When Tony wants to talks tough, who does he run to?

Our chest-beating Prime Minister must have Indonesia shaking in its boots after this bold broadside:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has fired a verbal warning to Jakarta that Australia is not happy over a standoff in which a boatload of asylum seekers landed on Australian territory, despite being rescued in the Indonesian search-and-rescue zone.

Did he pass on his displeasure to Indonesia? No. Did he do it by way of a media press release? No. Did he pass the job onto his Minister? No.

The article tells us – wait for it – that . . .

Mr Abbott told radio station 2GB.

Yep, he said it on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show (here is the interview if you are at least interested). He told Alan Jones FFS! And of course he would. He’s much kinder, gentler than those frightful Indonesians.

Jones and his army of knuckle-dragging listeners must have wet themselves with joy to hear tough Tony as they enjoyed their morning break from the regular tree-swinging activities.

And do you know what’s just as depressing? That the Sydney Morning Herald had to tune into the Jone’s show just to learn what our Prime Minister is up to.

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  1. It is all OK, Tony was late to meet Indonesian Deputy PM today Wednesday. Now Indonesia is trying to reduce the size of their search and rescue zone. Laying further onus on Australia. One way of saving face.

  2. The more we see of Abbott in “action” the more he lives down to our expectations of him. His barrackers are as deluded as this cretinous farce of a PM is. He is a total disgrace.

  3. I see that Australia’s Main Stream Media is once again setting their own agenda for Australian Diplomacy.
    Oh! How embarrassing it is to have the worse of Australia, dictating to those who are the politically apathetic, and our best peoples of Australia, what will be our responses to World Events, and all in the name of generating a profit for a Fat Cats. *CRINGE*
    To think that once we were forging our own way in the World and the rest looked on in admiration as to what we achieved. So much so, Some interfered to protect their own interests, and did so successfully, as recent events prove.

  4. Ricky Pann I have always believed that Abbott needs to find his true skin, so you could be right in saying he lives in Pynes closet.

  5. And you wonder why Indonesia shrugs and says, sorry we know nothing about it – Tony rather than conversing at diplomatic level (which he would probably flounder with), chooses to converse with shock jocks who he knows will just sit there and agree with him…it’s much safer ground.

  6. Hypocrisy thy name is Joe Hockey..

    JOE Hockey has raised the prospect of a US-style government shutdown, warning that commonwealth services could start closing after December 12 if the Coalition’s legislation to raise the debt ceiling to $500 billion is blocked in the Senate by Labor and the Greens.

    Nothing to do with the indefinite freeze on hiring, nothing to do with the reported sacking of up to 26,000 people, nothing to do with the fact that public servants are receiving zero direction from their ministers (in fact ministers have been told not to converse with their staff) – government services are going to start to close..and it’s all Labor and the Greens fault.


  7. Gilly I was going to post on that reduction in their rescue zone, you beat me to it.

    Abbott retreating as fast as his can pollie peddle and made a statement last night that there’s no conflict between Australia and Indonesia just discussions between friends. The Indonesians responded by reducing their Search & Rescue zone.

    What an imbecilic joke this PM is.

    And as I predicted yesterday, Rudd quitting pushed Abbott’s horrendous performance on the 7:30 Report out of the media this morning. I’ve linked to it in as many places as I can and across the social networks I’m a member of, I would suggest as many as possible do the same. This interview must be spread and kept alive for as long as possible because it so aptly demonstrates what an utter failure as a PM and leader Abbott is and how undeserving he is of the position he’s in.

    Abbott’s full interview. Spread it round. http://tinyurl.com/mukyhqg

  8. and it’s all Labor and the Greens fault.

    Well, to be honest Min, they are asking for information first, so, how can an open and transparent government actually provide something like? 😯

    Especially when doing so might just expose them as having been a tad expedient with their language prior to the election, and a tad more expedient with our finances since 😉

  9. Excuse me, but could you please stop insulting our simian relatives? Most of them are far more intelligent & erudite than the average Alan Jones listener!

  10. Actually this might be a good hint to the Indonesians..if they want to find out anything about Australia’s foreign policy, they should be tuning in to Alan Jones. 😯

  11. @Mobius. The impact of Rudd’s retirement on reporting of Abbott’s pathetic performance merely adds to my existing belief that Rudd has been a “Manchurian Candidate” for the last 3 years or so.

  12. Actually Carol Australians for the last month or so have been finding out what this government is doing from Jakarta, certainly not from the government.

  13. Wow, didn’t Abbott burr up when Leigh Sales suggested he’d “buckled”.

    Buckling was putting it mildly. It was a humiliating backdown, the moreso because Abbott’s natural inclination is to bully to get his way.

    The pro’s in Defat must be cradling their heads in despair.

    “Jubilation T. Cornpone, a man who knew no fear.
    When we almost had ’em but the issue still was in doubt,
    Who suggested the retreat that turned it into a rout?”

    How long before we’ll see bumper stickers on eBay “I did not vote for this man”

  14. How long before we’ll see bumper stickers on eBay “I did not vote for this man”

    It’s appearing all over social media, and there’s one very good posted that proclaims it with assertion and pride. I can’t link to social media at the moment so if someone could post it please if they see it.

  15. Oh FFS Mo, did you have to provide us with the link to the interview?

    I came close to throwing my iPad over the fence in disgust.

    It’s good to know that that old Tone is going to get our power bills down by $550 a year. That’ll. help the 14000 non-ongoing public service staff that he’s sacked. It’ll make their lives markedly better.

    And how about the bit where he says his government will be open with Indonesia? Yes, so open that he passes on his messages via an interview with Alan Jones.

    The man’s a turd. He really is.

  16. Tony Abbott’s Coalition has cast aside its goal of cutting emissions by up to 25% of 2000 levels by 2020. Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP
    Tony Abbott has confirmed that his government has abandoned its longstanding policy to reduce Australia’s emissions by between 5% and 25% of 2000 levels by 2020 – a crucial and internationally scrutinised goal that had retained bipartisan support since 2009, throughout Australia’s tumultuous political debate over climate policy.

    Asked whether the Coalition still supported the target range as UN climate talks began in Warsaw without any political representation from Australia, the prime minister told journalists: “Australia will meet our 5% emissions reduction target, but this government has made no commitments to go further than that. We certainly are in no way looking to make further binding commitments in the absence of very serious like binding commitments from other countries, and there is no evidence of that………………….

    …………..A spokesman for the Australian Conservation Foundation said: “Abandoning the commitment Australia has repeatedly made to the international community to increase our target to 25% would make Australia a deal wrecker.

    “Abandoning the election commitment to reduce pollution by 5%–25% wilfully ignores the fact that Australians want more action on climate change, not less, regardless of how its achieved………..”


  17. Michael, yet the power companies have stated that there is no guarantee whatsoever that power bills will come down..at all. But of course that won’t stop Tony from spouting *whatever* just before it suits his own agenda.

  18. Looks like Indonesia can act tough as well. Lesson I would say, learnt from Howard.

    “.In a further blow to the federal government’s asylum seeker policy, Indonesia is trying to shrink its search and rescue area, putting more responsibility on Australia to take stricken boats.
    The developments come just days after Jakarta jolted the bi-lateral relationship by refusing an Australian request to land asylum seekers rescued at sea in the Indonesian search and rescue zone, in accordance with a understanding between the two countries and established international law.
    Indonesia will put forward the changes at a meeting later this week but on Wednesday Indonesian Vice President, Professor Dr Boediono was in Canberra discussing increased intelligence sharing arrangements. The meeting comes after Indonesian concerns that Australia’s Jakarta embassy has been used for spying………….”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/indonesia-to-change-the-rules-20131113-2xh0v.html#ixzz2kZ99iY00

  19. So the ABC believes that Hockey has been a strong performer. Wonder why they believe this. Yes, good at creating scenarios that have naught to do with truth,. His later, connecting the refusal to rubber stamp his move to raise the debt ceiling, as Labor acting like the Tea Party. Even he must know, the USA experience could never occur in this country,.

    Looking for another excuse to proceed with their far right agenda of small government, one could say.

    Strong performer, bullshit in MHO.

  20. By the way, the release of the Sexual Abuse inquiry in Victoria has left Cardinal Pell with much egg on his face.

    Would be lovely to hear a apology from him. Would love a comment from Abbott. After all, he did give personal references in court to one or more of theworse offenders.

    Gillard has given Mr. Rudd, her best regards.

    So much to talk about, one does not know where to start.

    Whether it is Wikileaks, with the damming release on the trade agreements Abboptt is in a hurry to the churches abuse of children, abandon of action on carbon emissions or the asylum seekers.

    We have not even got around tot he topic of the shocking situation this government has put our armed forces in.

    Hairy chests are getting a run this morning.

    Tony Abbott.
    “There’s always horse-trading in these negotiations, but in the end … everyone is better off”: Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
    Australians could pay more for drugs and medicines, movies, computer games and software, and be placed under surveillance as part of a US-led crackdown on internet piracy, according to details of secret trade negotiations exposed by WikiLeaks.
    A leaked draft of a controversial chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement reveals the negotiating positions of 12 countries including Australia on copyright, patents and other intellectual property issues, with a heavy focus on enforcement measures against internet piracy.
    Intellectual property

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australians-may-pay-the-price-in-transpacific-partnership-free-trade-agreement-20131113-2xh0m.html#ixzz2kZI8N43l

  22. Australian Greens spokesman on communications and the digital economy Scott Ludlam said the treaty was ”hugely dangerous” and people should be ”deeply concerned about what is being negotiated”.
    On Wednesday, the Greens moved a Senate motion calling on Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb to table the current draft text of the TPP agreement in the Senate. A spokesman for Mr Robb said that the treaty negotiations would remain confidential, but that there had been ”a lot of consultation across all industry sectors that could be impacted by the agreement”.
    WikiLeaks has condemned the TPP negotiations as a ”corporatist trade deal”. Pledges exceeding $US73,000 ($78,500) of donations to WikiLeaks have been crowdsourced to support publication of the TPP negotiating text.
    The full transcript of

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australians-may-pay-the-price-in-transpacific-partnership-free-trade-agreement-20131113-2xh0m.html#ixzz2kZIXwSLP

  23. In public the Australian government is on the side of consumers. Yet behind closed doors it is siding with the US government to block them at every turn.
    The extraordinarily detailed information on negotiating positions released by WikiLeaks shows Australia repeatedly backing the interests of the US against the objections of countries including Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam on questions involving intellectual property. Australia is often the only one of the 12 parties to the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations to do so.
    In 2005 the High Co………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australia-backs-the-us-at-every-turn-against-its-own-consumers-20131113-2xh0p.html#ixzz2kZJ3XUVr

  24. Fed up and,

    So the ABC believes that Hockey has been a strong performer.

    Much like when the media proclaimed Abbott’s prime ministership a howling success after only a few days in the job..let’s see if they actually achieve something first.

  25. It appears we cannot have a repeat of what Labor did yesterday.

    It is a pity that the previous government did not go down the same track. to shut Abbott down.

    How much more productive and pleasurable would parliament had been, if they did.

    Does Abbott really Believe he can govern for three years without ever having to justify his government.

    He does really believe that the houses are there to rubber stamp whatever he puts before it. Yes, he did say, anything else was a waste of time.

  26. will indeed have a parliment that is truly democratic. That is as long as one belongs to the government,. Everyone else, has no right to be heard.

    “…….The new changes seek to revoke that power by cutting private members’ time in half and removing non-aligned members from the selection committee, effectively giving the Government complete control over the parliamentary agenda. The Greens are sure to voice concerns.

    In the new Parliament, it is not in the chamber where the most important independent exercises his greatest skills; it is in front of the camera lens.

    And Tony Abbott’s decision to take away the opportunity to speak in the Parliament might prove not a handicap to Clive Palmer, but rather the gift that keeps on giving.

    In his address this week to the National Press Club, the forme…”


  27. Yeah we are getting $1 a week. Let’s all jump for joy. That’s really going to help. I would prefer that dollar went to taxing the polluters!

  28. Just had a thought on Tony’s policy of no family members. As he is related to the Governor General does that mean Tony, on principle should resign, and/or sack the governor general, his mum in law?

  29. Gina Rinehart meets Coalition MPs in secret trip to Canberra

    Australia’s richest woman, Gina Rinehart, invited a small group of Coalition friends for drinks in her private hotel suite, after planning a secret flight to Canberra to visit the Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.
    Some of Mrs Rinehart’s closest political friends, the Speaker Bronwyn Bishop and Liberal Party senators Cory Bernardi and Michaelia Cash, were invited to join the billionaire for the intimate gathering on Wednesday night.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/gina-rinehart-meets-coalition-mps-in-secret-trip-to-canberra-20131113-2xh77.html#ixzz2kZnlU5z4

  30. “……….11:22am: Yesterday, Labor – via Tony Burke – tried to force Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to come into the House and give a 30 minute explanation/update on the asylum seeker boat situation.
    That didn’t work at all, as Labor doesn’t have the numbers in the House.
    But over in the Senate just now, another attempt has been made to force more information out of the government on Operation Sovereign Borders.
    Labor has supported a Greens move to use the Senate’s powers to force the government to table rolling reports about “on water” incidents. This comes into effect immediately, and is also retrospective.
    The Senate has the power to order information from the government and there are no limits on the types of documents that may be called for.
    Although ministers have been known to refuse, the Senate has several remedies – such as censure motions and ordering information to be produced to a committee – to get ministers to comply. ……….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/the-pulse-live/politics-live-november-14-2013-20131114-2xhnv.html#ixzz2kZpqi8e2

  31. Abbott has caught up with the Philippines disaster. Sending a further $20 million. Was does he make the announcements in person. Afraid of questions, I suspect.

    Labor deputy leader said that Abbott should be sacked for commenTS he made on 7.30 last NIGHT, ON SECURITY.

  32. Bowen now on ABC 24. 11 page document, with five blank. No figures for why Hockey wants to raise the debt limit.

  33. 10:15am: Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister who has supposedly gone to ground, has been everywhere of late. Press conference [tick], TV interview [tick], radio interview [tick, tick].
    So what gives?
    “I’ll be interviewed when there’s an issue running,” he just told Neil Mitchell.
    But he’s not going to get into “political exhibitionism”.
    (Is that a joke about Rudd?)

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/the-pulse-live/politics-live-november-14-2013-20131114-2xhnv.html#ixzz2kZwBRRAR

  34. …..9:42am: Prime Minister Tony Abbott is speaking to Fairfax Radio’s Neil Mitchell.
    First up, he’s asked to respond to a Victorian parliamentary inquiry report that takes Cardinal George Pell to task.
    The report finds that Catholic Church’s “institutional failure” to respond appropriately to child abuse extends to its leader in Australia.
    Abbott is perhaps Australia’s “best known Catholic”, Mitchell observes.
    The PM says he has not read the report, decries child sexual abuse, but notes:
    “I have a lot of time for George Pell…”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/the-pulse-live/politics-live-november-14-2013-20131114-2xhnv.html#ixzz2kZwVNOaE

  35. “……….At the outset, I wish to register my concern about the duration of this debate. In September 2011, the coalition described as ‘ridiculous’ this House’s decision to schedule 35 hours of debate on the carbon price bills. They were bills which, according to the Climate Institute, ultimately had ‘an undetectable impact’ on the overall economy. Yet this House is now scheduling 70 minutes to debate $200 billion—that is $47 million per second of this debate. Every second of this debate that elapses, the debt limit will rise $2 for every single Australian. That is how little this government regards debate in this House…………”


    No debate allowed. It matters not that Abbott ignores the will of the voter, of the people. Yes, those on the cross benches are also elected. They have the same mandate, that Abbott has. Yes, a duty to act on behalf of their electorate. Yes, they represent who voted for them.

    Where is democracy in this country, disappearing to.

  36. “Abbott has caught up with the Philippines disaster. Sending a further $20 million. ”

    Is that in addition to the earlier pledge of $10 million FedUp?

    If so, it’s still less than a tenth of the dividend the government will pay out in the first year on the bonds they issued to “cover” the donation to the RBA, an early Xmas present to parasitic corporate Australia and the equally parasitic bond traders.

    For unto every one that hath shall be given, eh ?

  37. Why does not Wong tell the government, they will decide on raising the debt limit, when they release the MYEFO.

    I(t appears they are unable to say why they need it today.,

    Wong suggested they take the time to add it up, and come back and ask again.

  38. Wong has asked what is the impact of the actions they have already taken. This year, and following years.

    Will be in MYEFO, that will impact on the economy.

    Sinodinos unable to answer.

    Every answer. Will be outlined in the mid year MYEFO. Will not even say, if sufficient for current financial year.

    Wong. You are not going to tell us what you really need. You are not telling us for political reasons.

    Wong making it clear, they can have a 100 billion dollars today.

    Fair enough.

    Senate very quiet. This is unusual. Wong not getting the usual abuse.

  39. Labor only followed the actions of Howard.

    “….But now we have debt increasing because the Treasurer is choosing to give $8.8 billion to the Reserve Bank. Why is he doing that? In question time today the Treasurer referred to dividends which had been taken out from the Reserve Bank by the Labor government. That is a great question to look at. Let us have a look at the dividends that have been taken out from the Reserve Bank. In an article in Business Spectator, Stephen Koukoulas pointed out that the Reserve Bank of Australia’s annual report detailed dividends paid by the bank to the government since 1997-98. Under the Howard government, the Reserve Bank paid a total of $20.2 billion in dividends, $1.83 billion a year. In today’s dollar terms, that would be $30 billion or $3 billion per annum. Under Labor, the Reserve Bank paid a total of $7.9 billion in dividends or around $1.3 billion each year on average. In today’s dollar terms that would be $1.5 billion dollars per annum.

    So when those opposite refer to Labor ‘raiding’ the Reserve Bank, they should have a look at their own behaviour in office. What the coalition under the Howard government took out of the Reserve Bank was twice as large per year as what Labor took out. Hypocrisy, thy name is Hockey. Those opposite took out $3 billion a year in real terms from the Reserve Bank; we took out $1.5 billion dollars a year. So let us not have any talk about how it is necessary to give $8.8 billion to the Reserve Bank to recapitalise it. Fundamentally, this is about tanking the budget and ensuring that in future budgets the Treasurer can take a larger dividend from the Reserve Bank. This House should approve an increase in the debt limit, but only to $400 billion—unless the Treasurer is willing to bring forward an economic statement that justifies a $500 billion debt cap..”


  40. Heath Aston and Tom Allard have an update on the carbon tax repeal (or not to repeal) here: “parliament could vote on the carbon tax before Christmas after the Greens sided with the Coalition in the Senate to block Labor’s bid to draw the process into next year” … Labor senators are not pleased; and
    David Wroe writes here on the upper house ordering Scott Morrison to tell Parliament about asylum seekers at sea, aka Operation Sovereign Senate (see 11.22 am post).

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/the-pulse-live/politics-live-november-14-2013-20131114-2xhnv.html#ixzz2ka9T3lXC

    Greense won. Wonder if Australia has.

  41. Senate orders Scott Morrison to reveal asylum seeker details

    The Senate has ordered Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to tell Parliament about incidents involving asylum seekers at sea in a bid to end the government’s information clampdown.
    A motion moved by Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young was passed with Labor support on Thursday morning, demanding that Mr Morrison table reports about on-water incidents within 24 hours.
    The order follows Mr Morrison’s refusal during question time on Wednesday to answer a question by Labor immigration spokesman Richard Marles about the reported arrival of asylum seekers in Darwin earlier in the week.
    The Senate order also demands that Mr Morrison table reports on all of the incidents at sea since the election.
    Mr Morrison has until Monday to comply with that order. If he refuses, he then has 30 days to explain himself to the Parliament.
    The Senate could then vote to

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/senate-orders-scott-morrison-to-reveal-asylum-seeker-details-20131114-2xi8a.html#ixzz2kaARsmMk……….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/senate-orders-scott-morrison-to-reveal-asylum-seeker-details-20131114-2xi8a.html#ixzz2kaALdViQ

  42. Shorten in trouble for asking Abbott, did he mislead the parliament, when he said, he did not voted against increase in debt cap. Now, added a word, under his leadership.

    Bowen wanting to lay Hansard on the table, where he did.

    So misleading the house, is not going to be addressed.

    Why would one wonder.

  43. Here in Indonesia we are loving the Abbott governments back flips. He’s a star! Such comedy.

    No wonder we’ve stopped sending students to Australia. We want educated youth.

  44. Maybe they can get Pyne on misleading the house. Doing so now. Answering about bringing back the Australian Building and Obstruction Commission.

  45. How does the reporting of the successful turning back boats, help people smugglers. Marles question.

    Still waiting fior answers.

    Maybe Tanya will be the first to walk.

  46. Burke just used one of Bishops previous points of order. “If the Minister does not know the answer, he should sit down”. Appears that is not a point of order. It was one, that she regularly voiced in Opposition.

  47. Question on HSU. By the way, there still has only one man convicted.

    None proven. Pyne. Yes, new legislation to get them.

    Seigniors, that the present rules seem to be OK.

  48. Yes, cutting red tape, will make childcare cheaper. Pigs might fly as well.

    The one thing it will not do, is make it safer.

  49. “………..Coalition Cuts To Aid Will Limit Disaster Relief
    By Max Chalmers

    aidtyphoon haiyandevelopmentmax chalmers
    Experts say the Coalition’s cuts to the aid budget will likely come from funds earmarked for emergency relief, limiting our ability to help during events like Typhoon Haiyan, reports Max Chalmers

    In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, aid experts are warning that federal budget cuts may limit Australia’s capacity to provide emergency responses to future disasters in the region and undo some of our most important long term development work.

    The Coalition has committed to a fo……


  50. Hockey disagreeing to senate amendment. Tabling document from previous government. Now talking about 439 million government.

    Mouthing figures. Unsure what he is about.

    Why not list these figures before this. This is what he was asked. Back to cupboard doors.

    Trying to make out, is Labor debt. He added that nearly 9 billion to RBA. Has found an excuse to wait until December.

    Why not accept the 400 billion, and look again at the figures that will be available in December.?

    Why not just drop debt limit. After all, I believe it was a Labor initiative. They have got rid of all else that Labor did.

    Blaming Labor for the debt, but including the 8.8 billion dollars to RBA. Not Labor’s.

    Nor are the other cuts to revenue this government have made.

  51. Tony Abbott is making an art out of blaming Labor for everything. Boats, debt, electricity prices. Have I forgotten anything? How about bush fires?

  52. It will be interesting down the track, as to the length of debate made on individual legislation. Suspect it will be very little indeed.

    Pyne loves using the guillotine, I must say.

  53. The coalition couldn’t dig holes faster if they borrowed one of Palmer’s draglines.

    Morrison is doing a great job keeping his failures on the front page but almost outdone by Hockey’s hysterics over an imaginary debt cliff. The louder he squeals, the more attention the sheer hypocrisy of it all gets. Soon, even the bogans will begin to notice.

    Agree, FU. Why don’t they just drop the debt limit. It’s a meaningless piece of theatre.

    Glad you’re finding all this as entertaining as we are Taksin (2.13 pm), up there in Indonesia.

  54. In government, the stunts still continue.

    One wonders why?. Suspect they want a excuse to go in and cut, laying the blame on Labor.

    This will be seen as one of the most idealogical governess ever.

    Will definitely be one of the most arrogant.

    Along with being obsessed by paranoia.

    Should fall apart very quick.

    They seem to be scared of their own shadows. Do not trust the public enough to face them, or take them into their confidence.

    Oh, I do hope they keep it up.

    It seems to be fear that drives them. One wonders why?

  55. Some could say, it is guilty consciences.

    I have felt that they judge all by their own behavior. They would be doing the wrong thing in the Oppositions place, therefore so will they.

  56. I wonder why they have never gave thought to the fact, that it will be their secretive behavior that will draw attention to them.

  57. Talk about stunts. This is not the USA. We do not have a similar government. Cannot happen here. Even in the USA, one has to explain why. Yes, give figures.

    “…….Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has raised the prospect of a US-style government shutdown, warning there will have to be “massive” spending cuts if the Opposition does not back down on increasing the debt ceiling.

    The Government wants to raise the debt cap to half a trillion dollars, but Labor and the Greens have joined forces in the Senate to amend the plan and impose a lower limit of $400 billion.

    The amended legislation will now return to the Lower House, but Mr Hockey has already i..”


  58. The claim: Tony Abbott says “normal international law” is that if asylum seeker
    …….The UNCLOS and the amended SOLAS conventions require that signatories establish, operate and maintain search and rescue services in their areas of responsibility. The amended SAR obliges states to provide assistance to “any person in distress at sea… regardless of the nationality or status of such persons or the circumstances in which they are found”.

    Australia’s search and rescue region
    PHOTO: Australia’s search and rescue region. (Source: Australian Maritime Safety Authority)
    The world’s oceans have been divided into 13 search and rescue regions (SRR). These zones allocate responsibility for search and rescue to particular countries, but they do not prevent other countries from coordinating and undertaking search and rescue in those regions. They have no bearing on who has rights to particular sea areas and so do not cover the same areas as the territorial and contiguous maritime zones (described in an earlier ABC Fact Check). In fact the Indonesian SRR includes the area around Christmas Island, while the Australian SRR extends to within 600 nautical miles of Sri Lanka.

    Under both the SOLAS and SAR conventions, t…………

    …..The “place of safety” does not have to be in the SRR country, however in many cases simple geography will mean that a port in the SRR will be the closest and therefore most appropriate place to take the rescued people………….

    …boats are rescued in a country’s search and rescue zone, that country has an obligation to take them.
    The verdict: Mr Abbott goes a step too far when he says that Indonesia is obliged to take in people just because they are rescued in its search and rescue regio…


  59. Congratulations to all those faceless Labor members who have disposed of
    the curse – Mr Kevin Rudd.
    Well really you should congratulate PM Abbott because he defeated the curse
    so decisively, if the reverse had occurred the curse would be PM today.
    One big stunt.

  60. Shorter Voyager (again). “Quick look over there at Rudd and Labor, not at my beloved idiot Abbott failing miserably as PM.”

  61. Don’t count on it, Mo. Voyager will always come back to rubbish Gillard or Rudd no matter what the topic.

    I could do a topic about the Madagascan Bastard Bigfooted Mouse (yes, there is such a creature) and Voyager will somehow find a link in it to bag a former Labor leader. 🙄

  62. Last time I checked, people like Voyager were allowed to express themselves. If he wishes to say what a huge fuckup the last alp govt was, he is entitled, just as you are entitled to belittle him…sorry I;’ll rephrase that, try to belittle him…although you do tend to carry on like a bunch of grade 4 bullies sometimes. 😉

    By the way, You’re all invited to the opening day of Gladstone’s New Splashzone this Saturday, where there is a 500 litre almighty splashbucket, amongst other great water features to numerous to mention, gates open at 8am. 😉

  63. That MB Bigmouthed Mouse – no I would blame Christine Milne on that one.
    We all have to be fair and unbiased.
    And at least I have never called PM Ms Gillard or Mr Rudd a bastard ( may well have thought it like the vast majority Australians ) MT bad language as you
    have just used , very demeaning. Show a bit more intellect perhaps next time.

  64. Ian McGregor
    Lecturer in Management, UTS Business School at University of Technology, Sydney

    Ian McGregor is a Lecturer at University of Technology, Sydney and Official Adviser at the Climate Change Negotiations to the Government of Afghanistan. He is also a Steering Committee Member of Climate Action Network Australia.

    Not an award you want to get: Australia is named and shamed for holding up climate progress. Climate Action Network
    It’s been embarrassment after embarrassment for Australia at the Warsaw climate change meeting.

    Former UN Climate Chief, Yvo de Boer, upbraided Australia for its failure to send a Minister. Australia was also criticised for its topsy-turvy climate policy in the opening issue of ECO, the non-government organisation newsletter produced at the talks.

    Australia pulled a triple bad start by being awarded Fossil of the Day on the summit’s first day. The award is given by the international Climate Action Network to the country which has done the most to block progress at the climate change negotiations on that day.

    Australia also topped the Fossil of the Day Awards on Wednesday beating out Turkey. This one was for seeking to repeal the carbon price (hence “hurling Australia back into the abyss of time”, as opposed to the more than 40 countries, states and provinces who have moved into the modern times with a carbon price) and also stripping $435 million in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and removing $10 billion of investment in clean energy.

    Australia is blocking progress in a myriad of ways, but the outstanding one is its statement that it will not sign up to new finance commitments in Warsaw. Many would have thought Australia’s position at the climate summit could not have got much worse after the dismantling of its climate change department, abolishing the Climate Change Authority which provides independent advice on policy, ridding itself of the burden of a climate change minister and putting removal of its carbon price before Parliament during this summit.

    But the lack of committed climate finance seems to do so. That it’s done in the face of the crushing losses suffered by the Philippines this week – a country which is a Pacific neighbour to Australia and needs international climate finance to build resilience against future tragedy – makes it even more telling…………..


  65. Omnia, at last look you were also Summo and more recently you are also Walmart. Now that is fine by us Admins. BTW, Fed up has been an Admin on this blog for close to two years, but don’t let her naturally benign personality fool you, she can be fearsome when roused. 😉

    Anyway, that’s fine..if you want to be Summo or Walmart or Omnia, perfectly acceptable. However, it is polite to let others know who they are speaking to. So I thought to do the job on your behalf.

  66. Omnia, I assume that you mean the Gladstone Regional Council Splash Zone..constructed for the community via funding from the previous Labor government under their Regional Development program. Sadly your Tony has canceled all that…all gone, deleted, zilch, zero. I’m just pleased that Gladstone was able to reap some benefits before Tony canceled it all.

  67. Hang in there Carol..Ill give you another assignment tamorra…funding also from many, many, many small business and some larger ones also. It’s a community Carol. 😉 Something those in places like Canberra know little about.

  68. Bill Mitchell thinks the following would’ve been an appropriate response from the Greens (and presumably Labor) to the debt ceiling pantomine:

    In relation to the debt ceiling, we would note that it is a purely voluntary constraint imposed by government on itself, which reflects the logic that provided the fixed exchange rate system that was abandoned by the world in 1971. It is totally unnecessary and we would rather see the government move to a system where it
    stops issuing federal debt altogether. The issuance of debt in a fiat monetary system is just an elaborate system of corporate welfare for the parasitic financial sector. We implacably oppose it as progressives

    Sadly, both Labor and the Greens are helping perpetuate the myth that somehow the debt is a bad thing.


  69. What is it with right-whingers and weasel words?

    It’s all they have. They can’t debate on facts and with honesty so always resort to deceits, distortions, projection and strawmen, just like their beloved leader and the terrible party they support.

    Take the Liberals changes to parliamentary rules. Purely implemented because they can’t openly debate using facts and fairness so must resort to dishonesty and underhanded tactics to stymie debate and hide their failures and considerable shortcomings.

    So their gormless followers, unable to defend the indefensible, just mindlessly follow suit as they always do. It’s easier than thinking.

  70. It sure would Michael. Also about why they feel the need to constantly change monickers, sometimes even in the same thread. & haven’t the guts, nor the solid beliefs in the garbage they spout, to use their real names.

  71. It’s very convenient of them however to give us a window into the that sordid world of wingnut values.

    Can you organise a tip jar for them Michael so we can make sure they keep coming back ?

    They’d crawl over hot coals for a dollar.

  72. It was good to hear Westfarmers boss Richard Goyder on Lateline disagreeing with Maurice Newman, Abbott’s chief business advisor on wage rates.

    ” I’m not an advocate of lower wage rates. I think we’ve got to accept that Australia is a high wage country. That’s a good thing. It means we’re a wealthy country.”

    Unlike Newman, Goyder seems to understand that one person’s spending is another’s income.

  73. It appears that Tony and his greatest admirer Julie, has managed to put off side mot of the the members of the Commonwealth. Sri Lankans are good guys it seems.

    It is all about boat people and trade. Nothing else matters. Well that seems to be what they are saying.

    Have not heard any other Commonwealth leader say they admire what is occurring in Sri Lanka, only our illustrious FM, Bishop.

  74. Good to hear a ex defence leader saying this morning, that Morrison has it wrong. Not only wrong, but stupid. How can one stop information, when it comes from three sources. From the Indonesians themselves. Allows them to get even with this government. From those on the boats themselves. From the smugglers. who know before anyone.

    As for not allowing the mother to stay with the baby. Hospitals today expect mothers. along with fathers to stay with the baby as long as they can. This mother, I believe was expected by Morrison to have her baby in Nauru. Commonsense prevail after a media outcry. Lucky one for Morrison, as I do not believe they have intense care units on the island.

    The hospital has disputed what Morrison had to say. I suspect he asked why the other was not kept in hospital, in a patient bed. That is a different question.

  75. I do not understand why Hockey’s threat to punish the voters if he does ot get his own way, is not getting media outrage. They seem to be going along with the stupid theme that the country’s budget is in dire straits.

    Hockey counted in the extra ten billion he has added to the budget in the last 59 days. Nothing to do with Labor.

    All he is being asked to do, is explain why he wants the level raised from 3 to 5 billion. Not much to ask.

    We all know the reason why. Is because he is now, and intends to add more to the debt.

    One cannot demolish a taxation and welfare system, without cost.

    It costs to do away with CEF and NBNCo, along with other schemes.
    It costs to sack PS.

    It costs to cut off research and other inquiries in mid term.

    Yes, demolishing is a very expensive business.

    Setting up unneeded things such as the new building commission and inquiries into things such as pink batts and alleged crimes of a former PM, that were supposed to occur over two decades ago.

    This will be one of the most wasteful government this country has ever sees,

    Will destroy the economy in the process. Not if that worries them.

  76. Scott Morrison has hit a new low, if it was possible for that miserable excuse for a human being to go any lower, and he is being severely lambasted for it.

    Asylum policy of deterrence threatening families

    He is now threatening the families of asylum seekers, that is women and children for attempting to come here. There is now no depths low enough for this government to go in punishing people just for seeking asylum and because they dared show up a failure of this terrible mob who are totally unfit to rule a kids playground let alone a country.

    I can’t put into words the outrage I felt when reading that Sydney Morning Herald piece, with only the outrage against the blind supporters of this shocking mob being more felt because of their hypocrisy in remaining silent and not condemning this, whereas they screamed blue murder when Labor did much less.

    Not only that this is worse than what they accused Malaysia of when they so vehemently opposed Gillard’s Malaysia solution on the grounds of that country’s treatment of asylum seekers.

    Just how bad does this government have to get? Surely in every area, but most of all in this one on asylum seekers, they are by far the worse government this country has ever seen.

    Shit, this woeful government even failed in the first two days of their deliberately delayed official parliament, where they promised the adults would be in charge and they would engender a more civilised parliament only to see childish name calling being condoned by them, behaviour by them degenerating to that of playground squabbling and political commentators this morning saying they witnessed the worst and most unruly start to parliament they had ever seen because of the government’s behaviour.

  77. Wonder what the conversation will be today between out PM and Prince Charles, when they share a place at the table.

    Bet the brave one brings up the fact, he intends to plant millions of trees. Maye Charles will ask, how he intends to get them growing in the desert,

  78. Pyne is moving that the only ones allow to suspend standing orders, be ministers.

    What in the hell are they afraid of?

    Senate hearings are going to be more important than usual. Well at least until next July. I suspect, they will then close that outlet down very quick.

  79. Hello Florence, this is your morning shot of politics, people and power from The Australian Friday, 15 November 2013

    Smugglers change tactics

    The Abbott government has defended the secrecy of its new border protection arrangements.

    Evasive action: PEOPLE-SMUGGLERS are teaching asylum-seekers how to repel Customs boarding parties to prevent boats being returned to Indonesia, as the government flags a major shift in its border-protection policy from maritime operations to land-based disruption in Southeast Asia.

    Inside job: The alleged linchpin of Sri Lanka’s biggest people-smuggling racket was a decorated officer in the Sri Lanka Navy who briefed Australia’s border protection chief and high commissioner on how to stop human trafficking.

    Defrayed: One of the Labor Party’s most powerful machine-men, ALP assistant national secretary Nick Martin, has a large portion of his salary paid from a $1 million per year federal government AusAID grant, which he administers and which is designed for the promotion of democracy in developing countries.

    Not immune: Public servants in Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s department have been told to expect job cuts as their bosses look to slash costs.

    ***Email Capital Circle. Click here to subscribe***

    Say what?: Madam Speaker Bronwyn Bishop is redefining parliamentary standards in her first week in the chair. Tanya Plibersek was pulled up yesterday for allegedly ungracious language in an attempted point of order “He just needs to tell us a number. If the number is zero, then say it!” Plibersek said, referring to Scott Morrison. Ms Bishop, 71, heard something she didn’t like. “I would ask the honourable member to withdraw that last term,” she instructed. A puzzled Plibersek com

    Read more…

    Sadly behind the paywall.

  80. “Treasurer Joe Hockey has threatened “massive cuts” to government expenditure if Labor and the Greens block the government’s bid to raise Australia’s debt limit to $500bn.”

    Not exactly “outrage” Fed up, but at least it got a mention (in the Guardian).

    That the budget is in “dire straits” is the common wisdom. And if not in dire straits, then at least something we should all be worried about. Which of course is total bullshit. The economy is bouncing along the bottom and without another massive stimulus from the government it will stay there, destroying the dreams of a million unemployed Australians.

    The private sector will sit on its hands until it sees signs of life.

    The conservative ideology however believes, as an article of faith, that with the government sector cutting back it magically creates opportunities for the private sector to fill the gap.

    We’re seeing how well this works in the UK.

  81. This government is lying so much and so often it’s now become impossible to keep up with them all. Here’s another one of their facts shown to be be completely false, electricity prices are going up because of renewable energy.


    Renewable energy is driving down prices and with this government scrapping everything to do with it, prices will increase. So he has it wrong, it’s really Electricity Tony.

  82. ………….The Coalition needs to increase the debt limit because Labor “trashed the house before they were evicted”.
    Tony Abbott on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in a press conference

    What’s been trashed? The economy, Labor or both?………….

    ………..Our ruling

    Australia’s debt ceiling is soaring towards the heavens and the gross debt – $400 billion and counting – is ballooning. But does it mean the sky is about to fall in? Probably not.

    Judging by one indicator alone is risky. Bu on the basis of debt to GDP, Australia’s outlook looks positively rosy, compared with other advanced economies.

    And is the soaring debt the fault of Labor? Perhaps. But the GFC did not help. And Abbott’s staunch resistance to any revenue raising measures may not have helped either.

    There are certainly truthful elements to Abbott’s claim but it does leave out critical facts.

    We rate this claim Mostly False.


  83. This comment from Lana Hirschowitz says it all about how bad this government is.

    My baby was in the NICU for 2 months and it is true there are no beds in the ward. But I sat in a chair next to him for 20 hours a day. Even going home to shower or eat a meal felt like my heart was being ripped apart. And that was essentially my choice to leave for those few hours.

    I am sickened, disgusted and frightened by people like Scott Morrisson but grateful for all the people speaking out against this inhumane behaviour.

    The standard we walk past is the standard we accept. Let’s keep making a noise

  84. Australia was singled out for ridicule at the Warsaw Climate Change meeting.

    Abbott internationally trashing this country is spreading more rapidly than his stupidity is growing.

  85. A couple of years ago, I talked about my great grandson, who survived against all the odds. Even yesterday he had another operation but is thriving.

    During the many months he spent in intensive care, on the critical list, in Westmead, then when a little better, Westmead Children;s hospital, his mother was expect to be their everyday, and stay at night.

    This was hard for her, as she had a eleven month old baby, plus two older children, They also ran at the time running a small business.

    Yes, it was frowned on, if she left the hospital for any length of time. Dad was expected to turn up as well. There were amenities for other children.

    Mr. Morrison, you are a liar.

    Mr. Morrison, you say it is OK for these women to have babies on the island camps. Do you still believe this., Yes Mr. Morrison, things do go wrong.

  86. We have heard nothing about the Philippines out of Abbott’s mouth.
    It appears he is distancing himself from any event, that could be linked to climate change. Still has not been seen by any victims in the recent fire areas.

    Nothing mentioned in Parliament either.

  87. Well if no one turns up and closes anything the Government pushes, not much will be done.
    I don’t think anyone would mind anyway considering that Extortion and Blackmail are supposed to be against the Law, let alone a very undesirable and a very uncivil thing to do to other people in your Community.

  88. For a government that promised to be mature and civilised it most certainly is acting childishly and undemocratically at every turn.

  89. Joe Hockey must have died.

    “I will never ever support a people swap where you can send a 13-year-old child unaccompanied to a country without supervision.

    Never. It will be over my dead body. How dare people.”

    I hope the opposition throw that back in his face and he does the decent thing and quits this terrible government.

  90. If Hockey goes ahead and slashes jobs he had better have a reserve as these people will immediately be drawing Centrelink payments. Perhaps thats why he needs the debt ceiling lifted!!

  91. I think his whole extended Family line might need to go into hiding if he carries out petulant threat. If a lot of Families start to go huyngry because he didn’t get everything he wants, well, see if he survives 100,000 people after his hind quarter chops, and not wanting to eat them either.

  92. “There are certainly truthful elements to Abbott’s claim but it does leave out critical facts.
    We rate this claim Mostly False.”

    I rate it “Total Bullshit”.

    Things are in a sorry state when even the fact checkers don’t know what a false premise looks like.

  93. MJ, you will have to find a new rating as everything out of the new Parliament has been Total Bullshit.
    Totalitarian diatribe, Grandosis fibulitis, Porkey Pies? Go on, be inventive in this Brave New World we have all been a part of making.
    Just help us to laugh at it as we are all too close, way too close to crying.

  94. Tony talking tough in Sri Lanka today…..

    “Obviously the Australian govt deplores any use of torture…But we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen”

  95. I read somewhere, that is hinting, some of the asylum seekers turning up at this time, have fresh scars, that result from torture.

    Would not surprise me.

    What did Morrison have to say today.

  96. Love that word Michael. dickheadness.

    We need one, that gives electricity Bill a new slant. Turn it into a positive.

  97. Capital Hill Everything is coming from the command station. Yes, the one stationed in the PM’s office.

    Hits that many on the government side are bucking the procedures put in place.

    Just heard a repeat of Hockey’s ramblings. When one listen carefully, he sounds like he is so frustrated, that he is going to break down in tears.

    Will Abbott override Hockey on Grain Corp.

  98. Even the right are saying Hockey is going to lose this fight. Capital Hill.

    That is coming from Janette Cotterill and David Simon Banks,

  99. Living payment to be cut
    Home›Living payment to be cut
    Share page with AddThis
    14 NOV 2013
    The Abbott Government introduced legislation this week to abolish the Income Support Bonus, a tax-free payment which came into effect earlier this year to help people prepare for unexpected living costs.

    If the legislation is passed, over 50s on the Newstart Allowance will lose the payment.

    The Income Support Bonus provides $210 extra a year for single people and $350 extra a year for couples, to assist them in meeting unforeseen costs like medical expenses or car repairs.

    National Seniors will keep its members informed of the legislation.

    The scrapping of the income support bonus was announced as part of the Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) Repeal Bill.

    Note: The Clean Energy Supplement (the compensation payment through the Carbon Tax) is not affected by the changes to the Income Support Bonus. People will continue to receive the Clean Energy Supplement payment through their pension or other income support payment…………


    The feed back I am getting from those who do not follow politics, is that Hockey is threatening to stop welfare payments. In their eyes and understanding, , this is their pensions.

  100. Government’s media strategy ‘doomed to failure’

    However, a former secretary of the Defence Department, Paul Barratt, says the media strategy is unjustified and unsustainable.

    “The fact is, in a modern society, any attempt to keep information bottled up is doomed to failure,” he said.

    “There are three basic alternative sources of information: Indonesian officials in the current circumstances will be only too happy to embarrass the Government; people smugglers themselves don’t need ministerial press releases to find out whether their people got through to Darwin or Christmas Island or got picked up by the Navy.

    “And, when they’re within range, people on the boats have mobile phones.

    “It’s a nonsense in terms of the suggestion that it somehow makes life more difficult for people smugglers.”

    AM requested an interview with Mr Morrison but received no response..


  101. Renewal producition of power is pushing down bills, not up.

    “……….Let’s talk about your electricity bill

    14 November 2013

    Let’s talk about your electricity bill. We know it’s on your mind!

    In recent years electricity bills have been rising. Some people are blaming investment in renewable energy but did you know that the biggest reason it’s been going up due to investment in the poles and wires that carry the electricity to your house or business, and not the impact of large scale renewable energy?

    The investment in poles and wires has been made due to what is known as reliability standards. In simple terms this means that on hot days you will remain connected to electricity for more time than you would have in the past.

    Historically, it has been on really hot days that our electricity network has been the most stressed – this is known as peak demand.

    While in the last two years there has been a huge drop off in peak demand due mainly to the enormous uptake of solar panel installation. This uptake was not expected by the network owners and as it turns out, some of their investments were unnecessary. This is why people refer to network upgrades as gold-plating – we now know that solar panels have reduced peak demand and that some investment was not needed.

    Alan Moran from the Institute of Public Affairs penned a piece in The Australian recently (Terminate Renewable energy schemes now) attacking renewable energy and urging the government to get rid of all policies that encourage renewable energy.

    His comments show that he either does not understand how the electricity market works or is getting the wrong advice.

    The reality is that everyone in the electricity industry knows that renewable energy is pushing down the wholesale cost of power. This is why the fossil fuel generators are lobbying so hard to get rid of it.

    Yes, retail electricity bills have gone up. But large scale renewable energy accounts for just 2% of your bill, or $26 a year, and this is offset by the drop it causes to wholesale prices. It’s the poles and wires which have caused the huge increases……”


  102. Good site, it one in interested in wage trends in this fair land of ours. Makes most of what Pyne said this week, definitely wrong.

    “…………Thus logically the reason for falling competitiveness is not wages rises, but our nominal exchange rate.

    Over the long term, a competitive Australia, where our national income continues to grow, require productivity growth – as it always has. It will require wages to grow in line with that productivity growth.
    “Blaming the lowest paid workers and suggesting they need to take a pay cut because our exchange rate has gone up is only a solution if you are more interested in politics than economics………….”


  103. I didn’t hear Pyne but it would have to have been wrong. I’ll bet he confused pay rates with productivity.

    But Greg Jericho makes a good point that it’s the exchange rate that’s mostly the problem.

    If Maurice Newman thinks productivity is also a problem it would be capital productivity (his patch) as labour productivity has been going gangbusters. It’s the Bludger Class (capital) that’s the problem, not the shop floor.

    Even though wages have been lagging productivity for the last 30 years the conservatives never give up, like a thumb screw on ratchet. Too much is never enough.

  104. Fed up wrote:The investment in poles and wires has been made due to what is known as reliability standards. In simple terms this means that on hot days you will remain connected to electricity for more time than you would have in the past.

    My question is why the hell should we pay for maintenance, this should be taken from the profits. When electricity was publicly funded, prior to privatisation, the bills we received incorporated ongoing maintenance costs. They have slashed their meter readings from monthly to annually, resulting in ‘estimate’ readings which inevitably show a short fall and which we are required to pay within 30 days even though it took them 6 months to read the meter!

    What’s next, will we be slugged for railway track maintenance, for new purchases,for administration costs (which have slowly been creeping into all our bills). These new electricity and gas suppliers have let our poles and wires deteriorate as they were not prepared to keep them maintained. Water suppliers are no better.

    What the hell expenses do these companies incur? And still the price of electricity and gas and water keeps rising.

  105. cassilva48, what is happening, the electricity companies are looking at the money the have tied up in their networks, and faced with falling sales, are attempting to put up the price to compensate for lost revenue.

    There is another way, move to renewals, and and not have to pay the cost on the carbon emission pollution.

    When cars first took over from horses, did they react by putting the cost of services provided by horses up. No, they lost out, and the motor age took over. Expensive at first, but quickly the prices dropped, as the cars became the norm.

    In a strong and vibrant economy, this process continues all the time.

    It is called innovation and progress.

    Instead of us paying more for less, they could find a way, of getting that electricity into their network for less.

  106. Yes, when Tony or his deputies talk tough, we should begin shaking in our boots.

    Yes, like the Tea Party, they are will to destroy all in their path, to achieve their own aims.

    Not sure what they are, as they seem to have nothing to do with the well being of the nation or it’s people.

    “………….Asked whether he was “seriously threatening to shut down government services,” the Treasurer replied: “There is no choice.”
    Of course it takes two parties to be as stupid as US politics have become, but it is the Treasurer who has jumped right into the loony bin, raising a genuine question of whether he has abrogated his oath. Certainly he is not putting service of the people first.
    The opposition is enjoying a bit of the boot being on the other foot, a little reaping of what has been sown, but it’s not threatening supply, not threatening to cut services.
    There is nothing statesman-like in forcing the government to come back for a further increase in the ceiling later. It is all rather petty, silly and unnecessary, as Peter Martin has explained.
    But shadow treasurer Chris Bowen’s game is not beyond the bounds of what has been played in recent years.
    If Hockey is prepared to damage Australia’s reputation for sound government, to take us down to the US level, to hurt people dependent on federal services, just to avoid a little political embarrassment down the track, well, you see why I have found it hard to believe – that he would so quickly earmark himself as unfit for his position.
    It also makes you wonder what his offsider, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, was doing visiting all those Tea Party types in Washington. It looks like he was there to learn from them, not about them….”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/joe-hockey-goes-a-step-too-far-20131115-2xll6.html#ixzz2kmDZld3J

  107. Yes, we will al have to pull our weight.

    Taking from the bottom, to give to the top, will solve nothing.

    Productivity is more than taking from the worker. it is about having productive and imaginative bosses,

    “…………His comments are a direct rebuff to the chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, Maurice Newman, who said Australia’s minimum wage was too high compared with other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

    “[Newman] is right, we have got a big productivity challenge, but it can’t be solved by putting all the adjustment onto a few low income Australians,” Garnaut said.

    “This is an adjustment that is going to affect everyone, it’s going to make life uncomfortable for a lot of businesses who have had things very comfortable for a long time.

    “That change in political culture is the biggest of the challenges we face – that is not going to happen without leadership and that’s much better if it comes across the partisan divide in Australia.

    “The biggest megaphones are held by political leaders and therefore political leadership is essential to bring about a change in culture that Australia is going to ….”


  108. One has to have the ability and insight to identify the problem before they can fix it.

    To do this, one has to leave their prejudices and ideology behind.

    They also have to have the will to do what is right.

    “………….Garnaut said the current problems stem from the first 2003-8 boom period in which wages increased by 12.5% and government revenue increased but all the money was spent on tax cuts for businesses and households, increases in executive pay and social security.

    “It was kept going for a bit longer by an investment boom that was going to come to an end,” he said.

    “The first thing is Australians need to realise that we face a hard period, one that requires a comprehensive approach.”……….


    As I said, there are no easy answers.

  109. Even this little girl, cannot soften the hearts of this government. Yes, if they want to stay together, they need not get on boats. Why would not this father want to find some where better for his little girl. Does not the death of her mother mean anything.

    Yes, one flees from danger, that is accepted. I cannot understand why the same people should be happy to live in limbo, with little or no future for a decade or more.

    It makes sense that the likes of Indonesia, with high density and poverty rates feel they cannot help.

    I see no such excuse for us. We can afford, and more so, need the skills these people have to offer.

    I have heard the Coalition say, if the boats stop, we can take more from elsewhere. If this is so, why have they lowered our intake from 20,000 to 13,000 per annum.

    Why even with this smaller number, are we only giving them TPV. Yes, they will be expected to go home, when things improve from where they fled.

    “…………The Tamil girl was injured in utero by shrapnel following a bomb blast in her native Sri Lanka, according to sources who know her and describe her as “heavily disabled”; she is confined to a chair and that she “can’t walk, can’t talk”.
    A source who regularly visits the girl and her father at the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA) facility, explains that the pair were separated from the girl’s mother and two siblings as the family attempted to board a boat to Australia. The girl was “strapped to her father”.
    “The army intercepted the mother and she was left behind with two little children,” the source says, adding that the mother was jailed in Sri Lanka after the incident but has since been released.
    “So he’s here with a heavily disabled child. She’s bright-eyed and beautiful. She turns around and looks everywhere. The other day I thought I’d just hold her hand for a bit and she held my fingers with a really strong grip and I was able to pull her little chair with me just holding her fingers. She thought that was wonderful.”.”


    we had our PM proudly declare that he thought the Sri Lankan leader was doing a wonderful job. Out of step with all others. Wonder what the likes of the UK PM said to him in private. All this, to get agreement from them, to keep his so called promised of stopping boats.

    No Mr. Abbott, the means to an end do count. I feel this government is being deliberately cruel, to achieve a end. One can see why he can see no wrong in what is occurring in Sri Lanka.

  110. Fed UP: We have been conned by the electricity moguls for years. Do you remember the ‘switch to green energy’ campaign! Turned out it was a lot of caca and it won’t be too long before those that use solar panels will be charged for the upkeep and maintenance of lines along with the rest of us who cannot afford solar panel installation. These suppliers are not going to just walk away, they will put in place some scheme to ensure that profits remain. Wouldn’t even mind so much if they were Australian companies, but one of the majors is Singaporian owned.

    The power goes from the facility to distributors to distributors of distributors, who are able to negotiate prices because of huge quantities purchased.

    The government needs to look into the entire structure of the power industry, as we have it on our doorstep and pay more than anyplace in Europe.

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