Abbott’s global vision to stop the boats

Our beloved prime minister certainly is serious about stopping the boats. So serious, in fact, that he has taken his plan to distant shores. News comes in that the Australian tax payers will pay for the refurbishment of two patrol boats that will be given to the Sri Lankan navy in an effort to stop people smugglers leaving their shores.

Much has been written recently about Sri Lanka’s dismal human rights record and the situations which make Sri Lanka a wonderful country to flee from. It’s nice to see that Tony Abbott wants those attempting to flee persecution be contained on the little island. Keeping them ‘locked’ up on the island nation is certainly something he favours than the chance of them ‘illegally’ taking to the high seas to escape from it.

But one question appears to be overlooked: how is he to know that any of the boats being stopped intended to come to Australia?

He is, in effect, helping the Sri Lankan navy round up boats that may have set off for England, America, Italy or even the Antarctica for that matter. Personally, I don’t think that’s any of his business. Neither is it ours.

I also feel the human rights abuses in Sri Lanka should be an issue that the Australian Government should be focusing on if they want to stick its nose into someone else’s business.

What is your opinion?

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

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365 comments on “Abbott’s global vision to stop the boats

  1. Just when one imagines Abbott can sink no lower! To assist a corrupt regime in preventing the oppressed from escaping is unspeakable. He and Morrison will be responsible for murder and torture… and they are our so-called representatives. I am sickened and shamed to my core.



  2. Never has a new government made its people so hideously embarrassed. Well, its thinking people, anyway… I suppose the really worrying thing is that there are probably those of the electorate who aren’t at all embarrassed! – and that would be … well, embarrassing. Sighh …

  3. Tony Abbott is a moron. The boats will never stop! When war and torture stop, then the boats will stop. We should be HELPING people exercise their humans rights to freedom, and Tony Moron Abbott cuts aid, and helps a Government stop people from fleeing persecution. Total fucking heartless moron.

    Iraq war ring a bell anyone? Australia created many of the asylum seekers coming from Iraq and Afghanistan thanks to that war monger Howard, and we want to deny them a safe place here in Australia, after blowing the shit out of their country and killing their family? Wake up Australia and stop being so fucking RACIST!

    Stopping the boats has become an obsession of Abbott’s to please a minority of redneck Australians. We should be ashamed that this man is called our leader.

    Fuck Rupert Murdoch for handing Abbott the election via propaganda. Demonising asylum seekers, the most vulnerable of people, to gain cheap political points is what separates Abbott & Murdoch from the thinking world.

    Hope our NBN was worth it Rupert.

    Not in my name.

  4. Abbott in typical projection stated there is no greater humanitarian gesture than to stop the evil people smuggling in Sri Lanka.

    I really don’t know where to start with this brain fart of Abbott’s, right up there or greater than any he’s effused previously.

    Sri Lanka isn’t a signatory to the human rights convention that Abbott in opposition insisted Malaysia be before dealing with that country, and by the way in another bout of rank hypocrisy he’s now also attempting to deal with Malaysia.

    Then there’s this:After the crack down on corrupt sailors in the Sri Lanka Navy asylum seeker departures reduced by 90%. So is Abbott now right in sending them two patrol boats for nothing? Not at all.

    Abbott highly praised the Sri Lankan government for this crack down and its success but as he has done with other foreign dealings took the word of the government instead of independetly checking the veracity of that government.

    Others in Sri Lanka allege that naval complicity in people smuggling operations is systemic and reaches to senior levels of the force.

    So our patrol boats rather than being of great facilitator of humanitarian aid as Abbott avows, have a good chance of being utilised as instruments in human rights violations. But why should Abbott care, as a practitioner of human rights violations despite being a signatory to the convention he probably figures by supporting authoritarian practitioners of human right abuses that by also engaging in them he’s not being a hypocrite.

    It’s hard to fathom that for a man and government who’ve been in power for such a short time the sheer amount of major stuff ups especially in the area of foreign diplomacy. There surely has never been a government as bad in that area as this one.

  5. Stop stuff. Love it, Ross.

    Next he’ll be planning to send in the cavalry to wipe out some Native Americans. Plus making abortion illegal in any country where it is legal. And of course introducing Religious Instructions in non-Christian countries.

    He is a global phenomena.

  6. Who the hell is feeding these horseshit ideas to Abbott? And why the need to refurbish these boats (at our expense). And of course we will have the expense of buying replacement patrol boats. All they need to do is throw a lifeboat over the side and tow these people back to land. Let’s say for arguments sake that the Tamils are being persecuted, and a boat is discovered by the newly formed Sri Lankan Patrol Boat Task Force, to have Tamils on board, what’s to stop these ‘persecutors’ from having an oops moment and they are left to drown. No evidence, no bodies, , but the headlines will read, “Sri Lanka solves problem of Boat people.” What a win-win for Sri Lanka, they get rid of their ‘pesky tamils’ and get two refurbished patrol boats for their efforts and Abbot becomes a hero for human rights. If this wasn’t so serious, it would be a Monty Python moment.

    The Sri Lankans must be laughing their asses off at our Government.

  7. Abbott cannot see beyond local votes. If his “Stop the Boats” mantra buys him votes in Sydney’s western suburbs (and similar Murdoch-reading, ACA watching, Alan Jones listening, bogan zones) that is what he will continue to do, and blow the consequences internationally and humanitarily.
    I believe that if he thought building concentration camps, run by the Taliban, would stop Afghan asylum seekers from attempting to come here, he wouldn’t hesitate to do it.
    Sickening stuff.

  8. Habbott needs to go!
    He doesn’t have the qualities to lead a nation like Australia. He is narrow minded, ignorant, lacks verbal articulation, lacks sensitivity and empathy and helps to perpetuate the Australian bullying syndrome.
    With his government, Australia will become a nation of discontents and of hatred towards others of different colour and race. This is absolutely tragic for the nation. His focus should be on the progress of Australia such as education or new industry and manufacturing rather than on non humanitarian issues.
    Habbott needs to GO!

  9. Michael the ironic thing is that Abbott is using aid money to refurbish the patrol boats (note boats not ships).

    So not only has he cut foreign aid by a massive $4 billion using the excuse of a budget emergency that didn’t exist (or has been lost) whilst seeking to increase Australian debt to $500 billion to pay for stupid brain farts like PPL and DAP, he’s using the remaining aid money to assist an authoritarian regime to perpetrate human rights abuses.

    Talk about an absolutely screwed up and fucked human being. Sorry there is no other way I can describe his utter failure as a person, let alone getting into his supposedly being a Christian.

  10. Limited foreign aid money should be used to help improve the lives of Sri Lankans not to intimidate them and lock them up. Rebuild some destroyed villages and some schools, and support human rights, so these people do not have to leave their homeland.

  11. Shorten is now addressing the issue. lower House.

    Pyne attesting to guillotine debate,. Does not want his own side to talk, I suspect.

  12. What is so stupid about abbot’s behaviour over the last few days is that there is a big drop off in people from this country, since ruff launched the PNG solution.

    Many of these people that came after that date have already returned home. Yes, they are not interested in going to PNG.

    Mr. Abbott’s behaviour is not about asylum seekers. No, we are going back to the days of Howard and before.
    Yes, we are back in attacking the UN, rears of world government, and no time for human RIGHTS.

  13. Tony has interesting priorities.

    The money he is prepared to spend on climate change action is capped with no increase under any circumstances. As well as dismantling all climate change and renewable energy bodies here, at the CHOGM talks, Australia and Canada have rejected a decision by the summit to push for a Green Capital Fund to help vulnerable island states and poor African countries address the effects of rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, or catastrophic weather incidents, caused by climate change.

    On the other hand, he is prepared to pay and do whatever it takes to stop the boats, including paying for our navy to search for fishing boats, paying other countries to house asylum seekers, giving other countries military hardware to stop (dispose of) the boats, paying for people to be detained indefinitely, and flying asylum seekers all over the world except to anywhere they want to go.

  14. We need to have abbotts sanity looked at, he’s a brainwashed religious fanatic to start with, it would seem that the overseas aid is making a comeback, but he’s aiding the wrong people, who’s idea is this really ? credlin’s idea of making tone look like the world’s biggest dickhead ?? thought he’s already done that with the climate change brainstorm of his or is it Pell’s idea??

  15. This man is an Odious Toad, a lackey to giant corporations and Mining interests, there is not a single thing he has done since taking the lodge that has been for the benefit of any Australian nor for Australia, He is an Humiliating Embarrassment, I refuse to recognise him as Prime Minister, no one with half a brain or an ounce of compassion would. How much more damage does he have to do to our Economy, Social services, Social Conscience and International reputation before something concrete is done to stop him. His hidden agenda to get women out of the work force, out of positions of authority and power. His blatant agenda to destroy all social support and security for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged. Stealing from the poor to benefit the obscenely wealthy. Stealing from children to the detriment of their education and future prospects. Casting our already fragile environment into the hads and the whims of mining magnates whose only agenda is to rape the land for everything they can get while returning nothing.We may never recover from all the damage that one term tony does. Shame on the MSM for toadying to Murdoch instead of reporting what is really going on.

  16. can we please have a double dissolution asap before this moron completely stuffs our AAA economy & our credibility.

  17. Why Voyager when Abbott is undermining efforts at ensuring there are no human rights abuses in that country and actively aiding and abetting the regime to commit them whilst also indirectly condoning torture by that regime?

    Do you support that?

  18. It’s not “torture” anymore ME.

    It’s “difficult things”.

    As in “I’m finding things ‘difficult’ with these electrodes clamped to my testicles”

  19. Colombo, Sri Lanka: Prime Minister Tony Abbott has rejected a proposal from the 53-nation Commonwealth to establish a new fund to help poor and island countries to combat climate change.
    As an extraordinary Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting concluded in Colombo, Mr Abbott joined with Canada in rejecting a decision by the summit to push for a Green Capital Fund to help vulnerable island states and poor African countries address the effects of rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, or catastrophic weather incidents, caused by climate change.
    The proposal is for Commonwealth countries to work within the UN climate change network to build the fund for small and poor countries to access.
    But the final agreement from the 53 members of the

    Read more:

  20. Labor winning on childcare. No plans to index the childcare rebate. Came back and changed it to means test the rebate.

  21. Morrison now on. Answering questions on what they have achieved. Does that mean, we do not have to wait until Fridays anymore. Back Backdown?

  22. I read somewhere, that the Sri Lankan nation, whioch is the size of Tasmanie, havve nearly as many boats as we do.

    Morrison has just confirmed, what I have been saying, the numbers from Sri Lanka dropped to near nothing since the introduction by Rudd of the PNG solution. If so, what is Abbott’s actions in Sri Lanka really about.

    They are going badly on ChildCare.

  23. Government Assistant minister for CC now back to lies. Talking about the CC that Labor did not, could not go to, because of the ABC debacle Howard left behind.

  24. Obviously, following the success of leaving our gunboats with the Sri Lankans, we will donate some more to Afghanistan as we leave (perhaps with a few F/A-18s as well), and provide them to Somalia, Indonesia, Syria also. Then we should have stopped all the boats!

  25. Well PNG not happy with us. Who would have guessed.

    “…….PAPUA New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is annoyed that his people are not benefiting from an asylum-seeker processing deal with Australia.

    Port Moresby-based newspapers The National and The Post-Courier quoted Mr O’Neill as saying he is concerned local business owners are getting a short deal.

    “It is alarming to note that our Papua New Guinean businessmen and women are not given the opportunity to participate and that was the whole intention of setting up this centre in the first place,” Mr O’Neill told the PNG parliament.

    “The agreements are very clear and its a blatant abuse of trust.

    “That asylum centre is a permanent centre. The sooner the operators of the centre realise that they have to become part of the community, the easier it is going to become.”

    Mr O’Neill says visitors and the expatriate workforce must ensure the local community benefits from available spin-off businesses..”

  26. What abbott is now doing is just the same as rounding up the jews and sending them back to hitler !! he will be responsible for mass murder and torture !!!!

  27. I have to wonder what all those people who voted this callous disgrace to Australians are thinking now. Do they realise what a grave and embarrassing mistake they made?

  28. Stop worrying about Abbott, in six years or so it will be Labor’s turn again. That’s how it works in a two party duopoly. Yes, Abbott will muddle through, just like all the past P.M. ‘s. When Labor gets back in, they’ll reverse all the draconian laws, Abbott and his coterie of ‘ Babbling Baboons ‘ have forced on us and, they’ll reinstate all the cuts to social welfare that are coming down the pike. Yea of course they will, and the fairies will all have a party down the end of the garden.

    Of course if Labor doesn’t dump Bill Shorten, Abbott will make Menzies term look quite short by comparison.

  29. the sad fact is many people don’t care, but only because its not happening to them ! then they would think differently.

  30. And the taxpayers’ gifts that keep on giving to Abbott at their expense, from paying for his hobbies and voluntary charity work to now looking after his mansion whilst he’s not living in it.

    PM’s unused mansion costs taxpayers $3000 a week

    The worst PM in our history is the most expensive and the greatest leech on society as well, and he’s being paid to wreck the country both domestically and internationally.

  31. This is ridiculous. Abbott refusing to have anything to do with what was done under previous government. Childish, is the least one can say.

    “…..TAXPAYERS are forking out $3000 a week in rent for a luxury Canberra house that Prime Minister Tony Abbott has chosen not to use.
    The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) leased the property as a temporary replacement for The Lodge, which is undergoing a major refurbishment.
    Senior DPMC official Elizabeth Kelly said the department signed a 12-month lease on August 31, a week before the September 7 federal election.
    It signed even though neither Mr Abbott nor then Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd had been able to inspect the property due to their election campaign commitments.
    Ms Kelly said the department had wanted to find accommodation “comparable” to The Lodge.
    But after the election, Mr Abbott opted instead to stay in a modest flat at the Australian Federal Police training college in Barton.
    Liberal senator Cory Bernardi asked about the property during a Senate estimates hearing on Monday.
    “So $3000 a week for a property that how many people are living in now?” he asked.
    “The property is vacant, senator,” Ms Kelly said.
    Ms Kelly said the department was notified shortly after the election that Mr Abbott was not going to use it.
    Since then, the department has been negotiating with the property’s owner to get out of the lease, but has not yet succeeded.
    “We’re still in those negotiations,” Ms Kelly said.
    It’s understood the property has already cost taxpayers more than $30,000.
    The full 12-month lease would cost taxpayers about $156,000.
    Senator Bernardi said the department could have found a cheaper property, or shouldn’t have signed the lease before the outcome of the election was known.
    “I’m not sure the taxpayers will enjoy the fact that they’ve got $156,000 worth of lease payments to pay for an empty building,” he said.
    Officials wouldn’t say where the leased property was..”

    Senate hearings are revealing. Minister do not seem to haver much power. All is ticked off by Credlin. All minister keep saying that it is Abbott that does the ticking.

    Departments have been broken up and re-distributed in ways, that make little sense.

    Department officials, I believe do not know what is going on. That includes Sergeant Cash.

    This will be one of the most wasteful governments that this fair land has ever seen.

  32. FU…and if he was taking up residence you’d surely find another angle to spin..OMG u will babble on about the most inane subjects…one could also say he is saving the taxpayers money by not engaging security guards around the clock to ensure his families safety..and so on and so forth. He’s the bloody PM! Hello?

  33. ” Love ya work PJ…roflmfao.”

    Well sarcasm or not, that’s the way politics works in this country, well at least the near on seventy years I’ve lived in it. No matter your political point of view, and I make most on here look like paid up members of the Liberal party. If, after watching the Labor parties performance in the parliament thus far, hasn’t got the distinct impression, the current leader of the opposition, couldn’t run a pub chook raffle, I humbly suggest they ask their doctor on their next visit, to check for a pulse.

    Yes, Abbott is an obnoxious toxic piece of shit to be sure, however, a winning piece of toxic shit. Anyone watching question time today that can’t see the biggest ignoramus on the planet, a one “Bronwyn I wish I was royalty Bishop’ had the Labor party looking like a load of school boys needing a good thrashing or seeing too is a F&^%K Wit.

  34. He should be using Kirribilli house as well. We should not be paying for the security ion his family home as well.

    I believe there is another reason that Abbott will not use the accommodation provided for him.

    Could be family problems. Maybe the wife does not see it in her interest to move.

    It is Abbott that screams waste and chaos. Maybe he is finding out how hard it is to be methodical, steaday………………

    One should take some time to listen to the many senate hearings today. One can see the muddle this government has become.

    One would have trouble working out what department you worked in, if a PS.

    One things for sure, the department officials are having trouble answer questions.

    Mainly because they do not know. No one has told them.

  35. I agree with the Majority On this forum, A Dictator makes all the Decisions Not one of his Underlings will speak out against Him Because they will be shown the Door, Sounds Like North Korea .What I feel That our comments are not far from the truth SurelyThere are some sensible Liberal / National Party MPs who On percentages realise what a clown they Have calling the Shots, This Peta woman is Poison Its amusing to see Indonesia releasing all this spying complaints Designed To embarrass our great Leader , Keep the complaints up and Maybe sensible Libs may react, Toe must GO

  36. “one could also say he is saving the taxpayers money by not engaging security guards around the clock to ensure his families safety..and so on and so forth. He’s the bloody PM! Hello?’

    Sorry we have a double up of security. This is why Howard was knocked back when he voiced the same desire.

    You believe anything. Do not you ever question, what you are being spoon fed.

    Official residence have security, whether Abbott stays or not.

    Abbott said he was staying at the defence academy, as a stunt , nothing more.

    The same a Bishop did, when she said all had to travel business class. Something that has happened for years.

    They are conning you, trying to make out they are saving money. Some are easily manipulated.

  37. Indonesian government considering recalling the Ambassador.

    Media conference shortly.

    How long can abbot keep that head in the sand, treating us, the public as idiots.

  38. Oh FU..Shall we mention Gillard?….or Rudd for that matter. Both lived in so many tax payers sponsored digs, as they should when leader of the country. My point was you attack and spin anything to suit your lefty warped view.

  39. Rudd and Gillard lived in the premised, provided by the taxpayer.

    Gillard did wait until after the elections.

    It is only Abbott and Howard that seem dislike the official accommodation

    Serious recall by Indonesia. Reviewing all, it seems.

    Why Abbott took the country on at this time, over his silly and unnecessary boat schemes has to be pure stupidly.

    Even without the saying allegations, the time was ot wise. Not with elections coming up in that country.

    Something unusual going on at the senate hearings. Not one department head is lodging a opening statement. Not one.

    Going straight into answering questions. Which most do not know enough, to answer.

  40. Thronie A-Butt is a true sphincter – he takes the cake for being Prime Mobster (PM) and Undeniable Numbskull (UN) at the same time.

    Dear Jesus, Haysoos or whatever – let the wonders stop…please!

  41. We now have Abetz pitted against Faulkner and Wong. It is surprised how much he does not know.

    Arrogance is amazing. Finance and Public Administration.

  42. .” My point was you attack and spin anything to suit your lefty warped view.”

    Crap. They are all at it!

    As a case in point look at the travel rorts saga. In some countries these political tea leafs would be doing porridge. What they are stealing off the tax payer is obscene.

    The Labor party paid the exposure of Abbott and his cronies with their mitt in the till a bit of lip service, then it was business as usual. The Labor party are not going to kill off the goose that is laying the golden egg, even if it means the current government is blatant in its rorting. They’re all at it, if it’s not travel rorts, they are swilling down expensive champers by the truck load, and eating the best caviar swanning around the place doing five fifths of seventh eighths of F.A.

    All of these toads, yours and mine, make used car salesman look like paragons of virtue.

  43. seriously Mr. Prime “Master” of Australia want to be more famous now or what?? I came hear since J.H (2003) until now i wanna to ask myself why i have to sign up for the voting for the country although the head of the country don’t know what they are doing????Wake up please Mr. Prime Master why you have to stick your nose into other country business?? Why don’t look at situation in your own country…….too many problem have to face????

  44. Deliberately taking an action which places your nation at a disadvantage or which gives help to an enemy of your country or assists in the loss of your country’s sovereignty is an act of treason….
    What with giving away our naval assets to abusive regimes, failing to respond to the immediate and present danger of climate change, engaging in actions detrimental to the Australian people in favor of corporate profiteers, and allowing Australian control of our intellectual property to fall into the hands of other interests (if the very secretive TPP is signed in what is thought to be it’s current form).

    I have one question:-
    When is this govt. being brought to trial?

  45. Memo to Tony Abbott:
    You are the Prime Minister, and it is likely, although not certain, that you will be Prime Minister for three, maybe six years, depending on public perceptions. In the broader scheme of things, do you realise how insignificant that is, and how likely it is, given your obvious lack of originality, that everything you do as Prime Minister will probably be undone by someone else sometime in the future, and that your contribution will be confined to no more than a footnote in history.

  46. Yep, the lady is not for turning.

    Where have I written anything that is not fact.

    Day 62, still no positives. Things getting worse.

    I wish those who believe we have it all wrong, would give us some positives about this government, so one can have a little hope.

  47. When i got this email Michael I briefly read the first couple of paragraphs then deleted it. Just assumed you had an off day……
    I went back to it and had to comment.
    Remember Labor, specifically the dysfunctional Gillard / Rudd duo, brought in the stupid policy of dismantling Border Protection.
    Until Tony had the balls to confront this Border Protection issue the comfortable warm inner glow lefties were happy to continue on with the policy which was financially unsustainable, bottomless pit of taxpayer dollars, continued deaths at sea and UnAustralian to boot.
    Dragged kicking and screaming back to Howard’s policies the lefties now are in the middle of a policy wasteland. Wedged between the former stupid policy of Gillard/Rudd and Tony’s policy. Now none of you loons can agree with anything Tony does…..Michael not that we the governing majority really care what you think. you cant go back to Gillard Rudd stupid policies and can’t embrace Tony’s solution. Typical wedge as I have said heaps of times over the past years. Accept it. Tony wiped the floor with Rudd, wiped the floor with Gillard and again wiped the floor with Rudd. Now Tony has Labor loud and focussed on their worst policy failurs… go figure. again no one is driving the train and Labor HQ.
    Just briefly Tony now has an ally in Sri Lanka in the Border Protection task. Giving the boats to Shri Lanka was directed at Indonesia. See what you get when you cooperate with our policies? There are plenty of old patrol boats and maybe an preloved ship that the Indonesians would like but cant afford. You can imagine they would love to be equiped to be able to patrol their own search and rescue zone.
    When we are talking $10 – $20Billion pissed up against the wall by Labor with their Border protection policy handing out a few boats makes sense and is cost effective. I noted some of the comments above. How ignorant of you lefties to judge and convict Sri Lanka as a country that has come out of a 20 year Civil War. Trust the lefties to decide the rights and wrongs of the conflict and provide advice.
    You guys do not count. You have been on the wrong side of sensible policy your whole lives. You guys are a joke.
    Get out of the way and let Tony fix the cockups since 2007…. border Protection being just one of those cockups.

  48. I disagree Voyager. I have always felt that Fed Up was a well balanced Australian…. A chip on both shoulders. ..old dog new tricks. At 70 it is too late to be enlightened.

  49. How wrong can you be Tweed.

    If Howard’s border protection was so great and working and you say Rudd stuffed it up by dismantling it, then why hasn’t Abbott bought back Howard’s policy? Instead Abbott has taken up a hybrid of Gillard’s and his own and mostly abandoned Howard’s policy.

    And all of them are wrong and inhumane.

    But it says lots about you that you believe Abbott’s is a good policy and dragging Australia down to the level of countries that practice human rights abuses whilst sucking up to countries that perpetrate them is also good.

  50. You do know Tweed that the previous Labor government gave Indonesia C130H’s in the good will of cooperation over asylum seekers? Of course you don’t, your myopic vision and mindlessly blind ideology only allows you to see the world through another detached reality.

  51. On Tony’s empty house. It was the Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet who signed off on the 12 month lease, and at $3,000pw it’s no small bikkies especially coming from a PM who is cutting charities off from all funding. Therefore having signed off on leasing the house, Tony suddenly decided that he didn’t want it. Staff are trying to get out of the lease, but it seems likely that Tony’s whim to suddenly change his mind is going to be costing taxpayers some $156,000..gosh, I know some charities who wouldn’t mind a donation around that amount.

  52. Carol and Indonesia has withdrawn their ambassador using Abbott’s flippant excuse and wholly inadequate response as the reason. Another foreign diplomatic fuck up of the highest order from this bumbling idiotic government.

    Where’s Bishop the younger in all this. I’ve seen more of Bob Carr on this matter than her.

  53. Mobius, Indonesia has a long history of trying to deal reasonably with Abbott and J. Bishop. How many times and over a lengthy period and while in opposition did the Indonesians have to tell them that their policy of turning boats back to Indonesia was unacceptable, and this is apart from coming onto their soil to buy boats from their people, plus setting up a processing center minus any consultation whatsoever. That sort of arrogance is not acceptable nor appreciated.

    Therefore the Indonesians knew exactly what they were getting when Abbott came into power and so were not inclined to tolerate further arrogance coming from either Tony or Jules.

  54. And the China free trade negotiation stuff up is looming large as well. How much will that amateurish stupidity cost this country over a very long time.

  55. The worse thing about the spying claims, is that they did it so poorly. Only manage to know calls were made. Unable to hear content.

    I suspect the Indonesians are angry at Abbott for more than spying.

    He keeps saying the relationship is better than ever, while all evidence from that country, says that is not so.

  56. Fed up – make yourself useful.
    I know you can type by the incredibly verbose and lengthy posts.
    Type a Resignation letter for one Kevin Michael Rudd and most importantly
    get him to sign it. Seems he has evaporated leaving everyone in Griffith in
    the lurch. Dare I say how typical , actually has left Australia in the lurch.

  57. I have never been a lover of Rudd. Well not from the time he sold Garrett out, and drew back on climate change.

    I wish those who only come here to abuse, would get their facts correct. Would be a nice change.

    Saying that, having such statements aimed at one, by the some that come here, is indeed a compliment of the highest order.

    It only shows that they cannot defend their hero., Cannot tell us one reason, why he is so great.

    Personally I do not believe they are interested in politics or the country at all.

    Their main game is to see how nasty and destructive they can be.

    For reasons, known only to themselves, they think their behavior makes them great and superior.

    The add noting, of any value, to any site, they are allow to comment.

  58. while good old tone leads us into bother with his fone tapping, how much more embarrassment are we going to have to swallow ?? our bestest friend Indonesia not happy tone, and our bestest ever best friend is having a bloody big laugh.

  59. Graeme, the incidence named occurred in 2009, so maybe one cannot blame Abbott for what occurred before he became PM.

    One can condemn him for his behavior and department of Indonesia since that thie,

    His response was childish and definitely not diplomatic. Not a response one would expect from a prudent PM.

  60. Is the fuckwit abbott trying to piss off the Indonesians ?

    Perhaps he’s stupid enough to be angling for a WAR, as his mentor howard did, in order to cement his power?

  61. Matthias Cormann. Senate hearings. Bernadi, as chair is making sure he gets a fair hearing.

    Wong and Faulkner asking the questions,

    Matthias not sounding as good, when he has to answer questions.

  62. The 14.800 reduction in PS by Labor was not to be obtain only by sackings. It was intended that the PS decrease, by not employing in the first first.

    Efficiency Dividend being explained.

  63. Attrition rates in the PS are dropping, and the present figures, they believe are the new norm. Makes natural attrition rate impossible.

  64. Government cannot get cuts in PS. Mainly because there is not the fat to cut. Cormann agrees.

    Point is according to Wong, you are getting ready to dump your election promises.

    Cormann got it wrong.

  65. Department head is not agreeing with Cormann. Yes, the information was available before the election. Suspect that this government while in Opposition did not bother looking.

  66. Graeme, I suspect she has made up her mind to stay where she is. That is Abbott’s problem.

    I for one, believe we only appoint a PM. The wife has the right to make up her own mind, about what she does.

    Both Groton and Fraser believe the same. Said their wives where not elected, therefore had the right to continue with their own lives.

    Cormann is busily trying to put over the proposition that the public had no knowledge that cuts would continue under Labor.

    Well I did, do not know about others. That is what Efficiency Dividends are about. That was never hidden.

    In fact I was criticized every time, I pointed out that the previous government practice of fiscal consolidation for years. Yes, working hard to keep the size of the PS down.

    It appears that Cormann and his mob did not understand this. Does not fit in with the perception of Labor being about big government.

  67. One head of an department has turned up with a statement to read. The first that I have seen, during these senate hearings.

    None yesterday. Straight into questions.

  68. I’d love to ask Cormann some questions.

    I’d start with the HSC syllabus for economics (just for laughs)

  69. This could have mich to do with Indonesia’s reaction to out Honorable PM.

    “………Abbott and Bishop blithely disregard the fact that most of our regional neighbours were former European Colonies. Many of them only won their independence after long and bitter struggles against their colonial overlords. In that context, Australia is an aberration because the European colonisers remain in control.

    It has taken Australia a long time to win the confidence of our neighbours.

    We needed to convince them that we respected them as equals not as “coolies” or “kanakas”. We recognised the way they had been exploited by offering aid to help their development and to deal with disasters.

    When Abbott went stomping around the country promising to “Turn back the boats”, to buy up Indonesian fishing boats and to pay Indonesian citizens for spying on people smugglers, he failed to consult with Indonesia.

    When Indonesia reacted sharply to each of these intrusions into their sovereignty, Julie Bishop tried to play down the tension by explaining:

    “We’re not asking for Indonesia’s permission, we’re asking for their understanding.”
    The Coalition’s high handed assumptions implied that only Australia’s sovereignty mattered on this issue.

    It’s inevitable that the Coalition’s handling of their boats policy has re-awakened raw memories of the arrogance and paternalism of nineteenth century European Imperialists..”,5902

    Cormann in trouble. They cannot makes the cuts they promised. Forgot to look at, or take into consideration, the announcements Labor made.

  70. These statements and actions have not helped.

    “…………Abbott and Morrison are learning what it’s like to be on the receiving end of political implacability and they haven’t handled it well. Morrison further inflamed the situation by suggesting the Indonesians were illogical because they refused to co-operate.

    Just to confirm the new Australian government’s disdain for Indonesian sensibilities, two further insults were delivered. Abbott excluded Indonesian media from his press conference in Jakarta, seriously angering Indonesian journalists who accused him of acting illegally.

    Minister for Defence, David Johnston failed to appear at a joint press conference with his Indonesian counterpart, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, who had encouraged a large media contingent to be in attendance to quiz the minister on the extent of Australia’s wire tapping activities.

    The no show was reminiscent of Abbott’s failure, as Minister for Health, to turn up for the first 30 minutes of a debate against Nicola Roxon at the National Press Club in the run up to the 2007 election.

    The final straw in the government’s disregard of our international obligations was the cutting of AU$3 billion from the AusAID program. For one of the world’s most affluent nations to make such a massive cut in our aid to the world’s most needy people, especially in our region, sends a terrible message to our neighbours about our humanitarian values.


  71. Cormann ABC 24. Doing as Wong accused him,pulling back on sackings. By the way, he is also lying. The senate hearings showed otherwise.

    The Efficiency Dividends was well known before the elections. Is he telling us, he does not know what that means.

    Nothing secret at all.

  72. Cormann has only found out, now because of the hearings. Pull another one.

    Maybe he should just shut up. Will be interesting to see what occurs when the hearing resume after the lunch break. I am sure Wong will be ready.

  73. Trouble for Cormann and Co, labor was already doing, and had been doing what Abbott promised. They just could not be bothered keeping up. To busy with slogans and stunts.

  74. Sort posts by:
    Live article connection interrupted. Please refresh your browser
    1:23pm: SBY has just let fly with a series of no less than 8 tweets in English, to follow up from his tweets in Indonesian that earlier slammed Australia’s actions over the spy matter (see 10.41 am post).

    The have all been signed off *SBY*.


    S. B. Yudhoyono @SBYudhoyono
    I also regret the statement of Australian Prime Minister that belittled this tapping matter on Indonesia, without any remorse. *SBY*
    23 minutes ago Reply


    S. B. Yudhoyono @SBYudhoyono
    These US & Australian actions have certainly damaged the strategic partnerships with Indonesia, as fellow democracies. *SBY*

    Read more:

  75. Shorten showing Abbott how it is done. The body language and the look on Abbott’s face show he knows it. Abbott is fuming.

    Talking about White Ribbon Day. Where was Abbott’s wife. Most others where there.

    Him taliking about DV makes me sick.

  76. A strong man never practices violence against Woman. What about verbal violence, What about sexist violence.
    By the way, manage to get his charity efforts and Pollie rides into the comment.

    Father of three daughter…..Where is the sick bowl.

    At least Shorten has been fighting against DV for yonks.

  77. Once again, out done Abbott in his reply to Abbott.

    Shorten appears to have a good concept of what DV is about. Unusual for a lot of men.

    Yes Mr. Shorten, the answer is in the hands of men

  78. First question on that boat, with it’s bow ripped out overnight.

    Of course, Morrison will not answer. Sound of desperation in his voice.

  79. Now back to carbon tax, and all his misleading statements. We are back to Up up and up.

    Back to electioneering slogans.

    Does he really believe this will work?

  80. Tweed @11.47am 18/11, there’s only 30,000 votes saving Liesalot’s neck, so don’t get too cocky. The truth is that Liesalot would still be kicking his heels in opposition if Truss’s mob of @rse lickers weren’t in coalition with the Liars.

    As for Liesalot’s shambolic efforts at diplomacy, it would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic and such an enormous embarrassment for this country. It’s hard to tell whether he switched his earpiece off or Credlin’s as big a moron as he is.

    I can’t make up my mind on that issue; after all she’s as big a liar as he is.

    I do find it amusing that Liesalot is being hammered by the Indonesians for stuff which happened on Labor’s watch, something the Indonesians are no doubt well aware of.

    But they just don’t seem to like the Prime Bully or his bumbling Foreign Minister and have donned the hobnailed boots again to give him the kicking he so richly deserves.

    As for your claim that we lefties can’t agree with Liesalot’s spiteful, incompetent, wasteful shambles of a Border protection policy, it’s not a matter of can’t, we utterly refuse to associate ourselves with such a shameful parody of good policy.

    As for the $156k b&b at taxpayers’ expense, I’m amazed he’s passed up the chance of wallowing in luxury.

    After all, this time it’s perfectly kosher but perhaps that’s what’s wrong; if they’d chucked in a brace of rorts, he would probably have been there with bells on.

    I wonder if Credlin and Loughnane are burning the midnight oil writing him some new three worders in the hope they will extricate him from the foreign affairs dog’s mess he’s currently mired in, courtesy of his own gob?

    I wouldn’t be too hopeful, if I were them. The Indonesians are far smarter than the average Liars voter, and not only like sentences to contain more than three words, they like them to be coherent and polite.

    Meanwhile, how much is this latest absurd Liars bribe to a foreign dictator going to cost in lives?

  81. ROFL-Abbott making a short statement on intelligence matters.

    He could hardly make a long statement as he lacks both the intelligence and the ability to make a statement longer than three words.

  82. I notice Abbott had to read his statement and it seems he didn’t write it himself because he read it like a year 7 student.

  83. ”Which is one of the reasons why the statements that need to be taken absolutely as gospel truth are those carefully prepared, scripted remarks.”

    Guess that means we won’t be a apologising and we will continue to gather “information”. Painted yourself into a corner with THAT comeback Credlin!

  84. karma is a bitch, funny how it always comes back to bite you. like the song goes… sorry seems to be the hardest word ! especially when your a right wing lunatic.

  85. Not so much Karma ananda1956 ….just cleaning up more of Labor’s vomit.
    Tony isn’t complaining it is just what adults have to do.
    The worst Labor governments ever,Rudd/Gillard/Rudd, keep getting worse as the layers of evidence are peeled back.
    I hope this whole intelligence gathering drama with Indonesia is simply Australian agencies doing their job and not another Senator Conroy driven cockup.
    NBN a $30 billion fiasco ($31 Billion NPV deficiency) might not have been enough for this lad Conroy. Notice his total silence since the election.
    Border Protection where Labor policy goes in a $10-20 Billion circle back to Howard’s Solution. Not all is solidarity in the Labor family on BP however.
    Labor HQ probably thought all the policy debacles would simply go away after the election.
    Sorry guys. The policy pain of the Rudd/Gillard years will continue for a long time yet.
    Jane. I can’t help responding to your comment re 30K votes. Is this the same 30K votes that gave Labor the worst result for 100 years.
    What defeat…. No defeat here…..the punters just got it wrong on 7th September…….apparently ……….according to Janes world.
    ….and Shorten and his Carbon Tax Policy. FFS. He has gotta be a Coalition plant.

  86. Can you give us this evidence that was peeled back Tweed?

    Links and details of the $30 billion fiasco, or is it more bullshit from this worst of all governments led by the biggest foot in mouth idiot PM we have ever seen?

    Labor still leaks to Kenny.
    One would think there would be a rush to deny the existence of the advice from Lazard. Gillard…Conroy…Shorten are all silent on the report. Even Lazard might do an effronted response if they had not done the report.
    Someone in Labor is leaking …..surely not Kevin trying to even the score with Gillard???
    Personally I think the current NBN policy will be even more costly.
    How can Labor get a proven technology, that has been rolled out around Australia for the past 20 or 30 years, ……so badly wrong.
    Just more Labor vomit that Tony and Malcolm have to clean up.

  88. Note Tweed that Turnbull is refusing to release his information unless Labor releases theirs.

    Now if this “adult” government is all above board and has a better and cheaper broadband why do the “adults” play these petty little schoolyard games? Turnbull loses nothing by coming clean and showing everything. That he doesn’t and is playing like a petulant spoiled immature brat says a lot.

    Your statement on proven 20 to 30 year technology demonstrates just how ignorant you are, the perfect candidate for a mindless Liberal supporter.

  89. ME, maybe the likes of some of our visitors, should take the time to tune into senate hearings.

    Suggest education today.

  90. It appears that the government cannot find all that waste to allow them to make the cuts they promised.

    No, there is no fat to cut, but evidence that Labor was running a tight ship.

    This being the results of fiscal consolidation and many Efficiency Dividends put in place.

    I find it hard, that this government where not aware of this while in Parliament.

    Yes, and knowing this, this government is going ahead with cutting the revenue base.

    Yes, the OECD has warn Australia to take care.

    “………..The federal government has been urged to avoid any additional tightening in fiscal policy while Australia’s economic growth remains moderate.
    The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) also says it’s important the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) keeps interest rates low, particularly in the absence of inflation pressures.
    In its latest economic outlook released in Paris on Tuesday, the OECD said it expected the Australian economy to grow at a sub-trend pace of 2.5 per cent and 2.6 per cent in 2013 and 2014, respectively.
    “The economy is still in a transition phase,” the Paris-based institution says.
    “Mining investment has slowed, fewer jobs are being created in this sector, and the terms of trade have deteriorated, thereby damping domestic demand.”
    However, this softness is being partially offset by stronger exports as mining output capacity expands.
    “It will also be important to avoid any additional tightening of fiscal policy in the short term above that already factored in,” the OECD said………..

    Read more:

  91. I read “Tweed’s” article in last week-end’s Oz (rescued a copy for the cat’s tray)

    It was pretty shrill, as it had to be divert attention from what was happening, umm, elsewhere.

    Labor told of $31 bn NBN risk” in banner headlines !

    I thought, Jesus Christ, who cares. Labor’s not the government.

    So Lazard gave Gillard a “secret” review of the NBN which was full of caveats but NBN itself accepted (presumably) different advice from Goldman Sachs. Two merchant banks with different opinions. Turnbull would have access to the Sachs report by now.

    One of Lazard’s concerns was the threat to the business model from wireless. To me, this seems the equivalent of warning developers of high speed rail of the threat from hybrid vehicles. Yes they’re both means of land transport but the comparison stops there.

    Maybe one of our tech savvy readers would comment. If wireless ever got to 20% of the fully developed market I reckon the paint on those big communications towers would be blistering. And speeds would be down to 57 kbs with all the contention.

  92. I heard Senator Sinodinos angrily reply, when his =officers were pressed on whether expert was received and I think rejected.

    His words were along these lines. If one thinks one does not have the right to follow ones own experience and gut feeling over expert advice, will be a sorry day.

    This from a government, that is still up today, demanding that the previous government was highly amiss, not following expert advice given.

    Yes, advice is welcome, but must always be seen in the context of all other facts and advice. Much will differ. Not all will be wrong, but might not suit the aims that one is after.

    Turnbull needs to be careful. Labor might just release documents, that prove him wrong. Just like they have found, when coming to cutting PS, there is no fat to be found. A tight ship has been run over the last few years.

    Doers not appear to be any black holes, that were not evident before the elections. Seems all the hollow logs, have been emptied.

  93. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull will appoint one of the fiercest critics of Labor’s national broadband network to his expert panel overseeing a cost-benefit analysis of the NBN, a leaked press release reveals.

    The draft document, dated “xx November 2013”, states that Mr Turnbull will announce a three-person panel to “analyse the economic and social costs and benefits arising from the availability of broadband of differing properties via various technologies”.

    Mr Turnbull plans to appoint economist and columnist for The Australian Henry Ergas as a panel member.

    Professor Ergas has been one of the fiercest critics of the previous Labor government’s plans to spend $37.4 billion running fibre to the front doors of homes and businesses across Australia.

    Joining Professor Ergas on the panel will be former chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Allan Fels and former eBay Australia chief Alison Deans.

    Read more:

  94. Kaye, on this issue, I believe whatever report that Turnbull brings down, will be closely scrutinized by the peers of all on the panel of inquiry.

    At the end of the day, facts are still facts.

  95. Yes Moby I will agree with you and Michael. The NBN under Labour is a model of financial governance, a sound and detailed policy, supported by a detailed Business Plan and rolled out with the usual crisp discipline and eye for detail that we have come to expect from the Gillard and Rudd Governments.
    I mean there has to be a first time…….surely.
    You understand how childlike your blind support for labor is to the voters. Just wish more would read comments from you whisperers.
    Like I have been saying, Keep NBN and BP and other Labor cockups front and centre please.

  96. It seems to Abbott. life is not all beer and skittles. Seem to remember going down that track, saying life was not meant to be easy.

    The anger rate is high, on both sides in the lower house.

  97. ……just cleaning up labor policy vomit.FU… Sorry Gillard used to call it Refooorm, and Mooooving forwud .
    Have the luxury of wifi on board ATM.

  98. Tweed you are all mouth and no substance. You just spout inane nonsense in vain attempts to divert attention from your beloved, the biggest failure as a Prime Minister in our history.

    The Liberals love you, so whatever you do don’t start having original thoughts outside of their mantras, even when they are screwing you to the wall, cerebration is scorned by them.

  99. Abbott is in trouble for not having the nous, grace or guts to pickup that phone to the President. Even now, his last effort is all about him.

    He left the President nowhere to go.

    Ms. Gillard has contact the President, saying if she had known his wife’s phone was being tapped, she would have stopped it.

    Abbot had a chance to let both save face, by focusing on the invasion of privacy, of the President and his wife. Might have been enough to prevent what we have now.

    NO, this is not the media or Labor’s fault. Abbott managed this one on his own.

    Abbott gives the impression of being paranoid. Listen to senate hearings, he does not trust the PS. Takes advice from no one.

    At the same time, he has no sense of the real danger about him. No concept that all his actions have consequences,

    Does not appear to have even a sense of good manners and respect with others.

    He, and those around him seem to think, winner takes all, and others must rubber stamp all the want.

    After listening to the MPI today, they seem to think, no one should even question what they do. In fact, they were angry, that others sought facts, and voicer views that differ.

    Behavior very similar to the few annoying visitors we have.

    I believe the anger was real.

  100. The story now is not the spying, but Abbott’s ineptness and inability to deal with a complex issue.

  101. Moby. Howard’s Solution was eventually brought back in part by Labor (kicking and screaming) and concluded by Tony with the extra measures and political backbone since the election.
    The $10-20 Billion of wasted taxpayers funds and more than 1,000 deaths, since Labor deliberately dismantled the Howard’s Solution (with plenty of cheering and backslapping from the Left and greens at this dumb policy) is now complete. We are back to where we started. Controlled borders and a Border Protection Policy that penalises the queue jumpers and helps genuine refugees.
    Now the real point for talking to you Moby is that I’d like you to read Hartcher’s 5 Part Series on the pain and tears that was Labor in Government 2007 – 2013.

  102. Howard’s measures were not bought back Tweed. Do you deliberately choose to live in a cotton wool existence or do you do so out of ignorance?

    And Tweed finishes with his usual, “quick look over there at Labor.”

    Have a read on Liberal Party history Tweed and enlightened yourself instead of always swaddling yourself in the fluffy cotton wool world of Labor = bad, Liberal = good.

    The worst of the Labor Party is nothing compared to this current government and its woeful leader and nowhere as bad as Howard, who was the one who destroyed the once great Liberal Party and turned it into a far right wing deceitful rule at all costs party that puts itself and power ahead of the nation and the people.

  103. Add to that ME a string of surpluses that stripped financial assets from the private sector and forced it to go into record debt.

  104. Which is what’s happening in the UK at the moment MJ. They have just gone into a private debt crisis for the same reason Howard was heading us that way, which even Costello admitted was happening and was unsustainable.

  105. So tweed are you jumping for joy with abbott giving sri lanka patrol boats, so they can catch people who are fleeing for their lives. just so they can be sent back to be tortured and or murdered. because that is what is, and will continue to occur !

  106. It’s the remorseless logic of the arithmetic underpinning the Sectoral Balance ME.

    If the private sector isn’t spending, and the external sector is running a deficit (importing more than we export) then the government must run a deficit or the economy starts going backwards.

    If the government won’t deficit spend then the private sector has to go into debt just to keep marching on the spot.

    Wingnuts just don’t seem to be to get their heads around this.

  107. True about Howard – worst PM since McMahon. He made refugees a political issue just to pick up a few votes from the racists in marginal seats and single handedly changed Australia from being a generous and welcoming country to a racist and selfish one.

  108. Costello the wingnut understood it, even though he’s now sold his soul to produce corrupt audit commissions on behalf of the company he’s a lobbyist for.

    Hockey the wingnut now seems to understand it, though his excuses for deficit spending are all over the politically expedient shop of saving face, and have no relationship to the real reason as you state.

    Abbott hasn’t clue, but then again he hasn’t a clue on anything.

  109. I look forward to waking up everyday to learn of the latest blunder from the mouth of Abbott and his ministers. I hope someone is taking notes!
    1. Foreign Relations ballsup!

  110. Now that tone’s attempt at diplomacy is a shambles, watch what will happen now, Indon’s will let half a dozen boats go at the same time just to let tone know they can make things very bed for him locally and internationally,tone’s going to get a lot of egg on face.

  111. Government still busy digging up dirt on Carr. Wants to know every move his wife made, Want to know how many historical sites. Times of meeting. This has been going on all the week in relation to Carr and Gillard.

    Waste of time of the highest order.

  112. Pulling tricks on guidelines, Guidelines that they have bought back in the last few weeks. Judging Carr on guidelines that did not exist during Carr’s time.

    PS not too happy with this line of questioning.

    Expect a dirt story on Carr over the weekend,

    Minister being pulled into line by PS.

  113. Yes, we do live in interesting times.

    “……………….In recent days the Australian Electoral Commission has petitioned the High Court, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns, to void the WA Senate election in which it lost 1370 ballot papers.

    That is in addition to any challenge by Clive Palmer, who is not happy at seeing Greens senator Scott Ludlam, and Sports Party candidate Wayne Dropulich take the seats of Labor’s Louise Pratt and Palmer United Party’s Zhenya Wang in the WA recount.

    If the High Court declares the election result void, the WA senate election will be re-run at a cost to taxpayers of around $13 million.

    One suspects that the Liberal Party would be happy to pay double that to see the same voting patterns expressed as last time.

    But what chance is there of that with the Indonesian crisis hurting Abbott’s credibility and Clive Palmer’s store of luck beginning to running out? (Some commentators already think Clive is facing ‘Palmergeddon’.)

    Abbott’s crack political team would be mad to advise anything but a decent amount of contrition to calm the Indonesians.

    Failing to do so will mean that Abbott’s plan to stop the boats instead becomes a disastrous exercise in stopping the votes.

    Big swings in Western Australia would mean loss of the control of the Senate, continuing frustration over the repeal of the mining and carbon taxes beyond July of next year (when the new senate sits) and, well, a parliament as chaotic as either of the previous two.

    It’s now up to Tony Abbott to deliver us from that old curse of ‘living in interesting times’.

    Connect with Rob Burgess on Google+…….”

  114. Abetz was asked what regulations he wants to see gone. After a lot of babbling, he come up with this one. A ruling that said a employer was responsible when ht e worker did not obey the law.

    Abetz used the example of the worker, who refused to use the seat belt, breaking the law. Abetz thought it was unfair, that the responsibly laid with the boss not the worker.

    Mr. Abetz, the question I ask is:-

    “How can you then explain why you believe that Rudd is to blame for those four deaths. Believe so much that you are setting up another inquiry m, after numerous ones have already left the government off the hook.

    Even the coroners inquest laid the blame with the employer, in not following state Health and Safety Regulations. In at lkeast one case, the worker replace safe plastic with metal staples.

    The employers were found guilty.

    Now, how can you lay the blame with Rudd and Garrett, Mr. Abetz. They did not break the law. The employers and workers did.

    Every contract had a clause, that state Health and Safety regulations were to be obeyed.

  115. One should tune in. Bishop is sure doing it well. A amendment is now a proposal. A minister can only move an proposal.

    Burke is demanding her ruling be tabled.

    The circus is sure in town.

  116. Burke moves that the Speaker be dissented. Burke begged her to reconsider this move, an he did not want to go down this path.

    Amendments, her ruling is going pass debate being gagged, to not being allowed.

  117. Like I keep sayin Cass. Tony is just doing what we elected him to do. Clean up Labor’s policy vomit. I read Hartchers 5 part series on the failures of Gillard and Rudd. Hartcher is obviously still closely wired to Labor leaks. The machinations and infighting within Labor’s factions is fascinating. It is easy to understand that the chronic dysfunction created an unworkable government.
    And Gillard still thinks she was the best politician Australia could have had but was brought down by mysogyny.Strange contradiction considering her career was helped along by Labor’s affirmative action policy according to Albrechtsen’s recent article.

  118. “Look over there”, “look over there”, “look over there.”

    What mess Tweed? How about addressing this woeful government for once instead of the constant lame obfuscations and distractions back to Labor.

  119. Some of my own “look over there to the past”. Just the headlines:

    Liberal Party Infighting | Malcolm Turnbull’s Blog Attacks Tony Abbott
    PM – Vic Liberal Party infighting aired in public
    Parties to come out (in)fighting Abbott and West Australian Liberals
    A bit off Liberal party in-fighting
    Liberal Party in-fighting is like watching spoilt…
    Infighting ‘tearing apart’ CLP | The Australian
    Stop the infighting: O’Farrell
    ‘Snide’ Liberal infighting makes it to the airwaves – National
    Liberal infighting spreads – National
    Liberal Party still infighting …
    Liberal Party infighting over campaign debts | The Courier-Mail
    NSW Liberal factional infighting …
    What’s Wrong with the Liberal Party?
    Political infighting: Michael Kroger slams Peter Costello
    Peter Costello supporters rally as Liberal infighting spread
    Pressure builds on Malcolm Turnbull as Liberal infighting erupts …
    PM – In-fighting between Nationals and Liberals continues
    Coalition infighting is letting down our farmers | The Australian
    Nationals turn on Joe Hockey as war breaks out within Coalition …
    Nationals and Liberals infighting

    …and dozens and dozens more without going back too far in history.

    Just because you wrap yourself in fantasy cotton candy and concentrate solely on Labor to vent your frustration at the utter failure of Abbott and this government doesn’t mean they are not dysfunctional or they are superior to Labor, far from it.

  120. And yet another massive back flip from Hockey. Why aren’t you up in arms over all Hockey’s back tracks and broken promises Tweed, you would be if Labor did this.

    Joe Hockey’s financial services inquiry has changed a lot since he first proposed it in 2010. Crikey writers Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer wonder where the promised hard-line inquiry went… 

  121. Well if you take any notice of anything Albrechtson says you’ve got a problem. She’s a Liberal stooge , although I think she ditched Kruger in the end didn’t she?

  122. Fed up will know….who was that stupid woman going on about Labor’s Debt ? I just heard a snippet.

    I heard her say that it’ll take surpluses bigger than anything Costello delivered from now until 2020 to get the budget back in the black, and that the interest (that is, dividends on the bonds) will be $10 Billion.

    That is mind-numbingly stupid. Just one surplus right now would push the economy into recession.

    And as for the all the distress over the interest bill, well, follow the money and see where it ends up. It’s a risk free dividend stream for the “haves”.

    Lets get this clearly understood: the issuance of bonds to cover deficits is just a left-over convention from the 70’s. But as it enriches the already wealthy, it would take a civil war to get rid of it.

  123. Sorry, was only half listening. Finding the senate hearings more intersecting.

    Liberal senators are still busily looking for all that waste.

    Liberals too busy, digging for dirt on Carr, the former FM and Gillard. Sadly for them, they are having little luck.

    Still, in spite of that, I predict the weekend papers will tell us loud and clear how expensive Carr was.

  124. I think the blond you mentioned is now back on. Screaming as usual. The one that did not have time to do her hair today.

  125. “……….
    Indi independent Cathy McGowan voted against the repeal of the carbon tax, as did fellow independent Andrew Wilkie. Clive Palmer had already flagged he would absent himself due to a potential conflict of interest.

    McGowan just posted her reasons:

    Today the Parliament will vote on the Government’s ‘Carbon Tax Repeal’ bills. This is a contentious piece of legislation and I wanted to outline my thinking on it before the House votes.
    I accept that climate change is human induced and that the market is the most efficient and effective place to pursue action to reduce emissions at low cost.
    Tourism and agriculture are important industries in Indi and both will be impacted by a changing climate.
    On this basis that I won’t be supporting the government’s repeal of the Clean Energy legislation.
    Over the last few weeks I’ve spoken across the spectrum to constituents about the legislation, including manufacturers, tourism operators in the Alpine region, transport businesses, young people and farmers.
    There are differing views about how to approach climate change, ……..

  126. Wasn’t just Carr that was expensive FU. The whole Circus of 2007 – 2013 was expensive. $500 Billion. That is 500,000 low income tax payers ( yes 500,000 bread winners) paying all their taxes ($10,000 each per annum) ……..
    …………for 100 years ( excluding interest, NBN losses, Gillard and Rudd on lifetime pensions etc etc etc.) Hmmm FU. Yes very expensive little experiment. The fortunate thing is FU is that they were found out and thrown out. Imagine if the suckers were in for 12 years.
    Yes the papers will expose the expensive class of 2007-2013. Long way to go yet to get all the dirt out in the open.

  127. New concept of justice, that is well and truly abroad in this nation.

    I would not give much credence to anything Cory Bernadi has to say. Have watched his efforts at digging for dirt on Labor, over this week.

    He spent the time making allegations, twisting whatever PS officers had to say.

    Was told repeatedly, his version of what was said, was wrong.

    The body language of those giving evidence, said they were not impressed.

  128. Does he care, or ever listen. Does not seem to understand, it is what comes out of his mouth, that gets him into trouble.

  129. Looks like you were taking the altitude of the moon along the incline of a wine bottle last night Tweed, and making all sorts of “astrological” discoveries.

    The gutter would’ve been a better place to look.

  130. ABC 24. Art hinting that Abbott is playing to the domestic market. Talking about shocks jocks stirring it up.

    It was pointed out that the Indonesia President has a right to be upset.

    Cassidy ABC 24

    Should follow Obama’s action.

  131. Then Tweed you should be rallying against this current government as already they are $10 billion more expensive than the last government for an equivalent period.

    So let’s see your condemnation of that as you are so concerned about government spending, and what about your ire against the systemic rorting conducted by the Liberals along with Abbott being the most expensive LOTO in our history and fast heading towards the most expensive PM, and then there is Howard by far the most expensive ex-PM ever.

    (sound of hypocrisy, silence)

  132. Abbott’s failure to listen escalates spying row

    Tony Abbott’s failure to proactively defuse the spying row with Indonesia has escalated it, writes Dave McRae. To restore ties he will need to change tack.

    After suspending various aspects of Australia-Indonesia cooperation, Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last night wrote to Tony Abbott demanding an explanation for Australia’s wiretapping.

    The Prime Minister told the parliament he will respond fully to the letter, suggesting he may go beyond Australia’s pro forma public response to date. If he does, the question will be why the Prime Minister did not publicly signal any compromise sooner, particularly if reports that Australia has agreed to discontinue such wiretapping are true.

    Headline says it all. Plus the campaign to blame others and make him look good.

    Should have listened, then got on with fixing things up.

    Should leave politics and stunts out of it.

  133. Is Abbott just plain stupid, or playing a game?

    This was written in July.

    “………By disdaining the Indonesians Abbott is playing to his base, as though that’s more important than engaging with the future.

    This is how Abbott works – by ramping up tensions to the point where the dreaded subtleties are lost, and where difference of opinion becomes treason. The sort of nuanced policy on regional co-operation being pursued by the incumbents is not the result of deft diplomacy genius by Prime Minister Rudd, but rather a recognition that he has no other choice.

    Nuance is not only anathema to Abbott, but way too hard; he strained to achieve it as a Howard government minister and it deserted him throughout 2007. By 2009 he rejected it entirely. In 2013 he needs to cultivate the appearance that he can handle complexities, like Howard did over 1995-96 and Rudd did in 2007; instead, he’s retreating to the base by being ever more dogmatic.

    Ramping up tensions is easy and, if vindicated by the electorate, to be preferred over an outcome requiring give-and-take. It shows Abbott’s economic illiteracy that he would put the issues described above at risk; how the visceral issue of ‘border protection’ trumps almost all of the export-oriented economy………..”


  134. Just cleaning up the Labor Policy Vomit Moby. Nothing new here. Get used to it there is a lot of vomit to clean up. $500 Billion worth……..

  135. I keep asking you but you give no details of the Labor waste whilst this Liberal government rolls in its own waste and rorting as well as undermining our democracy.

    Why aren’t you up in arms about that Tweed? I could bet my house if Labor had done what this government is doing to undermine parliament you would have been going on about how terrible and undemocratic they are.

    As I keep saying, and you so typify it, hypocrite. And an unthinking one at that.

    Talk about undermining democracy, only a Liberal government would do this.

    The oversight committee on crime and corruption in Queensland said something Newman didn’t like, but was completely in their charter. Newman had appointed a crony with a blatant conflict of interest and bias, no surprise there, Abbott is doing the same, so this committee did nothing more than point out that bias.

    Newman sacked the entire committee and is going to replace it with a crony that will do his bidding.

    Yep, Liberal Party democracy in action, silence all dissenters, undermine democracy at every turn and take away as many rights and oversight as can be achieved, with the goal of complete control for their wealthy masters and huge personal payouts later in life at the cost of their taxpayers.

  136. Your childish comments give us a window into the mind of a true believer Tweed.

    The number that has you transfixed is actually irrelevant. But for you it is like the swinging pocket-watch of the stage magician.

    Unfortunately a click of the fingers will not snap you out of it. Your condition seems to be chronic.

  137. I wonder where the 500 billion figure came from. Much less than 400 is the only one that stands up.

    One cannot help, if Hockey has added massively to it since being in control for 66 days.

    Even the treasury says, the 400 will only be met for a few days, and npot in this financial year.. The 500 billion o expected, far off into the future.

    It is Hockey, that is cutting revenue, that os making matters worse. It is Hockey, that is bringing the middle/upper income welfare back.

    With the changes Hockey has made, he now owns the budget.

    Talking about Gillard and Rudd, is only history. Cannot be changed.

    Hockey promised what they cannot deliver, because they based their promises on fraudulent facts.

    There is little fat there to trim. They cannot sack, unless they cut programmes.

    I suspect, cutting revenues, that is tax, is no longer a option as well.

    Yes, this government are quickly being forced to face reality.

  138. When one confuses a debt limit ceiling, with actual debt, it is a worry.

    In December, I believe it will go over the present limit, which is 370 billion, for two or three days. The debt will then fall back below this amount.

    Even if the limit is not raised, does not make much difference. The treasury has many options, to cope with the situation.

    Nowhere near 500 billion, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Wonder why one assumes one is a wine drinker. Beer, or maybe whiskey for me. Not that I have much at any time now.

    I would have to drink a lot, to be able to see the world, as some of our visitors seem to.

  139. Tweed, labor’s PNG solution was working, Tony’s ‘solution’ has left him eating his own vomit,meanwhile the boats still come!

  140. I think the Indonesians are saying to Abbott, that he should apologize for lack of diplomacy skills, and being a idiot.

    Thankfully, fact finder ABC found that mandates do not exist. Well not in the way that Abbott is trying to sell.

    Conflicts with the Constitution, in fact.

  141. Cass. The whole Border Protection issue including Gillard’s attempted illegal Malaysian Solution and Rudds half baked PNG Solution is all part of cleaning up Labor’s BP Policy vomit of 2008. You remember the warm inner glow tree hugging policy forced on Rudd and Gillard by the Greens. Don’t get too wound up Cass. Tony is cleaning it all up.

  142. Tony always knew that he couldn’t turn the boats back as the Indonesians had been telling him and J. Bishop for almost 2 years that this policy was not acceptable to them. However, Abbott forged on regardless knowing that when his policy failed that he had a ready-made scapegoat – the Indonesians. Gosh oh golly, little Tony had done his best but it’s those nasty Indonesians stopping his policy from working. Sadly for Tony, the Indonesians weren’t prepared to allow their nation be humiliated in the process.

  143. Tweed, the Malaysia Solution was not illegal. Currently illegal is the fact that unaccompanied minors are being sent offshore. The High Court ruling was that the Minister is the legal guardian of unaccompanied minors and as such cannot do anything to the detriment of that minor. Unaccompanied minors were excluded from the Malaysia Solution.

  144. Tweed if the Malaysian solution was illegal why is Abbott pursuing it as part of his future policy?

    Yes Carol, Morrison sent an unaccompanied 9 year old girl to Manus a few days ago.

    Gotta love the way the gormless Abbott followers throw around terms like illegal and waste in projection to attempt to cover up for the abject failure of this government in undertaking illegalities and building up massive waste.

  145. The parliament could have addressed any concerns the court has re the Constitution with new legislation. Both the Greens and Abbott voted against the legislation.

    I would much rather we gone down that track. From what Indonesia has indicated, they would have likes the Malaysian solution extended d to them.

    We would have a more orderly system of bringing asylum seekers to this country. It would have given some hope for those stranded in the region.

    Would be cheaper and more humane.

    What we have, is this government, cutting the numbers. How that makes things better is beyond me.

    Yes, we could have added the PNG scheme to it.

    Carol, you raise an interesting idea. Is Abbott beefing the present crisis up, to allow Sovereign Borders off the hook.

    Others are hinting, he is playing games.

    Remember all the tears from the Coalition, when debating the legislation to allow the Malaysian Solution to go ahead,

    Sorry, I mean that plan that came from the three experts.

    Mr. Hockey, among others, deserved an Oscar.


  146. Why the Greens voted against the Malaysian solution is anyone’s guess, but Abbott voted against it purely because he knew it would be successful, and everything he did from the day he became LOTO was to undermine every successful thing the government did in every way aided abetted by the media, that included encouraging asylum seekers to come to Australia.

    That side of the asylum seekers deaths is conveniently overlooked by the right.

    It’s one of the reasons Morrison has put all their operations under a shroud of secrecy so Labor cannot do what they did to Labor, and indeed this is being done in parliament as well, where dirty and corrupt practices undertaken by the Liberal opposition to undermine the parliamentary process have now been shutdown to undermine the democratic process.

    The Liberals are the most undemocratic and nastiest party to ever have been formed in this country and it says a lot about their blind supporters that they prefer that neofascism to democracy.

  147. When News criticises something a Liberal government is doing then it must be really bad. And of course it is. The only government that has gone lower than this was Howard’s in the lies and cover ups for going to an illegal war.

    Now there was something a government did that was illegal, if the right wingers want to talk about a government’s illegalities.

  148. “but Abbott voted against it purely because he knew it would be successful”

    You know Adrian? What a lying piece of filth you are. How do you know why the Abbott voted against this policy?? I would have voted against this policy.

    The worst thing Labor has done is that 14,000 people/year from UNHCR camps can no longer get to Australia because of Rudd and everybody who voted for him in 2007.

    Lets up hope that Morrison can get a more fairer system which we had under Howard.

    The system that Labor invented allows people with $$$$$10,000 to access our humanitarian program while REAL refugees are stuck in UNHCR camps.

  149. Morrison is so used to using the media for his purposes that he thinks it’s ok to withhold information from Parliament who is apparently supposed to listen to weekly press conferences to find out what is going on – that or read the Jakarta Post…or go online. What an arrogant silly man.

  150. Neil, under the Malaysian agreement, 4000 of genuine refugees who are “stuck in camps” could have come here and become productive contributors to our society. At the same time we would have had 800 less people in camps to pay for. Instead of which Tony says no, Scott puts up a billboard, and the traumatised people of the world become playthings for political gain.

  151. “Instead of which Tony says no

    You left out the GREENS said no also.

    Howards policy was the best. The only thing wrong with John Howards policy was we did not take enough refugees.

    Under Rudds system (and everybody who voted for him in 2007) we only take people with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$10,000.

  152. So much for Abbott being better at border protection.

    The head of the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has told a Senate Estimates hearing that about 600 staff members would have to be sacked in the next four years.
    Customs chief executive Michael Pezzullo told senators the agency’s “Meeting the requirements of our service and meeting fiscal policy directions will require very tough
    choices to be made,” Pezzullo said.

    Massive job losses predicted for Customs There are fewer patrols being carried
    out by bay-class boats to ensure the larger ACV Ocean Protector has enough crew

    “However given the efficiencies that we have already identified and achieved, many
    of these choices have already been made.
    “With program reductions that are in the forward budget, we are not talking about
    cutting fat or even muscle and tissue, we will soon be going through bone and out
    the other side.”

    No wonder Morrison wants to keep everything secret and not sing out “open borders” as he did when in opposition, because unlike Labor this government has really opened the borders to all and sundry both physically and diplomatically.

  153. Adrian

    You are a total idiot.

    Do you care about the thousands of people who have drowned because of your vote??

    Do you care about the thousands of people in UNHCR camps who cannot get into Australia because they do not have $$$$$$$$$$10,000??

    We had a great system in 2007. Totally destroyed by Labor.

  154. Adrian

    You are a total idiot.

    Do you care about the thousands of people who have drowned because of your vote??

    Neil, you really have lost the plot. 🙄

    And on top of that you really can be a nasty piece of work.

  155. “And on top of that you really can be a nasty piece of work.”

    I will take my opinions over yours any day of the week.

    We used to take 14,000 refugees from UNCHR camps. This happened in 2007.

    Since then anybody with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$10,000 can access our humanitarian program.

  156. Why did the Howard government build the facilities on Christmas Island (and why did they WASTE so much money while doing so)?

    Had the boats really stopped?

    Is Neil really as dumb as he pretends to be?

  157. Plus much of what Howard had in place was declared illegal by the courts. Yes, unconstitutional.

    Howard tried to prevent people from getting legal and other advice. This is an universal right, and cannot legally be taken away from anyone.

    The experts, world wide also said at the time, there was a lull in those seeking asylum. Does happen time to time.

    On top of that, many in the near region have been in camps for a decade of more,

    It is only natural that these people come top believe, if they want a stable life, the only option, they see, is to get on the boats.

  158. Unions exposed as war saboteurs
    Miranda Devine – Sunday, November 03, 2013 (12:44am)
    AS the Abbott government begins to take on union power and corruption, a timely new book reveals the union movement’s role in one of the most shameful periods of Australian history.
    What the wharfies did to Australian troops – and their nation’s war effort – between 1939 and 1945 is nothing short of an abomination.
    Perth lawyer Hal Colebatch has done the nation a service with his groundbreaking book, Australia’s Secret War, telling the untold story of union bastardry during World War 2.
    Using diary entries, letters and interviews with key witnesses, he has pieced together with forensic precision the tale of how Australia’s unions sabotaged the war effort, how wharfies vandalised, harassed, and robbed Australian troop ships, and probably cost lives.
    One of the most obscene acts occurred in October, 1945, at the end of the war, after Australian soldiers were released from Japanese prison camps. They were half dead, starving and desperate for home. But when the British aircraft-carrier HMS Speaker brought them into Sydney Harbour, the wharfies went on strike. For 36 hours, the soldiers were forced to remain on-board, tantalisingly close to home. This final act of cruelty from their countrymen was their thanks for all the sacrifice.
    Colebatch coolly recounts outrage after outrage. There were the radio valves pilfered by waterside workers in Townsville which prevented a new radar station at Green Island from operating.
    So when American dive bombers returning from a raid on a Japanese base were caught in an electrical storm and lost their bearings, there was no radio station to guide them to safety. Lost, they ran out of fuel and crashed, killing all 32 airmen.
    Colebatch quotes RAAF serviceman James Ahearn, who served at Green Island, where the Australians had to listen impotently to the doomed Americans’ radio calls:
    “The grief was compounded by the fact that had it not been for the greed and corruption on the Australian waterfront such lives would not have been needlessly lost.”
    Almost every major Australian warship was targeted throughout the war, with little intervention from an enfeebled Prime Minister Curtin. There was the deliberate destruction by wharfies of vehicles and equipment, theft of food being loaded for soldiers, snap strikes, go-slows, demands for “danger money” for loading biscuits.
    Then there were the coal strikes which pushed down coal production between 1942 and 1945 despite the war emergency.
    There were a few honourable attempts to resist union leaders, such as the women working in a small arms factory in Orange, NSW, who refused to strike and “pelted union leaders with tomatoes and eggs”.
    This is a tale of the worst of Australia amid the best, the valour and courage of our soldiers in New Guinea providing our last line of defence against Japanese, only to be forced onto starvation rations and to “go easy on the ammo” because strikes by the wharfies back home prevented supplies from reaching them.
    A planned rescue of Australian PoWs in Borneo late in the war apparently had to be abandoned, writes Colebatch, because a wharf strike in Brisbane meant the ships had no heavy weapons.
    There was no act too low for the unionists. For instance, in 1941, hundreds of soldiers on board a ship docked in Freemantle entrusted personal letters to wharfies who offered to post them in return for beer money. The letters never arrived.
    At one point in 1942 a US Army colonel became so frustrated at the refusal of Townsville wharfies to load munitions unless paid quadruple time, he ordered his men to throw the unionists into the water and load the guns themselves.
    In Adelaide, American soldiers fired sub-machine guns at wharfies deliberately destroying their aircraft engines by dropping them from great heights. Australian soldiers had to draw bayonets to stop the same Adelaide wharfies from stealing food meant for troops overseas.
    You will read this book with mounting fury.
    Colebatch offers various explanations for the treasonous behaviour of the unions. Many of the leaders were Communists obsessed with class warfare. Fervent “identity politics” led them to believe they were victims, and that servicemen and women were “puppets of capitalism whose lives were of no consequence”.
    Contrary to popular belief, strikes and sabotage continued to the end of the war, even after the Soviet Union became an ally, writes Colebatch, who contends that the Australian Left may have wanted to undermine the military in preparation for revolution after the war.
    Whatever the reasons for the defective morality of those unionists who sabotaged our war effort, the traitors have never been brought to account. This story has been largely suppressed for 70 years because Labor and the Left have successfully controlled the narrative of history.
    No more, thanks to Colebatch.

  159. “Why did the Howard government build the facilities on Christmas Island (and why did they WASTE so much money while doing so)?”

    Waste money?? We are spending $1,000 millions dollars more/year than Howard did at the moment.

    Had the boats really stopped?”

    Yep they had stopped. We had FOUR boat people in detention in 2007 because they most probably could not get a security clearance.

    But we did have 14,000 people from UNHCR camps welcomed into Australia in 2007.

    Not any more thanks to your retarded votes in 2007.

  160. Onanist pastes in screeds of Lieberal propaganda from the Mudrock gutter press. Hey onanist, no one’s interested.

  161. A report for the International Monetary Fund found the Howard Liberals the most wasteful government in Australia’s 200-year history.

    Thanks to their wastefulness, Australia was forced into debt the moment the GFC threatened, because they didn’t leave enough in reserve for the rainy day.

    And now, back in office, the Liberals are spending and borrowing up big once again. They want to raise the debt ceiling to $500,000,000.000.00 – but they are refusing to say WHY!

    They cant’ be trusted and should be thrown out as soon as possible.

  162. Cuppa

    You are a lying piece of filth like all Labor supporters.

    We had NO Federal govt debt in 2007.

    How many countries had no Federal govt debt in 2007??

    Anyway i wish you people would make up your mind. Mangrove Jerkoff says debt is not a problem.

    And name me one Labor govt which has left any money in reserve??

  163. Actually Cuppa i wish you did not bring up the topic of debt.

    What i want to talk about is all the refugee lives you have destroyed because of your vote in 2007.

    Thousand of people drowned because of your vote in 2007.

    Tens of thousands of people denied access to Australia from UNHCR camps.

    Pieces of filth the whole lot of you people.

  164. Nil of Sydney,

    You strange little LIEberal. I didn’t say anything about whether there was debt or not in 2007.

    Quit verbaling me. And quit lying.

    … Oh, that’s right, you cannot, you’re a LIEberal.

    PS: Just for the record, there WAS debt when the LIEberals left office in 2007, so that’s another lie. $57 billion gross debt.

  165. cuppa how wrong r u? This new book has lots of people interested and I’m hopeful that many more Australians will discover the cafe so they can really see first hand, how twisted and hateful sad labour lefties like you really are…have a nice day.

  166. I’m pretty sick of hearing from Liberal politicians how much budget surplus John Howard left. Unless they are really stupid they must know that you can’t compare the economic climate from 1995 – 2007 with the post-GFC period. Howard and Costello did nothing except sell off our assets and bank the money flowing from the mining boom. They should have used it on nation building projects such as our much needed rail networks and public schools and hospitals instead of saving it for vote buying. At least by 2007 the voters woke up to their tricks. And since 2008 the world has been in recession,and our Labor government was able to keep our economy performing well by spending and investing. Every country has gone into deficit in this period, but we have a much smaller deficit than most thanks to good economic management. The Abbott government will have to manage through these economic times and they can’t increase growth in the USA and Europe and they can’t reduce the high Aussie dollar. They also can’t cut spending because they would throw us into recession. Australia, you gave been conned by these frauds.

  167. Onanist,

    No one here is interested in the screeds of Lieberal propaganda that you lazily copied and pasted in.

    If you can’t post something in your own words, why bother? People are not going to read it, nor will they respect an empty commenter who’s got nothing of their own to contribute but can just manage to paste in propaganda from the Mudrock gutter press.

    You also should be asking yourself why the Lieberals need so many media shills – Devine, Bolt, Akerman, Jones, Hadley, Shanahan, Kenny, Hardgrave, Uhlmann, Kelly, Henderson, Sheridan, Albrechtsen, and all the rest. If the party was any good, had a good attractive ideology and policies, it wouldn’t need all those shills putting lipstick on the pig 24/7.

    The more shills they need to put out the propaganda the more shithouse the party.

  168. Must say, our visitors are hysterical today. Wonder why? Debt no longer interest them. Want to stay back in history. Are they afraid to look at the government we have today.

  169. I’m pretty sick of hearing from Liberal politicians how much budget surplus John Howard left.
    They conveniently “overlook” four things:

    1) Howard left the budget in a state of structural deficit
    2) Howard’s shocking record of debt and deficit as treasurer.
    3) Howard had so much money coming in (as PM) that even he couldn’t spend it all, though he tried hard, being the most wasteful PM ever, as per IMF report.
    4) Relative to other comparable economies at the time, the Liberal surplus of 2007 was puny.

  170. A review in the most extreme of the Murdoch press by an exteme right whinger of an anti-union book written by an even more extreme right whinger and you expect to be taken seriously Dummo? 🙄

    If we assume Neil fits into the “Profound Mental Retardation” category, you barely scrape in above him at “Severe”.

  171. Must say, our visitors are hysterical today. Wonder why?

    Must be because their Idiot Boy is making a total mash of things as usual. In just a few days he’s managed to foment Australia’s biggest diplomatic crisis in decades. Even Indonesian protestors are talking about how STUPID he is (placards reading “Abbott is stupid” at demonstrations).

    If even foreign nationals who know hardly anything about the guy can see that he’s a moron, it doesn’t say much for the likes of Nil and Onanist who actually voted for him. The dumb leading the dumber, by the looks… 😦

  172. Missed Morrison today. What did he have to say.

    Did say where he did say, Indonesian has been helping us for years. From that, I take it, Morrison is acknowledging that Rudd and Gillard also worked well with the country.

    I cannot understand why Morrison says that country has as much ti gain, as we do. Under his schemes they lose out on all fronts.

    The country which has great problems coping with their own people living in poverty, are left holding the basket for the asylum seekers as well.

    Especially under this government, who have lowered the numbers of refugees they are taking over all.

    It would be to their advantage to provide boats, to allow these people to move onto where the were heeding in the first place.

    Some could say, looking at the Indonesians point of view, they are being generous to us, by helping to stop the flow.

    The PNG was the first step to take. It needs to be followed up by a regional solution. Yes, this country, if it wants the boats to stop, have to work with the countries they are coming through.

    I suspect that entails something like the Malaysian solution belong put in place.

    Yes, we have to take more.

    Yes, we can afford too. I say the proof for this is the number of 457 and student vis’a we give out.

    Many of those, coming on those visa could be replace with refugees, if they qualify.

    Sovereign Borders, with the cost that come with it, is destine to fail. Also is pulling the good name of the nation through the mud.

    The number needs to go up to 30,000 at least.

    The message that Abbott is ignoring from Indonesia seems to be, we will help stop the boats, but Australia has to take more from the region. Countries with high populations and poverty cannot be expected to keep the lot.

    TPV and lowering our intake is cruel.

    Morrison still has not explained why TPV are needed. We now are only giving bridging visas with no hope for a permanent visa, until the number is the region are dealt with first.

    It is called the no advantage test.

    I suspect the TPV are given with no hope o f a permanent visa.

    They are to be treated, ads Howard treated those from Timor and Yugoslavia. To be sent back when things improve in the countries they fled from.

    This must be the case, as none are coming into Australia since t5he deal was done with PNG., We do not have to hand any visas out to these people.

    Those already here, had a wait of years before they would ever be considered for a permanent visa.

  173. Typically you deny the truth. As for copy and paste…don’t make me laugh. Yourself, FU, ME & Co. couldn’t function without it. You people beieve that there’s fairies at the bottom of the garden. By the way, how good is Bowen going? pmsl…ex-treasurer is exactly what he should be.

  174. What is Morrison achieving. Not much, outside wasting money, putting all off side in the region and making fools of the country.

    “,…………….IF the Government’s determination to block information on asylum seeker policy hasn’t reached a peak of absurdity it is must surely be just short stroll from that summit.
    We now see Immigration Minister Scott Morrison refusing to confirm information released by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

    Last Friday The Australian reported the buy-the-boats program announced by the Coalition before the election had been dropped. This was the plan to purchase Indonesian fishing vessels to prevent them being used to carry asylum seekers.

    “At this stage, that’s not a measure the Indonesian government wants to see as part of those co-operative activities, and we respect that,” Mr Morrison was quoted as saying in the report, which he has not challenged.

    It was clear the Indonesian ministers were not impressed back on October 1 when Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited them. They did not want Australian officials clomping around their villages buying boats and offering bounties for dobbing in people smugglers, and that the $20 million scheme would be gutted.

    But it had not been confirmed by minister Morrison. He did last Friday, but seems determined not to do so again, no matter the absurdity.

    He was asked about the fate of the scheme by Labor during Question Time on Monday and Tuesday and dodged a direct answer. He probably will be asked again today.

    “The Government will not be supporting the Opposition’s campaign for the people smugglers’ right to know. That is not something we are going to engage in,” Mr Morrison said in one reply on Tuesday.

    So Scott Morrison was upse..”

  175. “You also should be asking yourself why the Lieberals need so many media shills – Devine, Bolt, Akerman, Jones, Hadley, Shanahan, Kenny, Hardgrave, Uhlmann, Kelly, Henderson, Sheridan, Albrechtsen, and all the rest.”

    because you bring out the best in society D cuppa

  176. You can always tell when Abbott has fucked up, they all come crawling out of from under the rocks and start throwing around inane nonsense and multiple strawmen.

    Going on the amount of vacuous shit being thrown around by the wingnuts and the right wing media at the moment, Abbott must have really screwed up big time.

  177. Onanist,

    Labor does not have media shills or even one friendly media outlet. Yet they get more votes than the Lieberals every time.

  178. Is shill your new word of the week is it D cup? Isn’t the cafe a media outlet?

    Better check your calculator batteries Dcup..alp 4,311,365 votes, conservatives 5,841,350 votes. More lefty bullshit lies….1,529,985 is a whipping in anyone’s eyes, including yours. Maybe that is why you are so bitter 😉

  179. Neil I know you aren’t really interested in facts but what do you have to say about the time from 2000 and 2007 (the period which includes the introduction of the “Pacific Solution” for asylum seekers travelling by boat under the Coalition government), where the database documents 746 reported deaths of asylum seekers. In cluded in those 746 who died under John Howard’s watch, 11 of them were Afghanis who he returned to Afghanistan. They were promptly accused of being Australian spies and murdered. They included two girls aged 6 and 9. Don’t you try that “deaths at sea” crap with ME sunshine. You talk shit about important things. How about you educate yourself with some facts first, turkey!

  180. “What is Morrison achieving. Not much, outside wasting money

    It is going to take some time to clean up the mess you people have created.

    And it is a big dirty mess. Phew does it stink.

  181. Most of my cut and paste, are copies of what Abbott and his mob are saying. Yes, the words that come out of his mouth. Others are the facts that refute what some put up on these sites.

    What people make of them, or what conclusion they come from, is there own business.

    Not my fault that so many put lies up, up thousands of tin=mes, no matter how often it is pointed out to them, that they are wrong.

    The visitors are free to believe what they like. If what they are putting forward is lies, they will be challenged.

  182. I take it back – dummo is on a par with Neil – “Profound” it is…

    Disingenuous too – compare apples & oranges, Labor vs all of the CONservatives you can find? GMAFB 🙄

  183. Onanist,

    Compare the primary votes – Even with the 24/7/365 mass media shilling the Lieberals can’t match Labor who have no mass media shills or outlets.

  184. The major difference with what you cut & paste Fu – you provide a link to the source. Dummo is too ashamed of his sources to provide them 🙄

  185. Bacchus, no one has to read them, if they do not want to.

    The trouble at the moment, Abbott keeps upsetting so many, and making a fool of himself so often, it is a full time job keeping up.

    There is so much shit put out, that one has to keep plodding away at correcting the misinformation that is abroad. One has to cut and paste to keep up.

    What I do not understand, why do they not want to talk about this government. They do not even bother to challenge what is put forwarded. Just keep bringing up what the previous two government did.

  186. Have a listen to KL will ya. Fanatical muslim Afghans murder their own, so lets blame Howard. What a freak! You’d be one of those sooky mums who blames council because a magpie obeys instincts when diving upon your children.

    Neil, watch your tail at Xmas mate. Turkey is on the menu. Nobody here could afford one it seems, judging the way they all whinge about how hard done by they are, so your demise is imminent. I reckon you’d be a bit tuff meself.

  187. Conservatives link to gossip columnists like Miranda Devine and Larry Pickering and think they are giving credible sources.

    And Neil, 746 deaths under Howard, and between 2008 and July 2013 (under Labor), 877 asylum seekers have reportedly died. Considering the far greater push factors and huge increase in refugee numbers world wide during the latter period, I would suggest that Howard has a worse record about deaths of asylum seekers. The very fact that this is even a point of discussion shows how low conservatives have gone in destroying what had always been bipartisan support for approach to this perennial problem.

  188. …why do they not want to talk about this government.

    I think you know the answer to that one Fu 😉

  189. OQ, these people were fleeing persecution and had sought asylum here. The Howard government said they weren’t genuine refugees and sent them back to be murdered. It’s the conservative way. No human rights abuses in Sri Lanka or West Papua – yeah right!

  190. “…why do they not want to talk about this government.”

    Because compared to the last rabble, these guys appear as geniuses and let’s face it, Bowen, Electricity Bill, Tranny Trainwreck and Peeny Wrong running the show, we can forgive your ignorance …………………………………………………………………………nah, just kiddin’.

  191. In fact, Onanist, without the herculean media welfare support, the Lieberals would be sunk as a political presence.

    In other words, if they had to stand in their own two feet, as Labor does, they would be finished.

    All that mass media welfare – Australia with among the most one-sided media landscapes outside of North Korea – and the Lieberals still can’t match the Labor primary vote. It’s because their ideology and “policies” are unpalatable and objectionable.

  192. The Edmund Rice Centre, a Catholic advocacy group, has tracked the fortunes of some 270 rejected asylum seekers in 22 countries, and documented several cases of Afghans hunted down and killed after their return. One case reported by the centre’s director, Phil Glendenning, is that of Mohammed Hussain, a Hazara and former mujahideen fighter in the anti-Soviet jihad in the 1980s, who fled Afghanistan under Taliban rule. After being refused refugee status in Australia, Hussain went back to his village in Ghazni – the same province that Hamid comes from and faces returning to. There, in late 2008, Hussain was cornered by a Taliban gang and thrown down a well in front of 35 members of his family. A grenade was thrown down after him, decapitating him. Glendenning, who met Hussain in Kabul before he died, says, “He had told people this would happen if he was sent back [to Afghanistan].”

    In another case cited by Glendenning, a Hazara man named Abdul Azim, who spent 18 months on Nauru before being deported, saw his six– and nine-year-old daughters killed in a grenade attack on their home in Afghanistan.

    A young 22yr old Tamil man currently being held in the Brisbane detention centre has been told by Immigration that he is being flown back to Sri Lanka today 19th November.

    Last week another young Tamil man (19yrs) was sent back to Sri Lanka from the Brisbane detention centre, thrown in prison and severely beaten. When he was handed back to his family, they did not recognize him. All refugees sent back are automatically put into prison, their families have to pay $3,000 and a court date is set for trial. The 19yr old who was beaten, spoke with a Brisbane refugee advocate by telephone last night. He said “My life is in danger”, “I have no life….I be dead”, “My family harassed now I return – no life for them…” His family who cannot return to their home are living in hiding separately with different friends. He may not be alive by his scheduled court date. He may also be killed because he does not have$3,000 to pay the authorities.

    Recently two unaccompanied minors, a 12yr old and a 14yr old were put on a plane to Sri Lanka screaming and crying. Canberra was contacted and the Department’s response was ‘they are going’. We do not know what happened to them.
    Human rights abuses continue in Sri Lanka. Seeking urgent action to save this 22yr old man from being returned on Tuesday. His father was killed and if he returns, he will be targeted and his mother and siblings will not be safe.



  193. Neil and,

    It is going to take some time to clean up the mess you people have created.

    And it is a big dirty mess. Phew does it stink.

    Such as? Perhaps the indicator is that the $ is rising..oh wait a moment, it isn’t. Perhaps it’s the new respect our international friends are now showing us..oh deary me, what a mess Abbott has created in such a short time.

    Abbott so far has managed to: spend $200,000 on a name change for just one government department, wasted $165,000 on a lease for an executive residence in Canberra which Peta he doesn’t want to live in, excused himself from his previous rorting, cut 1/4 of all jobs from the CSIRO, lopped well credentialed charities such as PCYC and Youth Off The Streets off from promised we’re all going to have to work until we’re 70. Well done Tony!

  194. According to Liberal Senator Michaelia Cash on 14 August 2013; This year, Labor is borrowing $83 million per day.

    On 3 September 2013 in a joint media release then Liberal shadow ministers Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb repeated this complaint; Labor continues to borrow $83 million on average every day and posited Just imagine where debt will get to with another three years of Labor.

    According to the Australian Office of Financial Management, since it was sworn in on 18 September 2013 the Abbott Government has borrowed an est. $265 million per day as of 29 October 2013.

    What have you to say to THAT Neil and OQ???

  195. Kaye Lee,

    According to Liberal Senator Michaelia Cash on 14 August 2013; This year, Labor is borrowing $83 million per day.

    On 3 September 2013 in a joint media release then Liberal shadow ministers Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb repeated this complaint; Labor continues to borrow $83 million on average every day and posited Just imagine where debt will get to with another three years of Labor.

    According to the Australian Office of Financial Management, since it was sworn in on 18 September 2013 the Abbott Government has borrowed an est. $265 million per day as of 29 October 2013.

    I would appreciate if you have source/s for this please.

  196. cuppa,

    I would appreciate if you have source/s for this please

    Try copying the first sentence from the quote into your search engine of choice 😉

  197. As I’ve noted previously, OQ is also Walmart and Summo. Sock puppets are tolerated by we Admin (btw for OQ, Fed up has been an Admin on this blog for a couple of years now, which just indicates her toleration for trolls). It’s not entirely honest, but they’re tolerated.

  198. Cuppa, the Indonesians know that Abbott needs them far more than they need him. They know that there will be all hell to pay if he stuffs up trade relations. Abbott tried to paper it over saying that cattle transported to Indonesia were driven in limos, given Jim Beams (straight) before being put down..wafting off into moo cow heaven. Australian cattlemen were eternally grateful.

    Schapelle Corby..Abbott could not give a FF about her..but cattle, that’s another story.

  199. “The very fact that this is even a point of discussion shows how low conservatives have gone in destroying what had always been bipartisan support for approach to this perennial problem

    What bipartisan support?? ALP/Greens believe in open borders.

    We are now spending $1,000 millions dollars more/year than under Howard because we have record numbers of people in detention.

    And all our asylum seekers now have to have $$$$$$$$$$$$$10,000 under Rudd/Gillard.

    The only reason you people exist is to destroy the lives of other human beings.

  200. Carol I think Marcus summed Tony up well on another thread…

    “Idiot Boy isn’t prepared to “risk” diplomatic relations over the brutal treatment of cattle…or even the brutal treatment of human beings….but is more than happy to sacrifice diplomatic & trade relations just to avoid having to say “sorry”.”

  201. Neil,

    Until the Tampa incident in late August 2001, policy regarding asylum seeker boat arrivals was bipartisan. Since then the question of the boat asylum seekers has been fiercely contested and politically explosive.

    A few years after the abandonment of the White Australia policy, 2000 Vietnamese refugees reached Australia by boat. Despite popular anxiety and hostility, they were received by the government with real generosity. Because of its involvement in the Vietnam War, the Fraser government felt a moral responsibility for the refugees. Because of enthusiasm for the dismantling of the White Australia policy, both the government and the Whitlam and Hayden Opposition were careful not to stir underlying racist sentiment, which anti–Vietnamese refugee rhetoric very easily could have done. The informal compact of decency between government and Opposition that arose as a result ensured that it was not public opinion or the political culture but wise and bipartisan political leadership that prevailed.

    The linked article goes on to discuss how decisions from both parties led us to degenerate to the depths of inhumanity where we now find ourselves.

  202. Neil, sadly Labor does not believe in open borders, I wish that they did. Labor believes in holding people in detention which is fine when it’s for security and health checks..but not as a punishment. No one should be punished for seeking asylum. That’s been the rule since the 14th Century since the days when the church gave asylum.

    In the very old days, anyone could seek asylum. You dragged your way to the church door and the nobles and kings could not lop off your head because you had reached the door of the church. From there the monks and nuns had an obligation to give to asylum until your claim for asylum could be verified.

    After WW2 this became law, that anyone escaping persecution should be awarded the status of asylum seeker. I believe that this is a tenet: a truth, that anyone escaping persecution should in this democracy be able to claim asylum. Whether or not their claim is truthful or otherwise is not for us nor the media to decide, but those with the expertise to decide.

    For example, would you Neil like to make a decisive claim as to whether a 13yr old child was a forced bride and send her back to her “husband”, or would you grant this child asylum? Your call.

  203. “The linked article goes on to discuss how decisions from both parties led us to degenerate to the depths of inhumanity where we now find ourselves.

    You must be talking about the inhumanity of the ALP.

    Nobody in a UNHCR camp has $$$$$$$$10,000 to pay a people smuggler.

    There are 20-40 million refugees. Unless we are willing to take them all we have to have a quota system. Maybe we should take them all???

  204. Has anyone else noticed that Labor voters are able to say we disagree with what our party is doing but have you EVER heard that from a Coalition voter?

  205. Schapelle Corby..Abbott could not give a FF about her..but cattle, that’s another story.

    Says it all really Carol.

    Still, support/sympathy for SC in my observation crosses the left-right political divide. Things might get even pricklier for Abbott if her case is jeopardised. What a dud this guy is turning out to be.

  206. On hearing the news that the Abbott government plans to dispatch the Barnaby Joyce (Agriculture Minister) as an unlikely emissary to Jakarta next week, Dave Puxley comments:

    “Canberra is resuming the Live Idiot Trade”.


  207. “The Australian embassy in Jakarta is being pelted with eggs by protesters as Prime Minister Tony Abbott responds to calls for an apology from Indonesia over the phone-tapping scandal.
    More than 1600 police have been deployed near the Australian and US embassies plus several other potential targets in the capital ahead of members of the hardline group, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), attending rallies after Friday prayers.
    Already protesters in front of the Australian embassy have burnt photos of Mr Abbott and an Australian flag.”

    Perhaps Barnaby will be talking poultry? Maybe an Indonesian version of the headless chook ad would lighten the mood?

  208. “Jakarta protesters attack Australian embassy over spying revelations
    Hundreds of Indonesians gather as embassy is pelted with eggs and other objects on second day of protests”

    Yes another mess the Coalition has to clean up. To Abbotts credit he has not blamed the ALP for authorising the phone snooping in 2009.

    And of course ALP scum blame Abbott for a problem they created in 2009.

    Why did Rudd suddenly resign from Parliament?? He most probably knew a problem he created in 2009 was about to explode.

  209. Kaye, yes I believe that Tony inspected an abbatoir…cue photo op of Tony with cows, after which Tony decided that everything was all tickedy-boo. We await with baited breath the pic of Tony with a dead cow as she breathes her last breath.

    Neil, I have known you for over 3 years, as Min of Billinudgel and just plain Min. We cannot take all refugees, God in his goodness would have it that we could, but we cannot. Of course we therefore need to have a quota system, but surely this quota system which you suggest should not be based on method of arrival (boat or plane) but on worthiness…perhaps based on the likelihood of persecution.

  210. Hello, Bacchus! Yes, I am still here, reading, from the deep west! I haven’t had the same joy in writing now that Julia is gone and Labor was silly enough to let Rudd in again.

    I must say, however, ananda is right about sorry being the hardest word for our Tony though. He took me straight to the lyrics. Easy to see how they could be used!…..

    What will I have to do I do to make you want me?
    What do when I need to be be heard?
    What say to you when it’s all over?
    “Sorry that sorry was for me the hardest word?”

  211. This problem has very little to do with spying but everything to do with Tony Abbott’s response (with help from his PR genius Mark Textor). Sorry Neil….this one is ALL Tony’s (or whichever puppeteer is writing his lines). He needs to get on the phone but he isn’t allowed to ad lib (for good reason) so something that could have been easily fixed with “sorry, won’t do it again” has now escalated to the level that it is becoming dangerous.

  212. He needs to get on the phone but he isn’t allowed to ad lib (for good reason)

    I suppose they’ve thought of putting the earpiece in one ear, and sending verbal cues down there, and the phone near the other ear. But he’s not real bright and likely to get his wires crossed. Boy, what a dud.

  213. How many times did we say in the lead up to this election that Abbott was not up to dealing with world leaders. I just thought he would be embarrassing. I underestimated how damaging he would turn out to be in such a very short time.

    “As protests build against Australia in Indonesia, calls have also come from the Indonesian Trade Minister to look for live cattle trading partners elsewhere to Australia, and another Indonesian MP has called for the parole laws to be changed so that convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby could not receive parole.”

  214. “This problem has very little to do with spying”

    Too funny.

    If Rudd did not authorise the phone taps in 2009 we would not have a problem.

  215. If Abbott doesn’t get this sorted, I can see Murdoch tapping Sloppy Hockey on the shoulder and saying, “OK, boy, you’ve got to do it.”

  216. Neil. Did you see Gillard has now entered the field to help. Abbott must be thinking Yesssss there is a God. The whole spying thing was on the Rudd/Gillard watch and as a mature leader Abbott has taken the high road and not laid the blame on our Agencies or the Labor Government. Then Gillard pops and reminds the voters of what losers we had in charge of the country and yes Abbott is the adult PM in charge and yes even when Labor gets kicked out of government the Coalition still has to clean up their policy vomit. …and Shorten doesn’t know whether to stick with the bipartisan conventions of past governments from both sides to not comment on security matters or slip into the labor way and fold under pressure and kiss arse.
    My bet he will kiss arse.
    You can see why Labor could never deliver policy. No balls……

  217. Are you really that thick Tweed. It’s not about the spying you fool, it’s about Abbott’s immature, childish and amatuerish diplomatic response to it.

    And as much as you keep trying to throw in strawmen, the more foolish it makes you appear and the more of an absolute screwup Abbott is that blind fools like you need to make asinine attempts at deflections to defend him.

  218. You can see why Labor could never deliver policy.

    Another stupid statement. 598 successful pieces of legislation through parliament. Abbott not one so far and the only thing he’s done is cloud the government in secrecy and undermine democracy, which you condone it appears.

    Abbott has proven to be the most inept and bumbling PM in our history leading the worst government. And that’s on the records, not just something you makeup because of a mindless ideology.

  219. “With such a regulatory superstructure, it’s hardly surprising that Australia’s ranking in the World Economic Forum’s global competitiveness index has fallen from 12th to 21st; and that [the] ranking for government regulation has fallen… from 68th to 128th over the past six years.”

    Tony Abbott on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 in a speech to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industries annual dinner, Canberra

    Our ruling

    Tony Abbott got one set of numbers correct: Australia’s ranking on “burden of government regulation” dropped from 68th in 2007/08 to 128th in 2013/14.

    Given this data comes from a survey of business leaders, it’s hard to call this a perfect, objective assessment. But it is what it is.

    How much did that contribute to our decline on the overall global competitiveness index? Well, “burden of government regulation” is only one of 114 factors used by the index.

    And because Australia is classed as a stage three “innovation-driven” economy, the indicator is given less weight relative to measures of business sophistication and innovation.

    Abbott’s statement ignores factors which would give a different impression. And his numbers on our overall competitiveness are wrong. We were not ranked 12th on the index: from 2007/08 to 2013/14, we went from 19th to 21st.

    There is an element of truth in the statement — the cited burden of regulation ranking. But there are many other critical factors, such as the exchange rate and the country’s lack of innovation — that have been discounted or ignored in Abbott’s narrative.

    We rate the statement Mostly False.

  220. Whom ordered the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to tap SBY, does anyone have any specific info…. other than it was on Rudds watch crappolla political rhetoric provided by our resident idiot boy lovers.

  221. Why is it taking Abbott so long. It is if he is thumbing his nose at the Indonesians.

    Abbott did not find it hard last month to apologizes on behalf of the former PM, Ms. Gillard.

    Ms. Gillard by her very quick twitter to the resident, apologizing for what happened, saying she did not know at the time, but if she did, she would have stop the action-of security, should have made it easy for Abbott to do what needs doing.

    Ms, Gillard once again to day, made comments, that should have given Abbott the lead.

    The Indonesians themselves, when one listens to what they are saying, are giving Abbott room to save face.

    I suspect, and I myself find it hard to believe, but Abbott is acting, as if he sees political advantage in taking the stance he has,

    Maybe it is time to listen to the likes of Textor, Jones, Bolt and other shock jocks, that I believe are stirring the pot. Many seem to be saying it is time those Indos where put in their place.

    No, I cannot be right,. Too terrifying.

    Abbott is so obsessed with turning back boats, toxic tax and PPL scheme, nothing else counts.

    Everything is so surreal. Nothing makes sense.

    GG speech a beauty. Wonder why they have not announced her successor. I fear it might be Jeanette Howard.

  222. I believe we can say good bye to being a central part of the coming Asian century., Once again, we will be the white trash of Asia,

  223. There is obviously a good reason the Coalition is not blaming the Labor government over Indonesia spying; because this surveillance was already in place during prime minister John Howard’s term. Remember the little matter of East Timor?

  224. Wonder why one would believe that Rudd authorized the phone taps. I find it hard to believe any PM would know all that the security people do. Being 2009 or earlier, probably set up with all the extra security that Howard bought in, using terrorism as an excuse.

    I do not not remember Labor adding to security laws. That was Howard’s obsession.

    Gillard was around at the time and was not aware.

  225. Labor …No balls

    I call Right-Wing Projection.

    Abbott’s the one who runs away from waiting media cameras.

    Walks out of press conferences when the questions get too hard.

    Won’t go onto the ABC’s QandA program.

    Had to be dragged kicking and screaming to debates with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

    Needs hitmen in the media to back him up when he’s in a spot.

  226. Kaye Lee Polifact has revealed another lie of Abbott’s, one he is using to do his masters bidding in cutting red tape, in other words allowing big business run over government and the people yet again.

    Why are the right wingers so silent on proven major lie after lie from Abbott when they made such a massive deal over what was not a lie by Gillard.

    Surely they’re not hypocrites?

  227. What one finds over at the Cory Bernadi funded Menzies House.

    “………..Australia must now immediately suspend all foreign aid to Indonesia

    Via the Australian


    Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa says Jakarta has already ”adjusted” cooperation with Canberra, and the level of the downgrade in relations will depend on Australia’s stance over revelations of spying on Indonesia.

    …”Downgrading the level of the relationship between Indonesia and Australia has been done,” Dr Natalegawa said.

    ”We have already adjusted various forms of cooperation.

    ”We are turning off the tap by degrees. ‘

    ‘It is being measured according to (Australia’s) response and stance.”

    Righto, Marty…then I say Australia should turn off your $541 million foreign aid tap, advise all of our citizens not to holiday in that drug infested dump called Bali and cancel your (Indonesia’s) purchase of a million hectares of Australian grazing land.

    Hey Marty, if your country wasn’t a hot bed for major terrorist incidents & known terror groups we wouldn’t have to spy on you.

    Past and present Prime Minister’s are responsible for the safety of Australians and not the hurt feelings of Indonesian apparatchiks..”

  228. His other lie is about productivity. Labour productivity has increased so stop blaming the unions and workplace entitlements. It’s capital productivity that is lagging. So how does Abbott react? Gets rid of the NBN and halts innovation and research in general.

    “The productivity debate in Australia is massively distorted by a blind spot, revealed again by the lack of coverage of the annual national accounts figures released on Friday, which showed labour productivity increased but capital productivity fell.”

  229. That wonderful scheme that was proposed today, that one has the house valued when one retires. One them gives half of any increase in value to the government.

    Now, is not that a fancy form of death taxes or duties.

    They are not talking abut nursing home fees. They are talking about all, whether one is healthy, dropping dead, or finishing ones days in a nursing home.

  230. …Protesters, from the Komando Pejuang Merah Putih (Red and White Fighter Commandos), have burnt photos of Mr Abbott and for a second day called for war with Australia while demanding the Australian ambassador, Greg Moriarty, be expelled from Indonesia.

    “Our nation has been insulted by Australia. Let’s attack them,” one shouted outside the embassy today….

  231. I see Uhlmann is no longer doing 7.30. Sabre Lane is taking over. The pollie fact has lost half it’s staff.

    No links,

  232. Uhlmann is apparently working on a documentary about the Rudd/Gillard years.

    To be released in time for the next election I suppose…

  233. only children would say adults are now running the country, snotty nose one’s ! also
    i seem to remember kevin rudd warning us about abbott starting a war with indonesia.

  234. Quite frankly, the Indonesians have been petulant since day one, and politicians on both sides have cowtowed to their demands in the name of foreign policy. I have never been enamoured by the Indonesian government and my opinion is that the less business we do with them the better, and likewise we should withdraw funding we provide them – and I am a labor voter, their treatment of our cattle was appalling and cruel and now it seems that blood lust is being directed towards our people in the Embassy, without any formal apologies from the Indonesian government.

    Full marks to Julia for intervening in the treatment of australian cattle, at least she had the tits to stand up against this treatment, and let them their cattle from elsewhere as where one market closes another opens.

  235. “..Textor is an outrageous figure, but he’s no fool. As the pollster to the Liberal Party he has done as much as anyone on that side of politics to realise the potential of negativity.
    The Libs have been very clever in recent years at identifying points of voter dissatisfaction, magnifying them, and promising simple solutions. Think, for example, of the bogus issue of cost-of-living pressures.
    The objective data shows it to be a non-issue. But it has proved so easy for the Coalition to seize on one small component – electricity prices – and turn that into a major issue. Then, a simple solution: blame it all on one small component of the electricity price rise – the carbon tax……”

    Yes the man is no fool. If one believes that, what was his twitter all about. I suspect, they are deliberately stirring up anger against Indonesia, believing there are VOTES IN IT.

    It is still about discrediting ones opponent, so one can divide and rule.

    One thing that Howard was expert at.

    Abbott has taken it to a unbelievable level.

    Abbott bases all his attacks on straight lies. Whats more, he gets away with it.

  236. More.

    “As one of his other tweets, not so widely reported, read: “No one gives a rat’s arse in the real world. The bubble at work.”
    In a way, that was the most disturbing tweet of them all. In Textor’s view — and we emphasise again, he is no fool, and a master at manipulating public opinion; it doesn’t really matter in domestic political terms how offended the Indonesians get.
    Among members of the demographic that the Liberals, with Textor’s help, have so successfully appealed to in recent years — the ones whose dark angels are more easily aroused — a bit of intransigence is interpreted as strength.
    It looks like the headline in Wednesday’s edition of the Liberal Party house journal, The Australian: “Abbott stands firm in spying row”.
    So, while Abbott might tell Parliament Textor’s comment was “tacky”, we may be reasonably sure he’s not terribly angry at his pollster. And is certainly not about to sack him. Textor’s dark arts are way too useful.”

    Maybe Abbott is playing for time, while the likes of Textor, with the assistance of the shock jocks and other muddy the waters.

    There does not seem to be much effort occurring, at smoothing over the what has occurred. More about Abbott not saying, he is sorry.

  237. There is one thing different when it comes to the present Opposition. They are standing behind Abbott and his government, not putting the boot in.

    Must say, Abbott is not making their job easy.

  238. ……….The moral of Darrow’s story was of course that all that glitters is not gold and often that which appears to have substance is in fact, hollow.

    Darrow’s tale also included the sub-text that you should always be careful about what you wish for because you just might get it.

    For the past three years Tony Abbott had his nose pressed against the glass that separated him from the office of prime-minister, and like the young Darrow thought that if he got it, he would have everything that he ever wanted.

    In Abbott’s case however, it’s not the horse that is held together with spit and sealing wax but the rider.

    In the two short months since he took office, Abbott is proving himself to be woefully unequal to the task………..

  239. What are you on about Moby? I swear your responses are governed by the Luna cycle. You range from irrational to really irrational. Tony is doing an excellent job. He is looking after Australia’s interests where Gillard or Rudd would have kissed arse, given more money to Indonesia and found someone to blame. Tony will have non of that.
    If Indonesia really wants to be part of the big league then they have got to learn to play the game. I for one think Tony should go harder.
    The reality is being a security partner with Australia and USA and UK comes with responsibilities. Indonesia cannot throw tantrums and mess with their international partners every time they want to score points during their internal election cycle.
    SBY should be disciplining his Foreign Minister.The indonesian governing rabble is reminiscent of the recent government we had in Australia.
    The facts are every country spies as hard as they can on every other country….including their friends. Get over it. If Indonesia wants to throw up bargaining chips every time they perceive they have a grievance then they have a lot to learn about being in the big league. SBY has a problem with some of his junior ministers. He should focus his attention on discipling them and not trying to put the blame on Australia or USA. I think Tony should quietly say to the top 10 politicians in Indonesia. Being a security partner with Australia and US and UK is not a compulsory thing. if you don’t like it go back to running your own game solo.
    Oh and SBY the massive funding we give Indonesia is not compulsory either. There are plenty of folk in Oz who think we are not getting much bang for our bucks in this area. My phone call to SBY would be …Mate Grow up. If you are uncomfortable in the relationship then get out of it. Australia does not need to molly coddle its partners and we certainly have more important issues than wasting time on dummy spitting neighbors.

  240. In 2012-13, Australia’s assistance to Indonesia was worth an estimated $541.6 million while Australia’s two way trade with Indonesia was worth $14.6 billion in 2012. Before you start beating hairy chests I suggest you speak to those whose livelihoods are at risk now that Indonesia is looking elsewhere…all because Tony couldn’t say “If that has happened in the past it is regrettable. I have instructed our intelligence services that such practices are not to go on in the future.”

    Indonesia look like being the 4th largest economy in the world by mid-century. We are piddling in comparison. We need them and their future markets far more than they need us.

  241. Tweed, your numerous pieces of ‘advice’ to the Indonesians and their President are as effectual as trying to blow sand out of a sandpit using your open mouth.

  242. I am happy to stand corrected but by these figures aren’t we importing more from Indonesia than they are exporting from us?
    General information:
    Capital: Surface area: Official language: Population: Exchange rate:
    Fact sheets are updated biannually; June and December
    Jakarta 1,905 thousand sq km Bahasa Indonesia 244.5 million (2012) A$1 = 10,102.89 Rupiah (Dec 2012)
    Head of State and Head of Government:
    President HE Dr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
    Recent economic indicators:
    GDP (US$bn) (current prices): GDP PPP (Int’l $bn) (c): GDP per capita (US$): GDP per capita PPP (Int’l $) (c): Real GDP growth (% change yoy): Current account balance (US$m): Current account balance (% GDP): Goods & services exports (% GDP): Inflation (% change yoy):
    Australia’s merchandise trade with Indonesia
    2008 2009
    510.8 538.8 910.7 961.2 2,211 2,300 3,942 4,102
    6.0 4.6 286 10,628 0.1 2.0 28.9 23.5 9.8 4.8
    Real GDP growth
    709.5 1,034.6 2,986 4,354 6.2 5,145 0.7 23.5 5.1
    2011 2012(a)
    846.2 878.2 1,125.3 1,216.7 3,511 3,592 4,669 4,977 6.5 6.2 1,685 -24,183 0.2 -2.8 25.2 24.3 5.4 4.3
    946.4 1,314.7 3,817 5,302 6.3 -31,056 -3.3 26.2 5.6
    A$m 7,000
    6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000
    7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
    Australia’s merchandise exports to Indonesia A$m
    3,000 2007
    2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000
    Growth (yoy):
    2009 2010
    Australia’s trade and investment relationship with Indonesia (d):
    Australian merchandise trade with Indonesia, 2012:
    Exports to Indonesia (A$m): Imports from Indonesia (A$m): Total trade (exports + imports) (A$m):
    Major Australian exports, 2012 (A$m):
    Wheat 1,324 Crude petroleum 316 Aluminium 295 Copper 248
    Australia’s trade in services with Indonesia, 2012:
    Total share:
    6,330 11,186
    1,259 2,186
    2.0% 12th 2.6% 11th 2.3% 13th
    2,571 788 303 203
    Exports of services to Indonesia (A$m): Imports of services from Indonesia (A$m):
    Major Australian service exports, 2012 (A$m):
    Education-related travel Personal travel excl education
    Major Australian imports, 2012 (A$m):
    Crude petroleum Gold Iron, steel, aluminium structures Refined petroleum
    Total share:
    2.5% 3.5%
    Major Australian service imports, 2012 (A$m):
    581 309
    Personal travel excl education 1,763 Transport 188
    Total: FDI:
    6,758 4,935 595 -10
    Indonesia’s principal import sources, 2012:
    Australia’s investment relationship with Indonesia, 2012 (e):
    Australia’s investment in Indonesia (A$m): Indonesia’s investment in Australia (A$m):
    Indonesia’s global merchandise trade relationships:
    Indonesia’s principal export destinations, 2012:
    1 2 3 10
    Japan China Singapore Australia
    15.9% 11.4% 9.0%
    1 2 3 8
    China 15.3% Singapore 13.6% Japan 11.9% Australia 2.8%
    Compiled by the Trade Advocacy and Statistics Section, DFAT, using the latest data from the ABS, the IMF and various international sources.
    (a) All recent data subject to revision; (b) IMF/EIU forecast; (c) PPP is purchasing power parity; (d) Total may not add due to rounding; (e) Stock, as at 31 December. Released annually by the ABS. na Data not available. np Data not published. .. Data not meaningful.

  243. Tweed are you really this ignorant or are you working hard at trying to achieve this ignorance?

    This is not about the spying on the Indonesian President or his wife. Even the Indonesians have said this. Abbott in just one short sentence, one the Indonesians said they were expecting, would have walked away from this smelling like roses instead he’s come out smelling like a sewer.

    It’s all about Abbott’s huge diplomatic blunder in response to the spying. He’s an utter idiot and has proved it in this one incident, let along his huge stuff up with the China Free Trade agreement negotiations, a basic blunder that will cost this country hugely and experts have said the most inexperienced diplomat doesn’t make.

  244. Have you also heard that Abbott has changed our position on Israeli’s land settlement. We previously (under Labor) raised our objections along with the majority of other countries, but now it seems we are no longer against it!

  245. Watching Meet the Press.

    I want to say loud and clear. There will be no government melt down if the debt ceiling is not raised.

    This was made clear, during this weeks Senate Hearings.

    The limit will only be breached for two or three days.

    Raising it to 400 billion would be ample for this financial year and further into the future.

    If it is not raised, treasury has other options, to continue dealing with bills. Money that is.

    Yes, the world will not come to an end.

    We are not the USA.

    It is time this government came out, and stated facts, as they are.
    Scaring people should not happen.

    In spite what Cormann would like to convey, they have not been able to find any great waste in the previous government.

    In fact it was a tightly run ship.

    They have found they cannot sack as they hoped. So far, all this government has done is add to the debt.

    Yes, they are making cuts to the lower income earners, while at the same time cutting revenue from high income earners, and industry.

    They have reversed all the cuts that Labor made to middle/ higher income earners.

    Mr. Hockey now owns the budget, and by extension, the debt.


  246. Tweed, Tweed, Tweed, you still don’t get it. Get out of your right wing ideological brain washing and for once look at what’s being said and reported, not what the rabid right are waffling on about with their usual bullshit and wide of the mark rants.

    Abbott screwed up hugely and will now go crawling and fawning to the Indonesians to make up for it, and it will cost us. All for him not saying some simple words but instead playing regional bully, proving to all and sundry what an idiot he is.

    Prove you’re smarter than Abbott, it’s easy.

  247. Moby Moby Moby. The time of crawling and fawning is long over. Since 7th September actually. Even the Indonesians don’t crawl and fawn anymore either. Abbott is standing up for Australia’s sovereignty and standing up for what is best for Australia.. And yes Moby that is standing up for our right to gather information just like Indonesia and every other country in the world. Don’t forget Australia’s sovereignty has been the wipping boy for all and sundry countries from South Asia to South East Asia. This very much includes Indonesia and Malaysia who have either turned a blind eye to the illegal boat people/queue jumpers or likely have been actively involved in the trade. I speak of Labor policy vomit. The dismantling of the Howard Pacific Solution ((while displaying a silly backslapping kumbaya ..( false moralizing, hypocrisy, or naively optimistic views…).. with the mindless Greens and lefties to boot)). Asians think we are a chattering class of incompetents and if you look at Labor they are right.
    Kissing arse and being a bunch of Labor soft cocks for no reason is no longer Australian policy.
    We have borders, we have policies. The Indonesians get it. Right now they are standing up for their sovereignty. Labor could lean a lot from seeing how Tony stands up for Australian and Indonesian leaders stand up for Indonesia.They will sort it out without help from the Shortens and Plibeseks.
    Labor still rushes to kiss arse at every opportunity.

  248. let me put it plain and simple tweed. you and your right wing lnp mates. are nothing but racists. thats all there is to it. not a nice trait. humanity needs to expand its love and compassion for all. but with small minded people like you, and there are millions just like you. it will always be a struggle.

  249. Steven. Mate you are weird. How did racism get into this debate?
    This whole Indonesian thing is simply two countries standing up for their sovereignty. I think Indonesia is out of line and a tad naive in their thinking about security, information gathering and their intents over the past week. A few facts Steven. Neither Indonesia or Australia or for that matter any of the hundred countries including all western countries are going to change their intelligence gathering.
    What I keep saying is Abbott is standing up for our right to protect our borders from illegal arrivals. We are entitle to gather intelligence about all and sundry around us. Where the change has occurred is that Australia does not kiss arse like the lefties, Greens and soft cock leaders of Labor have done in the past.
    Steven, the country has moved on. Leave it to the only have to look at Pliberseks and Shortens contributions to the debate to see that Labor still hasn’t worked it out. Looks like Labor has another Gillard in the affirmative action leadership pipeline…
    Also Steven, as an FYI, considering most of my family comes from SE Asia don’t even think of raising the race card.

    “… humanity needs to expand its love and compassion for all…”
    Grow a brain son.

  250. The Indonesians seem to have become offended, in the first instance, that we’d eavesdropped on the President’s WIFE. It’s hard to see how that could have been justified. Abbott could have got on the front foot early on by apologising for THAT. Not apologising for spying as such, but for spying on SBY’s missus.

    But, of course, apologising isn’t in Power Mad Tony’s phrasebook. He’d have been thinking: Why should I apologise for something that happened under the previous administration?

    The answer to that is that, regardless of which party was in power when it happened, it happened under THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, and there’s no one who can apologise for it now but THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT, of which PMT is currently the “leader”.

    Judging by what has been a very common theme among the right wing reaction to this incident, he was probably also thinking, We give them so much aid money every year, the obligation is on THEM to cop it sweet what treatment we dish out.

    The old undiplomatic, colonialist, superior swaggering approach which would get right up the nose of the President of a huge population and rapidly growing power.

    Remember, Abbott had already managed to get the Indonesian government offside even before Murdoch eased him into office, with his constant baiting of them with claims he’d turn the boats back and even buy the boats. They made it clear in the months leading up to the election that they would not allow it, and resented the disrespectfulness behind such dumb statements. That’s what caused Kevin Rudd to warn that Power Mad Tony would cause an incident with the Indonesians. Prophetic?

    Then on his first official visit to Indonesia as prime minister, he got their press offside by shutting them out of a press conference IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!! How would we Aussies feel if a foreign leader visited our country and excluded our press from a press conference? Dumb, dumb, dumb. He’s probably so used to treating the Australian media like doormats (and them having to accept it, long having sold out their professional ethics and pride to Prince Rupert) that he took it for granted that the media everywhere would suck up to him because… he’s the Liberal leader and Rupert’s current emissary.

    How wrong that was. Aside from being justifiably annoyed, the Indonesian media claim he BROKE THE INDONESIAM LAW by denying their press access to information. Now he can expect to get unfavourable press treatment there no matter what he does (or doesn’t do). Meaning that not just Abbott will be portrayed dimly in Indonesia, but by extension Australia and Australians too. Thanks for nothing, dickhead.

    Now he’s dug himself into a hole even further. His earlier comment that he “regretted the embarrassment caused to the Indonesians by MEDIA REPORTS of spying” really missed the mark. It wasn’t the bloody media reports that offended them, it’s that the Pres’s wife was spied on. He missed the mark there – was that deliberate, or just another in a string of oafish gaffes from PMT?

    The fact is, he’s in a job for which he lacks the necessary skills and temperament. He’s not a diplomat, he’s a one-track mind headkicker. He’s not a leader, he’s a weak and craven puppet of Murdoch and the miners’ lobby.

    Rupert put this idiot into the water, but he can’t swim. He’s fighting to keep his head above the water, and the Liberal activists in the Ltd News and talkback radio stables are being obliging lifeguards. But how long can it go on? If the rift with Indonesia causes business to take a hit, including the live cattle trade, he’ll be in grave trouble. If boat arrivals increase as a result of his intransigence it’s difficult to see how his position would be tenable, Murdoch or not. I think he’s sunk, it’s just a matter of time…

  251. Well Tweed whatever you want to call it, not fawning anymore or what, which is really disguised racism, it backfired big time for Abbott and he now has gone crawling and fawning to the Indonesians in a back down. So what did he achieve but to put Australia’s standing off in our region, the fastest growing in the world and jeopardise trade and our economy. Wow, what a brave idiot.

    And just as we said would happen, Abbott has done a Newman and had the fastest turnaround after an election in Federal history. Labor shoots ahead and Abbott tanks as preferred leader.

    Since you and some of the other right wingers here were so keen on quoting polls all the time and believe in them so much this must be a huge worry for you, especially since Abbott will only go backwards at the next election as he fails, unless of course there is the very real possibility he’s not leading then.

  252. Cuppa the Indonesians gave Abbott an out from the start. They said it had occurred under the previous government and all Abbott had to do was say that, apologise on their behalf, Gillard already had, and say he would not do it.

    One sentence is all it would have taken, but the fool Abbott couldn’t even manage that simple diplomacy, something every other country in the world does, even the most powerful like the US, who don’t have to apologise to anyone if they don’t want to, but still do.

  253. Tweed @ 3:56 am

    Tweed, Tweed, Tweed, you still don’t get it do you? It’s not about the spying, Indonesia has said they do it. How many times do we have to tell you that, the spying that everyone does is not the problem with Abbott.

    What an idiot you are, there is no other way of putting it. You are a dream to the right wing, they just love unthinking gormless followers like you.

  254. Raising the GST being advocated, just as we said it would be before the election and Abbott stated categorically it was not being considered at all.

    Another backflip and broken promise by Abbott.

  255. ok tweed, your nothing but a wanker ! it is racism thats all it is and thats all its ever been. Also i don’t see any adults on the right, just a lot of small minded people frightened of anyone who are not white. I know it and you know it, but your tiny closed mind is as yet unable to comprehend it. your are bigot and a selfish moron, and a compulsive liar just like you dopey leader.

  256. Once someone uses phrases like “protect our borders from illegal arrivals. ” I realise there is no point even having a conversation with them as they will not base any argument on evidence.

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