Raising the bar of stupidity

No matter how high Tony Abbott keeps raising the bar of stupidity he manages to hurdle over it with athletic ease.

Thanks to Kaye Lee over at The AIMN she has provided us with his latest effort and one that raises the bar higher than GWB could ever hope to clear. It’s a comment on his favourite topic: boats. Brace yourself for this one . . .

And if any boat ever set out from Australia to Indonesia to enter that country illegally, we would do our damnedest to stop it.

Yes, he said it.

Now I realise that Tony’s knowledge of asylum seekers is very shallow, but even he should be aware that Indonesia doesn’t have a problem with boatloads of asylum seekers departing Australia with their sights set on landing safely on their shores. What’s the count so far? Precisely none. How many have tried? Precisely none.

But it’s good to know that Tony is in control of the problem. And what would he do with the asylum seekers fleeing Australia? Send them to Nauru? Turn them back?

I might give it a try to see what happens. While he is Prime Minister I’m sure I can find many who would be willing to take the trip with me. I might push off from Hobart and circle around New Zealand to escape detection.

Seriously, while he and his incompetent mob are running the country the Navy is going to be kept very busy . . . not only watching for boats heading to Australia . . . but watching for boats leaving it.


70 comments on “Raising the bar of stupidity

  1. The question is, in retro, very stupid ! but if he stays in power ! soon in the near future this could be his first prophecy !! But as usual he will not keep his word and hunt us down as we leave this wonderful country !! we will become ” Aussie rat’s leaving a sinking ship ” !!

  2. This bloke this Phoney Tony is quite seriously nuts, not a full quid, not the sharpest tool in the shed, not a full deck,not the brightest spark because no sane person could come up with the crap he does day after day after day. In a very short time this cringeworthy, deluded person has made Australia a laughing stock of the world. He is an acute embarrassment to be called Prime Minister. Who ever voted for this phoney bloke should hang their head in shame.

  3. Saaq Madiq , Yep, too bloody right.

    I thought Billy McMahon was the most useless bastard God ever shovelled guts into. But hey, Abbott beats him hands down. What some of the people were thinking when they voted for this mob of misfits will have some political pundits baffled for a hundred years. Anyone notice Abbotts speech impediment is returning now he is in the job? What a dork.

  4. Don’t forget to throw your papers overboard and make sure you jump a queue somewhere. Also wearing Australian cricket uniform apparently helps.

  5. Before I go to Indo, is there any truth in the rumour that Danny DeVito will be playing Sophie Mirabella in the upcoming film about Gillard? And who’s playing Christopher Pyne?

  6. actually yachts leave Darwin regularly for indonesia and there have been occasions when the Indonesians have detained them and of course the hypocrites here es in the media madfe a fuss about it – you need a visa and travel documents not just a yacht

  7. Possibly Ross ,depends on the availability of Roseanne Barr .Pinnochio however the boy with no friends due to his obnoxious, bratty, and selfish traits is rumoured to be playing Christopher Pine even though they are distantly related.

  8. I think we should all chip in and buy an old fishing boat and send it off to Indonesia, just to see what happens. No need, really! We all know nothing would happen… The bad dream just keeps getting worse.

  9. fuck this country I am off to new zealand, canada, south africa, hong kong, singapore, south america, mexico, shit so many more progressive and forward thinking countries.
    See ya later bogan retards!

  10. I’d buy the boat australia doesn’t need a drongo like you hear let’s count the boats that arrived since tony won and measure that against big kevs & his red knob mates last month in power you drop kick

  11. Michael, that photo of Abbott. Was it the one, when the speaker ordered him to walk, for abusing a female PM.

  12. abbot has been in power for less than 2 months and he has done better than what labor have done for the last 6 years give him a break. do you really think the country would be better if labor had another term and put the county in more debt

  13. Please adam, tell us what Abbott has done better. All he has done is shroud his government in secrecy, cover up for a lot of his party and himself rorting, engage in one backflip after another and increased debt and spending way over what Labor were doing, along with pissing off just about every Asian neighbour, especially Indonesia.

    And now Morrison admits there have been other boats Indonesia has knocked back, but you wouldn’t know because this government keeps you in the dark, or is that what you like adam, to be kept in the dark.

    The worst government led by the worst PM in the shortest time ever.

  14. hang on Im just trying to think of 1 good thing the ALP did while they were in power….no give me a minute…..maybe I’ll come back to this when I can find one thing.

  15. It really gets up the noses of you lefties that Abbott is getting on with his work and ignoring the media cycle that Juliar and the idiot so glowingly adored. The less Abbott says, the less he reveals, the more pissed off you get, especially you ME…it’s really quite amusing. Observing you every now again is becoming a very funny sport indeed. Keep it up ME…your making us all laugh on this side. How many boats this week by the way? lol

  16. Good one David…. 😆 ….oh, I am so laughing right now 😆 ..I just so-o-o loovve original thinkers such as your good self….. have you ever thought of having your own show… ’cause, mate, ..you’d be such a hit………. no really. 😮

  17. Omnia perhaps you can explain to me what Abbott has achieved and how the Coalition government will make this a better country and how they will improve my life. ( she waits with baited breath)

  18. Well Surprise surprise…The Lying Liberals are not as effective on border protection as their vociferously racist, pre-election nationalistic rhetoric promised.

    Morrison is going down defiantly swinging as evangelical captain of the “operation sovereign borders” leaky boat is sinking, smashed upon the rocks of compassionate reality; desperately bleating “stop the boats” whilst gasping for an air of credibility despite predictably doing nothing of the sort.

    So the lesson for Australia is never trust anyone who uses nationalism over humanity. never believe anyone on a war of ideology as they seek to divide and can never goven for the majority. Never trust any party that uses the terms left and right as they are by nature promoting division to concur or win not govern. These principals are the litmus test of a politician’s moral integrity. Liberals epicly fail this test miserably, as we knew they would before they were swept to power on a wave of lies and nationalist division that used refugees, fear and untruth as a political weapon to gain power at any cost.

    The result? The most incompetent, unworthy and ill prepared government in Australia political history.


  19. “………………One boat in a fortnight does not a crisis or policy failure make, but the incident has, figuratively speaking, left Immigration Minister Scott Morrison standing in his undies.

    The government has only itself to blame for being in this position, thanks to all the secrecy it insists on maintaining, underscored by Morrison’s farcical Friday Follies press briefing.

    It never told us about two previous boats Indonesia would not take back and it refused to acknowledge there was a ­stand-off with the latest until the Indonesians confirmed it.

    After backing down, Morrison then claimed the Indonesians had agreed to a review of whether to take back the 63 people. Jakarta shot that down as well. Given the inevitable, Morrison was at least smart enough to back down when he did.

    Kevin Rudd’s inability to end a similar stand-off aboard the Oceanic Viking in October 2009, was the first time the public began to seriously doubt him and Labor.

    The Coalition is insisting on all the secrecy on the basis that the less detail revealed the better, so as not to embolden the people smugglers.

    On Friday, and again on Saturday, Abbott questioned the motives of journalists who were asking for just basic information about the stand-off….”


    Yes, people forget, that Rudd found himself in a similar position, trying to make Indonesians take people back.

    “Kevin Rudd’s inability to end a similar stand-off aboard the Oceanic Viking in October 2009, was the first time the public began to seriously doubt him and Labor.”

    Very embarrassing at the time. Turning back boats was soon dropped. It was not Labor that dismantled much of the political solution. It was the high court, along with reality m that it did not work.

  20. Omnia quaerite, the very fact that you have a side, like a football match proves you are a moron. Was the sacking of 1/2 the CSIRO ready for its sale or the axing of 4500 public servants or regressive action of the environment or scaling back green energy programs or incresing CSG exploration licences or selling hex debts or declaring wear on educators because of ideology as they are perceived to be on the wrong side screaming mandate with just over 50% of the vote….”getting on with the Job” ? 🙄

  21. Psychology books warn us about the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

    Considering you are now representing me and making decisions on my behalf Tony, I think we have some work to do on our relationship because this list is uncomfortably close to how you have behaved in the past and are behaving now.

    In an unhealthy relationship, one or both of you:
    • Try to control or manipulate the other
    • Make the other feel bad about her/himself
    • Ridicule or call names
    • Dictate how the other dresses
    • Do not make time for each other
    • Criticize the other’s friends
    • Are afraid of the other’s temper
    • Discourage the other from being close with anyone else
    • Ignore each other when one is speaking
    • Are overly possessive or get jealous about ordinary behavior
    • Criticize or support others in criticizing people with your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or other personal attribute
    • Control the other’s money or other resources (e.g., car)
    • Harm or threaten to harm children, family, pets, or objects of personal value
    • Push, grab, hit, punch, or throw objects
    • Use physical force or threats to prevent the other from leaving

  22. The projection from the right-whingers is almost palpable. “ignoring the media cycle“? FFS, they were driving the fckn media cycle at warp speed for the last 4 years! You couldn’t turn on the TV without Morrison there moaning incessantly about the boats, or good old Tones continuing his dummy spit or engaging in yet another media stunt. 👿

    And then there’s “their abc” with their “The opposition says” start to EVERY newsbreak…

    They really haven’t started out well at all have they?

    Good luck getting an answer Kaye. How many times have you asked it now? I know how many responses you’ve got 😉

  23. Morrison, now there’s a bright one! 🙄
    in his words

    Australian authorities wanted Indonesia to take back the asylum seekers, but the request was refused, and the group has since been taken to Christmas Island for detention.

    “It’s very frustrating… there’s no real rhyme or reason to it, necessarily. This last instance became very problematic because it went very public,” Mr Morrison told Macquarie Radio this morning.


    Maybe it might have something to do with ignoring Indonesian sovereignty., misrepresenting discussions held between the authorities in question? ❓

  24. You know this is a really terrible government by the desperation in the rusted on rabid right wingers trying desperately to convince themselves Abbott is doing OK, but the desperation in their abstractions gives the game away.

  25. The right wingers know Abbott is finished, but for them so long as their stupid ideology is in power, it matters not who is running it. One must remember, it was only a handful numb nuts from our side that voted for this dangerous fool. The right wingers who post here, would vote for Adolph Hitler to get their mob in power, After all Hitler was probably a little more progressive than Abbott, he was still a RWDB none the less..

  26. Oh dear. The Lib lovers really do sound like they believe the Abbottoir has stopped the boats. “It’s down 75%!. Blah blah blah” In REALITY ( I know that’s a hard concept for you Liberals, but bear with me), in reality, it is Labor’s PNG policy, announced just before the election, that is stopping the flow of boats. If you all remember, the flow had started to ease as a direct result of this new hardline policy where all asylum seekers were told (even through our own papers) they they would not be settled here in Australia if they came by boat. The Abbottoir has simply inherited a policy that is working and is claiming that they are the ones responsible for everything. (Except anything bad). Which is only natural, considering they have no actual policies of any merit of their own. Which is exactly why they are all hiding behind closed doors now. They genuinely have nothing left to say, now that there is noone for them to attack. It’s not like they can start talking about the lack of common sense in any of their policies, now can they? And they certainly won’t be bothering us with anything that resembles the facts, or the truth. But really, what more can be expected of a Prime Minister who once gave a character reference for a priest charged with sexual abuse of a minor? Who was then excommunicated from the Catholic church? Who punches walls to intimidate fellow MP’s who disagree with him? Who finds it perfectly acceptable to harrass and belittle a Prime Minister who just happened to be a woman? Who claims a man dying from asbestos poisoning, asking him to list a much needed drug on the pbs was, “doing it as a stunt”. The list of Abbott’s lack of integrity goes on and on. Shame on everyone who voted for someone with such low moral standards. Yes, Labor had problems, but to vote for Abbott is like , and i quote ” Eating shit, because you don’t like spinach”.

  27. Adam and,

    abbot has been in power for less than 2 months and he has done better than what labor have done for the last 6 years give him a break..

    Quite right, Abbott has sacked a quarter of all CSIRO scientists and lab workers..nope, Labor never did better than that…

  28. BTW, here is one of the *useless* items developed by our CSIRO..

    NSW Rural Fire Service is using apps developed by CSIRO to assess bushfire affected areas in the State to help speed up recovery efforts.

  29. I am Really enjoying Abbott and Morrison trying to tell us that there Boat Policy Is working, Making your selves Appear More stupid than anyone thought , All those swinging voters will desert him Now that he has shown what a clown he really is .For Christopher Pyne Umm its a shame Liberace died a while back, How about Dame Edna ?

  30. Give him a break? Let’s think about that for a minute… if we gave him the same break he is giving bushfire victims, elderly, childcare workers, hospitals, education, low income earners, low income earners superannuation, indigenous australians, teachers, nurses, university students, people with disabilities, carers, women in general…the list goes on…well he would already be cut from our government. I agree, let’s give him the break he deserves. Cut.

  31. The silence is deafening isn’t it Bacchus. I have been, very sweetly, asking every Coalition commenter I come across to explain to me how the country will be better off and, over 2 months in, the only reply I have received is that we now have “adults in charge” so I guess I can rest easy and not worry my pretty little head about that any more. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the people who voted for the Coalition were the top 1% of income earners, all big corporation boards, and people who have never read a policy statement in their lives and who think economics is a new exercise regime.

  32. And all of that before his great “commission of audit” has even been done. There is an up side to all of this though. Labor doesn’t even have to do or say anything for the next 3 years. They can relax and let the abbottoir dig it’s own grave. It’s only been 2 months, and there is already outrage at this government. Imagine the historic landslide Labor is going to win by at the next election after 3 years of this. They don’t call him One term Tony for no reason after all.

  33. Carol.. The Libs just see the perpetual royalty on Wifi as an asset sale ..it has nothing to do with Science..they hate science its inconvenient and practice by left wing sympathisers who may well be educators who are bludging public servants…. 🙂

  34. Then they will be very happy to hear that there will be so many less public servants by the time Tony is dragged from parliament. Unless it’s one of them..and it well could be at this rate.

  35. …abbot has been in power for less than 2 months and he has done better than what labor have done for the last 6 years give him a break..

    Abbott managed to piss off four of our closest Asian neighbours in less than two weeks, Labor never did better than that.

  36. V bs, a tad off topic..and just ask’n 😉 ….. but could y’all let me in on the secret of ‘how’ do you keep the pointy bit of your hoodie so pointy… like, do y’all just use starch.. or wot ??? …. AND, prEy tell, ..how do you keep the ‘dress’ bit so-o-o white…. anyhoo, like I said.. just askin 😀

  37. 55 days since Abbott and his mob met with the GG. Seems like a lifestyle.

    Seems to be open warfare with Indonesia now.

  38. Has anyone heard anyone from the government, raised any concerned for the many Philippines living in this country. Did not hear Bishop mention them.

  39. SCOTT MORRISON 11/11/2013

    “I gave an undertaking to the Indonesians that when we would deal on these issues, we’d do it directly and we’d do it discreetly.”

    TONY ABBOTT 11/11/2013 Interview with 2GB radio

    ”Now, the normal international law is that if you are rescued in a country’s search-and-rescue zone that country has an obligation to take you.”

    JULIE BISHOP 11/11/2013

    “I’ll leave these matters for the Minister for Immigration.”

    No megaphone diplomacy – except on 2GB – and don’t blame our foreign minister, it isn’t HER fault. She knows nuffink!!!

  40. Lynda, stirring. No, I assume you meant Tony. Suspect there is just vacant and empty space between those ears. Maybe that is where Credlin hides the earphones.

  41. Abbott has called a media conference. Much believe he has something worthwhile to say.

    Will be novel for him, if he has.

  42. I’ve just had the best laugh ever reading these comments. So many of our LNP ‘friends’ think they’re intelligent (and amusing) and it’s laughable that the poor darlings can’t see that this government is an absolute disaster already – this includes you Adam, David L and Omnia. I needed the laugh so I LOVED your comments, thank you. Goodness me, even the business leaders on Qand A last night weren’t too keen on many of the decisions being made / talked about, and that’s saying something.

  43. LOVE the photo! – it’s going to be relevant to … well, just about everything he says from now for the next 3 years.

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