There’s something missing from our media

Do you remember how most political stories used to begin between the 2010 and 2013 elections? They began with “The Leader of the Opposition says . . . ” and we were bombarded daily with whatever opinion Tony Abbott held. Even articles about the Government or a policy release began with the mandatory “The Leader of the Opposition says . . . “.

Have you seen any article begin with that since Bill Shorten was elected Leader of the new Opposition?

When Tony Abbott held that position the media used to beat a path to his door. Now anyone would be right in thinking that Bill Shorten has gone in hiding: yes, he’s been rather silent, but why aren’t the media making an effort to talk to him? Why are they no longer interested in what the Leader of the Opposition might have to say?

Well we all know the answer to that. The Government has made a mess of just about everything they’ve laid their hands on so the Leader of the Opposition is the last person they’d want to speak to these days. The Opposition could have a field day thanks to the stuff-ups from Abbott and his team of incompetents; it’ll be a real turkey shoot.

But they can’t do it without the media giving them a voice.

Oh how I miss the good old days of “The Leader of the Opposition says . . . “.

58 comments on “There’s something missing from our media

  1. Well, today Abbott is not getting the run he hoped for. The show in WA was supposed to shew both in a good light. No one listened, well listen and jeered. Here we have them both, in a bright cheery manner, how well they are doing. How the Indonesians love them.

    Trouble for both, the rest of the news was telling us different.

    Yes, that boat might not have sunk. Might not have turned back.

    I suspect, if it did not sink Abbott, it put a great hole in his ship of state.

    The errors and mismanagement of this government are becoming so great, that not even this media cannot ignore this.

    Yes, not even this mob, can put in place, their agenda, their small government ideology, their prejudices, without the public eventually noticing.

    Abbott has a big problem. Ms. Gillard is now, at last being treat as a conquering hero.

    At each outing, this is becoming more so.

    I feel that it is no action, that the polls show, women moving back to Labor.

  2. I just had a thought. Rudd, by deposing Gillard, might have saved her reputation. One can only say, that few believe now, that Gillard would it have campaigned better than Rudd.

    Seeing Rudd, once again on the scene, allowed one to compare the two.

    Tony WIndsor had much to say, all good. Pointing out how calm this woman was, no matter how bad things got.

    We have Abbott from day one, trying to create the image of a methodical, calm, steady,…government, claiming that the previous one was unmethodical, unsteady, not calm….

    Yes, Tony, this is one misconception you will never be able to create.

    You will never be as able and calm as Ms. Gillard, no matter how hard you try. You will never be able to negotiate, leading to good policy, as MS, Gillard has done.

    Tony, you are just not in her league. Never will be.

    Tony, she even mange to stay around for long enough, to put in p;ace the mechanism to slow the boats.

    No, it will not stop them. Nothing will. What you need to do, is now work on the second half of the scheme. To work with all in the region, to create a regional solution. Tony, you just do not have the skills or the will to do that.

    You have no one on the front bench, to take up the cudgel for you.

    How insulting to offer the Philippines less than half million dollars, for the disaster they have just endured.
    Half a billion would have been more like the right amount, for starters.

  3. Of course..the media cannot ask Shorten any questions as he’ll talk about the Abbott government and their stuff ups. Perhaps if the Murdoch media lies very very low, nobody will notice things such as axing the school kids bonus and not being able to turn the boats around.

  4. Actually, I read that Shorten has been on leave for the last week. I actually don’t have a huge problem with this – it’s been a pretty hectic slog for a while and early in a new government is probably one of the times he can most be spared. That said, the bar is set for him to be pretty vocal from here on in.
    Anyone noticed, incidentally, how Richard Marles has been popping his head above the parapet on many issues, *and* speaking with what seems like intelligent reason? I don’t even know who he is but he looks like he has promise for the future.

  5. Reality is media and public see Shorten for what he is. That is disloyal , treacherous,untrustworthy almost forgor his rather dodgy CV.
    All real vote winners.
    Media scornfully recognize he is nothing more than a lightweight seat warmer.
    Absolute certainty not a stayer and will not lead Labor to the next Election.


  6. Voyager, I think that you will see that Bill Shorten has the ability to take it up to TA & his mob. He could jolly well make his mark this coming week when parliament resumes – he had a lot of ammunition to fire at the most incompetent government we have had in my long life time. They are shockers!

  7. I really don’t think anyone has to take anything up to the LNP The LNP are doing a wonderful job of showing up the shortcomings of both themselves and the MSM.
    Any attempt by any third party, to point them out, would only the strengthen the level of denial that the press and the NLP exhibit.

  8. Reality is media and public see Shorten for what he is. That is disloyal , treacherous,untrustworth

    And the reality is, even though tabot displays all of those traits (how did he get the leadership again? Who was he apparently backing?) the media display him as a loyal person.

    The media have created a caricature of tabot that is entirely at odds with his behaviour. As his actions, largely unreported, most often misrepresented (eg, his trip to Indonesia, which was trumpeted as a success, but is now being exposed for the failure it was) are testament to.

    Reality will catch up with are msm, it is already. While they continue to distort events within our country, they are being exposed by their counterparts overseas.

    This is slowly dawning on them, witness Laurie Oakes amazement at the behaviour of the tabot government, behaviour that many predicted, but not our msm. As Corrinne Grant pointed out, it was behaviour that the msm themselves cultvated for him. They have no right to turn around with surprise now.

    Yes, there is something missing from our media. Journalists!

  9. Yes, just finished reading Michelle Grattan wishy washy article. Sorry no possessive, keyboard throwing up blank on iPad! If journalists are not going to properly analyse the current situation the public is going to continue to get a very shallow understanding of how our democracy is being treated with contempt. We need a strong, independent, impartial media to inform us accurately. Fifth estate way to go as MSM is failing!

  10. Laurie Oakes intervention is promising.

    And QT is all out in the open for us all to see. No journalist need apply.

    Morrison arse would’ve been in a sling if it hadn’t been for the Jakarta Post letting slip there had been other boats for I’m sure (given Bishop had told Indonesia it was all going to be kept confidential) he would’ve mislead parliament.

  11. Was that Grattan in Friday’s TC, cowper?

    I loved this sentence:

    “The revelations [spying] would hardly have surprised the Indonesians but they have chosen to make an issue of them, just when the Abbott visit had got the relationship between Jakarta and the Coalition on an even keel”.

    Even keel? Possibly, but lying on the seabed. Sunk.

  12. just when the Abbott visit had got the relationship between Jakarta and the Coalition on an even keel

    Another failure of a churnalist who misrepresents tabot trashing our relationship with Indonesia as somehow improving what Labor achieved.

    Vacuous twats

  13. Yes Fed Up, and that is why Gillard and Rudd should be encouraged to stay in politics. If Gillard had retained the leadership the Murdoch press would have been unrelenting on her, probably worse, if possible, than they were with Rudd. So what if there was a leadership battle, it wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last, it is the nature of the game. It did not change or affect Labor’s major policies, infighting or not, they got the job done. How many of us would like to have the opportunity to remove a boss that we didn’t like, based on our personal feelings towards them, how many of us bitch behind our bosses back?

  14. Bruce Haigh is intimating that Asia is engaging in payback against this Liberal government for the Howard Liberal government US Deputy Sheriff role in the region.

    Yes everyone spies on everyone else to one level or another, but if evidence had become public that Indonesia was spying on Australia this same media, including Michelle Grattan, would have been publishing screaming headlines in condemnation about it, they can’t now hypocritically turn around and say, “everyone does it.”

    That’s the right wing cop out for so many things.

  15. re above the stupidity of #NewsCorpse

    Proudly declaring their ongoing fight against Carbon Abatement , juxtaposed against the direct evidence that such action is direly required.


  16. Bruce Haigh is intimating that Asia is engaging in payback against this Liberal government for the Howard Liberal government US Deputy Sheriff role in the region.

    I don’t think their memories need to be that long ME. The way the libs have used and abused our relationship both in opposition and now in government is reason enough for the treatment they are now receiving from them

    Deliberately misrepresenting what is said in private meetings with the Indonesians was perhaps not the brightest move on the libs part.

  17. We mugs can only hope and pray (were there anyone to pray to) that there will come a reckoning; and that the bloody Govt will be clearly seen by all media for the hubristic newbies they are. Mind you, that’s not saying that the last lot were lovely!: are they ever going to emerge to the light of this new day …?

  18. Maybe Shorten’s quiet and focused way of speaking, might be what is needed to unnerve Abbott. No good getting up screaming at him, and pulling stunts. That is what Abbott would love.

    No, well though out and targeted questions will go much further.

    Would not spend much time on the boat trade, or the great toxic tax for that matter.

    Would focus on the economy, and what they intend to do. On CEF, and what they intend to replace it with.

    On relation with those in our region, and what they intend to have in those free trade agreements.

    Very good address by Keating, at the Canberra War Memorial.

    I like Keating’s view of sophistry, than that of Howard.

    Suspect that Nelson is not too popular with his old party.

    I suspect we will see no fireworks tomorrow in QT.

  19. Was Abbott at the War Memorial?

    Did not see him walking out with the officials that attended. Seen Shorten there.

  20. Waiting to hear com

    After all, Abbott’s father and family did flee England in the early days of the second world war. I assume, as they said, for safety, but also to avoid call up.

    Returned after the war, to come back as ten dollar migrant with his wife, Tony’s mother, around the 1960s.

    Today, we see he does not have the generosity of spirited, or the guts to attend the War Memorial. I assume he is in Canberra.

  21. Tones was in Melbourne this morning at another memorial service, boosting Dennis Napthine’s ego and his own??.

    NO WAY he was sharing the limelight with the GG and Paul Keating, he was represented by Sen Ronaldson, no sign of Mesma mingling with the foreign dignitaries either and as for Truss he must have been in a loft somewhere because he is useless in the House of Reps.l

    Tones needs to clock up his frequent flyer points on the VIP jet, however no one has told him none are awarded when the RAAF transport one around.

  22. bilko, when one reads his family history, fleeing from confrontation appears to be in Tony’s genes. Runs in the male side of the family.

  23. Paternal grandfather and family fled to Australia for the duration of the second world war. It appears they dodged German torpedoes to get here. Returned when the was finished.

    As a result, of surviving the boat trip, they kept their promise to God, and became Catholics.

  24. ” Anyone noticed, incidentally, how Richard Marles has been popping his head above the parapet on many issues, *and* speaking with what seems like intelligent reason? ”

    Yes. It pains me but, I agree with voyager, shorten will not lead Labor into the next election. Shorten just doesn’t have the character required for the job. I have wondered on many occasions when listening to him speak, what, in Gods name is keeping this man awake? He is as boring as bat shit.

    As for Abbott what a piece of work this man is, a product of the media, the likes of before , never seen in this country . I mean, even the description of his so called athletic appearance beggars belief. I have, and I kid you not, seen better shaped bodies on a garden worm. As for his boxing ability I have no doubt my daughter could punch shit out of him.

    I bloody despair.

  25. Media Release

    Sunday 10 November, 2013


    Assistant Shadow Treasurer, Dr Andrew Leigh, has raised concern about a new draft Australian Tax Office ruling that could see thousands of mobile home owners face higher rents.

    The ATO has issued a draft ruling on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) paid by park owners managing properties where mobile homes are based.

    The draft ruling, now out for consultation, will mean park owners are slugged double the GST paid on leased sites.

    “Labor is concerned the ATO ruling would not just lead to higher costs for park owners but that those costs will be passed on to low-income Australians who permanently live in demountable or mobile homes.”

    There are at least 3,000 Australians living in mobile homes in privately run home parks. There are many more people living long term in mobile homes in caravan parks.

    “Most people living permanently in mobile homes either as a lifestyle choice or as a last resort live in very basic conditions with minimal facilities and few amenities compared to conventional forms of housing. Many are pensioners and families doing it tough,” Dr Leigh said.

    “Labor MP Justine Elliot has already spoken out about the impact of this draft ruling on her constituents on the NSW north coast. But we are yet to hear boo from the Coalition.”

    “I call on the Abbott Government to explain whether it supports the ATO’s ruling.

    “It is a concern given the skewed values and priorities of the Abbott Government which favour the most affluent, and hurt the most disadvantaged.” Dr Leigh concluded………..


  26. Lipson: The Government is reigning in MPs entitlements, or at least just tightening up the system, we don’t have the exact details yet, but do you welcome this move?

    Leigh: I certainly do, I think the abuse of entitlements we’ve seen now with a quarter of cabinet having used taxpayer funds to attend weddings is a concern. One of the interesting questions for me will be whether these new rules will for example allow something like what Mr Abbott did of using taxpayer expenses to fly to attend a sporting event and a party-political fundraiser or whether perhaps a trip which just includes a sporting event and a fundraiser is off limits under the new rules. That will be a challenge he will face given that so many of his cabinet members are embroiled in entitlement misuse and that many members of the Liberal party are refusing to pay money back, Phillip Ruddock and Bronwyn Bishop refusing to pay back the costs of attending Peter Slipper’s wedding.

    Lipson: Next week on of the first pieces of legislation that will be introduced, not just the carbon tax, but this legislation to repeal the racial discrimination act section that found Andrew Bolt guilty, what’s your view on that?

    Leigh: The Prime Minister says this is about free speech but really this is about hate speech. Labor believes that hate speech ought to be banned. This is a provision that isn’t used very often but past cases in which it’s used for example include vilification of Jewish Australians, denying of the Holocaust and the vilification of an Indigenous woman. This is a provision which is I think is important to a tolerant and multicultural Australia. I agree with Colin Rubenstein when he says that this is important in maintaining tolerance and acceptance for Jewish Australians. Mr Abbott doesn’t believe in free speech under all circumstances – he’s a defamation plaintiff in the past. But somehow he thinks it’s okay for him to use the defamation law but for others not to have hate speech laws to use.

    Lipson: Andrew Leigh we’re out of time, thanks for your time.

    Leigh: Thank you David.

  27. Just heard on ABC 24, the eleventh hour of the eleventh month, is the time to put differences aside and reflect.

    Something our honorable PM seems unable to do.

    The Memorial Services are not about him, but those who sacrificed their lives in war.

  28. Don’t think fed up was out fighting fires to busy reading Labour Party crap and then having a winge your hopeless lot wrecked australia now tony has to fix the mess hope you have a job that’s not the public service cause we need to down size there might try facts not bullshit

  29. 😆 that “Rick” isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, is he?

    Here’s a fact to start you off “Rick”. I know that’s a novel concept to you, but we’ll plough on…

    Fed Up is a great grandmother – Why TF would she be “out fighting fires?” 🙄

  30. Bacchus, I would have picked up that hose a couple of weeks ago if necessary. Lucky it went around three sides of our estate. The firefighters, that day, performed miracles.

    I see where many believe in man made climate change. Do believe the carbon emissions have already caused harm.

    I am pretty fit, but I feel I might be more of an hindrance than a help.

    Still my father fought many. Does that count. Mum cooked plenty of food to keep them fed.

    Wonder if Rick has ever offered to help?

    Had a grand daughter in the fire brigade on the Blue Mountains when she was younger. Maybe that lets me off the hook.

  31. Appears the business people on qanda believe in climate change. Some have funny ways of dealing with the problem though.

  32. From 2007 I was noticing the dominance of the phrase, “The Federal Opposition says…” to lead in political stories on the ABC.

    At a Crikey blog I used to post on in those days I began calling attention to this phenomenon, along with other indications of what I perceived to be right-wing favouritism on ABC.

    At first many of the other commenters used to mock me, including the rat-like moderator. The theme seemed to be, The ABC is not ‘allowed’ to be biased, therefore it is ridiculous to suggest that it can be biased.

    As time went by more and more people began to notice the same thing I had been picking up on. One honourable commenter, formerly a ridiculing detractor, had the decency to apologise after becoming convinced by a couple of particularly egregious examples of biased reporting he’d witnessed.

    Now when I occasionally look in on that blog to get a glimpse of what the regulars are talking about, the conception that the ABC favours the Coalition virtually goes without saying. There are no howls of derision or denial when minute-to-minute examples of bias are recounted. Just a sort of grim acceptance that the favouritism is a reality.

    I laugh when right-wingers continue to claim that the ABC favours the left. They’re either lying, ignorant, or they’re parroting a meme drummed into their heads by constant reinforcement over many years by agenda-conservatives. That said, I notice it’s being claimed less now than before (outside of wingnut haunts, that is). People must be waking up.

  33. Whilst the Shadow Defence Minister got wet at the war Memorial today the REAL Defence minister appeared to be MIA can anyone confirm as I would have expected him to be involved in some small way. Mind you I am not sure who he is as Morriscum seems to be calling the military shots.

  34. Bilko, looking at the ceremony in Canberra, one would have thought Labor was still in power.

    Paul must have has a quiet chuckle to himself, Especially as he looks like stealing the thunder, tomorrow night as well.,

  35. I can’t imagine why “rick” thought the Cafe would be the right place to post his pre-literate hoodwinked mumblings. Maybe he got lost on the way to the Daily Toiletgraph site.

  36. Michael, apparently he doesn’t even call himself a right-winger. No, no, no, he’s a CONSERVATIVE! (with the emphasis on the con…). I guess from where he sits, everyone is to the left. Tragic.

  37. Michael Taylor @ November 12, 2013 @ 12:05 am “But then, Bolt thinks everybody’s a lefty.”

    When one is so far to the “Right” in the room that he is hard up against the wall, like Bolt is, then everyone else in the room has to be a lefty as there is no one that can be further to the right.
    The man is an opportunistic Leech, worthy of scorn.

  38. Fed up, It looks as if the hole (dropped w intended) noalition government is MIA. Why is your nom de plume only a lowercase “u”, I know the abc & sbs are not worth capitals but your comments are on a higher plain/plane??

  39. Bronwyn is being asked not to attend party room meetings.

    Attack still on previous government.

    She is refusing to do so.

  40. Kevin Rudd now gone, maybe Bill will feel free of any back stabbing that could happen in the future. I hope he finds his voice soon. I can’t believe that those who voted for LNP didn’t realise that the greatest cloak and dagger of all times wouldn’t emerge, we are just getting a small taste of it now. I now subscribe to Jakarta Post to get the real picture of boat people. I also add that charging GST on people living in relocatable homes/caravan parks, the most vunerable of us all is nothing short of criminal. And what was that about the rich saving $s re tax on super?

  41. Jeanette, most that live in those caravan parks are on the lowest income of the lot. Cannot afford normal accommodation.

  42. Also the supplementary payments, that were given to these on low benefits, such as Job Search has been taken away. Yes, given to help with power bills and such.

  43. I rue the loss of Kevin Rudd as I believe he was one of the best politicians we have had and is a loss to the Labor Party. That Tony Abbott in one breath commended him and then in the next breath announced that there would be no government job for him shows Abbot’s total lack of true sincerity, which I imagine Kevin would have told him to shove the job up his anus. I guess Kevin’s look at Abbot said it all.

  44. Adolf Abbott ! lower than scum ! I suppose to be a conservative you have to aspire to be just like Abbott !

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