Look who’s talking

Thanks to the Facebook group Keep Social Democracy in Australia I have borrowed the above photo.

Tony Abbott, by the looks of it, wore an ear piece during his interview with Leigh Sales on the 7:30 Report on Wednesday night.

Why? Does he have to be told what to say? Can’t he think or speak for himself?

As reported widely in the social media (where else?), Tony Abbott can’t turn up to any interview these days without the famous ear piece.

And those persistent coughs during the interview with Sales (which you may well have noticed). Were they an alert – as someone on Facebook suggested – to tell the ‘listener’  . . . “Help me on this one”.

You’ve got to wonder.

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  1. In that same interview he was holding what appeared to be a small round disc in the thumb and first finger of his right hand..

  2. I noticed that cough and admit to hoping it was the sign of some horrible disease. The earpiece thing is becoming an “all the time” thing. I wonder if, no, WHEN some 13 yo hacker will break into his frequency?

  3. It’s obvious why he doesn’t answer questions promptly his “ums, arr, and just cool down statements” are just a stalling tactic to give him time to hear his instructions about how he should best answer the question, just curious, I wonder if he wears one in parliament during question time, has anyone noticed.

  4. He was holding a $2 coin and it has been remarked upon by several commentators and on social media. It appears it was another prompt mechanism.

    What an absolute dunce has been elected to lead this country, far worse than George W Bush could ever be on his most brain dead day.

  5. But for being guided and lead like a mindless automaton, that it was a very terrible interview, as widely reported one of the worst ever given by a PM in this country, and surpassing the badness of his terrible ABC interview when he was LOTO, the one that had him eschew the 7:30 Report until now.

  6. reminds me of the old blonde joke, breath in, breath out, breath in breath out….. we sure its not the same?

  7. Just a wild thought and by the way I’m a labor voter could it be to hear the interviewer. It’s not like he’s sitting in the studio with them. In fact I’m pretty sure every interview I see done by anyone not in the studio the interviewee has an ear piece. It’s not like you can have a speaker in the room they are sitting in to hear the questions.

  8. Just so you guys know, that ear piece he has, has a purpose. Its not so he’s fed info but that he can listen to the presenter via a sat link. Its quite obvious really to put two and two together.

  9. If this clown is so sure of himself why does he have to have an ear piece at all. He doesn’t know what he is talking about and Frau Credlin has to prompt him everytime he speaks. Watch Question Time and one can see that he is always running upto her for orders. It will only be time before he will become upstuck and he will have ti answer for himself because as the saying goes “thieves fall out”

  10. Mobius, apparently Andrew Bolt loved it and in fact wrote how Abbott in his “cleverness” turned the tables on Leigh Sales. Bolt of course lives in a completely different reality from the rest of the universe.

  11. Patricia, we’ve seen what happens when Tony attempts to answer or rather not answer questions spontaneously..I should imagine that his minders can’t risk another episode of the noddies.

  12. But Dannikyle he has not had it for similar interviews in the past including from the same setup in September this year, which was another terrible interview by him by the way, but not worse than this one.

    And what the coughing and $2 coin about?

  13. As a tv director who has worked on many such interviews, when the guest is not sitting in the studio with the presenter, they must wear an earpiece in order to hear the presenter. In all likelyhood he probably could not see the interviewer either. Still, it was a crap interview.

  14. As far back as February Abbott has been picked up for relaying information being given to him via an earpiece, on that occasion is was on Channel 7 and Chris Bath.

  15. The earpiece is standard ‘attire’ for a satellite interview. More likely, is that he received the questions well in advance of the interview (and they were vetted). He didn’t umm or ahh nearly as much as he usually does and the answers sounded rote. I asked Leigh Sales on Twitter about whether he got the questions in advance. She didn’t respond.

  16. Ok, accept the earpiece for satellite interview, but then why wasn’t there one back in September for the same interview setup?

    And VOYAGER unsurprisingly shoots himself in the foot. McGuire wears the earpiece to get “prompts” and “direction” from the director. In Abbott’s case that would be Credlin, the real PM of this country.

  17. “Rabbott”, regardless of whether he was being prompted was abysmal during that interview with Sales. It was a pity Annabel Crabbe didn’t do the interview …she might have really nailed this imposter of a prime miniature as she did Hockey.

  18. “Now Look, Leigh” cough, hand over mouth etc. is always a dead give-away while he tries to think of a reply, but this time he almost lost his cool, ‘hairy chest’, testosterone contest’, loaded language’, (buckle) I ask you, this man is a total incompetent, OK on the shop floor, in a pie factory, building site kindy school classroom he is at ease, no. ‘difficult’ questions there (traditional Labor areas) and treats parliament like an acting class! Australian’s what have you done-I still have to meet one who admits voting this clown in as PM. He needs some lessons from Clive Palmer! No wonder Kevin Rudd left this circus.

  19. The rabid right wingers don’t like it when Abbott so aptly demonstrates his obvious failings and stupidity, it means they have to admit they support a maladroit meathead.

  20. ‘We are just trolls full of leftist crap.’ Just like climate change – eh Larry?
    Looney Larry can take his appallingly tasteless calendars and his equally tasteless tomato’s (remember those?) and shove ’em where his mother never kissed him.
    Ain’t it strange that those who were so willing to dish it out a few months ago now have great difficulty in taking it.

  21. It wouldn’t surprise me at all that he is being coached, explains why he continually repeats himself until the answer comes through!

  22. Guests usually wear an earpiece when not in the studio with the interviewer as do roving reporters but from what I’ve seen, they also sport the curly wire of the secret service along with that. From past photos, Liarbott has also had the curly wire at the back of his neck. From memory which I admit is somewhat deficient these days, he sported it at one of the ‘debates’ and I believe they were all together for that one. I was wondering at the time if he had one of those square packs on his back like Bush did for his debate.

  23. I thought that in studies of human behaviour the cough is actually an indication that he interviewee is not telling the truth.

  24. Nice little jab there, Rachel. Perhaps “It’s because he’s doing a live cross and required an earpiece the heare the interview” might have been of more value.

    But you right-wing trolls just can’t help yourselves. Now run off back to Pickering’s site. They’re more your type over there.

  25. Next thing some imbecile here will be picking on a person with a hearing aid.
    Small things amuse ………………..
    Suddenly realised many on this site voted Informal at last Election because
    of their inability to correctly complete the Ballot Paper.
    And I’m guessing that is why Labor lost.

  26. Ah trust shoot in foot VOYAGER to post something inane and lilliputian, I guess that’s why he mindlessly voted for this idiot Abbott.

    But address the massive failings of this government and their imbecilic leader, of course not.

  27. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Tony Abbot but it’s pretty standard to wear an ear piece in a studio so that you can hear the counts, know what camera to look at and all the other stuff you need to know when on television.
    It’s possible that someone would be feeding him information via the ear piece but not likely.
    Nice try though, he is a dick.

  28. Aww, poor little Voyager diddums. Doesn’t like to see his beloved “hero” get the thrashing he deserves. I don’t remember you or your fellow trolls holding back on the minutiae when it came to Gillard. Her voice, her dress sense, if she occasionally tripped up when walking….all of this trivial bullshit was just “grist for the mill” for you misogynist pricks. Turnabout is fair play, you imbecile!

  29. Point is, though, that we’ve seen him in *lots* of interviews-press conferences, live studio, satellite…and he is *always* wearing an earpiece. In interviews with other politicians, even Liberal Party ones, I don’t see this accessory nearly as frequently.

  30. in addition, I think it is foolish of us to think that he is stupid.
    Tony Abbot is no idiiot, he is appealing to idiiots but knows exactly what he is doing. For me, that makes him an even bigger threat…

  31. POLICIES. FOCUS ON HIS POLICIES. Sometime you can see the wire, sometimes you can’t. With Bob Brown here for instance, you can see it. Brown is the best speaker on his feet that we have had in Australian parliament in my lifetime, and he’s wearing a wire. FOCUS ON ABBOTT’S POLICIES PLEASE NOT HIS EARS OR HIS CREEPYNESS OR HIS SWIMWEAR. Sorry to shout.

  32. Surely by now the earpiece is a non issue when the patios are not at the same location. I suspect many people do not realise when an interview is a pre-record: just watch for continuity issues.

    I think it more fruitful to concentrate on the substance of the interview, but the transcript is not available on either the 7.30 website or the PM’s website. I just wish interviewers would ask the screamingly obvious follow up question. E.g. PM: “I am confident Indonesia will …” Next question: “What do you base that on?”

  33. 1111Andy I really don’t believe Abbott is that clever or wily. Yes he certainly talks to idiots, as can be seen by his supporters here, but in anything approaching lucid and intellectual conversation he flounders, even when he has briefs and information to read from.

    Abbott is a three word slogan man and badly brain farts outside of that, which is why he’s so strictly controlled. His brain farts have already cost the Liberals billions in policy promises they never intended to raise.

    If you look back to when Abbott first won the leadership he stuffed up day after day, so much so he would suddenly disappear for a week or two after a particularly bad brain fart. I posted a cartoon at the time on this.

    After his forced sojourns you could see he had been coached and the long numbing pauses with arrrs became worst as his brain searched for the words he had been taught to say, but whenever he was caught off guard outside of his coaching he would fuck up again.

    So he disappeared for a good month or so from memory, anyway so long even the right wing media were commenting on his absence and some pretty lame excuses were made for it. Out of that sojourn three word slogan runaway Negabore Abbott was born.

    No for me Abbott is mostly a mindless thug being carefully controlled and coached every step of the way and who occasionally slips past his control and screws up badly. His handling and remarks of particularly Indonesia, but also putting other countries offside illustrates his stupidity when not controlled.

  34. RichardU even with the transcript from the ABC you mightn’t get exactly what was said. The ABC have been picked up on more than one occasion altering transcripts or not transcribing exactly what was stated by L-NP pollies in interviews. That has been flagged here and elsewhere in the past.

  35. ” in addition, I think it is foolish of us to think that he is stupid.
    Tony Abbot is no idiiot, he is appealing to idiiots but knows exactly what he is doing. For me, that makes him an even bigger threat…”

    Well said. Abbott is as cunning as a shit house rat. He knows what he is doing, he also knows which buttons to press. He has a better understanding of the Australian character than the rest of the Labor party whole sale. This is why the asylum seeker debate is lost, he knows the red necks are in the majority, he is fully cognizant of the fact, most people could give a flying f*&K about this issue except to get the boats stopped. How Abbott achieves this, matters not.

    Added to the fact, Abbott is as cunning as a shit house rat, the opposition do not have a clue. They have put a leader in, who looks, if not asleep, is on drugs. As an aside some one in Shortens family should show him how to dress himself, he looks like a bag of shit tied in the middle. But the Labor party knew better didn’t they? Notwithstanding most members of the party of which I am one, were more or less told to STFU and go away. The two question times so far, have been a laugh, a circus. Shorten is not up to the job, and it sticks out like dogs nurries.

    Apologise to Albo and get on with the job of bringing down the most rancid right wing nutter to have ever come down the pike.

  36. Wow. The ABC must have lousy reception.

    It’s funny that I can talk on Skype to someone the other side of the world and the sound is crystal clear. Yet Abbott needs an earpiece to hear someone a few hundred kilometers away.

    Like I hinted, the ABC must have outdated technology.

  37. If the earpiece is because he’s not in the studio, why does he wear it sitting in a radio studio six feet from the announcer?.. He’s a devious buffoon.

  38. If Peta has an arm in the glove puppet Abbott metaphorically working his mouth, what appendage is used by the puppet in reciprocal social intercourse???

  39. carole green I would suggest that it was labor who got rid of 2 Labor PMs. Tony Abbott was like that speed skater in the winter Olympics – back of the pack so he wasn’t brought down in the scuffle and ends up with the gold.

  40. What a bunch of dickheads here.

    Read the comments by the people who mention the perfectly legitimate reason for the earpieces, HEARING THE INTERVIEWER.

    It also can be necessary if any location foldback sound is delayed compared to the person speaking.

  41. I accept that the earpiece was probably to hear the interviewer but it is unquestionably true that Credlin is feeding the whole Ministry, from Tony on down, the script. She controls what will be said, how it will be said, and who will say it. If you see a few Coalition members interviewed on the same day, they will all repeat the exact same lines – not just the same information – the same WORDS.

    I have always felt if you understand a topic and are well-prepared, and truly believe what you are saying, a script should be unnecessary. Referring to notes for statistics or details is fine but when person after person after person says the exact same phrase, regardless of the question they were asked, it degenerates into farce. May as well interview Mark Textor.

  42. Earpiece is so that the return audio to the guest is not picked up by his mic, and fed back to the studio as part of the guest’s audio. If you go back and watch the interview on 2 September, you will see that TA is wearing an earpiece in his left ear. So easy to destroy your credibility by selectively presenting the evidence to create a flase impression. It was so easy to tear this fallacious insinuation down. We do nothing to further the progressive cause with this kind of mainpulation.

  43. So easy to destroy your credibility by selectively presenting the evidence to create a false impression.

    And naturally the ‘right’ would never do this. Have you read Bolt at all? Have you listened to Morrison? Have you listened to Abbott and his claims about ‘successful’ negotiations with Indonesia?

  44. Get the hypocrisy of the right wingers rushing in to defend their idiot Abbott. They had no problems with outright lies, distortions and denigrations against Rudd but especially Gillard, but dare point out something against Abbott, true or on the rare occasion not and in they come all hubris and outrage.

  45. Get the hypocrisy of the right wingers rushing in to defend their idiot Abbott. They had no problems with outright lies, distortions and denigrations against Rudd but especially Gillard, but dare point out something against Abbott, true or on the rare occasion not and in they come all hubris and outrage.

    Spot on!

    Those on the Pickering site amuse me. Pickering can draw a picture of Penny Wong wearing a dildo and riding Julia Gillard and they get erections over it but how dare we question Abbott’s ear piece. Horror of all horrors. How dare we.

  46. Would love to stand near Credlin with a high pierce whistle. Blowing it in her ear,

    She cannot be far away.

    Would be interesting to see how far Abbott jumps.

  47. It is the faltering way he answers questions, that raises ones suspicion.

    He does not talk like this all the time. Only when facing, what could be for him, difficult interviews.

    I see that Abbott turned up today, looking like he slpt in his clothes. This PM seems to have a big problem with traveling and jet lag.

    Bishop herself, is not always turn out spit and span, as in the past.

  48. Interesting.

    …..Call for Action
    The Salvation Army calls on all political parties to commit to the following:
    The development of alternatives to the off-shore processing and detention of asylum seekers. To reiterate, while we recognise the importance of deterring asylum seekers making hazardous sea journeys with people smugglers, The Salvation Army believes that more humane and compassionate polices can be put in place to achieve this objective. To this end, discussion about the development of a better communication and prevention model engaging Australia’s regional partners must be undertaken, and such a discussion would be strongly supported by The Salvation Army.
    Reversal of the decision to excise the Australian mainland and islands for the purpose of the Migration Act;
    The processing of all claims being commenced promptly on arrival and completed within the shortest possible timeframe, taking into account the need for health, character and security checks;
    The urgent review of the decision to deny asylum seekers on bridging visas work rights while they are waiting processing. At the very least, a program to provide community work opportunities and other options to participate in the community should be made available;
    The provision of additional emergency relief funding to approved agencies, in targeted locations, in recognition of the growing burden on their resources caused by increased demand from asylum seekers and refugees;
    Revisit the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers (The Houston Report), particularly focusing on reviewing our humanitarian intake and the strong recommendations to build the capacity of countries in this region to develop effective, humane responses to the challenges posed by asylum seekers; and
    Ensuring that asylum seekers and refugees have access to support services for those whose lives have been affected by trauma and/or torture.
    – See more at: http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/en/Who-We-Are/Publications-reports-submissions/Reports–Submissions/Statements-for-the-Federal-Election-2013/5-Asylum-seekers-and-refugees/#sthash.VOUU8o0v.dpuf…….

  49. I am not disputing that he has an ear piece in at all, or even the reasons he has it as mentioned by Perthling it could be due to “Earpiece is so that the return audio to the guest is not picked up by his mic, and fed back to the studio as part of the guest’s audio.”

    The thing is what does this prove ? people who are against Tony Abbott just have more proof that he is either a fool or is not able to use a talk unless he uses a script. Many were aware of this before the election. Also that he does not read reports but still he was elected we all remember that Leigh Sales interview. Can something come from this revelation other than look he has an ear piece ? I doubt it more likely people will be prompted by how he is performing on the domestic and international front.

    Kaye Lee Agreed but I would also look into what they are doing as a Government, these are all techniques being used. I find that more intriguing and concerning than the ear piece.

  50. @Garry Lambert

    He may well be devious buffoon and more. But the earpiece in a radio interview could well be to take callers from listeners.

    Surely there are enough examples of his shortcomings (“I’m no Bill Gates”, “what is peak speed”) without discussing clear beat ups. It does nothing for credibility to rant on about this incident.

  51. Here’s Leigh Sales response Migs 😉

  52. Seems the Café has picked up some new guests with the same theme running through their comments 🙄 … funny that 🙄 .. indeed it doth seem curious 😕

  53. Leigh, that is all we were asking.

    Now if a ear piece is not the reason for his haltering and pausing while answering questions, what is the problem,

  54. Michael Taylor. No doubt, the ‘right’ manipulate the truth to suit their purposes. I am frustrated at how they are not ‘called out’ often enough by the MSM, and are allowed to continue getting ‘their’ message out, with minimal scutiny from the commercial media, but the ‘Left’ need should not use tactics of questionable integrity.

  55. Fed up – it’s me – Bacchus, posting a tweet from Ms Sales 😉 Note the blue tick on her tweet? That means it really is Leigh Sales from ‘their abc’…

  56. …but the ‘Left’ need should not use tactics of questionable integrity.

    But that’s the problem Perthling. Whilst the ‘Right’ can apparently use every questionable tactic and untruth going, including changing the rules of parliament and closing themselves down to scrutiny and accountability, the ‘Left’ are told to play nice and by the rules so they get beaten at every turn.

  57. As much as I dislike Abbott this blog post is a major fail:

    Many people have already pointed out the obvious that an ear piece is a necessary piece of equipment for any satellite TV interviews for return audio.

    Also, in the first photo the ear piece in Abbott’s left ear is clearly visible.

  58. Michael, it appears the right-wingers are in a real frenzy. Did they read the post? You didn’t accuse him of anything. You just asked a few questions.

    That being the case, why then is this post an epic fail? Can’t people ask questions?

  59. So DC can you point out all your posts condemning the obvious beat-ups and deliberate misinformation perpetrated by the right wing blogs and forums against Gillard?

    I don’t give a smick if the earpiece is legitimate, and what was with the coin, but this topic did something few else are doing, highlighting Abbott’s terrible interview on that episode of the 7:30 Report, universally being touted as one of the worst every given by a sitting PM.

    So this blog post is a major pass.

  60. patriciawa, if they’re not in the studio than yes, they have to.

    Just like any satellite interview conducted with a talent off-site.

    Otherwise they can’t hear the presenter, or any other guests, or any pre-recorded pieces off server/tape.

  61. Mobius Ecko, I don’t know what the “deliberate misinformation perpetrated by the right wing blogs and forums against Gillard” have to do with this idiotic piece?

    Are you implying that the “left” need to resort to such low tactics?

  62. DC I’m saying the ‘Left” need to do whatever it takes to get through the biased MSM (including ABC), the right wing bullshit, hypocrisy, projection and protecting the idiot Abbott to get the message across on how bad he and his government really are, the worst this country has ever seen and dangerous on top of that.

  63. Maybe you should be attacking his policies and the actions of his government rather than focusing on something as silly as this?

  64. We have been doing that DC, and for a long time now, from the moment he took the leadership of the Liberal Party, and myself going back when he failed in his portfolios under the Howard government.

    If you care to go through this blog and the ones this one spawned from you will find lots of attacks on his policies and the inability of the right wingers to elucidate why they or he are good for the country, though they have been asked many times and even given a specific topic to respond in.

    This topic isn’t about his policies but about him and his unsuitability to be PM as demonstrated in one interview tabled in the topic, as such it’s legitimate and lucid.

  65. Don’t worry, DC, we’ll be attacking him on that. Rest assured we will.

    And I see Ms Sales refers to us as the Lunar left. That doesn’t sound very impartial, does it?

  66. I am getting a little sick of all the negatives being written abut Abbott,. Thought I might have a go at writing up a post, on the positives of the last 59 days. Just for a change.

    Now there must be some, but as hard as I have been thinking all day, I cannot come up with one.

    Can some out there help me.

    Just one good thing this new government has done, That would help for starters.

    Maybe those who are condemning these sites and their posts, could give me some direction. Maybe they can even come up with a guest post.

    We have asked for three years why Abbott would make a good PM. There was never ever anyone willing to say why.

    Now he is PM, maybe you all can let us in on the secret. I was around in the days of Menzies and McMahon. I can list a few good things they did. Even Holt and Fraser. Sorry, with Abbott, I can think of nothing.

    I know that is very amiss of me, and I am genuinely trying to address the situation.

    Not too sure why Leigh Sales was so aggressive. Considering, we have all said what a good interview she did with Abbott.

  67. DC, we do attack his policies. Everyone of them. Not only attack, but do so in detail. We even use facts.

    Problem is, even after being in government for 59 days, the policies are hard to find. Finding details is near impossible.

  68. It is not really the allegations of the ear piece that is being sent up.

    It is the way Abbott answers questions and his body language while doing so,

    We keep hearing what a wonderful communicator he is, but many here cannot find any evidence to back that up.

    We only repeat what Abbot does and says.

    All those pictures.. of him running away, after becoming PM, are they also figments of our fertile imagination.

  69. ME. in fact we have been doing so for the last three years at least.

    Have not seen one thing we predicted, that has not come to fruition, as we predicted.

    The only mistake many made, including me, is that he would be proved a disaster from day one.

    One can check, on what we have said, by going through the archives, which are there for all to see.

    Not only this site, but many more.

  70. I noticed that Prince Charles mange to sit himself one seat away from Tony.

    Conversation between the Prince and the new PM.

    Mr. Abbott, what are you going to do to protect the environment. Why I am going to plant millions of trees. PC. Mr. Abbott, how are you going to plant those trees in the desert. PM. We can do it, do n ot worry. PC. Then Mr Abbott, I assume then, you are going top stop cutting trees down in that beautiful Tasmania. PM er er er

    Mr. Abbott, I take it, you do believe the science and will listen to the experts. PM. chokes on the bun, he is forcing into his mouth. Sputters something about the budget, and the need to get rid of them all to save money. (Tony gets a slap on his back, and conversation comes to an end)

  71. Trouble is, every time we look at the little information Abbott gives us, it just does not add up.

    “…………Firstly, households and pensioners will get to keep tax cuts and benefit increases equal to around $300 per annum, originally intended as compensation for the carbon price. But the government budget which apparently was so in the red it was an “emergency”, will be plunged a further $7.4 billion into the red over 2013-14 to 2016-17 as a result of loss of revenue from the carbon price. Of course, this debt has to eventually be repaid which will inevitably mean increased taxes in some other area to pay it back, it’s just it won’t be levied on pollution. So this benefit may be entirely transitory.

    In addition, households should see a cut in retail electricity prices of 9 per cent and gas prices of 7 per cent. Using the latest 2012 ABS survey on household energy consumption, this will deliver them a huge windfall of about $35-$40 in their next quarterly electricity bill (the RIS says $50 but this is based on out-of-date data about household electricity consumption) and a whopping $17.50 on the quarterly gas bill (although ABS data suggests the saving is less).

    The RIS, though, was not quite so confident as Abbott about savings in other bills. It said there should be savings, however:

    The prices of other goods and services are more difficult to estimate. A range of factors have influenced prices over the intervening period since the carbon tax was introduced, and it would therefore be likely that prices would not return to their former levels.
    ..The RIS also contained a long table, shown below, which estimated how output in a range of industry sectors could be expected to change with the carbon tax relative to no carbon tax. Rather oddly, a range of industries – from agriculture to manufacturing – will actually be expected to contract a tiny bit with the repeal of the carbon price. But don’t worry, coal mining and gas extraction will increase output by a few percentage points and coal fired generation will be the big winner, expanding by 9.4 per cent. It seems that, thanks to provision of free permits for trade-exposed industry, the ability for agriculture to earn carbon credits, plus a decline in the exchange rate from contraction of coal mining, the boffins in Treasury think repeal of the carbon price won’t be such a good thing for manufacturing’s competitiveness.



  72. wasn’t there footage of him wearing an earpiece during an outdoor event on the campaign trail prior to the election??

  73. Abbott seems to be out of step with all leaders with Abbott. That is when it comes to human rights. None of that with Abbott.

    Wonder what the announcement on stopping boats.As for human rights he does not care. Hugh Rimington, ch. ten

  74. Abbott is too braindead to think up responses on the fly. So he’s got to be fed what to say through an earpiece.

  75. I think we are missing the point of the argument here. Whether the scripted answers are coming through a real time earpiece, or they are issued at the start of play each day, NO-ONE can dispute that the Coalition are being fed their lines with their appearances absolutely controlled by the script writer. Peta Credlin accompanies Abbott wherever he goes. She sits next to him at important meetings with foreign leaders. She decides on policy and how it will be presented. She also decided who would get what job in cabinet. You may argue about the earpiece but you cannot hide the fact that she is running the show and NO-ONE voted for her and her husband and their advertising team!

  76. VOYAGER (again). “Look over there at Rudd.”

    Now we would like to see Abbott be a credible PM instead of the doltish clown he’s showing himself to be.

  77. Can imagine the outcry if Rudd did.

    Then one could never imagine that Rudd would have that need. Say what you like about the man, he never had any problems talking or answering questions.

    With Abbott, the problem is not so much the allegations of wearing a ear piece, but seeking to find reasons why at times he is faltering and fumbling with his answers.

  78. Had no problems talking at CHOGM. For one, this time I would have rather seen him keep his mouth shut.
    Proudly standing up for Sri Lanka at this time is a worry.

    What has he sold, to stop those boats. I expect an announcement before he leaves.

    I suspect, all Sri Lankans will be rounded up and sent back to the country, no matter if they are in danger or not. Seems to be the only one with belief in the country.

    He has stated very loudly and clearly what he thinks of human rights.

  79. None of the visitors it seems are interested in Abbott’s policies. Not interested in defending his actions during the week.

    Just want to focus on a throw away line, that is more about Abbott’s inability to answer questions, than an ear plug.

  80. I see Leigh Sales has finally declared her hand in the Left / Right analogy of Politics. She has chosen the “Right”. Nice to see impartiality not being exercised by a so called “Professional” Journalist. Or maybe she is a professional Propagandist.

  81. I can understand why many people, for many reasons, will use an earpiece in doing what they are doing. Some legitimate, and some to gain an advantage.
    I am deaf and wear two earpieces every day to gain an advantage, to hear everyone and everything around me. I can also utilise those same ear pieces to hear a caller on a Telephone via a Bluetooth adapter! That doesn’t mean there is an ulterior motive to destroy mankind with them like our Prime Miniature is currently pertaining to bring about, in his ignorance of anything Scientific and preferring Fairy Tale Endings instead. Unfortunately he’s choice of stories is really fringe horror, to the point of Snuff.
    In the end, the only thing we can go on is to see what has been done in history’s past and if it has changed to what is done now, and compared to others, as anyone’s word from the Main Stream Media, for any of this argument, is not going to be believed and the fault with that rests in their own hands.

  82. Isn’t the hypocrisy of the Liberals something else.

    So a Liberal government brings in their much vaunted independence to State schools giving principals and locals more say and power over how individual schools are run.

    But when one of these schools, in this case in WA, uses that power to deny a permanent job to a teacher, a Federal Liberal pollie rounds out on the principal, calling her a “Labor hack”. It just so happens that the teacher denied the permanent job is the wife of the Liberal pollie bullying the principal.

    Liberal MP calls WA school principal a ‘Labor hack’, claims wife denied permanent teaching job.

    And just like the hypocrisy shown by this Liberal politician, you won’t see the Liberal supporters coming out and condemning him when they would have been vociferous and savage if this had been a Labor politician.

    It is this blatant right wing hypocrisy that is the crux of the topic.

  83. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney @ November 16, 2013 @ 12:43 am
    Damn it Voyager. You made me laugh!
    You also destroyed my counts straight away on how many posts you would put up, before you mentioned KRudd or Gillard. Damn!

    BTW, to pre-empt and kill your retort, (no one would want to hear it from you anyway) I was never a fan of Rudd or Gillard, but at least I could respect Gillard for some socially advantageous, well executed programs she initiated, even though I disrespected her stand on Asylum Seekers and Equality in our Society. She at least gave more to advantage the lot of the Australian People, than just some Foreign Nationals, that your preferred Lot choose to advantage.
    But I am utterly horrified by your hero Tiny Abbott though, and have no respect for even the Office of the Prime Minister whilst he pollutes it.

  84. Would like to see Abbott do qanda, the same as Gillard did. The one where she faced a panel of school kids. In fact would love to see the same kids bought back for Abbott.

    Then we could compare like with like.

    By the way, maybe someone can tell me why Hockey is still talking the economy down, and putting at risk.

    He carries the can now.

    This is especially so, as they could not wait to rush in to cut revenus, while increasing outlays.

    There rush to dismantle programmes and departments have left hundreds of PS, sitting, doing nothing,

    It costs to demolish. When one does so, one should plan and be ready, to put something better in place.

    Where are those who say we should be talking about policy? They do not seem to take any interest.

  85. ME, those independent principles, and the parent groups are still reliant on whatever money, the government deigns to give them. If they cannot make it work, it is their fault, not the government.

    They intend to extend the same concept to health, especially hospitals. Yes, run them with hospital and community boards, that was sufficient for the first half of last century.

    I love the way, especially the Coalition believe they can outsource their duties in government, absolving themselves from any responsibility.

    I read, that many minister did not communicate with their departments, except to pass the message this message on. “Don’t you fuck it up for us.”

    We have Morrison, declaring asylums seekers a military emergency, setting up Sovereign Borders, putting the military in charge, Morrison then hiding behind a three star general, create for the post, saying it is not his responsibility for what is happening.

    Yes, politicising a general, latying all responsibilty on him.

  86. “Lunar left”, Leigh Sales was too kind to the utter nutters here.
    The earpiece was so he could hear her questions.

    I worked in broadcast TV for decades, the use of earpieces is very common to hear questions or to overcome local background sound issues etc.

    No conspiracy, eh ?

    Don’t you feel like idiots now?

  87. “Don’t you feel like idiots now?”

    No JohnB as you missed the point, but that’s no surprise from a closed mind right wingnut.

    Here’s are questions for you. Do you feel like an idiot for supporting the lying and gormless Abbott?

    Abbott is heading for the longest list of broken promises and backflips in the shortest time in Western government history, along with undermining Australian democracy and closing down his government to any valid scrutiny.

    Are you perfectly OK with that?

    If you are then we all know who the real idiot is.

  88. Mobius, the more upset the loony left get, the better I feel about my election choices.
    I know I shouldn’t really feel this way, but after the outright lies and scare campaigns of Labor from 2007 to the recent election, the liars and low lifes of the extreme left certainly need to be held accountable.

    Now as for promises broken, well Kevin the wunderkind told us that he’d been elected to change the Howard Government’s approach to boat arrivals. He did so and it turned into a disaster with over 1000 dying at sea and our refugee programme overwhelmed by those who were not evaluated by the UNHCR.

    Then, after saying he had a mandate for the disaster, he turns around and proposes measures far harsher than Howard ever implemented, and he had no “mandate” for that.

    How the fuck does the Labor left justify that huge betrayal of “principle ?

    As for Abbott’s backflips, well haven’t seen any just yet, though I expect there will be a few, although the fools of the lunar left are doing their darndest to paint every “glitch” as the end of the world.

  89. Your non-answer says it all JohnB, and the usual and very predicable “look over there at Rudd.”

    Thanks again for proving that Abbott is the worst PM we’ve ever had and this is the worst government.

  90. Something wise the Liberals will never live by.

    Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates.
    At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’
    At the second ask, ‘Is it necessary?’
    At the third gate ask ‘Is it kind?


  91. I never thought I’d applaud anything David Cameron might say, but in putting some distance between himself and Abbott’s inept attempts to glide over the issue of torture in Sri Lanka I have to say “well done, sir”.

    In contrast to Abbott, he’s promised to use the opportunity of Chogm to shine some light on the issue.

    As if Warsaw wasn’t bad enough…

  92. And there’s the fact that Cameron and Abbott are poles apart on climate change as well, indeed as Abbott is with most conservative leaders in the world.

  93. TiB, “.. and have no respect for even the Office of the Prime Minister whilst he pollutes it.” hear,hear !!!
    JohnB, seems noice……. totally brainwashed, but noice. 😀
    JohnB, mayhap you could help us out, could you tell us why you think abbott is the better choice.
    I for one do not like him because he’s an Christian and a hypocrite( like most xians) and those ears, gawd…. 😉 … and have you seen him in glasses 😆 and the way he wears those suits makes him look like some out of place clown looking for a circus…..and one might think I’m channelling RWers from Julia’s days in my appraisal of abbott….. and you’d ( 🙂 ) be right 😆 ….. oh, oh and is his bald spot is getting bigger (or is that just his arse )
    …. and you only have to look at the dingbats out there that support this joke of a pm, like ugly Bolt and toilet block Jones… or that unaustralian arse licking loser Pickering (a complete dick,.. *waves*)…. or those blatant biased liars at fuxed news, Spare-me, Dilbert and wotshisface ….. or the group think trolls that infest the web blindly spewing forth the same old same old….
    ..anyhoo as they say…. just sayin… 😛

  94. Body language 101.

    Anyone else notice that Abbott grabs the elbow of every new person he shakes hands with, especially foreign leaders and people in power?

    This is what that body language gesture means:

    The double-clasped handshake (or a handshake accompanied by an elbow or arm grab) indicates that the person is desperate for the other individual to like him/her. In doing this, the opposite can occur as this handshake is generally seen to be over-familiar, leaving the recipient feeling uncomfortable.

    As I argued with a previous poster here on Abbott’s propensity to also engage in the double-clasp handshake, conveying he desperately wants to be liked and be in charge but it has the opposite effect.

  95. He’s the worst PM in world history……. oh, and Parliament has only been sitting for a week or so ?

    Just a little “hyperbowl” as Joolya would say.

    Anyhow, well, why is he suitable for office ?
    Well, for a start, he is not Kevin or Julia.
    Now that might not be much of a qualification, and it isn’t, but we should be able to judge him on his record, not what the filthy liars would like us to believe.
    Let’s wait two years to see how he goes fixing up the mess left by Labor.
    Even the ALP gave Kevin 07 a couple of years before knifing him.

    With a record debt by Australian standards, it’s going to take a while to put us back on track, unless you’re from that fantasy land of the left where responsible government spending is not seen as connected in any way to reality.

    I certainly don’t agree with all Abbott’s positions on issues, but unlike the knife ridden Labor leaders, he leads a reasonably competent and experienced bunch.

    Labor are basically unfit for government, if their members are not a political staffer, they are an otherwise unemployable union hack.

    Oh, and I am not a fan of idiots like Alan Jones or the Sydney shock jocks.
    I don’t agree with the slurs which were hurled at Gillard over her marital status, pants size or hair colouring and I think just as contemptuously of those who go on about the “mad monk” and so on, you see, I am not a hypocrite like those who screamed about “sexism” when Gillard was criticised, yet would pour a similar bucket of vitriol on Abbott.
    By all means criticise him on an objective and reasoned judgement of what he means, not twist and exaggerate like the left HAVE to do to make a point.

  96. Yes, what is he saying?

    “………..“Invest in Australia, where things are quite likely not to go pear-shaped!”

    That’s the message being sent loud and clear to global markets by opposition-Treasury-spokesman-cum-Treasurer Joe Hockey. He still doesn’t seem sure which of those two jobs he’s doing.

    Hockey’s campaign to whack $200 billion on top of the debt ceiling left by Labor – from $300 billion to $500 billion – has been predicated on fears that Australia will need a large buffer to deal with international market turmoil.


    This mob do not understand, that there is consequences for every action, for every word uttered. Not necessary the one you intended.

  97. What, we will not see fibre to the node roll out before 2015. Not quite in line with promises,

    “……….The Coalition government’s planned Fibre to the Node (FttN) network is unlikely to start rolling out before 2015, potentially delaying its timetable of providing download speeds of between 25 and 100 megabits per second by the end of 2016 and 50 to 100 megabits per second by 2019.

    The proposed FttN network will require the installation of approximately 50,000 to 60,000 nodes and a source told Technology Spectator that at best NBN Co could get 200 nodes rolled out a week.

    With the rollout at scale expected to start around early 2015, it could take NBN Co six years to roll the FttN network out at 200 nodes a week

    It is understood that the 200 nodes a week figure was flagged by senior British Telecom executive Mike Galvin, who recently spent some time in Australia to advise NBN Co’s senior management and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

    NBN Co is currently conduc…………”


    Waiting to see, if Turnbull will protect his reputation, or if he will deliver a second class system for Abbott.

  98. JohnB, I stopped reading your comment after ” he is not Julia or Kev” .. will no longer engage with you …. do the letters F.O. have any meaning for you. 😈

  99. One has to wonder how quick Turnbull can get his act going. We have no idea the state of the copper. How many months since the asbestos beat up. Telstra has not even began to clean up little concrete pits with asbestos in them What about 30 or so centimeters by about 60.

    Not a big engineering job one would think.

  100. For fuck sake, not another right winger whose reason for stating Abbott is a good PM is he’s not Rudd or Gillard.

    You couldn’t abduce better proof Abbott is a terrible PM than right wingers never being able to cite why he is.

    JohnB can you detail what exactly was the mess Labor left and why do we have to wait two years when Abbott and his government have already cloaked his government in secrecy, changed the rules so they cannot be held to account, changed the rules so the things they did to undermine the democratic power of the previous government in opposition cannot be undertaken with them in government, thus further undermining democracy and they have backflipped on and broken a string of promises already, more than any other Federal government in this short amount of time.

    We don’t have to exaggerate or twist anything, the facts are openly there and his actions, even under the cloak of secrecy he has shrouded his government, are there to see. Also the fact that neither you nor any right winger here have been able to state what makes him a good PM or how his rule will benefit the country outside of he’s not Rudd or Gillard says a lot.

    And finally if you want to talk about exaggerating and twisting things, your statement of the mess Labor left illustrates where that is really occurring.

  101. Australian Government debt per head of population is one of the lowest across all the developed countries in the world.”
    Kevin Rudd on Sunday, August 4, 2013 in his election announcement speech

    Government debt in Australia is low by global standards…

    …………Our ruling

    Kevin Rudd said Australia’s government debt per head of population is one of the lowest in the developed world. With only New Zealand and South Korea below us, it’s hard to fault him.

    That doesn’t mean the government has no questions to answer on why its debt projections have been consistently wrong. But even as it struggles with revenue shortfalls, it can still credibly argue that our debt is comparatively low.

    We ra…………”


    “,,,,,,,,”Australia’s debt is growing faster than at any other time in recorded history, more than double that predicted even just before the last election.”
    Andrew Robb on Monday, July 8, 2013 in in an interview on ABC NewsRadio

    Debt growing faster now than ever before: R….

    Our ruling

    Mr Robb said Australia’s debt is growing “faster than at any other time in recorded history”. His office says he was referring to Commonwealth government sector net. As a claim about the present growth rate the statement is false.

    It was once, and as a claim about the entire six years of the Labor government the statement is correct, on records going back to the 1970s. But that’s largely a result of the impact of the GFC, and Labor’s decision to stimulate the economy to prevent a recession.

    He is right to say this year Commonwealth government sector net debt will be double what the government forecast before the last election.

    The statement certainly contains an element of truth, but, as we say at PolitiFact, words matter. Debt is not growing faster right now than at any other time in recorded history.

    We rate the statement Mostly False.


    Yes, double from a very low baser means little.

    It is a shame, that so many inconvenient truths get in the way og many throw away lines from the right.

  102. OK people, get a grip.
    In the Leigh Sales interview Abbott is in Canberra, he HAS to wear the earpiece so he can hear Sales in Sydney.
    Same thing in the radio studio.
    This whole post is bullshit!
    Sorry, it’s just the facts.

  103. Bernie, you obviously have not read the post. The ear piece was a throw away line. A joke, suggesting it could be a reason for Abbott’s inability to answer questions, and his habit of faltering, stumbling speech when he tries.

    One thing for sure, the ear plug comment is mild when one compares with the rubbish what Gillard, and even Rudd had to suffer on a daily basis.

    It is clear, we do indeed have weak weed on this side of the fence., Does not allow us to see the golden paradise, that many that come hear see.
    I suspect it is fools gold they see.

    None tell us about all the wonderful things they believe Abbott has achieved. Just interested in telling us how silly we are. They don;t even reply to facts that are presented, proving their utterance wrong.

    Please, I am begging you all, tell us what wondrous and positive things that Abbott and co have achieved. That is beside sending the debt spiraling into space.

    No, it is not weed that leads us to our beliefs. It is facts.

  104. I can’t believe so many have missed the real point of this, even though the author has stated it, or does it need to be spelt out for them step by step?

  105. ME, just back to their habit of taking part sentence out if context, then laying on the abuse, about something that does not exist.

    At the same time, the ignore everything else said on the site, Ignore any question asked of them.

    Do not seem to understand sarcasm.

  106. One thing Abbott has achieved? Massively reducing boat arrivals (yes, Rudd may have assisted also after aping Abbott’s tough stance). Also disrupting 1200 people from getting on a boat (see Morrison’s press conference yesterday). At 1 out of ever 13 on a boat dying (as per KRudd on his last QandA appearance) that’s potentially hundreds of lives saved.

    That is reason enough to vote for the man.

  107. Three boats this week I see.

    Still working with what Labor left.

    I will say, that Abbott has sold his soul in Sri Lanka,

    I believe to just send the people back to that country, no matter the danger, He just does not care,

    Even the Salvation Army, that has been doing much of the hands on work, are snow saying they do not support what this government is doing, Circulated an open letter, yesterday, saying so.

    Saying that, there are more important things facing this country than a few asylum seekers coming by boat.

    This governments handling of the matter has been disgraceful and will lwead to disaster, very quick.

    Human beings are been harmed, unnecessarily so.

  108. See none of them are defending Abbott. The wingnuts are obviously embarrassed by their laughable leader. As before the election it’s impossible to find a wingnut to say what personal qualities he’s got that would make them vote for him.

  109. Bullshit Syd.

    And if you believe anything Morrison, whose been proven to outright lie on these matters, then more the fool you.

    And also if you believe inhumane treatment of people is praiseworthy then it says a lot about you as a person.

    And that’s before addressing Abbott and his government’s string of failures, backflips and broken promises. Somehow one supposed success that isn’t makes up for all those failures and broken promises, I think not.

  110. I’ll defend Abbott then I’m off…

    Here are some excellent things Abbott has done…….

    1. Saving lives lost at sea (see earlier post)
    2. Scrapping Carbon Tax (I’d prefer just a lower level but it’s better than too high).
    3. Reducing public service by 12,000
    4. PPL that I’m ideologically in favour of.
    5. Establishing relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka to creat a regional solution to people smuggling.
    6. Continuing with Labor’s reduced access to the single parent payment.
    7. Appointment of Warren Mundine as chief adviser on Indigenous affairs.
    8. Review of the NBN

    But don’t expect Abbott to get a fair go…

    Abbott hadn’t even been sworn in before a new Facebook site – “Tony Abbott – Worst PM in Australian History” – savaged him as “a misogynist, sexist, homophobic pr—, a bully, a racist, a liar …”. It has 170,000 “likes”.

    Other Facebook sites were worse. “Tony Abbott should be assassinated” was created from an office at the Geelong Trades Hall.

    ADS hit the mainstream media, too. The Age even promoted “ethically produced” T shirts from columnist Clementine Ford with the slogan “F— Abbott”.

    The ABC’s Q & A website left up a tweet about performing a sexual act on Abbott and The Drum vilified him as a religious bigot who denied evolution and wanted to “score points against the ‘feminazis’ and ‘poofs’ “.

    Meanwhile, Catherine Deveny, a Guardian writer, boasted on Twitter how her teenage son hated Abbott, and published a photograph of his profanity-strewed poster.

    See ya!

  111. Cuppa nothing shows more what a failure Abbott is than the right having to rush in to defend what they thought was an false attack on him.

    By the way this would be the same mob who had no problems, and indeed condoned and partook in false derisions and serious abuse against Gillard, but dare put one little aspersion against their idiot leader and it’s all hands to battle stations to defend him. It shows how fragile the right believe he is.

  112. I could rip your eight points apart Syd, but lets just look at point 5.

    That was Gillard’s policy that Abbott refused to support on the grounds of those countries human rights abuses against asylum seekers. But since Abbott is now conducting abuses as bad or worse then he now thinks Gillard’s policy is OK.

    But he hasn’t established relations with any of those countries and indeed for Indonesia he’s but Australia completely offside.

    You really are clutching at straws here.

  113. Just a hypothesis: it is due to all that heavy rock of his youth. Now Tones is slightly deaf.

    Next he will be wearing glasses. I wonder whether he will still then be blind to climate science – or the suffering of refugees, exacerbated by shameful mistreatment..Before the elections there were “great big taxes”; after,there are ‘great big secrets”.

    (If you have been on Mars, the baby talk, and constant repetition of almost each sentence. is real)

  114. Could one now say, that Abbott has added to the list of leaders he has put offside, the Canadian, India and Mauritian.

    The agreement he is making with Sri Lanka better be a beauty.

    Do not suspect it will be. Will be more of removing the rights of people, to, in his case, prove a point.

    Can we, in the long run, afford Abbott’s solution to the boat trade.

    He is willing to sign that Pacific Trade agreement, along with one with China to please his big business mates. NO matter what harm it causes this country.

    By the way, he has not sack 12,000 yet. He has not got rid of the toxic tax, along with the MRRT. He has or raise the debt limit.

    Yes, he has got rid of parliamentary procedures that shut off his government being scrutinized. Not too sure if that is something to be proud of.

    He has removed plenty of commissions and other bodies, mid stream, preventing them from reporting on what they have been researching. Pure waste that is.

    Yes, he is dismantle all scientific research in the country., Now, I doubt that is clever.

    He has made us the laughing stock of the world at Warsaw. Yes, the science is proven, and man made climate change is not going away,

  115. [i]At 1 out of ever 13 on a boat dying (as per KRudd on his last QandA appearance) that’s potentially hundreds of lives saved. That is reason enough to vote for the man.[/i]

    You’re joking, right? Since when has the Right cared about anything other than their own self-interest? If you actually cared about human lives, you would be a member of THE LEFT.

  116. JohnB has a quiet guffaw over Gillard’s mispronunciation of hyperbole, only to be upstaged by Abbott himself with his “farrer-go” (farrago). Twice.

    Julia’s excuse is understandable however.

    Hyperbole is a rhetorical device employed almost exclusively by the the Right.

    The Left generally just sticks to the facts.

  117. “Mr Abbott has downplayed concerns the Sri Lankan government may have engaged in war crimes at the end of the country’s ethnic war, and talked up the country’s economic potential.

    That is in contrast to British prime minister David Cameron, who yesterday infuriated the Sri Lankan government by stepping up pressure for it to address its human rights issues.”

    OQ: “Looks like Bog Tony is quite popular in Sri Lanka…how about that hey?”

    I’m ashamed to have this prick representing my country.

  118. “With a record debt by Australian standards, it’s going to take a while to put us back on track, unless you’re from that fantasy land of the left where responsible government spending is not seen as connected in any way to reality.”

    That statement alone JohnB tells us that you’re a bit of a dill.

    The Left understand very clearly that when the private sector retreats, the last man standing is the government. If the government then sits on its hands and doesn’t spend then the whole shitload goes down the gurgler.

    But then maybe that’s what Hockey wants? Recessions present wonderful opportunities for the “haves” to pick up a few bargains at the fire sales.

    Deficits pay for themselves.

  119. Have another drink jack…..the adults have taken over and everything will be okay…… we’re back on track old son and all will be good with the world….just be patient.

  120. Thanks silkworm. Why do you assume people of the right don’t care? Actually, I used to think exactly the same. They’re on the right they must be cold-hearted, rich, evil bastards…right?

    I used to be green/left (was a member of the Labor party, gave a speech at school about the greenhouse effect before most people knew the term). After travelling the world and seeing how screwed up most of it is compared to Oz I realised that the Labor party have high ideals (like I used to)…it’s just in reality they don’t work.

    It was hard coming out as a conservative (I’d say more realist). I had to open my mind and confront/accept some awful truths.

    This blog appears to be an Abbott hate fest. I guess I’m more in the Mundine camp…’If you don’t like Abbott, don’t meet him, because you’ll see that he’s a really good bloke’.

    His work for a woman’s shelter, and volunteering in indigenous communities (I’m sure you’ll find negatives in these things) shows his heart is in the right place.

  121. It not fair or correct to say we hate Abbott. That is not true.

    What is true, we have no respect for him, or what he stands for.

    Yes he is PM,. We have to respect the will of the voter. Something he himself unable to do during the last government.

    Yes, we will give him the respect, he gave the last government.

    We will definitely scrutinize every thing he does. Yes, he will be held to account.

    Now, if someone has something positive to say about the man, I will listen.

    I will not listen to the tripe about all the charity work he does, especially when it comes to women’s shelters.

    It terrifies me, that nothing positive is emerging about the man. This is day 60 of this government. Each day is worse, than the one before.

  122. Well, I think you’re going to be fed up for a long time. The world’s not going to end. I think the biggest challenge will be slow growth and rising unemployment with the high dollar and slow world growth. It’s also a crying shame that Abbott won’t fix the IR system that Gillard re-regulated…rising youth and long term unemployment is the result as you make it more difficult to hire the low skilled. Another reason I can’t support Labor any more.

    Anyway, all the best.

  123. Syd @ November 16, 2013 @ 6:41 pm
    Oh C’mon Syd, “Massively reducing boat arrivals”.
    Oh please! That one is going to change the Universe? It isn’t even going to change the Planet. It will change Australia, maybe, just a slightest tad more of much the same as the past 70 years. Gee! Try again! Get you mind out of the boat and stop drinking the bilge water. It isn’t healthy.
    Talk about a fixation with boats! Get a life Syd. You just being Xenophobic and it IS showing.

    1. Saving lives lost at sea (see earlier post).
    | Arguable. Maybe if The Liberal’s hadn’t helped those that manufacture and assist wars, we might not have the people not risking their lives on boats to flee danger.|

    2. Scrapping Carbon Tax (I’d prefer just a lower level but it’s better than too high).
    | To pollute, or not to pollute? That is the question. Please supply your address so we can send the toxic waste to your backyard.|

    3. Reducing public service by 12,000.
    |Oh Dogma! *sniff* Nazi’s had better answers. Please supply a valid reason and explain why you hate Public Servants so much. And please don’t tell us it is because you were told to. You’re not a Child.|

    4. PPL that I’m ideologically in favour of.
    |So it suits you better? Sounds mighty selfish to me. If you think that is an answer, then say why you believe it is a better solution for Australia and not just yourself, which is what you said.|

    5. Establishing relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka to creat[e] a regional solution to people smuggling.
    |From what I am witnessing and hearing from people in those Countries that I have discussed the situation with, he’s bullocking up relations and insulting them. They are just being diplomatically kind in order to try and not offend the Australian people (you and I), because they know we voted for our version of G. W. Bush (Dubya), without understanding what we were going to get, due to the manufacturing of consent by a Foreign Media Mogul, in order to further his ambitions of Power and Wealth, and not yours nor ours. Our Neighbours are giving us something called sympathy and is a form of empathy. Look the words up in the dictionary as I don’t think you would know the words.|

    6. Continuing with Labor’s reduced access to the single parent payment.
    |What did the single Parent do to you, to earn such scorn and hatred by you? Once again, as above, don’t tell us it is because you were told to. You’re not a Child.|

    7. Appointment of Warren Mundine as chief adviser on Indigenous affairs.
    |As good or bad as any other person I guess. You don’t say he’s better just because he is the only Indigenous person in their Party are you? If so, your racism or is it dogma is showing also.|

    8. Review of the NBN
    |Well on this I am an expert as it is my field of expertise. You’re a fuckin’ gullible twit! Learn some mathematics and some physics and realize they fuckin’ have lied to you and you fell for it, you Twat! LOL.

  124. Ominous questionable @ November 16, 2013 @ 10:00 pm
    Do we get Carol to check your IP again and give a list of the times you commented? You know it is rude and misleading to pose constantly as other people so you can have it appear others agree with you. *sniff* How juvenile.

  125. Syd @ November 16, 2013 @ 10:43 pm
    You do learn your propaganda by wrote, don’t you Syd.
    Have you actually worked out why you say what you say? Have you actually bothered to understand a Fractional Banking System since you adore and worship Mammon so much?
    Nope, didn’t think so. You just like to be told what is so.
    Do you know that makes you mighty vulnerable to be conned?

  126. TechinBris, is that clapped out copper going to deliver. In fact, does anyone know.

    As for the single mothers. Abbott has already taken from the, Yes, that supplementary payment he has withdrawn, that helps those on low welfare payments, pay the utilities bill.

    I am sure they will be very happy, not to get the school kids bonus of a few hundred a year per child.

    We already have a appropriate PPL scheme. One that is target to help those most in need.

    I read some experts say today, Turnbull will be lucky to get NBN lite underway before 2015. Yes, and Telstra will be back in the game.

  127. 1. I guess you can’t prove any lives have been saved. All we know is that Rudd/Gillard policies caused 1000’s to die. I wrote about it in 2008…it was very foreseeable, and yet they revelled in their piousness, even after the women and children started dying.
    2. Not sure what your point is here. I think global warming is a huge problem…I’m more in the Bjorn Lomborg camp that taxing carbon won’t do anything (and, as we know, it won’t in reality do anything measurable to the world’s temperature) and we should be investing in renewable. So carbon tax or no, it makes no difference. I think Abbott should invest in renewable R&D more though.
    3. Here you go with the hate again. I don’t hate public servants. Rudd promised in 2007 to reduce the bureaucracy. He did the exact opposite (like his 2007 promise to turn the boats around). It’s so we have a more efficient government and a wealthier nation.
    4. I think PPL is good for Australia, especially small business. Abbott has said that the only people that it makes economic sense for to have children are people on welfare. I am for changing that balance a bit.
    5. OK whatever you say. I’d prefer to try the people with knowledge in this area.
    6. Again with the hate. As per the Labor party, I don’t think having a child should entitle you to welfare until the kid turns 18.
    7. It’s because I like his ideas…he’s come on a similar journey to me and sees how the Left is actually the cause of many of the problems that they complain most loudly about. It’s a shame, because you can’t show people of the Left this, I know as I used to be of the Left.
    8. I know about this too…I was involved in the 100Mbps Telstra HFC cable that nobody wants. A review is good, Simon Hackett being appointed on the board is good.

    Sorry this isn’t as researched as it could be, but as I’m arguing against insults such as “fuckin’ gullible twit!” I’m not that bothered (what is it with the Left and violence/personal insults anyway?).

    This place seems to be where reason, common sense and courtesy come to die.

  128. Fed up, No, the copper will not deliver much more than it is now. Actually, at the rate it is deteriorating due to lack of maintenance ( I know it’s state as I work in Telecommunications) it will most probably give less. Fiber was the way to go to do it right and for only a little bit more cost than the Murdoch preferred option would be to safeguard his media Interests. It delivers a lot less for a little less money than the original NBN.
    Of course Telstra is back in the game. Ideology decreed any publicly owned Facilities / Utilities will distort the Holy Market Forces, and are not beholden to Market Ideals of Profit über alles, of the Holy Market Forces (Banksters) and have to be destroyed. They, who control the flow of the information, control the people. Never forget it. Now you know why they squealed like stuck pigs so much and so loudly when the NBN was proposed.

  129. Where is the hate. So if one now disagrees with what one is says, that is hate. NO the PPL scheme is not even welcome by business. What most mothers are more concerned with, is good reliable and affordable childcare.

    No, I do not agree that this government should take from the bottom, to give to the top. In fact I believe it is poor economics.

    Leave the accusations of hate out of the debate. Not needed. In fact lowers one argument.

  130. Syd is doing the troll *yawn*
    1. troll stays polite
    2. pretends to have a reasoned debate
    3. Posts outrageous pieces from RW sites prolifically.
    4. Doesn’t object to being called a fool
    3. Repeats step three
    One wonders if’n they clones ’em 🙂

  131. Another myth is that the PS has grown Labor. There have been efficiency cuts within the PS for years. There is little fat to cut.

    What this government is talking about, is not cutting fat, but cutting programmes.

    Big difference.

    We are a reasonable low taxing country, with a tightly target welfare system.

    That is except for the higher, non means taxed welfare that Howard introduced.

    Labor has attempted to pull this back, but their efforts have been quickly reverse by this government,

  132. I was actually referring to TechinBris accusing me of hating. I agree: “Leave the accusations of hate out of the debate. Not needed. In fact lowers one argument.”

    Anyway, agree re the childcare – Abbott’s just announced a productivity commission review into how it can be best provided, so maybe some good news for you.


    Anyway I’m off.

  133. Syd “Anyway I’m off.” …yes ewe are, 😀 ….. mayhap Palmolive Gold would do the trick….. just sayin 😛

  134. Abbott will fix the problem. According to him, just take away the paper work, and all will be OK. Drop the plan to pay fair wages. Oh, and allow nannies,

    Can see us going back to the disaster of the Howard years, and another ABC debacle.

    As for productivity inquiry, he is having that or similar inquiries into everything.

    Code, for dismantle, lower standards and cut.

    He is going to fix up, nursing home care the same way. Cut the paper work and regulations.

    Pig will fly as well.

  135. syd @ November 16, 2013 @ 11:32 pm
    1. What KRudd and Gillard did with the Boats situation was diabolical. You have my support in that. This Government is worse, as it does the same but tries to hide it. They still try to justify the unjustifiable as the previous did. Both Parties are inhumane by their own actions.
    2. It wasn’t a Tax. It was a price on pollution. We should have been paying it from the beginning of the Industrial revolution, but we did not know about the effects till recently. Much like the hole in the Ozone. When you learn of a threat, you just don’t deny it till it kills you. Such, as much as some don’t like paying for the mess they make to be cleaned up, someone has to do it. I doubt you like cleaning up other people’s messes, unless you’re rewarded for it in some way.
    3. Define the efficiency. Every time I hear that one it always comes up about doing it cheaper (means efficiency they say). Well which do you want, the Ferrari or the Holden?
    4. With 7 Billion People on the Planet, along with not enough fresh water, food and the impact ecologically, and you’re condoning people to breed like Rabbits? Wow! It’s all about you and your supposed immortality isn’t it? Give the planet and those that inhabit it a break. You’re breeding to prop up a failing economic pyramid game. Face it someone will have to pay the price for your taking a motza now and it may just be your Children that have to pay for your good life. Stop being selfish.
    5. I could say much the same to your answer so we’ll let that one down gently. Time will tell and history can be unkind to some.
    6. Death by starvation? No, they normally turn to Criminal activity in order to gain something to eat and have shelter. Your place to be robbed or mine? I’d rather give welfare and keep them out of my home or robbing me in the Street. Yeah, it still happens, but not as much as it would.
    7. So you believe the Edwardian Era was a Utopia? Is that what privileged upbringing teaches? Mate, I am not poor, nor any I rich. I was brought up in a Tradie Family which did it tough through my Childhood, but rose to the middle Class. I preferred our penchant here in Oz, to be Classless, and at least in Oz we didn’t promote Class distinction like other Countries did. I have never forgotten where I came from and what I did without. I believe in potential of the person, and not punishing them for what is not their fault nor the sins of their Parents. Sloth has its own punishments. Believe me I have seen its effects on some. Ugh! And you want to punish them more? Don’t be a Sadist.
    8. I know why the HFC was a white Elephant and it wasn’t the technology. I said so back then when you were helping to build it. And the Market rolled out 2 of them side by side! Of course the whole thing was a loser from the start. I deal with fibre every day. Do it right. Do it once, with fibre and in the long run, we will save money in power, better bandwidth, maintenance, reliability and find it far more productive for everyone and not just relegated to the privileged ones, so they can have advantage of others in their own Nation just because they are rich. Be more egalitarian please. We Australian’s are supposed to be masters of it.

  136. TiB, ” Be more egalitarian please. We Australian’s are supposed to be masters of it.” nail meets hammer, well said Tech…. that is so, so true 🙂

  137. Last month, immigration officers forced two unaccompanied two Sri Lankan children, one 12 the other 14, onto a plane to return home. Their travelling companions were to be some of those who they arrived with on Cocos Island after 34 days at sea.

    From the Sydney Morning Herald:

    ”The children were crying and screaming and begging to be able to stay,” said a witness. ”One of the security officers realised they were too young and no one was accompanying them and so took them off the plane. Then there was a stand-off while someone rang Canberra and were instructed by someone very, very senior to put them back on the plane.”

    No prizes for guessing who delivered that instruction.

  138. Has Mr. Abbott given any thought to the fact, that other members of CHOGM, are accusing Sri Lanka of committing war crimes. If so, the people fleeing could have good reason to. Mr. Abbott is helping Sri Lanka cutting off their route to safety.

    One could say these people are coming direct to our shores. Have not settled in another country to get here.

    Could Mr. Abbott the only one in step, in his eyes, be wrong.

  139. Sam @ November 17, 2013 @ 5:36 am “This blog is satire, right?”
    Möbius Ecko @ November 17, 2013 @ 6:51 am “You have to go to Bolt or Pickering for that Sam.”
    LOL. That is funny! Soon as I read it I saw subtle satire and thought “Oh dear! Who’s lit a match when there is so much dry grass about”.
    The current state of the Nation is that they are successfully herding our population into two opposing sides of left and right. Now, gasp, shock, faux horruer and all of that, I see good and bad from the “Left” and “Right” of the political ground. But this sense of mindless blame game and punishing any who we see as inconveniencing ourselves is getting a tad childish. Of course we are all not going to get our own way. Go on, touch the golden button with the “Ying and Yang” symbol on it and accept people are and should have differing views to ourselves. Thank goodness we do, for that is what brought us to this point in our evolution and technology. Group think has its place, but please, not all the time and definitely not in all things that govern our lives. Variety is the spice of life. Go on and taste it. War has only one taste, of blood, and it is far too rich to have too much of it and too much of it will make life dreadful.
    Politically, the argument of Liberal Party or Labor Party in this Country is stupid. Both are being directed by powerful Lobbies that have their own agenda for a nice profitable future for them and their supporters in goals and aspirations, whilst bugger this Nations People, their Children and those to come.
    Hello Sheeple, one and all. Now into this corral and follow the bling, smoke and the mirrors down the Side Show. You know you want to have a shiny glass bauble! Just accept it and wait, there’s more, we’ll give you an enticement to let us do what we want to you, accept a few dollars, we will let you have sex, pay you to pump out compliant cannon fodder for us and we’ll let you vilify and hate those you want to hate because your such wonderful people!
    Is this for real? Sadly, yes. Australia, once you cared for each other even if they disagreed with your view. We had a shared purpose. But now they have infected you with their selfish greed disease, like they did to the rest of the World, as so succinctly mentioned by a person on here earlier who said upon arriving back from being out in the World, they became a Conservative. Infection is assured when it is designed to be so.
    Well I went and left the Anglo Society for a while and came back far more open minded and not constrained to a Left and Right / Black and White view of the world. Embrace the full “Technicolour” of the reality of the World in a much larger Universe. I learned from them and their past mistakes and was richer for it. Now we want to repeat their mistakes? I can see why they wish to keep their distance from us right now, if they could. Unfortunately for them, as it once was us, we all live on the same piece of Real Estate/ Rock/ Planet. There isn’t anywhere else right now. We are in quarantine, for good reason.
    Why is it so unattractive to care that you don’t harm others in your pursuit of the good life and supplying the things you want to those you love. Why is it so embarrassing to have someone that believes in something different to you? Does it destroy you that they worship or don’t worship something? Do they infringe on your doing what you want to do without hurting others in your Community?
    Everyone is suddenly scrambling for everything they can grab for themselves and to hell with anyone else, or what is left behind for other’s to have to sit in, be it a toxic waste dump or a dead hole in the ground. Why?
    Are we allowing ourselves to be conditioned for circumstances for War? Do we, as a Nation of People, want to go there? No, I believe we really just want to be able to be comfortable, live together without a threat around every corner that we cannot see, and live secure in the fact there is another Australian around that corner that wants the same for themselves and is watching that corner of the world for all of us because they are there for all of us. Trust, we have lost our trust in ourselves.
    We gave it to our Politicians and they let us down. Are we not the idiots in all of this to continue to trust them to stoke the fire of our Xenophobia and Fear? Or are we all just plain lazy and deserve our lot for allowing them to play this game with us?
    You can decide.

  140. Omnia quaerite…. Hey Loud Mouth, I suppose you are in full agreeance with those heartless bustards Abbott and Morrison regarding the12 &14 year old Sri Lankan children being sent back to a murderous Country.

  141. Father Bob Maguire. We have two ears and one mouth. He says some are just waking up to this fact. ABC 24. Talking about decisions made by oild men in society, the church and elsewhere.

    Yes, we should be foing twice as much thinking as talking.

  142. Listening to the rain coming down. I made the right decision, not to catch four buses to get to the rally and back. Still feel guilty though.

    The next one, I will ensure my local member find a way of getting me there.

    I support all that made the effort.

    Yes, there will be more. This, in my humble opinion, is only the beginning.

    If I missed the last bus, I would not have got home until dark.

  143. Fed up @ November 17, 2013 @ 10:20 am
    Thank you for those words from Lao Tzu. It has enriched my day into a priceless treasure. YAY! Thank you. (hugz)
    To those that don’t get it, go suck an egg. :{D

  144. Wonder if restaurants are really closing on Sunday is really because customers have better things to do on that day.

    Wonder how many, are simply not delivering food that people want to eat.

    Personally, I have never felt the need to go dining on a Sunday.

  145. One can still make preparation for Sunday, during the cheaper wage rates during the week. One can still develop interesting menus, that can be delivered with fewer staff. One can still and should spread their costs 24/7.

    One can learn to be a clever manager.

  146. Morrison, with his Sovereign Borders, run by a three star general, has set up the perception that we are at war with those seeking asylum. Yes, words that are delivering an ugly outcome.

    Yes, Morrison, for his devious and ugly plan top work has to demonise these people, as happens in war.

    Remember the slogans and advertising from the second war, on the so called Huns.

    Morrison is willing to take his demonising to babies badly injured, and disabled within their mother’s wombs. None are allowed to escape.

    I had great reserves about where Labor’s schemes ended up, but terrorizing people was not a part of any of their efforts.

    I can also remember, that Gillard was never allowed to put any worthwhile scheme into operation thats to the then Opposition and Greens.

    In fact, if one listens to Morrison’s scream for secrecy, the Opposition of the time by their actions, were assisting the boats smugglers along the way. They did not respect their claim that secrecy is needed then.

    In fact, they were out with a stunt each day, blowing up every boat that came.

    The funny thing is, that Labor did eventually get it right, in spite of the Opposition at the very end.

  147. Contrary to the impression that Morrison is trying to create. This is an political operation, not a military one. The defence force is being used to push a political barrow, I see some are beginning to raise objections, including some within the Liberal Party.

    The same for what Abbott is doing at CHOGM. He cares not for what the rest of the CHOGM leaders think. Not even the PM of Canada and the UK. He is making them look like fools.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall, when he is talking to the other leaders in private. The glimpse we seen of the UK PM, standing over Abbott, at the table, I think tells us all.

    One thing for sure, Abbott is no Fraser. who did stand up for the people being terrorized in Africa and elsewhere. Pragmatism is not OK, when people are not having their human rights affected. Money and trade does not rule over the rights of anyone.

    “…………..IT WAS Defence pressure on senior politicians, not, as pretended, Scott Morrison’s tender solicitude for perceptions that the ADF was being politicised, that led to the separation of the minimalist briefings about government actions against boat people.
    But the Minister for Immigration, and the government, are still verballing the ADF about advice that the handout of information should be minimal so as to ”avoid telegraphing” the ”shipping news” to people smugglers.
    Defence has always had some reservations about the broadcasting of some sensitive material about sea-going operations to intercept or rescue boat people. These relate particularly to communications. Relatively ”open” material, from sources such as Immigration, Customs or Border Command might get mixed up with embarrassingly informative secret material gathered by Australian spies and their agents operating in Indonesia, ”disruption” programs (some involving bribery) run by the AFP, and satellite and radio communications intelligence gathered by the Defence Signals Division.
    But neither the ADF nor the Defence Department have any problem about routine details of operations being available, in the way that they once were. There may be a difference in the political intent behind interception, and the impression this creates, but operations have not much changed. It is a political, not a military decision to withhold information, and it is based on a political, not a military or intelligence judgment or guess about its effect on people smugglers or potential boat people. Service people are being verballed into agreeing that censorship is occurring for tactical or operational purposes, asked for by professional military judgment………….”

    Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/comment/political-interference-runs-deep-20131116-2xnh9.html#ixzz2kr82eMYj

    Mr. Abbott is giving the country patrol boats, to stop the flow of people, who the rest of CHOGM are saying, are being abused. Not a good look. Yes they are talking about war crimes.

    I suspect. Mr. Abbott, bu his actions in this country, has no respect for human rights. In fact, he sees it as necessary to achieve his aims.

  148. ………Lieutenant General Angus Campbell loyally insisted at Friday’s briefing that it was the minister who had taken the initiative about some separation of the briefings so as to avoid the possibility of the ADF being seen to be politicised. He knew nothing, he claimed, about any murmurs from the direction of his day job. If he thinks that, he must be well outside the loop, because the concern among his colleagues, inside defence circles, and in other areas of government, has been widespread, and had reached formal channels. Had Morrison not taken some initiative, it is likely the services would have taken some steps to make it clear they were following orders, not writing the orders or the rules.
    Indeed, the whole question of political command of the ADF is a very tender wound, not only for the ADF but also for the department and the wider bureaucracy. All the more when Morrison, Tony Abbott and other Coalition spruikers are making no bones about a search for political advantage from the implementation of its orders,
    The ADF and the Australian Public Service were…………

    Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/comment/political-interference-runs-deep-20131116-2xnh9.html#ixzz2krAfK0GF

  149. ……………..HANDOUTS will be slashed and eligibility tightened as the Abbott Government eyes off welfare wastelands draining the budget of billions of dollars.

    Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has given his strongest indication that a crackdown on welfare is coming – and in his crosshairs are the 822,000 Australians receiving the disability support pension.

    Mr Andrews has begun a review of the system with government agencies and the not-for-profit sector in a bid to curb a welfare blowout. The review will help guide the extensive reforms, which could be rolled out as a matter of urgency.

    Those on a disability pension – now one in 20 working-aged Australians – face being booted off the entitlement and moved on to Newstart, which is less money and requires people to more actively look for employment.

    Some doctors could also be stripped of their ability to assess patients as concerns grow about some overworked or lazy medicos not properly scrutinising claims.

    It comes as the Government and the Human Services Department have been tipped off about people claiming the disability pension while being involved in physical criminal activity.



  150. Those in his sights, are those on disability pensions.

    With the Coalition, nothing ever changes.

    All we are seeing, is a rerun of the Howard years.

    Take from the bottom, to give to the top. The top who are only, in their eyes, worthy recipients.

    All others are out to rip the government, their government off. Unworthy, in their eyes.

    Abbott better be correct about none of the Sri Lankans fleeing from their country, does not have just cause.

    Rest of CHOGM do not seem to agree with him.

    Why is he sounding so cocky today. No faltering or ums and rs in his answers.

  151. I thought the cough was masking some infantile insult to the interviewer. As for anything else he says, there is no pointing trying to decipher the ravings of a certifiable adrenalin junkie nutbag…. God it is going to be a long three years.

  152. Wonder if that noise, our illustrious PM is making in Sri Lanka has any worth. The true facts are, not many are now coming from that country. Many that have arrived, have gone back.

    It is worth selling out belief in human beings, to do so. Is it worth making other CHOGM leaders look fools.

    I suspect not.

  153. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has defended giving military hardware to a country the United Nations has accused of war crimes, praising Sri Lanka as now freer and more prosperous.


    From the Guardian, Saturday..

    Yet only a few hours later, the prime minister (David Cameron) left a meeting with Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa no closer to securing an investigation into alleged war crimes, or an admission that many Tamils continue to be persecuted.

    So while the British PM is requesting an investigation into war crimes and persecution, our PM is giving the alleged perpetrators patrol boats.


  154. John B: What lies are you referring to?
    IMO, middle income earners that vote Liberal do so, because they have the outdated inane idea, that it is more prestigious and carries more quodos believing their standard of living and their income separates them from the working man. They think they have psychologically climbed the heirarchichal class ladder, and what I think is hilarious is that they are regarded by big business and liberal politicians as at the bottom of the Liberal heirachichal ladder. A necessary poor relative if you like!

  155. Good news. Senator Faulkner is coming off the front bench, to take part in Senate estimates. He is the master in this regard.

    I believe he was missed in the last government.

  156. Qantas is asking the Federal government to stop foreign investors, investing in Virgin.

    Qantas is claiming it is putting them , the national carrier at risk.

    I suggest to Qantas, they lost the right to claim this, when they tool their labour force off shore,

  157. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has rejected a call by fellow Commonwealth leaders to set up a new climate fund to help poor nations.

    Mr Abbott also found himself at odds with British Prime Minister David Cameron over his strong defence of Sri Lanka’s efforts to address alleged human rights abuses and war crimes.

    As the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting wrapped up in Colombo on Sunday, Mr Abbott joined Canada in rejecting a decision by the summit to establish a green capital fund to help small island states and poor African countries address the effects of global warming.

    The final agreement noted that ‘Australia and Canada … indicated that they could not support a green capital fund at this time’.

    A Commonwealth expert group also called for new ways to access existing international funds to address climate change.

    Small state leaders pleaded with their colleagues to urgently address global warming, which threatens their long term existence.

    New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who agreed to the fund in principle, said Tony Abbott and the Canadian delegate had said they ‘can’t agree to fund their contribution’.

    ‘Australia is going to have to establish as a government how it will approach these international issues,’ Mr Key said.

    ‘We are taking the middle path but the right path.’

    New Zealand has an emissions trading scheme but the Abbott government is in the process of repealing the former Labor government’s scheme.


    The ABC 24 has just released proof of our spying on Indonesia. Yes, it goes right to the top.

    Not a time to be antagonizing this nation, one would believe. Especially as many of the candidates in their upcoming elections, are on that list.

  158. Not even two hours being made available.

    Burke is suggesting that Pyne does not want any government members speak.

  159. As they say Carol, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”
    We are joining the ranks of the Pariah States.
    Interestingly, I have found a paradigm of what is happening in Australia. Law and Social herding is occurring just as it was when Apartheid was introduced in South Africa. There is a constructed purpose here as there was in South Africa, but don’t use what we have been told. View it from an Africaaner’s perspective. There is a whole story we are in denial of because it is so ruthless. It is interesting how the paradigms are occurring. What South Africa has become, is we are to become, but obviously Social differences as we are not so prone to Tribalism that is so pervasive there. Get ready, our Nation is going to be very, very, uncivilised and corrupted very pervasively. Learn now to operate in such a environment or get hurt.

  160. Wonder if Rudd did as Pyne demanded, tender his resignation early this morning.

    Before breakfast I believe.

    Pyne wants to call the by election 21 December. That would go down well with the voters, I would say.

  161. The danger of not allowing debate means that the legislation gets passed flaws and all. This includes typos and other drawing up mistakes.

    This is a fact that Cando has found out to his dismay in Queensland

  162. Shorten. This mob can always tell us what they will cut. Very good at that. This mob cannot tell us what they can create.

    If this mob can convince us that they will address climate change…..

    Yes, Mr. Hunt, convince us, your way is better,

    Yes, Mr. Shorten, you are right, there is not enough time, land, water etc to plant uour trees.

    Yes, Mr, Shorten, this is toxic legislation, from that mob.]

    Government response. More of Labor history and now Ms. Gillard………

  163. Pingback: Labor underestimates average Australians too « Ambit Gambit

  164. You know that he’s wearing an earpiece in the photo on the left right? It’s in his left ear….

    Must be a very slow news day…

  165. Is there censorship here ?
    I point out that earpieces are common in interviews, for both sides of politics.

    No whinging when it’s a Labor person wearing one so they can hear the host.

    The standard of objectivity here is sadly lacking.

    Intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

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