“These are matters for Tony”

Greg Hunt, the Federal Member for Flinders is the Minister for the Environment. He had only been sworn in a matter of days and he closed down the Climate Commission and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

I think the man is a hypocrite. Or gutless. This interview with Leigh Sales in December 2009 reveals that he is perhaps both. Here is a quote from it:

. . . But I do enjoy the environment – I’m passionate about it; I believe in the challenges of climate change – but these are matters for Tony.

Great. He wants to do something about climate change yet is happy to lick the boots of Tony Abbott – a man who thinks climate change is crap. He’ll leave it up to Tony. Wow, what a man of principle.

How does he sleep at night knowing he’s sold himself to the wrong bidder?

74 comments on ““These are matters for Tony”

  1. I think Greg Hunt is now only realizing he has been sold out. Just found out, most of his power has been handed to Julie Bishop.

  2. Was not allowed to accompany Bishop overseas. Then to rub salt into the wounds, Bishop decided she would not go either.,

    It seems that Abbott’s ministers, do as they are ordered.

    Now Abbott demands all proposals from Ministers to be handed to Abbott ten days before cabinet meetings.

    Yes, Abbott needs the experts to go over them.

    Does not say who the experts are.

    One would think, any expert would be at the finger tips of the minister concerned, and their advice a part of the proposal.

  3. More matters for Tony.

    “………Basarnas accused of receiving
    illegal funding from Australia

    The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) has allegedly been receiving illegal funds from the Australian government with regard to the handling of refugees and asylum seekers from the Middle East.

    “It is presumed that Basarnas has received illegal funds from and worked for the Australian government to bring asylum seekers and refugees from the Middle East ashore in Indonesia,” said Hikmahanto Juwana, a professor of international law from the University of Indonesia’s School of Law, in Jakarta on Sunday, as quoted by Antara news agency.

    Earlier, 21 undocumented immigrants from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and several African countries died after their vessel sank off Cikole beach in Kampung Genggong, Agrabinta district, Cianjur, on Friday, apparently while en route to Australia. Twenty four migrants who survived the sinking are currently being accommodated at the Hotel Sarah in Sukabumi.

    Hikmahanto alleged that Basarnas as a government institution had become “a paid agent” tasked with handling Australian problems. He said the entire process starting from the discovery of the Middle Eastern migrants to their handover by the Australian Navy to Basarnas was very questionable.

    “What a stupid thing for Basarnas to accept the refugees and asylum seekers from the Australian Navy under the pretext that they were found in Indonesian waters. It reflects stupidity, not hospitality,” said Hikmahanto.

    He said the agency’s decision to accept the migrants would be understandable only if the people concerned were Indonesians.

    Hikmahanto said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono should seek clarification from Basarnas on the issue and the House of Representatives had to summon the agency for an explanation.

    “The Corruption Eradication Commission should investigate the possible transfer of illegal funds from the Australian government to Basarnas if necessary,” he said. (ebf)


  4. Yes, Tony, you have problems indeed. Indonesia has found you as easy to play, as Gillard did. Tony, you should learn not to let one see the punches you intend to throw,

    “…………Indonesia was setting the stage to be seen as the more reasonable country; seeking new ways on partnership and regional solutions. This makes it look like Australia is something less than a regional player and less than reasonable. If Australia was to go forward with such a positioning assigned by Indonesia, Australia could be seen as being at a disadvantage.

    Indonesia has outplayed the new Australian government. And in rejecting the full ramifications of the “good friend” storyline, Australia was seen to appear as somewhat morally defective, as arrogant or even a bully.

    In pushing things in the last week with failed attempts to turn back boats carrying asylum seekers, Australia has positioned itself as not only morally defective, but also as incompetent. Not a good look in anyone’s language….”


  5. Yes Tony, you might think you are clever, demanding the PS to your will. I suspect you will get what you are after. That is, getting no advice or interference from government departments.

    Yes Tony, you might just see them stand by, allowing you all to fall flat on your faces.

    “……It will be interesting to see how the current “bending” manifests in the fullness of time. Perhaps institutional Canberra, resilient beast that it is, will simply assume an elegant new shape. But bend something often enough of course, and it tends to break………..”


  6. Hmmm….Crunch day for Phoney Tony as Parliament re-convenes. Now we’ll see what his mettle is made of – and Shorten’s as well. Are we going to see a revived and focused ALP determined to present a genuine alternative to this ingenuous, mendacious, vile nest of vipers or are Bill and the boys and girls give us ‘more of the same-only slightly different. If so, then the Party’s finished. Got my fingers crossed for the former but won’t be surprised too greatly if its the latter.

  7. “But I do enjoy the environment – I’m passionate about it; I believe in the challenges of climate change – but these are matters for Tony.” Greg Hunt

    Blimey, he sounds like the members of the Nazi Party when they subsumed power in Germany. Everything was for the “Leader” (Der Führer) to decide. Hearing that answer by him sent shivers down my spine. Dictatorship, but this time by a Puppet, and that is worse.
    I wonder who in our Community, is going to bear the brunt of our “Kristallnacht” when it comes, as it always does from these types.

  8. If something isn’t done about climate change soon, places like Hervey Bay will go under. All those who went there because there is no work and bludge off the workers taxes, might have to move towards a city where there is work. No more handouts! Shattered dreams of socialism.

  9. Why does Greg Hunt look like a squeamish muppet in his pics? Is it because even he can’t stomach the crap he spouts just to keep his job. Ethics, what ethics? Just say what you are told to say. Typical backflipping, spineless Liberal. wimp. Ignore what you believed & espoused in the past as you allow yourself to be willingly manipulated all in the name of the power game.

  10. This blog post explains how Greg Hunt is viewed by Tony Abbott and his supporters in Cabinet:


    “However, it now seems clear that despite that debt Hunt is very far on the outer in this Government. He was perfect to give the Coalition a green wash but his environmental credentials also worked against him and there is deep suspicion of him within Abbott’s office.
    “The first sign of this was the release of the Abbott ministry list. It is not widely known but ministers appear on the list in order of seniority and Hunt was down in the cellar – third from the bottom. To compound the snub, his portfolio was stripped of responsibility for international climate change negotiations, with the issue being tacked onto Julie Bishop’s responsibilities.”

    Frightening that Greg Hunt is seen as being too green for the Coalition!

  11. It should be good viewing in Parliament when Ministers get called to answer questions about their Portfolio s will they have a earpiece Connected to Peta credlin to tell them what to say, as we already Know they can’t ask Tony because He Knows Nothing , Its going to be a Laugh watching them Perform

  12. Tony Abbott speaking to Alan Jones yesterday on 2GB:

    “We are going to review the Renewable Energy Targets. There was going to be a review anyway next year. We’re taking this review very seriously and one of the things that we’ll be looking at will be the impact of renewable energy on power prices, because not only is the carbon tax adding about 9 per cent to everyone’s power bills and we’re going to get rid of that as quickly as we can, renewable energy targets are also significantly driving up power prices right now.”

  13. Greg Hunt … “I enjoy the environment. I like the environment when the sun is out, but not so much when it rains, because things get wet. Did you know there are things in the environment? Things that actually live in an environment? That’s why they call it an environment, ’cause of all the things in it. I get passionfruits from the environment. Do you like passionfruits? But I think these mangoes are for Tony.”

  14. OQ, you don’t seem to understand that the unemployment rate is in the official “sweet spot”, just where government and business want it.

    You obviously have never heard of the “Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment”, the rate Business likes because it keeps the rest of the employed workforce on their toes and legitimate productivity-based wage claims suppressed.

    That’s not the textbook rationale of course, which looks a bit hollow with inflation (what’s left of it) falling and unemployment rising, but who’s worried about such detail.

    Those who volunteer to live it up on the dole ($35 per day) are Heroes of the State, taking one for the rest of us.

    You almost sound envious.

  15. Liberal urchin Greg Hunt has not got the guts to confront ABBOTT on matters regarding carbon emissions and the well-being of the environment … He only cares about retaining his portfolio as a senior minister on the cabinet … Hunt and his cohorts will be long remembered for allowing further damage to our planet’s delicate ecosystem and possibly enough so at a point where all living organisms cannot thrive and sustain a healthy existence in the same proportions as once was known … How innately selfish and heartless are these men to treat Planet Earth in this manner?

  16. Steven, That’s only because OQ has a very low IQ – he always seems to CQ – do you have your own stalker? Perhaps we should tell him, “FARQ.” 😆 :mrgreen:

  17. Remember when we were going to have a government for grown-ups?
    Greg “Ozone-Hole” Hunt commands even less respect than Pyne “the Wyne”…. and the circus continues unabated with Bronwyn “Pompadour” Bishop being made speaker…letting a gentler, more collegiate behaviour issue forth. What a joke!

  18. Fed up, that must be why Abbott planted himself in the pic of Bill Shorten’s family. Couldn’t believe it. Theere he was with a dopey grin standing in amongst Bill’s family.

  19. The “Rudd” camp of the LNP are surely ecstatically honing as Abbortt flails about from failure to failure. I think many MP’s will see enough of a kick-back in their own electorates from Tones destructive path, his lies and cuts, that they will question their loyalties…. and choose Australia over Tony ‘tea-party’ abbortt.
    “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.” ~ Cicero

  20. “………..An asylum seeker boat likely carrying children pulled into Darwin last night, according to Global Mail sources.
    It is unclear how many people were on the boat or what their nationalities are.
    The asylum seekers are being held in Darwin’s Blaydin Point immigration detention centre. An “Alternative Place of Detention” (APOD), the facility is exclusively for families with children and unaccompanied minors.
    As one source says: “If they’re at Blaydin, there must be kids.”
    Immigration minister Scott Morrison says the military-led campaign to halt boat arrivals in Australia, named Operation Sovereign Borders, is “getting the upper hand over the people-smugglers” and delivering on the election promise to “stop the boats”.
    Under the government’s new immigration policy, so-called “illegal maritime arrivals” are……


  21. More interested in this one.

    Capital Hill. Did they all join Abbott, in havinf an afternoon nap. Labor making good use of the lapse. Well Steven Jones did.

  22. So Abbott breaks another long standing promise he iterated many times in opposition.

    His rock solid commitment to the emissions target, gone.

    Promise after promise falling like dominoes. I would add along with the credibility of the PM, but that was gone a long long time ago.

  23. Abbott calls are PC. Does not mention the Philippines, until asked a question. Did not show any compassion.

    It seems, that without government comment, all the infrastructure set up by Labor is swinging into action.

    Why are not some of those boats, wasting their time, chasing a few wooden boats, sent north?

  24. “Any Science found trying to enter Australian institutions would be held in detention on Manus Island before being permanently removed, under tough new regulations revealed by the Government today.

    The proposed laws are part of the Abbott Government’s broader commitment to put an end to Science, which Prime Minister Tony Abbott said was already showing results. “Since the new Government has come into power, there hasn’t been a single instance of Science trying to enter our shores. Previously, it was running unchecked, it was out of control. Under my government, Science will never be settled”.

    Mr Abbott said he was simply acting on the Government’s pre-election promises. “We said we’d be a no-surprises government; under this policy there will be no surprising discoveries. We said we would turn back the Science, and this is what we are now doing”.

    Asked about the potential consequences of allowing Science into the country, Mr Abbott said extreme caution was needed. “We don’t know anything about these Science discoveries or what their intentions are. They can be very sneaky, very cunning. Some of them – like Wi-Fi – you can’t even see”.”


  25. We deserve better ….. we need to move forward not backwards… we need to increase wages growth to compete… not retard it 🙄 .. we need the global level playing field that an ftth/p will produce, not an Tony ‘Con the fruiter’ Abbott saying ” Eh, it dosn’t matter”

  26. Greg Hunt is a dead man walking way out of his depth..that could be argued of pretty much all of the ministry

    This government is a mob of pugnacious, cultural heathen neanderthal’s ; incompetent unworthy ignoramus’s, divisive and recalcitrant who in just a few weeks they have normalised Australia to moronic stupidity as the laughing stock of the world.

  27. Burke got in first, moving a motion. Abbott will not like that.

    Attacking Minister for Immigration.


    Demanding Morrison face the house immediately and explain what he is doing.

    Leave not granted. MSO by Burke.

  28. Maybe Burke has it correct. Time for Morrison to stand up, and tell us what he is about,

    “…….Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the Malaysian government has agreed to extra measures that should ultimately stop asylum seekers from reaching Australia by boat.

    Mr Morrison has confirmed he visited Malaysia this week and met its home affairs minister, Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    Mr Morrison says Malaysia is a “critical geographic link in the people smugglers’ chain to Australia”, and he estimates more than half the asylum seekers who reach Australia transit through Malaysia.

    The Minister says the meeting has served to “reboot” the Australian Government’s relationship with Malaysia on border protection and people smuggling.

    Defence, which now runs Australia’s border protection arrangements has confirmed two boats carrying asylum seekers have arrived in the past week.

    One boat was carrying 126 people, the other had 40 people on board.

    Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the Malaysian government has agre…………”


  29. Burke challenging Bishop. Succeeding as well.

    Making her repeat motion. Bishop not too happy.

    Aooears that Burke has read the rule book too.

  30. Round one to Burke and Labor.

    Bishop is into speed reading. Maybe she believes if she reads it fast enough, no one will understand what is said.

    Pyne now responding to the motion.

  31. So calling Shorten names, and not addressing him by his correct title, is not unparliamentary.

    Bishop has failed the first test.

    Pyne sounds like he is ready to cry.

    Burke once again challenging Bishop.

  32. Talk about circus. I think she is ready to send Burke on his way.
    Burke moves the speakers ruling be dissented.

    Pyne wants it in writing.

  33. Abbott is introducing all the bills. I believe there are eight.

    Good morning’s entertainment. Wonder what the media will focuses onto night.

    Burke. They have no copies and cannot proceed.

    Bishop siding with the government. Threatening Burke. It appears that the bills are sitting on the table.

    So this government is not going to give the Opposition the respect of showing the bills.

  34. So everything is a secret. Now the Opposition have to read the bills while Abbott spruiks. All eight of them, I assume.

    This is fairness.

  35. They’ve got to pay their bills, obviously,” he said.
    Oh dear. One imagines that will not go down well with the tax-averse Clive, which is unfortunate given that and Abbott will need to have good relations with the wacky miner and has rag-tag collection of Senators.
    All in all, it was not a comfortable or convincing press conference for the new PM. And on the very first day of Parliament, too, when all is supposed to be happy pomp and circumstance.
    But it was one he had to have, because the issues were getting away from him.
    Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here: it’s much easier to run a “small target” strategy in opposition than in government…


  36. I would not bother taking too much notice of what Abbott says he will save us. Spend the time with what Hockey has to say. He is talking about what this government will cost us.

    Unless you reside among the wealthy, the cost is high indeed.

    Katter now laying into the new government..

  37. When Prime Minister Tony Abbott chose Maurice Newman as chairman of his business advisory council – to give senior politicians “dependable and fearless advice” – he picked a businessman whose views appear to be trapped in a time warp.
    The size of the time warp became clear on Monday night when Newman gave a speech that not only resulted in a key member of the Abbott ministry, Christopher Pyne, trying to distance the government from some of his views, but created some confusion about Abbott’s true intentions.
    In a nutshell, Newman said Australia’s average weekly wages were too high, there was a need for workplace reform and he questioned the adoption of the Gonski education reforms and national disability insurance scheme as ”reckless”, given the size of the country’s debt.
    He also called for a review of Australia’s competition laws, suggesting they should be diluted rather than beefed up to enable big companies to merge to get the ”necessary critical mass in a small domestic market without running up against trade practices issues”.
    He w……….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/pms-top-adviser-trapped-in-a-time-warp-20131112-2xehw.html#ixzz2kU9wWCt7

  38. By Errol Brandt
    The government is telling a fib when it says that business wants to scrap the carbon tax. At best, this might reflect the views of some, but it completely ignores the views of others.
    Although not in any official capacity, I say this as somebody directly involved with implementing carbon pricing at one of Australia’s largest carbon polluters.
    Months before the tax came into effect, we started calculating the carbon impact for tens of thousands of locally manufactured of products. This was matched against thousands of customers to calculate a carbon tax increase for every customer. The cacluation was significantly more difficult than the GST as every customer and product had a different increase applied.
    The next step was by far the hardest. Explaining the calculation and Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions to customers seemed harder than explaining quantium mechanics to the man or woman on the street. Customers asked for more and more detail to help them understand, espeically those who sold their products to our retail giants.
    – See more at: http://nofibs.com.au/2013/11/13/says-business-wants-scrap-carbon-tax-errol-brandt-e2mq173-reports/#comments

    I suspect the statement that all businesses want the tax to go, could be a great big toxic lie. Along with the one, that the aim was to make electricity dearer.

    No, the aim was to make power generated by fossil fuel dearer.

  39. HE Federal Government has made several changes to the way the 44th Parliament will work, removing supplementary questions from debate, which Leader of House Christopher Pyne said were abused by Labor.

    Mr Pyne made a raft of changes to parliamentary process on Wednesday, including moves crossbenchers and Labor figures have said will give Speaker Bronwyn Bishop more power in the House.

    The removal of supplementary questions will see Question Time questions limited to 30 seconds and those answering to be given three minutes to speak.

    Other changes include shorter overall sitting days, shorter maximum times to speak, and giving the Speaker more powers regarding disorderly conduct.

    The government has also limited Matters of Public Importance to one hour – a time which, apart from Question Time, gives the Opposition a key opportunity to attack the government through debate.

    A raft of new crossbenchers, including Clive Palmer, will also not be allowed to sit on the all-seeing selection committee, which helps determine the parliamentary agenda.

    But Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke, who has had a fiery day, said a promise for time for “backbenchers questions” was not included in the changes, claiming the government had r..


  40. FU at 12.38pm. On Maurice Newman’s Time Warp.

    The minute somebody mentions Australia’s debt you know straight away they’re talking bullshit. And so it was with Maurice Newman.

    On the subject of his obsession with the minimum wage, he was nicely slapped down by Professor Harper, former head of Howard’s Fair Pay Commission who dismissed his concerns thus:

    “When it comes to the competitiveness of the Australian economy, really the minimum wage is not a big deal. Very few Australians are paid the absolute minimum wage,” he said.

    “And even if you think about the minimum classification wages, very few Australians are paid that as well.

    “Most Australians who earn wages are paid wages that are negotiated as part of enterprise bargaining agreements, and they’re above the absolute minimum.”

    He went on to say that while cutting the minimum wage could lift employment, it would also reduce the income and spending power of workers.

    Keynes explained all this to us in 1937.

    That puts Newman (and conservatives generally) sometime before Keynes. That’s quite some time warp.

  41. Fed up, excellent from First Dog. I wonder what other names apart from the one’s mentioned might be deemed “just fine” by Madam Speaker? She will of course rule that calling TA Tony Abattoir, and Prissy Pyne likewise acceptable.

  42. if you cannot have your say ,and have opinions on policies ,what is the piont of having QT,i would have a mass walkout until changes were made ,and the speaker ran parlament showing respect for both parties,if you thought the 43rd was bad,

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