I’ve seen enough

In the days before the September election I resigned myself to the impending (and dreadful) likelihood that Tony Abbott would be forming a new government. After his victory I thought to myself, “Well, he’s won. I can only sit back and see how it goes”.

Well I’ve seen enough.

I’ve seen enough to come to the conclusion that it does not go well at all.

In six short weeks I’ve seen the Prime Minister insult our Asian neighbours, insult Putin, insult APEC members, insult insult UN officials over their views on climate change, and insult us all by running away from any journalist likely to ask a question.

In six short weeks we’ve been swamped with allegations of travel allowance rorts from his party members and we’ve seen Tony Abbott quickly jump to their defence, even though the finger of probable guilt has been pointed at them.

In six short weeks we’ve seen seen a group of wrecking balls, in the form of his Ministers, unleashed upon an unsuspecting electorate. We’ve seen Greg Hunt shut down the Climate Commission and in doing so, rebukes all the evidence that we are indeed approaching the serious threat of climate change.

We’ve seen Scott Morrison present us to the world as a nation of heartless bastards, and I am ashamed of that. In six short weeks we have seen that the only voters that matter in this country are the racist rednecks. And if the rednecks haven’t been appeased enough, now Brandis is making a High Court challenge to the ACT’s same-sex marriage legislation.

In six short weeks we’ve seen Joe Hockey dismantle every argument he has ever had about the previous government’s economic management and he himself is setting us on a course of possible economic Armageddon.

It’s only been six weeks, but yep, I’ve seen enough. There’s much more I could mention but I’m taking a break now. It’s time to bang my head against the wall.

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  1. Heartily agree, Michael. For a bunch of allegedly “experienced” Ministers they would have to be the most inept government ever. They have ALL, well & truly, reached their level of utter incompetence if they ever had ANY competence at all. None has a clue about what they are doing. The look of puzzlement in their eyes when questioned about their portfolio is a dead giveaway as is the the belligerent facade that appears straight after. All of them do it.

    They are so stringently micromanaged by that power-tripper of all time, Peta Credlin, they no longer have any original thinking left. If they had any to begin with.
    Spare us all.

  2. street march and protests australia wide, we need to embarrass these dangerous fools. the world need to know that in abbott we have a nazi in charge. what else annoys me is that they dont all believe what abbott says about climate change, yet they are to gutless to stand up to him. As well as dooming our children they are dooming their own children. fools the lot of them !

  3. Let’s just hope that in three years time our current crop of journos are out to pasture, and we will actually have informed citizens. Until then, this could go on for a long time.

  4. It seems that the Fire Authorities over reacted about the fire dangers of yesterday.

    Funny, today, I am having trouble with the heavy smoke that has entered my home. Not even hot today.

    Did not those who are making noise, bother to look at the great expanse of burn backs that the same people have done since last weekend,. Yes, very dangerous and hot work, The fact that we are mourning the death of a pilot, tells us how dangerous.

    We know, from the speed that any outbreak spread last week, one could not take any chances.

    Yes, yesterday was not as bad as many feared. It was not because it was over reaction, but due to the precautions taken by all.

    Yes, they are using the same arguments that many use, when it comes to the GFC. Did not exist, because we suffer no effects. Therefore the money and effort spent, to alleviate the situation was wasted.

    Cormann is saying, he will used the sale of Medibank to pay off debt. s also saying, it is too early to say what they will do with it.
    Proof, that the sale of Medibank is ideology, nothing to do with the economy.

    They are ending the low income support for super. Along with the MRRT.

    Nothing according to Cormann should come as a surprise. They are doing as they said. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. While I heartily agree with all of the above statements, as ‘The Daily Trash’ pointed out yesterday – Where’s Shorten? Where is the new leader of the opposition and why hasn’t he made any statements, particularly in light of Abbott’s remark that the head of the UN’s climate change negotiations was ‘talking through her hat’.
    More importantly, why isn’t the ALP going on the attack? There’s plenty of material with which to do so.

  6. That this Murdoch mandated Liarbril rabble have had no “honeymoon” is only to be expected as they show themselves as potentially the most incompetent and corrupt bunch we’ve ever seen in Canberra. I agree with ananda1955 “….to the streets comrades!”

  7. Good point, Edward. I’d been too focused on Abbott and let that one slip through. But having said that, when I focused on Abbott before the election people were critical of me for being too focused on the Opposition. I guess I’ll focus on the Opposition when I’m ready.

    I think too, and don’t hold me to this, that Labor is now limiting it’s press releases to social media instead of the mainstream media. This policy was first tabled about 18 months ago due to the MSM not giving their press releases any oxygen.

  8. But all that aside, Labor has much it should be attacking Abbott and team over. They should at least join in the chorus of condemnation that is bellowing loud and clear from many members of the community.

  9. To me it seems that Australia has a government in suspended animation. Apart from canceling just about everything and making excuses for just about everything no one seems to know what to do. They make statements as if they were still in opposition but have no idea about what to do next.

  10. ……………….Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen told reporters in Sydney it was “fundamentally wrong” of the new government to scrap measures like the schoolkids bonus, which he said wasn’t funded by the mining tax.

    “For the new government to conflate the two issues shows a cynical and arrogant approach,” he said.

    Bowen pointed to looming shadow cabinet deliberations about whether to accept or reject the repeal package as a whole, but he said Labor believed in principle that the mining tax was a vehicle to spread the benefits of the mining industry “right across Australia”.

    Greens leader Christine Milne on Thursday criticised the government for “letting billionaire miners off the hook”. The Greens oppose repeal and want to raise the rate of the mining tax and close loopholes.

    Milne also pointed to the abolition of measures associated with the tax that would hurt low-income people.

    “The meanness of this government in taking away the miserly $4 a week bonus for the unemployed and superannuation tax concessions for low-income earners is breathtaking,” she sai……..


  11. Michael I totally agree with your comments about Tony Abbott and its not even two months I Have come Down with an medical complaint maybe some out there can help I cannot stop shaking my head from right to left and back again i’ve suffered since sept 7th AND what worse i keep saying F ..K ME how did he fool the country OH i nearly forgot I also get teardrops constantly Will a DD help

  12. all i can say it was written on the wall mmmm mmmmmmmm cant recall Hes friend Allen john’s won the election him from morning to night rubbishing our Government calling Juliane names now we have too put up with and Farrell they both a bunch of scumbags

  13. Thanks for your dedication to left-wing blogging in Oz, Michael. The amount of time, effort and thought you put into giving we lefties a platform at the Cafe and the AIMN must be enormous. It’s certainly valuable and appreciated.

  14. Michael, it could be, that we have not seen anything yet.

    Was the information on the legislation for rescinding the MRRT, and bills related to it, released by press notice, not in person.

    Some idea of who will lose. Many will be surprised to know, yes the low income earner.
    Worth reading in full.

    Do they really believe we are just plain stupid. The school kids bonus, they have also announce as going, has no connection to the MRRT at all.

    “………..There are two alternative proposals to increase the tax on superannuation contributions.

    The first proposal would raise the tax on superannuation contributions paid by the 128 000 highest-income Australians by 15 percentage points.
    The second would increase the tax on super contributions paid by the 3.6 million lowest-paid workers by 15 percentage points.
    Which of these proposals would you describe as ‘class war’?…………

    ……………The more you earn, the greater the concession you receive on your super contributions. If you’re a low-paid worker, you either pay more tax on your regular income than on your retirement savings, or you get a desultory 4 percentage point concession.

    The skewed nature of these concessions means that high-income earners get more public support for their retirement incomes than low-income earners. At the very top of the distribution, the tax concessions on super outweigh the benefit that low-income workers can expect to receive from the age pension. Here’s Treasury’s estimate of the level of total government support received by men at different income levels for their retirement:..”


  15. Trouble is, that inconvenient facts get in the way of Abbott’s desire.

    Big bad toxic tax addresses the issue of carbon emissions.

    “………..Repeal this, slash that and hey presto we’re back to Howard’s glory years.

    But what exactly Abbott is doing in government is anyone’s guess. Outside of repealing legislation, dumbing down the NBN, jumping on a fire truck for a spot of back burning and cutting the Climate Commission there doesn’t seem to be much of that “vision thing”.

    However to his increasing frustration, the more people talk about the connection between the fires and global warming, the more the Abbott’s agenda to scrap the carbon tax comes under scrutiny.

    What’s a PM sceptical of climate change to do?

    Well, if you’re Mr. Abbott you’re desperate to stop people talking about “it”. And by “it” I mean the reality of climate change.

    Thus we owe Adam Bandt a great deal of gratitude for daring to suggest a link between the NSW fires and the badly conceived and ineffective Direct Action Plan.

    What Bandt did what was both brave and necessary. He made explicit the obvious link between the fires and global warming. He also drew attention to the incongruous situation of the government tearing down Australia’s response to climate change as some of the worst fires seen in NSW history ravage the state. Here merely pointed what folly such actions are……


  16. ananda1955 @ October 24, 2013 @ 8:11 pm
    Maybe the RWNJ Trolls and an Imp have had their contracts expire and they are too busy hunting for new real jobs to drone here now.

  17. Is Abbott on a power trip.

    “…According to Prime Minister Abbott, Randall had ‘very important dsicussions’ with Warren Entsch, the then Opposition Whip. Telephone anyone?

    What is Abbott on? A power trip.

    Already a pattern is emerging. Abbott is talking out of his arse to defend his political positions. His views, on gay marriage and on climate change for example, make little or no sense.

    In the case of climate change denial, his position reflects the interests of polluting big business to make as much profit as possible without regard to the environmental destruction they wreak.

    In the case of his attack on same sex marriage his views reflect a social conservatism that in the past ensured a steady stream of the next generation of workers and tied them all through social relations to the exploitative system.

    Perhaps the time has come for a working class intervention to sober up this Prime Minister, drunk on power………….”


    Is this why he insults the leaders of all countries within our region?

    “……………Tony Abbott is risking the future of Australia’s Pacific island neighbours by “burying his head in the sand” over climate change, according to Tony de Brum, the minister assisting the president of the Marshall Islands.

    De Brum told Guardian Australia that the Marshall Islands and other Pacific nations had been “very disappointed” with the new Coalition government’s decision to scrap carbon pricing and abolish bodies such as the Climate Commission.

    On Wednesday, Abbott said that Christiana Figueres, the UN’s climate change chief, was “talking through her hat” for linking bushfires currently raging in New South Wales to climate change.

    “Climate change is real, as I’ve often said, and we should take strong action against it,” Abbott told 3AW. “But these fires are certainly not a function of climate change – they’re just a function of life in Australia.”

    De Brum said Abbott’s dismissal of Figueres’ views was “not a mature way” to approach the subject of climate change……..”


    When will the MSM catch up with what the rest of the world is saying about our illustrious leader. A man we can indeed be proud of, could one say?


    On 24 October 2013, the Government released an exposure draft of the Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013 and explanatory memorandum for public consideration.

    The Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013 removes the Minerals Resource Rent Tax with effect from 1 July 2014. The Bill also discontinues or re-phases the measures that were intended to be funded by the MRRT. The Bill includes the:

    repeal of loss carry back;
    reduction in the small business instant asset write off threshold;
    repeal of accelerated depreciation for motor vehicles;
    repeal of the geothermal exploration provisions;
    re-phasing of the change in rate of the superannuation guarantee charge percentage;
    repeal of the low income superannuation contribution;
    repeal of the income support bonus; and
    repeal of the schoolkids bonus.


  19. Fed up, it seems that Australia elected a government whose promise was to do nothing whatsoever and to repeal or prevent anything remotely progressive. Abbott yearns for a return to the Howard-era..and that is precisely where we are headed..pity about the rest of the world having moved on.

  20. I accept some will have disagreement in what I say here now, I am ok with that and actually celebrate it and how you can offer me hope I am incorrect. We are all, and that includes our RWNJ’s, the authors of our own demise, as this is all very much “Déjà vu”.
    I have seen enough to know I can see a War coming from the close distance it is from us now. The first victim will be innocence, as it always was and is.
    When corruption lies at the feet of most (not all) Politicians and they choose to ignore it (complicity by acceptance) then it is a age old recipe for a Blood Sausage. Our blood of course. Their blood only spills after a lot of ours is spent to bring them to our Justice.
    Blueprint is available from your history books, titled “La Révolution française”.
    But the “Hunger Games” are first to start as the catalyst and we already are getting the warning of those. It is not too late to avoid it all, but now too late to stop the carnage. One day we will all learn never to trust others to do what we must do ourselves.

  21. techinbris….please explain whatever it is you are trying to say in plain everyday English. You are sounding like an empty vessel. A loud, obnoxious one at that. Lay off the weed

  22. @ Omnia quaerite @ October 25, 2013 @ 1:22 pm
    Then “quaere”, instead of being as obnoxious as those you insult others of doing, whilst you do it in equal measure, but absolve oneself of such guilt. Hypocrite!

  23. I think Anomander over at AIMN has this mindset pegged TiB 😉

    What seems glaringly obvious to me is that a large percentage of Coalition voters appear to have a brain-block that inhibits their capacity to see the “gestalt” – the big picture.

    You only have to look at right-wing newspapers like the Daily Terrograph to see the majority of stories pandering to this small focus mindset. The latest footballer’s scandal, Tony Abbott’s family life, coverage of the royals, a local crime occurrence or some person dying in tragic circumstances.

    Even when large events are portrayed, they are always cast in the light of an individual or small groups of individuals – almost like the conservative mind is incapable to adapting to see the macro-scale picture.

    A perfect case in point is how the recent bushfire coverage, which are always reduced in scope to show the loss of an individual’s house or the efforts of a crew of firefighters, neglecting all magnitude and scale of the disaster.

    It seems somehow that large and complex issues are almost too much for them to cope with – far easier instead to focus on small things and not overload the grey matter.


  24. In a broad sense I think I understand what Tech’s getting at.

    The “working class” or Labour is slowly getting screwed. The wages share of the cake has been getting smaller and smaller for the last 30 years as Capital helps itself to ever increasing bigger slices.

    The 90% is being slowly boiled (as one would a frog), but in debt. That debt makes up for the lost earnings that workers might rightly have expected from the growth in productivity.

    But debt doth make cowards of us all. Who will man the barricades when the bank’s got you by the short and curlies.

    With less than 20% of the workforce unionised, there’s no longer a critical mass of protest.

    It’s class warfare, pure and simple.

    I’ve never read “Battlelines” and never will, but it’s no irony that Abbott would choose that for the title of his magnum opus.

  25. Not true Steven. We’d rather be rich and comfortable living in paradise. Do you see the difference? It depends upon your sense of wealth and what makes you wealthy.

  26. Bacchus @ October 25, 2013 @ 3:15 pm
    Anomander over at AIMN has got it pegged Bacchus. “Gestalt!” I know the word well. I love how English adopts words it lacks from other languages. Makes it so flexible. “Schadenfreude” is another I know, that describes the nature of some less desirable people about these days, unfortunately, wouldn’t you agree Omnia quaerite? Qui?

  27. I think the answer there from Omnia quaerite at October 25, 2013 @ 3:55 pm says it all about the person. Doesn’t matter about anyone else, as long as they are ok.
    Sometimes I am so ashamed of being of the same species, as examples such as this.

  28. ” Debt before Demagogues!

    Labor gave us debt. The LNP gave us Demagogues.

    The debt delivered us from the worst of the Global Financial meltdown, leaving Australia with one of the strongest economies in the world, while other OECD nations floundered.

    The Demagogues delivered laws that remove and abuse human rights, workers rights and legal rights at federal and state level.

    While in opposition Tony Abbott bleated about the ‘debt crisis’ created by Labor. Now that he is Prime Minister, he is in no hurry to pay down the debt. Why? Because there is no debt crisis, as many of commentators, including Ranting Panda, stated over and over again. Yet the blind believed the lies that Abbott spouted.”

  29. Thanks for the link to the Panda, Lovo.

    The Panda’s right about there being no debt crisis but it’s a somewhat qualified point of view.

    We’ve all heard of “deficit hawks” and maybe “deficit doves”. Sadly, the doves do more to reinforce the myths swirling around debt and deficits because there’s an implied acceptance in their view that there really is a dark side to public debt that will have to be dealt with when there’s not. The “hawks” are just nut cases, we know that.

    You can tell a “dove” because they talk about the need to balance the budget “over the cycle” and such things. They sound so reasonable.

    There’s another species however called the “deficit owl” that knows that the deficit/debt number is meaningless as a measure of how well an economy is performing.

    The “owl” understands that the deficit is just a “flow” of net spending and the debt a quite arbitrary and totally unnecessary “stock”, a running total of the deficits. That is, the recent deficit hysteria is an even bigger pile of bullshit than even the Left realises.

    When the Pandas of the Left write about the deficit and neglect to tell the real story they do us all a disservice and just help reinforce the neo-liberal narrative.

  30. Things are unfolding much as I thought they would, it was always obvious that Abbott’s lot would steal a functional economy, fiddle with it a bit, take credit for the good bits & blame the bad on Labor. And equally evident that the press would protect & defend their installation. Last week it was don’t mention the “C” word, or rather the “C.C” words- Climate Change. To do that would, shock, horror, be “Politicising” an issue. Abbott Politicised every fucking issue with the blessings & connivance of the same bastards who now seek to shut this sort of discussion down. Debt will become quite the acceptable thing, because the Australian electorate voted for these “budget emergency” expenditure cuts on the condition that none applied to them personally. So money will be required to fund this with any “savings” being of an ideological nature, both flogging stuff off at mates’ rates & reducing services to those deemed not worthy. Who if necessary will be marginalised to negate their criticism, not that it’ll get much of a run.
    I thought I’d be able to laugh at all this but it pisses me off something shocking, just the unfairness of it.

  31. Tony Abbott should never say ‘never’ about climate change bushfire link

    Our ‘black’ carbon debate
    A prominent scientist from the Climate Commission – ditched by the Abbott government – takes the PM to task on his bushfire comments and slams the quality of Australia’s climate debate.
    Autoplay ONOFFVideo feedbackVideo settings
    Tony Abbott has not been afraid to use blunt language when asked about a link between climate change and this week’s bushfires.
    “Complete hogwash,” is what the Prime Minister said in response to a question about the connection by News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt.
    This came two days after an interview on Fairfax Radio, where Mr Abbott said United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres was “talking through her hat” for linking climate change and bushfires while there were large blazes across NSW.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/tony-abbott-should-never-say-never-about-climate-change-bushfire-link-20131025-2w5pt.html#ixzz2ikERP9c1

  32. Fed up, WOW… what a coincidence that animation is, as I wrote about that very thing in the second verse of my poem “Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Bugger!” , late Thurs night;

    It was easy being LOTO,
    Cos I knew just what to do
    Repeat my lies and slogans
    And throw heaps of cattle poo
    But now I am expected to
    Say things that make some sense
    But my arse is sore from sitting on
    The policy, barbed wire fence

    Cheers 😀

  33. So much over the last few days as this government continues to back flip and fail it’s hard to know where to begin.

    How about this one. On a ticker at the bottom of an ABC News bulletin, “New Malaysian measures will stop boats: Morrison.”

    Shit there’s so much in that short statement and it’s an admission that their current yet to be implemented boat policy will be a failure, just as their ever changing boat policy up until now is a open admission that Howard’s policy was a failure.

    Second it’s an admission Gillard had it right and will be another tick in her already significant legacy.

    Who remembers Abbott’s words on winning that Australia is open for business as though it had been shutdown up until he was elected. Over the last week or so I’ve seen a string of company closure and job shedding announcements. Just two recent ones are Electrolux planning to close completely and IBM shifting work offshore. But these are just two of many that have occurred since Abbott won government and an indication of his failing.

    As the closures and job shedding accelerates under Abbott I have no doubt he will use that as an excuse to bring in WorkChoices as the solution, and if implemented will do the opposite of what he promises it will.

    There is a backlash against Abbott’s cutting of payments for victims of disasters. I think if any of the victims of the fires voted Abbott they won’t at the next election as first hand they found out what we’ve been saying about Abbott for a long time, he’s an arsehole.

    Climate deniers are being targeted by fire fighters saying they would like the deniers to get behind the hoses at the front line every time fires break out. They have released a short effective video denigrating the deniers.

    Then there’s an angle on Abbott’s DAP I had never thought of. DAP relies heavily on unproven soil sequestration and massive wide area tree plantings to have the slightest chance of meeting Abbott’s promised target. After the trees have been planted and are mature enough, if a bushfire rages through any of the plantings then untold millions of dollars go up in smoke and carbon being released into the atmosphere.

    Contradictions between what Abbott states and what his ministers do continue unabated, just as they did when in opposition. Abbott said one thing on climate change in that terrible Bolt interview and on cue out come Hunt and contradicts it.

    It’s one thing to give disparate opposing messages in opposition, but if you’re still doing it in government then it shows a leader who’s not in control and not on top of his job.

    Worst government led by the worst leader ever. Definitely, and they prove it everyday.

  34. There was a certain audacity to the way Treasurer Joe Hockey this week went about announcing the government’s long-promised audit of government finances.
    Demonised during the election campaign by Kevin Rudd with his interminable “cut, cut, cut” scare, the new treasurer confirmed the high-powered review of spending at the same time as he coolly revealed he would be lifting the debt ceiling to $500 billion.
    Basically, about half the budget is off limits.

    An increase of 67 per cent, or $200 billion, the staggering quantum of the increase surprised many………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/hockey-has-promises-to-keep-in-budget-battle-20131025-2w723.html#ixzz2imfOsUjk

    We need to remember that most welfare payments sun this country are tightly means tested, and aimed at those in need.

    That is besides many of the middle/upper income, introduced by Howard, and being reintroduced by Abbott. Top of the list is PPL.

    This week we have seen many cuts from Hockey, all affecting lower income earners, to give money back to big business.

    Many of the cuts, harm small business.

    Tanya Plibersek Addressing Labor Adelaide State conference. ABC 24

    Abbott in the south addressing do of the Libs.

    MichaEL, I wonder what the cost is for the Malaysian solution. I am sure there is one.

    It5 is OK to trap people in the country, but not to return , they say came illaegally, to be replaced with those waiting,

    I cannot believe that this government is getting away with the cuts they have made in the refugee intake. That is from 20,000 to 13,700.

    I suspect, we are being lied to.

    We appear to have a secret agreement. No announcement from the Malaysian side, that I have seen.

  35. By the way, they were asked who paid, for what they described as a private function of Abbott’s. NO answer given.

  36. Michael, if Morrison has told us the truth, the deal is much harsher that the one Gillard made. At least hers was not made in secrecy.

    Tanya is good.

  37. Has one noticed that O’Farrell seems to be keeping distance form Abbott.

    I noticed that even the GG turned yup yesterday, on the mountain.

    No Abbott. Unless oner counts, turning up a a fire station, with no officials in tow, or a visit in the middle of the night.

    I am stil amaze, that 14 hours, did not take a shot of our illustrious PM, and posted it on the social media, somewhere.

    It only took minutes for a makeup artist, to post her disgust at the behavior of Rudd. Same go for the taxi driver, that took Shorten to Sydney University.

  38. Hockey borrowed that eight odd billion to give the RBA. We are now paying interest. Does not make sense to me.

    Swan took Treasury advice not to shore up RBA fund

    Wayne Swan considered bolstering the Reserve Bank’s reserve fund earlier this year, but was formally instructed by the Treasury Department that shoring up its capital holdings could be counter-productive, Fairfax Media has discovered.
    Despite Treasurer Joe Hockey’s decision to bolster the RBA to the tune of $8.8 billion this week, an official minute to Mr Swan in April advised the then treasurer not to transfer money from the government to the bank on the grounds there was no legal basis for the request.
    The minute advised that the impression created by doing so could undermine confidence in the central bank’s stability and compromise its independence from the government.
    The advice contradicts any suggestion by the new government that Mr Swan had been negligent in allowing the bank’s capital buffer to run down, and had acted against the advice of the RBA itself.
    ”There is no specific provision in the Reserve Bank Act 1959 (the act) for the Commonwealth to make a capital injection to the Reserve Bank,” advises the general manager, macroeconomic policy division. ”There is also provision in the act that would allow the Reserve Bank board to request a capital injection from the Commonwealth.”
    The advice was sought after Mr Hockey, then shadow treasurer, raised concerns about the state of the Reserve Bank’s reserve fund, in February.
    In April, RBA governor Glenn Stevens told the parliamentary economics committee he would have preferred that the government had allowed the bank to retain all of its profit – just over $1 billion – for the previous year rather than being required to surrender half to the Treasury.
    In opposition, the Coalition saw the decision to take $500 million from the RBA as a…………………..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/swan-took-treasury-advice-not-to-shore-up-rba-fund-20131025-2w7d8.html#ixzz2immCTQkQ

    One cannot take at face value, a single word, that comes from the mouths of this government.

    Everything has to be checked.

  39. Guests were asked to keep details of the evening strictly confidential. ”We do not release details of the Prime Minister’s private functions,” a spokeswoman said. She declined to respond when asked whether the taxpayer would foot the bill for the dinner and drinks.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/abbotts-soiree-has-the-right-stuff-20131025-2w7cz.html#ixzz2imnqM1Ta

    Why should the PM entertaining the media, or worse, only those on the far Right, be a secret. When did the public not have the right to know what the PM is up to. He is not a dictator, but elected PM,. accountable to the voter.

  40. Not only stupid to borrow unnecessary money to pay interest on, but a action that many see as wrong.

    “.But advice from Treasury to Mr Swan, formulated in conjunction with the Reserve, advised against action that might have sent a message about the bank’s foundations.
    ”Institutionally, there have been no recent precedents for the Commonwealth to provide the RBA with a capital injection.
    ”To do so could create the perception that the RBA’s viability and capacity to conduct monetary policy was beholden to the government and risk undermining the credibility of the RBA as an operationally independent institution.”
    Opposition leader Bill Shorten urged Mr Hockey to release the request from the RBA, saying: ”The independence of the Reserve Bank is incredibly important to the strength of our economy”..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/swan-took-treasury-advice-not-to-shore-up-rba-fund-20131025-2w7d8.html#ixzz2imp8vR6I

  41. Given Abbott’s earlier “total crap” statement[2], it’s going to be hard for him to walk back a second time. He now faces two problems. On the one hand, now that he’s outed himself as one of them, the denialist base will be encouraged to demand the scrapping of his Direct Action policy. On the other hand, locking the LNP into denialism is a recipe for long-term disaster, especially with Malcolm Turnbull waiting in the wings.

    It’s highly likely that 2013 will turn out………….


    Could Abbott’s. “she is talking through her hat” and comments made on Bolt, be deliberate, softening us up, for moving to the deniers stance, a excuse to drop any pretence of carbon emissions causing man made climate chance?

    It is hard to believe Abbott could be a stupid, as he appears at this time.

    His reaction to the fires, and hiding within the bunker, has done him harm.

  42. Interesting. Good enough to take a call from Abbbott. If my memoery iscoreect, that was many days after the election of Abbott.

    “………..Pretty predictable right now – “good ally”, “everything I humanly can” – plus “supported former government’s”.

    Do you plan to come to the U.S. to visit President Obama?

    He’s a very busy man, and I don’t want to make his life more complicated by demanding an early meeting. He was good enough to take a phone call from me after the election. I expect to visit the United States sometime next year.

    Makes me wonder whether Obama’s people have fobbed Abbott off. Or maybe it is just because Obama is busy trying to make action on climate change and other important matters. It’s hard to imagine what the two leaders would have in common. Plus, I can’t imagine the NSA trying to bug Abbott’s phone. There would be only so many three word phrases a spook could endure.

    Do you feel it will be diffic…”


  43. ” What we are witnessing, is not political correctness, put political incorrectness. Political popularism appealing to the xenophobes that the Liberal Party has carefully cultivated to secure election victory. After all, one method of gaining political success is to create a bogeyman and then show yourself as the way, the truth and the light to overcoming said bogeyman.

    The problem is, that it is baloney. Asylum seekers are not illegal. They are victims of human rights abuses, and the LNP is perpetuating the abuse by referring to them as illegals.”


  44. Bacchus @ 1:13 pm

    Neil’s only and most consistent argument against Labor, if you ignore when Howard was Treasurer under Fraser, has been completely blown out of the water by Hockey’s gross hypocrisy in what has to one the worst Treasurer’s press conferences ever given.

    He can’t even fall back to the Liberal States for support as they rack up debt as well.

    Hockey’s embracing of Keynesian economics, even to the same reasoning Labor used, cannot be supported without also supporting Labor’s economic management, and to condemn Labor is to Condemn the current government.

    The only argument I’ve heard without any backing evidence is Labor debt = bad, Liberal debt = good, which by the way is what Hockey stated in his woeful press conference.

  45. “Hockey borrowed that eight odd billion to give the RBA. We are now paying interest. Does not make sense to me.”

    “Not only stupid to borrow unnecessary money to pay interest on, but a action that many see as wrong.”

    Sorry FU. That’s a very neo-liberal interpretation. Treasury pays interest with keystrokes FU. It’s not a problem. Bill Mitchell explains:

    It was reported today in the Fairfax press (October 23, 2013) – Joe Hockey’s RBA grant hits budget deficit – that the Treasurer (one arm of government) “has pushed up this year’s projected budget deficit from around $30 billion to nearer $40 billion”. Why?

    Because he “will give the Reserve Bank … [another arm of government] … a one-off grant of $8.8 billion to strengthen the reserve fund it uses to back up its foreign currency operations”.

    The left-hand (or should I say the right) moving $s to the other hand (account) as part of an accounting fiction that the government is financially constrained in $As and that the central bank and the treasury are totally separate units.

    “Living in the Land of Smoke and Mirrors – aka La-La-Land”


    If however you are suggesting that Hockey is deliberately creating opportunities for his bond market friends by issuing government securities to cover the so-called debt then I’d agree with you. There is a shortage of CGS at the moment because of increased bank liquidity requirements coming out of the Basel Accord.

  46. If he’s stopped the boats Carol why has Morrison announced Malaysia as part of the solution to stop them?

    Plus exactly what has he done to stop the boats, his policy hasn’t been tabled, Operation Sovereign Borders is not in place yet and not one cent has been budgeted for it.

    So if the boats have stopped it’s because of Labor’s terrible and heartless policy, nothing this government has done, unless they count calling them illegals and keeping everything secret action.

  47. Carol, if one follows the news, many are uncomfortable with, where Morrison is heading.

    To much secrecy, I would say.

    MJ, Hockey main agenda was to make Swan look bad, I take it as truth, that they never ask Labor for a top up, or one that big.

    If Hockey has struck with reason why he raised the money, one could agree with what you are saying. NO, Hockey was more interested in using the issue as a batting ram against Labor. I am talking about Hockey’s motives.

    I believe in government bonds, and believe it is time we forgot about private partnership rubbish, and move back to them, fro providing ongoing infrastructure.

    In that Audit, they are being ask to look closely at user pay.

    Back to the days of Labor. Transferring cost to low income earners.

  48. Fed up and,

    NO, Hockey was more interested in using the issue as a batting ram against Labor.

    More than likely it was Hockey using Labor as an excuse to avoid being scrutinised.

    I note that some are saying, Where is Shorten? I would respond, same as always, issuing press releases which the msm will not publish.

  49. Mobius, I am still shaking my head in disbelief. Surely Abbott and Morrison do not want to deal with those heartless savages, the Malaysians?? Good god, in Malaysia they eat baby’s brains and rape poodles..

  50. “I believe in government bonds, and believe it is time we forgot about private partnership rubbish, and move back to them, fro providing ongoing infrastructure.”

    Back in the gold standard era (when your Dad was telling you how money was meant to go round) issuing bonds made perfect sense.

    But we now have a fiat currency and the only use for bonds is to provide a risk free income for corporate sector parasites. Bonds had no real purpose after we abandoned gold, but certain interests made sure they were retained (under layers of institutional bullshit).

    If the government wants to build infrastructure it can just write a cheque. And it can keep doing so whilst ever the physical resources (labour, materials etc) are available.

    But, god forbid, that might lower the rate of unemployment and business wouldn’t like that. It likes a buffer of around 5% unemployment to keep workers on their toes.

    It’s like Bill Mitchell said, “all smoke and mirrors”

  51. Seems we have the makings of the worst FM in history…… how unsurprising 🙄
    ” An official of the Malaysian consulate in Sydney warned Malaysian scholarship students not to attend the talk I gave last weekend at Adelaide’s Festival of Ideas. The email stated he “wouldn’t hesitate to take stern action to those involved”.

    Australia rightly prides itself as a bastion of free speech and democratic ideals.

    As a liberal democracy, the ability to be able to express views freely in a peaceful manner is a cornerstone of your society.

    Imagine my surprise, then, when, after independent senator Nick Xenophon and I called on Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to condemn the threat and to protect students attending my talk, the response was so weak”


  52. Abbott sure has much to say, behind closed doors and among friends.

    Abbott, come out into the light, the public, and say what you have to say.
    in a place where one can challenge what you say.

    Gutless wonder, comes to mind.

  53. Carol, Shorten has been out and about. Spend time on the mountains, along with Cameron, talking to people. Have heard him on ABC radio.

    Is willing to talk to the media. Is willing to answer questions.

    Media seemed to have gone to ground, along with Abbott.

  54. Now we are back to socialism. Abbott is getting desperate. Since when, is making one pay for emitting pollution, seen as socialism.

    “.that he’s capable of changing his mind.”

    “We remember what he said about Julia Gillard until quite recently. He changed his mind about her.

    “Well, Bill, if you can change your mind on your colleagues you can change your mind on something of far more weight to the people of Australia.”

    Mr Abbott also said the carbon tax was a socialist policy in disguise.

    “Let’s be under no illusions the carbon tax was socialism masquerading as environmentalism,” he said.

    “That’s what the carbon tax was.”

    More than .”


  55. Ominia, My talk was about ‘How Tony and Co. have a bad case of selective reading ‘ …….. and you can read into that what you will 😛

  56. And that’s going to be a fair and honest enquiry. What a load of shit. There have already been three enquiries so I don’t know what your “not before time” is about.

    And if we are going down that road why don’t we question Howard and Downer over Iraq and AWB?

    Of course the dishonest Liberal cowards wont. They run their own stacked kangaroo courts to get everyone else whilst hiding themselves behind veils of secrecy and obfuscation.

    Worst government, worst party led by the worst leader ever.

  57. And isn’t the timing of this interesting, just when Abbott is being attacked left right and centre, as he should be, even getting some negative press in the Telegraph, and voila, out comes an enquiry into something Labor did that’s already had three enquiries.

    You can pick the deceitfulness of the Liberals a mile away.

  58. It’s very strange that the CSIRO report into the home insulation programme has disappeared from the internet.

    Luckily Possum’s analysis is still out there but I’d like to read the original.

    I wonder if its disappearance has anything to do with its conclusion that the incidence of roof fires on a statistical basis was actually lower during the immediate post-installation period and the same for the long term pre-HIP days comparison.

    If anybody’s got a working link would they please post it.

  59. Mo @ 8:18. Spot on!


    Carol has noticed that a lot of information that is either positive about the previous government or negative about the previous opposition has disappeared from the Internet.

  60. omnia quaerite. you should question yourself ??????? you might then get some answers. if you are completely honest with yourself. and then you might change your point of view on many things. try it .

  61. Well, maybe we have a budget emergency, but knifing the former Labor government, especially Mr. Rudd, is top of their list.

    There was daily contact with installers, by text messaging and email every day.

    The results from the roof installation scheme, was that industry had regulation for the first time. That the injury and fire rates are now lower.

    There are now over a million and quarter homes that are now benefiting from lower power costs.

    What is it with this government, that it feels the needs, not only to win, but tio destroy it Opposition for all time.

    ‘We have Abbott over the last few days, announcing to the world, with interviews with overseas media, on how bad the Labor government was.

    Do other governments really want to hear this. Does it improves Abbott’s reputation in him doing so,

    Does not Abbott know, that any government overseas would be well aware of what has occurred in this country, over the last two terms of government.

    Is it more about Abbott being jealous at the respect that Gillard has with leaders of other countries, and he feels the need to destroy her completely.

    Whatever his motive, he is definitely making Australia look like we are idiots on the world stage.

    Abbott Said we do not have much influence on the world stage, and should not reach above our station.

    Abbott is putting us in the gutter, making us a joke.

    What in hell will the inquiry, set up to investigate ancient history reveal, what we do not know now.

    Who cares but Abbott.

  62. Just a point. This is the 40th day of the Abbott government, not the 50th. It took him ten days, to get around to installing his government.

    It is 50 days since the election.

  63. The former attorney-general, Mark Dreyfus, has warned the new government not to compromise national security for trade, as it pushes ahead with a review of the ban on Huawei’s involvement in building the national broadband network.
    His comments came as the Chinese telco’s case to pitch for work in the $30 billion-plus high-speed network was helped by the Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who described the Chinese technology company as a “very credible business”.
    While Mr Turnbull confirmed he would review the government ban on Huawei’s involvement in the network, he has not set a timetable.
    But Mr Dreyfus, who served as attorne………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/huawei-linked-to-china-deal-20131025-2w7m6.html#ixzz2isPcZawk

  64. They can hide somethings some of the time… not everything. 😛
    It does indeed seem that these fascists are censoring “our’ right to info.
    As MJ said- ” If anybody’s got a working link would they please post it.”
    ” CSIRO’s analysis of the HIP fire data demonstrates that the fire incident call out rate for HIP households is around 1.07 incidents per 100,000 households per annum (Note this analysis was completed using data as at 31 October 2011). The fire incident rate for HIP households is now below the comparable pre-HIP rate and continues to trend downwards.”

  65. Abbott’s version of truth backfires
    Many thanks for the huge amount of correspondence I have received since last week’s column supporting Adam Bandt, and his warning that unless our governments take climate change seriously, ever more bushfires are the inevitable result.
    To my amazement, I received about 80 per cent support. The debate has moved on a little since then, with denialists furiously saying these kinds of bushfires are QUITE NORMAL for October. Me? I’ll go with former Rural Fire Service commissioner Phil Koperberg. ”We have never had this in October. This is a feature of slowly evolving climate. We have always had fires, but not of this nature, and not at this time of year, and not accompanied by the record-breaking heat we’ve had.”
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott, of course, grimly clung on to denying the very inconvenient truth by telling Fairfax Radio, ”These fires are certainly not a function of climate change,” and he was supported by his Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, who said he had looked it up on Wikipedia, and he, too, is convinced that October bushfires of this magnitude are normal.
    Me? I thought this was effectively blown out of the water by Fairfax writer Tony Wright, who looked a little deeper at Wikipedia and established that: ”According to Wikipedia … they’re the first major conflagrations over more than a century that have occurred as early as October. With the exception of a couple in November, all the rest – and there are about 40 of them – have been in December, January, February, March, and once, in April.”
    Then, former US vice-president Al Gore was strong in………..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/abbotts-version-of-truth-backfires-20131026-2w8d2.html#ixzz2isUetnrN

  66. A summary of the inquiry

    Risk advice for the Home Insulation Safety Program
    CSIRO conducted a statistical risk analysis of homes installed with non-foil
    insulation under the Federal Government’s Home Insulation Program (HIP).
    The project helped determine if insulation-related house fires had increased
    under HIP and informed the inspections for the Home Insulation Safety
    Program. CSIRO found the rate of fires had dropped to a level comparable
    to the pre-existing rate of fires after HISP inspections. This evidence provided
    a basis to cease further safety inspections, saving the Government $250M.


    Since we’re apparently in “inquiry” mode, what about some light being shed on the “ashbygate” affair in the light of justice Rare’s findings on the matter, and the AFP’s lack of action wrt to these?

  67. Add, falsification of claims for travel and accommodation allowances.

    Another. Abbott making false claims in Tasmania, were he gives the impression, the people are paying carbon tax, on electricity, that is generated in a way, that does not emit carbon.

    It is a lie, that there electricity will be reduced with the cost on carbon emission being repealed.

    In Tasmania, they do not generate power from fossil fuel.

  68. In Tasmania, we make a substantial PROFIT thanks to the carbon price, and the ability to provide “clean” hydroelectric power to the big island.

  69. I mean it gets bad for the right wingers when even their handle is hypocritical.

    Question everything, but only actually falsely questions Labor and ignore the Liberals gross failings and deceits.

    If you are going to use a moniker of question everything at least attempt to live up to it otherwise you are betrayed as a hypocrite.

    An apt description of the Liberal party and their followers from Mathew 23:27

    vae vobis scribae et Pharisaei hypocritae quia similes estis sepulchris dealbatis quae a foris parent hominibus speciosa intus vero plena sunt ossibus mortuorum et omni spurcitia

  70. Baccus, your link not working….. can’t find the report anywhere 😕
    WTF is going on !!! Have ‘they’ disappeared it 🙄
    Every link via numerous sites leads to a dead end.
    The real question is why….. what BS are these cunning stunts up to now 😈
    or here– ” Mobius Ecko
    April 25, 2011 @ 7:00 am
    You won’t see this in the MSM, a CSIRO report that shows the Home Insulation Program (HIP) was actually safer than pre-HIP insulation installations. CSIRO Report HISP-2011 (pdf)

    Then Possum does an even more detailed analysis ontop of the CSIRO HISP Report and it also proves the government’s HIP program was safer than pre-insulation installations.

    What neither covers is the fact that for the government’s inspections of the houses where the HIP was conducted, 43% were sub-par below building standards. Those owners now know they have structurally sub-standard buildings, something they may never have known otherwise. It also means they can take timely action to remedy the situation, also adding to the safety of the building and to themselves.

    But as I started you won’t see this splashed around anywhere and especially by this government who are so cowered by the media they actually disown what is a very successful program.”

    Heres a link to Possum

  71. Bacchus’ link worked for me Lovo (thanks B…nice bit of hunter/gathering there).

    I checked it again just now to see if it was still there.

    It’s really odd how it doesn’t seem to be available from the CSIRO website.

  72. Lovo,

    Do you know if there is going to be anything in BH for GetUp’s National Day of Climate Action on 17th November? I know of a new resident of the town who would be interested in finding out…

  73. It’s really odd how it doesn’t seem to be available from the CSIRO website.

    The secret “Ministry of Disinformation” is working overtime MJ 😉

  74. Haven’t heard of the “Ministry of Disinformation”? That’s because it’s secret silly 😆 Who’s the minister? Minister Credlin of course, supported by assistant minister Loughnane. They weren’t elected you say? They don’t care, and neither does the Lieberal party! 👿

  75. Basically, it means “I’m a hypocrite” Fu 😉 Other translations say it means, “I’m full of $#!t” 😆

    The genuine translation though is “Question everything” but this muppet doesn’t have sufficient nous to meaningfully question anything… 🙄

  76. Omnia quaerite October 27, 2013 @ 7:43 pm
    Ad hominem attack, thee who questions everything, obviously with incorrect information. As they say, garbage in, garbage out.
    Well I have heard enough from Omnia to know we have a Troll with the mental advancement, or regression depending on their actual age, of a post pubescent teenager. Being civil in mind, I am thinking we really should help them to learn how to recognize bullshit from fact and how to actually do research. But then, it really is starting to get tiring having to do research for the thankless task of trying to enlighten the growing number of mal-informed sycophants that are gullible enough to swallow propaganda so exuberantly.
    Ominia, You bring your “facts” and we will question everything, and provide our research. The idea is that then your return with the researched facts to support your point of view and why it is correct. Ad hominem attacks are so juvenile and totally, really totally boring and we all roll our eyes in the shallow mentality that is on display and we then sigh, take pity, then do the natural Adult thing in trying to enlighten the natural youth naïveté with what our research has discovered. We desire them to return then with research to what they have discovered and can show us that which has helped them to achieve the decisions they have concluded. In doing so, the sources can be then studied and the nature of the information can be questioned till a consensus of Peers can make a judgment in supporting the hypothesis that was presented. Scientific consensus is not perfect, but it works really good. So try it, as your methodology is really screwed off in weird directions.
    Life is full of interesting things, but not everything we are told by those we like and call themselves our friends are truth or honesty. People lie for self-gain to profit in some way over others. As previously said, there is nothing wrong in being rich, but how your got it, well, that is a different matter and shows the true base desire of a person’s character.

  77. does anyone else contemplate that evil exists in politics ? I wonder sometimes, its seems lie after lies are spoken with no remorse at all. I feel something is very very wrong with how the LNP operate. they just don’t seem to care about anyone except the rich , the very rich and the super rich. and as long as they are white. i see evil is within them. i see them to be very similar to nazi germany in many ways.

  78. Sadly, that is so true Steven. Their whole ethos &/or ideology is psychopathic. No empathy whatsoever for those not of “their” ilk.

  79. The tactics and policies of the lnp and their army of troll supporters do reek of evil to me, Steven – and that’s a description I had never expected to use about anyone or thing.

    However, their reliance on constant lies and deceit (aka propaganda), their betrayals not only of the Australian people and nation, but of democratic governance, their collective abandonment of any form of decency towards others less fortunate than themselves are certainly indicative of something deeply rotten within the ranks of the conservatives regressives.

    Their championing of the cultivated ignorance and lies of AGW denialism completes the picture, asfaiac.

  80. Baccus, re: National day of Climate action…….. there is no event happing in the ‘Hill’ that I am aware of 😕 ….. though that could change if I can interest our local Greens members and others, fingers crossed. I have organised an GetUp event in the past where we ran up and down our ‘main drag’ with the Climate Change Torch on Wattle Day 2008, so if I can get some others interested, mayhap.

  81. Steven Subhash James @ October 28, 2013 @ 9:37 am
    Such is the Game of Power (which also becomes “GOP” like something else that is a creature of it), Steven.

    A lot of honest idealist dreams have been shattered and sacrificed onto the Alter of the reality that the GOP (may as well combine it as it is all the same thing) corrupts ultimately all, in the name of self-advancement financially. No one want to retire into a breadline existence on retirement.

    Why is there such a ideological drive at the moment to drum and ingrain in everyone’s head, that there is no such thing as Community. Hog wash! Community has always been the heart and the strength of human civilization. It is plain to see that there is a purpose the destruct that and redefine it into a divisive individualism which will neutralize the strength of the Human Community just as they have been “educating” us that Socialism is bad but Capitalism and individualism (selfishness) is good. I noticed this all surfaced about the time of Reaganomics and Thatcherism.

    Yes, it is evil if one applies a religious slant onto the actions that these outcomes produce. It is everything the Judaism based religions warn is horrendous. But Religion, by taking parts of the writings and putting them out of context to the whole of the Books lessons overarching lesson, is being used as a tool to legitimize to those peoples who have a predisposition to find a comfort in a friend in the sky, Daddy figure to watch over them and keep them safe, into supporting diabolical acts of profiteering and render them powerless to do anything about it, as they are afraid to got against the perpetrated misuse of the guiding principles they follow, to guide them through life in a comforting way.

    So “evil” is correct, but I prefer “Corruption”. Same thing really. Our Society is currently being boiled to death in a black pot of it.

  82. (Off topic) My laptop broke 😥 ….. I’m on a library computer 😦 ….it may take 3 weeks to fix 😥 ….. just sayin 😦

  83. Oh well – Chrome for now…

    That’s very sad news LOVO – I would be lost without my ‘puters 😦

    On another topic, I took my car to a mechanic the other day. When I asked him what’s wrong, he said, “Piston broke.” I told him, “I know how that feels, but what about my car?” 😆 boom, boom 😆 Sorry about that… 😳

    On the GetUp matter, is there a group in town my friend can contact for info or to register her interest?

  84. LOVO and,

    (Off topic) My laptop broke 😥 ….. I’m on a library computer 😦 ….it may take 3 weeks to fix 😥 ….. just sayin 😦

    Anyone who goes to the library to blog comes under the category of DB..desperate blogger. 😀

  85. TechinBris, I see the way that society is headed is a continuum of what I’ve often called The Great Dumbing Down. Thinking about 20th Century and 21st Century history, we have seen the fluctuations between intellectualism and mass conformity. In the days of mass conformity, is it a coincidence that women are “sent back to the kitchen”. Today under the fashion of “retro” women are now expected to wear aprons, and spend their time decorating cupcakes. As Abbott said, women have only certain abilities and aptitudes… Watch carefully about expectations under an Abbott-led government, not only women but anyone who isn’t of “his ilk”.

  86. Omnia quaerite @ October 27, 2013 @ 7:59 am & October 27, 2013 @ 8:18 am.
    Oh dear and how embarrassing, Omnia is a Queenslander! So much for the so-called “Smart State”.

    That aside and for the purpose of education for the ignorant, Omnia quaerite, has anyone ever advised you, other than myself, that is not a good practice to take all your “truths” from one source of information? Far better is it to get it from numerous unrelated sources of information, Peer reviewed research by experts in the field of discussion, whilst supplying the facts and sources from where the information came, in supporting the conclusion it has, so people reading it can examine the information and see if they come to the same conclusion.

    That is why good reporting by excellent Journalists will supply such information and advise when something is an opinion or based on hearsay. A bad Journalists will confuse the issue and present as fact what is Opinion, usually because they really believe it is so or they have been paid to say it is real. Money is a real good motivator, as you surely know and have proved it on occasion. Others just call them Prostitutes, and not of the sexual services type which usually end up, at least, with happier Customers.

    In a nutshell, it is time to learn to broaden the horizons of your information, as it seems you have tapped into sources commonly known for dissemination of disinformation, otherwise known as Propaganda. Don’t worry, you are not to the first to do it, but you can triumph over it! Today is a great day to make a new start!

  87. If the selfish traits of infancy are not curbed one grows up to be become a conservative regressive (to borrow ptero’s description).

    Those infantile traits have useful survival value in early development, but underpin sociopathic behaviour if allowed to persist into adulthood. So, it’s in the parenting, and probably starts with potty training: “anal retentive” just becomes “retentive” in the adult form. And retentive can morph into full blown kleptocracy, as all conservative governments are.

    So when we say that the Tories are “full of shit”, it’s a bit more than a metaphor.

  88. Just a few extracts from that page before they take it down:

    The Abbott Government is the federal Executive Government of Australia of the Liberal-National coalition, which is led by Fascist Dictator and well known wife beater and child rapist Tony Abbott. Following the 2013 Australian federal election on 7 September, Abbott’s coalition bought votes and defeated the second Rudd Government, bringing to a close six years of fair and democratic governance by the Australian Labor Party. The Prime Minister and other ministers were sworn in on 18 September 2013.

    Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party and Coalition partner, the National Party, led by Warren Truss, bought a 3.65 percent two-party swing at the 2013 election with under the table deals and media manipulation, “winning” 90 of the Australian House of Representatives seats to the Labor Party’s 55.[6] The Greens retained their one seat in the chamber, with Bob Katter of Katter’s Australian Party also returned. Two independents won seats in the House of Representatives. The seat of Fairfax remained in doubt for some weeks after the election, looking likely to fall from the Nationals to Clive Palmer, leader of the Palmer United Party.

    Julie Bishop, who had previously been a lawyer tasked with ensuring asbestos victims died before their compensation claims could be paid to them, became the first woman to represent Australia as Minister for Foreign Affairs

    Joe Hockey, a former Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations in the Howard Government, became Treasurer of Australia, and Senator Mathias Cormann became Finance Minister in the Abbott Government. Hockey, the son of a Palestinian refugee and known for his catchphrase “I fuckin hate poor cunts”, had himself been a contender for the leadership of the Liberal Party in the ballot that saw Abbott win the role in 2009.[25] Belgian born Cormann had served as Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation.[26] At a 27 September Press Conference following the 2013 Election, Hockey confirmed the state of the national accounts by saying that Labor Treasurer Wayne Swan had promised a surplus in 2012-13 more than 500 times, but instead had delivered a deficit of $18.8 billion. Hockey said the government faced a challenge in order to sustain growth as the mining investment boom deflates, and indicated that the government was considering ways to stimulate infrastructure spending including, government approved pimp daddy’s and secretly killing and then selling the bodies of the poor to Maccas for burger patties. [27]

    Social policy

    With an ideology based in hate, ignorance, greed and suspicion, the Abbot government Social policy has been widely observed as attempting to uphold traditional ideals of feudal Europe. Among the Abbot frontbench homosexuality is rife, and as a consequence self hate has taken root. Therefore, in the reactionary style that the Liberal party has embraced over the past three decades, and as an attempt to hide the fact that Tony would love nothing more than a good bumming, the Liberal party has done all in its power to advance the cause of hate and prejudice against gay’s and Lesbians in Australia.

  89. Your link is still up and running Bacchus.
    When reason fails, there’s always ridicule.
    F’n hilarious!

  90. Bacchus
    OCTOBER 28, 2013 @ 5:22 PM
    Just a few extracts from that page before they take it down:

    Therefore it is okay to say what has been said for years; At alp conferences in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, it was widely known that after pissing up at the conference, if men were feeling horny, knock on Julia’s door. She’s always up for it! How else did she get to where she ended up? On the trash heap where she belongs. Deny that you lefty lovers.

  91. and it should bother me to see the arse end of a scrubber like you echo? get a job you lay about..or at least contribute something to society..my glass is half full 🙂

  92. And as we wave a fond farewell to Walmart. You are now in moderation, note not banned, but your comments will be moderated until such time as you are prepared to address the topic rather than attempt to hijack it.

  93. Pigeon holing. What is it with right wingers that pigeon hole anyone that is not as far right as they are. I can only think their brains just can’t grasp diverse concepts.

    You haven’t a clue about me Walmart and how I contribute to society. Others here do. Even though I don’t have to justify myself to right wing reprobates like you I will tell you that from the day I graduated from (Catholic) college I have never ever been unemployed and never been a casual worker either.

    But with a moniker like Walmart I assume you are a sponge/parasite on society.

  94. Carol Taylor @ October 28, 2013 @ 1:29 pm
    I agree with you, that there will be a dumbing down of the Social Class structures. The Edwardian era is their template. Also we will see that the risks in the workplace will be placed back onto the Worker instead of the costs to the Industrialists. This will then also be a thin edge of the culling of our species. We know they couldn’t give a stuff to those who have no wealth which is their worthy to live scale. Also those who bother them and cause them issues will expire conveniently. And I am only using history to come to those conclusion.
    In our culture (western Anglo), you are correct Carol. Most women will be shoved back into the Kitchen and told to breed the workforce, unless they can display the ruthlessness required to impress those with the wealth to “sponsor” them, thus own them, and gaining from their skill. It bodes not well for the females, but for the average male, not much better other than as cannon fodder for their Wars.
    Whilst things will get much worse, we can halt it if we really decided to. Maybe we will reach a point when consensus is reached, without the Politicians, Industrialists and Banksters, and we ditch their monitory system and start a new economy. Easy done if you have a consensus of the people. Thus they are powerless, but then unfortunately, they’ll be desperately dangerous and move fast before all they have is stripped from their greed fingers.
    I believe it is possible to succeed in the Ghandi manner of peaceful civil disobedience, but a lot of us will die at their ruthless hand. No escaping there if History’s lessons are a guide.

  95. Just watched NPC. First thing that Labor has to do, is get rid of the National Secretary.

    It is a wonder that Abbott did not blame Ms. Gillard for us not winning the war.

    I noticed that the polls are once again getting a mention. Good figure for Abbott.

  96. I noticed that the polls are once again getting a mention. Good figure for Abbott.

    40%/36% Abbott/Shorten on Morgan Poll.

    The only person taking comfort from that would be Malcolm Turnbull.

    Not a bad starting position for Shorten either.

  97. Steven Subhash James @ October 28, 2013 @ 10:41 pm
    Spare a thought for the honest Community minded of our QLD Police Force. They have been threatened with the sack if they do not carry out unethical actions in new Laws in QLD, that challenge the Constitutional “Separation of Powers”, as directed by the AG of QLD.
    I wonder if the QLD Force will be the ones that challenge to directive in the High Court to bring it all back into line of our Constitution.
    This behavior by the QLD AG is just what Dictators do.

  98. The QLD Police would not all stand as one on this. The one’s that are willing to take advantage of a situation, as it is presented, will stand with the Government if they will profit from it and the Government will make sure it is worth their while to do so. Everyone has their price in being a Prostitute for wealth. It is the great corrupter and the font of all that is evil to our democratic/decency community moral fiber. The Community minded of the Police will recoil at persecuting their own Communities and get sacked. We will need to be there to support them as they support us.

  99. I feel it,.. protests, uprising, revolution, whatever it is, i can feel it. but for it to work it better be huge. and on going. but no violence. we just need a charismatic leader to inspire the masses.

  100. I do wish Abbott would resist from saying, that under NBNCo, one digs up the streets. This is a pure lie. The fibre is pulled through existing ducts. owned by Telstra. Getting permission to do this, is what contributed to some of the delay rolling out of fibre to the home.

    The beat up re asbestos in the pits that NBNCo rented from Telstra did not help..

    Abbott still in election mode at some business in Victoria. Soon moved on, when questions became uncomfortable for him. What is new.


    history-channel-hd-aliens-thumbLike an alien abduction, NBN Co’s site has mysteriously lost all future plans for the rollout on the “When do I get it?” map. Gone are the claims of “continuing the rollout until reviews are complete”, & being “technology agnostic”, the days of corporate back slapping & secrecy are upon us.

    With the news that only “work commenced” projects will be shown on the rollout map as “active” now & all other planned areas will not be shown at all, the NBN is fast becoming the white elephant that Turnbull warned us about, expect he’s the one creating it.

    ………….NBN Co removing planned works from the rollout map at the same time as beginning negotiations with Telstra is concerning as this goes against everything Turnbull has promised since the election: technology agnosticism, continuing the rollout during reviews & audits, & greater transparency.

    If anything, Turnbull has done more to slow the rollout down over the last 60 days than mismanagement, ambition, & asbestos laden plant has combined


    It is a shame, Turnbull does not listen to what he says.

  101. What an absolute f-wit Abbott is, and he’s only allowed to get away with being the biggest f-wit of a PM this country has ever had because of the media, the same media that allowed him to get away with being a f-wit in opposition and so getting him into power.

    Why didn’t one reporter pick up Abbott on this during a press conference today.

    Commenting on the cruelty to Australian live export sheep overseas Abbott started by saying that there was a “good policy in place,” and he was not going to jump in but be, “steady as it goes”. Steady as it goes is his new catch phrase by the way.

    A “good policy in place.” Shit media you should have been all over that statement because that’s the previous Labor government’s “good policy” in place, that Abbott just praised. Yet in opposition he canned and lambasted it to kingdom come as policy on the run and a bad policy for our farmers and nation.

    Just when the fuck are the media in this country going to hold Abbott to account for all his deceits and back flips since gaining power, let alone his failures and stuff ups?

  102. So Scott Morrison got a slap in the face from the Indonesians on his visit there.

    Scheduled to meet the Indonesian Security Minister, Morrison was instead fobbed off to the Indonesian Army Commander after the Security Minister called off his meeting.

    Then the Army Commander fobbed of Morrison, instead he sent his Chief of Staff.

    Then to top of this Morrison diplomatic disaster he got this from the Indonesian Justice and Human Rights Minister:

    ”Australia should ‘pay more attention’ to the countries of origin of asylum seekers in searching for a solution, and be kinder towards refugees. The Australian government should pay more empathy to the position of the Indonesian government, who is not comfortable with having so many asylum seekers here, but also to show empathy with asylum seekers who are seeking to have a better future.”

    Of course you didn’t hear about any of that in our media when it would have been front page and heading news bulletins if it had been a Labor minister, nor did you hear anything from the government who would have been crowing if it could have been spun as being in anyway successful, so they kept it secret like they do everything else.

    And talking of keeping things secret. This government has refused to release a précis on the PM’s brief on coming to office. The brief gives a frank assessment of the incoming government’s election policies, so for this government to keep them secret says a lot about that brief and how bad their policies must be.

  103. Did not even see any comments that Morrison visited Indonesia.

    They must have all have raised the proposition that this government intends to lower the number of refugees we are taking FROM 20.000 TO 13,700.

  104. Albanese was on this morning. It seems that this government is cutting grants to local government, they said they supported at a conference earlier in the year.

    ABC 24

  105. ME, it must be wrong. According to Morrison, relations between him and Indonesia has never been stronger.

  106. “………It’s probably just coincidence that Gina Rinehart bought a Victorian oil and gas company in January. It was considered an odd move at the time because the company, Lakes Oil, specialises in tight gas (a difficult to access, unconventional gas source) and had been hamstrung with their exploration in the Gippsland and Otway basins by the moratorium on fracking .

    Easy to tell who’s writing the policy and why..”



  107. Hervey Bay seems like a wonderful place for lay about bludgers…no jobs, no industry, little prospect of ever getting a job and every prospect of living off the taxpayers.

  108. The one who is incapable of questioning anything must be moving to Hervey Bay. The previous comment makes no sense otherwise 😆 Well I suppose it will suit – he can live comfortably there off his family’s ill-gotten gains 🙄

  109. Rinehart and the other CEO’S of mining companies are the Liberal party. Anyone thinking they would let a Baboon like Abbott and the rest of the apes on his front bench, run Australia is politically naïve. They run it, they own it, they are it.

  110. Omnia quaerite misnomer is being deliberately puerile and provocative, just like a previous someone else who used to post here.

    Says more about them as a failure than about anything else.

    Anyway just like the previous nonsensical failure as a human being, it’s time to ignore.

  111. Could be talking about me, i moved to hervey bay last year, and if he is talking about me ? How and why did he find out this information ? is he just one of abbotts and newmans nazi henchmen ? is this his only information about me, or is their much more. what else does he know about others here ? has he come to the conclusion that i have lived my entire life here and have never had a job ? even though i first started work in 1970. Omnia Quaerite, have you ever questioned yourself ? try it. i am sure you will find out just what type nasty person you really are. but i doubt you will ever try. you only have selfish motives.

  112. Big industry goes on and on about failing productivity and this new government has mentioned it on many occasions both in opposition and now in government as they position to bring in WorkChoices.

    Those graphs tell a very damning story. Labour productivity has significantly increased,meaning Australian workers are doing more, yet capital productivity has plummeted, meaning business is both failing to invest in their labour and capital, and is making bad investments.

    If Abbott were an honest man, which everyone knows he’s not, he would be attacking industry for not improving productivity instead of the workers.

  113. Steven,

    If you don’t want strange people (and there aren’t too many stranger than this unquestioning retard) knowing stuff about you, don’t include a link to your facebook when you comment. I can see where you worked, where you went to school, where you live, members of your family – sons, daughters, photos….

    You may like to consider looking at your privacy settings in facebook as well…

  114. In fighting in the Liberal ranks as they continue their contradictions from opposition days to anything Abbott says.

    Turnbull and McFarlane saying power infrastructure building reason for higher electricity prices whilst Abbott says it’s the carbon price.

    No wonder CredlinAbbott wants to control his ministers media appearances.

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