My TV is full of rubbish – and so is my letterbox

For those wanting a well-earned break from politics, this guest post from Joseph might help fill your day with something different. There are a couple of things stuck in Joseph’s craw which I can certainly relate to.

Anyway, over to Joseph:

Free To Air is nothing more than an advertising vehicle.

When did you see something with substance and entertainment value? Apart from the ABC and SBS there’s very little to watch and even then they are very old imported European and UK television programs, repeated ad nauseum.

On the commercial channels it’s just a whole load of stupid aggressive, confronting, violent, mind-numbing American crap.

The advertising on commercial TV is an obscenity and nothing too intelligent. All day, every day, insurance policies – for example – are being pushed at you with the most stupid connections and reasons. Most of these, in collusion with the banks and the two major supermarkets are directed back to a German Insurance company and when you actually read the terms and conditions, you in fact get less, if anything, than the cost of your premiums.

I find it very difficult to watch anything on Australian Television and even on-line subscriptions are somewhat limited in their content. We had a whole day on commercial channels spruiking the Melbourne Cup, Bris31 showing Chinese news and SBS broadcasting American news. The ABC just follows along and reports as “News” the sporting events and reiterating what the commercial TV stations and the newspapers are saying.

We as an Australia population are in dire straights with this level of commercial and stupidity being pushed at us from all broadcasting networks. Maybe we could say “no” and inform the networks that “We are as mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more”.

And I’m also sick of receiving advertising material in my mail box. It never lets up despite a sign that says quite categorically “No Junk Mail”.

Apparently these purveyors of marketing trash think that it’s not “junk mail”: it is obviously of importance to society – so they think – but God knows how many trees were chopped down and pulped to make such a volume of useless paper.

Everything goes straight into the recycle bin. I don’t even bother looking at them. Because I live in what is regarded as a “Wealthy Suburb” it seems that I’m inundated with all this marketing crap.

We live in a brain-numbing society.

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43 comments on “My TV is full of rubbish – and so is my letterbox

  1. Aunty does show the occasional good Brit drama, you know: but of course you’re right about her news coverage. As for stating that you don’t want letterbox crap … that falls into the same category (according to moi) as complaining about someone’s appalling noise and having ’em sneer “Live and let live!”. Oblique? Hmm. Makes sense to me. [grin]

  2. I can (just) tolerate advertising on commercial TV, even if most of it is utter brain dead crap and there’s too much of it.

    What gets my goat up is in show advertising and cross promotions, and now bottom third graphics that over time have grown enormous and slap you in the face just at the most interesting part of a show or item.

    Cross promotion and some advertising now makes it to news headlines. That’s right they are not just passed off as a worthy news item but as a headline news item. Surely they are taking the mickey out of the viewers in a Gruenesqe parody.

    Commercial stations have specific advertising time allocated during viewing slots each day. ACMA have the powers to impose heavy fines for stations that exceed the amount of advertising in those slots, but being the mostly toothless tiger it’s nearly always been, commercial media gets away with flaunting it.

    I once saw a study on commercial breakfast TV after complaints rolled in about the amount of advertising shown during the Today show, and the figures were astounding. Outside of regular half hour advertising allocation that it frequently exceeded by up to four minutes each half hour, Today had another third to half of in show advertising disguised as stories or special/human interest pieces, but undisclosed were paid for by an advertiser. It meant that a good chunk, and well over the legal allocated limit, of each half hour was advertising.

    I have no doubt things are worse now and across the board with the commercial networks.

    Oh and if you want to see in show advertising in full fling have a look at any of the lifestyle or renovation shows, nothing more than one hour long advertising block broken up with official advertising slots.

  3. Actually, all I wish for is that all my AFL team’s games were on free-to-air so I wouldn’t need to pay Rupert Murdoch for the Fox Footy channel.

  4. And lately I’ve been inundated with ads on my email. Half my day is spent pushing the unsubscribe button. Do a simple thing like book a hotel through Wotif and I open up my account to a deluge of advertising material.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. Our TV media(including ABC & SBS) have succumbed to the neo-liberal expectation to increase ‘market share’ / number of viewers and in so doing each outlet tries to outdo each other to provide the most trivial, cheap, violent, tabloid type programs. I blame Murdoch and his fellow travelers who have since the late 1970’s influenced the cultural landscape of Australia and transformed it into a largely greedy, jingoistic, immediate gratifying, profit seeking, uncaring, bargain devouring people.
    Geez, I feel better after getting that out!

  6. Totally agree with post. ‘They’ have stuffed TV. 😈
    I once was an avid “watcher” and channel surfer until they FUCKED Aunty and SBS 😡 …. I guess ‘They’ thought ‘We’ would all flock to the commercial channels…. well this ‘We’ doesn’t watch telly much anymore, a bit of news or the weather and that’s about it. I couldn’t stand the dumbing down and the constant ad’s… so I found other things to do.. like coming here to CW and other sites… I’ve even re-discovered evening radio on AM (go Goers) and I just love listening to my local community radio station (107.7, 2DRYFM) with their one to two ads per hour ratio and their eclectic mix of music.
    I’ve even become a bit elitist now. 😮 When the convo turns to the ‘latest’ and ‘greatest’ TV show I proudly say ” I don’t watch telly 😛 ” ( but I sure do miss “My” ABC 😦 )

  7. We do not watch live TV any more, what we watch is all prerecorded so we flash past the Adds mind you one can no longer accept the start and finish times stated on anything other than the abc & sbs (neither still NOT worth capitals).

    And all this reality crap and some of the talent shows which over run all the time drive me insane, hence the flexibility built into my recording set ups. We also cancelled Foxtel, I do miss my UK soccer but I am buggered if any more of my hard earned cash will go to murdoch and his associates.

    Downloads off the Internet are on the increase in my humble abode, thank god for guru grandkids. Junk mail gets a quick scan and then recycled and Junk email is painful my delete button gets a work out.

    So what is left Parliament sits for two weeks then goes into recess until late Feb woopee less of the invisible to take up the airwaves. Finally my MP3 is on all the time I am driving. Life can be serene at times, just wake me up in three years.

  8. I’m appalled to see on Facebook so many of my friends complaining about who was kicked out of Big Brother or some trashy cooking show.

    I’d rather stare at my fridge magnets.

  9. Joseph – well you sound like a first class Whinger, you sure have come to the
    right place. CW’s is Whingers paradise.
    Get your A into gear go down to the local Library and get a heap of books.
    Can recommend ‘The stalking of Julia Gillard’. Guaranteed to please and amuse.
    You can also turn on the radio for some music or play your own choice.
    Life is really pretty good. And as I say ‘ better over the hill than under the hill’

  10. Has our visitor not noticed, that Gillard has moved onto greener pastures, where she is being very successful.

    It is Abbot, that now sits in the chair. Well we believe he does, as he has become nearly invisible, but is definitely making big waves in his wake.

    It is a shame for Abbott, that he has to crawl out o the bunker and face QT next week.

    Will be a shock to the system, being expected appear in public and give answers.

  11. Exactly…… piss in the gutter and swim…. traitor thy name is journalist(s).. (a.k.a. lower than a used car sales-person) …. no, really 😀

  12. If anyone is blessed with a good Internet connection (I know, hard to get in Australia….now), Build yourself a Home Theater Personal Computer and attach it to the main TV. We did it years ago and have not looked back. Commercial TV? LOL Haven’t touched it in years except for the occasional program which is recorded, edit out the ads and then watched before discarding. After all, it is Datacasting and publicly given out to the masses. So it is there for the taking.
    That aside, there is so much online, from so many places and Countries, that we never ever are want for entertainment, and the only cost is your Internet Access and good data allotment. Now you know why the Rupert doesn’t want the NBN.

    The PC doesn’t have to be powerful, just quiet. You old PC may do fine with a digital turner card added in, a HDMI graphic card with passive cooling (who wants to hear a whirring noise in quiet parts of a movie), and a network connection for the Internet. Even maybe an old laptop will do for some TV sets.
    We love our HTPC and no more Commercial CRAP!

  13. Totally agree with you Michael, the programs are levelled at the intelligence of a 14 year old, XFactor,Australia’s Got Talent, Big Brother, Dancing with the stars, the Drum, the Project, every sporting event that is happening in the world, I really don’t give a shite if Nadal wins the Turkish Grand Slam, and as you say insurance deals ad nauseum. All we get from the polly’s is “blame labour, ongoing discussions and I won’t expand on the detail”. Christ it is the detail that we want to know and what the detail of the ongoing discussions are. The journalists in TV need a kick up their arse and need to start insisting that these politicians stop fobbing off the real issues with strawman arguments. One can only assume that the journalists are as dumb as dog shite or don’t give a shite.

  14. Sir Marcus Oliphant once opined that TV could be a great educator.

    But that was about 40 years ago. Somewhere things took a turn for the worse.

    TV is now a great un-educator. The more you watch it, the more stupid you become.

    Logie Baird would be turning in his grave.

  15. I was all set to make a comment then I ” readcassilva48 ” and found it has all been said very succinctly. I’ll just endorse the comments above.
    One addition I would make is that I was recently watching Foxtel at my brothers house and he’s actually paying to watch adds. I thought pay TV was add free?

  16. Bill that was the reason I dropped my Pay TV subscription years ago, and they haven’t stopped trying to get me to sign up again since then. I keep telling them when they drop the ads and the hours of cross promotions then I will resubscribe. They always respond with they need the ads to make money. I respond with they won’t be getting my money then.

  17. “Doing research, real research, reading the facts and obtaining the data about the issue from a variety of reliable sources, turns the journalist into Everywoman (or, of course, Everyman), the voice of the people, not the voice of Rupert (vox populi, not vox dei). People are not interested in he said-she said journalism games, where they are told first that the world is round and then, equally convincingly a moment later, that it is flat. They want, I think, a journalist who has done enough research to know that “the world is flat” theory is a dead duck (an ex-parrot), and can therefore ask questions, based on its roundness, about, say, seasonality, or airline schedules”

  18. Voyager FO I read a lot online and from the library,ever read Velcoscphy.
    Ever read Prust,Standal,Ibsen or Checkov?.
    If you have you have a right to infer that I’m a “wanker” but if not hold your tounge

  19. There is a new independent online news site starting this week, The New Daily. Crikey founder, Eric Beecher, is involved, along with a number of Labor, union and ex-Fairfax people. It’s being financed by industry super funds. Not good news for Ltd News, their ABC and other online holders of the party line. The Old Media is being squeezed out by the New, as its audiences fall like flies.

  20. I see Voyager, the legend in his own lunch box, has returned to inspire us with his mediocrity of right wing servitude and grovalescence to his monitory masters.
    You certainly know how to show it Voyager! LOL

  21. Thanks for the link to David Horton, Lovo.

    I’ll go back and spend some time there.

    “So there’s that – the interviewer should, as far as possible, be in touch with the real world, provide the context in which to place the latest ideas about climate or drugs or economics and so on, ask the interviewee informed questions, know enough to stop the flow of bullshit when it begins.”

    This is the problem isn’t it?

    With the odd exception, journalists these days seem to be seriously under-educated in those areas that are having profound impacts on peoples’ lives, like climate science and economics. They have no tools in their kit to help them sift through a pile of bullshit and isolate the truths.

    Is this because inductees into journalism self-select by eschewing the hard sciences? I suspect so. There was a time when you couldn’t matriculate without some maths or science.

    Journalists like Mungo MacCallum (whose matriculation score would’ve got him into medicine) are a rarity.

  22. Mangrove Jack @ November 9, 2013 @ 9:52 am “Sir Marcus Oliphant once opined that TV could be a great educator.”

    Oh it still can be with a HTPC attached to the TV. We rarely watch dross anymore and with so much educational offerings and it is amazing what the Scientific community is creating. Whilst some is not as polished as professional productions, it isn’t dumbed down. We’ve had friends over and we found in Space Rip some wonderful music with Hubble pictures in 1080P which we put on the large screen whilst we chatted, ate and drank the evening away. We found it stunning and we were all commenting on how fascinating it was and the discussions began on what everyone had learned and discovered in the last period since we were all together. A wonderful night! ESA is less hyped and commercially slanted than NASA, but then NASA is a product of Capitalism’s pet baby, so it is easy to understand why.
    Want entertainment? Like Star Wars? Look up Dark Resurrection and be amazing what Fan Movie production can achieve. Turn that TV into a Monitor and learn, be amazed and entertain yourself for years without hard sell thrown down your throat.
    You will not regret it.

  23. Möbius Ecko @ November 9, 2013 @ 11:54 am “They always respond with they need the ads to make money.”
    No matter how much money they make, they will never reduce the ads as that amount of money is never enough.
    Capitalism is all about being a Junkie and never having enough to buy that next big hit to feed that insatiable need to buy happiness you crave so much and have never been able to find, because they haven’t learned you cannot buy true friendship and you have to give to receive without expecting it.

  24. Not so much junk coming out of Insiders this morning. Same for Nine and Seven.

    Insiders, kick in arse for their handling of the boats. Now, just as strong for saying, the actions on pollies entitlements changes being useless.

    Abbott is being presented as a fool. Nice change.

    Now onto wife swap. They cannot hire there own families, but can their mates.

    Now onto carbon tax.

  25. Insiders seems to take it in turns – bad week, not so bad week, bad week, not so bad week, etc.

    Expect next week’s to be the usual fortnightly stomach-churner.

  26. Yes, FU, Insiders passably watchable this morning. No Ackerman, Henderson, Walsh or Savva.

    The clip showing Abbott declaring that the Minister would answer all questions from the media followed by the actual Minister (Morrison) and his embroidered dummy dismissing all questions from the media was TV at its most entertaining.

    “I will not discuss it while the matter is on the water”. Quote of the week.

    And now with Jakarta saying there were 2 other boats it brings back memories of Children Overboard. Telling lies is embedded in the DNA of these bastards.

  27. Bill, I called Foxtel on this ‘no ads’ policy and was told that these ads keep foxtel subscriptions cheaper. Yeah right! I now record programs that I enjoy and fast forward through the ads. As the bloody shows are repeated half a dozen times a day and night it is easy to record while I am snoozing. The only advantage of having foxtel is that there is access to ‘grown up’ programs such as Discover Science, Nat Geo and foreign news broadcasters such as Al Jazeera, who are not controlled by the Murdoch press. BBC news is a waste of time and may as well call itself BBC Sports!

  28. I agree with you Jack, sadly, the media is the public’s only source of questioning what the government is doing at any given time on any given policy, and if these reporters are biased then the questions asked are biased. All I can think is that these reporters must be intellectually challenged or making sure they keep their jobs, as they are quite happy to be told by Julie Bishop to only ask questions on the 97% things we have in common with the Indonesians and not the 3% we are debating over and not one rejection from these reporters.

    The libs policy is to keep the public out of the loophole and they are using the press to do so. The newly established weekly press briefing is a joke, not to mention a rip off from the American system. It is OK to bullshit at the briefing providing one corrects the lies in a press release a couple of days after. And this is acceptable???? I thought Bill Shorten must have dropped off the planet as he has become the ‘invisible opposition leader’, so it suggests that he and other labor politicians are unable to get press coverage or he is waiting until parliament opens.

    Murdoch suggested that Tony is an example of a true statesman. Really Rupert, rather, he has switched his toga for lycra and sunscreen and if he was told to get on his bike no doubt he would take that literally as Rome burned behind him!

    I say, Hail Caeser, and beware the ides of march are upon you and your May budget!

  29. Have to agree regarding the lack of quality television. Perhaps it’s time to go back to reading 🙂
    Just a quick note on spelling: the correct terms are ‘ad nauseam’ and ‘dire straits’.

  30. You are more than welcome Voyager. I do think compliments are due when one does something well, even if it proselytizing your own uninformed inaccurate beliefs in what is truth, which you do with aplomb.
    But I will say I am surprised by a momentary lapse into sanity with your statement “All TV is such dribble”. Though I will refine that to not all, but most TV is dribble. Utilizing a Media PC on the TV, we have watched so much TV that is educational and informative, once you get away from all the commercial Pap that is dished up most places. Get one and leave the hypnotized Crowd, of the “Eyes wide shut” Brigade. I guarantee you will surprise even your jaded self!

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