Tony Abbott stumbles on


I doubt that there is anyone outside of Tony Abbott’s close circle of media apologists who is unsurprised at the arrogance of Abbott’s attitude towards our international neighbors.

Tact has never been Tony’s forté, and whilst here at home it is either overlooked, glossed over or apologised for by the Murdoch media; or even made a virtue of for that matter, abroad is where good manners, protocol and an adequate dose of humility are an integral part of the job.  Professionalism is expected.  While some small faux pas might be glossed over or explained away, plain bad manners and arrogance cannot be.

Australia has watched, sometimes with wry fascination, at other times with embarrassment as Abbott has either been unable to answer basic questions, been incapable of speaking “off the cuff” other than by the use of slogans, or, and especially when challenged:  he runs.  Perhaps expecting far more, the Murdoch media had their headlines ready before Abbott had even hopped onto the plane to Indonesia, this was to be Tony Abbott, the success; Tony Abbott, the powerhouse of diplomacy.  That is, the media were expecting, one way or another that Abbott would be able to somehow mysteriously morph into prime minister Abbott.  After all, some of the media perhaps speculated; the fleeing to escape questioning, the sloganeering, the asinine half thought out responses were really just “clever politics”…weren’t they…

Mainstream media had previously crowed with delight at the thought that Abbott has procured a “gotcha” on the issue of asylum seekers but had studiously overlooked the ineptitude of both Abbott and J. Bishop. Incidents such as Indonesia telling both Abbott and J. Bishop, and specifically that they would treat their assumptions most seriously were relegated to minor incidents by mainstream.  Reported incidents such as below were quickly replaced by yet more turn back the boats rhetoric from Abbott.  Abbott’s deliberate strategy was to give the impression that Indonesia had never said a word.

May 5, 2012:

An Indonesian official has accused Australia’s Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman, Julie Bishop, of promoting an arrogant policy on asylum seekers.

July 8, 2012:

As the Opposition Leader admitted his plan to send boats back as “dangerous”, he also appeared to concede he had not raised the issue of boatpeople with Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono when they met in Darwin last Tuesday.

“The fact is Indonesia knows exactly what our position is,” Mr Abbott told the ABC’s Insiders program, after being pressed repeatedly on whether he had broached the issue with the Indonesian leader in private talks.

“It’s not as if the Indonesians are in ignorance of what the Coalition intends.”

Clearly it was Tony Abbott himself who has been ignorant because a year later:

A furor over Australia’s policy of turning boats full of asylum seekers back to Indonesia has erupted ahead of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s first visit as Australian leader to its important neighbor.

Indonesia has warned that the Australian Navy’s plan to intercept and force back Indonesian fishing boats crowded with asylum seekers from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Myanmar could breach Indonesian sovereignty.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa drove home that message in a meeting with his Australian counterpart, Julie Bishop, in New York this week.

Why the surprise from the Murdoch media?  This is exactly what the Indonesians have been saying to both Abbott and J. Bishop for well over a year.

Reality in the form of an article by Raoul Heinrichs has finally appeared via the Sydney Morning Herald:

Abbott returned from his trip humbled and empty-handed. While the episode had been a disaster, he was spared the full embarrassment. A still-fawning press bought the distracting spin. Meanwhile, the previous government’s PNG solution began working, allowing Abbott to quietly backtrack from his commitments while taking credit for fewer boats.

With a prime example of “fawning” coming from The Australian’s Greg Sheridan:

TONY Abbott has had an extraordinarily successful first trip to Indonesia as Prime Minister. But it’s only the beginning of his adventures with Jakarta.

Agreed Greg, thus shone-eth Tony’s true radiance…

Could it be that the mainstream media and the Murdoch media in particular are suffering from a severe case of “Tony Abbott says….”, and as a result we end up with the Murdoch media giving the appearance of incompetence as they regurgitate whatever Tony Abbott says.  In March this year it was, “Tony Abbott says Indonesia will accept boats turned back”. In June, “Indonesian Vice President Dr Boediono said the country would not accept Australian vessels trying to return asylum seekers..”.  Ignore the Indonesian government and believe “Tony Abbott says……”.

A pertinent quote from the Sydney Morning Herald is:

THE Indonesian government has confirmed that it would not accept the towing back of asylum seeker boats to its shores, sources say.

The policy puts an incoming Coalition government in Canberra on a collision course with Indonesia after the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, reiterated the stance yesterday.

However, let’s not concern ourselves with what the Indonesians say, it is that which Tony Abbott and his backers in the media say which is of all importance.  The date of the above quote is July 6, 2012.  No, this is not a typo, the year is 2012.  It is therefore well over a year that Indonesia has been rejecting Tony Abbott’s I’ll turn back the boats policy.  Therefore although Raoul Heinrichs in his article quite accurately states that Abbott has “lurched from one diplomatic disaster to another“, these are hardly “rookie mistakes”; Abbott has been making the same ones for quite some time.

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  1. I am sure there will be much more amicable relations between the 2 nations.
    Have not heard from Indonesia ‘ that under current situation we are unable to
    accept Aussie Aid ‘
    Over the last 39 years there have been some real slouches with PNG but
    they remain our close friends.

  2. Raoul Heinrichs’ quote, unquote:
    “Meanwhile, the previous government’s PNG solution began working, allowing Abbott to quietly backtrack from his commitments while taking credit for fewer boats.”

    Betcha a meat pie that LABOR does not get the ‘blame’ or a well-deserved pat on the back for this solution that they originally implemented … The LNP will take credit for themselves ….

  3. ……and why is it Tony is stopping the boats. His ultimate success will be judged by how quickly he gets the illegal arrival numbers back to what Howard’s were…. Ahhh before Rudd and Gillard and the bleeding heart lefties dismantled Howard’s successful Pacific Solution, before they became responsible for 1,000 or more deaths at sea and before tens of Billions of taxpayer dollars were spent on one of the more stupid Labor/Green border protection policies.
    Fair dinkum. When is Labor going to learn. Don’t use Labor and Border Protection in the same sentence. It reminds the voters.

  4. While Liberals are shouting look over here with regard to asylum seekers with their Sovereign Borders policy, they are signing the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement which gives corporations sovereignty over Australian laws.

  5. What is it with the right wingnuts that they are so mind numbingly blind and asinine in that they ignore the indisputable facts put right in front of them whilst blindly and mindlessly believing the known prevaricators and deceivers of the Liberal party and media?

    Tweed has just exemplified this in spades, and he and the others do so nearly every time they post.

  6. But but the mendacious, moronic Murdoch misfits told us that Tone came back from Indonesia a ” statesman”. Umm err umm err surely they wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

  7. Most are forgetting , there are elections coming up in Indonesia earl in the new year. Present leaders will not be there.

    It will be a whole new ball game, and I see Abbott starting off with both hands ties behind his back.

    it is OK for Bishop to keep squealing that she wants all communications behind closed doors. After her first effort, where she came out with misinterpretation of what occurred, why would Indonesia agree to her request. They obviously do not trust this government.

  8. As for Hockey and Abbott, owing to the changes they have made, they now own the budget. They have reversed all that Labor put in place, therefor, the results are now theirs, not Labor.

    “……………..The Coalition’s behaviour since winning the election is totally at odds with their crisis rhetoric in opposition. They can’t get away with bluffing on economics for much longer, writes Ben Eltham

    You can say one thing about Joe Hockey’s early days as Treasurer: he has looked the part.

    Hockey has brought a truculent confidence to the role. Perhaps it’s his upbringing in a small business family, or his extensive connections with the Sydney business community. Or perhaps it’s just another aspect of the general belief of Liberal politicians that they are the natural party of government.

    It’s a marked contrast to his predecessor Wayne Swan, whose nervous and hesitant performance as the nation’s top economic policymaker slowly undermined Labor’s authority with voters.

    That chutzpah has been on show this week, as Hockey has tried to explain why his early decisions as Treasurer are directly at odds with his strident deficit rhetoric in opposition.

    So far as Treasurer, Hockey has added close to $9 billion to the budget deficit with a series of fiscal decisions that would mystify anyone who listened to the endless doom-saying about government debt over the last three years.

    If the nation really has a “budget emergency”, for instance, why would the government be giving the Reserve Bank a cool $8.8 billion to top up its slush fund? The Reserve Bank’s job is to keep prices stable and to maximise employment. Exactly why it needs a big war chest to finance its transactions is anyone’s guess. The grant could be described as an accounting adjustment, to allow the Reserve Bank to purchase more government bonds. Wayne Swan has said that in his briefings with the RBA, the grant wasn’t needed. So why is it needed now? Hockey has made no effort to explain.

    This week’s announcement on superannuation taxation is even more bewildering, at least if you think that the main priority for the nation’s finances is to get the budget back in the black. Hockey has decided to abandon tax hikes on super for the nation’s wealthiest, a move which will cost hundreds of millions more.

    The Government is also planning to dump a tax hike on self-education expenses, which disproportionately helped rich professionals, and to abandon Labor’s tax break to low-income earners. The super tax break was about evening up the lopsided nature of superannuation tax, in which the nation’s poorest actually pay a higher rate of tax on their super than millionaires. Labor had planned to fund the tax break from proceeds of their disastrous Minerals Resource Rent Tax. The Coalition will repeal the MRRT, so the super tax break for low-income earners goes too.

    Hockey is a reverse Robin Hood, taking from the poor and giving to the rich — the very rich, in some cases, including people earning more than $2 million a year.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Gail Kelly and David Thodey need a tax cut on their burgeoning superannuation accounts, however successfully they’ve lived up to their aspirations.

    Australia’s wealthy receive amazingly generous treatment of their superannuation. As we’ve pointed out at NM before, super in Australia is essentially a flat tax. Everyone is taxed at 15 per cent, whether they’re earning millions a year as a CEO, or just scraping by as a contract cleaner.

    For the very rich, super is a tax bonanza: instead of paying the top rate of 45 per cent on their earnings, income paid into super is taxed at one third that rate. For the poor, it’s grossly unfair. Low-income earners below the tax-free threshold of $18,200 pay no income tax. But they still pay 15 per cent on their retirement earnings.

    As a result, Australia is foregoing tens of billions of dollars in income tax revenue. For instance, the cost of giving that 30 per cent discount to high-income earners runs into many billions each year. For just the top 1 per cent of earners, this tax break is worth $2.1 billion a year, according to figures from the Treasury..”

  9. Oh look, we can always rely on those two Liberal Party staffers, Tweed & Voyager, to spout their usual bullshit in defense of their beloved imbecilic leader, Tony “Idiot Boy” Abbott. He really has gone to ground, lately, after being front & center for every photo op he could manage pre-election. I guess its cause he has to deal with the revolt breaking out within his own party (over policies like his PPL scheme) & the revolt breaking out between the Libs & the Nats over the GrainCorp sale. This mob are a bunch of disorganized rabble, & I demand fresh elections NOW!!! (see, bet you LibTard morons don’t like it so much when *we* demand fresh elections every 5 minutes).

  10. ………Hockey is a reverse Robin Hood, taking from the poor and giving to the rich — the very rich, in some cases, including people earning more than $2 million a year.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Gail Kelly and David Thodey need a tax cut on their burgeoning superannuation accounts, however successfully they’ve lived up to their aspirations.

    Australia’s wealthy receive amazingly generous treatment of their superannuation. As we’ve pointed out at NM before, super in Australia is essentially a flat tax. Everyone is taxed at 15 per cent, whether they’re earning millions a year as a CEO, or just scraping by as a contract cleaner.

    For the very rich, super is a tax bonanza: instead of paying the top rate of 45 per cent on their earnings, income paid into super is taxed at one third that rate. For the poor, it’s grossly unfair. Low-income earners below the tax-free threshold of $18,200 pay no income tax. But they still pay 15 per cent on their retirement earnings.

    As a result, Australia is foregoing tens of billions of dollars in income tax revenue. For instance, the cost of giving that 30 per cent discount to high-income earners runs into many billions each year. For just the top 1 per cent of earners, this tax break is worth $2.1 billion a year, according to figures from the Treasury……….

    He reminds me more of Friar Tuck.

  11. Abbott *cannot* stop the boats, & most certainly won’t turn them around now that Indonesia has given him what for. His pledges to the Australian electorate have already been proven to be typical Liberal Party lies. Indonesia really sent Abbott back with his tail between his legs-even to the point where he was prepared to undermine our nation’s own freedom of speech, in regards to West Papua. Another snivelling little toady, just like his mate Howard. Also, did anyone see him bowing & scraping towards Malaysia, after insulting them so badly last year (again, just for the sake of domestic political capital). Hardly the actions of an ADULT Prime Minister. More the actions of a “man-child”.

  12. Tony Abbott is proving to all Australians How Dumb he really is I have seen Not One Message of Praise for him anywhere, Whats the Bet Julie Bishop will come back to Australia and say it was another big Success Meanwhile in Indonesia They will be told the truth, The super Stupidity taking from the Less well off to Give to the Higher ups, Thanks Joe all rhe best Gina and Clive

  13. Yep he’s stopped them. Asylum seeker boat in trouble heading for Australia.

    And pissing off other countries continues unabated, this time East Timor has spoken out against this government.

    What an utter fucked government, definitely the worst this country has seen, or not seen as they keep hiding away.

  14. Congratulations Aspirant Capitalist Racist Hating Noalition voters. Like Campbell Newman and Barry O’farrell in States; You have managed to elevate the most unworthy lying moron in Australia’s history to the highest office in the land; thus making us an international laughing stock. I guess you get what you pay for …wheres the ACCC…oh thats on the chopping block tooooo

  15. Marcus, Indonesia has been giving Abbott and J. Bishop what for, for well over a year and probably longer. J. Bishop was called up for a please-explain it must be at least 18 months ago – however, both Abbott and Bishop ignored the Indonesians concerns completely, and so did the msm. Instead, Abbott refused to acknowledge the Indonesians and held yet another press conference spouting “I’ll stop the boats”. It is no wonder that the Indonesians are somewhat disgusted, it is as if their opinion means nothing. The Indonesians I believe suspect a certain amount of racism, that is, would their opinion be ignored and continuously for over 2 years (reported, unknown if private messages were sent by Indonesia to TA and JB) had they been a white christian nation.

  16. Thank you Ricky, that’s the exact article which I have quoted in my topic. It’s a ripper isn’t it. However, I do disagree with Raoul Heinrichs on one thing and that is Abbott’s problem is “a rookie mistake”, as per my topic..Abbott has been making the exact, same mistakes for some considerable time. I believe the problem is with Abbott the person ie. clueless. Imagine a man who uses sexual connotations to a teenage girls basketball team and all his other and many inappropriate comments being adept at diplomacy. 👿

  17. Throughout the election period I shuddered at the thought of Mr Rabbit travelling internationally and speaking for Australia. Aarghh! It’s turned out worse than even I imagined: not only does he embarrass every time he opens his mouth without a script, but he lies, and he offends. Give me STRENGTH.

  18. I must admit that Indonesia is taking a stronger stance than I thought they would. However, Abbott was warned more than 18 months ago by both senior defence forces personnel and by defence strategists that his policy wouldn’t just “sour” relations with Indonesia but might be the cause of an international incident. All ignored by the msm of course as they choofed off to take yet another happy snap of Their Tony holding a loaf of bread and a bag of onions.

    A mid-ocean stand-off between Australia and Indonesia appeared to be developing as a customs vessel tried to return a boatload of rescued asylum seekers to a reluctant Indonesia.

  19. So, apparently Abbott is “too busy” to give interviews to the press, yet has enough time to help launch luxury yachts. Sheesh, this is the laziest & most incompetent government I have ever witnessed.

  20. LOL Please don’t give me strength I might actually strangle him , Fair Dinkum He is so Obnoxious , Sadly there is a whole army of similar types along side him Sad times

  21. Marcus, there have most definitely been some rumblings from the msm. Before the election the press could always count on Tony to make himself available, however now that he’s been elected he’s far, far, too, too busy. Goodness, what on earth are the msm fill their newspages with now that they might actually have to work, go hunting for stories, do research now that Tony isn’t spoon feeding them.

  22. By November 6th 2012, 10 boats arrived carrying 640 people. This November, none. Zilch, zip, nada, nil. Not one. This could not be done without the co-operation of the Indonesian Govt who support Abbott.

  23. Crap Omnia. Comparing 2012 to now is disingenuous, which is why you do it, being a typical deceptive Liberal supporter.

    I’ve posted the data, but of course you have ignored it, on how the number dramatically declined in the weeks leading up to the election and have continued under Abbott. Abbott has nothing to do with it.

    And if you believe he has then can you point us to where his policy has been implemented, the funding arrangements for it, where the orders for the Navy are to turn them back, the budget arrangements to buy the boats are and most important where he and Indonesia agreed on his policy?

    And it’s very sad for this terrible government indeed if the only thing you so far have come up with in a lame and misguided attempt to praise a failing and bumbling Abbott on is a Labor government success.

    And again you get the facts wrong. There is at least one boat in November and maybe another that got into trouble recently, but you wouldn’t know because this government keeps it all secret and bullshits to everyone, which you as a numbingly mindless follower believe without reservation.

  24. What rubbish ME. Morrison has spent more time in Indonesia than in his own bed since the election and the results speak for themselves. You slant everything your way, but this is one you can’t. talk about mindless followers. Read it and weep. 640 arrivals -v- 0.

  25. Onanist,

    Tell us what the Lying Rabbbott has done to “stop the boats”.

    Their two core “polices – Buy the Boats and Turn the Boats Back – have been scuppered by the Indonesian.

    The Liberals LIED when they said they would do those things.

    The only policy that has caused the boats to slow down was Rudd Labor’s PNG policy. The boats started to slow immediately, a slowdown that’s continued to this day.

  26. Sounds like co-operation to me 😉

    SCOTT Morrison says it is unclear whether Indonesia or Australia will take a boatload of asylum-seekers caught in a high-seas stand-off between the two nations.

    But, despite vowing to “turn back the boats”, Mr Morrison could not say where the asylum-seekers would end up.

    “That’s not a matter that has been finally determined,” he told reporters at his weekly Operation Sovereign Borders press conference.

    Negotiations over the fate of asylum-seekers are underway with Indonesian authorities, who appear to have drawn a line at accepting back asylum-seekers rescued by Australian vessels.

    In Indonesia, the matter is being handled by Security Coordinating Minister Djoko Suyanto’s office, military headquarters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has refused to comment.

    A spokesman for Mr Suyanto told Fairfax that Indonesia was as yet, unwilling to take the vessel.

    “At least for the time being we will not accept them, since we consider them to be asylum seekers,” he said.

  27. For better or worse OQ, all you’re saying is that Rudd’s policies are working.

    Or should I say, were working. Suddenly it all seems to be unravelling under Morrison.

    Today’s briefing was couldn’t have been briefer.

    Read it and weep? No, OQ, I’m pissing myself laughing.

  28. why are journalists waiting for abbott to give interviews?,
    they published opinion stories day after day about the labor government for six years,why not do the same now,or better still do what they are supposed to do ,go out and investigate,

  29. What rubbish Omnia quaerite. I really wish you would read up on these matters before spouting off.

    Morrison has been fobbed off more times in Indonesia than any other Australian minister in our history. Read about his last miserable failure of a visit, on which I posted here, but of course it didn’t suit the right wing fantasy land Liberal supporter live in so you ignored it.

    Morrison was supposed to meet the Foreign Minister, but at the last minute got told he wouldn’t and it would be the head of Army instead. When he went to meet the head of Army he was told he wasn’t available and got to talk to a junior aid instead. Morrison came home with nothing but his tail between his legs and a lesson in diplomatic belittlement.

    These are the numbers you ignore misnomer:

    Weekly arrivals.
    Before election: 16, 4, 6, 4, 3, 6, 3
    After election: 5, 3, 5, 4, 2, 2, 0, 1+1?

    And stop lying. There has been one boat in November not counting the dispute going on with Indonesia right now over another, not the zero you state.

    You still haven’t answered what Abbott has done to reduce the numbers that were reducing in the weeks leading up to the election anyway. Currently Labor’s policy is still in place, not one word of legislation has been changed nor one dollar allocated outside of what Labor budgeted.

    And I’ll finish by again saying if all you have to praise this terrible government on is a squabble on boat numbers, then nothing more proves just how bad this government is.

  30. Omnia is a typical Abbott Adoring Drone. Never let *facts* get in the way of a good story. No doubt he’s just another employee of Menzies House, sent to troll any Center-Left blog sites they can find.

  31. There is more, much more to good governance than a few boat loads of asylum seekers.

    The first requirement, is to let the public in what you are doing. The second is to sell your actions and policies. To do that, opne has to face the media.

    This does not occur under this government.

    It is about low unemployment, triple a credit ratings from three international agencies.

    It is about low inflation,. It is about keeping growth going.

    It is about looking after those who cannot do so themselves.

    Yes, a few boats are low on most peoples agenda.

    Most are more concerned with good education and skill training.

    About providing the essential infrastructure for the future, which in this age, requires state of the art broadband, Yes, fibre to the premises.

    It is about protecting the environment, and addressing the damage that will be done, if the present level of carbon emissions continue.

    Yes, it is not about cutting welfare to the low paid, and cutting tax to the high income earners and big business.

    It is not about secretive government. It is not about being told, only we know what is good for you.

    It is not about insulting all the leaders of nations within our region. It is not about spreading lies, and misinformation.

    No, sorry, I cannot get that upset about a few boats. Full of people that will only be good for this country, as many are highly trained, and have skills we badly need.

    This is day 52 of this government. Wonder who they will upset or insult today.

    One has problems when Laurie Oakes turns on you. Bet that Gillard must be giggling at every word, Laurie is now penning.

  32. As far as I know, Morrison went to Indonesia once, and was not well received. We will never know for sure, as everything this government does, is in secret.

    Bishop has been back, more than once, trying to med fences. Well I hope that is what she is doing.

  33. The arrangements that are in place, with Indonesia taking people back, that are stranded in Indonesian waters was began by Gillard, and finalised by Albanese, before the election.

    Yes, there were people handed over, before September the 7th, in Indonesian waters. Nothing to do with this government.

  34. The only thing of importance that this government has done, is lower the number of refugees we will take, from 20,000 to 13,700. Have not read anywhere, what the likes of Malaysia and Indonesian thing of us taking less.

  35. PS jobs now going. Anyone on contract, which I imagine involves many small business as well, are going. Most Advisory groups are also on the way out. Looks like they will haver their 12,000 by Christmas

    This government, it appears knows all, and advice is not needed in any area.

  36. Indonesia is denying that boat is in there waters. So it looks like the battle is on. According to Morrison it is not a stand off.

    Not what the Indonesians are saying, Morrison might not be talking, but the Indonesians are.

  37. Tony Abbott went over to Indonesia and Came back saying its all been sorted out, BUT He actually turned to water He never objected to their stance , The Indonesian Press were Puzzled as to why He didn’t Pursue his Non sensical “turn Back the Boats” mantra, The Lnp have been told Often that Indonesia will not accept them Back, Yet Julie Bishop tells us they are agreeable, Obviously Nonsense, The Indonesians know they”r dealng with a fool , Hence all the Pretend Fuss about the spying all countrys do it , Tony Abbott is struggling to come up with an answer, Surely the Generall Public can see through this clown of a Man, Mistakes are Building up. Indonesia will extract a lot more from Mr Silly

  38. I’ve been to Java….. sorry.. sorry… I mean.. to Indonesia twice…. so I’m a bloody exthpert.. right !! …. so I say this to RW supremacists all across the MSMLNP ” Pull ya head in, dinosaur” or learn the hard way, dickhead …. 😯

  39. Well Abbott’s first test on turning back the boats… FAIL.

    Indonesia has stated categorically it will not accept turned around asylum seekers and has no obligation to do so, they are Australia’s problem. This is unlike the previous government where three times in similar situations Indonesia took back the asylum seekers.

    The news reports this morning stated Abbott has no choice but to take the current group of asylum seekers to Christmas Island.

    What upsets me about the currently situation is not the mess Abbott has got himself into, even though it was flagged over 12 months ago, but the secrecy of the current government that appears to be endorsed by their right wing supporters.

    For their faults at least the previous Labor government was open and transparent on what was happening with asylum seekers, giving up to the minute accounts and detailing every incident and action in response.

    With this government we get complete secrecy and deceit. A weekly briefing that is an utter farce as the latest incident proves. Not a word on it from Morrison with his briefings stating there have been no boats for November, which is a lie.

    If the previous Labor government had engaged in this sort of reprehensible obfuscation and secrecy the right wingers here would have been livid in their condemnations, yet at the moment we have silence and strawmen from them. It means they have no credibility or repute so can be readily dismissed as the mindless ideological followers of a wanting political party they are.

  40. Rudd was the stupid one, with the most stupid comment from a Politician
    for a decade.Labors best solution for Rudd would be to ake him to the
    Taxidermist , and leave the end product in the loading dock at Sussex St.
    Rudd hit by a truck , only way to knock a bit of sense into him!

  41. Shorter Voyager.

    “Please, please, please I’m begging you don’t look at my idiot Abbott, quick look over there, Rudd!”

  42. The media blackout (for that’s what it is) is just so cynical ME. It tells us all we need to know about what this government thinks of us, the mug electors.

    The “news” is called that because it is what’s “new”.

    When the “news” is a week old, this government knows that the media won’t be that interested. Or so it hoped.

    But now the deception is the “news”.

    Meanwhile conservative bloggers are rejoicing now that the “adults”are in charge.

  43. Yes, that Asian Century is still a reality. We have this Honourable government insulting all in the region.

    What happened to the MP that wanted to be seen as the infrastructure PM. All we see, is him pulling down all infrastructure, that is already in place. Yes, it also includes highly educated, healthy and skilled workforce.

    It includes the technology for this century. It includes new technology and science, that is to be discovered.

    It is about more that roads, tollways and bridges.

    It is about what Abbott is throwing to the dustbin of history,.

    “………….It is barely a decade old, but some pundits are already declaring the end of the “Asian century”. The Abbott government appeared ready to bury it after the recent archiving of the Gillard government’s much-touted Australia in the Asian Century white paper. Even the internet version has been laid to rest in the cyber cemetery of the National Library of Australia’s web archive.

    Yet the Abbott government’s early activities in office suggest that the Asian century is far from being dead, buried and cremated. In fact, it is an increasingly important political reality.

    The early days of the Abbott government…………….

    …………….At the same time, it is vital that Australia does more than simply replicate “the key lessons from Asia”. All public administration systems are products of their own particular history and tradition, and any good analyst knows that lessons cannot simply be transferred. Rather, they must be tested and adapted for a new context. This is what all successful public administration systems do constantly. In fact, it is one of the reasons that Australia’s public service is so highly regarded internationally.

    Today, more evidence is available about the merits of different public service systems in Asia. More scholars are writing about them in mainstream journals and media, and more space is being created for these ideas in high-profile forums, including TED Talks.

    Such contributions offer some challenging perspectives on vital policy issues. These include the privileging of age and experience over youth and ideas, the valuing of collective interest over self interest, and the prioritisation of long-term planning over short-term satisfaction.

    Getting beyond the rhetoric to the reality and exploring the contribution of these ideas and others to future public administration is critical to ongoing foreign and domestic policy success for Australia. Debates and discussions will further identify new opportunities for research and policy exchange about good public administration in a global context.

    Clearly, the Asian century remains a critical concern for public administration, policy and governance. From recent government actions to professional development of Australia’s public servants, research agendas and the education of future public managers, Asia’s development endures as a central concern.

    Whatever language you speak or choose, the Asian century is just beginning.

    The University of Melbourne’s School of Government will host the Public Policy in the Asian Century conference on December 9-10…………..”

    It is about much more than a few boats coming to this wide brown land of ours.

    Would have to be the first government, when such people as the minister for defence, after meeting with a similar minister in another country, does not turn up for a joint press conference. Never heard of such behaviour before.

    One can only come the the conclusion, that there was no agreement reached. That the Australian minister had nothing to offer. Saying the meeting was fruitful or worthwhile, tells us nothing.

    Could one also say, this government has no concept of manners. or how to be respectful to others.

    Surely they can do something right. Hate being so negative.

  44. Special minister state on ABC 24. Going to train MP how to claim expenses. Why not just give them a set amount.

    Strengthening declarative form. Will have to pay extra 25% penalty.

    The problem seems to be, they are unable to tell the difference between personal expenditure, and that needed to carry out their job.

  45. The present situation with that little boats, is that Australia could find itself before the courts in Europe. Especially if they are still on the boat.

    Indonesia has been clear from day one,. They have been consistent in saying, they will not support such action., Abbott and Morrison seem to have their head in the sand, telling us, everything is honky dory. Do not they realise, most can see in minutes what is been said in the countries of our near neighbours.

  46. The people on the boat, have been transferred to Christmas Island. Would say, Indonesia won this none existent confrontation. ABC 24

  47. Fed up @ 12:24 pm

    Just as the early morning news reports stated would happen.

    A massive slap in the face to Abbott and already his turn back the boats policy has failed, proving it was always nothing more than a three word slogan, let alone his “buy the boats” one.

    Abbott just may have sent a message to people smugglers to gear up and start sending boats as he can’t stop them.

  48. Tony said the government is open for business.

    Did we hear wrong, and what he said, he is handing over the government to business.

    Outsourcing the lot.

  49. Why does small business and the Australian voter support big business ripping them off?

    “………….Now, with Abbott’s plan to abolish the cut-down mining tax, the small business concessions are being withdrawn and the phase-up of compulsory super has been deferred for two years.
    With all the pressure on the Abbott government’s budget, and the super industry extracting a promise from Abbott not to make any further savings on the concessional taxation of super, I’m prepared to bet the two-year deferment will become permanent.
    Thus did the rest of business allow the miners to screw them over. And thus did the miners destroy faith in one of the techniques tax reformers believed made major tax reform possible: put together a large package with a mixture of wins and losses and the various industry lobbies keep each other on board in the wider interest.
    But it doesn’t stop there. When the miners and the rest of business dream of further tax reform under the Abbott government what do they have in mind? Mainly, a big cut in the company tax rate.
    Do you really see the Abbott government daring to fund such a cut by increasing the GST?
    Had the minerals resource rent tax survived and got past its accelerated depreciation phase, the fact that the most highly profitable part of the corporate sector (along with the banks) was paying a lot more tax on its profits would have greatly strengthened the argument for a general cut in the company tax rate. This is particularly so because mining is so heavily foreign-owned. So the absence of the resource rent tax makes a cut in the company tax rate a lot less likely.
    One way a cut in the rate could still be afforded is if it was covered by a broadening of the base by the removal of sectional concessions. But the bitter experience of the demise of the mining tax package makes it less likely any government would risk proposing such a compromise.
    We can continue going down the road of ever-more blatantly self-interested behaviour by political parties on the one hand and industry lobby groups on the other, but while we do so it’s idle to dream of major reform.
    What we can do – as the miners have shown – is veto any reform we don’t fancy………….”

    Read more:

  50. Speaking of Mr Zimmerman LOVO, I got this earworm this morning after not having heard the song for many, many years, so I thought I’d be kind and considerate and share it with my online friends :mrgreen:

  51. Well Bishop is being honest in her speech in WA. Yes, she will govern for the business and the economy.

    ABC 24. The rest of her speech is fairy land stuff.

    What do we mean by economic diplomacy, id the question Bishop is asking.

  52. Bishop has met the Indonesian FM seven times, since September the 18th. That uis the day, they took control of government. Yes, 53 days ago.

  53. “.Mid-ocean stand-off: Indonesia takes a hard line
    Comment: PM plays politics with diplomacy
    TONY Abbott’s government capitulated to Indonesia on Friday night, ordering a Customs boat with up to 63 refugees on board to go to Christmas Island.
    A refugee source in Indonesia contacted Fairfax Media early on Saturday to say the boat had reached the Australian territory on Friday night after immigration minister Scott Morrison failed to convince Indonesia to accept their return.
    “I have friends on the boat,” the source said in a text message, “and yesterday he says, ‘my boat [has] reached’.”
    The sourc..”

    Read more:

  54. The adult are back in charge. Abbott still in electioneering mode. Still blaming Labor for all.

    ABC 24.

    Well someone has to say they are doing wonderful. May as well to be Abbott and Bishop.

    Yes, and the slogans are still in full force.

  55. Abbott has a ne4w rule that any cabinet submissions have to be given to him ten days before any cabinet meeting. We now know why. Yes, so the experts can go over them.

    Who are the experts?

    I suspect Credlin and her crew.

  56. Getting ready to go, them ask about the carbon tax, Grin back on face.

    Trouble was, it was connected to the proposed half senate election rerun.

    Back to referendum. Now gone, no more questions taken.

    Why did he bother?

  57. Not asked a question on budget blow out.

    Wonder why not, as Bishop has just told us, all will be focused on economics, here and overseas.

  58. This will lead to happened last time. After three years. living in Limbo, they will be given permanent visas.

    What I cannot work out, who are to be given TPV. Those already here bridging visas, or those that come legally as well.

    If only those Eveready here, I cannot see the advantage of changing from bridging to TPV. The present system has lest rights. They had no chance of a visa, until those in Indonesia and Malaysia managed to get here.

    They are being put at the end of a long queue. With this taking less people, the queue will be even longer.

    I they are going to treat all, the same as they did those from Timor and the Yugoslav states. while Howard was in power.

    Keep asking, but I get reply.

    “…………“Predictably, we’ll see people become agitated and distressed again as they realise the situation. Many of these people come from extremely vulnerable backgrounds, and this will further stress them.
    “I really think there is a lack of longitudinal thinking about what is likely to happen with these people. It is important that we collect data on that.”
    The government reviews a TPV holder’s status every three years; refugees can be deported if conditions in their home country are deemed to have changed such that they are no longer considered to be in danger there.
    Hogarth is emphatic that this, and the fact that the visa doesn’t grant the right to family reunion, is punitive.
    “No one seems to understand [that by re-instituting TPVs] the government is saying, ‘Forget about your wives and kids, leave them to be bombed in Quetta or go back and join them, but do not ever think of bringing them here as we are not going to let you,’” she says.
    “Some have already lost family members in Pakistan since they arrived in Australia and they live in fear every day that their wives or children will be killed.
    “For a country that signed the convention, it beggars belief…………..”

  59. Did one notice the difference between the two PC. Abbott tried to the questions.

    When he failed, scuttled away. Marles stood there, answering all questions in a open manner.

  60. 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  61. In the meantime Abbott continues what he started as the most expensive LOTO in our history, determined to be the most expensive PM in our history.

    He’s using the RAAF VIP jet as a taxi for himself, Liberal ministers and their families along with racking up massive bills for the PM office. Wonder how much of our tax payers money goes to Credlin?

  62. Once he puts all into the air-force planes, no way of checking up.

    What they have not dealt with,, is what does work relate expenses apply to.

    The trouble seems to be, that many cannot see and difference between personal and official outings.

    Should we be paying MPs to visit lobbyist, on their home turf.

    Why do the football clubs and like invite politicians to their events for. Could not to be to butter them up for more grants.

    To me, it is simple, unless they have a official role to play, it is personal.

    They should not be able to claim for party work , or for electioneering, outside the official election campaign.

    We should not have to pay for three years of Abbott, crossing the country each day, for a campaign stunt and photo op. That should have come from his party.

    None of these issues were addressed in that long and detailed report today.

    We do not pay, if it is personal, party politics, campaigning or dealing with lobbyists.

    I forgot, and when one is claiming to do charity work, or taking part in sporting events.


  63. Could he have been exaggerating. Cannot be true. Abbott would never do that. Not the man that wants to build trust.

    “……So that was a bit disappointing about power prices, but I’d also seen Abbott touring fish markets, butchers and even the Weet-Bix factory warning about the carbon tax, so maybe there was better news about my grocery bills. On this, the Australian Food and Grocery Council said that while the “government and the community may have expectations that food and grocery prices will come down immediately after abolishing the carbon tax”, most businesses had been unable to pass it on. Therefore, the food and grocery council said:

    “There will not be an across the board reduction in food and grocery prices once the carbon tax is repealed.”

    This was especially disappointing given Kate Carnell, while head of this council, had happily been quoted by the Daily Tele and Herald-Sun the day after the carbon price design was revealed saying that prices would rise in the vicinity of 5 per cent or more.

    And then the Business Council of Australia topped it all off, noting:

    “It must also be recognised that the proportion of the carbon price that has been passed through may be less than the full carbon price depending on the nature of the industry and contract. This has implications for government and community expectations about the scale of price reductions.”

    Surely they couldn’t be suggesting that the community’s expectations about the impacts of the carbon price are based on exaggerated claims?

    Abbott couldn’t possibly have been elected on the basis of a great big lie of his own, could he?

  64. Haha. Being the butt of so many jokes, most self inflicted, this early in his stewardship does not bode well for the Abbott.

  65. Why are they allowing Morrison to act like a fool at this time. Turning back boats is no longer needed, ever if it was. Just am obsession that neither Abbott or Morrison seem able to let go. Circumstances have changed.

    Time to stop playing politics.

    The PNG answer changed the whole playing field.

    “…………Once again the Abbott government has needlessly antagonised Indonesia. Attempting to return a vessel laden with asylum seekers to Indonesia at a time when the country is furious about Fairfax Media’s revelations of Australian spying activity across the archipelago was dumb.
    To do it while Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and Defence Minister David Johnston were in Indonesia was pointlessly provocative and only added to the likelihood Australia would be rebuffed.
    Returning boats to Indonesia is hardly critical operationally to stemming the flow of asylum seekers to Australia. It is a purely political policy. Abbott needs to show the Australian public he can, indeed, turn back the boats. But Labor’s PNG Solution has already done most of the new
    government’s work for it. Yet Abbott and his Immigration Minister Scott Morrison keep pushing, apparently blase about the anger it provokes in Indonesia, where issues of sovereignty remain acute after centuries of colonialism.
    Also undercutting the government’s authority is the dome of secrecy it has placed over information. Morrison’s press conference on Friday was a farce as he declined to inform the Australian public what was actually going on with the boat stand-of……”

    Read more:

  66. No wonder the FM has been talking to the Indonesian FM seven times.

    One has to wonder about the two that sunk near Indonesia. One the navy could not find.

    “…………Desy Nurhayati, The Jakarta Post, Nusa Dua, bali | Sat, 11/09/2013 11:03 AM | Headlines
    Indonesia and Australia were involved in a maritime standoff on Friday after Jakarta declined to accept a group of asylum seekers rescued by an Australian vessel.

    Agus Barnas, a spokesman for the Office of the Coordinating Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Minister, said the government’s policy was that Indonesia should no longer accept asylum seekers from Australia.

    Out of six asylum seeker boats rescued by Australian vessels recently, Indonesia declined to receive the last three requests for transfer, which happened between September and November, Agus said. …….

  67. You guys just don’t read the game. This whole recent performance with Indonesia accepting/not accepting safe/unsafe boats, coupled with Morrison saying that he will be clarifying the issue but regardless the current batch of illegals will go to Christmas Island/Manus/Nauru (and will never get to Australia) is all a performance for who? The illegal queue jumpers you whispering dills. The illegal queue jumpers all communicate with each other. They would be reading that regardless of what Indonesia and Morrison decide they will get shafted. We either get picked up from a sinking boat and get delivered back to Indonesia or we get picked up from a sound boat and go to Manus/Nauru…. with the guarantee from Morrison that we will never go to Australia. If I was an Illegal queue jumper about to spend $10,000 I wouldn’t think my choices or outcomes look very good and that it is a crap investment.
    ………exactly what Abbott and our government wishes to achieve.
    Turn Back The Boats is working…….. and we are not surprised.
    I can still remember in 2008, the moist eyed lefties, with a vacant karma smile and the warm inner glow, congratulating each other on dismantling Howard’s Pacific Solution.
    …and 6 years later and billions of taxpayers dollars and 1,000+ drowned at sea those same lefties (remaining) now struggle to outdo each other and try to claim ownership of Abbott’s Pacific Solution.
    Labor and Border Protection………Kids With Matches…. neither should be allowed.

  68. Oh how deluded you are Tweed, so much so I almost feel sorry for you.

    So much desperation in your post by name calling and labelling legal asylum seekers “illegal” and queue jumpers. You confirm in spades that Abbott is failing, not just in this but as a government and most of all as a PM.

    As to the game you deluded fool you, most of what you state in that rant of yours is Labor policy, not Abbott’s. Abbott hasn’t implemented anything yet except to keep everything secret, for which even his staunchest supporters in the media are now turning on him. Even the weekly briefings are to go because this terrible failure of a government can’t handle simple questions, honesty and facts being thrown at them, just as your post proves you can’t.

    There was a sound policy that would have worked in the Malaysian solution, but Abbott denied that being implemented for the sole reason it was Labor policy. Instead we’re stuck with a deceptive, lying and bumbling government staggering from one policy failure to another whilst cloaking itself in secrecy in the hope they won’t be found out as the fools they are, and we always knew they were.

  69. Sorry forgot to add that the single thing Abbott attempted to implement of his own asylum seeker policy, stop the boats, FAILED miserably, so much so he’s probably sent a message to people smugglers that Abbott is all talk and to start the boats coming again.

  70. Michael I kid you not, this is one of Abbott’s excuses for accepting the asylum seekers instead of giving Indonesia what for.

    Senior Liberal sources have confirmed Mr Abbott believed it was possible Indonesia would have accepted the asylum seekers but he did not want the stand-off to drag on into the opening of parliament and overshadow the carbon tax debate.

    You just have to be fucking kidding, just how stupid does Abbott think people outside of his gormless rusted on followers are.

  71. Abbott and stop the boat is getting a well deserved kick in the arse on Insiders this morning. Same on Nine and Seven

    Same in all the print media.

    Parliament sits this week. Should be interesting.

  72. Carol, or maybe someone else can answer my concerns.

    I believe that defence force, like the judiciary, should always be seen as being at arms length to politicians.

    The defence forces should only be used in the defence of the country.

    The asylum seekers pose no danger to this country.

    We now have a three star general, in charge of government departments, direct by a minister.

    We know this, as Morrison said in his announcement yesterday, he directed the general to take the people to Christmas Island.

    So Morrison has taken, to himself, more power than the

    I am not too sure, if challenged, that there could be Constitutional questions to answer. If not, the lines between the politicians and the defence force are being blurred.

    We will have ministers, directing the forces directly in war zones next.

    Who is the head of the armed forces. I was under the impression, they answered to the GG.

  73. Abbott foreign policy in ‘disarray’

    The coalition government’s boat turn-back policy has failed and its foreign policy is in disarray, Labor says.

    The government on Saturday ordered a Customs boat to bring 63 asylum seekers to Christmas Island after Indonesian authorities refused to take them back to Java during a 24-hour high seas stand-off.

    Opposition immigration spokesman Richard Marles says it’s now completely plain that turn-backs are not happening.

    ‘We have had Indonesia from day one saying they won’t accept tow-backs,’ Mr Marles told Sky News on Sunday.

    ‘It was inevitably going to fail. And that’s what we saw yesterday.’

    Mr Marles said the prime minister’s ‘more Jakarta, less Geneva’ approach to foreign relations was also in tatters.

    ‘Its foreign policy is in a state of disarray today as well,’ he said.

    Mr Marles conceded asylum seeker boats had slowed over the last few months but said that was primarily because of Labor’s tough Papua New Guinea resettlement deal.

    ‘The change point is not September 7, the change point is July 19,’ he said.

    ‘It’s because of what Labor put in place.’

    Labor leader Bill Shorten said the government’s boat policy was in serious trouble.

    ‘There’s no doubt in my mind that the coalition’s boat person policy is absolutely not working,’ he told ABC television.

    Mr Shorten also slammed the ‘pattern of secrecy’ surrounding the government’s asylum policies.

    ‘They’re not answering questions about what’s happening,’ he said. ‘We are finding out more about what the Australian government’s doing in the Jakarta Post than we’re finding out from the government ministers.’

    And the government had damaged Australia’s relationship with Indonesia in just eight weeks, he said.

    ‘That has got to be a land-speed record for getting things wrong.’

    Mr Shorten also said the slowdown in boat arrivals was largely due to Labor’s PNG solution.

    Tony Abbott on Saturday described the stand-off as a setback but said the coalition’s boat policies were working.

    Government frontbencher Christopher Pyne said on Sunday he didn’t believe Indonesia’s refusal to take back asylum seekers was punishment for reports that Australia had been spying on Indonesia.

    ‘I don’t think so,’ he told Network Ten.

    ‘The recovery of our border protection … is not going to be a straight line. There will be times when it zig zags in different directions because that is the nature of this very complicated process.’

    The number of boat arrivals had dropped by 75 per cent since the coalition was elected, he said.

    ‘The message is out there, the boats have been turned back, sometimes it won’t work that way and those people who have come to Christmas Island will go straight to Manus Island or Nauru,’ he said..

  74. “– Appointed himself as Minister for Womens Policies and Programs and Indigenous Affairs.
    Let’s just dwell on that last one, shall we? Feel that indignation rising? Scarcely able to form a coherent response to such a display of arrogance? Perfect. Tony just trolled you.”
    Great list of tones F*UPS

  75. If Abbott had the ability to cope with the media, he would be out every day.

    And that’s with FRIENDLY media! Imagine how utterly dysfunctional he’d be with HOSTILE media like Labor prime ministers have to cope with. He’s as weak as bathwater.

  76. cuppa if that had been the case from day dot, that’s going back to when he first became a Howard minister, he would have been drummed out of politics then let along making it through to LOTO in a back stab and then PM on the back of meaningless three word slogans and lies.

    You can even go back to college days where he was protected for his stupidity and bullying. The man has never stood on his own merit or two feet, even now he has a woman doing all the thinking for him and a cadre of faceless powerful men protecting him.

  77. Just listened to Gillard’s speech at the Women’s Trust, what a star. That the Australian people traded this outstanding individual for a babbling baboon as P.M., defies all known logic. I bloody despair.

    Still I look on the bright side, Abbotts tenure will set back conservative politics in this country for a generation. Unfortunately before that happens we will have to suffer this fool for three long years. There will be trouble on the streets before Abbott is finished, the people that voted for this babbling baboon, have a big shock coming to them. He will make that other aberration in Australian politics a one John Winston Howard look like a bloody social worker.

  78. Yes, Abbott has a problem. Gillard, after every outing, is being treated as a star, and with great respect. Maybe Abbott should give some thought, to refrain from talking about her in a derogatory manner, every time he opens hos mouth. Could backfire. No, will backfire.

  79. “That was gold.”

    Thanks, but I wish it wasn’t true. Tony Abbott will go down as the biggest most useless bastard, to grace the halls of parliament house. I for one, when I look at this ‘THING’ Think to myself, out of all the people in this country more than qualified to be the P.M. Abbott is the best we can do? The mind boggles.

    I can say with all the sincerity and seriousness I can muster, Abbott is not fit to empty my rubbish bin, much less be the P.M. of this country. He will/has made us a laughing stock.

  80. I for one and I admit it, did not like Gillard as a politician. I was wrong. It is a pity she did not display the same passion and intellectual capability she has in spades in office.

    It is no good going over old ground but Rudd/Murdoch/Talk Back is responsible for our current situation. For mine, the Labor party has again erred by making Bill Shorten the leader. He has I’m afraid all the charisma of a shop front mannequin. We are in for interesting times.

  81. PJ, Gillard did show what we seen today. One seen it everyday in QT. She showed it in every speech she made.

    Somehow, all that came from her, was manipulate to show her in a different light.

    One only had to take that alleged lie, where she was taken out of context, with half the paragraph being shown, over and over.

    Even the misogyny speech was made to appear, as she was calling the gender card. It was never shown the abuse she got from that front shadow bench every question time. The sexist language and abuse was the norm.

    There were very few questions from Abbott, that could be answered. Most were unanswerable.

  82. P.J. Bill Shorten is not leadership material,”Full stop” for a start I didn’t like his soft approach to the LNP travelling allowance debacle.

  83. Babbling baboon is so apt for Abbott.

    Since the right wingers have been going on so much about Abbott supposedly stopping the boats, based purely on what they’re told by the Abbott government, I wonder what they now think of him and his government in apparently keeping secret other boats that Indonesia refused to take back.

    They only go on about Abbott stopping boats because it’s the only thing they think he’s been successful at since winning government, everything else have been monumental flops. But now the boats are the biggest failure of them all, including well and truly pissing off a big and important neighbour, it seems they have an empty kitty except for Labor strawmen.

  84. Interesting to see that Hunt is so far down on Abbott’s minsters. Wonder were Pyne is on that list.

    It appears that much of Hunt’s power was taken off him. Most given to Bishop.

    Yes, Labor must keep pressure on Abbott to release what his plans are, re carbon emissions. My belief is, that we are going to see a 180 degree turn, and they drop all plans.

    “………….However, it now seems clear that despite that debt Hunt is very far on the outer in this Government. He was perfect to give the Coalition a green wash but his environmental credentials also worked against him and there is deep suspicion of him within Abbott’s office.
    The first sign of this was the release of the Abbott ministry list. It is not widely known but ministers appear on the list in order of seniority and Hunt was down in the cellar – third from the bottom. To compound the snub, his portfolio was stripped of responsibility for international climate change negotiations, with the issue being tacked onto Julie Bishop’s responsibilities.
    Domestic and international climate change issues are deeply interlinked and the UNFCCC negotiations; the international negotiations have informed and shaped domestic policies around the world for the last 30 years. As a result, the Abbott ministerial change was the first time in over 20 years, the responsibility for the issue had not been with the environment or climate change minister.
    At the time, Hunt’s office put on a strong face; it was a formal Ministry of Government change but he and Bishop would still be working closely together on international climate change issues. But deep down it must have hurt Hunt.”

    ……………..The word filtering out of Government now is that Hunt was still desperately lobbying to go to Warsaw along with Bishop. Bishop resisted the entreaties but then decided she had better things to do anyway and won’t be going……………

    Abbott not seen out today, re the disaster in the Philippines, Maybe he fears being asked, if this the worse cyclone they have ever seen, could be connected to man made climate change, caused by carbon emissions.

    Then he has not been seen in the Blue Mountains either. Well, not by those burnt out.

  85. One thing about Tony, and this is that he never ever takes responsibility for his own actions. Everything is always someone else’s fault, whether it be not gaining the support of the Independents or even losing a race to Bill Shorten..always there is an excuse. However, giving him credit for a sly type of intellect, he has the asylum seeker issue tied up with pretty pink bows. Firstly he had the msm ignoring Indonesia’s warnings about how they would take any attempts to turn back boats very seriously..Their Tony forged on regardless with the rhetoric. And that was at least 18 months ago, so it’s not as if Abbott didn’t know. Now that Indonesia has been as good as their word, whose fault is it? Tony’s? No of course it isn’t. It’s all Indonesia’s fault.

  86. Maybe he fears being asked, if this the worse cyclone they have ever seen, could be connected to man made climate change, caused by carbon emissions.

    Maybe he fears being asked “Is this the time to be ‘Going It Alone’ in withdrawing money from foreign aid?

  87. One thing about Tony, and this is that he never ever takes responsibility for his own actions.

    “No surprises, no excuses” 😉

    Mind you, the msm appear very surprised that the Indonesians are doing precisely what they said would do on several occasions BEFORE the election

  88. “…and this is that he never ever takes responsibility for his own actions. Everything is always someone else’s fault…”

    Carol he learnt that from the master of it, one John Winston and he is nowhere near as good at it as Howard was.

    For everything good Howard patted himself on the back and spent large amounts of tax payers money say how good he is, even if he had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    For every bad, he blame shifted, spending large amounts of tax payers money saying why it wasn’t his fault and how good he was in fixing it, even if it was demonstrably his fault and he actually fucked it up.

    Early days yet but I’m expecting the billions of tax payers dollars to start flowing very soon on espousing Abbott’s virtues and how all these failures are everyone else’s fualt, especially Labor’s.

  89. One wonders if abbortt should really consider staying completely clear of grassy knolls..and/or Portsea beaches.. just sayin 😯

  90. Abbott’s destruction of Australia in the shortest time possible continues on unabated.

    His latest cuts are to agriculture, you know that part of our nation and economy that are not important because they don’t dig minerals or suck gas out of the ground. It’s only the Nationals who are concerned with these things after all and they will smoodge to the Liberals no matter what anyway.

    So pest and other agriculture protection measures are to go and 220 jobs are to go in forced redundancies. Who cares if foreign pests and diseases get in and wipe out our agriculture, there’s still plenty of stuff in the ground to make money off for a squillion years, even if we remove the resource tax on it, give the exceedingly wealthy owners free reign and tax cuts to sponge even more money from us, and nearly all of the money goes overseas.

    And the thing is about these latest round of cuts and sackings is they are another significant Abbott policy failure.

    Remember Abbott promising that the cuts to government will be through natural attrition? Another FAIL.

    Agriculture is the latest in a string of agencies and departments to try voluntary redundancies in an effort to reduce their workforces because the Abbott government’s natural-attrition strategy has failed to deliver reductions since September’s election.

    Shit how many failures in just 9 weeks is this now?

    In the meantime even if Abbott is kicked out after just one term, the damage from his capitulating to damaging provisions in free trade agreements to the dismantling of protections for our environment and industries will have done immeasurable long term, if not permanent damage. That’s the terrible part about his and his government’s egregious ineptitude, the damage they are reeking to this country because of it.

  91. Great read Moby. You still don’t get it or in AFL parlance…you don’t read the game.
    Labor’s current commentary on Tony’s Pacific Solution is like having your wayward child come home and vomit on the lounge room floor then the next day gives advice on how to clean up the Vomit.
    Which dickhead leftie politician said along the lines ….. Dismantling Howard’s Pacific Solution was his greatest achievement and gave him his greatest satisfaction……….remember Moby Gillard and Rudd and the Labor lefties had to be dragged kicking and screaming to return to offshore processing and Tonys Pacific Solution.
    The punters remember this. Tony is tough like Ruddock and Howard were. Looking after the countries interests. The waste of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years still pisses me off. What a waste…..

  92. Sorry Tweed but it’s you who haven’t a clue on the game and who has vision that’s half a field out of whack with the flow of it.

    There was a good solution that would have worked but because it was a Labor solution Abbott slammed it and along with the Greens stopped it going through. The result is the utter mess Abbott now has as he flounders and flops around like a flounder out of water.

    Remember Tweed that Labor took this cruel and inhumane solution because Abbott would not allow them to implement a humane and workable regional solution, and the region is turning on Abbott big time.

    On top of that you have taken your eye off the ball. This current solution is not Abbott’s at all, he has his yet to be implemented Sovereign Borders, with “stop the boats”, “buy the boats”, “we’ll dictate to Jakarta not the other way round”, TPVs that are kinder than Labor’s Bridging Visas, etc.

    The denial of any asylum seekers residency in Australia, even if found genuine, is Labor’s cruel and unwarranted policy, not Abbott’s. Abbott has tacked it onto his yet to be implemented Sovereign Borders.

    So before you go on about the game it behoves you to first of all make sure you are playing the right game and secondly you haven’t turned up at the wrong ground like you obviously have.

    Waste. Oh my fucking god, you’re utterly joking. Again you’re looking at the wrong game. Abbott has increased spending by 10% just in the first two months alone whilst punishing the most vulnerable in our community, like pensioners, in savage and misdirected cuts. He’s sending this country down the gurgler you fool whilst he’s splashing around millions in misdirected and wasted spending, and that’s before he’s implemented the very expensive in ineffective DAP along with the huge largess of his PPL scheme.

    Waste, you haven’t seen anything yet with this government. Abbott was the most expensive and wasteful LOTO in our history and he’ll cream that record as PM for certain.

  93. Tom R. I want you and the Whisperers to focus on this. Tony is going to crystallise all of the Labor expenditure so that there will be a clear debt position that is the result of Labor’s 6 years in office. And yes Tom R $8billion given to RBA was what Labor has drained from RBA. Yes it is borrowed funds. All of Labor’s expenditure was borrowed funds.
    Tony has raised the debt ceiling to $500 Billion to accommodate the number that will be Labor’s debt and Tonys starting point to repay it. The final number won’t be $500Billion but it will be more than the previous $300 Billion borrowing limit. Taking a punt I would say Labor’s debt racked up since the 2007 election will be about $430 Billion. That probably won’t include the cash that went down the NBN black hole. (There will inevitably be more NBN debt and all of that still has to be repaid)
    No point Joe Hockey taking the financial blame for the fool Swan and the rest of Labor’s debt addicts. Lets call the exercise Shining the Light on Labor’s Financial Incompetence….

  94. $8billion given to RBA was what Labor has drained from RBA

    Do you have a link to support that assertion?

    raised the debt ceiling to $500 Billion to accommodate the number that will be Labor’s debt

    No, Labors debt projection was articulated well below that. Any increase is worn by the libs, no matter how much they want to move it over to Labor

  95. Tweed I want you and the right wingers to focus on this. Tony is going to bullshit on all of the Labor expenditure so that there will be dishonest blame shift of the debt position onto Labor who got us through the GFC better than nearly every other country in the world, whilst this Liberal government well and truly fucks it up.

    That’s the truth of it.

  96. Moby. Trust me. Labor’s spending nonsense, Carbon Tax, Border Protection is going to bit them in the butt for a long time yet. This debt ceiling will expose Labor’s crap financial management. These are all of Labor’s doing. Tony will fix Labor’s Border Protection Policy cock up of 2008. Joe will first exposé the full extent of Labor’s debt and the cost of their bad policy….then he will repay the debt.
    This is a far bigger financial mess than when Howard and Costello took over.
    Labor just does not learn.
    I think it is great that Tony is making sure Labor’s debt will be fair and square stapled to them.
    Getting rid of the ridiculous taxes Labor put in place to get cash to cover their debt had to happen. These are part of Labor’s financial failure.
    It is making sure all of the Labor expenditure hits the credit card statement before Tony takes over responsibility for the card. The card will have about $420 Billion on it is my guess. Not a bad effort considering Howard handed the credit card to Rudd/Gillard/Swan with a $60 Billion positive balance in 2007.
    Labor just don’t learn.Two plus two always equal four and borrowed money always has to be repaid with interest by someone.

  97. So our own Prime Minister couldn’t even be bothered to attend the official Remembrance Day ceremony in Canberra. Bill Shorten was there, as was Paul Keating. As someone commented on Facebook, Keating probably scared him away. 🙂

  98. I wonder if some of our visitors can explain to me, how cutting research projects off, in mid stream, without results, is not waste of the money already spent.

    How can dismantling committees and other bodies, that are about to bring down their reports, is not also waste.

    How does one, come into government, refuse to seek, listen or talk to the departments, let alone heed advice, lead to savings.

    Why has all that Labor has put in place, need to be dismantled. Why not try to see if one can improve on what is already there. Why the need to reinvent and rebuild the wheel.

    I have one suggestion, this is the most idealogical government, this country has even seen.

    They are not interested in what Labor, or anyone else has achieved.

    They believe in small government, the have the belief that government has no right to interfere in capitalism, in any way.

    Yes, they believe that business has the right to exist, without any limitations put on it bu governments.

    They believe that workers and governments only role, is to serve business, and big business at that.

    They see as wrong, any assistance given to people, as people should be serving the economy, not the other way about.

    It is all about the survival of the fittest,. Everyone else deserves to go to hell.

    We have moved on far past class wars.

  99. You have no idea whatsoever Tweed, and the sad thing is that wallow in your economic ignorance with pride.

  100. ABOUT one in six Queenslanders will pay more tax under the Abbott Government’s move to reverse changes made to superannuation.

    The changes, which affect 800,000 low-paid workers in the state, disproportionately impact Queenslanders.

    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said of the 25 federal electorates hardest hit by the Government’s hike, 12 electorates were in Queensland.

    Most of the workers are check-out operators, cleaners and labourers.

    The Government announced last week it would scrap Labor’s Low Income Superannuation Guarantee, which was to give millions of workers, who earned $37,000 or less a year, a $500 tax cut on their super contributions……………

  101. The Indonesians themselves said last week, that there has been no changes made with this government, and they are stillworking under agreements, that were put in place by Labor.
    Yes, bishop and Morrison have achieved nothing. Zilch.

    Bishop, due on ABC24. To talk about the Philippines I believe. Must have to wait, to get her script of Credlin.

  102. Bishop now on.Slow to turn up, one must say.

    Must say $400 thousand does seem a little mean. Two disaster experts. Labor at this stage would have sent two plane loads of experts.

    Seems uncomfortable talking about what she is doing.

    As far as the government is concerned, to little, to late.

  103. Being question on the piddling amount we are giving. Their words.

    Remind us of how generous we have been. Talking abut earlier earthquakes.

  104. I can see now, why the lady was uncomfortable. She knew what was coming. Questions on the boat trade.

    Media keeping the questions up. Will not answer.

  105. It appears, they are only going to send what they are asked to. Yes, it was last week when the disaster occurred.

    Now on to human rights and Sri Lanka. Has been encouraging others to attend.

  106. The trouble is, most of the committees dismantled, add up to very little money at all. All cuts are ideology based. They will make little or no difference to the bottom line of any budgets. Not the same, for the tax cuts made.

  107. A bit more on Abbott’s priorities – he found time to speak to Alan Jones this morning but he still has not found the time to call a presser about the Philippines. He waited until this morning to put out a statement which he could not be bothered delivering in person. In this statement Abbott mentioned one Australan had been killed and spoke of Australians who might have been affected. How typical of the selfish nation we have become to see such a huge disaster only from the perspective of how many Australians might have been involved. Australia has a large Filipino population who are no doubt upset and anxious and for many, grieving the loss of family and friends. They didn’t rate a mention. It would have been thoughtful of our PM to offer his support in as personal a way as possible. But no, making dumb YouTube videos and chatting to Alan Jones is so much more important.

    leonetwo sums it up well
    In government, and for Abbott, the only game he knows, is playing politics.

  108. It appears that Abbott flew to Melbourne and back this morning, to attend the Memorial Services, with the Victorian Premier.

    Someone should tell him, he is the PM of Australia, and that is where the Australian capital IS.

  109. Wonder when the likes of Tweed are going to begin talking about current events, instead of being struck in history?

  110. Have not heard anyone talk about my bill, that will cut your bills.

    Have not seen any sign, that Abbott went to Melbourne this morning.

  111. I agree, not many are that interested in the great big toxic tax. Never have been. I would be surprised if many believe they will be better off, if it goes,

    “……..More twists and turns likely 14 comments | Permalink
    November 2013
    11:51 am
    THERE’S quite a lot of misremembering of the role of the “carbon tax” in the election campaign, and not enough contemplation of the future.
    The insistence that the issue was big in the campaign is a bit of revisionism from the Coalition, but only their deeply-attached supporters and sections of the journalistic and political class believe it played, in the end, a major role in the result.
    And today most Australians rarely give the “carbon tax” a second thought, let alone yearn for its abolition…….”

  112. “When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby-talk, when, in short, a people become an audience, and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk; culture-death is a clear possibility.” – Neil Postman

    “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives… I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends… and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.” – John Lennon, Interview BBC-TV (June 22, 1968)

    “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” – Friederich Nietzsche

  113. Another two boatloads of asylum seekers have been intercepted by Australian authorities, calling into question Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s claim the Government is getting the upper hand over people smugglers. understands that two boats – believed to be carrying scores of people – were picked up by border protection authorities over the weekend. Preparations are being made on Christmas Island to receive the two groups.

    It is unclear exactly where and when the vessels were picked up.

    The arrival of the boats creates a new flashpoint for the Abbott Government on the prickly subject of border protection.

    Tensions are high between Canberra and Jakarta following revelations Australia is running a large scale spying operations in Indonesia.

    The Immigration Minister was yesterday again forced to break his self-imposed media silence to confirm Indonesia had refused to take two asylum boats rescued by Australian authorities.

    Indonesian officials have declared they will no longer accept asylum seekers rescued by Australian authorities – even if they have been rescued in Indonesia’s search and rescue zone.

  114. Looks like it remains “their abc” as this little example of false equivalence demonstrates.

    The current standoff over the policy of ‘turning back the boats’ was inevitable because in Opposition Tony Abbott over promoted his ability to achieve the objective of Indonesian cooperation. And Indonesia never liked the idea anyway. It was always going to have problems.

    But as the Opposition attacks the Government remember that the former Gillard Labor Government offended Indonesia and brought relations to an impasse over its unilateral decision to ban live beef exports.

    Deputy Opposition leader Tanya Plibersek’s claim “the Abbott Government has turned the once strong relationship with Indonesia sour” needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Labor didn’t perform well in Government in its relations with Indonesia. As former Ambassador Bill Farmer said in a speech in Melbourne several months ago the decision to halt beef exports was ‘ill conceived’ and a ’10 out of 10 with how not to deal with Indonesia.’

    Over the years Australian politicians haven’t found it easy to deal with Indonesia and they are not finding it easy now.
    – Asia Editor Catherine McGrath

    So the temporary ban on beef exports which didn’t seem to worry the Indonesians at all, is somehow equivalent to the lnp fools repeated ham fisted displays of “diplomacy” wrt Indonesia as they lie to, and attempt to misrepresent discussions held with those Indonesians.?

    Apparently the role Ms.M sees for herself at the abc is as rabbit’s apologist?

  115. In Indonesia, the import of live meat is not seen in a good light. They see it as unfair competition for their own farmers.

    For a long time, before and after the short pause in imports of live cattle from Australia, they have been working towards being self-sufficient in the producing of protein, for their diets.

    Beat up by the Coalition.

  116. Where do you get these crazy ideas FU? Do you eat rich chocolate before you sleep. The live cattle is an important subsistence micro business for the Indonesians. The size of the beasts being sent to Indonesia is specified. Why? Indonesia want young beasts so the Indonesians can grow and fatten them as a micro business. FYI Indonesia has nowhere near the capacity or infrastructure to be self sufficient in the domestic supply of cattle. The inexperienced Labor hack Ludwig (son of the Labor hack?) just didn’t think it through . It was a stupid knee jerk reaction to a TV show. . It cost Australian business hardship and indonesians their livelihood. And FU while we are on it how paternalistic do you think the indonesians consider our actions. The poor backward asians dont know how to kill and cut up a beast. Give me a break. They feed beef to 300 million ….. I’m sure they have plenty of practice killing and cutting up beasts.
    And don’t talk about butchering the beasts here and sending them over chilled or frozen. Fair Dinkum FU. I swear you are getting dummer and dummer

  117. ………………..Failure of self-sufficiency
    program in sight

    Anggi M. Lubis, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Headlines | Tue, July 23 2013, 9:46 AM
    Headlines News
    Middle East tourists: Stay longer, spend more
    RI promotes Muslim-friendly spots to lure holidaymakers
    Pertamina begins work on Arun gas facilities
    With less than one year left for the government to achieve self-sufficiency by 2014, failure is already in sight. But, the government has decided to continue the program that was formulated in 2010.

    The government has targeted to reach self-sufficiency in five commodities, namely rice, beef, soya beans, corn and sugar. By 2014, the country is expected to be able to meet 90 percent of domestic needs from local production.

    The recent impor……………….

    Might not be doable, but many in the country want it to be so. I believe they do have import restrictions. Could just be a dream. Just Goodle, and one will come up with many stories.

  118. Meat self-sufficiency a

    ……………In the wake of a ban on live cattle exports from Australia to Indonesia, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has stated a number of steps he would like to see taken to minimize the damage inflicted by this ban.

    One of the four steps outlined was to speed up progress toward Indonesia achieving self-sufficiency in beef production.

    I was disappointed by the knee-jerk reaction of the Australian government when faced with the revelation that some Indonesian abattoirs have a problem with the poor treatment of animals at some facilities and believe that the blanket ban is a bad thing for both countries.

    However, this event is also a wakeup call for Indonesia to consider its progress towards self-sufficiency in beef and puts the spotlight on the government’s progress in achieving this goal.

    A quick review of the progress made to date begs the question of whether self-sufficiency will likely be achieved by the target year of 2014, or whether it will need to be extended again. ……………….

    I take the time to research and read, before making comments. Try it, it can build ones morale.

  119. Indonesia will remove import quotas for beef and live cattle to stabilize domestic prices and curb inflation, a trade official says.

    The government would set a parity or “normal” price for beef as a benchmark to assess the necessity for imports, Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan said on Friday in Jakarta.

    Meat and live imports will be allowed only when domestic beef prices rise by more than 15 percent from the parity price, a move that will still support the local livestock industry, according to Gita.

    “The price mechanism as a trigger to import or not to import is very important. But we should first determine the parity price, which should match our aspiration to curb inflation and maintain price stability,” Gita told reporters at his office.

    The ministry was working on the policy framework, which would be ready in the next two months, he added……………..

    As usual, there are always many inconvenient facts, that get in the way, when the right tell us stories.

    This is true, whether it is NBNCo, CEF or the Indonesian live beef trade. One should not forget Indonesia and the boat trade stories.

  120. Tweed, might surprise you, but being reared on the land, and watch my father kill animals every week, I am not so shocked by killing animal’s for food. We all learnt to pluck fowls. Seen many pigs killed. Some beef now and then. Always the weekly hogget or ewe.

    Yes, I do not like cruelty. I have said nothing either way on the value of the trade.

    All I said, that many Indonesians would have been happy to see the paused. Even see the trade end altogether.

    I was talking about the politics of the trade.

    It appears that they have come to the realization, that they are not going to achieve their goal. As a result, they are looking at buying land here, to frill in the gaps. Are searching for security and control of supply. I can see little wrong with that.

  121. The cattlemen themselves were paying someone to ensure the animal;s were not killed with cruel methods. Maybe they should be blames for not doping there job. If the government did not act at the time, the public outcry might have put the trade at risk. There was only a short pause, in reality.

  122. Consider yourself well and truly pwned by a septuagenarian “Tweed” 😛

    This one ain’t as dumb as you you’d believe 😀

  123. qanda throwing up answers, that one would not have expected. That is considering, it is a panel made up of business representatives.

    Not too sure Abbott will come out smelling like roses.

  124. There is more than a toxic tax repeal bill that will be introduced by Abbott, for uim to repeal.

    “……….The eight-bill carbon repeal package will be introduced to the House of Representatives on Wednesday, the first day in which normal parliamentary business can be conducted after Tuesday’s largely ceremonial opening.
    But passage of the legislation is anything but assured, with Labor and the Greens set to vote against them in the Senate……………”

    Read more:

  125. Bacchus, it appear they are going to India next week. Why no politicians all of a sudden, especially as parliament is sitting. Are they saving Abbott from embarrassment.

  126. It appears to be heating up between Indonesia and Australia.

    I think Abbott is in trouble. Worse is, he cannot see it.

  127. …………Immigration Minister Scott Morrison today said the situation was “very frustrating” as there was “no real rhyme or reason to it”.

    But Professor Dewi Fortuna Anwar, who advises the Indonesian vice-president, says Indonesia is a stepping stone to Australia and asylum seekers should not be made to return.

    They would be social burdens to Indonesia. They did not want to come to Indonesia.
    Senior advisor Dewi Fortuna Anwar
    “They’re not Indonesians, the 65 people are coming from the Middle East,” she told the ABC’s 7.30.

    “Our geography is not our choice. Indonesia is on the way to Australia.

    “These people pass through Indonesia and Australian Navy intercepted the boat and then expected Indonesia to take this boat back.

    “They would be social burdens to Indonesia. They did not want to come to Indonesia.”

    Professor Anwar says Jakarta has made it “very clear” that there should be close talks between the two governments on the issue.

    “It should not just be one side imposing its will on the others,” she said.

    She says Australia is a big country with a relatively small population which will always act as a “honey pot for people coming from other countries”…………

  128. Australia pays deal being discussed

    Professor Anwar also revealed talks are underway between Jakarta and Canberra about a deal similar to the previous Labor government’s people swap agreement with Malaysia.

    “If Indonesia were to take them (asylum seekers), the cost of the burdens would be borne by Australia,” she said.

    “And then at the same time, Australia will take the same number of people that are already sitting in detention centres in Indonesia.”

    Professor Anwar also says Indonesia does not have the resources to intercept every asylum boat.

    “Trying to intercept boats and so on, it would really be putting our resources under a lot of strains,” she said.

    “So I would think trying to help Indonesia improve capacities to ensure that our waters are safe is fine.”

    But Indonesia’s sovereignty would still need to be respected, Professor Anwar says.

    “I don’t think it would be acceptable for Australian ships to operate in Indonesian territorial waters,” she said…………

    So they are going to go back to the schemes that they prevented Gillard from putting in place.

    It is a shame that so many had to drown, because of this government’s action while in Opposition.

  129. Two boats yesterday.

    Very short news piece this morning, nothing from the government but Bishop the younger got bailed up on them and quickly passed the buck to Morrison, who refused to answer on matters of Australian security.

    Appears after Abbott’s huge failure with Indonesia the smugglers are queuing them up.

    In a story I only caught the tail end of, it appears that in the last few weeks over 1500 asylum seekers were stopped from leaving some regional countries by the authorities in those countries, and not because of anything the Abbott government has done.

    For me this means that Abbott is walking on diplomatic eggshells, but because of his and his government’s stupidity instead of treading wearily and with statesmanship they are trampling the eggshells all over the place. Abbott yesterday yet again put down Indonesia in a slight backhander. And though Abbott was correct on the point of international law he was going about it like the diplomatic dunderhead he’s always been.

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