we all know, sensible discussion on anything at all left this debate when Tony Abbott adopted the crown on the back of a covenant with the climate change deniers. Ever since then we have been in the hands of Mark Textor, Peta Credlin, and Brian Loughnane, advertising spin merchants who identify how to manipulate particular demographics and who would say anything to sell a product. They now think they should make policy and run foreign affairs and diplomacy.

    Scary times indeed.

  29. Mangrove Jack; So nice to read someone who has their head on straight when it comes to economics – more power to you and MMT will eventually prevail!
    Sandra Searle; Speaking personally, I have no intention of letting up the pressure on these bastards and I guarantee the ‘Post’ will keep blogging and investigating until I have no more strength in my fingers to type.
    Power to the blogosphere! (and Cafe Whispers, natch).

  30. So, Little Johnny has been conscripted to do the preselection for the Libs,.
    That should work well, he was in charge when Abbott ,Bishop, Pyne, Joyce and the rest of the right wing religious nutters were put up for election.
    As much as I detest Abbott I actually now think most of Labors problems over the past 6 years can be squarely and fairly put down to the behavior of the Rudd.
    Rusted on Labor voters could not stand this supercilious pretentious twerp, me included.
    It may turn out that Abbott will be Labors best friend the way events are unfolding.
    Biggest danger is if the thickos in the LNP wake up and give Malcolm the top job, he will be a lot harder to shift in a future election.

  31. I see the Monty Python crew are reforming to present a new show. I think they will be hard-pressed to outdo this govt’s comedy act..even down to pinching the Monty Python’s “Fish-slap” sketch with Morrison and his three-star general as the performing players!

  32. I agree Bill. We should always remember though how dishonest, weak and unprincipled Turnbull is.

    He will forever be thought of as dishonest because of his grubby involvement in the Godwin Grech/Ozcar fake email affair.

    And he’s weak. In a party which allows their members to cross the floor and not endure a penalty, he chose on two occasions to vote the way Abbott TOLD him to – on the Carbon Price and same-sex marriage – against his own principles.

    Turnbull is as bad as Abbott. Everything’s always about THEM – at the expense of everyone/everything else!

  33. No matter how bad the relationship becomes with Indonesia, Abbott’s stubbornness and arrogance will automatically stop him from saying sorry.

  34. It appears that he has sent the letter. It is amazing that he popped his head up today.

    Joyce was told not to bother coming. Joyce was saying yesterday, he was still going.

  35. G’day Le blogeur gai
    I remember the Grech affair and the way MT did what Abbott said. We seem to see that in all parties these days though, none of them have the nerve to stand up to the head honchos.
    In Queensland we’ve had a succession of Labor leaders who couldn’t hold a coherent thought in their head for more than a nanosecond and have done what a backroom mouse jockey told them to, as per Goss doing what Rudd told him to. Bligh and Beattie doing what Rolf told them to. All disastrous political mistakes.Resulting in Newman winning by a washout and leaving Labor with 7 in the state parliament. One of those is my state MP and is worse than useless.
    These days it’s all charisma and being TV friendly, this is where MT has it all over the Mad Monk.
    Another point in Malcolms favour is that he steers clear of wanting to emulate the absolute worst PM this country has ever had.
    [ The Medal of Freedom winner [ also handed to Blair and Thatcher ], George Bush’s best friend and cohort in maiming thousands of Iraqi children, the PM of the most profligate government in our history and serving as PM for years without one solitary piece of worthwhile infrastructure or service for the Australian people, Little Johnny himself ].

    Anybody else want to put their hand up and tell Australia they’re a Rhodes Scholar?
    There must be a lot of Rhodes Scholars around the world today who are doing a lot of explaining about just how this cretin could possibly have attained any sort of intellectual or academic achievement.

  36. “….Chinese officials have expressed their surprise and disappointment that Australia is seeking to repeal its carbon price, just as the world’s second largest economy and biggest polluter prepares to launch new carbon trading schemes of its own, and seek linkages with international markets.

    Just hours after Australia’s Environment Minister Greg Hunt was hailing the passage of the carbon repeal legislation through the lower house in Canberra as a “victory for the people”, his somewhat more powerful and longer sighted Chinese counterpart, Xie Zhenhua, was hosting a presentation at the Chinese pavilion at the climate talks in Warsaw, hailing the start of pilot carbon trading schemes in Shanghai and Beijing next week.

    China plans to have 7 such pilot schemes in operation within a year (Shenzhen has been trading for six months), and is looking to eventually link its scheme with other carbon markets in the Asia Pacific region, including New Zealand, California, South Korea and Japan..”

    nowhere, yesterday man?

    The only man in step?

  37. We don’t put enough effort into picking our political leaders in the parliament, or even at the electorate level. The abbott has always harboured feelings of destined greatness with either GOD or MAMMON. Has he ever thought why HE of all people, would be capable of this job?. He probably takes it for granted that he is adequate ( well more than…. He is destined for it), but alas, like the king who has no clothes HE will be the last to realise that he hasn’t got it. and it shows already. The scripted passages are no more than an act and a CON act at that, to get the crown. Now that this mob are in and can do REAL damage to a much greater extent than they did in opposition, ( and that was considerable) we can expect a rough ride, A deterioration of our international standing and social disruption with mean policies that attack lower income groups most and sackings of the usual LieNP target the Public Service while .Privately run Jails will prosper. Paying TAX on incomes of 6,000 per annum. $120 a week. Anyone at that level would need support. What are these Barbarians thinking of? Perhaps they want to drive them to suicide to save money on pensions later.

  38. Thanks for the endorsement, Edward MMT needs all the help it can get.

    It’s interesting who gets it and who doesn’t.

    As Keynes said “it’s not that the new ideas are difficult, it’s clearing your head of the old ones that’s the problem”, or words to that effect.

  39. I believe he does have a vision. As a person on the bottom of the economic rung I am about to be confronted with it any day now.

  40. The nowhere man strikes again as the Australian Greenpeace activist is the ONLY person still in custody. Apparently, leaders of the countries of the others in custody contacted Putin asking for their their release and they have all been bailed. Tony and Julie say “they can’t interfere”. My disgust for these incompetent cowards grows every day.

  41. “The left didn’t lose the battle of policy ideas, it won it convincingly; however it lost the battle of perceptions. People in Western Sydney believed that Abbott would stop the boats, the battlers believed that the LNP would be good at managing the economy, almost everyone believed that the LNP government was stable, etc. The reality is that Labor’s asylum seeker policy was just as inhumane as the LNP’s; Labor had a demonstrably better evidence-based economic platform than the LNP’s dangerous ideologically-driven ‘let’s cut everything related to public service and social justice’ policies; and Tony Abbott is only the leader of the LNP in the first place because he caused a leadership spill on a policy issue that basically said climate change was crap – a spill that he only won by a single bloody vote (don’t trip up now, Tony).”

  42. LOVO, and there was not one single brave soul in the msm who bothered to inform the public as to the deceptions and lies told by Abbott and J. Bishop. It has only been in the past few days that a couple of journalists, one surprisingly in Murdoch’s Herald Sun have mentioned that the turn back the boats issue is not a sudden whim of the Indonesians but that both Abbott and J. Bishop have been warned and officially over the past couple of years. Is it any wonder that the Indonesians think that Abbott and Bishop are either white supremacists..or stupid, or both.

    Journalists up until now have conveniently ignored all of this, instead preferring to call it “clever politics”. As one journalist has now put it, Tony and the far right shock jock brigade who want to tell the Indonesians to “get stuffed” might need to think twice when, and due solely to Abbott’s absolute stupidity and ham fisted handling of the whole spying issue, we no longer find ourselves working co-operatively with the Indonesians as regards terrorism quite a number of Australian beef producers could be very unhappy with Tony as well. There are one whole heap of issues far more important than people seeking asylum in Australian, and who happen to arrive by boat.

  43. Thank you MWS for Pointing it out that Kerry stokes owns the west Australian, I didn’t realise that, But when we Motorhome around that state the Press was anti Labor Thank you for read my rant, I enjoy reading everybodys contributions ,Good or Bad But Things are crook in musselbrook with this Government The 100 day Honeymoon isn’t over yet, They seem to have a cupboard full of Loonies

  44. “A $300 million funding boost aimed at improving the wages of 30,000 childcare workers looks increasingly likely to be axed as the federal government continues to sit on the Labor-approved initiative.
    The money was to be spent in 1100 childcare centres to bolster the meagre $19-an-hour wages of certificate III childcare workers by $3 an hour and early-childhood teachers by $6 an hour.
    The starting wage for a university-educated early childhood teacher is $42,000 a year.
    Starting teachers who were to receive the wages boost would have been paid about $53,000 a year.
    The governmen…………

    Read more:

    Once again, the bottom being cut. It appears they are reneging on the Gonski promises to Catholic Schools and the indexation of childcare rebates.

    As for childcare, room has to be found for nannies and lowering standards.

  45. It is so obvious that Tony has no vision. He has ONLY been interested in removing any reforms the previous government managed to have passed in a minority government. He has no charisma, no style, no progressive policies. EVERYTHING must be changed back to the way it was under Howard. Someone should remind him that Howard was thrown out because people didn’t like his policies.
    Reminds me of The Magic Faraway Tree fiction books. He will sit and wait until his perfect world appears at the top of the tree…..meanwhile doing nothing, except stumble around in mess of his own making!

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