A classic example of a sexist right-winger losing the plot

In over three years this blog has received almost 140,000 comments and among them there have been some absolute jaw-droppers from our friendly (and not so friendly) right-wing visitors.

Some of the pathetic dribble they sprout, either in support of their bumbling idol Tony Abbott, or their feigned condemnation of anyone who wears a Labor badge makes me proud to belong to the group of people who have an IQ at least 50 points higher than them.

If the topic is about refugees or Aborigines – they come here with their racist bile. If the topic is about Julia Gillard – you can bet they’ll be here with some below-the-belt sexist remark.

Yes, we’ve seen it all in our three plus years.

Today, however, their stupidity has been taken to a new level. Today we were blessed with a classic example of a sexist right-winger losing the plot. Here is the astounding comment that raised the bar of stupidity:

Gillard was a sick joke on society and has done irreparable damage to the cause of female participation in Parliaments. The question is always going to be when considering a future female . . . what if we get another Gillard.

Would anybody like to answer him for me?

I would like to start by suggesting: “Why would any female want to be PM of this country after the way the last one was treated?”

I appreciate that this is a consideration far too difficult for the commenter’s tiny brain to comprehend, so we may need to drum some sense into his small walnut.

Good luck!

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222 comments on “A classic example of a sexist right-winger losing the plot

  1. Earlier today, I would have pointed out that – notwithstanding my disagreement with his (or her?) fundamental premise about Gillard – that one can’t judge ALL people from a particular group on the basis of how one performs. For example, could we say that all people named Costello lack ticker. But I’ve had an epiphany:


  2. Saw one last night., N Roxon had just come to lecturn and he started with sexist rant
    WHen started to criticize KRudd., didnt know where to go.

  3. People might want to know who made the sexist, stupid comment that inspired my post but it would be too embarrassing for the chap if I named him.

    And for that reason . . . I wont.

    My lips are sealed and no amount of begging will make me change my mind. Once I’ve made a commitment I generally stick to it. I refuse to name him.

    BTW, it was Tweed. :mrgreen:

  4. I agree with your “Why would any female want to be PM of this country after the way the last one was treated?” but would also point out, as I did on my status when I shared this link that she is “A key speaker abroad, scorned at home”
    Julia Gillard to speak alongside Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Al Gore

  5. I just hope we have more politicians like Julia Gillard. Despite all the negativities surrounding her, she has guided our country much better than the right wingers thought, growing economy, low unemployment, low interest rate, a good education system & public schools with new buildings & improved facilities. I believe our economy is the envy of the western world. Instead of thanking her, most people are putting her down.

    We’ve also escaped recession, while most European countries & the USA are deep in it. If we have followed the LNP policies of no spending & cost cutting during the GFC, we would be in depression by now.

  6. captain 51. roxon said it all and good on her. she just grew 6″inches in my estimation. unfortunately for our country, nobody is listening. gillard was far from perfect, but she was also far from dreadful. how I wish some had listened way back when, and disposed of the idiot rudd when they had the chance. the longer he lingers, the more Australia suffers. It’s TIME! Rudd MUST GO!

    and from this righty…all the best Ms Gillard and thank you for giving your best as a feeling politician under very trying circumstances 🙂

    rudd’s stench still lingers and let me tell you lefties…even those who lean either way, so long as he hangs around, will never forget rudd. don’t listen to the pollsters, Qlders hate his guts. keep the prick on the payroll at your own peril! DO NOT put his face in front of a TV camera. Take my advice! The best you will ever get for free.

    Australia needs to be balanced.

  7. Shorter Summo. “Quick look over there at Labor”.

    You really are a one trick pony, just like your beloved Abbott.

  8. Well said John Smith and my sentiments as well.

    The problem for Abbott and the MSM that were propping the gormless idiot up was that Gillard has always had Abbott’s measure. In opposition she used to wipe the floor with him in parliament but now in government and as PM no less they couldn’t allow her to show up their idiot puppet, so they did everything foul to destroy here.

    Rudd was the cowardly butterfly knife in her back, but that’s what it took to bring this great person down, the might of two powerful men and most of Australia’s mainstream media.

    But it is so good to now see her doing so well and getting such great kudos overseas and an important position.

  9. Just shows what an ignorant dill he is if he thinks Gillard was no good. Some of the most progressive pieces of legislation were passed in particular amending all laws that discriminate against gay relationships, pricing carbon pollution, super profit tax on mining, NDIS ETC ETC.

  10. It’s the typical Australian ‘tall poppy’ syndrome. I don’t get it and never will. I thought we were meant to be proud of those who made great leaps within this country. Maybe the ‘commentor’ was talking about another Julia Gillard from another country or got her mixed up with ‘Julia Bishop’.

  11. By that logic, (why have another woman PM), than we should have ceased with government decades and decades ago after man after hopeless man government and war, and depressions, and lies, and failure to build infrastructure, and general failure of any good government. 😉

  12. The trouble with sexist trolls like that is they have no ability to think or reason. So there is no point in trying to get him to see sense. My experience is that most LNP voters seem to be similarly afflicted. Sad really.

  13. I believe this sexism was prompted and kept going by Abbott and cohorts, it was obviously there in the first place and he knew it, but brought it out and justified the abusers and bullies in what seemed to be their righteous indignation, he did it for his own political ends – horrible thing about it is he won, and now he is flaunting his daughters – I wonder how he would feel if they were being publicly ridiculed and pilloried and if his father passed away and someone made the same comment about his father that was made about Julia Gillards ?

  14. It is unthinkable that anyone could continue to support Gillard, after Slater & Gordon and the other “Leaks” about her questionable past and criminal assistance to others and herself.(Come on lefties, are you Blind!) one wonders how any person in power of there thinking process (unaffected by drugs) would or could. BUT, we must take into account the LEFT side, after all they are a breed of there own, or should I say inbreed, supported by center link mostly at our expense. Well Gillard will live a comfortable life “At our expense” now, how much was that again. ? $$$$$$ for life. A JOKE. Like the idiots who still lend support to a bunch of criminals.
    Its hard, BUT…..Yajustgottalaugh.

  15. No John it is the smallness of penis… 🙄
    So this would be the Associate professor of Adelaide Uni and non-resident senior fellow at the Washington DC-based Brookings Institution, the most prestigious educational think tank in the world where she will work to advance the center’s key initiatives on global education. – and tweed is?

  16. Hey By the sea 76 you intellectual pygmy…where is the proof in a court of law? All hearsay no substance whatsoever…NADA,, NOTHING? What is a joke is your moronic , lemming like comments , think for yourself idiot…

  17. MT something for you to ponder. ME I don’t care, so don’t bother.

    MT. Perhaps you will agree to some extent, or, perhaps you will dismiss this entirely. It is however my opinion.

    Amongst the majority of Australians, there really wasn’t THAT much commentary, division, disrespect or concern about politics until Rudd arrived on the political scene.
    Most folks were either committed voters or swing voters, come what may. Then Rudd appeared….everywhere! He was unavoidable. He divided people’s opinions and probably increased the people’s interest in politics. You either hated him or liked him. The rusted on voters attached to both parties decided!

    When Rudd appeared, an awful lot of people who could see through this fool joined the Liberal party because they knew within themselves that the bloke just didn’t cut it. Myself included and he had to be stopped. To date my gut feeling has proved to be correct. To be blunt, he gave me the shits and as time went on, popular comment was that he gave most people the shits. Why he won votes will be the great conundrum of Australian politics for all time. Let’s face it, you guys rolled him out one more time to limit the damage. Will you do it again? That is up to you.

    Believe it or not, I am a swing voter. Make a promise to me and honour it, I shall walk beside you across hot coals. At this point I know you basket weavers shall throw all sorts of scenarios at me. Go hard! Politicians lie. Agreed?

    Back to Rudd. I don’t have to say much about this cretin, because you all know within your hearts how much he damaged the Labor party. If he was a LNP bloke you’d be loving it. Don’t deny it.

    The person most damaged by Rudd has been Ms Gillard and I’m sure much shall be written in the future. Roxon is just one of many who despite the cretin. Some will speak out and others will hold silent.

    My belief is that those who hold still silent should change their minds, speak out, cleanse the Alp for having such an idiot in power, admit to the expensive error in judgement, promise the people of Australia that through your great new democratic process (yet to be refined) it will NOT HAPPEN again and expose the cretin for what he is. Lead him to slaughter. In the meantime, those from other sides of politics say

  18. And along comes bythesea76 and proves everything we have been saying about right wingers.

    They’re their own worst enemy and constantly love to prove it.

  19. So Summo will also admit that Abbott has damaged the once great Liberal party and is a liability?

    Especially now there is so much disquiet in the party and the Nationals are openly making their displeasure at Abbott known.

    Or are you just going to be your usual hypocrite self.

  20. Divide and conquer. I can’t believe how people (men mostly) run with the old sexist lines. How easy it is for the powers that be to keep this country split right through the middle and make it more manageable and gullible.

  21. Mobius By the sewage pipe 76 is so stupid they would not even see the ironic confirmation by making such a comment. Note the overt use of “Left winger” and paraphrasing of telegraphed bolting jonesism, a tell tail sign of a low IQ parroting political pygmy..

  22. I have just come to the conclusion over the last few years that it’s just about education. Simple as that. No surprise the LNP are winding that back. There is an anti intellectualism in this country that will see it’s ruin if allowed. George Brandis puts himself up as some sort of superior being but just look at his ( tax payer funded) booklist.
    Doubt Tony reads at all. If he does he is not reading anything scientific that’s for sure. ( probably sports mags).

  23. My Question was always what if we get another Howard? Low and behold we now
    have Abbott who is as bad if not worse than Howard. We lost one of the best PMs Australia has ever had only to replace with Rudd and now even worse Abbott.
    Julia will far outstrip these fools on the world stage. I doubt any of them will end up with the respect of world leaders that she has earned. I admire Julia Greatly and will enjoy watching her on the world stage. I doubt she would give a rats what pig ignorant Liberals or their supporters think. They are just small fish really.

  24. Why is it, when women dare complain about behavior of a male, it is immediately labeled a sexist rant.

    The same male that makes this rant, claims the right, to abuse women in any way, the like.

    There was nothing sexist in that speech that Roxon gave last night,. In fact, as she said, it should have happened three years ago. Also acknowledged, that non, covered themselves in glory.

    “Saw one last night., N Roxon had just come to lecturn and he started with sexist rant
    WHen started to criticize KRudd., didnt know where to go..”

    Sorry, this statement is fine example of a sexist rant.

    Ms. Gillard, during her appearance with Ann Sommers, did discuss the treatment , that women have to endure from some men, Surprisingly, it was far from a rant. Just stating a fact, that many of us thought disappears years ago.

    Watching that show, show a warm, witty woman, who still has far to go. There was no bitterness evident at all.

    What amazed me, was the warmth that came from the large audience.

    Why gender is ever bought into any discussion, when one is talking a politician, is beyond me.

    For making such, comments about Ms, Gillard, I have been abused, more than once.


    As for Roxon, she is right, Rudd has to state clearly what he is about.

    I spent as much time defending Rudd, as I have ever had doing the same for Gillard.

    Yes, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, when the media was giving him hell.

    At the same time, when one loses the confidence of nearly all of their caucus, one goes quietly.

    I do not want to see Rudd expelled from the party. Sometimes, I have the feeling, that is exactly what Rudd wants. I had the feeling, on election night, Rudd was gloating. I have this thought, that he was never interested in winning, that he deliberately sabotaged his own campaign,.

    I have the sense, and I want to be wrong, that Rudd is only interested in making every one connected with Labor to suffer.

    I cannot find any other explanation, of why he is not moving on.

    Maybe those who continue to support him, need to look at what is best for their own futures. I have this nightmare, that he is using them.

    Now, once again, I will be accused of sexism, or on the sauce.

    What Roxon was saying, it is time to walk away from Rudd. His time is passed.

    He needs to follow the example, and move onto to a new life. There is still plenty for both of them to achieved.

  25. Ohh Mr Sumo,,Do you always err by ommitance or is it only Sumo time?
    You forgot the lying rodent Howard my friend..you know the “weapons of mass dewstruction man..I think if you cat your remising memory back (Not so long ago you may find it was It,that started the rabid division amongst the Australian people.

  26. The vindictiveness of the right-wing trolls is a sight to behold. They whip themselves into a frenzy over accusations of corruption & fraud & criminal behaviour, they bay for blood & prison sentences, they so desperately want to be proven right that Julia Gillard was the devil incarnate that it consumes their every thought, breathe, dream. Meanwhile, the rest of us are amazed at their dedicated desperation. Imagine a life so empty you have to spend your days hating & wishing the worst onto others? What has happened in their lives to make them so miserable? Perhaps they need our pity & compassion. How lonely they must be only taking comfort in meeting like-minded haters on the internet. If only they could channel this energy into something positive or good. I refuse to engage with such people on twitter. I don’t want to catch what they have.

  27. So, bythesea wants to cast aspersions against Gillard’s character, based on baseless allegations from 20 years ago? If so, then how do members of hid beloved Fiberal Party stand up? Let us start with Abbott-a man who has faced charges of sexual assault, physical assault & vandalism; a man who created a dodgy slush fund aimed at subverting the democratic process; a man who tastelessly joked about another man’s attempted suicide; a man who once menaced an MP in a Wheelchair; a man who once sought to publicly disparage a dying man; a man who frequently runs away from pressers where the questions have not been vetted; a man who has dubiously claimed close to $100,000 in expenses from the tax-payer.
    Next we have John Howard, a man who conveniently bailed out his brother-with tax payers money-to prevent said brother facing legal sanction over trading whilst insolvent; the man who gave handouts to Dick Hoonan, simply because he was a Liberal Party donor; the man who lied to the UN about who was behind the violence in East Timor c1999; the man who turned a blind eye to the corrupt behaviour of both HIH & the AWB. Yet still LibTard trolls like Dummo & bythesea seek to idolize people like them.

  28. Everyone knows we have an idiot in charge of the country for the next couple of years, Labor, get yourselves together and show a united party for goodness sake. Nicola should have kept her thoughts on Rudd to herself. All she did was give the MSM imbeciles another story to beat up. The Labor opposition needs to have sound policies and get somebody smart to sell them to the voters properly not like the last six years. Labor you have seen what determination can do with the Democrats in the USA, show some of the same strength and beat the LNP in the parliament and at the next election.

  29. Migs,

    It strikes me as Right Wing Projection.

    Consider the following sentence. Substitute the word WE where they project onto Gillard.

    Gillard was a sick joke on society and has done irreparable damage to the cause of female participation in Parliaments.


    WE are a sick joke on society and ha(ve) done irreparable damage to the cause of female participation in Parliaments.

    Suddenly, when factoring in the projection, it rings true and makes sense.

  30. Oh by the way.
    When standing on stage Internationally with a few Septic Tanks
    did the audience know there was a strong prospect Dear Julia
    maybe charged on a whole raft of past indecretions ?
    Meaning real gaol time , it might be called the Labor/Union wing of
    the prison with current position with others under the hammer.

  31. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney October 18, 2013 @ 7:10 am
    Are you playing with your medication again Voyager? ROFL
    Are you hoping she’ll visit QLD, the State of Fear, so Jarrod can lock her up on a because he wants to?
    You really do show a naïvety that does not do your cause much favor.

  32. It is amazing how the right wingnut trolls leap into a blog post which discusses their mindless idiocies & prove the post correct. They cannot help themselves. Shame about their DNA lacking the irony gene.

  33. Abbott and Randall expenses claims have been referred to the AFP.

    There are strong calls from senior Liberals for Randall to be sacked by Abbott as his $5000 was in no way a unclear interpretation of the regulations on claiming expenses but a deliberate rort.

    If they are going to try to prosecute Slipper on deliberately rorting then Randall, and maybe several current and past Liberal ministers will also have to go.

    Abbott is still facing charges that are to be heard and there still needs to be inquiry in his slush fund and misleading of parliament over it.

    They are real misconducts, not the unproven and nothing found after many inquiries into Gillard.

  34. Yes jagman, that statement caught my attention when membership in both parties has significantly fallen, but since Labor went to member input into electing their leader their membership has increased.

    I looked and could find absolutely nothing on increased Liberal party membership and definitely nothing on Rudd causing a shift that way.

    Just put it down to more right wing bullshit, which you can assume is the case for everything they state.

  35. Just clocked in and came across JP. I wouldn’t worry too much what this idiot says JP he is probably on the snort again.

  36. 9:58am Marissa Calligeros: Tony Abbott was at the Executive Building on George Street this morning to sign a memorandum of understanding with Premier Campbell Newman designed to cut green tape.

    The MOU effectively hands the state government the power to make environmental approvals.

    Mr Abbott dodged journalists, appearing only for the photo opportunity before leaving rather quickly…

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/brisbane-live/brisbane-live-friday-october-18-2013-20131018-2vqq8.html#ixzz2i2hldihJ

  37. Must have nothing to say to us. Explaining what he has just doen, is of interest to me. Also, maybe a word about the NSW fires at the time.

    “……..The Queensland government has become the first in Australia to sign a memorandum of understanding designed to cut ‘‘green tape’’ and streamline environmental approvals.
    Prime Minister Tony Abbott was in Brisbane on Friday to sign the MoU with Premier Campbell Newman, which effectively hands the state the power to make the approvals.
    However, Mr Abbott dodged journalists, appearing only for a photo opportunity before leaving Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt and his state counterpart Andrew Powell to answer questions.
    “This is about agreeing on a high environmental standards … one hurdle that sets the benchmark for all project proponents to……..

    Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/tony-abbott-and-campbell-newman-reduce-environmental-checks-20131018-2vrar.html#ixzz2i2kSa7QR

    Fires now in neared outer Sydney.

    They seem to be flaring up, here again, north of Doyalston.

    Abbott, now heading for Blue Mountains. A little late in the day. Wonder if he wil answer any questions.

  38. Dummo, why would you comment on something you cannot comprehend? Liberty is something that is desired by Libertarians and not the Liberal Party. There is a BIG difference if you have not noticed.

  39. I have just had this comment remove on the Guardian. Replying to someone, that suggested Brandt needs to treat the PM with respect.

    “I believe Abbott might just be treated with the respect he treated the previous PMs after Howard.”

  40. VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney October 18, 2013 @ 4:15 pm
    Mate, if I want to know about Labor, I’ll go to a close friend who is Labor Party Member.
    If I want to know about the Liberals, well I am blessed to know a high Ranking one in the Government, so I will ask them. (We don’t let our politics ruin a great friendship)
    If I want to know anything about politics, you can bet I won’t get much helpful or unhelpful……of anything from you, so disappear back under your rock you slither out from every now and again.
    Trolls! You can never get a good one when you want one.

  41. What a joke, Summo in what can only be described as an infantile post calls someone else infantile.

    He really is his own joke and proves it just about every post.

    And has someone told these right wing idiots, because nothing else can describe them, that Labor lost the last election. You certainly wouldn’t know it by their constant attacks on Labor, or is something else afoot in that they are so ashamed of their Liberal government they deny it exists.

  42. Dummo, if I can visit Right Wing Groups and not receive this infantile crap you exfoliate on all you come into contact with you, then why is it that you have this innate need to do it here? Construct a great argument and there is no need for puerile attacks, because you will respected for the scope and depth of your points you are constructing to others to validate your point of view. If you find that impossible, go hang out with the Teenagers. Impress them as I have given up on expecting it from you. You have a lot to learn, it pains me to inform you.
    You just disappoint, imp.

  43. What the fuck is Voyager on? That kool aid must be stong… Let me repeat again WHAT FUCKING CHARGES? THERE ARE NONE…NOTHING NADA ZIP…. OH and say goodbye t the Barrier reef folks..Gina just bought it, Green tape..thats code for CSG, mine rape pillage every fucking thing…we dont care… Soylet Greenies next I recon, Cut the dole under 30 and if you don’t sigh a AWA we will slow roast you with some fava beans and a nice chianti…

  44. thanks Rick…i dont mind the odd chianti. i may have some with my coral trout this evening. 😉 do you have coral trout down your way?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  45. gotta love global warming. we’ve just had a bewt 20min storm here and recorded 12mls. that’ll freshen the greens.


  46. Tony Abbott is a hack. A dog. An aggressive, carping, bitter, mindless, deceptive, dodgy, mendacious, rancid, negative, nasty, muck-raking, untruthful, obstructionist, opportunistic, sexist, political Neanderthal. He is unfit for high office. He cannot control his temper. No trick is too low for him. No stunt is too wild. He is a bully. A thug. A snake oil salesman. A poster child for vile bully-boy values. He has repulsive double standards. He hates women. He stands for nothing. He has unhealthy obsessions. He is nuts.

    Abbott behaves like Jack the Ripper.

    He is Gina Rinehart’s butler.

    He is Nancy Reagan without the astrology.

    He is a douchebag.

    No doubt you sandal wearers at cafe lithpers know where this comes from?

    So there you all go. Happy now?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  47. Another government failure happening but you wouldn’t know as Morrison has blacked out any information coming from Manus Island.

    As to losing the Great Barrier Reef, Newman reckons we don’t need it as he can get more money by turning Queensland into the gambling capital of the world and building the world’s longest strip of casinos. Don’t bother protesting about the destruction of the GBR or the casinos either, Newman’s slammed through draconian laws ostensibly to get bikies are so wide ranging and equivocal they can arrest anyone they want using them.

    And there are idiots who actually support these idiots. Tragic.

  48. Thought that would be your attitude Summo, don’t give a fuck about the future being left to the current kids and grand kids.

    What has when I visited the Barrier Reef got to do with anything Summo? Sweet nothing.

  49. bts76, …. many thanx for the example…. that you most surely are… ay, cobba 😉
    …. and by the by and by.. your gravatar says it all… ( if’n thats you in the photo 😆 )
    …. and having said that….. and ewe, baa, might think Im-a right ad hominem-wit for saying so… but ewe look like some RW sheet wearerer …. and whats with the upside down cock tattoo on your back….. 😯 .. WTF are you trying to say there 🙄
    yournotsmartenoughtoknowhowdumbyouareyouadhominem-witlessnessism 😛

  50. bythesea76…. looks like your comment has been expunged….. but hey, ya get that 😀
    …. and just out of curiosity…. do you starch your hood… or are you more of a wash and wear sheet wearerer kinda bloke….. just sayin.. :mrgreen:

  51. bythesea76…. looks like your comment has been expunged….. but hey, ya get that 😀

    LOVO, let’s just say this grumpy old blogmaster is sick of the shit some of these half-crazed right wingers keep posting here. I’m quite happy to press the deleted button these days. You’ll have noticed that a large number of Summo’s comments go missing as well. And I’m sure a lot of his future comments will also meet the same fate.

  52. 20 mins and 12 mls that really does dispel this myth of global warming summo. Surely vindicates my one handed typing theory. I take my cap off to you. yougottalearnsomethingsoon.

  53. I’d give up on Dummo Jagman. I normally like a Troll around as it adds to giving an alternate view to everyone seeing eye to eye.
    But unfortunately all we have achieved with Dummo is an Imp. As annoying as a Gnat and not much value at all, as he is too small to have a brain to develop much above just accepting what he is told by premasticated mantras, manufactured along Pavlovian training principles for Dummies by our Ministry of Truth. I think the term used is a gullible dummy. Which shows the handle he picked for himself is so apt, because he even stuffed up the Spelling of it.

  54. MT, I apologize that one of my comments created a response, that has lead you to have to delete a posting by a Contributor.
    I do understand that it is something that is a really disappointing thing to delete another contributors entry into the discussion. Whilst I understand it is to save us from suffering inane stupidity, I can understand how having to take such action upsets your desires to provide a open forum for discussions, for all, on the topic that you have gone to the trouble to construct and provided for us, to discuss and adjudicate with each other, in trying to find reason and a way to solve a problem.
    Many thanks and much appreciated for all your time and effort. I am sure most of the Contributors on this site would agree. Thank you.

  55. It is wonderful to see how, as mentioned in my previous comment above, the right wingnut trolls keep parroting the same old drivel, thus, ironically, proving Michael’s blog post correct. Hammer, nail, head, spot on Michael.

    How sad, & perplexing for them, it must be to have no original ideas. They all spout the same lies & trash as each other.

  56. Many thanks and much appreciated for all your time and effort. I am sure most of the Contributors on this site would agree. Thank you.

    Hear hear. Thanks to Michael, Carol and FU for providing the Cafe atmosphere for lefties to gather.

  57. cuppa, I would love to see a time when when can discuss issues, from a left wing aspect, without having to defend ourselves, or our politicians without abuse.

    The right seem to be entitled to this view, but only for themselves.

    Maybe it is looking at the past, through rose coloured lens, but I seem to recall an era that there was a flourishing left wing press and book industry.

    Like the shadow ministry announced yesterday Except, I do not understand why Kate Lundy was left out.

  58. Fed up October 19, 2013 @ 12:02 pm
    Kate Lundy is a Star! She would be an asset and worthy to work with Technology and Information Services. She understands and is enthusiastic about it. She listens and learns. She adapts, is not frightened by it and expects failures as well as successes. She knows about developing ideas.
    The ACT is so lucky to have such a wonderful representative.
    As I said, Kate Lundy, as Star!

  59. Fed up, I agree and completely..many has been the time when here at the Cafe right wingers have been asked to present their argument as to why Tony Abbott would make such a great PM. The silence as a response was deafening. There was no sarcasm about this question, but wanting an honest answer. I could find nothing redeeming about Abbott whatsoever and wanted to know from a right wingers perspective. The only responses were trivial ones such as He’s not Gillard which explains only their dislike of her rather than answering the question.

  60. Well where are the right wingers over this, nowhere it seems.

    In a speech he made in the US Hockey signalled he may lift debt ceiling to $400 billion.

    I’ve lost count at the scorn and derision by right wingers across many blogs and forums when the previous government lifted it to $300 billion in the wake of the GFC. Their yells of doom and gloom, disingenuous Greece and Spain comparisons, the end of Australia as we know it, was both angrily vociferous and numerous, flooding boards with their displeasure at the Labor government for destroying this country and putting us into a debt only Abbott could recoup.

    So visiting the same blogs, boards and forums do I see similar scorn and derision now that Hockey is intimating he will increase the debt ceiling by $100 billion with more to come if he deems it necessary? Of course not, what I see is deathly silence and utter hypocrisy from both the right wingers and some in the MSM who have already flagged this as a good thing the Abbott government is doing in “saving the nation from doom”.

    All talk of the Liberals putting us into surplus has now been thrown out and now even their shifting of the goal posts after the election by saying 10 years to surplus instead of the first term as promised before the election looks like being abandoned.

    I know I keep saying it but it’s worth repeating over and again, they are hypocrites of the first order, and the worse thing is that it doesn’t appear to bother them one iota they are.

  61. Carol, one has to be surprised, at how badly Abbott is, at being PM.

    Absolutely nothing that would give one confidence in this government.

    I suspect the truth is, they do not want or like Abbott. It was that their hate of a minority government made to work, by a female PM, was something they cannot tolerate.

    Abbott has even failed, with dealing with the fire tragedies, within his own state. Did one noticed, that his brief visit to Wimmalee fire station, did not see anyone connected with the station in sight.

  62. Remember reading that on the elevation of Abbott to the Liberal leadership, one (unnamed) Liberal was quoted as saying, “We’ve really ©½(!&# ourselves now.”

  63. Mobidick. the worse (should be worst) thing is that it doesn’t appear to bother them one iota they are….

    CORRECT! It sure doesn’t…we won and now we ignore your opinion. Go away.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  64. Summo = one hell of hot air. Nothing between the ears and once again one hand typing. But did I see caps. Must be shouting. Stupid is as stupid does.

  65. All that has been won, is the right to form government. It, is not winner take all.

    No, Abbott now has to work with all elected MPs to get his agenda through,. Winning, as you say, is only the beginning.

    Politics is the art of the possible, for Abbott, as for all that went before him.

    Yes, it is a game of numbers.

    If one does not have the numbers, one has to negotiate. make deals and compromises.

    That is what democracy is about..

    I believe that Abbott confuses a licing under a dictatorship, with being a PM, in a democracy.

  66. that’s the way jag….carry on kenny!

    someone here said you couldn’t shovel shit, but I told them you could

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  67. sorry fu..but i’ve absolutely no idea what you are attempting to say…something about your house?….that is probably why i stopped reading any of your 164 daily posts long, long ago…

    yajustgottlaugh 😉

  68. Anyone else have problems comprehending what I said to summo.

    Why should we go away?

    I believe he is little more that a visitor, that abuses the privileges allowed him.

  69. Not my opinion fool, but stated facts.

    How about hypocrite you respond to this one instead of ignoring Abbott’s failures, back flips and broken promises.

    Prior to the election Abbott said about them that a promise was a promise and he would use the excuses such as “unexpected significant events” to justify changing his position.

    On being questioned about raising the debt ceiling and increasing spending over and above what the previous government the response was, “unexpected significant events.”

    Why the hypocrisy from Abbott Summo?

    And you do know that by saying this. “CORRECT! It sure doesn’t,” you’ve lost all credibility and integrity, if you had any before that statement that is, which many would doubt.

    It means anything you say is dishonest and meaningless, not worth a smick.

  70. Sorry Abbott before the election said, “he wouldn’t use excuses such as unexpected significant events.”

  71. Summo, I am surprised. I was sure you are the man, if that is what you are, that knows all.

    As for the economy. post elections. sorry Mr. Abbott., no surprises there.

  72. Mr. Abbott, it is good to see, that so far, you have the sense to leave the economy. as it was when you came into power. Maybe you should tell Mr., Morrison to do the same with Border control, as you call it. Maybe no need for his brain farts. That is new regulations, transferring pregnant women to Nauru, where they have one of the highest birth fatalities in the world.

  73. I believe he is little more that a visitor, that abuses the privileges allowed him.

    It’s how the simple-minded have fun Fu. 😉 He’s just trying to get Migs to put him back into moderation, or to get totally pissed off with him & send all of his inanities directly where they belong… 😆

  74. .. why do we respond.

    I’ve often wondered myself Fu – I figured it must be just to toy with the moron. There’s obviously no sense to be had from the mindless prat – he carries on like an attention seeking primary schooler 🙄

  75. I work with and have worked wth a lot of RWingers like DUMMO…. ‘they’ all seem to be full of their own self importance…. they always ‘think’ that their opinion is sacrosanct above all ‘others’…. When ‘they’ are wrong on ANY subject ‘they’ never admit to it and either do a ‘look over there’ or resort to nastiness and ‘pay-back’ tactics….. and ‘they’ just make shit up to suit their dumb argument(s)…. the one overarching ‘thing’ I have noticed is that, apart from the specific knowledge surrounding their employment, they ain’t to bright, especially in regards to general knowledge about the world around them……. just google Right Wing IQ vs Left Wing IQ and you will see what I mean 😉
    The other day I was having a convo at work with some of the lads and one of ‘our’ “Summo” like RW nasties, we were discussing the Himalayan Mts, Yetis, abominal snowmen and the like, when ‘our’ Dummo pipes up and says ” What, they have snow in the Himalayans…… I didn’t even know they HAD Mountains” …. oh how we laughed 😀

  76. The acts of bastardry continue. The Abbott government has removed some of the criteria for eligibilty for disaster recovery payments. Those conditions allowed people to claim a payment if they had not been able to access or leave their homes for 24 hours, or if their homes had been without essential services such as electricity, water, gas or sewerage services for a continuous period of at least 48 hours.

    The extra criteria applied for victims of fires and floods in January this year and were on all claim forms and the Human Services Website. Now they have mysteriouisly vanished from all Human Services information and claim forms for those affected by this week’s fires.


  77. Lovo, one that I enjoyed was a climate denialist who said that there was no such thing as tides rising, because he had been to the ocean and it was the same as it had been last year.

  78. What did Abbott promise. Methodical, steady ……….and in complete secrecy. He forgot to add the last.

  79. I’m not even certain that asylum seekers would be aware of the numbers, as I’m certain that the people smugglers wouldn’t be letting them know..however, word may indeed be getting around. Abbott is inferring that by his sheer presence, people smugglers are quaking in their boots…

  80. Live coverage of the NSW state by-election for the seat of Miranda, located in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south.

    # % Swing 2PP (proj.) Swing
    Murray Scott (Greens) 717 4.6% -4.9%
    Lisa Walters (Independent) 367 2.4%
    Barry Collier (Labor) 7,326 47.3% 24.9% 55.9% 26.9%
    George Capsis (CDP) 1,097 7.1% 3.4%
    Brett Thomas (Liberal) 5,539 35.7% -24.0% 44.1% -26.9%
    John Brett (Independent) 140 0.9% -3.9%
    FORMAL/TURNOUT 15,186 31.2%
    Informal 318 2.0% -0.7%
    Booths reporting: 10 out of 18


  81. September 20. A genuinely interesting state by-election looms in New South Wales for the Sutherland Shire seat of Miranda, with both parties to field candidates in a seat the Liberals gained from Labor at the 2011 election. It was announced yesterday that the date for the by-election would be October 19, with nominations to close on October 3. Labor will be keeping its expectations in check, given that it was their most marginal seat going into the election (0.8%) and had a Liberal margin of 21.0% coming out of it. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see the extent, if any, to which the appetite of Sydney voters for bashing Labor has slackened in the wake of the federal election..


  82. That is incredible! From the bit that I read, the Daily Telegraph was trying to blame any swing to Labor on the fact that it was a by-election. Fair enough, some swing away would be reasonable as Australians tend not to like being taken to the polls too often..however, that is a very decisive protest vote against the Liberals.

  83. this is schmick and right up your alley here in Fairfax

    Don’t consider real estate from that dopey prick Mö. Tewantin is in Wide Bay, not Fairfax 🙄

    As an aside, Wide Bay is Warren Truss’ electorate where Lucy Stanton (aka ‘Lady in Red’ or ‘Lucy’ at TPS) managed an increase in the TPP for Labor against the leader of the National Party in the election! 😀

  84. And Carol that doesn’t address the hypocrisy of the Tele that in the past lauded every Liberal by-election victory, no matter by how little and even if a Labor candidate didn’t stand, as a kick in the guts for Labor a great win for the Liberals, then projecting that onto Federal Labor.

  85. LOVO October 19, 2013 @ 7:18 pm.
    You know Lovo, you just described Sociopathic behavior? Worse still, it does describe the likes of the “Pen Portrait” that Dummo consistently paints all over the joint and in typical fashion. But it is OK, as he couldn’t be wrong about anything!
    I’ll give him time to convince me of something, anything, when he walks on water. Till then, he’s all puerile gaff and worthy to ignore. Offers no knowledge and only reapeat what he is told, which consistently reinvents history. Sounds like a Troll, no sorry, and Imp, who “donates” his time to his cause of Fascism.

  86. So Abbott is to run put independent schools ruin by the parents across the country.

    What happened to Gonski.

    Yes,, this is what Abbott did mention, bu never detailed. He deliberately gave the impression, that hr was continuing with Gillards policy, that of Gonski.

    One has to be fair, as he only ever said he would match the funding.

    This is copied from the UK, I believe, and has proven to fail. There are some schools in WA I believe that have not lived up to expectations. I believe that Cando is also going down this track.

    What is allows, is each school to be given funding, if not enough, is the problem of the school. Allows to government to wipe it’s hands of accountability for education outcomes.

    It is a major change, and should have been debated fully by Abbott,

    Still, I warned this would happen, long before the election campaign, even.

    We can now, I believe, expect similar announcements for health.

  87. Yes, Carol, I believe we will hear much more from those firies. They carry weigh,. Have been complaining in NSW but have not been able to get the message across. Different now.

    Wonder how th teachers will deal with Abbott’s announcement today, re schools. Have only heard his announcement on ABC radio local news. Is turning out independent school;s, run by the parents across the nation. Are they not called Chartist Schools in the UK.

    WA has gone down this path, with mixed results. As usual, I believe the better income educated areas, have better results. No evidence that they produce better educated children.,

  88. One Liberal MP complaining heavily on Twitter about (Labor/Unions) rolling out firies in uniform at Miranda by-election.

    Slapped down by picture of Abbott in firie uniform for photo op before Fed election.

  89. It is normal, in the cycles of political change in this country, for support for a party to change quickly, often starting with a by election massive swing.

    This happened to Whitlam, in Bass, I think, in Tasmania.

    From then, it was downhill for Labor.

    We seem to swing between all one party across the states, then Federally.

    That has what has been occurring since Howard was defeated, a swing back to the Coalition in the states. Could we now be seeing the swing back the other way.

    I have a feeling, that Australians like to even things up, when it comes to state elections.

    We have Victoria coming up, where I believe the gap is small. What will happen in SA will be interesting,We have Abbott already popping up from his bunker to visit the state. Not that the public seen him though.

    We have had Labor without a formal leader for over a month. Did not seem top make difference to the pols which were released but ignored by the media.

    Yes, they did not make Abbott or his government look good. This is still day 33 of this government. Still no information of how long parliament is to sit. Abbott seems to believe, if he does not have legislation ready to go, there is no other need for the houses to sit. Claims that under Gillard, the houses sat mostly with nothing to do, and they sat around fiddling their thumbs.

    Abbott is lying, much did happen, but he was interested in nothing, but using QT for stunts.

    The parliament sits, so that the government can be kept under scrutiny, all the time, not for the benefit of Abbott, to put forward his legislation, to be passed with minimum accountability.

  90. Well, if the firies where out yesterday, in the middle of this fire emergency, it can only point to how serious they are,

    There is a ring of dangerous fire areas, around greater Sydney. Sutherland is one of the worse.

    Yes, the Coalition won the seats here, but no way by the margins expected. considering the effort Abbott put into the area. The smell of corruption, I believe in the Liberal party, drown out that of Thomson.

    We have Morrison now demanding, asylum seekers are to be labeled Illegal maritime arrivals,

    Is it true, Morrison is rounding up pregnant women, from centres on the main land, flying them to Nauru.

    If not, why does he want an audited of all that are pregnant.

    I suspect that those in the Sutherland Shire are not too happy with their Federal member.

  91. “……….n 1948, Australia played a leading role in creating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We had a history of being a proud, decent, largely egalitarian country.

    But in 1998, something important and fundamental started to change.

    Patricks was one of the two big stevedoring operations in Australia. They were caught out training an alternative, non-union workforce in Dubai and never offered a convincing explanation. Peter Reith tried to help them, but with friends like that …

    Then in April, on the Tuesday before Good Friday, a bunch of goons stormed the docks and kicked out all the workers who were members of the union. They had attack dogs to give them an advantage, and large gents with balaclavas and no necks who put up chain-mesh fences to keep the unionists out.

    At the same time as the docks were being stormed, Patricks took steps to sack the entire unionised workforce and put the company into administration.

    It turned out that the company had moved all its assets sideways into a new company without telling anyone, and the government had secretly helped it implement the plan.

    It was a shock to learn that a Liberal government would conspire to break its own laws in an attempt to break the union movement: it’s not how patrician blue-bloods are meant to behave. But the Liberals argued all the way to the High Court that it was OK. They lost…”


  92. “……………………..The Liberals quickly showed their true colours when we learned that senior members of the new government had been rorting their parliamentary expenses. That was no surprise: but it was interesting to see that the new Attorney-General was involved. Haughty, supercilious, self-righteous George Brandis was at the trough with the best of them.

    After all, wasn’t Brandis the one who had ferociously attacked Peter Slipper for visiting a winery and charging the taxi ride to the Commonwealth? Brandis went to a friend’s wedding and billed the Commonwealth. When he was found out two years later, Brandis repaid the $1,600 and said he had done nothing wrong.

    And Tony Abbott has billed the Commonwealth for every fun-run and Lycra cycle-fest, not to mention his Tamworth photo opportunity which apparently cost us about ten grand. Over the last couple of years, he has had his hands in our pockets for about $3 million.

    So here’s the problem.

    We have a corrupt, hard right-wing Liberal government, led by self-seeking hypocrites. We have a weakened, right-wing Labor opposition.

    And we have a country, once great, now seen as selfish, greedy and cruel and we have no political leadership at all.

    We are well into the process of redefining our country. Most of us have not noticed because, for most of us, life is good.
    The sight of the major parties competing to promise greater cruelty to boat people is new in Australian politics. We have never been perfect, but this was something without precedent………………..”


  93. And Tony Abbott has billed the Commonwealth for every fun-run and Lycra cycle-fest, not to mention his Tamworth photo opportunity which apparently cost us about ten grand. Over the last couple of years, he has had his hands in our pockets for about $3 million.

    The same guy who does this. What a miserable sod. All so we can fund his ‘volunteer’ work and past-times

  94. “………..Both Greg Hunt and Prime Minister Tony Abbott have insisted there is no time to waste and that they’ll be hammering this legislation through before then. They have not ruled out the prospect of forcing another federal election to be called if they can’t manage to pass the legislation through the senate before July 1.

    Greg Hunt seems optimistic that Labor will have a sudden change of heart and allow the legislation to pass. “Let’s watch what Labor does rather than what it says,” he said to the AM program on ABC Radio National on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, business is worried. Should it pay the carbon tax for this year? What about the businesses that already have? Will they get their money back? What about contracts that have been signed that factored the expected carbon tax into the bottom line? Should companies change their prices again? What happens if the legislation doesn’t make it through before July and it goes back to the senate in a new financial year? How much will business owe then?

    When posed these logical questions, Greg Hunt replied, “Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

    There are a lot of question marks here, and not very many answers.

    If the Liberal party is somehow successful in persuading Labor to pass the repeal laws, an accounting nightmare will ensue. Businesses and householders will be left in limbo as the price of anything affected by the carbon tax remains uncertain………….


    “Carbon tax repeal is a free kick”

    For whom, I wonder, when the dust settles.

    If Abbott is successful, business faces years of uncertainty when it comes to carbon emissions, and how they are to be addressed.

  95. Clearing the air
    I’ve heard it all before
    So many words
    Then you just close the door
    If you notice
    The changes that you fear
    But now it’s too late to see

    I say, you say
    Weren’t you listening
    Now it’s too late
    You’re not listening

    – Pseudo Echo Listening
    Nobody is listening to the party formerly in government now that they’ve been defeated – unless, of course, when somebody within that former government wants to have a crack at someone else within it, which makes it compelling in a way that the decisions of the new government apparently aren’t. .


    Yes, they were not listening. Even so, they where also not being told. All they seem to have heard, is she is a liar and great big toxic tax. Nothing else got through the noise.

  96. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/labor-urges-tony-abbot-to-show-how-his-direct-action-climate-policy-will-work/story-e6frg6xf-1226743278549#ooid=ltbWQzZzr8R5AVGGXR75ei0Um5lHRNzb

    TONY Burke has sought to recast the debate on climate change, urging Tony Abbott to provide further detail about his direct action policy ahead of moves to repeal the carbon tax.

    Mr Burke, the opposition finance spokesman, also refused to say whether support for carbon pricing would remain Labor policy going into the 2016 election.

    New Labor leader Bill Shorten on Friday declined to commit to reinstating a carbon price if the Coalition repeal was successful, leaving himself greater flexibility to change Labor’s position.

    Mr Burke said today discussion about the Coalition’s alternative direct action policy was needed at the same time as the debate over the removal of the carbon price.

    “They’ve explained what they’re abolishing but they haven’t explained what they’re doing in its place,” he told Sky News’s Australian Agenda program.

    “We, on all the analysis we’ve seen, don’t see how direct action can work, don’t see how it can be efficient.
    “We want that information provided as well.”

    Mr Burke reaffirmed Labor’s in-principle support for a carbon price but refused to say whether there were any concessions Mr Abbott could offer Labor to win support for repealing the planned emissions trading scheme.

    He indicated Labor was most likely to vote against the repeal, in the absence of a better alternative policy from the Abbott government.

    “The starting point for us on this, and my view on these issues is, you vote the way you believe,” he said.

    In a rebuke to the Greens, Mr Burke also warned there was a danger in linking specific natural disasters directly to climate change.

    Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt tweeted last week, after the devastating blazes in NSW, that Coalition policies would lead to more bushfires.

    “In terms of the science of climate change, I don’t think you should ever pick the individual weather event and say `that’s the climate change event’,” Mr Burke said.

    “It’s like picking an individual stock and saying that’s what happened on the Dow Jones today.”

    Mr Burke said most attention needed to be placed on addressing the consequences of the fires and dealing with the current emergency.

    – See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/labor-urges-tony-abbot-to-show-how-his-direct-action-climate-policy-will-work/story-e6frg6xf-1226743278549#sthash.zvyAktC7.dpuf

  97. Abbott has come out with an insulting three word slogan that’s a slap in the face to all teachers and principals around Australia, “Putting Students First”.

    As teachers and principals work with Liberal State governments who are devolving responsibilities to the local level in steps heavy handed clueless Abbott and overlords them, and if that wasn’t enough he insults them.

    Principals, teachers and staff around Australia, Abbott has news for you, you have not been putting students first and he will do it for you with a three word slogan.

    What an insult to Australians this man is.

  98. Yes, rolling out across the country Independent schools run by parents. Heard this on ABC 702 while in bed. Have not seen anything since.

  99. I guess the guts of the argument Michael is that of the 10 Million possible female Australians who would be eligible to be PM…. We got Gillard. Surely given the extraordinarily talented females in business, parliament, academia etc Labor should have done better in their selection. Michael honestly how many voters would be horrified at getting another Gillard as PM. Obviously Labors policy of quotas didn’t throw up what I presume was the talent they were striving for.

  100. TechinBris
    OCTOBER 18, 2013 @ 8:03 AM
    Has anyone noticed the absence of Tweed?
    It doesn’t mean I don’t care about you guys or try to help you with your reality (lack of) issues.
    Summo and Voyager. Don’t be down that Michael has awarded me the Whisperers equivalent of the Walkley for most incisive comments……….just like Freo….there is always next year. Go hard lads.
    La Rapita Mallorca.

  101. Still on about Gillard, unbelievable, especially whilst Abbott, who polled lower than Gillard so by your standards must be the worst of all the 10 million males out there, is still out pulling stunts instead of running the country, had broken a string of promises, back flipped so many times it’s making everyone dizzy and has turned government into a secret autocracy that even has Liberal ministers complaining, all while being in charge of the bunch of rorters and him being the biggest rorter of them all.

    So instead of going on about Gillard, who has graciously landed on her feet and is doing very well thank you, and history will record as a great reformer, how about you address Abbott’s growing amount of major failures, who history will record as the worst PM leading the worst government?

  102. Who can answer a question on the spot, keep to the subject, deal with independents, make things work. Julia Gillard. A breath of fresh air in parliament. Who can ever forget her wonderfull speach on misogeny.

    Abbott is now only known for lies and rorting. A great role model.

  103. Oh Tweed, nice to hear you admit your challenged from your own fingers. Challenged on the realities and how the human race has redefined that which we always thought was the way of things, till we found a better way.
    Evolve, please, you genetic throwback. We care and want to help and assist you to catch up to evolved human characteristics. There is always hope that you will catch up from your late 19th Century models your stuck on.

  104. Abbott as Opposition Leader abused parliament, belittled it’s worth.

    As PM, he is apparently going to carry on in this mode, by passing it whenever he can.

    He seems to believe it is their to rubber stamp all his desires, and has no other role.

    Has said it will not be sitting, unless he has business before it.

    Would not surprise it he followed Keating’s action of only turning up to QT a couple of times a week.

    Not that I see anything wrong with that, as that occurs in the UK parliament.

    The most stupid claims that Abbott made, and not reported since, that he would not be like Gillard, who had many sitting days, without business before the house, that they sat around with nothing to do.

    I believe that Abbott see debate on any bill as waste of time.

  105. Why is the head of DJ’s leaving without any noticed.

    Announced after the meetings of the company closed yesterday. Another scandal in the offering.

  106. Why does the leader of a business group get a jersey.

    No one from the community. No one from welfare.

    Just business.

  107. WiFi challenged TechinBris. Tell me. If Gillard was the sensational PM you appear to believe she was…..why is it her polling was sub30% before her own party axed her a month before the September election…..and replaced her with Rudd who had his peak of adulation for 5 minutes after the 2007 election.
    Soooo TechinBris…joining the dots…. Labor thinks Rudd is a better PM candidate than Gillard even though the September election was the lowest vote for Labor for 100 years. Hmmmm having trouble following your logic TechinBris. Getting stuffy with your head so far in the sand TechinBris?
    Accept it. Gillard was a dud as PM. I cannot see Labor trying to win an election with anyone remotely resembling Gillard and her policies (read lies)

  108. If Abbott is so great Tweed then why was he polling lower than Gillard?

    What is your opinion of Abbott and Hockey lying to you before the election about their handle on the economy by now raising debt ceiling by 66% to $500 billion?

    I won’t go into all the other broken promises and back flips just to keep it simple for you.

  109. And you know what makes Abbott so terrible and Gillard so great Tweed?

    Abbott had the full weight of the MSM and wealthy vested interests behind him who ignored all his lies and glossed over his stuff ups and cowardice in facing the media.

    Gillard on the other hand was being constantly and falsely attacked by the full weight of the MSM, the opposition and by Rudd yet still managed rating better than or near Abbott. She courageously faced it all without once running away like Abbott always did at the slightest whisper of negativity.

    What an utter loser Abbott is and he’s now proving it in spades.

  110. Mo, if you were to stroll through our pages you’ll find that the right-wingers went absolutely feral about Labor’s debt ceiling. It was going to sent the country down the gurgler.

    But now? Not a word. Hypocritical pricks.

  111. Yes Michael, if you were to pick one thing more than any other the right attack Labor over and have done ever since the falsely labelled Beazley’s black hole, it has been debt.

    But now we have a Lib Federal government going into the biggest debt binge at the fastest rate ever since Howard was last Treasurer and we get silence. And that’s not even looking at the debts being racked up by the State Liberal governments.

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve highlighted their hypocrisy, so many that some wear it as a badge of honour, the idiots, but unless they condemn this as much or not more than they did when canning Labor then hypocritical pricks is more than apt.

    And the thing is, I, and I’m guessing many others here and against the Liberals have no problem with going into this debt if it’s for the right reason and out laid prudently, which I have no doubt this government won’t do.

    The big giveaway why this government will well and truly stuff this up and screw Australia is Hockey’s talk of a “buffer”. FFS, a Treasurer so out of touch with his portfolio and clueless on economic management he needs to borrow billions as a buffer.

  112. Just to bring you up to speed Moby. On 7th September there was a federal election. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd governments were rejected by the electorate. According to the scribes Rudd had the lowest electoral support for 100 years….Gillard’s electoral support made Rudd look good.
    So maybe you want to revise your comments after reading the above revelations?

  113. So maybe you want to revise your comments after reading the above revelations?

    Not at all Tweed. You do know the Liberals got 1.3% less votes than Labor?

    And what’s your thought on Abbott’s failures and now going into a huge debt binge?

    That you (and other right wingers) keep going on and on about Labor as if you didn’t know there was an election last September and they are no longer the government says everything we need to know about how bad this government is.

    When even their most rabid and mindless supporters can’t stick up for them then they really are terrible, the worst we have seen.

  114. Of course a record 21 percent of primary votes going to parties other than the Coalition or the Labor Party had nothing to do with Labor’s low primary vote, or the coalition’s miniscule 1.7% swing 🙄

  115. Moby. I like many Australians I felt sick that Labor’s folly over 6 years came with a price tag of $350Billion. I am feeling angry that the Labor fiscal bullshit in the pipeline could be as high as $500Billion. Moby the electorate is already ropable at Labor’s wast. The electorate will want blood from Labor for a long time while we repay this amount. You know how many ordinary tax payers pay $10,000 per year in income tax? It will take all the taxes paid by 500,000 of these people for 100 years to repay the debt, plus interest of course, so maybe 120 years. Mobby are you getting the picture why rational voters are pissed off with Gillard and Rudds performance?
    That doesn’t include NBN of course as this is an asset???? Delusional. FFS just crawl back into your hole Moby.

  116. Stop the Buffer Emergency…… Axe the Buffer….. Tow back the Buffer……Ditch the Buffer……. It’s not a price on Buffer.. it’s a Buffer Tax….. Roast Buffer will rise to $100…… Whyalla will be Buffered off the map….. Climate Change is a load of Buffer…… just sayin.. 😉

  117. Tweed. The ALP had a GFC included in that $350 Billion to contend with. Your beloved LNP do not have a GFC yet want an extra $200 Billion after 1 month. Maybe if the rorters paid back all their dodgy claims it could be reduced to $190 Billion. Stop the waste starting at the top, but no we won’t change anything there will we. If you think the voters will remain angry at the ALP for years then you are just as deluded as the rusted on ALP supporters. As services are cut, yet MPs continue to rort the system the stench will stink so badly from Parliament House that Independents will make a comeback. To state that it is all the ALPs fault is just lies once again and if not provide the proof. What do they need $200 Billion for so quickly, it took the ALP 6 years to get to $300 Billion not 2 months. As for this joke by Hockey about not wanting to go like the USA, you are aware that the ONLY party in history to block supply has been the LNP and in the USA by the GOP. Ideology gone mad. Please tell me why they need to increase the debt ceiling by so much so quickly, and don’t say because of the previous government, give me facts or it is just crap being spouted by a rusted on supporter.

  118. Note people instead of answering and being able to stick up for this governments broken promises and back flips Tweed launches into an inane attack on Labor.

    Surely you can’t be that ignorant Tweed, or is it as I suspect more likely desperation at yet again you attack Labor without sticking up for your Liberals.

    I would like to know about all these voters being pissed of with Rudd and Gillard Tweed since Abbott’s poll numbers are now worse than at the election and he would have lost badly with these numbers at the last election.

    I think that tells me the rational voters have realised they fucked up in voting for this idiot Abbott and they have gotten a lemon of a government.

    And using wild exaggerations without facts doesn’t help your argument one bit, neither does constantly bringing up Labor when they aren’t in government anymore.

  119. Also it would help if people got the figures right. $300 billion is what Labor said they would go to by Christmas if they won government. The Coalition opposition said this proved there was a budget emergency and they had in place measures to get back into surplus in their first term and reduce that debt ceiling by Christmas.

    When you break down the debt ceiling at this moment adding Hockey’s plan to raise it, of the $500 billion debt ceiling $250 billion what Labor left and the $250 billion is purely this government’s.

    But that’s not the point.

    Before the election, and indeed for three years, the Coalition kept saying they knew exactly what they were going to do, could account for every cent they were going to spend and had their savings identified to the cent, and would be back in surplus by the end of their first term.

    Now unless they are creating a false requirement to go into a debt binge so when they do their corrupt audit commission they can say they saved Australia, then this lot have lied through their teeth, a far worse lie than any Labor made in their six years and only beaten by a lie that probably no government will ever do worse on, Howard’s lies for going to war.

    This confirms something we have been saying of the right wingers falsehoods on debt for a long time.

    Labor debt = bad
    Liberal debt = good

  120. 35 days, what have we seen of Abbott, that makes one think he will be better than Gillard.

    Gillard by the way, for someone with no skills has fell on her feet. Will earn $700, 000 in the next year.

    Yes, Burke, it is a half trillion dollars.

  121. And to also put Tweed straight on one of his figures.

    Unless he wants to call Hockey a liar this is the price tag Labor left after getting us through the GFC as the most economically and socially sound country:

    Mr Hockey said the federal government expected to reach the existing debt limit of $300 billion around December.

    $250 billion, not $350 billion.

  122. The beauty of Abbott v the rest is that he had discipline…and still does. He has the capacity to do something the rest of you can not….

  123. Walmart, (the name says it all really 🙄 ), and ” He has the capacity to do something the rest of you can not….” …. are your talking about arse selling, perchance 😕
    He has the capacity to *uck this country up for a very long time……. and all for an idiotlogical stance….. oh, and for God/rupert/gina/hillsongers…. and to say he has discipiine is a head nod away from laughable…… he is a liar that has manipulated his way into ‘power’ on the back of those lies….. his only interest in Australia and Australians is/are as props for his latest photo op….. the ‘man’ is a fraud of the highest order….. he is the worst PM ever, even worse than Howard ( and you would have to be a total tosser to be worse than LITTLE Johnny)…. and dats a FACT.

  124. Walmart, *discipline* as in cannot help but continuously help reaching into the cookie jar, discipline as in does not have the mental agility to answer questions unless they are carefully scripted, discipline as in having to make an embarrassing run for it when confronted with unfortunate truths.

  125. Yep, Wi Fi is very reliable.

    Those soldiers are literally walking from the courts, with on slap over the wrists.

    No mention of the woman, who life and careers has been ruined. Twelve months good behavior bonds.

    One finds it hard, that a ACT court could come to this decision.

  126. Those soldiers are literally walking from the courts, with on slap over the wrists.

    No mention of the woman, who life and careers has been ruined. Twelve months good behavior bonds.

    One finds it hard, that a ACT court could come to this decision.

    Inflation is well contained. Where is Abbott’s proof that that toxic tax, has destroyed the economy. ABC 24

  127. Yes, still focused on, destroying all in his path.

    Does not seem to adjusted yet, to being PM.

    Having trouble in knowing how one should act, in this role.

  128. Oh where oh where has our Prime Monister gone,
    Oh where can he be,
    He’s gone to fight fires or at least photo shoot,
    That’s where oh where can he be.


  129. Tweed is caught out exaggerating facts, gets done like a dinner and and his woeful inane come back is “candy from a baby”, and then he runs away.

    That really is too stupid to retort.

    But then that vacuity is topped by comments that Abbott has discipline. The most minded and controlled leader this country has ever seen, who must be carefully watched and steered every moment, and be told to run away like a coward when his “discipline” royally fucks it up for the party and his masters.

    His discipline runs into back flipping on just about every major commitment (guaranteed) made in the last 3 years and the only one he’s steadfastly sticking to the party and his minders don’t want, PPL.

    If that’s what the right wingers call discipline then no wonder they support the Liberal party.

  130. Mobius, remember when they called Rudd a media tart for helping neighbors during the Brisbane floods, but when it’s Abbott doing a fly in/fly out mission aka photo shoot then he’s the media’s hero. Did I detect a slight case of please p*ss off and let us get us on with out job, the same as when Abbott suddenly lobbed in Afghanistan.

  131. Tweed is caught out exaggerating facts, gets done like a dinner and and his woeful inane come back is “candy from a baby”, and then he runs away.

    That really is too stupid to retort.

    It sounds like trolling. Lob a lie grenade into the discussion to get a reaction. Then get his jollies when the lie is addressed.

  132. “Gillard was a sick joke on society and has done irreparable damage to the cause of female participation in Parliaments. The question is always going to be when considering a future female . . . what if we get another Gillard.”

    Leaving political stance out of the equation, this man is clearly a misogynist who cannot comprehend the fact that his point of view is the ‘sick joke’, considering he feels the actions of one individual are reflective of an entire demographic as a whole. Now bringing political stance back into the equation, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that female participation in parliament (particularly in cabinet), is not down because of the “irreparable damage that Gillard created”, but rather because we are being led by a party who still prioritises the voice of the white, corporate-driven, middle-aged man (considering they are also being led by one).

  133. NOEQ. what I am saying is that out of the eligible millions of females, many who have outstanding careers and are leaders in their field, Labor chose Gillard. Was she an outstanding academic? Was she an outstanding Lawyer? Did she have an unblemished résumé that could withstand any scrutiny. If you were honest with the, answers NOEQ …………….
    In political history terms Gillard will never be in the same league as, Hawke, Keating, Howard. Gillard will be more like Gorton, Fraser, Latham, Rudd. Surely there were better options for Labor is all I am saying. Even Gough is looked upon as a leader with charisma who tried to fight the good fight ………..

  134. What a load of shit Tweed, really.

    Gillard was more than eligible and certainly streets above Abbott, who is the most ineligible PM candidate we’ve had and he’s proving it every day in office.

    If you hold past success up as a criteria for eligibility then Abbott should never have been a back bencher let alone a senior minister.

    Gillard has left a proud legacy that of course Abbott is destroying for no other reason than it was Gillard, because Gillard showed him on every occasion they went head to head. She would wipe the floor with him in parliament when he was in government and she in opposition. Being a woman this pissed the misogynist Abbott off no end.

    And yet again you are intimating malfeasance on innuendo without evidence, and then lie by saying could it withstand scrutiny,

    Well it has through numerous enquiries and investigations, but you deliberately chose to ignore that.

    Can Abbott withstand proper scrutiny and independent enquiry of his past, including recent past. If you were honest with the answer it would be NO.

  135. I hate to agree with he who wrote that comment, but as a Labor supporter and passionate KRudd supporter I agree with him. Words cannot express how much I loathe, hate and detest that woman with all my heart for the destabilising and character assassinating Kevin Rudd for 6 years. In my opinion she is lower than a maggot’s belly. She wasn’t fit to lick KRudd’s boots and while KRudd is there with Whitlam and Curtin, Gillard was just another Mark Latham. As a woman I believe Gillard with her constant playing the gender card has basically made it HARDER for the next woman because all the male pollies and media out there will be worried if she will be another Gillard who will make every…..single……issue about what gender she is. I am truly worried Gillard has made it far worse for women. Shes also destroyed the Labor party and has torn it apart, and her and Roxon along with Emerson, need to be expelled from the Labor party.

  136. How apt. In a TV show Salem was a megalomaniac witch who was turned into a cat as punishment for attempting to takeover the world.

    In real life Rudd was a megalomaniac micro manager who was ousted as punishment and turned into a sniping back stabber for attempting to over control government and the party.

  137. No, the Whisperers just ignored this new nutter. Your ‘nutjobbery’ is well known around these parts Tweed 🙄

  138. Undoubtedly TiB, but too many right-whinge nutjobs around here wouldn’t know WTF you’re talking about 😉

  139. @somesockpuppet

    but as a Labor supporter and passionate KRudd supporter

    Funny that you use an epithet to describe who you claim to support, passionately even. 🙄

  140. The phrase which is all revealing is thus, “Gillard who will make every…..single……issue about what gender she is.” Au contraire, it was Abbott who made gender an issue at every available opportunity, whether it be drooling over a teenage basketball team saying for all to hear that he wanted to get up front and personal with them or his relegating women to not having “certain aptitudes”. When Gillard was elected Abbott screamed blue murder that he wouldn’t be able to attack a woman the same as he attacked men..good god no, instead he attacked Gillard as a female rather than policies.

  141. I am sad to say, that after 70 or more years on this earth, the biggest drawback to women succeeding are other women.

    I am sad to say, as a young woman. I hated women bosses. To this day, I am not sure why that was so.

    Gillard did nothing that money men did before her. The only difference was, she was a woman.

  142. …. and the much bigger news FU is I have WiFi while at anchor. Wooo Hoo.
    So has Electricity Bill folded, half folded, sort of folded or nobody knows WTF he is talking about with the Carbon Tax.. The Carbon Tax just keeps on giving…..for Tony.
    TA must be saying … thank you Greens, Thank you Labor. And most of all thank you Gillard ….. THERE WILL BE NO CARBON TAX UNDER A GOVERNMENT I LEAD……

  143. Tweed, mostly he says THANK YOU RUPERT! THANK YOU MINERS! Please, Sirs and Madams, may I kiss your arses.

    He’s an owned man. A puppet. He’s got to do their exact bidding every time or he’s a goner.

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