Living with baboons

It’s been a huge week in politics; a week that saw some absolute cock ups from the government. To briefly recap, we’ve had Tony Abbott’s decision to provide Sri Lanka with two patrol boats to help round up people fleeing the island nation, we’ve seen Tony Abbott upset the Indonesian president over his response to the 2009 spying scandal, we’ve seen tens of thousands of people take to the streets calling for action on climate change, and anybody who saw this week’s Media Watch would have been appalled at the government’s fanaticism at keep the public in the dark over asylum boat arrivals.

Indeed, it’s been a bad week for Team Tony.

You’d think that these big stories would be receiving daily coverage in the media, with dashes of scrutiny. But not so in the Murdoch media. These are all bad for Team Tony so any reference to them is silenced as quickly as the government’s news on asylum seeker arrivals.

As an aside, the Fairfax media is leading the charge but you”d be amused to learn that Andrew Bolt simply dismisses this as their jihad against the government. Yes, you may laugh.

The Murdoch media is of course free to write about whatever it wants. If they don’t want to write about the government, even when we are facing our greatest ever diplomatic crisis, then so be it. They did, of course, feel quite content on pushing all sorts of rubbish down our throats about the previous government, but apparently the current government isn’t newsworthy. It appears that politics is no longer of interest to them.

So what is?

Brace yourself, these are the big stories the Murdoch media think are the important page one issues of the day:

Canadian school rejects mum’s homemade lunch, gives crackers instead.

What kind of bored are you? Researchers discover a fifth type of tedium.

Snake Catchers Brisbane film marathon fight between two carpet pythons.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge recycles a favourite Orla Kiely frock at London charity event

How a non-runner learnt to run.

Kim Kardashian appears topless in Kanye West’s music video for ‘Bound 2’.

I’m not suggesting that these stories are not of interest – to somebody – but we do expect some balance in political reporting. We also expect honesty. We are receiving neither. And something on the diplomatic crisis would be nice.

But I’ve saved the best for last:

What Australian biologist Mat Pines learned while living with baboons.

All I can suggest is that he’s preparing himself for life under an Abbott Government.

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  1. Aww poor little Abbott-adorer, Tweed, can’t handle the fact that his beloved poster boy is a complete & utter failure. Idiot Boy isn’t prepared to “risk” diplomatic relations over the brutal treatment of cattle…or even the brutal treatment of human beings….but is more than happy to sacrifice diplomatic & trade relations just to avoid having to say “sorry”. What an idiot…though I recall Howard had similar problems with apologies!

  2. Thank you for your very pertinent post, Michael. The appalling Abbott is not my PM & never will be.

    Hmm, you must have hit a nerve with the speedy, first cab off the rank, put-down response from the Lib apologist & right wingnut troll, pseudonym-using Tweed. They all think they are so witty & intelligent. Got news for them…..

    Luckily for me, my wonderful Murdoch Block prevents me from viewing your links to the crap-as-news of the News Corpse rags. The headlines were enough as the actual article would only be filling fluff with ads attached.

  3. But Tweed, whenever I do get my mojo back you’re the first one here distracting the article to something about Gillard or Rudd. 🙄

    But don’t worry mate, my mojo hasn’t gone anywhere. 😉

  4. Be careful who you call baboons. It seems as if you’ve gone to the site and picked up some stories from there.

    The Daily Telegraph in Sydney however has a number of pertinent stories on its front page, such as:

    – HYPROCRISY – how Indonesia spied on us
    – Nathan Sleaze Ex [Labor] premier admits to sex romp with constituent
    – Pressure [from unions] on Labor to back Badgerys

    Quite apt for Sydney, covering international news, a major piece of infrastructure, and some ever persistent Labor sleaze thrown in for good measure.

  5. I would have believe the first rule one has, when spying, is not to get caught . The second would be, I believe, if you get caught, you are on your own.

  6. What was clear, last night from the general, there has been nothing been put in place since the elections when it comes to stopping the boats.

    Yes, there has been a new bureaucracy set up to muzzle information. Nothing else.

    The people are being transferred to the Islands, to be assessed by those there, to be settled in PNG,

  7. Indonesia’s foreign minister says his country is already moving to downgrade its relationship with Australia in the wake of the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono spying revelations.

    Marty Natalegawa says Indonesia is “not only reviewing our cooperation with Australia – we are actually already implementing the downgrading of our bilateral relations with Australia.”

    “We are not the party that is bringing this issue up. It is Australia that has brought the matter up,” he added.

    Indonesia’s top government ministers are now locked in a meeting with Mr Yudhoyono and the now-recalled ambassador to Australia, discussing the state of the relationship.

    Arriving at the palace, the s..

  8. This is how our government saves money. I suspect the WA where put on the milarity plane, to ensure they had no contact with the media. So paranoid this mob is.

    The use of a VIP jet to bring a group of Western Australian Liberal MPs and members of their staff and families to Canberra for the opening of Federal Parliament has reignited a debate over politicians’ travel entitlements.

    While the VIP jet cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, Government frontbencher Christopher Pyne says it may have been cheaper than commercial travel……………………………….

    …………………The verdict

    Mr Pyne says the VIP flight from Perth to Canberra was “probably cheaper” than Qantas or Virgin.

    Comparable commercial fares would have cost a maximum of $56,260 whereas the cost of sending the VIP jet to Perth would have been a minimum of $140,483 before other costs are added.

    Mr Pyne’s claim is incorrect.


  9. Hey Syd be careful quoting Sex Romps with constituents, the headlines could be very interesting down the track.

  10. Such adult people on the right. Makes one envious, being on the left.

    “……………..Liberal party strategist Mark Textor appears to have taken a swipe at Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Pogo parent and partner to be charged with murder Mum behind bars charged with son’s murder 24 minutes ago 9RAW: Attorney describes death of woman dragged by car Woman dragged behind car to her death One hour ago Redback Spider (Ian Waldie/Getty Images) Redback anti-venom doesn’t work: study Two hours ago Worst game show guesses ever Worst game show guesses ever Dog found alive under tornado-demolished home Dog found alive under tornado-demolished home Pedestrians’ close calls with death Pedestrians’ close calls with death I won’t overreact on Indonesia says Abbott Indo told phone taps won’t happen again Indon-Aust diplomatic tensions set to grow In a series of tweets aimed directly at the Indonesian president, Mr Textor lashed Mr Yudhoyono for tweeting his outrage over Mr Abbott’s response to revelations Australia tried to tap his phone. “What sort of head of state communicates with a neighbouring government by twitter FFS? That’s insensitive,” Mr Textor said in a tweet on Tuesday. In another tweet, Mr Textor wrote “I think he should sack his foreign service and just do twitter. Save on the drinks bill.” Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser later tweeted “should be sacked now” in reference to Mr Textor. Comment is being sought from Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office…………….”

    Treasury has said nothing,m that indicates Hockey needs the debt limit raised to 5 billion. In fact, treasury replies at hearings tells us the opposite.

    Amazingly, they say, there is no one with the expert knowledge to assess DA.

  11. Hello Michael, remember “The Power Of One ” We can all do our Bit to Point out to fair minded People that this Clown should Not Be in charge of the Country , Talk about the Ship of Fools. The Negative Contributors who try to Belittle You /us Have never That’s NEVER told us how good Abbott is Because There is Nothing to crow about, Any body wonder why Murdoch Paper sales have dropped, Its because people have realised they are Being fed Tripe, Keep raising the Issues Michael there is Plenty of support for you, All this In Less than 3 months amazing truly Amazing

  12. Latest.

    “………….The head of Indonesia’s intelligence service says he has been assured by his Australian counterparts that they will not tap the phones of the country’s president again.
    In-N-Out Burger opens in Sydney
    US burger chain a hit in Sydney
    Seven minutes ago
    Pogo parent and partner to be charged with murder
    Mum behind bars charged with son’s murder
    30 minutes ago
    9RAW: Attorney describes death of woman dragged by car
    Woman dragged behind car to her death
    One hour ago
    Worst game show guesses ever
    Worst game show guesses ever
    Dog found alive under tornado-demolished home
    Dog found alive under tornado-demolished home
    Pedestrians’ close calls with death
    Pedestrians’ close calls with death
    I won’t overreact on Indonesia says Abbott
    Indo recalls ambassador
    Good explanation needed: Indon ambassador
    Marciano Norman, chief of the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency (BIN), said the body has spoken to Australian intelligence officials about the claims.
    “Indonesia’s intelligence body has communicated directly with Australian intelligence and in our communication, they stated that now and in the future, the most important thing that it won’t happen again,” Mr Norman told reporters at Jakarta’s presidential palace.
    “That’s their language, now and in future, they assured that it won’t happen again.”
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has refused to apologise or explain revelations that Australian spies targeted the mobile phones of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, his wife Ani and some of his closest confidants in 2009……..”

    This fits in with somers of the language used last night by the three star general.

  13. Syd, it’s all very well trying to do a look-over-there..which is fairly pointless when the problem is the diplomatic stuff-up currently at play. What an achievement, in a matter of a few weeks Tony has managed to transform regional cooperation into a diplomatic crisis.

  14. Marcus summed it up.

    Tony Abbott “isn’t prepared to “risk” diplomatic relations over the brutal treatment of cattle…or even the brutal treatment of human beings….but is more than happy to sacrifice diplomatic & trade relations just to avoid having to say “sorry”…..I recall Howard had similar problems with apologies! ”

    And now Mark Textor is tweeting childish abuse to SBY. The diplomatic handling of this has been beyond inept and is now degenerating into dangerous.

  15. ”We will be a no surprises, no excuses government … You could trust us in opposition and you will be able to trust us in government … This election is all about trust.”
    – Tony Abbott, policy speech

    Surprise surprise Tony…shit happens. Stop with the excuses about Labor, stop the withholding of information. It is YOUR job to make the right decisions. Dump the spin gurus, they are making things worse. Get the experienced public servants back and have THEM sit next to you instead of Credlin, and tell Textor to STFU.

  16. It seems to Abbott. life is not all beer and skittles. Seem to remember going down that track, saying life was not meant to be easy.

    The anger rate is high, on both sides in the lower house.

  17. Abbot making short statement within the house. All the media fault it appears. Nothing about his reaction to the situation.

    Very short, I say.

    As usual, Shorten reply shows him how to do it.

  18. “The media’s fault,” who didn’t see this one coming well before they got elected. I certainly flagged it.

    In opposition they and their gormless followers threw disdain at our claims of blatant media bias and impropriety, a media that continues to heavily run interference for the idiot Abbott to this day.

    But here is Abbott making one mother of a diplomatic fuck up and it’s somehow the media’s fault, a media who did nothing more than report something that made Abbott look like the gibbering baboon he is.

  19. Kaye Lee and,

    The diplomatic handling of this has been beyond inept and is now degenerating into dangerous.

    It will be only by the good graces of the Indonesians that this will not escalate. By calling a halt to all cooperation pertaining to asylum seekers, Indonesia is telling Abbott that Indonesia has had quite enough of his condescension. In one single stroke and a good deal of egotism Tony has managed to undo all the work of at least a decade.

  20. Good grace of the Indonesians…Christ woman, we’ve been bending over for them for years. They’ve had more Grace than a generation of Vatican Xmas’. Time to set the record straight! Like the Australian public set the record straight recently.

  21. The coup de grâce for Abbott; Julia Gillard apologizes to Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife for the hacking of their phones under her watch, Gillard also said if she had of known she would have stopped it immediately

  22. Haha what a load of codswallop Omnia quaerite misnomer, you really are demonstrating some desperation in that fatuous squirt. How is Abbott pouring petrol onto a diplomatic situation and igniting it through ineptness putting out a fire that didn’t exist?

    And blogging with baboons is so apt but I don’t think Tweed, VOYAGER, Syd etc would appreciate your sentiment.

  23. Two more massive fails for this government as they continue to come on thick and fast.

    Turnbull’s quicker fraudband roll out doesn’t put it’s first node in until sometime in 2015. What a joke, the first big fridge box graffiti magnet in your neighbourhood won’t be put into for more than a year.

    Hockey using the excuse of a possible looming financial downturn for wanting the $500 billion debt ceiling, you know one of those things that he said didn’t occur during Rudd’s reign so he canned their stimulus and raising debt.

    So we have a lost budget emergency by Hockey and now a looming financial crisis that exists somewhere in Hockey’s fairyland.

  24. This isn’t a novel by Ian Fleming ME. OH NO! Bang bang, don’t tell me that there’s actually nations out there using technology to spy? OMG. I’ll chip in to send the indo politicians security blankets to rub while they suck their thumbs. Oh, by the way, who was PM in 2009 again? Once again, Big Tony will clean up his mess. You all wonder why he hasn’t sent his resignation letter? His last ‘up yours for shafting me’ gesture from the idiot. What an infantile goose….much the same as previous labour leaders, and the current one. Electricity Bill…bewdiful mate,…bewdiful! pmsl

  25. When one listens to Indonesia, they have given Abbott more than one chance to save face. After Abbott’s latest effort, I fear he is incapable of smoothing things over.

    It is not about spying. It is about a adult man, not having the sense to think, gee this is bad, better pick the phone up.

    It is about the spying going to far, invading the privacy of leaders and their wives.

    Wonder who the five federal MP that had their phones etc under surveillance,. Bet the were not on the Coalition side.

    When one looks at the present court cases, under way, they could not have achieved much.

  26. Not in Hockey’s fairyland Mö – he’s very busy creating a financial crisis!

    Once again the baboon with the misnomer completely misses the point – it’s no longer got anything to do with spying in 2009 – it’s now ALL about the unbelievably inept performance from the idiot PM.

    A quiet “sorry mate, it won’t happen again.” and it’s all over – finished. Probably too late for that now 🙄

  27. Carol, may not be egotism, but lack of insight into the feelings and needs of others.

    An inbuilt inability to recognize danger.

  28. He handed to China on a silver tray, when it comes to a free trade agreement. Doing the same now in India, when it comes to uranium sales.

    Sri Lanka walked away with the big prize, us getting nothing in exchange.

  29. As usual FU. Nothing. Speculation on your part. As for being a man, you make me laugh. Big Tony is twice the man of any labour PM since…well let me see..there was the womanizing alcoholic, the closet poof and the idiot. I’ll not mention the wallban…….sorry wall flower…because she wasn’t a man. She just hated them.

  30. You miss the whole point misnomer, something I’ve stated before but you in your usual closed mind fantasy world ignored.

    It’s not about the spying. Do you understand that?

  31. To counter ME. Perhaps they should try and understand our culture for a change and try to co-operate with us, rather than Australia always kowtowing to the feelings and cultures of sensitive Asian nations. You know it’s true.

  32. It’s not kowtowing Omnia quarite, unlike Howard boot licking to George W Bush, now that was some first class kowtowing.

    I don’t know what it’s like living in the cloud of chosen ignorance like you do, and I never want to know.

  33. Oh by the way, If you think it’s kowtowing then Abbott has said he will kowtow in response to a letter he’s expecting from the Indonesian president.

    Here’s the coward Abbott in action again. His response will be kept secret of course as he sucks to SBY and gives him bribes.

  34. It is a good day. Just had my seventh GGrand child. After a worrying day, all well. Better that the last one, who spent most of the first year in intensive care, but is thriving now.

    Yes, I do have a lot to keep fighting for a better world. I do not see why one should sit down, twiddle ones thumbs and let an immature man, who is in the role of PM take us back to the dark ages.

  35. Thanks ME. It has been a long afternoon. I am home, not at the hospital. Probably made matters harder. Still I have been very lucky with my lids, grand and ggrand kids.

  36. OQ I was wondering if you could help me out. I have asked every Coalition supporter that I can find what it is that this government will do to make my life and this country better? All I ever hear you guys talk about is Labor. Is there nothing about the Coalition that you admire? Are there no policies that you feel are worth discussing? What has the current government achieved in its first 74 days in government? What positive plans do they have for the future?

    As you “question everything” you may be able to give me some assistance here.

  37. It’s an absolute laugh reading the right wingnuts sticking up for He Man Abbott and saying how great it is he’s giving Indonesia what for, and about time someone did.

    Not all that long ago when a Labor government supposedly upset Indonesia the Abbott opposition, these same loud mouths and the right wing media were sprouting how they had caused the end of Australia in getting Indonesia’s goat up.

    An apt example of their rank hypocrisy.

  38. He may “question everything” Kaye (in fact, that’s not surprising), but the answers he gets from that ‘voice’ are a bit of a worry. That and a classification of “severe mental retardation” explains an awful lot 😆

  39. Today I asked my ultra RW mate if he knew the difference between ignorance and apathy? …. his answer “I don’t know, and I couldn’t care less.” ….. said it all really 🙄

  40. Kaye, I an afraid that is one answer you will never get.

    I suspect they have not worked it out yet.

    To busy attacking others they believe do not agree with them, that the miss the facts before their eyes.

  41. As if Indonesia gives a flying f**k about us being tough. Half of Indonesia’s population is under the age of 30 and its economy is projected to be twice that of Australia by mid-century. Tony needs them to “stop the boats”. They need him for….ummmmm….comedy relief?

  42. Kaye Lee Abbott twice refused to answer questions on how he is going to stop the boats without Indonesia’s help.

    With his weasel response to the news SBY was writing him a letter asking for an explanation I predict yet another massive backflip coming on from Abbott, but of course it will be portrayed as him being heroic.

  43. ME I just hope Tony lets an experienced public servant write the apology letter rather than Peta “we only spy on you to help you” Credlin and Mark “have another drink ya old porn star” Textor.

  44. Tony said that in his first week as PM he’d pop over & tell SBY he’d had his fun & look where we are now.
    Joe raged against debt, threatened to block increases in the debt ceiling & now threatens to stop spending if he isn’t allowed to borrow more.
    I’m sure the rest of them are just as bad but we don’t hear from them
    Except for Scott, but only once a week. Who was that guy in Catch-22 who’d only authorise you to see him when he wasn’t there?

  45. What a joke Tony’s “secrecy” is. It takes an interview with the Indonesian Head of Intelligence to learn that OUR intelligence services have assured him that the tapping no longer occurs nor will it in the future. Tony’s refusal to say anything just makes him look ridiculous when we hear it from other sources and exacerbates a problem that could so easily have been fixed with a little common sense.

  46. Abbott is going to back down it appears. Nothing new there, just another massive back flip after one of his brain dead farts. What an insult to baboons he is.

    Also nothing new, expect the excuses to come thick and fast, most likely blaming Labor for the entire mess of Abbott’s making and the media running their usual interference whilst the Abbott Adorers (the Abborers, or Abbottoirs as they’re better known) also do their usual quick look over there at Rudd/Gillard/Labor.

    No surprise also will be that Abbott’s back down and fawning letter to SBY will be made secret as not in the national interest to be revealed. As is with all their secrecy what not in the national interest really means, “we are utter idiots and fucked up really badly but must snow job the public to hide it.”

  47. One they can’t blame on Labor is the condemnation we are receiving for our contribution (or lack thereof) at the climate talks. Add China and a whole heap of other countries to the growing list of people who are pissed off with us.

    “Australia’s reputation at the international climate change talks hit a new low on Wednesday after the G77 and China took offence at what they described as the hard-line tactics and bad behaviour of the Australian negotiators and walked out of a crucial meeting.

    The Australian delegation was accused of blocking all avenues of agreement, placing brackets around any text that was approaching consensus and, worst of all – of wearing t-shirts, “giggling”, and of being “cavalier and insensitive.”

    Saleemul Huq, a scientific advisor on the issue of loss and damage to the 132 nations who make up the G77 and China negotiating bloc, said G77 negotiators had walked out of talks at 4am on Wednesday.

    “There was continuous blockage of anything they wanted from Australia who were putting brackets around everything,” he said. “The behaviour of Australia’s negotiators was poor, they were being extremely insensitive, wearing t-shirts …

    “This is a serious issue. We are talking about life and death, people are dying from Typhoon Haiyan, we’ve got people on hunger strike here. You don’t trivialise these issues, by giggling, and marking brackets around anything. It is just not done.”

  48. Syd @ November 20, 2013 @ 3:13 pm
    LOL! You are so easily distracted. Nice distractions to divert your attention. You must adore Magic Acts.

    Omnia quaerite @ November 20, 2013 @ 7:50 pm “The new elected Govt has to run around putting out alp fires.”
    Good grief! You’re more mindless than I thought! Do you know how to breathe without being reminded? Sheesh! Talk about gutless sociopathic tendencies with myopic fixation.

    Omnia quaerite @ November 20, 2013 @ 7:56 pm
    You would know about bending over Oq. But doing it for yourself is really something that raises the eyebrows in polite company. It is for yourself, or is it for someone else?

    Omnia quaerite @ November 20, 2013 @ 8:27 pm “Big Tony is twice the man of any labour PM since”
    Oh great! You’re saying we are so lucky to have two balls and a Dickhead to be our Leader. You are really in another Universe aren’t you Oq. Stop banging your rocks together. We’ve evolved from that. Catch up.

    Omnia quaerite @ November 20, 2013 @ 8:34 pm “Perhaps they should try and understand our culture for a change and try to co-operate with us, rather than Australia always kowtowing to the feelings and cultures of sensitive Asian nations. You know it’s true.”
    Warning! Warning Will Robinson! Nazi sympathiser approaching! Warning! Oq is proselytising his sympathies!
    Oq, listen to yourself. Your sounding revolting to about 98% of the Globe! Do you really believe your shit?

    Omnia quaerite @ November 20, 2013 @ 8:46 pm “You preach ignorance. Don’t make me laugh.”
    You do and we don’t. Tragic, isn’t ?


    Fed up @ November 20, 2013 @ 8:52 pm
    Congratulations Fu. I know you’ll enrich the World’s new addition, with your love and insight, that you will share and teach them. Congratulations.

  49. I am not sure all is as it appears with this revelation of spying being revealed by a Mainstream Media, that has been so compliant to the needs and desires of the Commercial World. It is all too pretty?
    I am noticing that our Media is fixating everyone’s attention on this event, but a lot of other streams of normally boring information exchange have gone quiet into a pea-soup fog of muffled noises and obscured movements.
    Something is happening and our attention is being diverted. What is it?

  50. Ok I just choked. There is a huge backlash from ethnic groups to George Brandis’ repeal of the racial vilification laws and in response he said this….

    ”One of my key priorities as Attorney-General is to rebalance the human rights debate in Australia,” he said.

    Well I guess we know what he means by rebalancing…..loading the scales in favour of the abusers. So much for West Papua and Sri Lanka.

  51. I don’t know if it is for Diplomatic reasons or what, but it seems that Bill Shorten is following Abbott down the the same track regarding the refusal to apologise to SBY.

  52. ME you are no doubt correct about the TPP. Talks began in Washington yesterday between Bishop and Kerry and the US really wants the TPP finalised.

    Goodbye health system, generic drugs and the PBS. Goodbye environment. Goodbye autonomy to make our own laws. Hello open slather mining, higher prices and lawsuits.

  53. For BSA Bob 😆

    Maj. Major Major Major: Sergeant, from now on, I don’t want anyone to come in and see me while I’m in my office. Is that clear?

    First Sgt. Towser: Yes, sir? What do I say to people who want to come in and see you while you’re gone?

    Maj. Major Major Major: Tell them I’m in and ask them to wait.

    First Sgt. Towser: For how long?

    Maj. Major Major Major: Until I’ve left.

    First Sgt. Towser: And then what do I do with them?

    Maj. Major Major Major: I don’t care.

    First Sgt. Towser: May I send people in to see you after you’ve left?

    Maj. Major Major Major: Yes.

    First Sgt. Towser: You won’t be here then, will you?

    Maj. Major Major Major: No.

    First Sgt. Towser: I see, sir. Will that be all?

    Maj. Major Major Major: Also, Sergeant, I don’t want you coming in while I’m in my office asking me if there’s anything you can do for me. Is that clear?

    First Sgt. Towser: Yes, sir. When should I come in your office and ask if there’s anything I can do for you?

    Maj. Major Major Major: When I’m not there.

    First Sgt. Towser: What do I do then?

    Maj. Major Major Major: Whatever has to be done.

    First Sgt. Towser: Yes, sir.

  54. Bill Shorten is following Abbott down the the same track regarding the refusal to apologise to SBY

    Crowey, if you listen carefully to what Bill says, he’s saying Abbott should do an Obama/Merkel while making it sound like he’s being bi-partisan on this. And yes, there will be protocol on diplomatic relations here – it is up to the government to handle this – Bill is staying pretty much on track while subtly letting those who listen know he disagrees…

  55. Bacchus @ 10.46
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Here’s a Joe Heller story, that I think’s a great comeback line:
    Apparently at some literary do a smartarse approached Heller & told him he’d never written anything as good as Catch-22.
    Heller considered this, & responded that that was true, but then neither had anybody else.

  56. “……….I suppose we’ll never know if when Kevin Rudd dropped the word “Konfrontasi” into the pre-election debate on Tony Abbott’s “turn back the boats” policy he was merely stirring up his Coalition opponents or whether he was directly aware of the depth of contempt Indonesian elites had towards the Coalition’s sabre-rattling. The term certainly had the first effect, sending right-wing foreign policy types into apoplexies.
    But the events of recent days — (1) news that there had been one or more stand-offs with Australian authorities trying (and failing) to get Indonesia to take asylum seeker boats back into its waters, and (2) revelations that Australia spied on Indonesian leaders, and even President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s wife, in the Rudd years — have confirmed a dramatic escalation of diplomatic tensions between the two countries. That Abbott has refused to apologise for either, on the grounds of national security interests, has only deepened the crisis..”
    These developments have ha

    – See more at:

  57. Hunt on ABC with his lies and exaggerations, Shame they cannot find those black holes of Labor in spite of all their dirt digging at the senate hearings. It appears that Labor has been working on reducing regulation and every colour of tape.

    mean while the reality this government finds themselves in.

    “………..And in 2013, Tony Abbott’s failure to apologise to a justifiably miffed Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono appears to be turning his decisive electoral victory into a rout.

    Abbott must now tip-toe through a diplomatic minefield if he is to avoid a dramatic escalation of the ‘boats’ problem – after the abolition of the carbon tax, his second highest priority for government (Abbott can win on carbon: here’s how, July 25).

    If today, or tomorrow, Abbott issues exactly the right kind of statement, he can start to repair the damage caused by this crisis in relations with Indonesia. But it is still a lose-lose scenario for the Coalition.

    Go too far with an apology, and Abbott will appear, to his voting base, to be a weak supplicant afraid to back his own principles.

    But fail to go far enough, and Jakarta will roast him alive.

    If Abbott is going to err on the side of one of those two excesses, it would have to be the former. Go on Tony, say sorry and sweep this thing away as quickly as possible.

    If he chooses to give Jakarta the ‘finger’ – an increasingly common Liberal habit according to Tim Dunlop (Abbott’s siege mentality could work, November 20) – he could well get a spike of support from conservative voters who don’t relish the prospect of being seen as the whipped curs of Asia.

  58. Will someone point out to Hunt, that when the carbon emissions go, so does the cost on the emissions.

    The aim. and the only aim, is to raise the price on electricity, produced by fossil fuel.

    When renewals take over, there are no emissions, not cost to pay.

  59. Kaye Lee, no thanks to that idiot Truss, that’s what we nearly lost when the Rodent signed us up for the first TPP with the US and now they’re doing it again.

    Craven cowards, imo who fold at the first sign of pressure.

    I wonder how Rupert, Gina & the mining block feel about these Liars bulls in the diplomatic china shop, pissing China off, particularly as China has signaled that it intends slashing its coal imports by 50% no later than 2016.

    It’s absolutely astonishing how short sighted and frankly stupid the hole diggers really are. Instead of frantically digging up as much of the countryside as they can, why haven’t they cornered the renewables market?

    Anyone who could say with a straight face that these people are smart business people must have rocks in their heads. Rupert, Gina & to a lesser extent Forrest have all inherited their wealth & the businesses they operate and don’t have the nous to see the energy writing on the wall, let alone diversifying their interests for when digging holes falls in one of its own holes.

  60. Yes, it is Hockey’s deficit from now on. No ifs. No buts.

    “……………Hockey Will Soon Have A Deficit Of His Own
    By Ben Eltham

    federal politicsben elthamjoe hockeyeconomics
    The Coalition’s plan to cut spending by sacking public servants has been foiled – Labor got there first. Joe Hockey is finding he can’t whinge his way to good economic management, writes Ben Eltham

    Lucky Joe Hockey. His economic credibility is unravelling. But no-one is noticing, owing to the Abbott government’s first major crisis in the Indonesian spying scandal.

    That’s the take-home point from this week’s intriguing Senate Estimates hearings, which saw a remarkable spectacle: the Coalition attacking Labor for slashing jobs in the public service.

    Say what? That’s right, the Coalition is upset at how many public servants Labor had slated for redundancy. Scratching your heads as to why the Coalition is upset about a shrinking public service? Join the club.

    The news came to li…..”

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