Honesty in Language

By now most would be aware that Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has instructed departmental and detention centre staff to publicly refer to asylum seekers as ‘‘illegal’’ arrivals and as ‘‘detainees’’, rather than as clients.

This has been met with a torrent of outrage across social media, not only because “illegal arrivals” is a term that is incorrect, but the term itself is one that dehumanises the unfortunate people it is applied to.

There is, however, one journalist who has jumped to the defense of Scott Morrison. Would you be surprised to learn that it is Andrew Bolt? Morrison’s application of the term says Bolt, is “honesty in language” and encourages that we support it. By “we” I don’t know who he means. Probably his thousands of readers who find it OK to dehumanise people or are happy to stand around the front bar yelling that these people are illegal.

And what would Bolt know about honesty in language anyway? He publicly ridicules anyone who has an opinion that differs from his own.

But if it’s honesty in language he wants, perhaps we can give him some.

Feel free to speak your mind.

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  1. Language is important. It is one of the first things one learns when working with the disabled.

    I was bought up on the saying that sticks and stones can break your bones, words Cannot hurt you.

    Living in a violent marriage for years, I learnt how wrong this is.

    Broken bones will heal. The words, I am afraid the words , are inclined to hurt forever.

    Yes, it undermines one sense and worth of self. They demoralizes one completely.

    That is Morrison hope, that the people will lose hope, and return back to the terror they are fleeing.

    At the first, or maybe second weekly report of Morrison, the army general was referring to them by letters. Could not catch them, but sounded like POI, or something in that stable.

    Yes, the techniques would not have been out of place in WWW11 Germany.

    They are first, illegal maritime arrivals, then they are detainees. They could be detainees for a decade or more.

    Why has Morrison not gone to Indonesia yet, as Abbott said he would while in Indonesia.

  2. I just posted the following to Facebook:

    So Scott Morrison wants maritime asylum seeker arrivals referred to as “illegal arrivals”. I have a better suggestion. I think that henceforth they should be referred to as “Giant Death Robots from Mars.” It’s just as emotive, equally as accurate, and has the benefit of being a hell of a lot more entertaining in press briefings. “Another 70 giant death robots from Mars who arrived on another boat have also been sent to Christmas Island.” Isn’t that an improvement?

  3. Crime rate his way higher amongst Australian politicians than asylum seekers. So can we call the current pollies in government illegals and when they are in parliament detainees?

  4. Abbott and Morrison’s policy to dehumanise those who would seek asylum is straight out of the Howard Handbook. I am sure many would recall how Howard banned photos being taken of those incarcerated in desert camps..far too many doe-eyed children whose photos might engender a little public sympathy.

  5. What sort of practicing Christian Government Minister would insist that his department employees call people seeking asylum, illegals in the full knowledge that he is deliberately demonising them in the public mind?

    John 10: 10 I have come that they may have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

  6. Bolt is dirt. Of course that racist animal would leap to the defence of this Nazi grub Morrison. No way will I support either of them.

  7. Morrison is of course the person who loudly objected to refugees being able to attend the funerals of loved ones – which compares how? with Abbott’s rorting.

  8. Carol, that little boy, that Morrison tried to stop being bought to the funeral was Christian. Yes, they are not all Moslem’s.

  9. In fact Fu most boat people are Christians and non-Muslims, that’s why they are fleeing Muslim countries, because of their persecution of non-Muslim religions.

  10. Wonder why he has not turned up with O’Farrell? Even at Wimmalee Fire Station, there was no one from the fire brigades with him.

    It looks like, he does not intend to answer any questions from the media, no matter what disaster or events occur.

    Could he be that scared of answering questions.

  11. It’s time, Finance and AFP: Randall’s Cairns claim must be investigated
    october 20, 2013 leave a comment…

    OK, we’re starting to get to the pointy end of the political travel rorts scandal.
    My understanding of the Don Randall matter is this. In November 2012 the Perth MP and a family member flew to Cairns for an overnight stay. . He claimed the $5259 trip was “electorate business”. A week after returning from Cairns, on November 26, he updated his pecuniary interests register, saying: “My wife and I have taken possession of the house at the Cairns location. We intend to rent the house as an investment.”
    When Fairfax revealed this after a tip-off from a citizen journalist, he said: “The claims relating to travel were appropriately acquitted with the Department of Finance.” That statement was false, because political travel expenses are self regulated – the politicians claim, and Finance accepts the claims without question, unless an allegation of irregularity is raised. (see Exclusive: Abbott forced to repay $9,400 he charged taxpayers to promote his book)……………..

    – See more at: http://nofibs.com.au/2013/10/20/time-finance-afp-randalls-cairns-claim-must-investigated/#comments

  12. Who was the idiot who voted dumb, dumb and dumber in – oh wait it must have taken more than one it must have been the majority – so far I haven’t managed to turn one up i suppose thats because they hide themselves behind keyboards and keep writing that abusive stuff!

  13. One would have to delve deep into the mind of both Andrew Bolt and Scott Morrison to work out what ails them. Lack of compassion for the less fortunate is the hallmark of ultra right wing conservatives and these two are the epitome of that group. Psychologists tell us that early childhood bullying can often produce this type of behaviour in adulthood. Perhaps we should feel some sympathy for them.

  14. The meaning given to a ‘word’ (or, if you like, as most people do, the meaning that a word has) changes over time. (BTW, not sure how a word, created by a human, gets a life of its own and therefore has a power to change its meaning. But most people seem to agree that’s what happens).

    But that’s bullshit. Take the word ‘gay’ as an example. When I was growing up, most people associated ‘gay’ with being “carefree”, “happy”, or “bright and showy” (Wiki). Today, the mention of ‘gay’ (probably) evokes a different response but one can never be sure.

    Words and the meanings that are given to same are never set in concrete. But (usually) there is always an historical lag.

    For most people, at this moment in time, there is sympathy for ‘refugees’ but very little for ‘illegals’.

    Morrison, the practitioner of ‘glossolalia’, understands this very well. He is in the business of giving new ‘meanings’ to the plight of fleeing people. As was Rudd et al.

  15. No matter what you call them,the FACT is they are costing the tax payers of Australia hundreds of millions of dollars. They PAY to come here and I am not that blind to see that a good percentage of them are NOT genuine. If you can not see that then you are blind or a sheep blindly following the mob. Should we not be looking after our OWN fellow Australians first. HOW many Australians are well below the poverty line now? How many pensioners can’t afford to buy decent food. How many street kids need help, schools, ambulance, hospitals, police, the list goes on and on, but still we spend millions on illegals, refugees call them what you want. I think its high time we looked after our own back yard BEFORE we don’t have one to call our own. When we can say that our home situation is in hand without people waiting years for hospital treatment or people being poverty stricken or homeless THEN start to help others in genuine need.

  16. While I think that having such a high profile person advocating for any ‘volunteer’ work, it is also indicative to look at what is driving that ‘volunteer’ work. It was interesting to note that tabot has only been doing his ‘volunteer’ work since being elected to parliament, 13 years he admits. It also interesting to note that whole other politicians do not claim their ‘volunteer’ work under their normal entitlements, tabot proudly does so. Which makes you wonder, is this still ‘volunteer’ work, or paid hobbies?

    And while murdoch rains praise on him, they do so with less than honest integrity themselves

    However, it appears that it was not just an onlooker or ordinary volunteer who snapped Abbott – it appears to have been the former Senior Studio Director at Skynews whose efforts were first tweeted via a Canberra-based political reporter at Sky News.

    FU’s post at October 20, 2013 @ 6:49 pm sums it up perfectly. Very publicly appearing to help, while quietly taking away real help in the background.

    Bastardly behavior

  17. bythesea76 can you tell us what percentage is a “good percentage” of them that are not genuine.

    And you do know that as laudable as it is to want to look after the impoverished and pensioners of Australia they will still be there even if there is not a single cent spent on refugees. Government will not use the money it spends on refugees to look after the less well off in this society, and if it’s a Liberal government then odds on it will be using that extra money to prop up the wealthy at the cost of the less well off, which leads me to the next point.

    Your apparent concern for the less well off in Australian society has me perplexed as it appears you are a right wing Liberal Party supporter. If this is the case then I can only assume you are being a hypocrite crying crocodile tears over these people as there’s no party in Australia who does the least to assist those in need in Australia whilst savagely cutting those things you list like schools, ambulance (State run not Federal), hospitals, police ( gather you mean AFP as other police are State run) and the list goes on, than the Liberal Party, even in times of economic booms and record revenues.

    So it seems to me if you are genuinely concerned for those things you list then you definitely are supporting the wrong Party.

  18. Should we not be looking after our OWN fellow Australians first

    A good question to ask volunteer tony imo, who has just taken away support from victims of natural disasters while getting paid to ‘volunteer’ ‘inconspicuously’ with a sky news photographer tagging along.

  19. Tom ABC News this morning did a real snow job for Abbott and his fire fighting volunteer work.

    Their story is that Abbott is a real hero, he did this 14 hours of work in secret without telling anyone and it only made the media because there were pictures taken by people there for Twitter and that alerted the media.

  20. t only made the media because there were pictures taken by people there for Twitter and that alerted the media.

    And, as has now been exposed, this ‘twitterer’ was a paid news hack.

    Yea, pure coincidence 😉

    I think it is disgusting the way people are ‘charitable’ as long as they are well reimbursed for it. They then point the finger at others, saying ‘but they don’t ‘volunteer’. Well, I don’t know if Shorten etal ‘volunteer’, but I do know that their work and their policy directions have helped out far many more people than grandstanding in front of cameras has ever done.

    One can only imagine the extra hindrance having a security team that MUST be around the PM at all times caused in such an environment. Were the security team trained in the relevant safety areas? Because, if not, they are getting put in harms way unnecessarily, just so a paid photographer can pretend to release his pictures on twitter, to scooped up unsuspectingly at a later date by his employer

  21. Be very interested to see what tabot claims for his 14 hours of ‘volunteering’. Mike Kelly has it down pat.

  22. How many street kids need help, schools, ambulance, hospitals, police, the list goes on and on

    Well perhaps you should have a word in your mate Tony’s ear. He runs the country now. But don’t expect too much help, especially when it comes to homeless kids. Do a Google search: somewhere in there you’ll find a quote from Abbott that people are homeless by choice.

  23. bythesea76, I have been hearing the same arguments since the 1950’s. Funny, each wave of refugees have left this country a more exciting and prosperous place to be.

    They add to the economy, not subtract from it.

    That is a fact.

    Many are highly educated and skilled.

  24. Would love to see Abbott’s attendance at his fire brigade depot over the last decade.

    I think, them. leaving him sit is that truck all day, the Sunday before last, tells it all.

  25. Abbott, it appears will not turn up, where he has to answer questions. I take it, Abbott still feels he has anything worthwhile to tell us. I believe he could be right, Saying that, there is plenty we want to ask him.

  26. The question I would like to ask. Mr. Abbott have you thought about transferring the money, you intend to spend, going after refugees, buying more patrol boats and drones, to increasing the air fleet, that can be used to deal with national disasters.

  27. FED UP… Yes I agree that many are educated and make a great contribution to this country. Back in the fifty’s people coming to this country came in a different manner, lawfully I think they call it. The arrived, WORKED, and made lives for themselves and families. No silver platter to slide onto, no benefits as seen today, and IF these current “Refugees” or “illegals” or call them what you will are highly educated and skilled, WHY do they burn down facilities and carry on the way they do. I still agree SOME may be beneficial to this country. The fact remains we have a FRONT door that last time I looked was open to anyone genuine who wanted to immigrate.

  28. it seems pretty poor form to criticise someone who has been a volunteer fireman for 30 years, turning out to help his team fight fires on Sunday. I wonder what most of those complaining did on Sunday and I wonder if any of them are close enough to help? Time better spent than sitting at computer being a keyboard warrior methinks.

  29. has been a volunteer fireman for 30 years

    30 years? Can you help us out with a link, cos, as far as I am aware, he has only ‘volunteered’ since he could rort/claim it

  30. JL it is not his volunteering to be a fire fighter that is our criticism but that he, or his minders/PR use that for political gain.

    His last stint at fire fighting at Wandandian just down from where I live was purely a stunt and revealed as one.

    Then there is claiming expenses for all these stunts and sporting events he attends, let alone the personal events he attends with his family he also claims for.

    As to being keyboard warriors, you wouldn’t have a clue as to what those on the other side of your connection are doing or have done.

    As to bythesea76 he again spouts factless nonsense.

    Is he saying the Vietnamese boat people haven’t in anyway contributed to Australia, and silver spoon, please if you are going to make baseless accusations at least do so without hyperbole.

    Still hasn’t answered why bythesea76 supports a political party or ideology that does the opposite of his concerns in looking after the less well off in our society and funding essential services.

    As to the front door. You do know, and ABS has the stats if you search, that way more criminals, gangs and corrupt people come through the front door than ever have by seeking asylum on a boat?

  31. JL would like your opinion on Abbott screwing down the criteria for receiving assistance during disasters so much he has left many people, including whole families with nothing after they have lost everything.

    But I guess that’s OK because just after he did that he volunteered secretly for 14 hours to backburn, making sure secret pictures were taken and Ltd. News got the story of course.

    Also why he, yet again from the umpteenth time, ran away from answering questions? He’s now PM of the Australian people so why does he hide from the Australian people and shroud his government in secrecy to keep it away from the people?

  32. I didn’t read anywhere that bythesea said Vietnamese haven’t contributed. Likewise, what party he supports. He may be a ALP or PUP supporter for all you know? Additionally, I find your reference toward me as silver spoon offensive.

  33. Sorry Tom…typo..it’s ONLY 13 years

    Fair nuff JL. With our local media trying to turn tabot into a saint, I was wondering if one of their stories had ’embellished’ it a bit 😉

  34. Then there is claiming expenses for all these stunts and sporting events he attends

    That is what galls me the most. He is expecting the taxpayer to pick up the bill. How many ‘volunteers’ get to ‘volunteer’ as part of their everyday jobs?

    As I said, other MP’s have gone on his bike rides, but they don’t claim it as work expenses. I wonder how many in his fire brigade get paid for the ‘volunteer’ work?

    If he wants to claim the kudos for volunteering, then he can at least sacrifice something. When you look into his claims, he actually makes more money from ‘volunteering’

    And, while he is doing that, he is removing assistance for victims of the fire?

  35. JL,

    We’re lefties here. Progressives. The good guys. We couldn’t give a fig for your Liberal spin. Back to the Telecrap with you.

  36. Tom. Obviously you have some knowledge about out of pocket claims. What could Abbott claim in out of pockets and travelling allowances for 14 hrs volunteer fire fighting. I am not familiar with such things. Is he entitled to meal allowances or something?

  37. @ 1:13 pm Stop playing us for fools JL.

    As to honesty in language or media here are some revelations on Abbott’s latest publicity stuntfirefighting.

    ABC News and other news outlets this morning attempted to make out that the photos released of Abbott’s volunteering were locals who took snaps and then posted them on Twitter, which was picked up by the media.


    It was not just a local who took the picture of Abbott, but may have been a former Director at Skynews who was Tweeted via a Skynews political reporter.

    Not only that Ltd News in dressing up Abbott as a hero in his volunteering have published those pictures and others purporting to be of Abbott putting himself into danger to fight fires, but those images were not from his current backburning stint at all, though they made out they were current images.

  38. bythesea76, I think you are running in circles around your own point of view and that you accept blindly accept whatever is fed to you by the Media Machine.
    Make up your mind! Make a choice and stick with it instead of dedicating to support an argument that keeps disappearing up it’s own ass to no effect at all. After all, if your going to do nothing, then you don’t have to do anything, including saying nothing because you are not going to achieve anything by supporting it or not.
    ‘Scuse me if I am not impressed by your point of view when you do that!
    If you want to be constructive, then cease the demoralizing negative deconstructive waffle and construct a point of view that can be built upon. If a positive outcome can be constructed to a humane solution that is acceptable to your morals, whatever they are, present it and it can be discussed and it’s merits can be built upon with the people you have decided are your Peers, as you chose to communicate it with them.
    I await some enlightenment, one day, soon, please.

  39. The fact remains, we pay this rorter to be the prime minister. If he is not interested in (or capable of) doing the job the media got for him, he should resign.

  40. Cuppa, I think the Media are getting a taste of what they have been serving us for years. Shit Sandwiches are revolting to me. But since MSM keep serving them up and also eating them, especially when it come to Tiny Abbott, the Prime Miniature of Australia, it must be an acquired taste by them. Don’t mind if I pass up on eating them do you? Thank you.

  41. Tech,

    The media share blame for foisting this dropkick on Australia. They had better get used to eating shit sandwiches. They will be eating lots of them as people more and more wake up to the fact that they were sold a dud government.

  42. My thought exactly TechinBris, one goes, another comes and they are all identical.

    What I’m doing has nothing whatsoever to do with this JL, and you wouldn’t know what I’ve done in my life to help people or to sacrifice for this country or indeed at the local level, so don’t throw that shit back.

    Other right wingers here used to do the same thing in lame attempts at putting those here down as somehow being inferior.

    Abbott is now PM and there are supposed to me national emergencies that need immediate attention according to him but here he is setting up photo ops in fire fighting.

    Will we see Abbott come out and dedicate all his time to every emergency that now comes up? Of course we won’t. He will make an appearance, get some photos taken and the right wing media will all regale us with what a great hero this man is saving the country, when in reality his policies are destroying it.

    How about JL you answer if you believe Abbott sneaking in cuts to the assistance for those who are the victims of these disasters, and then refusing to answer questions about it, demonstrates that Abbott is a hero or a coward?

    The fortuitous photo ops mostly when his polls go down, as they have lately, tell the real story of his supposed selflessness.

  43. Trouble is Cuppa, they will be led and herded to blame someone else, than those who are actually responsible. I think you are giving a lot of Australian’s more credit for intelligence instead of gullibility as the evidence shows.
    Australians are gullible, herdable Sheeple, I am afraid to finally admit.

  44. Ross Bolt completely misconstrues, deliberately of course, what the assistance is for. If he were honest, which is a concept foreign to him, then he would post or link to the full package and the criteria involved.

    Plus there’s no doubt if it had been a Liberal government who had bought in this assistance and Labor had removed criteria, then the very same right wingers like Bolt would be screaming blue murder about how mean Labor is.

  45. I wasn’t making any other point than the fact that Tony Abbott was out fire fighting and for that he is being ridiculed?

  46. …….Labor’s spokesman for human services, Doug Cameron, who was on the ground in the bushfire-affected Blue Mountains, described the Coalition’s reasoning as an ”absolutely pathetic excuse”.
    Senator Cameron said some of the people he had spoken to in recent days had no access to cash and had children without uniforms and shoes for school.
    He said that people who had been cut off from their homes needed funds to help access food, prescription drugs and clothing.
    This came as Prime Minister Tony Abbott spent the weekend volunteering with his local Davidson Rural Fire Brigade. Overnight on Saturday, he spent 14 hours around Bilpin on back burning…………….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/government-limiting-recovery-funds-heartless-20131020-2vv36.html#ixzz2iK80BeiL

    Yes, once again, it is in the language. Looks like they will decide who is in need.

  47. No JL. He’s being ridiculed because since he’s become leader of the Liberals he’s used his fire fighting and other supposed good acts as PR stunts, and for many of these circumstances he’s inappropriately claims expenses for them when other pollies and volunteers neither promote themselves doing good nor do they claim money for doing it.

    I thought Abbott was fighting fires? The situation is worse today and becoming worse tomorrow, yet this was taken at 1:51 PM today.

  48. Ross Sharp @ October 21, 2013 @ 2:03 pm
    I agree completely with your opinion on Bolt.
    But I will be more polite and accurate in stating the Man’s mouth is a whore for money. At least a Sex Worker provides a happy outcome which is constructive and not destructive as is Bolt’s outcomes.
    Bolt the man himself, yes, a definite CAN’T!

  49. Möbius Ecko just where was it I said Vietnamese. You have difficulty in reading OR you just like to add in your own content. I think the latter, for your type its what ever makes a good story, regardless of truth or accurate content.

    yajustgottalaugh at it……..

  50. Mö, the original image would have been most likely taken on a Mobile Phone, which means it will have the GPS co-ordinates and time of it’s taking. It’ll be within the Metadata attached to the original photo.

  51. Abbott has decided to do away with language altogether.

    He will only face the media when he believes he has something worthwhile to say.

    He will oncology have Parliament sitting, when he has legislation before it.

    According to Abbott, Gillard had them sitting around parliament ho

    He has mandates, so all the Opposition and cross bench have to do, is pass all the Abbott puts before it.

    He will be doing no negotiation, or I take as well, no compromises.

    No need for that rubbish according to Abbott, after all he is PM.

    PM, that campaign consisted of a handful of slogans, and no detail.

    Amendments not needed or welcomed.

    He knows what is best.

    I wonder, if one follows Abbott’s reasoning, why we bother to pay the cross benches to show up. Abbott sees them as having no role to play.

    “………..Abbott’s secrecy

    The lack of transparency was well rehearsed and started the moment that Abbott assumed office. Murdoch was well-involved. We know that because the press hardly raised an eyebrow. Huge changes to the rules of engagement between the press and the government (rules that we had gotten used to over the last 100 years) were accepted with little comment. It was like we were in a parallel universe; playing out other possibilities.

    The need for proper explanation on the part of those introducing changes, for incisive attention to detail on matters that constitute major changes that will impact on life in Australia, had suddenly become a feature of the MSM of the past.

    I must admit, I had not seen it coming. I saw the LNP unwillingness to reveal policy in the lead up to polling day, a clear tactic to get Abbott elected, support that can be built on matters other than policy.

    And I saw the MSM acceptance of this lack of information.

    But I expected that once in power, Abbott would have to relax these restrictions and would need to explain his changes in the way that governments had always been required to do in the past, and that Abbott would finally be held to account.

    But the opposite occurred. Abbott shut his ministers up. He required all seeking of media release to be coordinated through his office. Information that he as Opposition Leader had required of the previous government on a daily basis was reduced to formal weekly statements or were eliminated altogether. He refused to comment on major events. Reliance upon formal ministerial press release with no additional explanation and total blackout suddenly became an acceptable government policy.

    And the media let him off, as they had done in the lead up to the election.

    And the ALP were focussed on their own internal machinations (their first ballot involving the broader party base for parliamentary leadership contested by Albanese & Shorten (with Plibersek as his deputy)) and did little to force the issue.
    We can only hope that some of the requirements of the past will be reintroduced when Parliament resumes. I am a little pessimistic, at this conjecture.

    Human decency & the value of human life…………


  52. Sorry Fu, but that is not a Prime Minister’s role that Tiny Abbot is telling us his job is. It’s a Dictator. Will someone give the Moron a JD of his role in Government and how it works. He’s coveted the position for so long, and now he has it, he doesn’t know what it is.

  53. bythesea76…where did I see this written? “He publicly ridicules anyone who has an opinion that differs from his own.”…that’d apply across the board in the blog.

  54. I just want to be clear on this bythesea76.

    Are you saying that the Vietnamese boat people were OK and deserved to get the benefits they got, which were more generous than the current asylum seekers are getting, but now you say these current boat people slide into a silver platter?

    You certainly display an ignorance in a lot of matters you post on and this is reinforced by your projection, “for your type its what ever makes a good story, regardless of truth or accurate content.”

    So far from I’ve read of your posts it has been your content that is devoid of facts or truth.

  55. TechinBris the original image was taken by Marieke Hardy who was caught in a traffic jam and saw Abbott in the car beside her. She uploaded the pic to Twitter.

  56. Oh please do tell where that was and how does it compare with what the Fantasy Glades MSM isa saying. Would love to catch them in the act of delivering false stories to Australia.

  57. JL thanks for confirming something I suspected.

    And you’re wrong. I debunk anyone who doesn’t present facts, are hypocrites and attempts to project or bullshit in pushing crap.

    For instance do you also aver that asylum seekers slide into a silver platter on coming here?

    And I’ve asked for some data or figures on some of the statements bythesea76 has made and have not received anything. I’m more than willing to concede the point if I see the credible data and it confirms the contention.

  58. Yes, it is in the language. Before the election we heard Pyne and Abbott say they would continue Gillard’s Gonski policy, when it came to schools.

    Well, the truth is, what they said was they would continue the funding at the same level that Gillard intended.

    Very careful not to say, they would continue with Gonski.

    If one listened carefully to the language of Abbott and Pyne, one sees they intended to bring in their policy, from the dark ages, that has failed elsewhere in the world, and I suspect vouchers, as a way of funding the child, not the system.

    I believe we will once again, hear the word, “mandate” from Abbott..

    With Abbott one listens to the language that is not used.


    ……..TONY Abbott wants public schools to go “independent”, with principals and parents in control under the first rollout of a schools revolution.

    Promising to take on the education establishment, including unions and the bureaucracy, the Prime Minister pledged during the election campaign to work towards a target of encouraging 25 per cent of public schools to make the switch by 2017.

    But the plan is opposed by teachers’ unions, who have accused the Coalition of trying to turn public schools into private schools and cover up a cost-cutting agenda.

    Education Minister Christopher Pyne predicted the reforms may boost public school enrolments, reversing the trend of parents choosing to go private over public.

    “I think it is transformative and, most importantly, it puts students first. Students should be the No.1 priority for any government in terms of education,” he said.

    “Rubber will start to hit the road in 2014. The philosophy of the Coalition is that we believe principals and properly qualified parents are perfectly capable of making excellent decisions for their local schools.”

    At the core of the new schools agenda is delivering more public school principals the power to hire staff and set school budgets…………”


    Where was Abbott, seen, driving himself?

  59. bythesea76, you have wrong. Up to the advent of Howard, this country opened it doors wide, and took all, that wanted to come.

    This happened up to the Vietnam boat people.

    Yes, they were process off shore, and bought to this country in an orderly manner.

    There was no need to get on boats.

    We now have Morison, who s taking the intake back to 13,700 from 20, 000.

    It was planned to increase this number. closer to 30, 000.

    How can one solve a problem, by bringing in less.

    Time for him to get on that plane to Indonesia, and work on a regional solution with the leaders in this region.

    That is the promise, that Abbott made to the Indonesian leader.

  60. @Mo,

    f I see the credible data and it confirms the contention.

    Little chance of that, however from those who apparently “think” ideology dictates reality. 👿

    The current “government”, and their gormless supporters are accurately described as fascists, or, less pejoratively, as followers of Right Wing Authoritarianism.

    Right-wing authoritarianism (RWA) is a personality and ideological variable studied in political, social, and personality psychology. Right-wing authoritarians are people who have a high degree of willingness to submit to authorities they perceive as established and legitimate, who adhere to societal conventions and norms, and who are hostile and punitive in their attitudes towards people who don’t adhere to them. They value uniformity and are in favour of using group authority, including coercion, to achieve it

  61. “The fact remains, he was out fire fighting. What were you doing Mr Echo?”

    I take it, that you were out there beside him.

    How do we now,he did little more than drive the truck. Did not see any photos with a hose or rake in his hands. Was not that dirty.

    I would suspect, those taking snaps for Face book would die for one, showing Abbott doing anything, but posing for snaps with the nearest female, younger the better, that he could find.

    No photos with his team.

  62. Were was the words for this during the campaign. I believe that the only state that Abbott might have on side, is Queensland. NSW has already rejected the proposals. I believe the experiment in WA has not produced the results expected.

    I want Abbott, out before the media and people, talking about such things as education and health, and his secret plans for them. Not out, pretending to fight fires.

    “…………TASMANIA has declared war on Tony Abbott’s bold plan to revolutionise the nation’s public schools.

    The Prime Minister wants to make schools more independent by giving principals and parents more control, in the first stage of a schools revolution.

    But the state Liberals have distanced themselves from the plan and state Education Minister Nick McKim says it will not happen under his watch.

    “It will set school against school, suburb against suburb and town against town,” Mr McKim said yesterday.

    “It really creates a two-tier system when our system should be all about equality.”

    Australian Education Union state president Terry Polglase said the policy “attempts to marginalise, demean and damage the public education brand”.

    Tasmanian Liberals education spokesman Michael Ferguson failed to back the plan yesterday.

    “The Liberals will always work co-operatively with the Federal Government to get the best outcomes for our children,” he said.

    “But we have no plans to establish independent public schools, if elected.”

    Mr Abbott has restated his promise that 25 per cent of Australian public schools will be given more independence by handing greater responsibility to their school principals and parent-guided boards by 2017.

    Mr Abbott’s plan will give parents a greater say through school boards, which would set the strategic direction of a school in consultation with local communities and business leaders.

    Mr Polglase yesterday said Mr Abbott and Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne had not properly consulted with public schools.

    “Sir Henry Parkes, known as the ‘Father.”


  63. MONDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2013
    Is much of the media coverage of Prime Minister Abbott during the October 2013 bushfires accurate, misleading or downright false?

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was apparently ‘discovered’ almost by accident as he anonymously went about fighting NSW bushfires over the last six days:

    Pictures circulating on social media show Mr Abbott riding in the fire truck and giving the thumbs up to onlookers before he posed for photos with fellow volunteers.

    However, it appears that it was not just an onlooker or ordinary volunteer who snapped Abbott – it appears to have been the former Senior Studio Director at Skynews whose efforts were first tweeted via a Canberra-based political reporter at Sky News.

    Here is one of the three tweeted pictures – all apparently originating in Sky News on 20 ……………


  64. This is a repost of something I just posted on Media Watch thread. Relevant here too.

    An interesting thing – an hour or two ago, I was reading an ABC story (and the approx. 300 comments) and was going to link to it to make a point about the “honesty” we so often see from the lnp. in the “honest language” thread.

    The story concerned hunt’s (environment minister) condemnation of Adam Bandt’s linkage of the current fires to AGW.

    What surprised me, was that the majority of comments (and commenters) supported Bandt’s statements. Many were critical of the hypocrisy at the basis of hunt’s attack, while deniers and lnp apologists received little support.
    However, upon returning to the ABC site, no trace of the story (or comments) was to be found.

    More evidence of their ABC at work?

  65. This is another illustration of how the ABC is covering for the Libs.

    On the birthday of the Sydney Opera House it’s documented story and controversies are being aired. One of the biggest controversies was the new government attacking the Opera House and Utzon, causing him to flee the country in disgust. The new government was the Liberal Askin government, who short sighted like most Liberal governments, opposed the building and would not have had it built if they got their way or if they had been elected earlier.

    The ABC in reporting on this referred to that infamous part of the story as “the new government”, not once referring to it as the Liberal government nor the Askin government.

  66. More on how honest the right is with language.

    WorkChoices is dead, buried cremated etc. Maybe, but that is not what they mean., Yes, the name, nothing else.

    “………..Workers’ rights: Australia’s dangerous narrative of progress
    Pressure is currently being placed on the new government by the business community to ‘reform’ the industrial relations system. We need to remain alert………”


  67. I believe many of those fire fighting photos were taken back in January 2013. That includes the one of him sitting in the cabin of the truck.

  68. Yes, the language is dishonest.

    “……….”This is language being used for a political purpose here in Australia,” he said.

    “It clouds the debate and it acts to work against trying to achieve bipartisanship in the area of immigration policy.”

    A leading Anglican figure in Australia fears the term will create a “toxic atmosphere” around asylum seekers.

    “It’s not calling a spade a spade,” the Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne, Stephen Ames, told PM.

    “It is misrepresenting the state of people who are fleeing for their lives and to call them illegal, and to perpetuate that and other dehumanising kind of labels, just doesn’t acknowledge their situation.

    “The impression gets formed in the community that… they’ve broken a law, there’s something wrong here.

    “It heightens fear and suspicion. These stereotypes get going, it produces a toxic atmosphere about these people.”……..


    I think those waratah flowers, one is seeing on the mountains are a little early. I thought they need fire, to bloom.

  69. A non-union worker uses a blow torch to cut through heavy chain links on the gate at Sydney’s Darling Harbour warf in 1998. Blockades had been organised around the country. Photograph: Rick Rycroft/AP
    During the lull between an election and the first sitting of parliament it is easy to sink into a kind of political hibernation, but this is no time to hit the snooze button: changes are afoot. The restoration of the Australian Building and Construction Committee’s draconian powers apparently not being sufficient to mollify it, the business sector is leaning on the new government to “reform” the industrial relations system.

    Shortly after the election, Minerals Council chief executive Mitch Hooke stated that there was “scope for significant change to the Fair Work Act to boost Australia’s productivity and cost competitiveness”. More recently, Lend Lease chairman David Crawford said it was “absolute madness” to defer reforms until 2016, describing prime minister Tony Abbott’s decision to do so “extremely disappointing”. Reserve Bank board member Heather Ridout also expressed disappointment that the issue was “off the agenda for three years when we all want it on the agenda”, and blamed the “overreach in workplace relations” under the Howard government………………


    We need to remember, this is where Howard began, long before WorkChoices.

    We need to keep in mind, that Abbott and co speak a different language.

  70. ME, the Opera House is very much like the politics, and the rubbish being spout about NBNCO.

    In the end, they did not save money.

    Yes, and I believe we have just spent a billion on the Opera House, bringing it up to the standard, that Utzon promised.

    Same will happen with NBNCO. Waste, they back to original plans.

    I noticed that they picked up some old news reels from when the Harbour Bridge was being built. Same sill arguments. Lang was a little more successful, in protecting his dream.

    Yes, many thought it was not needed.

    Both works of art, in their own way.

    Now one could not put a price on their value to Sydney.

  71. If one is interested how the right use language, look into qanda.

    When a train runs off the rails, there is an immediate outcry on who is to blame. This begins long before one removes the bodies.

    Same for all other disasters. Can remember Labor being savaged during the Queensland floods.

  72. One for Amanda. It is people lighting fires. Point is, at this time of the year, it would take more than a match to get a fire going.

    The trouble is, that the bush is now dryer at this time of the year than ever before. It was the norm, to still be doing fuel reduction burning now.

    Barnaby and his mob are idiots.

    That fire, I watched from my home, traveled faster than any, in the depth of summer. That is not the norm.

    Many of those homes in Winmalee, were equipped with fire protection equipment.

    Planning laws in the region are very high. It did not stop the disasters on Thursday. .

  73. Not only the pope…. not only the pm….but a Fireman too….. one wonders if he also wanted to be one of the village people…. 😀
    What I lovo (sic), is that every stunt is a nail in his ‘proverbial’ ….. he can run… but he can’t hide.. from the respect he is showing his fellow Aussies..a.k.a. ‘props’
    He might think his ‘stunts’ have borne fruit, but you can only fool some… and only some of the time, apparently …. the only fruit he is producing are ‘fart-el berries’…. y’know… those fragrant pieces of ‘fruit’ that hang off of the hairs of your Abbott… 😀

  74. ABC reporting in their newspapers section that it is being reported that boats are still arriving but the government is not reporting them.

    Manus Island is at capacity and will not hold the number the Coalition said it would in opposition and children are being sent to indefinite detention on Christmas Island.

    Reports looking forward say boats will keep coming.

  75. FU, in regards to the tweet about tabot grandstanding with firies. Will we see the same level of media scrutiny that Rudd received over a facebook comment a make up artist made?

    No, I didn’t think so.

  76. Nor the same level when Rudd visited a strip club overseas.

    Abbott is a protected species. PM Credlin, his party, his minders and MSM know he’s a walking disaster so will do everything possible to wrap him up and sell him as a silk purse.

  77. And the total dishonesty from this government continues on unabated.

    Turnbull has clammed up and is refusing to answer questions on his apparent cronyism in his doling out jobs for the boys for NBN.

    The way this government refuses to answer anything and is secretive I don’t know why it even bothers to turn up at all. Why doesn’t it just hand government over to their PR and MSM and be done with it… hang on, that’s what they are already doing.

  78. I don’t know abut you but the word Harmonisation no longer makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It gives me chills up my spine. These guys are redefining the English Language as we breath.

  79. http://www.theage.com.au/business/will-joe-hockey-raid-the-rba-20131021-2vw1a.html

    “……………To borrow a Dick Johnson metaphor, it looks like Joe Hockey is down to picking the fly dirt out of the pepper in his effort to make something out of the fiscal policy formerly known as a “budget crisis”. So will he follow Wayne Swan’s example by raiding the Reserve Bank coffers for spare cash? We’ll find out on Thursday.
    That’s when the RBA publishes its annual report. It’s likely to include a rather miserable operating profit thanks to low interest rates, but a fat bottom line thanks to foreign currency gains as the Australian dollar weakened. That bottom line could be tempting for a treasurer desperate to be seen to be making some sort of impact on the deficit. When Swan was in that position last year, he ripped a $500 million dividend out of the RBA, overruling the governor’s desires to retain all the profit to rebuild the RBA’s depleted reserve fund.
    Hockey was suitably scornful of Swan’s heist when that n………….”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/will-joe-hockey-raid-the-rba-20131021-2vw1a.html#ixzz2iP3CGaAh

    Video worth listening to.

    Same gender marriage debate not on.

  80. Yes, language can be used in many ways. Words alone mean little, it is the context they are used in.

    Abbott has been very clever in manipulating the language to meet his needs,.

  81. It appears that the arguments used in the ACT, can lead to half siblings to be married, as in Sweden.

    Putting forwarded the argument, that marriage is only for children.

    History proves the man wrong.

  82. Abbott has been very clever in manipulating the language to meet his needs

    The media have been adept at accepting his language to suit his needs.

    imo, they are the true suppository of ‘wisdom’ in our country.

    Context ROFL, like when they told us their version of ‘context’ in regards to Gillards misogyny speech. Interesting how the rest of the world got the ‘context’, but our media stuck with their false equivalence that Gillard was somehow defending Slipper for his reply to a private but crude joke

  83. Somehow, people seem to be wakening from their slumber.

    What they are hearing is in conflict of the world around them.

    The perception that has been created over the last few years, is coming up against the brick wall of reality.

  84. We are the only country that appears out of step.

    When will a 7.30 interviewer ask tabot why we are Going It Alone?

  85. Has Abbott made up his mind yet, where he intends to live for the next three years, or is he still couch surfing?

    Seems the family have not moved out of home.

    The question I ask, why would adult daughters want to move in with dad.

  86. Tom R @ October 22, 2013 @ 12:11 pm
    Never whilst Scott is in charge. Howard wanted it that way and why he was appointed to the position.
    It was a way of shutting down independent impartial News reporting, of which there is no longer any of in MSM in this Country, except for the Guardian Australia, which is polluted somewhat with ex-Fairfux and Limited News reporters, still thinking they have to push myopic Corporate sycophantic propaganda. They really should break those bad habits.

  87. Yes, language changes when one looks at context.

    “……….The United Nations says the New South Wales bushfires are an example of “the doom and gloom” the world may be facing without vigorous action on climate change.

    The executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, says the fires prove the world is “already paying the price of carbon”.

    “The World Meteorological Organisation has not established the direct link between this wildfire and climate change yet, but what is absolutely clear is that the science is telling us there are increasing heatwaves in Asia, Europe and Australia,” she told CNN.



    It appears there is a line up of seven hundred couples to get married under the ACT laws.

    Problem that will not go away for Abbott. regardless of any High Court Judgment.

    Where is Hockey. and his nominations for his audit commission?

  88. More misused of language.

    “……….Understanding Climate Risk
    Science, policy and decision-making
    Bolt vs Bandt – pants on fire
    with 2 comments

    Adam Bandt published an op-ed in The Guardian on October 16 linking Tony Abbot’s repudiation of the carbon price to increased climate risks for Australian’s then tweeted it with a link to the current fires in NSW. Andrew Bolt had to tell us how morally bankrupt Bandt is in the HeraldSun today. He cited me:

    “Nothing in the records shows ­global warming has made bushfires bigger or deadlier in NSW – or ­globally. The US is recording its quietest fire season a decade.

    The most telling point against Bandt’s alarmism, of course, is that global temperatures have barely changed for 15 years. Indeed, Canberra last week recorded its coldest October night in history. Like Sydney’s hot spell, it’s called weather, Adam, not climate change.

    So Bandt is wrong about the cause of the fire and wrong to pretend these fires are worse. He’s wrong to imply global temperatures have been steadily rising, and wrong to claim Abbott could make the slightest difference.

    Just ask Professor Roger Jones, an author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, which estimates that even if Abbott kept Labor’s carbon tax policies, Australia would at best cut temperatures by an imperceptible 0.0038 degrees by 2100.

    So Bandt is wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. And a hypocrite as well as a vulture. Oh, and a disgrace.”

    I fired off the following to the Hun, but it’s too long for their letters page, so I reproduce it here:

    Andrew Bolt castigates Greens MP Adam Bandt for linking the current NSW fires to climate change (21/10), then says “So Bandt is wrong about the cause of the fire and wrong to pretend these fires are worse. He’s wrong to imply global temperatures have been steadily rising, and wrong to claim Abbott could make the slightest difference.” And suggests asking me, because I estimated reducing Australian emissions by 5% to 2020 would reduce global warming by an “imperceptible” 0.0038 degrees Celsius. Taking the politics out of Bandt’s article and looking at the science and risk I can say that Bandt is largely correct – but he said nothing of the cause and nothing about steady temperature rise – these are Bolt’s inventions.

    There is a global warming component adding to the severity of these current fires. In Victoria, the fire danger index is more than one-third greater after 1997 than it was before then. This is equivalent to CSIRO and BoM’s projected worse case for 2050. Bolt ignores the fact that I also calculated if Australia’s emissions were reduced by 80% in 2050, warming would be reduced by 0.02 degrees Celsius. Spread across the globe, the value of this benefit would be substantial. Even 0.0038 degrees is worth it. Bolt also claims the 2013 fire season in the US was the quietest in a decade – instead the US fire service has spent the entire $600 million earmarked for fire suppression and emergency, having to dip into other funds, and the Pacific Rim fire was the 6th worst in California’s history.

    I think the fire services better keep an eye on Andrew’s pants. They are dangerous and it’s all due to global warming.


  89. “..As the Sydney Morning Herald in another article helpfully reminded us a quarter of the Abbott frontbench are in the expenses storm, including the Prime Minister.

    Yet the only MP to be charged over expense rorting is Peter Slipper and that was as a result of a political vendetta to deliver payback to Slipper for ratting on his mates, including Tony Abbott who attended his wedding and of course claimed the expenses for doing so.

    Why are the Australian Federal Police not prosecuting the illegals, the rorters, on Abbott’s frontbench, including Abbott himself?

    We truly live in an upside down world. Poor, powerless asylum seekers who have committed no crime are called illegals while those in power who have rorted the parliamentary expenses system are exempt from prosecution…”


  90. It’s the Justice you don’t get and Injustice you will, when you are not wealthy enough to be anything of consequence. to make it easy, Injustice = Justice. Justice, you cannot afford to buy and if you can, then you must be well connected also.
    I guess that wipes out the ol’ 99% of us…..again!

  91. Oh this is just too good, especially considering Abbott’s complains of having too big a mortgage and not being paid enough.

    Julia Gillard is set to reap around $700,000 next year.

  92. Have we stopped to consider that Abbott et al have purposely adopted a strategy of ignorance simply to frustrate the left? By simply ignoring us or to be more precise, not acknowledging our existence, we therefore do not exist? MSM likewise?

  93. This is essential reading. Yes, neither Labor ot the Coalition can hold up their heads proudly when it comes to asylum seekers. All those save for Mr. Fraser.

    “,,,,,,,,,,,,Echoes Of White Australia
    By Judi Moylan

    What motivates a democratic, peace-time government to imprison innocent men, women and children? Former Liberal MP Judi Moylan looks at the long and divisive history of Australian border policy.”


  94. So Hockey is now comparing our economy of that of the USA. Yes, it is all in the language.

    Can someone tell me how a small group of people can review all that a Federal government does, in three short months.

    Why is a business group leader in charge?

  95. My god the utter hypocrisy of the Liberals, and I would really like the right wingers to comment on this.

    Hockey is not going to raise the debt ceiling by 33% to $500 billion but by 66% to $600 billion.

    This is farcical in the extreme for when the Labor government raised the debt ceiling by less than the 33% Hockey was saying there was a budget emergence and on more than one occasion heavily canned Labor for raising debt.

    Now not only does Hockey use the same reasoning as the previous government to do so, and not a single mention of a budget emergency, but puts in a buffer of several billions.

    WTF, a buffer, you have to be really taking the piss out of the Australian people Hockey.

    Leading up to the election the Coalition opposition said on many occasions they had everything costed and accounted for right down to the last cent, but by putting in a buffer they are admitting they lied through their teeth.

    This is a joke of the highest order, but the problem is it’s a joke that is screwing us to the wall and treating everyone as idiots, and proves irrefutably the Libs are terrible economic managers, just as we have been proving with fact and data for a long time now.

    Neil of Sydney must be in a fit as his only attack against Labor has just been thrown out the door as the Libs going into greater debt and borrow at a faster rate than any Labor government ever has.

    There promise of a surplus in the first years is well and truly out the door as they intimate it will take 10 years to get us back into the black, but even that’s a farce at it was estimated on their previous borrowing rate, not on this significantly accelerated one. Economists are already saying it will be a lot longer than a decade.

    And this at a time China is picking up and our housing market is improving, at least for the wealthier and investors it is.

    What a bunch of clueless clowns got elected to government in this country.

  96. ME. Yes isn’t it amazing. The ALP took 6 years to have a limit of $300 Billion and that included the GFC. We heard nothing but derision and hysteria from Neil and Co about debt and Interest Bill and Armageddon. Now his beloved LNP have increased the limit by $200 Billion in 1 month and no GFC and what do we get but deafening silence. News Corp are a disgusting company riddled with political bias that now stands out like dogs balls and this new Government have been elected on lies and smoke and mirrors. I hope the swinging voters like myself ( I did not vote for ALP or LNP at the last Federal Election) open their eyes and look at all avenues of information instead of being drip fed lies and propaganda by this wretched lot of trough snouters in power and their lackeys at No News Corp

  97. And clueless journalists (sorry, stenographers) reporting it all ME.

    Lenore Taylor in the Guardian:

    The new government is under intense pressure to return the budget to a sustainable surplus, with government revenue remaining soft and spending on health and pensions projected to grow exponentially as the population ages.

    There are plenty of economists who can (and do so regularly) tell us why that this is total bullshit.

    But the question I’m asking is WTF is Hockey up to: he says that the need to lift the debt ceiling is all Labor’s fault (“This is a legacy of bad Labor government,”) but continues to bang on about the need to get back to a surplus.

    Ironically, lifting the debt ceiling, or better still abolishing it, is exactly what the govt should be doing. That is, letting the deficit run out to whatever is needed to get the economy off the canvas. But I’m confused. Is it possible that Hockey has lost Hayek and found Keynes but feels the need to lay down some thick smoke and hope nobody notices ?

  98. Exactly Mangrove.

    And now we have a commission of audit to report by the end of January. January for a full commission into every aspect of our economy, they are joking.

    Howard’s 1996 three month time frame commission of audit was roundly condemned as being too short and not achieving it’s aim because of that, yet here we have Hockey saying he will exponentially more in the same time frame.

    This can only be possible if Hockey already knows what will be in the commission of audit and Costello let the cat out of the bag this evening.

  99. Mö, Hockey is creating a financial disaster to occur so they have an excuse to sell the Australian Reserve to their Bankster friends. We are one of the few Sovereign currencies still left in the G20. He’ll probably give all our wealth to his Financial Backers in a thank you for your support, have a donation to your well being, and then say we have to sell the Reserve to save the AU$. One can smell it quite a number of miles away. They’re constructing a “fait accompli from which we will never recover.
    Just remember, JFK put the US Fed. Reserve back in the hands of the US Citizen. A very short time later he was dead. A very short time later the US Fed. Reserve was back in the Bankster’s hands.

  100. Yes, language can be used to convey perceptions other than one believes.

    We had Abbott say over and over, that health education and other departments would not be cut in any way. Yes, they would have a Commission of audit, but these things would be exempted.

    Now, one would take that to mean, present programmes in these areas would be safe.

    Well, when it comes to Abbott, and his use of language, you could not be more wrong.

    Yes, he will be cutting programmes.

    Mr. Hockey said all is on the table. No exemptions.

    According to Mr. Hockey, this does not break their promises.

    Yes, Mr. Hockey will be cutting programmes, and it is alright, as long as they spend theye money somewhere else within the department.

    One can forget about Gonski. That money, will be used for his Independent schools.

    Wonder what health programme has to go, so Abbott can bring back his private health insurance rebates to the wealthy.

    We know that PPL has to be paid for. What other welfare programme will go.

    I believe that most cuts will be more about ideology, than economics.

    Most will be aimed at getting rid of anything Labor achieved.

    Health will suffer worse, because of Abbott personal antipathy to Ms. Roxon and later Plibersek, along with Gillard..

    Yes, language can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes it can =be horrific, in the hads os some.

  101. Yes, words can mean a lot.

    “…………….Turnbull’s own policy sees FTTP as the end-game
    FTTP will not be superseded by wireless comms for the foreseeable future (quantum comms is the game changer)
    FTTN is a dead-end, upgrades require moving the xDSL ports closer to the customer
    G.Fast (the 1Gbps xDSL being developed) is only 1Gbps while Sony are offering 2Gbps FTTP in Japan
    FTTP is cheaper to maintain than FTTN, in the order of $700m-$1b a year in Australia
    The cost per premises is marginal at best: LNP estimate $900 per premises for FTTN, FTTP is ~$1200 per premises
    FTTP accounts for 10% of the world’s connections now
    FTTP deployments are on the increase, everywhere from Nigera to Vietnam, the US to the UK
    The cost of FTTP deployments have dropped almost 90% over the last few years, FTTN has gone up (~$500 per premises) due to the need for vectoring
    Copper remediation is far more expensive than the pit & pipe remediation required for some FTTP areas
    Copper lasts a maximum of 30 years, needs to be checked ever few years
    FTTN only achieves high speeds under certain conditions (clean copper, no joints/interconnects, larger gauge copper)
    FTTN suffers from the same problems as current ADSL connections do, FTTP does not.
    FTTN doesn’t support native multicasting, FTTP does
    Power consumption of FTTN is massively higher than FTTP
    FTTN is susceptible to humidity, heat, & cold. FTTP is not
    FTTP allows for detailed monitoring & response to service faults, FTTN makes this difficult, if not impossible due to the inconsistency of speeds
    This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s enough of a talking point list to combat some of the bullshit arguments.

    Feel free to double check my claims, much of the evidence is supported by my previous articles.


  102. Where is the honesty?

    “……………This is not a consequence of Labor’s commitment in the 2013-14 budget to implement and fund DisabilityCare and the Gonski School Improvement Program. Both were fully funded by Labor for the next decade.

    If Mr Hockey has a spending problem, it’s of his own creation. He intends to substantially reduce government revenues by abolishing the MRRT, the carbon price and reinstating tax breaks through the the fringe benefit tax. He also plans to spend big on the world’s most expensive paid parental leave scheme.

    These policies are a triumph for wealthy miners, big polluters and high income wage earners. While this is an agenda that is not as nihilistic as the United States Tea Party, it is an agenda that reeks of fiscal irresponsibility, the beneficiaries of which are those on the highest incomes.

    It will have to be funded in the long run by large cuts to the social safety net and key investments in education and health. His commission of audit announced today will be used to camouflage this fiscal recklessness. In fact, Tony Shephard, who the government appointed today to run the commission of audit, is on the record time and time again advocating an increase in the GST and reducing conditions and penalty rates for Australian workers. Mark my words, the losers from Hockey’s commission of cuts will be those on modest and middle incomes dependent upon quality health and educational services to lift their living standards and those of future generations.

    Australia will still hear plenty from Mr Hockey about debt and deficit caused by irresponsible Labor spending.

    In truth, our deficits are modest and our spending responsible. The Liberals have different priorities and what the Abbott government and its commission of audit is really about is hacking away at public investment in health and education and the social safety net…………”


    Language can be used to con.

  103. Tech at 9.17pm…

    I think you’re looking in the wrong direction Tech. Ask why did the Howard government continue to issue debt post-2003 when the budget was firmly back in the black?

    It’s the bond market teat where the corporate sector suckles, a totally redundant appendix, a relic of the pre-fiat era.

    The corporate sector and its parasites rail against deficits but when the flow of bonds looked like drying up in the early 2000’s they squealed like stuck pigs.

    Hockey’s just not “smart” enough to engineer anything like the scenario you’re proposing. Besides, there’s no money to be made running a central bank, which by definition is just part of the consolidated government sector. Most of the stories one hears about the US Federal Reserve are nonsense.

    It’s very difficult however to get a handle on actual banking operations. To most of us it’s a mystery, and that just fosters further myth-making. The Modern Monetary Theory school of economics as a group seem to be the only people who have made a determined effort to crack it open.

  104. From your link FU…

    “Since 2009, the Labor government put in place significant fiscal consolidation, recognising the importance of a clear pathway back to surplus.”

    This makes Wayne Swan only marginally less stupid than Joe Hockey.

    It seems Labor has learned nothing from its drubbing.

  105. I believe that most cuts will be more about ideology, than economics.

    Their “economics” is ideology.

  106. Has anyone listened to Hockey murdering the language this morning.

    He has clearly said, any money invested in infrastructure will have private partnership. Does that mean, all roads, because that is the only infrastructure he is interested in, will be tolled, user paid.

    Yesterday, when he said everything is on the table, he added when it come to welfare, they will be asked to pay special attention to benefits to those who can help themselves. This is ominous language, when one considers what the have taken from the disaster relief benefits this week.

    One got the impression, that Hockey has no love for the PPL. Said he was not interested in something that was two budgets away.

    Was asked why he kept comparing Australia with the USA, he replied. we borrow from the same markets. Make sense of that, if you can.

    Hockey sounded like he did yesterday, not that interested in answering questions, in a hurry to get away. Seems to take questions as a personal insult.
    We will not see any results of the so called Commission of Audit, until the May budget.

    Now, we can play with the language, in coming up with some descriptions, of what we will be calling that budget.

    I suspect many will be rudely awaken from the stupor they seem to be in, at this time.

    This government has found a new way to get around core promises or black holes. Just spruik motherhood statements and slogans, that make no sense, to cover what you intend to do.

    One needs to listen careful to the words at this time.

    Keep saying they have to fix the bad Labor problems, without actually saying what the bad news is.

    Yes, there is structural imbalances within the budget. More to do with falling revenues, mainly from corporations, than spending.

    Attacking the low income areas, will not fix this.

    At least Hockey is honest, when he says there is little left to sell, to pay off debt. If there was, it should not be used to pay off debt, but to build new infrastructure.

    I noticed that even the ABC yesterday, used the word language more than once.

    Funny how one hears comments made on the blogs, turn up on the MSM lately.

  107. In MHO, MJ, when it comes to ideology, when dealing with economics. it is terrifying.

    Theories are OK, as long as one makes decisions depending on what isa actually occurring in the economy.

    The economy, like ones health, needs the correct diagnosis before one commences treatment. If the diagnosis is wrong, one can end up dead.

    All I am hearing from this government, is ideology.

  108. MJ, when it comes to Swan, he was indeed stupid to buy into the debt, surplus and deficits argument.

    It is a fact, they have been practicing fiscal consolidation for years. Have been putting efficiency demands on every department.

    I suspect, in fact would be surprise if the audit commission finds much waste.

  109. Another possibility, when it comes to health, they could take from hospitals, to give more to drug companies. One that is on the books.

  110. Where is Abbott, to take questions about the so called Commission of Audit. Why are all on it, tools of the Liberals, extreme right wing.

  111. “……….The current NSW bushfire season, which many have forgotten started on September 10, stands out on a global scale and has attracted media attention around the world.

    Many forget too that Australia is a nation regarded as one of the most vulnerable to climate change. You don’t even need to ask the IPCC about this, ask the climate change analysts at investment bank HSBC. Their report in September placed Australia at the top of the G20 nations for temperature increase, second worst in the decline of available water and second behind China in cost per GDP and in the humanitarian cost of extreme weather events.

    But by far the biggest hit to th………”


  112. “Yes, there is structural imbalances within the budget. More to do with falling revenues, mainly from corporations, than spending.”

    Sorry FU. You’re just repeating neo-liberal ideology.

    It’s only within that religion, neo-liberal economics, that the term “structural imbalance” has any “meaning”.

    I know I keep saying this, but until the Left does some homework, makes some attempt to get its head around these sometimes counter-intuitive insights, then we are just handing the conservatives a big stick for them to beat us with.

    Theories are OK, as long as one makes decisions depending on what isa actually occurring in the economy.

    I take it that’s a reference to my mentioning Modern Monetary Theory? Well (speaking of the dangers of mis-use of language) “theory” in this context is not dis-similar to the way it is used in say, the Theory of Gravity. Something like, “a self-evident truth”.

    Modern Monetary Theory is an accurate a description of the monetary system we actually have, and have had for some 40 years.

    When you talk of “what is actually happening in the economy” you could be talking about MMT.

    But it suits the agenda of the conservatives (and the hapless tag-alongs, Labor) to pretend it’s something else.

    BTW, Saul Eslake was on ABC 24 this morning saying Hockey should’ve abolished the debt ceiling. Seems he reading CW.

  113. NO, MJ, you have me wrong. I was not even thinking of that. I was thinking of how dangerous theories can be in general, if applied blindly.

    I do not understand some of what MMT says, but I do feel, it comes the closest to dealing with things as they are.

    I have memories back to the Horror budgets of Menzies. I have always been a great believer in what I believe to be true, one has to spend money, to maker money. I also believe that money has to be kept circulating. It is the only way it can grow.

    I am sick of hearing, we have to live within our means,

    Even in the household or business budgets, borrowing is OK, if one has the means to service the debt.

    It is time, we go back to government bonds, to finance infrastructure, especially roads.

    I think, even more so at this time of low interest rates across the globe.

    By the way, a nations economy has no comparison with personal or business budgets.

    Sorry, MJ, I take what yo say, very seriously. I was clumsy in my language.

    What the government is about, is small government with no regulations and a open go for employers.

    Like in the USA, where we have highly trained graduates, working in cafes for tips.

    Earning two or three dollars an hour, and of call. Not enough even to pay for rent.

    Even there, the far right is still not happy.

    Governments are not there for business. They are there for all. There to control the excesses of business.

    Look at that panel picked for the Commission of Audit. One that represents big business.

    This government is not about cutting waste. They are attempting to change the whole culture of this country. One where the worker does as he is told. One where the environment is at risk. One where big money rules.

    One only has to look at the first things this government have done. Open up the Pillaga and Queensland to search for coal seam gas, regardless of the damage that could be done to all that live there.

    Like we have divert the public from the toxic tax that Abbott sprouts to dealing with climate change, we need to address the fact, that this government is not about waste, but changing the rights of all. They are about small government, very small government at that.

  114. I would love to see Labor and Greens lower that debt ceiling, or maybe better, abolish it altogether.

    I find Hockey’s allegations, that he needs to raise it so high, because Labor will block it in the future.

    I am afraid that Hockey has spent too long in the company of the Tea party.

    Should have come home earlier.

  115. Will the media let the libs get away with breath taking hypocrisy, and blind stupidity. Of course.

    BB at PB recalls this from this morning, from theirabc

    That’s lucky.

    Saul Eslake on ABC 24 says “politicians reverse their positions all the time, like Joe on the debt ceiling. No biggy.”

    La Trioli nods, moves onto next question.


    Yet they fabricated a ‘lie’ out of “no Carbon Tax’ (but I will try and implement a Carbon Price).

    Our media has much to be sorry for, tabot is just one thing.

    They are not completely silent

    Meanwhile, instead of trying to influence Labor’s caucus to do what Abbott wants, media commentators should be highlighting the Prime Minister’s brazen hypocrisy.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/abbott-is-benefiting-from-selective-amnesia-20131022-2vz1y.html#ixzz2iUdgxapy

    But, will we see front page graphics and attacks like they applied to Labor, or just some quiet musings around the cooler with a few ‘well, would you look at that’ remarks.

    It is verging on the criminal what are media are feeding us, and expecting us to swallow.

    I also noted that theirabc had an ‘expert’ on this morning declaring Cash handouts ‘part of the problem’ http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-22/city-slickers-unable-to-cope-with-disasters/5038800

    running their protection racket for the libs removing aid to bushfire victims. FFS

  116. Another misuse of language. One cannot help but believe, that Turnbull is well aware, that he is simply lying.

    “…………THE notion that consumers don’t want, won’t pay for or don’t need high-speed broadband has been described as a mere myth by the Google executive rolling out fibre networks in US cities.

    “I can say with full confidence that simply isn’t true … there is huge consumer demand for faster internet,” Google Fibre general manager Kevin Lo said.

    In his address at the Broadband World Forum 2013 in Amsterdam, Mr Lo said faster internet speeds will lead to the “next chapter of the internet”.

    His views were in line with former communications minister Stephen Conroy who recently told a luncheon that Tony Abbott’s national broadband network plan was inadequate for the future.

    “Nielsen’s law of internet bandwidth is possibly less widely known. It states that a high-end user’s connection speed grows by 50 per cent per year.

    “They stand in stark contrast to Abbott’s law stated in April that 25 megabits per second is more than enough bandwidth for Australian households.

    “The digital age is upon us, but the realisation of the opportunities it presents is really just beginning,” Senator Conroy said.

    The government has launched several reviews into the NBN but existing policy states that 71 per cent of homes will be connected to a fibre-to-the-node network with download speeds of 25 Mbps.

    Labor had planned to connect 93 per cent of homes via a fibre-to-the-premises network capable of download speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

    Google has taken it upon itself to build a fibre network in selected US cities due to the demand it has seen for high-speed broadband from users…..”

    – See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/technology/google-fibre-general-manager-kevin-lo-torpedoes-broadband-myth/story-fn4iyzsr-1226744980769#sthash.9FaZCOnr.dpuf

  117. I think we are going to hear this statement, over the coming few months. The government has to save us from ourselves. Make us self sufficient.

    “The Government encourages this “helplessness”

    Of course it will not apply to business. They need all the help they can get.

  118. We are discovering all the things that they failed to reveal properly to the Australian people and over the next few weeks and months will explain that to the Australian people


    No dipshit, you made an accusation,. back it up, because, the ‘experts’ are all saying it is now the libs extending our borrowings, when Labor were on track to decrease them.

    FFS our interviewers are piss weak.

  119. It appears we must not use language, to address what is occuyrring. Abbott has declared that is politicizing the fires.


    ………..Adam Bandt as the first to link the Coalition’s perceived inaction on climate change to the fires as if Bandt was an isolated radical.

    But, in fact, one need look no further than the Bureau of Meteorology to see warnings that climate change was going to mean worsening fire conditions in southeast Australia. Bandt went further in suggesting just that.

    But now the fires became more serious, Coalition politicians – whose media appearances are now controlled by the PM’s office – have suddenly disappeared and Tony Abbott was not doing any interviews at all. This was narrativised as “Tony Abbott has taken a break from running the country”. Fortunately for Abbott, he was able to don firefighting uniforms and take part in backburning operations which have kept him away from journalists.

    Some were very cynical about Abbott’s actions at the front line – that it was all some kind of heroic media stunt. But, actually, Abbott was there for entirely different reasons. On the one hand, of course he cares about the communities under threat by this conflagration; he has been a volunteer firefighter for 13 years, and this is his way of showing it whilst the fires are on. But on the other hand, he has to be there because he actually has nowhere to go, personally or policy-wise.

    Environment minister Greg Hunt has also been unavailable for interview, except to put out a statement yesterday reiterating his faux indignation from last week that:

    No-one, no-one should be politicising these bushfires.


  120. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has provided the first explanation from the government for WA MP Don Randall’s taxpayer-funded trip to Cairns, saying Mr Randall had ”very important discussions” with the then Coalition whip.
    Mr Randall, who also took possession of an investment property during the overnight stay with his wife, has refused on seven separate occasions to answer questions from Fairfax Media on the issue.
    Fairfax Media revealed last week that Mr Randall billed taxpayers $5259 for his Cairns trip in November 2012 on the grounds of “electorate busines

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/very-important-discussions-tony-abbott-defends-don-randalls-cairns-trip-20131023-2w0aw.html#ixzz2iVBxmltA

    So we no longer have phones or video hookup?

  121. It appears that those men had good upbringing, leading to as lesser sentence.

    Does not having a good upbringing, lead to not committing the crime in the first place.

    I would be giving more sympathy to an offender, who had a bad upbringing, not realizing the extent of their crime.

    It appears that is not the case.

    Abbott has told us, he has to do many things we will not like. Why not tell us before the e

    Hockey now on ABC 24, telling us about how bad those figures are. Funny, the experts gave a different spin.

    Talking about reserve bank. ABC 24. Will not allow it to be weakened. Yes, leaving the dividend alone.

  122. ………………..It’s called “clearing the decks” and there isn’t a chief executive who hasn’t at least thought about doing it. If you are appointed when things look dodgy, you act as if they are even more dodgy: you write off losses (in this case lift the debt ceiling) by more than you need to knowing you can blame it on your predecessor. If things turn out to be not that bad, you end up looking good. If things do turn that out bad, you won’t look that bad.
    The government’s debt ceiling is like a personal credit card limit, only sillier. Unlike a credit card limit it need not take account of ability to repay. It is a political limit imposed at by the parliament rather than an outside constraint imposed by the lender. As such it is is vulnerable to politics as the United States discovered to its cost this month in a standoff which threatened to prevent the government borrowing the money it that it needed to function. Labor’s Wayne Swan had to lift the ceiling four times – to $75 billion, then to $200 billion, then $250 billion and finally to $300 billion. On some of those occasions his opposite number Joe Hockey made things difficult for him. “Enough is enough,” he said in May.
    Hockey is treasurer himself now, and heand he doesn’t want to go through the torture of having to going back to parliament each time he needs a bigger limit. So he has asked for a very big one – $500 billion, the need for which he can blame on his predecessor. Hockey made the point that he is not proposing to lift the debt, merely the debt limit to give himself headroom free of political sniping should he need it.
    His Commission of Audit is looking like a partly-owned subsidiary of the Business Council of Australia. It’ll be chaired by the Council’s president Tony Shepherd and its secretariat will be run by the Council’s director of policy Peter Crone. It’s an enviable double for the big business lobby group. It’ll be examining what fields the Commonwealth should abandon, what it should contract out and what it should privatise. They are topics the Council already has views.
    Twitter: @1petermartin

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/hockeys-plan-of-clearing-the-decks-the-oldest-trick-in-the-book-20131022-2vzib.html#ixzz2iVe2gRMd

    It appears Abbott will continue with his fire fighting, even if his security detail does not agree. Will not change his views on gay marriage. That is a step backwards from before the election.

    3AW. Not getting good reception on ABC 24 for his views.

  123. .

    …………O’Farrell also all but dismantled the Office of Environment and Heritage, among whose responsibilities was studying climate data and recommending where resources should be best allocated in the event of large scale emergencies like, for example, bushfires.

    So, as you look at the devastation wreaked upon NSW by out-of-control fire fronts destroying national parks and people’s lives, you can at least rest assured that your tax dollars weren’t wastefully going towards preventing it happening………….


  124. I think Abbot might have his dates wrong when it comes to brushfires. I an sure I have read about them, long before the 1850s.

    I believe that there were droughts and I suspect fires, at the time on the First and Second Fleet. In fact from the beginning.

  125. Maybe Abbott if he feels he needs to do something abut the fires, could use his office to clear up why the Lithgow fire began on Defence land.

    Maybe, he could apologize for this happening.

  126. Walmart, I do not know what you mean., Many topics have been covered in the last couple of days. Fires have been high up the last. I was in the centre of last weeks fires on the Central Coast.

    I had grandkids sent home from schools in the Picton area.

    I have a daughter at Bullaburra, in the Blue Mountains. By the way, she is a dyke, as you put it. Also was married and had three grandkids.

    Yes, I have a lovely grandson, you would, I assume describe as a queer.

    All the topics are important to me.

    All are current.

    And I am agreement with Ms, Gillard, cannot understand why anyone would want to marry. Getting married was one of the biggest mistakes, I ever made. No, I love men.

    How am I a troll. That is interesting.

    If I am a witch, I might just come after you. You need to be careful. Be careful how you drive tomorrow.

    Sweet dreams, Walmart.

  127. I have no idea of what you are trying to say. How sad.

    I am very happy with my life.

    Just want a better government.

  128. How am I a troll. That is interesting.

    It’s that Right-Wing Projection again. They can’t live without it!

  129. cuppa, it must be sad, to only find fun, in bringing others down.

    The truth is, not many of the posts are my words. Just linking up with what has been said elsewhere.

    It I, in my seventies can deal with queers, why cannot others.

    Nope, cuppa, it is not us that has problems.

    Day 36 of this government. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.,

  130. Day 36 of this government. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.,

    Another day of the worst government in history getting worse.

    No wonder the trolls don’t talk about it – even they’re embarrassed.

  131. Day 36 of this government. Wonder what tomorrow will bring.,

    Another day of the worst government in history getting worse.

    Cuppa, do you mean it’s going to get worse? 😯

    Surely it can’t?

  132. Michael, does he hide, when in the ACT. Does he run from the PS, as he does from the public and media.

    Does not seem to like being out in the public anymore.

    Then, come to think of it, during the last three years, he has never had much contact with the public.

    Just a media op each day, few questions from the media, and off too the next state to repeat the show, along with the slogans.

    I wonder how the new gym equipment is going. Cannot even, it seems join the Parliament House gym, that is up the corridor from his office.

  133. Fu,

    Time to learn to ignore the inanities from the trolls. Engaging the low-life £%! €#$ only encourages them. If they make no sense, if they attack you personally, only ever refer to them in the third person thereafter.

  134. Yes, Bacchus, but he has not yet been around long enough, for me, to put him in my visitors basket. Felt like a little fun.

    Got to give one the benefit of the doubt. Only one chance though.

  135. Ever get the feeling you’re an idiot?

    I refuse to answer that on the possibility that I might incriminate myself.

    Or am I too late?

  136. Sorry to tell you this Migs… It can get worse, and it WILL get a LOT worse before it gets better (ie, before we kick this mob out).

  137. Here’s some ‘honesty’ in language. Talk about SPIN.

    UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said on Monday the bushfire crisis was “absolutely” linked to climate change, and just a taste of the “doom and gloom” to come if global warming is left unchecked.


    hunt then mangles the English language to totally misrepresent what was said by claiming

    Mr Hunt said he’d spoken to Ms Figueres and she’d indicated “very clearly and strongly” that there wasn’t evidence the fires ravaging parts of NSW were caused by climate change.

    , to the point where I am sure that “She felt that that had been misrepresented,”

    Yes hunt, but it was YOU who was misrepresenting. Ms Figueres never said it was ’caused’, she clearly stated that it was ‘linked’.

    Unfortunately, the tile of the piece spins it back another way

    Unwise to link fires and climate: Hunt

    Our media are acrobats with words, that totally ‘misrepresent’ the dialogue that is occurring. Honesty in Language? Not from theirmsm

  138. I think Abbott might be having some explaining to do, at home, with his women.

    He said he would attend his sisters wedding but not support the marriage.

  139. The assertion that Rudd save votes for Labor does ot appear to stand up to scrutiny. I suspect that Rudd was very happy with what he achieved, on September 7. My fear is that he is not finished with making Labor paid for what he believes they did to him.

    I has this feeling from early in the 2013 election campaign.

    Why hang around, it one is not going to contribute to the day to day running of the Opposition.

    I pray, I am wrong, but we must keep a close eye on the situation, to ensure there is no further interference or undermining of the Opposition.

    “………..On 7 September people voted to throw out the Labor Party—despite this action necessitating an Abbott prime ministership and likely cuts to government spending—because they thought it had been a very bad government. That’s bad in a very important way: it was sending the country broke with its reckless spending. And if the Coalition was being less than truthful about the harsh medicine that would be required, so be it.
    That is, people’s belief in the Coalition’s debt and deficit story determined the election result.
    It didn’t have to be that way, and after Kevin Rudd returned to the Labor leadership in late June it looked like it wouldn’t be.
    Straight away Rudd challenged Abbott to a National Press Club debate on the economy and debt and deficits in particular. The opposition leader wisely declined but for the next few weeks Rudd continued hammering the theme.
    On 8 August, five days after the election had been called, I wrote this post called “Why Labor will (probably) win”. Understandably, it’s been thrown back at me a few times since (although I did reverse the prognosis two weeks later)……”


    One indeed has to listen to every word that Rudd utters when it comes to language. he one thing for sure, people did not vote for Abbott because of climate change and NBNCo.

    I believe any polling would show they voted for him in spite of polices. Why would one literally vote for someone, who is demolishing schemes that are to your advantage.

    Abbott managed to narrow the campaign down to being toxic tax and huge debt. His campaign was about nothing else. Oh, IO forgot, living within our means.

    Nothing that means anything in reality. All are slogans and motherhood statements, with no detail as to how he was to bring this miracle about.

    Even today, the 37 day of this government, we are little wiser. Just announcements, with still no details. Lots of threats and bluster though.

    He has moved the government into complete secrecy mode, no questions welcome.

    Has not even raised his head during the NSW fires.

    We learnt that governments are judge by perception not facts, during the last six years.

    I would like to see this government to be judged by facts, not the perception, that arises in the community.

    One has only to look at the cartoons to see what many think. They are painting Abbott as a buffoon and fool. Not far off the mark, in MHO.

  140. “….Firefighters in Australia’s Blue Mountain region say the immediate fire danger to residents has passed. But now a political storm in the wake of the fires has erupted. The Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, hit back at comments by UN climate chief Christiana Figueres who was linking the bushfires to global warming and criticising his decision to repeal a tax on carbon emissions introduced by the previous government. Newshour presenter Razia Iqbal spoke to the Australian Environment Minister, Greg Hunt, and also to a leading scientist in the area of climate change. But first here’s what Prime Minister Abbott said about the bush fires when he was speaking to a radio station in Melbourne..”

    “.Good politics pre-election. Good macro post-election.

    One problem: Commission of Audit has a reference that states:

    2) “It is also essential that the Commonwealth government live within its means and begin to pay down debt.”

    This appears to be in direct conflict with raising the debt limit.

    The Federal Government is not like a household! Households can’t make their own currency and require that people use that currency to pay taxes. I have addressed this and many other myths previously………..


    We have the myth, being created by deniers and our honourable PM, that it is about people light fires, nothing to do with nature, or changing climate.

    Just listened to a senior fire fighter official say, that he visited the Hawkesbury Fire centre. Within a few minutes he was there, he heard of five new fires, in the Wollembi area. Yes, five, started by lightening.

  141. Where is the Defence minister. Why was not the army out to help. More so, considering they started the fire.

    No explanation from minister or PM.

    Can hardly breathe here on the Central Coast. Would be worried, if I did not know, most has been burnt around here. Must be from the Redhead/Dudley fire.

    I noticed that Hockey’s panel for the Commission of Audit as not been well received. Wonder why?

  142. “….Opposition frontbencher Penny Wong said with bushfires still posing a threat to communities across NSW, now wasn’t the time to be having a political fight about climate change.

    But it was important to have a debate on global warming based more on facts than the discussion “Tony Abbott wants to have”.

    “We should have, in a more sober environment, a proper discussion about that,” Senator Wong told Sky News on Thursday.

    “Climate change is real, it hasn’t gone away just because Tony Abbott got elected.”


  143. Praise the Lord: Scott Morrison.
    Photo: Michele Mossop

    GOD took centre stage in Parliament yesterday, as rookie Liberal MP Scott Morrison opened his political career with an impassioned defence of a role for the Christian faith in public life.

    Decrying any condemnation of politicians who proclaim their faith, the former NSW Liberal state director argued role models such as William Wilberforce and Desmond Tutu had shown the value of injecting Christianity into public policy.

    “Australia is not a secular country — it is a free country,” he said.

    “This is a nation where you have the freedom to follow any belief system you choose. Secularism is just one. It has no greater claim than any other on our society.

    “As US sena………


    PS Pilot dead in that plane that crashed, fighting fires. Winds to blame.

  144. Defence Air Marshall giving information re the Lithglow fire. ABC 24. No Minister.

    Announcing Defence inquiry.

  145. …………Worried about asylum seekers being officially rebranded as ‘illegals’? Wait until you hear about ‘capitalism-enriched oxygen’ and ‘climate same-staying’, writes Ben Pobjie

    There’s been a lot of guff talked lately about Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s decision to instruct all members of his department to refer to asylum seekers as “illegal arrivals”, rather than the more informal, relaxed terminology of “asylum seekers”, “refugees”, “human beings”, or “brownies”. Morrison’s instructions have been deemed cruel, inhuman, and weaselly. Some people have even complained that the new language requirements are “Orwellian”.

    Now this is a serious charge to make against any politician, and I for one think those critics have got it wrong. The “Orwellian” tag seems terribly unfair, and it may be that they’ve been confused by the fact that Scott Morrison is indistinguishable from a pig, or that listening to him is like having a cage of rats on your head. Certainly he’s Orwellian in these senses, but the language directive? Simply commonsense, surely. I mean it is a decision rooted in simple factual reality: the only reason Morrison wants people to CALL them “illegal arrivals” is that it is an indisputable FACT that he wants people to THINK they’re illegal arrivals. Why should we quibble?…………


  146. I am a little confused, when it comes to the language of Abbott and Hunt over the linking our weather and fires to climate change.

    The lengths they are going to, to prove that increasing hot and dry weather, leading to fires so early in the season, is normal for this country.

    That it has nothing to do with man made climate change due to carbon emissions.
    What I cannot understand, is why they are acting and saying that it has nothing to do with climate change.

    I say this, as both say, they accept the science. The only difference is, if one is to believe what they are saying, is how one addresses the problem.

    If that is so, why is it wrong to say, that we are already feeling the effects of climate change.

    I can only come to the conclusion that they do not really believe that carbon emissions caused harm, and that DA will never see the light of day.

    Are they, as usual, trying to walk both sides of the fence?

    One either believes in the science, or they do not.

    If one believes, as they say they do, the changes we are seeing in weather, is only backing up what the science has said.

    When is some journalist going to ask, why they are so upset at the topic being raised, as it also fits in with their beliefs. That is if they are telling us the truth.

  147. Fu, the Government is very, very selective in what Science is real and that which is not. Unfortunately, so far, the formula on how it works, is noted to have the accuracy of “Spin the Bottle” on a very tilted platform that is leaning so far to the right the bottle disappears over the edge and only the Priesthood of the Corporate Economists are able to see where it points, when it somehow, somewhat magically, falls in their laps. Upon which cries of ‘Hallelujah!” spring forth and a new paradigm is issued, on which the World Citizens gaze upon in disbelief, as the edict that all that is wrong in the World is their fault and they need to enslave themselves more rigorously in the joyous task in creating profit only for their Master’s of the Corporate Elite, the Priest’s friends, or they are scum.

  148. Fed up @ October 24, 2013 @ 3:16 pm
    That picture of Scott Morrison looks as though they impaled him on a Flagpole and he doesn’t quite know if he likes it or not. It’s hideous!

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