Abbott bent, and refuses to bend


Did anyone else see the irony when the Sydney Morning Herald ran the headline today, titled:

Tony Abbott refuses to bend the rules on MPs’ entitlements

My first impression was, of course Abbott has not bent the rules he decided to flaunt them altogether. Not just bent, but completely broken.

PM Abbott’s reasoning was,

 . . . there would ”always be arguments at the margins” and changing the rules would achieve nothing.

Except perhaps rorting at the taxpayer’s expense.

And what does Abbott mean by “at the margins”? Is he inferring that honesty and integrity when it comes to taxpayers dollars aren’t all that important? Sorry Tony, you’re wrong, it’s not at the margins it’s mainstream.

PM Abbott added,

”I’m not proposing to change the system . . . You don’t want members of Parliament to be prisoners of their offices,” he said.

Good God No! We expect them to be off enjoying their hobbies, pedaling their little bicycles, swimming, hanging out in pubs after a city-to-surf type events, attending weddings of sucker-upper-ers or at the pleasure of same. It is not just fair to expect them to sit in their offices and umm . . . work.

But wait, we are not talking about small pocket-money items here, although some in the mainstream would have us think so . . . and I quote again from the article in the SMH:

Mr Abbott has also been criticised for claiming more than $23,000 on trips linked to last year’s Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge, the 2011 Bathurst V8 Supercar race, 2010 Melbourne Cup, 2010 Boxing Day Test match at the MCG, and 2011 Birdsville Races.

Liberal MP Dennis Jensen, added in at least some attempt to be seen to be doing something stated that, the rules were too vague and needed to be clarified. I think not. It isn’t possible to clarify “common sense”.

Abbott has often evoked “the pub test” (work-place reforms will have to pass this test, according to Abbott), this time around he fails on the grounds of integrity.

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  1. You won’t see the right wingers rightly call this man a turd for rorting the Australian tax payers or running out on a woman because he though he was the one who got her pregnant.

    But nothing is more certain that if a Labor leader had done a fraction of the malfeasances Abbott has, even if they honestly made a mistake by one dollar in a claim, these same right wing hypocrites would be shouting blue murder to have that person sacked immediately, no hearing, no enquiry, guilty at the highest level.

  2. Neo-liberals (fascists) do not recognise that anyone else could have or even expect to have the same rights as themselves.

  3. Abbott must be BANNED from all ‘volunteering’ & self-promotion sports!

    If Abbott wants to participate in hobby sports for self-promotion, then get the hell out of politics! He’s treating us as fools! How much time has he WASTED on body building, training & organising these macho events? Abbott is making himself into a PRODUCT which nobody wants to pay for!

    Did Julia Gillard participate in ‘knit-a-thons for charity’ & claim the wool, needles & transport from us, the taxpayer? Did Bob Hawke participate in ‘pub-crawls’ and charge the tax-payer?

    Abbott doesn’t take politics seriously….it’s all to do with HIMSELF and look at me I can run, I can ride a bike, I can swim, I can put a fire out! BFD…

    I didn’t vote for him and I will never….move on Tony!

  4. Seem Abbott is out of the bunker today.

    Gee he is a quick worker, being able to launch Patrol boats in 24 days. Also stopped the boats coming, even if there has not been time to put his plans into operation.

    Of course, it had nothing to do with Gillard or Rudd.

  5. The problem is not the rules relating to work expenses.

    The problem that many are unable to separate their MP role, from that of their role in the party they belong to..

    Many of the expenses as far as I am concerned with Abbott, where to do with electioneering and should have been picked up by his party.

  6. the roarting of tax payers money, gets worse everyday,scott morrison came out as did another liberal saying they cheated us also,morrison wrote to hadley telling him how it all happened,he was defended by hadley saying what a good bloke he is ,
    is this all going to be swept under the carpet? or is someone going to ask for an independent inquiry into this roarting,we need a published list of all pollies expences.

  7. The only thing that’s bent is “Rabbott” … and his Attorney General, and his Foreign Minister, and his “Tow-Back-the-Boats” Minister..and a few others…this is going to be a very long and arduous three years.

  8. Here we have the most expensive LOTO, eva … that has transgressed into the most expensive pm.. eva…. (and I ain’t talking $ …. and yet?? 😦 ) …. here we have a case of a pm, (and ex loto), clearly, muddying the waters and obfuscating by his choice of words… “It doesn’t matter what the rules are, there is always going to be an argument at the margins,” he said. 🙄
    ….. said like a true Statesman…..ah, such a man of the people 😦
    … a volunteer, no less….Australia’s most expensive volunteer, no less…… 😮

    tony july
    2:13 PM on 09/10/2013
    “Tony’s logic, not an excuse!, was he was engaging the public.

    If you have a history of this stuff it is obvious your ethics and morals are headed south. Even as a base politician you get paid significant amounts of money to represent constituents. You do not need to to participate is sporting event to engage the public. You do not need to go around the country to represent YOUR constituents. With your logic any time a politician is with a member of the public there is a expense claim to be lodged!”

  9. It’s way past time for a full audit on these thieving mongrels. We employ them, they are supposed to be answerable to us. If they were in the private sector and diddled their employers like this, they’d quite rightly lose their jobs, at the very least. They’d more than likely be reported to the police and charges would follow. Just how do the AFP think it’s right and proper to persecute Slipper and Thomson to the degree they did over small change, and let these bastards go completely unchallenged? Maybe while we’re at it, the AFP needs a good looking at too.

  10. Why not let the ATO be the sheriff and impose the same penalties that a fraudulent tax claim would attract including criminal charges, interest and repayment, I am sure more attention would be paid when lodging claims if the threat of punishment was perceived as real.

  11. Pat Brennan once a pollie gets a criminal conviction they have to stand down and lose all rights to their pension and entitlements.

    Since Abbott is in it for the money and entitlements more than anything else, that would destroy him and he will never allow that to happen, even if it means undermining our democracy and parliament to stop it.

  12. Mobius, that’s the same impression that I get..that Abbott is in it for the money. I am thinking of when Howard lost and Abbott did a huge whinge about how he could possibly exist on the meagre earnings as a member of the Opposition. Good god, there was his mortgage and all those private school fees he was up for…

  13. I will have to say that as a former elected representative there do exist some grey areas. The example that the msm have been using as as *she did it too* moment was Julia’s trip to the North Coast where she attended the wedding of a staffer. However the thing which the press fails to mention is that the trip was also to open a new section of Highway along with local member Justine Elliot – part of the Tintenbar road from memory. Julia also used her time to meet with local identities and was interviewed giving her opinions on issues. I therefore believe that there is enough of an element of public duties to justify a claim of expenses which compares with Abbott et al who did nothing else other than attend private (rather than public) functions and also for Abbott to pursue his hobby.

  14. Great to see the Scum got the OK from the defender of free speech and high standards, the one and only,come on down,Ray Hadley. Is there a lower life form than these hypocrites and lickspittle lackeys? I think not.

  15. In spite of Tony doing his usual and going into hiding, it doesn’t look as if this one is going to go away. This time from Mike Carlton..

    We know that you expect us to be as frugal and prudent with your money, which we hold on trust from you, as you would be with your own hard-earned savings.

    Tony Abbott, policy speech, August 25, 2013.

    The Prime Minister is a bludger. A loaded word, I know, but it is a perfectly good Australian expression and it describes exactly what Tony Abbott was up to as he swanned around from bike ride to fun run at the taxpayers’ expense. He was bludging on us.

  16. Very interesting to note that Rob Oakeshott also competed in the Pollie Pedal but didn’t claim expenses to do so.

    “Rob Oakeshott, the former federal MP, says many politicians play by the rules and dread the complexity of filling in returns. But others take a different tack.

    ”There is a subculture of politicians that obsess about this shit,” he said. ”There are those that are just loving this stuff, who work it for everything it’s worth.”

    Asked whether he would include Abbott in this subculture, Oakeshott declined to pass judgment, although he noted that he had participated in the ”Pollie Pedal” charity event alongside Abbott, as well as an ironman challenge, and never considered lodging an expense claim. ”It didn’t even cross my mind,” he said.

    Read more:

  17. Carol, I believe it will not be long before we hear of an Abbott challenge.

    Though more likely, Abbott becomes very family oriented, or develops some mystery illness.

    That is to cover up the one we are all seeing on display.

    I suspect the complete collapse is not far off.

    Could explain much of what Turnbull is saying, that does not make sense. Turnbull is conning someone, and I suspect it is not the public.

    Even Ziggy in not a full time board member, it seems. Keeping all his other jobs, he has now.

  18. In the same article:

    Politicians’ base salary stands at $195,190 per annum, up 38.5 per cent over the past three years, compared with a rise of less than 10 per cent for average wages. And most of the 226 federal MPs get salary loadings anyway, from the opposition’s deputy whips to the prime minister, who enjoys a base salary of more than $500,000, substantially more than US President Barack Obama.

    On top of that comes an electoral allowance of between $32,000 and $46,000 and perks for travel, accommodation, book purchases, study tours. Spouses and family members also enjoy some of the benefits.

    It is impossible to get detailed and definitive figures for entitlements. A Fairfax Media analysis has found each member of Parliament now receives a minimum of more than $500,000 a year in salary, expenses, allowances and perks.

  19. After Super mans return from overseas Should we Hail the Conquering ZERO, kl Mentioned the Cadburys link is he Going to be the Face of “Polly Waffles” What a guy he built all those new boats in only a Month, Please jump on one Tony , bye bye

  20. Has one notced, that we no longer see Abbott emegrging from the surf in his speedos. NO longer on the bike, in the lyrca. Seems to be off limits now for the media.

    Has been for some time. Suspect is showing up in private polling, that the public is not impressed by such visions.

    It is time that MP’s separated their roles as party members, from that of being MPs.
    As some said, in cannot be that hard.

    It is time, that there is a period set, that taxpayers become responsible for providing money for electioneering. Maybe from the time, an selection is called.

    All stunts, for electioneering, in the meantime, to be picked up by the party.

    I have had this concern for decades. Abbott has raised the rorts to an art form.

    I have not heard one word in the MSM about the FWA taking a backward step, not going ahead with the prosecution in relation to Craig Thomson. That must be headline news, one would think.

    Abbott while Opposition leader, turned QT into a circus, with his daily stnts. Wonder if the same will continue, now he is PM.

    Maybe, he is terrified that Labor has learnt from his tactics, and will carry on from where he left off in Opposition.

    There much be something making him afraid to recall the parliament.
    Has to do so soon, as he is running out of time. Could he be having trouble making decisions.

    Same was evident, leaving the installation of his government to the last minute. Yes, did not visit the GG until he ran pout of time.

    Maybe he is just borrowing time, so he does not have to deliver much this year.

    Yes, buy time to delay to late January or February. Leaving little time, until the new senate is installed in July.

    Well he cannot prevent the Policy Costings being bought down, next week, I believe.

    The next lot of credit ratings will be interesting. Hockey does not look that confident in NY.

    I suspect, he will be questioned on what Australia is doing about carbon emissions. Something I believe the agencies take seriously.

    One has to keep an eye on evry word and action that comes from Abbott. Itis more like what he does not say, than what he does.
    I believe that Abbott believes he can control the MSM. Maybe he can, but we need to work doubly hard, to ensure all he does, gets out.

    I cannot believe how busy he has kept us for the last 25 days.

    One would have thought, st this time, there would be little to be concerned about or condemned.

    I believe we are seeing a PM that is unpopular from day one. One that has little respect from the public.

    Has one ever seen the media, post so many unflattering photo of a new PM. One they supported, at that.

  21. Carol, one only needs to recall the reason Abbott left the seminary. Yes, received a letter from a school mate, talking abut the millions of dollars he was making in deals. According to Abbott, he asked himself what he was doing, and as result left the seminary.

    Personally, I suspect, he was asked to leave, as he was not suitable, but that is another story.

    I have just repeated what Abbott told the media.

    Yes, I agree it is about money, but suspect it is more about status. Now he has the power, like the dog who caught the car, he has no idea what to do with it.

    How long can Peta cover for him. How long will those many sitting on the back bench allow this situation to continue.

    How long will experience and some proven ministers from Howard’s days, stand having to refer all back to Peta.

    Also add to every interview, it will be up to Hockey.

    If one takes the time. Macfarlane and Turnbulls body language gives the impression, that they are under orders to stick strictly to script.

    The first time Turnbull was allowed out, he had Matthias Cormann in tow. Matthias was quick to step in, when Turnbull looked like going off script.

    I noticed the second time, Turnbull was alone, not standing in front of the new backgrounds. Turnbull still kept saying, everything he said, was conditional, as cabinet would make final decisions.

    As cabinet rarely sits, I wonder who is making the decisions. Does not appear to be Abbott.

    Thirty thousand Labor turning up to vote is amazing, in a party that is said that have no support base. This is thirty thousand financial members.

    Labor taking this long to pick a leader, has made a void, that the MSM has been forced to fill. A good thing, one can say. Abbott cannot blame Labor for anything at this time.

    Staffers now being blame for the false TA claims. Bullshit. The MP is responsible.
    ABC 24.

    One that Abbott cannot get away from, is the money he claim for promoting his book.

    Different rules apply at State level.

  22. What one needs to keep in mind, is Pollie Pedal was made up of MPs from both sides. Over the years, Abbott has pushed out any, but those from his party.

    In my opinion this now makes it a party event.

    In fact, it is the party using a charity, to push it’s own barrow.

    Abbott claimed he was on leave, while leading the ride. claimed he was just a competitor like all the others in the race.

    Did the other have their expenses paid. Did they also claim wages from their employers.

    I suspect not.

    The question is, was Abbott riding for charity, or to build up his political profile.

    Abbott and his supporters, especially before the last election. made a big thing of the work he does for charity.

    Started back during the brushfires early in the year. Was intensified, after he took his local fire truck and team to the south coast, where he did not fight any fires. Did not even get dirty.

    Now we find out, the taxpayer pays for all. He does not do it in his leave time. That includes going north to Aborigine lands.

    He uses these event for pure political purposes.

    One can make up their own minds, if this is legit and honourable.

    I do not care about how many stunts Abbott pulls each day. I am concerned that he expects, and believes the taxpayer should pick up the tab.

    PM for infrastructure is a joke.

    He will be remembered as the Opposition Leader, and now PM for stunts. Daily stunts that is.

    With Abbott, what we saw, is what we are getting.

    Yes, Abbott, one promise you made, that there will be no surprises.

    Sadly Mr. Abbott, you for once was telling the truth.

  23. Kaye Lee, the MSM keep calling the expenditures an entitlement. They are not, they are work expenses.

    Yes Kaye, they were given big wage rises to get rid of entitlements. The trouble is, many still exist.

    We hear some saying on the MSM, that their wages should be higher, with no entitlements.

    I thought that is what happened at the last big rise.

    Time, to call what going on, for what it is. Yes, rorting work related expenses.

    If one is doing party work, that is electioneering, the party picks up the bull.

    It is the same, as Howard rorted government advertising, to push the Liberal agenda.

    At this stage, I care not, if Labor did the same. If so, all are wrong.

  24. I can remember, many decades ago, in another life time, sitting in a left winger Labor MP’s office for a party meeting.

    I cannot call what for, but it was either state or council elections.

    This office had a massive machine to print off pamphlets and other material to distribute.

    It was working overtime to produce material to letter box.

    Yes, it was being used for political reasons, not related to the office on the Federal member.

    Yes, all did it, and probably do to this day, as I believe the stamp allocation is similarly misused.

    I believe it was the wrong thing to do then, If the practice continues, it is still wrong.

    There is a great Pandora’s box, that needs to be opened, when it comes to who should be paying for what.

  25. ABC 24. While war and poverty fuel this mass migration, there is nothing the European powers can do. Suspect their is little the government in the Asian Pacific area can do as well.

    I cannot see how out government cutting the numbers from the 20,000 refugees annually to 13,700 takes the pressure off those fleeing.

    Labor intended to take that number to nearer 30,000.

    We may be learning that the weak, may no longer be meek and mild.

  26. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…can one of you basket weavers wake me up when there something real to comment upon…you know…something really really important…like ohhh, I dunno?….ummmmm……gay marriage?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  27. Why do we pay a MP up to $10,00 to buy books, when all have access to a beautiful well stocked and staffed library, within Parliament House.

    How do they justify it today, when so much can be accessed on the world wide web.

    Same goes for a four thousand dollar exercise machine for Abbott;s office. He has access the parliament gym as well as the one at the police academy.

  28. I believe this government has order Centrelink staff, closely perused such sites as E-Bay, to find anyone collecting benefits are not making pocket money on the side.

    Yes, they should declare all earnings. But the same should go for pollies and small business.

    At the same time, the have ordered the taxation depart to ease off on small businesses. That was done on the first day.

    They have restarted work for the dole.

    The are reinstalling the loop hole to FBT and cars.

    I do not see them giving a tax rebate for those that go to work by public transport.

    High on the list, is bring back the tax rebate on private medical insurance for the wealthy.

    Yes, one law for low income earners.

    Open go for those on higher incomes.

    Yes, the age of entitlements is truly alive and flourishing. Well for those with money and power, at least.

    Then we have high emitters of carbon and those miners that earn super profits let off the hook.

    To be replace by the tax payer, paying.

  29. What’s your problem with gays Summo that makes you such a homophobe?

    Is it that like your beloved Abbott they make you feel uneasy?

    And talking about your beloved Abbott, your love of him seems to be verging that way.

  30. Blaming staffers is not on. It is my experiences, when claiming expenses in any job, especially the PS, the clerical staff know the laws backwards.

  31. Blaming staffers for stuff ups was a Howard trick when he got into trouble.

    Thing is that not a single staffer who supposedly stuffed up so bad was ever disciplined by Howard, and indeed most were rewarded with promotions and big payouts for those who were forced to move on.

    Abbott will follow the same tactic as he can’t think of anything original having no initiative of his own. Correction, he can’t think.

  32. ME, we know that facts always bores our visitors.

    They have trouble focusing and comprehending what is written.

    After seeing that video, which ran for minutes, with Abbott. pen in mouth, puzzled look, reading the same page over and over.

    I was afraid that he was sucking so hard, he would end up with ink, all over his face.

    The people sitting around him, seemed fascinated.

    I was not, I was disgusted.

  33. Already back to the days of Howard, when refugees and their action where kept hidden.

    “………Scott Morrison (right), Tony Negus and Air Marshal Mark Binskin: ‘operational matters’ are not to be reported. Photograph: Dan Himbrechts/AAP
    The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, says he does not intend to reveal incidents of self-harm in detention centres because it is an “operational matter” and could encourage copycat behaviour among detainees.

    Morrison made the remarks at the weekly Operation Sovereign Borders briefing in Sydney in response to a question from a reporter about incidents of self-harm in immigration detention.

    “Obviously, I get reports on these things, and they’re matters operational, and for this reason you won’t hear this government giving oxygen to that type of behaviour, because it runs the risk of endorsing that behaviour or encouraging that behaviour,” Morrison told reporters in Sydney on Friday.

    “So that is not something you’ll hear me discussing at these briefings.”..

    It is clear that all good news will be heard loud and clear.

    Has the day moved from Monday, to Friday?

  34. Fed up, I think that WordPress might be doing a few alterations as there are a few differences out the back of the blog as well. I have the stats bar up the top again, so you might have to re-log in via WordPress.

  35. Does anyone know about the Army being used in police raids on the bikies.

    12 October 2013 1:41am

    I may be able to help you with where is the “New 3 Star General”
    “The military has become involved in the latest Victorian police raid on a Hells Angels bikie gang property.
    Police said on Saturday morning they were seizing a large prime mover from Craigieburn in Melbourne’s north and Australian Defence Force personnel were assisting in the raid.”
    I agree we have to stamp out so called outlaw biker gangs and all other groups which are blatantly breaking the law.
    But really shouldn’t all Australians be a little bit worried that we have used military personnel to help police raid a Hell’s Angles property.
    I think finally someone in the Abbott Government might just want to have a press conference on this matter.
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    12 October 2013 1:20am

    Your comments are a little misleading 90% of Scott Morrisons press conference was talking about existing measures which have been in place prior to the election.
    The 10% which is “Southern Boarders” (Turn back, Tow back, Stop the Boats , Hide the boats , buy the boats, Go to Indonesia and put it in it’s place, Tell Indonesia we are going to send in commonwealth police, hand cash payments to fisherman and villagers and the list go’s on.
    Scott Morrisons standard answer to all questions on the so called southern boards policy is “NO COMMENT THAT IS A OPERATIONAL MATTER”
    So Tim you know nothing just like the rest of Australia in relation to the so called southern boarders propaganda policy.
    Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison you are both a disgrace in this space.
    Tim maybe you can tell me where the hell is “The New 3 Star General” is he still on annual leave or has he been moved to the budget emergency..

  36. By the way, the address is on structural budget problems.

    Worth listening to, if one is interested in understanding economics.

  37. ……….Tony Abbott, defiantly facing down the first major political challenge of his prime ministership, may well regret his decision to compete in the 2011 Port Macquarie Ironman.
    Abbott rode the bike leg of the modified ironman around the streets of the seaside town for his team, completing the 90-kilometre journey in about three hours. It was disappointing time, he said, but nonetheless worth it.
    ”I’ve been crook for the last three weeks so I didn’t do a lot of preparation, but maybe that’s just an excuse,” the famously competitive Abbott said. ”It’s mental therapy for me so I think it’s very important I get as much exercise as I can to ensure I have a stable mind for politics.”


  38. I heard tony used to complain a lot as a backbencher, to the speaker about his poor pay. Evidently found a way to boost that income!

  39. I am having difficulty finding this :-
    “Annual allowance, electorate allowance and salaries of Members and Senators, Office-holders of the Parliament and Ministers 1996-2011”
    …can anyone help……. and does anyone know how one would find tony’s “costs” since becoming an MP in 1994… is there a list or site or ???
    I was wondering how much, year on year, this little rorter has cost since 1994. He has been the most expensive LOTO ever, will be our most expensive pm ever, mayhap he has also been the most expensive MP, Minister, etc, .. ever..
    Any suggestions 😕

  40. Could not resist it.

    Maybe Abbott should avail himself of the services, he intends ti impose on welfare beneficiaries.

    Just a thought,

    The man does appear to have big problems managing his own money.

    It is evidence from the day he left the seminary,

    Well, that is what he told a journalist. One must accept it as truth.

    Wonder who paid for all the designer clothes that his daughters and wife have become accustom to.

    Read somewhere, they were donated by some so called leading designer

    Wonder, if gifts. has Abbott declared them.

    We need to remember that it was not that long ago, that one daughter had dreams of becoming a model, who modeled at some race meeting, I believe, in Melbourne,

    Her agent,it appears was Abbott’s office.

    “………………Do politicians need income management?

    There’s been a great deal written over the last few weeks about the ever increasing amounts of allowances our elected representatives grant themselves to attend various functions.

    AusOpinion’s own Drag0nista had a timely look back at the history of this largesse and its previous political consequences.

    Now, there are a variety of ideas around to change this, but I suggest that there’s already a system for making sure those in receipt of public funds don’t abuse the privilege. A system that our elected representatives are big fans of, so let’s roll it out for them too.

    Our new Prime Minister is a strong supporter of income management; a delightful piece of public policy first implemented by the Howard Government in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory as part of the so-called ‘Intervention’. The previous Government were also fans, with Minister Macklin expanding the program to include those in other Australian suburbs, despite considerable local opposition.

    Income management is intended to “help you manage your money to meet essential household needs and expenses. Through Income Management, you can learn to better manage your finances in the long term.” Sounds like a perfect system for those politicians who seem to be having a little bit of trouble managing their own public monies.

    Ignoring any actual evidence about the effectiveness of this policy approach, let’s take the words of the Prime Minister himself, from a 2011 speech to the Queensland Chamber of Commerce. [Emphasis is mine.]………”

  41. or putting his foot up on the table, some are eating from, im n their own homes.
    What is amazing, Abbott never picks up, what one is doing wrong.

    Was apparent in all photo of him on his recent trip. Appeared to be in a world of his own.

    Some type of mild autism in play?.

  42. Cannot see him being an expensive PM.

    At least he saves us money, hiding in the bunker.

    I believe we are going to see the shortest sittings of parliament, since Federation.

    Will probably spend his free time, at the Police Academy. Cannot see him wanting to go home more than necessary.

  43. Thanks Carol, the graph of visitors has reappeared. Took a while. Healthy numbers still, I see.

    Wonder why there has been a increased interest in politics since the elections, considering parliament has not even sat yet.

  44. Then Abbott went on to talk about the Japan of the fifties and sixties.

    Not too sure, if that does not count as an insult.

  45. leonetwo
    October 12, 2013 at 1:49 pm
    Both Fridget and Brances tweet about who designs their clothes. Quite a nice little racket they have going on there. Frances is the worst offender. She just can’t help making every tweet a plug.
    At the races –

    Had a great time @ #royalrandwick last night 4 the launch of the grandstand! @atc_racing Dressed by @byjohnnytweets— Bridget Abbott (@bridgetabbott) October 10, 2013

    Walking the dog –

    Begun #activenationday walking Queensie to Shelly beach, wearing my @LornaJaneActive #nowmoveit— Frances Abbott (@abbott_frances) September 29, 2013

    Meeting a royal – the plug comes before Harry. I cannot believe a designer came up with that ugly outfit, it looked like she’d bought it one of those $1 a bag sales Vinnes hold when they have too much stuff no-one will buy.

    Wearing @byjohnnytweets “@bridgetabbott: A once in a life time experience meeting Prince Harry. #ifr2013”— Frances Abbott (@abbott_frances) October 5, 2013

    And it’s not just the clothes, the cookbook writers get a plug too –

    Tonight we made ‘toad in the hole with red onion confit’ from the @OzHarvest cook book. Can’t wait to try it!— Frances Abbott (@abbott_frances) September 15, 2013

    Bridget is catching on fast.
    I saw a frock like this on Project Runway last week, the judges thought it was boring.

    Had a great time @ #royalrandwick last night 4 the launch of the grandstand! @atc_racing Dressed by @byjohnnytweets— Bridget Abbott (@bridgetabbott) October 10, 2013

    Hope you do not mind, leonetwo

  46. It would interesting to know if Margie has ever used the tax payer funded car provided to Rabbott for her childcare business, even to post the mail or to attend a business meeting. I expect the car is at home and available for her and her family’s use a lot of the time as Rabbott seems to be away for about 75% of the time. Same as Julia was required to pay for TIm’s use of her tax payer funded car.

  47. I expect a someone who runs for prime minister to do a prime ministers job not this crap! Cutting funds for the needy by claim of no budget or axed carbon tax but they can afford to rott tax payer dollars for there greedy selves what real bludgers! People on the dole and pension are allowe less need it for these pricks and scrape by yet these pricks aren’t just payed to be procks to Australians they’re payed to ignore their job their political responsibility internationally and otherwise these are not leaders they are grubs!

  48. Elyse, without a doubt Abbott will now come down hard on anyone needing government assistance. He made an announcement some months ago that he would make it that all people under 30yrs would be ineligible for the dole – his reasoning being that there were plenty of jobs out West for those who wanted to work. Of course it was a nonsense because few people on the dole have the qualifications (dual tradie or technican) to even be employable on mine sites. It was just one of Abbott’s stupid suggestions – the scary thing is that now that he’s PM, his really impossibly dumb suggestions can be turned into action. Abbott is a person who has not a clue about consequences.

  49. Fact check on Abbott’s lie on towing back boats, which Abbott now denies he said but when in fact he’s just splitting hairs.

  50. Fed up please don’t suggest that he’s anywhere near the autism spectrum! It is highly offensive to me, my children and many other autistic people I know and only displays your ignorance of the ‘autistic mindset’.

    That creature who now holds the position of our PM is IMO mentally deranged and requires urgent medical attention. He’s unlikely to receive it though as those around him are using him to ‘feather their own nests’ while they can.

  51. Now a quarter of Abbott’s senior ministry are embroiled in rorts with six of his front bench known to have claimed expenses to go to private functions.

    Despite Bishop the younger saying these are grey areas the private functions can in no way be construed as in anyway being related to parliamentary business, there’s no grey area, it was straight out rorting.

    I know one thing for absolute certainty. If Labor had got the 1.3% to hold onto government and any accusations of public expenses for a private function had been revealed, not matter how small the amount and if only one minister was involved, the Coalition opposition, the MSM and the right winger would have been yelling for an immediate new election and the person to be jailed.

  52. Carolyn, I did not mean to offend. Having worked in disabilities that is not my aim.

    I tried to make what I said, as generic as possible.

    I do believe that he could have some disorder, that accounts for much of his actions.

    Then on the other hand, he could just have been spoilt rotten as a child, learning no social niceties or boundaries.

    Whether one watchers him eat or communicate with people, he just fives one the shivers. No manners whatever. No comprehension that he is doing wrong.

    That look, that O’Reilly got that time, I have seen fleeting repeats of. The blank, then confused look. Also at times, short concentration span. I forgot about the giggling and open mouth that proceeds these episodes.

    Maybe minor epilepsy, who knows.

    Could just be nerves, as Howard’s hitching shoulder, that took over at times. I often wonder, if the second time around, if Howard tied that shoulder down.

    Carolyn, I am not talking mindset. I am talking about symptoms.

    Is there mindset that covers all. I believe not, as I found everyone, that is adolescents I worked with, had nothing in common,.

    I stil remember running a disability house. The residents where young people, in their teens. One was autistic, and had just left school. Did not need a road directory with him. He could direct one anywhere, whether he had been there or not., Studied the road directory, Lively sung man. Biggest problem was he loved to roam.

    Back to the story, we were lined up, outside a CES office, during bad employment era. Yes, many decades ago.

    He said to me, F….you see that line there, there is fire coming out of all their heads. He was dead serious. Yes, people in the line were very angry.

    I still wonder, what did he really see. Were the words he used, a way of communicating

    Good luck with the kids.

  53. the pollies can make all the excuses they want about their entitlements,lets call a spsde a spade, IT IS THEFT,and should be treated as such,with charges laid, has anyone made complaints to the police,not that they would do much,too busy worrying about slipper/thomson,oh what hypocrites

  54. FU. You apologise for a distasteful comment about autism and move straight on to attack epilepsy. Your epilepsy comment is not only offensive, it is hurtful to those who suffer from this debilitating disease.

  55. my say
    OCTOBER 12, 2013 @ 7:33 PM. Do you mean like the ongoing investigation by Victorian police in the actions of a former PM. her screw and a union?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  56. Of interest Fu – parliament must sit within 30 days of the election writs being returned (I believe this date was 8th October.) That means parliament must sit before 8th November.

    BUT, parliament only has to sit for one day to meet this requirement – it happened in November 1969 (and back in 1917.)

    It is possible therefore, that we won’t see a full session of parliament until next year!

  57. Summo, grow up.

    I said I was very serious about what I was saying about Abbott. Talking about symptoms. Summo, do you realise, you do opt have to lie on the ground, withering during a epilepsy attack. Glaze looks are a common form of fitting.

    Summo, you sound like TomM at times, using his language to a tee.

    “That creature who now holds the position of our PM is IMO mentally deranged and requires urgent medical attention. He’s unlikely to receive it though as those around him are using him to ‘feather their own nests’ while they can.”

    Yes Summo, I can see your point, Comparing such a low down creature, is not fair to anyone that happens to suffers a disability.

    Where did I say, being disabled was bad, or made one a lesser person.

    No where that I can see.

    What I said, after observing Abbott closely over the last few weeks, that having some type of disability might explain some of his bizarre behaviour.

  58. Bacchus, Abbott said he would not sit until he had a full load of legislation ready to go. He also promised to rescind much this year,

    To Abbott, the only reason he sees he has to call parliament, is when he is ready, put legislation through, I should add, force through, as quickly as possible, with little review.

    I have news for Mr. Abbott,. Parliament is there for all MPS’ no matter their colour.

    They are also allow to use the forms of the house.

    The Senate is there as a house of review. Every bit of his legislation can, and should be, sent off to senate hearings and reviews.

    I have a feeling, that there will not be many sitting days until next July, Enough for the budget, but not mush more..

    Abbott lives according to his own rules.

    By the way, what I am proposing is ridiculous, but could happen.

    Abbott knows he will not get his own way, on the floor of parliament. Well at least until July 2014.

    Then whatever one thinks of Clive Palmer, I cannot see him putting up with to many of Abbott’s antics. The man is not a fool, no matter what one thinks of him. In fact they could be very much alike, when it comes to their thinking.

  59. Summo. where are those investigations going. Nowhere I bet.

    When this is over, there should be a call for the connections between some Coalition ministers, including PM , and those in the Victorian police force.

    Something stinks in paradise.

  60. FU your side of politics is just so squeaky clean isn’t it huh? Nobody in labor ever does anything wrong…according to you and the other basket weavers…is it any wonder the majority has the shits and threw alp out on their ear?..your all cast with the same lying dye…as was once said…’It is in your DNA” Get used to it, lefty club is gone for a long long long time. Either accept it or lose sleep. The only ones who care are the freaks frequenting blogs such as this. Typically the one ingredient lacking with labor, discipline! Laugh all you like, Abbott has your measure, as do his supporters. We simply don’t listen to your tripe. Is that why you despise him as much as we despise those lying fools Swan, Rudd and Gillard who lacked any discipline whatsoever? Those silly pricks couldn’t agree on the number of matches in a redhead box, even after their treasury suck holes counted them for them.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  61. NO, there are bad apples in any party. Just seems to be more in the right at this time.

    On the central coast, prolix have raided two state liberal MP’s offices. The lady who took over from Craig Thomson oils under police investigation. Summo, these are facts, not unfounded allegations or gossip.

    When it comes to rorting the system, I am afraid too many on all sides of politics take too many liberties.

  62. I believe we are going to see something that does not happen often, a one term parliament.

    Why come here, if you do not listen.

    Wonder why the numbers that past through, on most left wing sites is growing every day. Even Jonathon Green, last week on the ABC, said that rorting story is not going to go away.

    He went on to say, that the influence of the social media, including the blogs is growing.

    Yes, growing. He also pointed out the many sites, that were listed Abbott’s fraudulent claims.

    Summo, I love it, when I get under your skin, you lose it, every time.

  63. If they are “facts” I wonder why Fairwork Australia has asked dropped their case and asked for a mediator to negotiate a settlement. The rorts that have been exposed by the Coalition come from published records and they were fraud against the Australian taxpayer by sitting MPs unlike the speculation in which you are engaging.

  64. Are they. Twenty years old, and no proof.

    How many investigations in that time.

    Summo, what is exactly the crime, that is alleged.

    Even Ms. Gillard could not get as answer to that one.

  65. Summo, Thomson does not have a P.

    Funny, FWA are not proceeding with prosecution. Want to make a deal with Thomson.

  66. Porn movies in a respectable hotel. That is one for the books.

    No proof about the brothels. Still that does not bother you, does it Summo.

  67. Summo,they still are only allegations. Yes, allegations.

    It is not until they are tested in a court of law, that they become facts,

    That has not occurred.

    In fact FWA has back off.. Not willing to test the allegations in a court of law.

    They are not even technically allegations but findings.

    If FWA feel they cannot get a conviction, what hope have the criminal matters to deliver a guilty verdict, where the standard of proof is higher.

    I suspect, now that the election is over, there will be no further action wanted.

    To carry on further, would see some very interesting witnesses called,. I cannot see the Coalition wanting this,

    Same goes for Slipper. Maybe more so, in his case. Justice Rares has already found, he did not have a case to answer.

    Yes, Summo, there have been criminals in Labor. Some have gone to jail, others lucky enough to escape being charged. I am sure I do not have to mention names.

    There have also been many on the right charged and convicted as well.

    There is one now before the courts in Victoria..

  68. ..,One wonders how the abbott/Ettridge/Hanson case is going….. 🙄 .. one, also, wonders what a CBA of the abbott/Ettridge/Hanson case would look like? ….. ‘Please explain’…… please explain.. indeed!!!

  69. This why the Liberals should not ever govern again. The most wasteful party in HISTORY.

    Australia’s most needless wasteful spending took place under the John Howard-led Coalition government rather than under the Whitlam, Rudd or Gillard Labor governments, a study has found.

    The International Monetary Fund study bills itself as the first to examine 200 years of government financial records across 55 leading economies.

    It identifies only two periods of Australian “fiscal profligacy” in recent years, both during Mr Howard’s term in office – in 2003 at the start of the mining boom and during his final years in office between 2005 and 2007.

  70. Why the Liberals as they have become should never ever rule period. They even screw charities so as to give more money to the wealthy.

    They never promised to take the proceeds of crime, which are not taxes nor revenue, and then put them into consolidated revenue. This money was being used to prevent crime, but of course as much as they chest beat on their tough on crime rhetoric, Liberals because of their mean spirited policies to make the rich richer at the cost of the poor, cause crime to expand. Then they privatise the prisons so a wealthy multi-national can get even wealthier.

  71. Maybe we will find out next week who made the compliant to the police re Slipper.

    Brandis chief of staff, sat in court during hearings. As Slipper asks., why?

  72. Exactly cuppa. Just take Howard’s huge IT upgrade bungle that makes those phone look like very small bikkies indeed.

    Then of course there is the selling of our gold. How many billions were lost on that idiot idea?

    At the state level there’s waste on all sides so if Summo wants to throw stones he better watch he doesn’t hit himself in the foot again. as he is so prone to often do.

    The Newman government can’t talk as it has already wasted millions starting from his first week in office.

    Then look at where the story is coming from, the same mob that conducted a corrupt audit commission to cook the books so as to make the previous government look bad when it wasn’t, along with the same bedmate media that aided and abetted that blackwash.

  73. Summo, once again, how does raving on about past history, and Labor, make Abbott look any better?

    How about defending the actions of Abbott and his government.

    Summo why is Abbott’s rush to sign those free grade agreement with China, worrying, or do not care.

    Worrying is Bishops complaint that Labor has dropped the ball.

    Yes, one should worry, when one listens to what Abbott is saying. Who makes the call in the long run, Robb or Abbott.

    Gerard Henderson, Insiders, Labor lost the election. So what. That doesn’t automatically makes what Abbott does, right.

    Also, Gerard Henderson does not understand, why Labor is standing by the CEF legislation. Could it be, because Abbott, in spite of winning, is still wrong in this regard.

    Listening to Abbott repeats of his apologies, make one cower even lower.

    Summo, how did you find a the sight of Abbott, on the world stage, apologizing to one and all.

    The threat of carbon emissions causing man made climate change is still a fact. It is still a fact, that none, well no experts that support Direct Action.

    It is still a fact, in spite of some stumbling, because Labor over estimated the private sectors ability to do the work, NBNCO, is still the cheapest and best technology

    Now Gerard Henderson, is comparing weddings with state funerals.

    They are all ignoring the fact, that Abbott claimed he was doing charity work, giving the impression, he did it in his free time. That he was doing it for the good of the charity.

    The truth is, and it came from Abbott’s own lips, he was doing it to build up his political profile. He was doing it to gain votes. That is what stinks.

  74. ME, Summo never challenges what we say. He comes back with comments, on what is quickly becoming ancient history, most of whom have left the stage.

    Leave Summo in his love of the past, and focus on what is occurring today,. Shame that Summo get most of his recollections from the past wrong. Few of his meanderings hold water, Most have been proven wrong.

  75. If Howard had taken time to separate the two arm of Telstra, when he flogged it off, we would have had fibre to the premises years ago. Howard had more that 14 attempts to get fibre up. All failed, as did Labor’s first effort for the same reason,. Telstra held the reins.

    It was only when Labor cut Telstra out of the picture, that process could be made.
    Even then, Telstra has managed to hold the process up. First getting the agreement to use Telstra’s pits and ducts, then finding them full of asbestos.

    The new part time Chairman of NBNCo, said over two decades, when head of Telstra, that the copper was clapped out, and was in need of emergency need of replacement.

    Would like to see Albanese win today, for just one reason. I believe he would be more likely to carry on with revitalizing and changing Labor’s culture. giving more power to the rank and file.

  76. What is so terrible about the Liberals, especially Abbott who has a long history of not keeping his promises or commitments, and of course their supporters who condone this type of mean spiritedness from the party they mindlessly support.

    The Abbott government has backed away from distributing millions of dollars in grants promised to dozens of charities, community groups and local councils under Labor’s national crime prevention program.

    Some small charities say their existence is under threat because they have spent money based on draft funding agreements that will not be honoured.

    The single biggest loser is the Police Citizens Youth Club, which has been warned that $7 million it was promised is ”on hold and unlikely to be delivered”, according to an insider.

    And do you know where it is being said this money that was slated to help alleviate crime and keep kids off the streets and out gangs is going to.

    Abbott’s PPL to subsidise wealthy mums.

    What a terrible government has been elected and by far the meanest most dishonest and worst PM this country has ever seen.

  77. What was Tony doing in Melbourne on this day. What were his trips to Brisbane about, at the same time. Just asking.

    “……….Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Comcar records on 21/04/12 show that from 17.57pm til 19.12pm he was driven from Melbourne domestic airport “as directed” to an undisclosed location. From 23.36pm til 23.51, he was driven from an undisclosed Toorak address to Melbourne City. It was nearly midnight.
    What was Tony Abbott doing in Melbourne that day? Who lives in Toorak? Michael Kroger? Helen Kroger? Hugh Morgan?
    From 12.25pm til 17.55pm the next day 22/04/12 he was driven from Sydney domestic airport “as directed.”
    Which Coalition MPs were in Melbourne with Abbott on 21/04/12? This list of Parliamentarians’ Expenditure on Entitlements paid by the Department of Finance and Deregulation from 1 January to 30 June 2012, gives a general idea:.”

  78. One needs to remember, there is evidence, that Bought is loose with the truth, when it suits him. In fact, all involved in this dirty saga, have the same reputations.

    “…………………’ve spent some time living in the Northern Territory, working in the media with Aboriginal people. They meet leaders and travel around the Northern Territory every day, in close contact with what’s happening on the ground. One of them alerted me to Mal Brough lying again on election night.
    “Mal made the statement during a live-cross when it was clear he was out in front, either ch 7 or ch 9 … as for Mal Brough regarding economic developments on Tiwi Islands there is none … a round circle, a complete zero! He told a complete lie on Television last night, stating there are operating businesses on the Islands. Just a load of falsification … The only private business enterprise operating there, is an area leased by a white guy, he runs a fishing tour … for tourists.
    “There is none, there are many opportunities talked about, that’s the extent of it, it’s just talk … they got jobs, these jobs are the same council type jobs under similar program to the CDEP.
    “The forest is not producing … Tiwi’s wanting millions to fix their wharf … then they’re hoping they’ll attract buyers for the timber … experts say timbers are suitable for chips only … under 10 million dollars to maintain the forest from disease and branch growth. This is not happening since Southern left.”..”

  79. “…………….It is important to note that this request to settle though a mediator was made by the Fair Work Commission and not by Craig Thomson, which is a clear indication about which of the parties has the weaker case.

    Once an agreement is reached ‒ if it is reached ‒ the civil case against Craig Thomson will cease.

    thompson2This is also an indication of how much weight any evidence against Thomson in his criminal case must carry, considering it is primarily based on the Fair Work Commission’s reports and investigation and it’s now even more questionable findings.

    The matter is likely to settle before a mediator in Federal Court sometime after 21 October — most likely early next year.

    It will be interesting to see how the main stream media report this development — or even if they bother reporting it at all.

    Thomson’s solicitor Chris McArdle had this to say on the development when I spoke to him today;

    “It is a reality that over 90% of cases settle and, had this not been such a high profile case, it would have settled long ago. We support the move to refer to mediation as we are confident the matter can be settled quickly through a mediator.”

    Although this isn’t a complete vindication for Thomson, it certainly appears to be an indication for Craig and his family that the end of the nightmare is finally drawing near.

    After three years of turmoil and constant media harassment, no m……”

    We are now at, where we should have been three years ago. The politics has been taken out of the matter.

    I have not seen, what Justice Lawler has too say. I believe he is unavailable for interviews.

    Where is Kathy? I know she has been served by HSU, to pay huge amounts of money back.

    Have not seen anyone approach Senator Brandis and ask for his views. Had plenty to say in the past. In fact spent much time, writing letters, pointing out the case they had against Thomson, and in constant liaison.

    Very quiet now.

  80. Clive Palmer om Meet the Press Ch10.

    It appears that Muir pestered Palmer for support.

    If they kick Muir out of his party, all that would happen, is he is likely to join up with Palmer, allowing Clive to have his party recognized for funding. Yes, does rely on recounts.

  81. Clive. I do not know what a mandate is. I do know what the numbers are. Yes, we have the numbers, to have balance of power.

    Yes, Mr. Palmer, you are correct. You may not have the numbers, but it is the numbers that Abbott can garner on the floor of both houses. That is the only mandate in sight.

    At the end of the day, politics is the art of the possible. Under our system, that is all abut numbers.

    Does not know what Abbott’s policies are, including DA.

    Spot on.

  82. Does one get the scent of the Tea Party.

    “……….JOE Hockey has revealed he will implement new budget rules to protect Australia against a “volatile” global economy, but says he is confident the United States will dodge the catastrophic impact of a debt default.

    Speaking to Sky News’ Australian Agenda from Washington, the Treasurer said the Coalition had to “stop the haemorrhaging in the budget and we will make the decisions to stop the haemorrhaging in the budget”.

    Mr Hockey said the Coalition would lay down a “credible” path back to surplus and a plan to tackle Australia’s debt.

    “Now, that means we will have a new set of fiscal rules which we will announce in due course,” he said.

    Labor promised a series of fiscal rules in recent years, including a two per cent limit on the growth in government spending each year, but struggled to meet the targets. Mr Hockey has yet to indicate whether the Coalition would pursue similar goals.

    The Treasurer also confirmed the Coalition would need to lift Australia’s debt limit, from $300 billion, to “prevent Australia breaching the debt limit before Christmas”. Parliament is due to return in mid-November.

    After Labor released its economic statement on the eve of the election, Mr Hockey demanded the government recall parliament to raise the debt ceiling. Gross debt is forecast to hit $370 billion by June 2017.

    Mr Hockey said the Coalition would soon announce its terms of reference for its commission of audit, promised at the election. He said he would “go through every area of expenditure across the Commonwealth to get best value for taxpayer..”
    ……………..Mr Hockey, who has had held a round of meetings in Washington including with the heads of the US Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund and World Bank, also expressed optimism the US could resolve its debt crisis.

    He said while the negotiations between the House Republicans and Barack Obama had ended, talks were now being held between Senate Democrats, Senate Republicans and the White House.

    US Senate in tal………..
    ………Asked about the tactics of the so-called “Tea Party” Republicans, Mr Hockey said they were “engaging in extreme tactics” and the lesson was to understand that it should never get to this point because “America can no longer afford its lifestyle”.

    “The message for us is you have to live within your means. The message is you need to undertake budgetary reform before it’s too late, before you get to this point.”

    He did not see any parallels between the Australian parliament and the behaviour of the US Congress in relation to the debt limit……………..

    – See more at:

    Hockey has said more than once, while in NY, that we must live within our means. What in the hell does this mean.

    Sounds like Tea Party philosophy to me.

  83. I have news for Mr. Hockey and his cohorts. The economy is there to serves society, not the other way about.

    Why does a rich and powerful country, like the USA, have so many living in poverty.

    What is the Tea party now fighting. Not cutting off money to the rich and powerful, but demanding that a modest health insurance scheme, that give the great number of poor, some access to their wonderful medical services.

    Something wrong, I would say, on paradise.

    Also, keeping large numbers of people in poverty, lowly educated and ill health just does not make economic sense,

    Deducts from the productivity of the nation.

  84. …………What strikes me about this is not so only the expenses issue (although that obviously irks me) as the training time that must be involved, and the implications for the rest of Abbott’s commitments. Preparing for a marathon or a 70.3 while working full time, even in a flexible job like mine, requires putting most other things, like social engagements, on hold. If he’s training for a full ironman and managing the commitments inherent in being a politician, it’s hard to believe he can have any significant amount of time free to study policy issues and consider the best responses (as I know, you can’t think about these things while you’re running an endurance event – there’s not enough blood flow to the brain to think about much more than keeping your legs moving).

    Looking at Abbott’s actual approach to policy, the three-word slogan approach is unsurprising. He can’t have had the spare time or energy for anything better. That worked fine in Opposition, but it hasn’t been great preparation for government………

  85. …….The Abbott government has backed away from distributing millions of dollars in grants promised to dozens of charities, community groups and local councils under Labor’s national crime prevention program.
    In some cases, small charities say their existence is under threat because they have spent money based on draft funding agreements that will no longer be honoured by the new government.
    The biggest loser is the Police Citizens Youth Club, which has been warned the $7 million it was promised is ”on hold and unlikely to be delivered”, according to an insider.
    Tonny Abbott.
    Change of plans: Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Photo: Getty Images
    The money was earmarked to provide youth mentoring programs in disadvantaged areas, including the ”Making Men” and ”Girl’s Choice” projects to steer young people away from a life of crime………….

    Read more:

  86. Caucus votes will be counted at 2PM. Marvelous how the media has been talking, since the votes were casted, who won.

  87. When one reads the article, I noticed that Father Chris Riley, made sure he signed before the elections. He seems to be the only one guaranteed of the promised money.

  88. Will be interesting to see who caucus piks for the shadow front bench.

    Also Deputy.

    With Shorten, I have a feeling there is less chance of seeing Rudd back.

    Then it is up to caucus, not Shorten, I believe

  89. Bill Shorten v Tony Abbott
    Tanya Plibersek v Warren Truss
    Anthony Albanese v Chris Pyne
    Chris Bowen v Joe Hockey

    Hardly a contest with Labor being streets ahead and far superior in just about every area, except for rorting and lying, than their government counterparts.

    Of course the government side cheat and have outside assistance from the rich and powerful like Murdoch who are really their brains. In deed those four on the right would barely be able to muster a brain between them.

  90. I feel that Albanese has one aim in sight. This is going to be a team.

    I believe Albanese believes he has the party where he wants it.

    Shorten is aware, he has to get, and keep the rank and file on side. They now have more power, I believe than the unions.

  91. love the picture of harry with his gift from the prime minister !! Thank god he is 2 much of a gentleman to accept the mad monks offer to try before you buy !

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