If it’s Labor let’s dig some dirt


The Howard Dirt Files were renowned. But even so, the Howard years were just a foretaste of what was to follow once Labor was elected.  I quote here from Miglo aka Michael Taylor’s post of September 12: Media mud chuckers.

It appears that no matter who leads the Labor Party, whether in Government or Opposition, the media always manage to dredge up some mud to throw at them.

The comparison couldn’t be more startling than at present.  Where are the demands for Abbott (and a quarter of his front bench) to resign?  These are not just unsubstantiated rumours from “unnamed sources”, or speculation on events from years ago, this is here and now with the rorts continuing up until the present.  Where are the threats from shock-jocks to throw the perpetrators into chaff bags?  Why are not Abbott’s family “dying of shame” as it was suggested that Gillard’s late father should do?

Shorten has now won the leadership of the Labor Party.

A little about Bill, born in Melbourne his father a waterside worker and unionist from Tyneside, UK.  Educated at Xavier Collage, graduated in Law at Monash uni.  Aside from his former role as National Secretary of the AWU, Bill is probably best known for his role in the Beaconsfield Mining Disaster.

The event was reported thus:

HE SPEAKS the language of the people; everyone is “mate”.

And he is never seen wearing anything other than the union official’s uniform, the chambray shirt and branded bomber jacket.

This week, Australian Workers Union national secretary Bill Shorten has been the public face of the Beaconsfield mine disaster. He has featured in almost every news bulletin and newspaper, has given countless news conferences and, at times, been the sole conduit of information about the mine for the media, the public and for anxious miners’ families.

He has played the hand of the “good bloke”, and won praise from both mine management, as well as miners’ families. He says the week has been a rollercoaster for him.

At the 2007 election, Bill Shorten was elected to the House of Representatives as the Labor Member for Maribyrnong and commenced his career as the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services.   As Parliamentary Secretary, Shorten pushed hard for a National Disability Insurance Scheme, something which was later to become a policy of the Labor Government and passed as an Act of Parliament shortly prior to the 2013 election.

Isn’t that how you are supposed to express things?  Factual information.

But not so, almost immediately the media runs a lead article titled:  Labor’s Shorten experiment: the tale of ‘Showbag Bill’.

The article includes a snippets including the names and statuses of his former wife and current wife, which seems a little irrelevant but as this comment immediately followed the inevitable “power broker” descriptors, it was perhaps meant as a method of emphasis.

Shorten’s first wife, Debbie Beale, is the daughter of multimillionaire businessman and former Liberal MP Julian Beale. His current wife, Chloe, is the daughter of the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce.

Tony Wright’s article is otherwise fair and balanced. It does however give the appearance that it was written some time in advance. And why lead with such a negative title? Why is Bill Shorten “an experiment”, there is certainly nothing within the text of the article to justify not to provide any sort of explanation as to this description.

Shorten, in fact, has the gift of speaking the salty language of factory-floor workers and the smooth tones of captains of industry alike. He is a born networker and has a reputation for remembering names, whether they be union members from Adelaide or Ballarat or bosses from Sydney.

News.com on the other hand is yet to give it’s comment on the announcement of Shorten’s election to the leadership, other than this trivial and sarcastic remark:

Shorten: “Bill the Knife”, which reflects his not insignificant part in recent Labor leadership coups. Actually, he probably doesn’t answer to that name at all, but anyway.

My intuition tells me that it will be exactly as Michael predicted.  Again from his topic, “Media mud chuckers”:

At the moment there aren’t too many people in the party who’d be safe from the mud chucking. But anything will do. Kissing the wrong baby in 1985 or dumping a girlfriend as a teenager would be enough get the sharks circling.

In your opinion, given my assumption that the media would want political blood, who could thus be ruled out as the person to lead Labor at the next election?

That well known manifesto of good taste and style (said with sarcasm), Larry Pickering has labelled Shorten (only when it looked likely that Shorten would win the ballot) as, “..a treacherous union thug in a white collar and red tie”.  More to follow, I should imagine.

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  1. One of the first pieces of speculation is:

    The government’s bid to replace carbon trading with its Direct Action plan could produce a double-dissolution election, sending Mr Shorten into a campaign well before the scheduled election in 2016.


    I would suspect that this is just another one of Abbott’s empty threats. The question might well be, who is best capable of withstanding yet another ongoing/never-ending election campaign Abbott or Shorten? Especially now that the *real* Tony Abbott can no longer just run and hide.

  2. Latest Morgan poll has Labor ahead of the Coalition and Abbott going further backwards.

    Honeymoon, what honeymoon?

    I think this may be the first new Federal government not to remain positive or to increase its standing on winning office.

  3. You’re right, Min, whoever won this ballot could look forward to lots of mud slinging from the media and the government. That was possibly my reason for giving Albanese my vote, simply because right now he seemed the tougher of the two. Shorten looks as if recent months have been taking their toll. Who knows?

    Gender equality issues aside, I’m really glad that Tanya Plibersek is not in the front firing line for the same reason.

  4. Bill Shorten is a genuinely good man. They will however start mudslinging straight away, I am sure Bill is ready for the rubbish that is going to come out of their mouths. He needs to attack Abbott now and get Abbotts rorts sorted out.
    Yes all politicians have rorted the system at some stage or other either mistakenly or on purpose. But Abbott is the expert rorter and seems to have made a career out of it.
    I am hoping Bill is going to be strong enough and tuff enough to face the next three years and rid our country of the vermin that is now in charge. I hope he takes a leaf out of their book and gives them a taste of their own medicine.
    I was going to join labor, I probably will at some stage soon. Even had I have had a vote I would not have known who to vote for. Both good men and I knew I was going to be happy with whoever was Opposition leader and I might add our soon to be PM, the sooner the better hopefully.
    We in social media have got to jeep up the pressure for as long as it takes.

  5. If there was any sizeable extent of Labor rorting, the Lieberal/media dirt dealers would have dug it up by now.

    The fact that they haven’t means we can fairly safely conclude that Labor is much cleaner in this regard than the Lieberals.

    Therefore Bill Shorten should go his hardest at the Lieberal/media scum on this issue. Go Bill! Go Labor!

  6. Abbott it appears, is recalling parliament November the 12. Not much time to get a DD in place. Needs the legalization rejected in both house, and I think a three month gap before bring them back into the house.

    He has encouraged the GG to stay until March. Would not be doing this, if he was aiming for a DD.

    If Abbott leaves it much later, the GG would be inclined to reject his request, as it is close to when the new senators sit.

    Abbott actually has to prove the government cannot govern, as well.

    Also, after Christmas, it is straight into the budget period.

    No, I think that Abbott will not have parliament sitting anymore, than hr can get away with, until July 2014.

    With a little luck, he could stay hidden for most of the next six months. No scrutiny possible. No where for the Opposition to get traction.

    Abbott plays to his own rules.

  7. We need to take our focus off the leader. He is only one man in the team.

    This is, I think the message that Albanese was trying to give.

    If they pulled behind Gillard, she would have succeeded.

    A good team is much harder to pick off, or fight.

  8. The bloke isn’t in the chair 5 minutes and already you lot at making excuses for him. That’s faith for you.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  9. Summo was mocking him before he got the chair. It’s all Summo knows to do, mock Labor, because so far he certainly hasn’t displayed any ability to stick up for the Liberals and Abbott.

    That he spends so much time and effort mocking Labor says more about how bad Summo thinks the Liberals are than anything we can say here.

  10. you just can’t admit that you backed another loser…no talent anywhere in alp ranks. they even called for trainwreck to be deputy…and ignore the rank and file who no doubt would want albo as deputy dawg 🙂

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  11. Oh come off it Summo, now I know you are projecting.

    As I stated in a previous post, and many more before that, there’s demonstrably more talent in the ALP than in the Liberal party, who are so bereft of it they need to hide behind secrecy provisions they bought in immediately on gaining government.

    Doesn’t that say a lot about just how bad the Liberals are that their very first action after winning government wasn’t to address the major issues facing the nation but to close down access to government and ministers so as to hide their stuff ups, known considerable shortcomings and incompetencies.

    If you so fervently believe there’s so much talent in the Liberal government why do you time and again refuse to detail why you believe that and give us examples of their talent?

    Instead you come here with short inane, and sometimes barely coherent, posts constantly attacking Labor, and even there you don’t actually tell us where they are wanting, you just hurl petty abuse and nonsense statements.

    It is blatantly obvious you have backed a loser in this lot of Liberals, but most especially in the worst PM in the shortest time in Abbott. And to prove that I have yet to read of anything you have posted giving details of why Abbott is a decent human being let along what makes him a good leader. Instead what we get from you is obfuscation and petty mindless attacks on Labor.

  12. Labor elected its seventh leader in ten years.

    The result confirms that Labor is still deeply divided – and that nothing has changed.

    Bill Shorten’s first decision today was to recommit Labor to a carbon tax. Labor will vote against the new Coalition Government’s legislation to scrap the carbon tax and cut electricity bills.
    Labor still haven’t admitted they got it so wrong on border security.

    Nor have they admitted their addiction to waste and taxes meant they lost control of the Budget, delivering Australians record deficits and record debt.

    Until Labor and its new Leader can admit they were wrong on the policies which most concern Australian families, nothing has really changed.

    All that Labor has done today is reward the chief plotter who removed Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

    The factional system that Mr Shorten controls delivered him the leadership through the Caucus – against the overwhelming wishes of Labor members.

    Labor may have changed leaders but they have not changed the policies rejected by the people of Australia at the recent election.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  13. Here we go again,Standard procedure from the LNP They bwillhave been working overtime Digging up Dirt on either Candidate, its all they know. No New policys to discuss, Labor Knows what is coming and will be well prepared I will say this about Tony Abbott The way he backtracked and apologised on his SORRY tour anything he has said pre election is not to be trusted, Please remember This fact alwaysSummo would you let your daughter marry a man of Tony Abbott’s pedigree?

  14. Love your writing,- but what happened to the word renown? If it was in the past tense, it is renowned. I’ve seen this in quite a few places lately, and I think it important that writers aren’t the ones responsible for a dumbing-down of the perfectly good language tools which we have.

    Best regards, Jan Dallas.

  15. Yes, Shorten is not my first choice by far, but believe me, he is miles ahead on the tine, mean natured PM we have now

    Shorten, whether we personally like him or not, has the runs on the board, when it comes to ability and the skills to be a future PM.

    I believe there are more hidden polls, that show Tony going further backwards, on this, day 27 of the Abbott government.

    A government that is too scared to recall Parliament.

    Yesterday we saw this brave illustrious leader, stand at the pulprit, on Garden Island welcoming the Navy ship home.

    He sound more like the Island Chaplain, than the leader of this great nation of ours, that in spite of his beliefs, punches above it’s weigh on the world stage.

    Yes, the brave man stood there alone.

    Did not , if what was shown on the media is fact, approach or speak to anyone.

    Definitely not the media.

    It was, IMO, a queer outing on his part.

    I seen where an economic expert this morning, where all Abbott;s actions so far, have added to the budget deficit, not subtracted from it. Yes, this government, in 27 days, is managing to spend more.

    We have Hockey, who only contribution to our economical debate while in NY, is to stay. he is going to introduce a cap on government spending.

    Pure Tea Party policy, that has much to do with the dire state the USA finds itself in today.

    Has sent many of their states to the brink of bankruptcy.

    Good governance, makes decisions on what is essential to take the country forwarded, then finds a fair way of paying for what is necessary.

    Yes, spending money can save money. Caps on spending ignore that simple fact.

    Yes, Summo, we put many propositions forward. You say we are bullshitting, and have it wrong.

    Summo, point out where and why you believe that. Show us one lie, we have in our comments.

    It must be hard on the sinus, keeping ones head in the sand so long. How do you manage to breathe?


  16. Patricia, I tend to agree however, from what I’ve seen of Shorten he is very cool and logical – a good counterfoil to the often outlandish statements of Abbott’s. There is talk of Pliberseck becoming Deputy – sad isn’t it that a situation was not only allowed to develop, but allowed to continue where women of Australia now feel reluctant to have another female as you say, “in the firing line”.

  17. Summo October 13, 2013 @ 6:18 pm. “Happy daze…”
    Nice to see Dummo is still…..Dumb and gullible even. Don’t worry Dummo, you’ll be forever a source of mirth and humor for us all when we need a giggle. After all, everyone loves to laugh at a Clown. Just don’t become boringly repetitive.

    Summo October 14, 2013 @ 6:17 am. “The bloke isn’t in the chair 5 minutes and already you lot at making excuses for him. That’s faith for you.”
    Yeah Dummo, that is really funny coming from you, the “King” of Faith and not much else. ROFL

    Summo October 14, 2013 @ 10:09 am. “Labor elected its seventh leader in ten years.”
    Well that would be better than the Licentious Nasty Party that has elected really only two worthwhile Leaders of any consequence since Menzies. Only two that really represented the Australian People, in some way, other than mindless sycophantic pandering to Bansksters. That was Harold Holt and Malcolm Turnbull. Even Menzies was quoted as saying “The fools have taken control.” after they elevated McMahon to leadershit of the party, that really couldn’t even hold power without some sort of coalition deal, to get the numbers to govern. If you want to look at facts,check both sides of the story before shooting your mouth off and being a not very good Clown. Keep it funny mate or you will become woefully boring. 🙂

    As to this discussion, apologies for annoying everyone whilst for teaching Dummo the Clown how to be a good entertaining Clown and not a boring demented one, Miglo was absolutely correct. It is is very predictable and historically noted. I just wonder why people bother with MSM other than to know what the Nasty people want from everyone else. Right now the sift to advertising has already started on the ABC as even Documentaries which used clever angles to avoid advertising is now blatantly obvious such as shown on last nights KAKADU. Look at “The Drum” to see the IPA well presented to grease up the public’s acceptance of their place in our, what was once a classless Society.

    Yeah Dummo, we know your place, at the bottom rung trying to find meaning in being derogative to others, in hopeful longing your Masters will smile for a microsecond at you. I hope you’ll enjoy that moment, because I wouldn’t want to attract their attention at all, as normally it is the kiss of death unless you can offer something that will enhance significantly to their wealth/power accrual, which I doubt you could considering your failure he to convert one of us to your stupidity.

  18. Geeeez Tech…pmsl…how long did it take you to construct that mess?

    Carol, if that’s ya name, or is it Jan Dallas? has confused herself as well as the old boy

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  19. “Nor have they admitted their addiction to waste and taxes meant they lost control of the Budget, delivering Australians record deficits and record debt.”

    Then Summo, and I know he won’t answer this even as I write it, you will be heavily condemning the current Liberal government for racking up even greater debt, which is what they are doing at the moment and what Hockey has intimated he will expand on in the future?

    Of course you wont hypocrite.

    And since you were the one who made the accusation can you detail for just where and how Labor “lost control of the budget?”

    Is that related to the Budget Emergency the Coalition lost and is still being searched for?


  20. This is who has really lost control of spending, his own at tax payers expense.

    Tony Abbott’s Taste for Chartered Flights

    The most expensive LOTO in our history who ran an office in opposition that cost more than the sitting Prime Minister’s.

    The most expensive politician in our history on expenses claims, both legitimate and rorts.

    Already running the most expensive PM’s office ever and what looks like just the start of a massive cost increase to the tax payers whilst he is in office, all the while decrying previous Labor waste.

    By the way the only waste he found was to foreign aid and that could very successfully be argued as not being waste at all.

    Yet not a single squeak of condemnation from Summo over that real loss of control of a budget for personnel gain at our expense.

  21. Love the cartoon, Mo.

    Frances Jones nailed it. Great research. Meanwhile on news.com the major stories are about which celebrity was dumped by her boyfriend and why you shouldn’t sleep-in on weekends.

  22. Yet not a single squeak of condemnation from Summo over that real loss of control of a budget for personnel gain at our expense.

    All poor old dummo can do is copy-and-paste paragraphs from a Lieberal Party email. All spin, no substance. Worst government since Federation.

  23. As usual, Dummo hasn’t got an original thought in his obviously empty head. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but this guy’s dumber even than scaper!

    The mindless rant @ October 14, 2013 @ 10:09 am was actually the words of Peta’s husband 🙄

    Liberal Party federal director Brian Loughnane delivered this message in an e-newsletter yesterday:


  24. Bacchus October 14, 2013 @ 12:48 pm.
    You mean Dummo is a Licentious Nasty Party (Lying Nasty Party for Dummo as he wouldn’t understand the word Licentious) member Stooge in our midst?
    Oh wow! We’ve made it to the high profile ranks of getting the lowest scum of the Party commenting on our site. I don’t know if to laugh of cry over that one.

  25. Funny thing is Bacchus is that the Liberal party haven’t changed nearly all of Labor’s previous policies they inherited, thus fully endorsing them.

    Indeed they have broken promises and their guarantee in some instances by continuing these successful policies, ones they constantly canned when in opposition.

    Bet you wont see Loughnane admit that in his streams of lying propaganda.

  26. Möbius Ecko October 14, 2013 @ 1:24 pm
    That would be because the Labor Party might actually try something that might work. Which is a hell of a lot better than a bunch of Cretins that are afraid of failure, thus always will push what has been done before as the new big thing, but it isn’t, because it has been done to death so many times before and failed. It’s called flogging a dead horse which the Lying Nasty Party do so well.

  27. Could this be dirt. Well in some eyes it could be. Wonder if Hockey went along with Matthias. We have Hockey, following the Tea Party with government cap on spending. Wonder how far behind, will they also adopt, no tax rises.

    “…………….Finance Minister Mathias Cormann met libertarian groups that are now playing a major role in the United States government shutdown and potential default during a three-week overseas study tour.
    Senator Cormann’s last meeting in Washington during a 2011 trip was with Grover Norquist, the prominent president of the Americans for Tax Reform, which asks political candidates to put in writing that they will oppose ”any and all tax increases”. Mr Norquist is also a board member of the National Rifle Association.
    Senator Cormann also met six members of the Heritage Foundation, a tax-exempt think tank. The foundation’s political offshoot, Heritage Action for America, has guided efforts to withdraw funding on US President Barack Obama’s flagship healthcare policy, the Affordable Care Act.
    Mathias Cormann
    Mathias Cormann spent three weeks in the US. Photo: Glenn Hunt
    Senator Cormann then met Matt Kibbe and Wayne Brough, of the Tea Party group Freedom Works.
    A recent New York Times piece detailed how shortly after President Obama won a second term, dozens of conservative activists agreed on a blueprint to defund ObamaCare, as it is known, by cutting off financing for the federal government.
    Without a

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/cormann-met-us-shutdown-players-20131013-2vgo1.html#ixzz2hfr1pPma…”

  28. Love your writing too, carol, but you’ve used a word twice and spelt it differently but incorrectly both times – ad nauseam is the right spelling, I believe.

  29. Honestly what’s with all the online grammar and spelling nazis that have been appearing here and elsewhere lately?

    If they went around to all the blogs and forums, along with the other media sites, correcting their grammar and spelling then they might have some credibility, but they seem to be selective in who they target, even if they are sometimes polite in their corrections.

    Then there are those who make grammar, typos and spelling mistakes in their corrections of grammar, typos and spelling mistakes.

    Please grammar nazis, unless the meaning is unclear just leave it be and post on the substance of the topic not the structure of it.

  30. Michael, I suspect you also was surprise to Find Carol is a he.

    Abbott must hate being out, talking to carers, today. Yes, with Shorten, that man that made NDIS possible, out in front of the news.

    If one can get access to Abbott’s speech today, and want a good laugh, it should not be missed.

    He was all over the place, and at times did not make sense. How marriage vows and hallucination got into it, I go not know. Spent tie telling us how great Howard was, and all the good work his Polly pedal rides have done for carers.

    I believe he meant illumination, hallucination. Another to join suppositories and doxide.

    They are now using the recount in Fairfax for not calling an election.

    Mike Carlton on Drum. Labor cannot afford to fight for their principals on climate change.

  31. Geoff has just reminded us how the CEF legislation came to be.. Yes, it was meeting of all in parliament at the time, with the exception of Abbott.

    None on Drum can understand why Gillard allow the media and Abbott to get away with calling it a tax.

    I beleve, in hindsight, Gillard would agree with them..

    Nice to have three on Drum, that know their topic. Not that one has to agree with all they have to say.

  32. Some people in America are living beyond their means, and are not paying enough tax to provide a decent medical service for the rest.

    This was in reply to Hockey’s statement, that the trouble in America is caused by them living beyond their means.

  33. I would not like to see my daughters to marry a man of Abbott’s calibre.

    Then I have little to worry about, as they are to canny for that.

  34. At least BFF Michael, but then again lately Abbott is everyone’s first BFF even ones he didn’t like only a short time ago.

    Strange how before September 7;
    all our neighbours were evil and their leaders bad people,
    all Labor’s policies were terrible and urgently need pulling down,
    we need open and transparent government, no secrecy,
    there was an urgent budget emergency that needed fixing immediately,
    there was a loss of control of spending and it needed to be urgently reigned in,
    the boats had to be towed back and a program of buying them started, and
    homosexuals were awful people who had to be discriminated against because he said so and no other reason.

    After September 7;
    Those evil leaders are now his first BFF and each the closest to his bosom,
    most of Labor’s policies are great and worth keeping,
    government is closed down and shrouded in secrecy and dictatorial control,
    the budget emergency has disappeared and is not urgent enough to looking for,
    engages in a spending increase with promises of far more loss of control,
    boats, what boats, and why should we deprive Indons of their livelihoods, and
    homosexuals are still awful people who deserve to be discriminated against because he says so.

    As a footnote. Abbott has broken another convention and Shorten has pointed out in his first day on the job that the agenda of sitting days for the rest of this year haven’t been released as they should of been.

    More secrecy and disingenuousness from this terrible and morally bereft government and their leader.

  35. You don’t know anything about official writing do you Summo? Try ADFP 102 or other government writing instructions for official documents.

    Damn, he’s done it again, shot himself in the foot.

    And he keep calling others dumb pricks in some of the most blatant projection I’ve ever seen a right winger post.

  36. Some Mark Twain for Summo.

    “It’s easier to fool the people than convince them they’ve been fooled.”

  37. Dumber than Neil, even

    I wasn’t so sure when you posted that Roswell – the truth has since been confirmed in spades. Neil is a genius in comparison! 😉

  38. Yes Migs – Neil at least does show tiny glimpses of thinking very occasionally. All this dropkick has got is plagiarised crap from dubious sources, and inane sniping. Definitely the dimmest bulb ever to grace the Café’s Christmas tree 🙄

  39. Mobius and,

    More secrecy and disingenuousness from this terrible and morally bereft government and their leader.

    And because of this, are presenting themselves as know-nothing incompetents, which they more than likely are.

  40. Love Sinodinos. Suggest one Google his interference of Branches on the Central Coast, that ended up with the police being called, and later in court, qanda ABC 21 Talking about the gagging of Liberal supporters.

  41. One more idiotic, yajustgottalaugh 😉 tag.. Yes, I know it’s just a moronic tag ender meant to annoy but to quote Michael, it’s starting to give me the shits as well. Either he/she cease and desist, enter into normal conversation or bye bye.

  42. Well you wouldn’t know Carol as they shroud their government in secrecy and remain in hiding running the government from the studios of Macquarie Radio.

    You do know for absolute certainty though, they are cowards, so afraid their incompetency will trip them up that all they can do is hide and answer through placid right wing media shock jocks and mouthpieces who do their fighting for them.

  43. I don’t think he’s worthy of a banning Migs – he hasn’t got that much nous. Some here find him amusing too. As long as he’s not too abusive, I’d let him continue to demonstrate his appalling lack of intellect. 😉

  44. Sinodinos seems to be saying, when one finds the situation has changed, one changes what one will do.

    Funny, that is what Gillard did, after she was elected, except for her, it was called lying.

  45. Yep – 100% in agreement with that Migs. The problem,of course, will be the result will probably be the same. The dopey fellow doesn’t have the capacity to make a “worthy” comment 😉

  46. qanda was mostly on how we treat the Aborigines tonight. Mundine not doing too good, or Sinodinos for that matter.

    Lot of issues raised. Jeff McMullin good value.

  47. Y’ hear that Summo… ya being called out……. put up or shut up 😛
    All ewe offer is ‘hate labor’…. and All you have ever been asked is to explain why ‘the people’ should agree with your view point… and, of course, why “we” should ‘fall in step’ behind the abbott…… but ewe, baa, won’t illuminate our hallucination(s) …… a bit of an ask I know 😉 what… with all thems stoopid facts blurring your ‘view’….. BUT, ” Why is it that you think Tony and Co. are more betterer”.
    Illuminate me Summo 😮
    justwritingthisbecauseican 😛

  48. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘Bill Shorten is a genuinely good man.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ @Pam
    That may be so, but he was in the thick of both the knifings of Joolya and Kevin07. lt is the repeated mistake the alp made of NOT clearing the deck. They failed to clear the deck when they knifed Kevin07, none of the gang-of-4 should have replaced him. Shortman will face the same as Joolya.

  49. Wonder if it will ever match the filth that comes out of the Libs hole?

    We do know that the Libs with the help of the media will be digging deep to find any dirt, no matter how insignificant.

    If they do not find any, they will make it up, if recent history is any guide.

    What’s new.

    Being a ex son in law of Beale will not be any help.

  50. I am sure that Shorten is well aware of this. Still did not stop him from putting his hand up.

    Then there is Mr. Abbott himself, , that has omitted to setting up a dubious trust, to pursue Ms. Hanson, all th way to prison.

    We have police raids on the offices ot two state MP’s on the Central Coast. We have another new Federal Liberal MP being questioned by police.

    Voyager, was does not any of this dirt interest you?

    Why not mention, that in NSW,there are senior ministers being accuse of misleading parliament.

  51. Yes, and cover up facts.

    “…………..THE Indonesian crackdown that disrupted 17 people-smuggling operations over the past month and stopped 550 people getting on boats began in July when Kevin Rudd rang President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono with a plea for help.

    Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and his Operation Sovereign Borders team described at a briefing on Friday how the increased Indonesian police activity had resulted in the arrest of five crew members and three “high-value targets” who were organising people-smuggling operations.

    In fact, Mr Rudd, newly restored as prime minister, had months earlier asked the Indonesian leader to do everything possible to stop boats leaving. And, conscious that combating people-smuggling operations was a low priority for resource-poor Indonesian authorities, he offered Australian help right down to providing transport and fuel for police motorcycles.

    President Yudhoyono agreed to set up a police “Satgas” or task force to target people-smugglers. He also agreed Australia could send an additional five Australian Federal Police officers to join five in Indonesia investigating people-smuggling.

    Former home affairs minister Jason Clare said that strategy was beginning to bear fruit in the weeks leading up to the Australian election last month that put the Coalition in power and Operation Sovereign Borders in place.

    The increased activity in Indonesia was also matched with arrests of people-smuggling organisers in Australia. Mr Clare said Indonesian police had disrupted hundreds of planned boat trips to Australia each year and prevented thousands of asylum-seekers from leaving Indonesia.

    At Friday’s weekly brief………………..

    – See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/call-from-kevin-that-spurred-crackdown/story-fn59nm2j-1226739263738#sthash.IY8rYooX.dpuf

    The fact is, Abbott could not bring about much change that would lead to the slowing of the boats.

    He has only been PM for 28 days. Seems like an eternity.

  52. I am not sticking up for Mr. Shorten, He is not my first choice, but I do believe he has the ability, and the desire to do a good job.

    May as well say it again, even if many choose not to listen.

    Mr. Shorten did not stab either Mr. Rudd or Ms. Gillard in the back.

    Both were deposed by a big majority of their caucus.

    They, in the case of Rudd, lost confidence in him.

    With Ms. Gillard, it was apparent with the onslaught of Rudd, media and Opposition, no matter how well she performed, she could not win.

    It was the caucus, in both cases that made the decision.

    Politics, in a democracy is always a matter of numbers. If you have the numbers, you survive.

    It is a hard, cruel game.

  53. OK VOYAGER you made the statement so tell us just what this hole is and the dirt that has come out of it as compared to the one the Liberals have dug in picking the liar and rorter Abbott as leader.

    Looking at it, it appears to me it’s Liberals that have a dug themselves into a huge hole and are now back filling to get out of it, breaking just about all of their promises and guarantee (remember that in the campaign) whilst also hiding themselves and their government away from scrutiny.

  54. …………Empty: George Brandis’ $7000 bookcase. Photo: Andrew Meares

    A Labor staffer said he had never seen anything in a parliamentary office like Senator Brandis’ bookcase. The shelves, if laid end-to-end, would be longer than an Olympic-size swimming pool.
    Senator Brandis ordered the bookcase in May 2010, Senate records show, and asked for it to be moved into his new office soon after the election.
    “We weren’t able to move it [initially],” a Senate Department spokeswoman said, adding that it was not technically impossible; the bookcase would just require some dismantling.
    Illustration: Rocco Fazzari
    Illustration: Rocco Fazzari
    Asked about the bookshelves, a spokeswoman for the Attorney-General said the bookcase was now a “permanent asset of the Senate”.r Brandis’ taxpayer-funded spending has come under scrutiny recently. First, he repaid $1700 he had claimed to attend former radio announcer Michael Smith’s wedding. Then he had to defend spending almost $13,000 in the past four years on his personal library.
    The collection included political cartoons, the fictional thriller The Marmalade Files and Christopher Hitchens’ memoir Hitch-22.
    Department of Finance rules say publicly-funded books must relate to “parliamentary, electorate or official business”.
    Senator Brandis told The Australian the public expected their political representatives to be well-informed and “plainly some MPs take that responsibility more seriously than others”.

    “We understand that the current custodian of the asset is Senator Stephen Conroy,” she said.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/too-big-for-his-books-brandis-library-is-shelved-20131014-2viww.html#ixzz2hj9ERKkG

    Must be to hard, to walk down the corridor, to the Parliamentary library.

  55. Another act of secrecy.

    “……The Abbott government has barred Victoria’s commissioner for children from visiting vulnerable minors in a detention centre.
    Victorian Commissioner for Children and Young People Bernie Geary said he was worried detained children were ”out of sight and out of mind” after the Immigration Department rejected his request to visit the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation site in Broadmeadows.
    The department told Mr Geary last week that his powers did not extend to monitoring children in detention, despite granting him access to the detention centre in 2011.
    ”I am very disappointed that this permission has been refused. I think it is in the best interests of children that independent people like myself are able to monitor how things are going,” Mr Geary said.
    The independent commissioner disputed the department’s claims that his powers did not extend to children in detention centres.
    But a spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said Mr Geary had no jurisdiction in relation to Commonwealth detention, and his approval to visit the centre was provided on the basis that he accompany National Children’s Commissioner Megan Mitchell. He said Ms Mitchell decided not to visi…”

    Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/child-guardian-rebuff-20131014-2viv9.html#ixzz2hjAvbK73

  56. @ VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney
    Depends what the hole is being built for. Naturally, as a RWNJ, you immediately think that it is in the negative context, to fit your preferred preconceived perceptions on the world, of which you are regularly updated on, by the “Psychological Learned” who mold your psych in a Pavlovian manner to fit their desires of you, to push what is good outcomes for them at your own expense. You don’t really think they are grooming you specifically do you? No, it is a en-blanc message sent out to all minds vulnerable to their “grooming”. It’s an age old technique, which you are showing symptoms of falling for, used by the morally corrupt, predatory minded people of our species for thousands of years.

    The Progressive mind would look at the hole and see it for what it is, a hole that can be used in many ways, to work with or learn from. If to be used as a tool for something, positive imagination will come to the fore and it will be utilized for a purpose. If it is the negative, it will be studied and a solution will be then enacted to see if that any problems can be avoided for the future. Just because something fails, does not mean that it was a bad idea, just that it requires further thought.

    Of course, throwing a bad idea as a solution with no change is still a bad idea, which your groomed Pavlovian responses will not repulse at, if it is what you have been told is OK to accept. If your really gullible, Advertising will wreak havoc in your ability to judge and make up your own mind about anything. You will feel a heightened “feel good” response, when you feel you have completed that which you have been told you must attain or achieve and thus it feeds your innate nature to please and feel you are worthy to someone. Trust me, find your worthiness in yourself and not from others. They will abuse your better nature for their own gain.

    So please resist the hope of trying to appear intelligent till you can learn to think outside of the square that your told to think within Voyager. You make yourself look like someone who is consistently playing with an ice-pick in their frontal lobe. Try the Amygdala instead to balance the damage you have allowed. But, as always, it is better to not play with it because it will irreparably hurt you.
    Never forget, hope should never be lost, or despair will be your lot. We don’t want that for you, or anyone.

  57. Pingback: Graphical Manipulations #56: Snort, Snort, Rort, Rort, Stupidity, Rats, And An Untimely Demise! | Deknarf: The Australia Blog

  58. Seems even too far for Murdoch.

    “.Bushfire @BushfireBill
    They started out as the Boston Tea Party reincarnated, but are now in full Mad Hatter mode. Amazing self-indulgence. Thanks @RupertMurdoch.
    7:54 AM – 15 Oct 2013




  59. What is wrong with walking down the corridor, to the well equipped and staffed Parliamentary library.

    Many of the titles, makes one wonder.

    I believe he will be taking these books with him, when he leaves.

    Must have been time consuming, selecting the books to fill those shelves, let alone. reading them.

    Doing this, and networking with shock jocks, to destroy a duly elected, according to the Constitution, would have left little time for much else.


  60. cuppa, the titles are wide ranging. Maybe he missed reading those types of books. There.. are I believe even books of fiction. It is said, he claimed, there are many facts in such books.,

    Well most of that, which comes out of his mouth, especially when it comes to legal opinions, can only be found in fiction.

    Michael Williams plead guilty. It is not sure to what yet.

    So I suppose the dirt squad will be out in force today.

    Just had a thought, are there any books of fiction in the nearby library.

  61. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/alp-must-back-repeal-of-carbon-tax-says-business/story-e6frg6xf-1226739917194#ooid=lldm9zZjpJYT4TV0cyZ4MnVILmcd-yK2

    ………….ACTU president Ged Kearney said Labor “must stand firm in support of a price on carbon, and block Tony Abbott’s attempts to scrap it”.

    “Putting a price on carbon was a major policy achievement of the Labor government, and recognises that the vast majority of experts believe that human activity is causing global warming,” she said…….

    Joe de Bruyn, national secretary of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association, said passing the Coalition’s proposed legislation would “make Australia a laughing stock in the world”.

    – See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/alp-must-back-repeal-of-carbon-tax-says-business/story-e6frg6xf-1226739917194#sthash.7SYpycmX.dpuf

  62. voyager, why should you give a rat’s whether Labor gets on with its game or not? Even if they do, you’ll only vcontinue knocking them.

  63. Fu, sci-fi fiction has in a lot of cases been quite prophetic we have found. I cannot say it holds for all fiction though *chuckle*. A more closer inspection of what the fictional titles are, would be a real eye opener to say the least into the psych of the man.

  64. I imagine it is time to remind us, that the deputy Opposition leader is married to a convicted drug peddler.

    But hard to do so, when he works for the NSW government, in a very high job.

    “,,,,,,,,,,,,TANYA Plibersek’s husband couldn’t make it to Canberra yesterday to watch his wife become deputy leader of the Australian Labor Party; he was too busy defending the Tories.

    As Ms Plibersek stood unopposed for the role, Michael Coutts-Trotter, a top public servant in the NSW Liberal government, was 300km away in Sydney being grilled by state Labor MP – and family friend – Luke Foley over the thorny issue of child protection.

    This is the complicated life of Sydney’s political power couple, who after the developments of the past 24 hours now out-rank Ms Plibersek’s electoral neighbours – the vanquished Labor leadership contender Anthony Albanese and his wife, the state Labor MP Carmel Tebbutt.

    For Ms Plibersek, the 43-year-old daughter of Slovenian farmers, yesterday was another step in a seemingly unstoppable rise to the top.

    She recalled with some emotion the moment she first c………

    – See more at: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/the-complex-life-of-a-political-odd-couple-tanya-plibersek-and-michael-coutts-trotter/story-fn59niix-1226739919106#sthash.cNsIXU9U.dpuf

  65. Fed up October 15, 2013 @ 11:55 am
    I would look at that as a wonderful endorsement of someone that can turn their lives around to achieve. What a man Plibersek’s husband is. Admirable role model I would say!
    Better than those who just excel in tearing down others, to make themselves look better in the light of their obfuscating their own failures onto anyone else, rather than themselves who were responsible for the failing.

  66. “Better than those who just excel in tearing down others, to make themselves look better in the light of their obfuscating their own failures onto anyone else, rather than themselves who were responsible for the failing” ….in a nutshell and to a tee, TB 😀

  67. Quite the contrary, Mobius, I appreciate it when people point out my spelling and grammatical errors. Makes me a much better communicator.

  68. What are you trying to communicate, that you have better knowledge of grammar, and that you do not make typos.

    Heard the PM say hallucinating yesterday, when I believe he could have meant illuminating. Then we have the renown suppositories of all knowledge.

    and the ongoing one of doxide, when talking about carbon emissions.

  69. Well, Fu, to be perfectly frank, I sometimes have great difficulty figuring out what your content is, due to the typos and errors in your sentence construction. Call me a perfectionist if you like, but my mind starts creating alternative meanings when your words are not clear.

    Sorry but I can’t help it. I look for clarity of thought, and precision in meaning. Any deviation from that can cause ambiguity of thought and cloudiness of meaning.

  70. Sorry Ian but what happens is that online topics often get side tracked by grammar and spelling nazis, and they are inconsistent in who they target.

    And let’s be honest if they were genuine they would be going to as many blogs and forums as possible to correct them, which means a full time 24/7 job for thousands of them, but they don’t do this at all.

    Many posters make genuine accidental typos and know the spelling but rightly get miffed when pulled up as though they are dunces because of typos. This has become more prevalent with topic entries being made in smart phones and tables with onscreen keyboards that are more typo prone.

    Then some of the online grammar nazis inevitably stuff up themselves, so do we have online grammar and spelling nazis to police online grammar and spelling nazis policing blogs and forums?

    Just let the blogs and forum flow and the topics stay on topics, they are derailed often enough as it is, often deliberately, without having them further derailed by grammar and spelling interruptions, or the inevitable, like this one, discussions on them.

  71. Well. if anyone had thoughts that Abbott might have been going around in a daze, while overseas, we can now be reassured that was the case. Otherwise why would Abbott reply as he did today.

    “……………Abbott said he could not remember whether any of the world leaders he met during his recent overseas visits had raised concerns about the government’s plan to abolish the tax, but said his main message had been that he wanted to maximise economic growth.

    “I am trying to remember all of the various conversations I had, there were a lot of conversations with a lot of people. I don’t have any specific recollection of anyone raising concerns … the point i made throughout my conversations … is that we are determined to put Australia in the strongest possible economic position and that means eliminating as far as we can anything that is an obstacle to economic growth and job creation………….”


    Yes, he cannot remember what other leaders raised with him. To busy repenting, one could say.

    Now wants Labor to repent. His words.

    Has he returned to his seminary days, and has become confused in what role he is playing. I will say playing, as one cannot take seriously.

    Shorten has it correct. The only mandate that Abbott has in our democracy, it the mandate to form government. Everything else depends on the numbers on the floor of each house.

    That is how the constitution says out government works.

  72. Ian, I see nothing has changed since you last haunted these sites.

    Just ask, and I will explain. I realise those who spend much time on form, miss the content, and sometimes have a comprehension problems.

    How long do yo intend to be around this time.

  73. Fu, I think you must have me confused with someone else. I’ve only been a member here since the election in September.

    And I wish you would try and take my contributions sincerely instead of with that rather large appearing chiup on your shoulder.

  74. Do not need your sincerity. I wonder why you believe, anyone here would.

    If not been here before, there is a carbon copy, abroad that preceded you.

    “large appearing chiup on your shoulder.”

    None on my shoulder, Wonder what chiup is?

  75. Well Michael, I hope he is not a chiup off that block. Time will tell.

    Are all the Laborites here ready to repent, as Abbott demands?

  76. No Fu Ian without the ‘i” is streets ahead of Mr Hall. You should welcome this Ian, he brings up some lucid, and grammatically correct, points to the debates I’ve seen him participate in.

  77. Another embarrassment on the international stage, this time Hockey in the US and his back pocket plans.

  78. Welcome Ian, but please try to see past the typos and grammatical errors to the content of comments – we’ll all get on better that way 😉

  79. Möbius Ecko October 15, 2013 @ 7:24 pm
    No! Please no. I have been embarrassed enough by my foreign friends having a good ol’ laugh at me and my deplorable Government. My Spanish friends have been spinning me out over it. *groan*
    I wish they’d stay at home and be quiet. The Liebrals are rank amateurs and are woefully inept on the International Stage.

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