Off the beaten track

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There’s something about telling your mates you’re heading off the beaten track. It invokes heroic images that you’re bravely going where few people go. You’re daring, adventurous. You’re tough. You’re a man’s man. There’s a sort of nationalistic pride about it.

Is that why Tony Abbott repeats ad nasuem that he’s heading off the beaten track every time he competes in a pollie pedal? It is starting to sound like a stage-managed script. And perhaps it is. Perhaps it’s deliberately used to reinforce that he really is the ultimate man’s man.

Consider this pollie pedal announcement in Armidale:

Pollie Pedal was started in 1998 by Tony Abbott, along with a number of federal and state politicians as a way to raise money for various charities and also as an opportunity for MPs to get “off the beaten track” and to meet Australians from the smaller communities.

This interview Tony Abbott gave with Graham Archer:

It’s also an opportunity for politicians to get off the beaten track and to get out of the suits and the white cars and the offices and the schedules which tend to dominate our lives . . .

At a doorstop interview:

. . . the great thing about this bike ride has been the chance to get off the beaten track and to be in places . . .

In an interview with Grant Goldman:

But the other great aspect to this is that it gets you off the beaten track.

At a doorstop interview in Manly:

. . . it’s also been a chance for me and some of my colleagues to get off the beaten track . . .

Even a pollie pedal on the Gold Coast is off of you know where, according to Tony Abbott:

. . .  it’s also been a chance for me and some of my colleagues to get off the beaten track . . .

Even Warren Truss is doing it:

“It’s because we do things differently and we go well off the beaten track.”

Before a pollie pedal in Burleigh it was:

. . . an opportunity for MPs to get “off the beaten track”

And of course, Tony Abbott urges his colleagues to go where only he is man enough to go; yes, off the beaten track.

And no doubt you’ve heard him use being off the beaten track as part of his justification for claiming travel allowance. If you haven’t, then you haven’t been reading the news.

I’m beginning to wonder why he keeps repeating it – and has been repeating it for a number of years – and I’m drawn back to my earlier suggestion that it is perhaps a demonstration of his masculinity. He’s heroic. He’s adventurous. He’s the consummate man’s man. Yes, of course it is scripted. It is scripted so to reinforce his masculine traits. It justifies what he does. That’s why it is being rammed down our throats.

Keep an eye out. You’ll be seeing it repeated like I said: ad nauseum.

156 comments on “Off the beaten track

  1. Off the Beaten Track is this post.
    Let a newly elected Government get on with their job.
    Both sides have been very flexible on Expenses claims.
    Not happy with Labor Members going to Canberra today to vote for new
    Opposition Leader – at our expense of course.
    They will return home and return to Canberra on Sunday – once again at our
    expense. There must be a better way.

  2. “Off the beaten track” , that is an improvement, Phoney is now up to four word slogans. Can’t wait till he can string a whole sentence together. Just don’t know if it will happen in our lifetime.

  3. At least Voyager the Labor party is doing Political work not claiming expenses to travel to CHARITY and I will repeat CHARITY functions! Talk about being hypocritical. Abbott and hes cronies should face criminal charges like Peter Slipper.

  4. Dont worry, Voyager.
    The newly elected government are getting on with their job.
    They’re doing it off the beaten track while we’re focussing on smoke and mirrors with the expenses stuff.
    I’m sure you’ll be happy to see that after they’ve secretly signed off on the TPP

  5. Just off the post track for a second, does anyone else think that the rorts exposure is Rupes way of saying, I made you and I can break you, so stay on track(no pun intended).

  6. Wow nothing says more about how bad this government is doing than VOYAGER coming and telling us to leave them alone.

    Consider this under the light of VOYAGER never ever leaving the previous government alone to get on with its job, never.

    Right wing hypocrisy on display again, or is it something more than just hypocrisy. Could it be the vain desperation of attempting to keep the spotlight off a terrible government and the worst leader this country has ever seen.

  7. Plus this hypocrisy.

    VOYAGER is concerned about Labor conducting democracy at our expense but I’ve yet to see him arc up over Hunt sneak in an enquiry on the HIP instead of answering question on the environment, which is his portfolio.

    There have already been nine inquiries into HIP including a coronial, but Abbott wants to waste millions more on a witch hunt so as to divert attention away from his significant failings since getting into power.

    And how in anyone’s book is having an inquiry into something that’s already had nine conducted, and that has found adversely against the previous government, getting on with government VOYAGER?

  8. Oh what, Voyager, you mean the way you Right Whingers *never* let the previous government get on with *their* jobs…well not without constant, false claims of “corruption”, “JuLIAR” or “election now”? We had to put up with your sookie-la-la antics for more than 3 years, yet all of a sudden you want *our* side of politics to just “shut up”? In your dreams, moron!

  9. Oh this is really rich.

    Bolt is complaining that Abbott is being picked on and is not being given a fair go.

    My how the pinchbeck pendulum swings the other way when his proxy emperor with no clothes is revealed to be naked. The cries of, “quickly cover for his nakedness” are ringing across his right wingdom in their addlepated desperation to hide the nakedness that’s there for all to see.

  10. And this is the idiot that represents us. I wish he would go off the beaten track and never come back. Roll on three years.

  11. Travel across the countryside, just ask Peta just ask Peta, travel across the countryside, just ask Peta Credlin.

    I was sickened to see Peta Credlin sitting next to Tony during his trade negotiations with Japan (our new bff). I would have thought that he may want advice from, oh I don’t know, an economist or a trade expert or someone with foreign affairs experience rather than a spin doctor. The Mad Monk has his own Rasputin.

  12. If Abbott thinks he is a man’s man doing all these taxpayer-funded “charitable” activities he can think again. All the REAL men I know loathe & detest him. Some even shudder at the mere mention of his name. So do many women for that matter.

  13. Now Voyager (sorry couldn’t resist) surely we have always paid our politicians to be in Canberra. They aren’t there for weddings or ‘charity’ rides, but for a legitimate reason. I for one want parliament to function properly, when it next assembles

  14. As with most who like to constantly attempt to laud their own capabilities, I strongly doubt that being, or going, “off the beaten track” has much (if any) grounding in reality as opposed to the reality of tony the show pony.
    His bikes certainly wouldn’t get far off the bitumen, and, given his harnessing by the likes of Credlin, he hardly demonstrates the self reliance, or capability. he attempts to personify.
    Such types are generally regarded with amused contempt as “bullshit artists” or, less politely “wankers” by those with actual experience, or knowledge of conditions “off the beaten track”

  15. Miglo’s right. Tony Abbott keeps taking off onto the so well beaten track, claiming his expenses and all sorts of virtues to justify them. We covered him doing it as LOTO and now he’s PM it seems he is not going to change his ways, he’s just going to come up with his old lines ad nauseam. Sadly, unless the NLP decide to deal with him, it will be another three years before we can send him on his way and tell him………..

    On Yer Bike, Tony!

    Does Tony Abbott deserve a medal,
    Riding on the Pollie Pedal,
    When what’s really in his head’ll
    Likely cause a major scandal?

    While all along the cyclists’ way
    The media scrum’s there every day
    Recording what he has to say
    What he really thinks he hides away.

    Like – how to get more and more votes?
    Keep counting those illegal boats!
    That should bring in some headline quotes
    And keep the Greens at Labor’s throats.

    Talk about our coast’s defences
    As the main event commences,
    Keeping up PR pretences,
    While calculating his expenses.

    He’ll claim each night for a motel,
    (Not like Craig Thomson in Dobell!)
    No chance our Tones will go to hell.
    He’s cleared that with Cardinal Pell.

    He’s not increasing his own wealth!
    He is helping the nation’s health,
    Not by preaching, but more by stealth,
    A good example, like himself!

    So it goes on, mile after mile!
    The ALP daren’t be so vile
    As to criticise, swallow bile.
    Peta Credlin is one big smile.

  16. pterosaur1 we called them two dicks in the Navy because they couldn’t be that much of a wanker with one.

    There was on bloke on a ship a served long term on who much like Abbott was such a wanker they called him Tommy Ten Dicks.

    Tony Ten Dicks rings true.

  17. @Mo,

    Tony Ten Dicks rings true.


    Worst thing is, that if one gets sucked in by such bullshitters, it can have pretty dangerous outcomes when their shortcomings are exposed as they inevitably stuff up allocated tasks, based on their supposed “expertise.” 👿

  18. Does the Pollie Pedal even go off the Beaten Track? Or even off a fully bitumen road? Does Tony even know what an unbeaten track is?
    As far as I recall, the only time Tone did actually go off the beaten track, he did actually get lost.

  19. Apart from his off the beaten track comments One comment that escaped scrutiny was this gem . Along with Kevin Andrews and a few others ” we are going off the Beaten track through Horsham and we will meet Hundreds, Thousands even , Millions of People they will get the chance to tell us their problems” Yes he said Millions,, Another tosser moment, And all this apologising to the Countrys he Insulted big time ,many many times telling them he did not mean it, tripe talk like that got him elected, Can we now expect an apology to the voters of Australia , AND didn’t he look a Goose representing us,

  20. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has found himself in the eye of an expense scandal storm after it emerged his trip to the 2012 Country Music Festival was anything but “free” for taxpayers.

    The then-Opposition leader claimed $9347 in work expenses for the whirlwind visit – despite not even staying in the city overnight.

    The parliamentary entitlements register shows taxpayers forked out $8800 for a private return charter flight for Mr Abbott from Sydney to Tamworth on January 25, 2012.

  21. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has rejected any changes to expense entitlements for federal MPs despite a fortnight of strong criticism of the system, including of his claims for an Ironman event and two weddings.

    Under pressure to explain why taxpayers should spend thousands of dollars to help politicians compete in sports events and attend colleagues’ weddings, Mr Abbott said there would “always be arguments at the margins” and changing the rules would achieve nothing.

    “I’m not proposing to change the system,” Mr Abbott said on Thursday.

    “You don’t want members of Parliament to be prisoners of their offices.”

  22. CHRISTOPHER PYNE: We know that Tony Abbott works in Indigenous communities at least a week or two a year, and he has said that if he is elected Prime Minister that he will continue to do that and that he will take senior bureaucrats with him. He has done that in Cape York…

    In August of 2012 Tony Abbott did indeed go to Cape York, but it wasn’t for a week or two as Mr Pyne suggests. It was for 2 days! Photos of Abbott with tools in hand were taken and the myth of Abbott the saviour of the Black man had a wonderful photo op. An amount of $9,636.36 was paid in tax payer dollars to fund the hire of a private charter flight for the 2 days. On another one of his trips to an Indigenous Community Mr Abbott was off to sell his version of the Wild Rivers Legislation to the traditional owners it would impact. That trip that cost we the tax payer $32,545.00 in flights alone, was for just one night!

  23. KL What is your point. You ramble on, but ask no questions. Get to the point? Do you have a problem with wild rivers? What do you know about the traditional owners of the wild rivers in question? Have you been to a wild river? Tell me aboiut your trip to the wild rivers please. No doubt you have spent an enormous amount of time in Aboriginal Communities? I’ll bet you’re a real armchair expert. Do you have a problem with an aborigine spearing fish, croc, dugong, dolphin either in Sydney Harbour, Port Philip Bay, Penny Farthing or Wenlock Rivers? The current PM has been there. Never Rudd, Never Gillard, never Swan, Wake up to yourself girly.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  24. I feel like a 12 year old. Who will be our BFF next week and how many likes do we have?

    PNG: “Within the Pacific, there is no more important relationship for Australia than with Papua New Guinea.”

    New Zealand: “New Zealand is family in a way that probably no other country on earth is,” Abbott said after the leaders met.

    Indonesia: Mr Abbott said the relationship was “in many respects our most important overall relationship”.

    Japan: Tony Abbott has declared Japan Australia’s “closest friend in Asia”, elevating the former World War II aggressor past both China and Indonesia as he continued his regional charm offensive.

    China: “The other point I make, Mr President, is we have a strong relationship and it’s my fervent hope we can make it even stronger in the months and years ahead.”

  25. The current PM has been there

    And who paid for the Rotten Rorter’s trip and accommodation? Us, probably.

    Stop the waste.

  26. Reading an earlier comment… yes, it was us who unwittingly were made to pick up the tab.

    That trip that cost we the tax payer $32,545.00 in flights alone, was for just one night!

    If this is true the Police should be called in.

  27. As far as I recall, the only time Tone did actually go off the beaten track, he did actually get lost.

    Claiming to have been lost – a Boy’s Own Adventure-type scenario – might have been another stunt too, for all we know.

    That’s the one where he sent a text message of distress to THE ONLY PHONE NUMBER HE COULD RECALL, someone who worked for him. What sort of dope has a brain small enough that it can only remember one phone number!

  28. Greg Toland @ 9:02 pm “AND didn’t he look a Goose representing us,”

    A real clown that’s for certain and an embarrassment to our nation. Those things don’t go unnoticed in international circles and dossiers of each leader and senior politicians are kept by each of the other leaders.

    Sadly for us they probably have Abbott pegged as a goose ripe for the plucking and in his haste to appease his masters it appears he’s already started to sign over the country.

  29. First things first, Kaye lee I Totally agree with your comments, Mobius Ecko we seem to be on the same page again, This sad impersonation of a prime minister Not only treats the Australian Public as fools ,Fire and Brimstone before the Election turned to water and ice afterwards, Praising all and sundry bestowing best friends on all the same ever so nasty countrys when in opposition, But unlike us the People of Australia who have to put up with his stupidity These countrys can squeeze the Best possible deal out of him, and knowing he will lie down and roll over. I imagine that prior to meeting they would have looked at his rantings and been on guard to argue the Point He came in like a fire and went out like a Lamb, His credibility is shot for ever, NO one can trust a word out of his /peta’s mouth, Even after only a Month he has proven to be a waste of space ,

  30. Our new Prime Muttonhead is really, really, really embarrassing. Even Voyager, who reminds me of a character my old Neighbor in Germany used to tell me about, who was a Nazi sympathizer, is not as embarrassing. Neither Dummo, nor Nil come close, as they show questionable, but definitely more mental nounce than our Prime Muttonhead, which I do put to their mislaid trust in questionable information Sources.
    My American friends are now getting their payback at me for all the jokes I used to lovingly taunt them with about G. W. Bush Jnr.. I wish we had a real Prime Minister instead of a Prime Muttonhead.

  31. Greg Toland, October 11, 2013 @ 10:12 am. “Even after only a Month he has proven to be a waste of space.”
    I disagree with you Greg. Space is not a waste, is not empty, but alas, the head and mind (is there one) of our Prime Muttonhead is very, very much a vacuum of any form of human intelligence. There is an intelligence in there, somewhere, but it is far from humane.
    Oh, just figured it out. Its just another Corporate Bankster. Oh, the poor deluded soul!

  32. Interesting that he raises honesty when our PM is a serial rorter?

    Under his own words, he must resign. Somethings coming home to roost. Hypocrisy perhaps 😆

  33. Oh dear, it’s going to be a torturous twelve years for you lefties.

    All you have got here is semantic discordance of the most petty order but you get that from the chattering class, being starved of the 24/7 political circus of the last lot.

    Exploding watermelons comes to mind!

  34. Michael Taylor, October 11, 2013 @ 1:03 pm. “Hi Summo. What is your IQ?”
    His IQ is not high, but higher than the Prime Moron we have Governing (well, trying to and failing) the Country.

  35. Our Prime Moron is too dumb to resign unless Peta does it for him. Which she won’t Tom, because she will lose the chance of the ultimate power trip of Governing without being elected and the responsibility which will fall on Tiny.

  36. Bull Shitten is the perfect anti leader to keep the red commie labor in opposition for ever. 3 cheers for the philandering Willy. He is an intellectual and emotional cripple….with anger management issues. Resign GG Barbie Bryce….family conflict of interest now..

    then it’s revealed he wants KRudd on his front bench…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  37. Abbott is certainly living up to fact exceeding them. No longer has he anywhere to run and hide and every brain f*rt he makes will be more cover-ups courtesy of his favourite shock-jocks although they doubtless will give it their best shot.

  38. Summo, you are making up stories to suit yourself..again, either that or you have comprehension problems. Shorten when asked said that was not adverse to Rudd taking a position, not that Rudd was actually going to get one. Comprenez- vous?

  39. Interesting that he raises honesty when our PM is a serial rorter?

    Right-Wing Projection. It’s ingrained.

  40. He is an intellectual and emotional cripple….with anger management issues.

    Right-Wing Projection again. He’s describing their leader, Abbott.

    …The man, who emphasises that he was not involved in the SRC election, said it was extremely scary, as they were clearly looking for a fight. But he was so angry he followed them into the building.

    “I saw Abbott throw a punch at Barbara Ramjan, but didn’t see it land … when next I saw her, she was in an extremely shocked condition, leaning against the wall … I thought he had actually struck her, but I can see that was simply my assumption and rationalisation.

    “If Ms Ramjan says the punches were aimed next to her head, I can’t actually in fact contradict that … simply I saw Abbott swinging punches, and certainly indulging in serious argy-bargy. I saw him swing a punch, I saw her in great distress.”

  41. by judging how all you lithperes defend and adore Krudd, you’re no doubt very excited at the prospect of his return to the front bench.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  42. Who cares about the PBS. Certainly not our Tony. He has mates to look after.

    The Australian branch of AMGEN – the world’s largest biotechnology company – has been the major sponsor of Pollie Pedal since 2007. In 2013 that sponsorship was valued at $80,000 while alphapharm, Roche and Pfizer would each have coughed up between $20,000 and $50,000 as ‘supporting’ and ‘major’ sponsors respectively.

    In December 2012, AMGEN pleaded guilty to illegally marketing its product Arensep and agreed to pay $US762 million in criminal penalties as well as settlements. Arensep is an EPO which has been used as an illegal performance enhancing drug by cyclists though Tony seems to have no concerns about wearing their logo as he pedals around the countryside.

  43. Either Summo has a lisping problem, and I hope is seeing a speech therapist in that case, or he’s a homophobe.

    I know which one my money is on.

  44. Have you noticed that the right whingers are still trying to deflect scrutiny by sticking to their leadershit speculation. Give it up kids…there are bigger fish to fry here. The more I look into what we stand to lose via Tony’s Free Trade agreements, the more worried I get. He is beholden to a lot of very scary people and we really need to make this widely known. The repercussions for this country could be disastrous.

  45. Oh scaper’s back, whoopty doo. Adding absolutely nothing to the discourse as usual I see. Might as well have stayed away for all the difference coming back has made, that’s zilch.

  46. Kaye Lee, nothing more shows what an utter failure Abbott is than the right wingers across the board not defending him in anyway, nor attempting to elucidate his successes, but instead constantly referring to Labor using strawmen and look over there away from our dud leader Abbott.

  47. He spends as much time at the Cafe as anyone… so when he disparages Cafe patrons (“lithperers”) he’s really including himself. Is this another manifestation of RW Projection?

  48. G’day scaper.
    How would you like to be an ALP member trying to select a new leader………..
    In the Blue corner we have the Massage King of Marrickville …Albert Sleazy……
    The Marrickville mauler with a voice like a set of out of tune bagpipes…….
    In the Red Corner we have the skirt chasing King of Australia …….Wee Willy Shortone..
    The champion knife wielding backstabingest meanest smart arse in Australia. ..
    you be thinking about slitting your throat about now if you were fair dinkum.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  49. cuppa going back through the posts the only one lisping here is Summo, everyone else is typing clear undistorted words.

    Government haste to axe the tax could cost the budget $2b

    Nothing like giving $2 billion in taxpayers money to polluters to pollute. Looks like another huge broken promise from a man who went on and on about government waste but is rapidly working up to running the most wasteful government ever.

  50. ME we will save $4b when we stop the boats….no problems. The electorate just loves Big Tony, you just cannot see it….but that’s ok. he ignores idiots like you lisperers.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  51. Haha, Summo on about Labor again instead of telling us why Abbott is a better leader than either of the Labor candidates.

    Come on Summo give us an example of the great things Abbott has done since getting into power, or how he wowed them in his first foray into foreign diplomacy by sucking a pen and flicking out his tongue, or how he’s not backflipped, not kept his promises and not lied to you.

    You keep kicking own goals with your constant lame attacks on Labor in opposition (though you laughingly think they’re clever) whilst attempting to draw attention away from the failing and flailing Abbott.

  52. “ME we will save $4b when we stop the boats…”

    You really are behind the news. You do know he’s backflipped on his stop the boat policy don’t you? He’s stopped the news on the boats, not the boats. He lied to you and you fell for it hook line and sinker.

    Went to Indonesia puffed out chest with swagger to give them what for on boats and came home tail between his legs cowered and a laughing stock on the world stage.

  53. Bill Shorten has done the most to deliberately engineer Labor’s current malaise. His MO is reminiscent of the cartoon of an ambulance driver who is attending to pedestrians he has just run over. “I bet you’re all glad I was around”, says the grinning ambulance driver.
    Bill shorten will probably claim his Party’s top job and the irony is this:
    The rank-and-file, those who the Party wished to include in this confected process, will not vote for Bill but factional adherents within the parliamentary wing will!
    So, the very group it intended to empower, the rank-and-file, will be further disenfranchised while Bill’s Party faction holds sway.
    What will this boneheaded, month-long spectacle achieve except to reinforce the Party’s disrespect for its blue collar support base? A negative of course, unless the votes from both blocs amount to an impossible 50/50.
    If rank-and-file votes carry the day then Caucus will have a leader it has shown it doesn’t want. If Caucus votes carry the day then the rank and file will have a leader it has shown it doesn’t want.
    It’s lose, lose with Bill having the most to lose.
    The reason the rank-and-file does not want Shorten is its acute awareness of his Right faction’s criminal treachery and corruption… a sort of badge of honor within Caucus.
    But the grass root blue collars want the old Labor of integrity returned and the Left’s comrade Albo is the closest they have.
    If this farcical process was to have a democratic outcome then Albo should prevail, but he is the second favourite and a long-shot who Caucus has already rejected, and a yummy lame-duck target for Abbott.
    What an insoluble mess!
    And who thought up this back-of-the-envelope thought bubble? Yep, the same twit who thought up the NBN, pink batts and broken borders fiascos.
    By the way, where the hell is the twit now?
    Still busily purloining the public purse, I guess.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  54. Mobius,

    I thought repealing the carbon “tax” was to be the first action of this new “government”.

    They haven’t done it.

    Another lie.

    They said they would stop the boats from Day 1.

    They haven’t done it.

    Another lie.

    They said they would buy the boats.

    They haven’t done it. The Indonesians won’t allow it. Of course the spin party knew all along that the Indonesians did not approve, but they lied about doing it anyway because that’s what they do – lie.

    So we can chalk that down as another lie.

    Worst government ever.

  55. Summo instead of going about Labor in a very lame attempt to draw attention away from your beloved Abbott failing left right and centre, especially on the world stage and backflipping on everything including his stop the boats policy, how about giving us your thoughts on this.

    The Australian branch of AMGEN – the world’s largest biotechnology company – has been the major sponsor of Pollie Pedal since 2007. In 2013 that sponsorship was valued at $80,000 while alphapharm, Roche and Pfizer would each have coughed up between $20,000 and $50,000 as ‘supporting’ and ‘major’ sponsors respectively.

    In December 2012, AMGEN pleaded guilty to illegally marketing its product Arensep and agreed to pay $US762 million in criminal penalties as well as settlements. Arensep is an EPO which has been used as an illegal performance enhancing drug by professional cyclists.

    It appears that Abbott is going to do a deal for the big pharmaceuticals so they can undermine generic medicines and destroy the PBS, and thus affordable medicines, in this country.

    This is yet another huge backflip by Abbott who attacked the Gillard government for not acting fast enough to put some drugs onto the PBS. It now appears he will undermine the whole thing, just as Howard started to do.

    What have got against the Australian people Summo?

  56. He can’t answer that Mö – incapable of original thought. He’s got to plagiarise all his crap ideas from elsewhere – in this case, Pickering 🙄

    Yajustgottapissyourselflaughingatthedumbarse 😆

  57. Or he’s just got to fall back to attacking Labor Bacchus because he can’t defend Abbott in any other way, certainly not on the things Abbott has done since getting into government, like keeping his promises, not backflipping more often and faster than a wind up monkey toy, running an open and transparent government like he promised he would and not lying to everyone.

  58. “Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry has cautioned the Abbott Government not to rush into a large Pacific trade deal, warning that too many concessions might not benefit the country.

    At the APEC summit in Bali earlier this week, Prime Minister Abbott said Australia was keen to sign up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an ambitious free trade deal currently being negotiated between 12 countries, including the United States and Japan.

    Well critics of the proposed deal, including dozens of farming and community groups, fear it will allow foreign corporations to sue Australian governments over health and environmental laws and lead to more expensive medicines. ”

  59. Yep 100% correct Bacchus, not that it’s any surprise, he can’t answer but comes back with a one line projection and an insult instead.

  60. A pity that Rudd probably will not return to the front bench – the best Foreign Minister Australia ever had, negotiations with the Indonesians which Howard and his bunch of has-beens would never have achieved in a million life-times. Now we have ended up with the embarrassment of J. Bishop and Abbott preening themselves on the world stage, making gaffe after gaffe completely oblivious to protocol and cultural politeness.

  61. Not to worry. They could station Juliar Bishop on the beach at Christmas Island. Boats that approach she could repel with her death stare. Boats turned back, boats stopped – good on you, Juliar.

  62. The worst government of all time is continuing to drive us deeper in debt.

  63. The pollie pedal saga gets better or should that read worse. Turns out Cadbury is a sponsor also which may explain this. “Tony Abbott pledges $16m towards Cadbury factory revamp in Tasmania”.

  64. They’re borrowing like drunken sailors cuppa, and I have first hand knowledge of drunken sailors borrowing.

    Thing is unlike the previous government this one has nothing to show for the significant increase in borrowing, except Abbott has a personal gym installed near his office and his cronies get to keep on going on personal jaunts at taxpayer’s expense. Oh and he looks like giving two billion away to the polluters for nothing, but that in future borrowings.

    At the current rate they should be up $50+ billion per month by then.

  65. “Geeez…the insults are flying thick and fast this arvo. Keyboard warriors abound lispers..”

    Summo if we removed your abusive posts, your copy and paste of Pickering puke, and your leadership rants (yes STILL), what do you contribute? Sweet FA.

  66. And let me make a prediction here. Servcorp, who provide IT solutions and office equipment, are also sponsors of Tony Abbott’s pollie pedal ride. I would suggest buying shares because they will no doubt be getting some very lucrative contracts shortly.

  67. And of course let’s not forget…

    “A logistics company that stands to profit from the Coalition’s ”tent city” on Nauru funded the trip of its immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, to the island to announce the plan to house up to 2000 asylum seekers in tents.

    The trip was facilitated by Toll Holdings, which already has multimillion-dollar contracts for the handling of asylum seekers and is eager for more business.”

    Read more:

  68. Dear Department of Immigration and Citizenship,

    Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act I request the following

    (1) contracts between the Department and Toll Holdings for logistical
    supports for the management of asylum seekers, related but not
    limited to, transport of people, transport of equipment and


    The description, date and value of these contracts (and any other government contract) can be seen here
    FYI the total value of the seventy or so contracts is $25,987,604.21

  69. And the secrecy in this government continues.

    Turns out the Indonesians have carried out operations to disrupt people smuggling that have stopped a bunch of boats leaving and around 550 refugees making the journey.

    In the meantime in their weekly brief the government have said there have been boats intercepted but won’t give the number or nationality of the refugees because that’s giving too much information to the Australian peoplecriminal smugglers.

    Imagine if a Labor government had done a fraction of this. The uproar from the right wingers calling for the government to be sacked would have been deafening, instead we have deathly silence from the right over a Liberal government shrouding itself in secrecy and thus making itself unaccountable to the people who elected them.

  70. From The Jakarta Globe..

    “SUAKA — the Indonesian Civil Society Network for Refugee Protection — reminds the Indonesian public of our humanitarian values. We are shocked about how fast Indonesian political leaders will agree to follow the immoral behavior and statements from the new prime minister of Australia, who clearly sets his own political interests before human rights and the interests of the region. Denying people fleeing persecution of their right to protection, and criminalizing them, is nothing to be proud of.

    Despite recent positive steps to increase the regional protection space for asylum seekers and refugees in the Jakarta Declaration, we are shocked to hear Indonesia’s president speaking about asylum seekers and refugees as an economic and social problem, and we want to clarify some of the misunderstandings that have come about due to myths that distort public opinion in Australia and Indonesia.”

  71. Mobius, a small snippet from when Rudd returned as Gillard’s foreign minister. Rudd via diplomatic means (as compared with threats to set up processing centres on a country’s shores and to arrive to buy up people’s livelihoods ie fishing boats), vastly increased cooperation with Indonesia so much so that several operatives were located in Australia, plus joint operations with our Feds and Indonesian authorities, plus the Indonesians allowing our patrol boats into their waters. Compare this with the hamfistedness of Abbott and Little Ms Wiggle Bum.

  72. Where are the posts from the right wingers giving us poll figures?

    They couldn’t post enough of them leading up to the election, but only if they were bad for Labor of course.

    That they haven’t posted on the first poll since the election can only mean one thing.

    Honeymoon, what honeymoon. Newman anyone?

  73. Deathly silence on the polls whereas they couldn’t shove them on this site enough and now deathly silence on Craig Thomson.

  74. Carol Taylor is endorsing Krudd ….says it all really. You poor misguided soul Carol! No wonder I encourage all those who realise that alp routed the country to

    Take a look at the NAB Confidence Index since the dickheads were thrown out.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  75. Can you tell us exactly what Abbott has done to stop the boats and increased confidence.

    And since you seem to be so much up on the data and trying to give kudo to Abbott on only apparent good news whilst ignoring the failures then can you tell us what business hiring intentions figures are?

    You can’t have it just one way Summo. If you are going to attribute good news to Abbott, even stuff that has nothing to do with anything Abbott has done, then he also wears all the bad news.

    That was a Howard trick. Take the kudos for all the good news even if he had nothing to do with it and blame everyone and everything else for the bad even if it was his fault.

  76. And given the latest news, yes I do disagree whereas I wouldn’t have a while ago.

    Since you called him a turd can you now tell us why he’s one and Jackson and the others in the Liberal party how conspired to convict him on false information so as to bring down a government are not turds?

  77. Yes Michael, the greatest laughing joke of them all, Summo endorsing Abbott but can’t explain why.

  78. Read this again ME. Under alp four to five boats a week were coming. Presently, ONE a week. Got it ME….1.

    yajustgottalaughatyourignorance 😉

  79. Summo can you tell us what the latest with Thomson is?

    I did. He is a TURD! Ask his wife.

    Obviously ME u disagree?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  80. Change of subject Summo.

    There were times when there was just one boat and even no boats in a week or more than week under Labor.

    You have a habit of shooting off your mouth early and hitting your foot with monotonous regularity Summo.

    Why is Thomson a turd?

  81. There were a couple of in depth polls being carried out this week. Wonder if they will be hidden, as those since the election have been.

    Abbott is claiming credit for stopping the boats.

    Could not be the what that Gillard and Albanese did in Indonesia, and the Rudd/Gillard PNG scheme, that has led to the boats slowing.

    Couple more boats sinking, and drownings would have led for some to reconsider.

    Then we have Indonesians making it harder for Iranians to come through thee country..

    What has Abbott actually put in place, that would lead to stopping the boats. Talk stops nothing.

    We have Abbott after 24 days, ;launching patrol boats. Sorry, that is all I caught of the news announcement.

    Abbott is so methodical, steady……………….he cannot even set a date for the recall of parliament.

    By this time next week, we will have a new, revitalized Opposition leader and shadow cabinet ready to go.

    Some time next week, we should also have the election promise costings.

    The time must be getting closer, until Abbott and co will have to emerge from their bunkers.

    As for the success with the police in Indonesain, why was not the police with MOrrison asked today, what was happeniong pre Septemeber 18

  82. So as usual Summo makes a fool of himself by not answering a question and jumping in before knowing the facts, so shoots himself in the foot again.

    Did Thomson’s wife Zoey leave him Summo and did she say she hated him or loved him on being questioned?

    Why is he a turd Summo?

  83. FWA is moving from prosecuting Thomson, requesting mediation. This will occur sometime after the 21st.

    If they feel they cannot win, what change has the criminal matters have, with a higher level of proof required.

    I expect to see the criminal matters, it not withdrawn, thrown out.

    Carol, remember years ago, we were crucified, for saying one was innocence until proven guilty.

    I wonder if we will get an apology, if Mr Thomson, is indeed not convicted.

    After this week, the charges against Slipper must also be very shaky.

  84. The funny thing is, the Coalition did not get the swing in Thomson;s seat they expected. Yes, they won, but not by that much.

    Must add, the Liberal replacement for Thomson, is under police investigation. Yes, she along with the two state Liberal MPs, that the police raided their offices.

    As for Thomson’s wife, along with many in his electorate have stood by him.

    Wonder why that is?

  85. Yes Fu, those who were taking civil action against Thomson have now reversed track and are seeking to negotiate with him to make a deal on a confidential agreement with him.

  86. Knowing the man, I cannot find any reason, I would not like to see him married to any of my daughters.

    Always found him a decent gentleman.

  87. So I guess the real turds are Kathy Jackson here partner in FWA and the crooked Liberals who resorted to fraudulence to try to bring down a government (and there seems to be a look of those Liberal turds now floating to the surface).

  88. ME, can you imagine the witnesses that both Thomson and Slipper would call, if either criminal matter goes ahead.

    This government will be praying, that both are thrown out, by the magistrates or judges.

    What many forget, one does get a chance to defend oneself in court. One gets to have a say.

  89. “seems to be a lot of those Liberal turds…” not a “look of those..”

    Fu I think you will see confidential agreements and payouts that are not to be disclosed as part of the deal.

  90. Summo what’s your thought on Abbott doing this for a sponsor of his using tax payers money.

    “Tony Abbott has defended his gifting of $16 million of taxpayer money to a multiple-billion dollar overseas company, saying its doesn’t mean there’s no longer a budget emergency. He acknowledged it was “quite unusual” for a Federal Government to co-invest with such a profitable company, but said this was a “special case”.

    Abbott’s making a complete joke of you and you’re laughing at yourself in every post at being so easily fooled by him.

  91. No problems there Summo. If his wife is willing to stand by him despite his indiscretions then he must be a good husband and devoted to his wife.

    You wouldn’t have a clue how many of the sons in laws out there are playing up on father’s daughters, and indeed how many fathers of those daughters played up on their wives.

    But there seems to be one thing and that is Thomson isn’t the crook they make him out to be, yet those who tried to bring him down are. So why do you support those turds Summo?

    Now will you answer, why is Thomson a turd?

  92. I see Summo is doing the usual right wing arrogant thing of demanding answers to questions he asks but doesn’t answer the ones asked of him.

    Nothing changes with them, always full of themselves.

  93. The case against Craig Thomson must be extraordinarily weak if the Fair Work Commission has now requested in court to try to reach & settle a confidential agreement with him through a mediator. Craig Thomson did not initiate this & it is an indication that FWC’s case against him is very weak & augurs well for his criminal case as much of that was based on FWC’s & Jackson’s allegations

    As for dummo summo’s claim that ONLY ONE asylum seekers’ boat a week is arriving in Australian waters (I presume that’s what it means) well, I hate to disabuse it of those “facts”. There have been 17 boats carrying a total of 1,232 asylum seekers,arriving in Australian waters in the first 4 weeks of the L-NP government. This last week’s figures are not yet available.

  94. just for you again JOY…..ONE

    not that we are let you lefties know what we are up to anyway…read the press releases and be satisfied. Stick to your basket weaving. I believe it is very calming.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  95. So Summo if the boats increase then it will all be Abbott’s fault, and those boats that came previous to this one are Abbott’s fault as well, which is not what the right wingers were saying as little as a week ago.

    So what is it?

  96. I answered twice Summo, you never answer, always avoid and throw up petty abuse and lame nonsense.

  97. The latest ReachTEL poll, released today, shows the Coalition’s two-party preferred support down two percent on their election result.

    Labor’s primary vote is up two percent on the election result.

  98. wake up to yourself culpa…that bullshit after such a paltry amount of time…fair infantile

    quote the figures in 12 years time when you might just…..just be a show…the alp are rooted!

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  99. Summo/scaper (whichever dimwitted persona you currently chose) you are a tiresome, boring, pinheaded buffoon.whom I picture as sitting in a dank corner spitting as you cackle whilst typing what you believe are your “sparkling bon mots” & “dazzling ripostes”.

    Have news for you, it is just a load of ho-hum boring crap.

  100. Wake up to yourself dummo. This is the only party new to government in modern history not to enjoy a “honeymoon”.

    Meanwhile, the media’s credibility is in tatters. Effectively this means that the wheelchair used to push the Lieberals into office is rooted.

  101. hangon..I’ll be right back..I’ve something far more interesting to do..I have to go play Snakes and Ladders.

    There you go ME…bait!

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  102. Thank god the persona summo has left the room. The average IQ level has risen markedly all of a sudden.

  103. See what happens when Summo shoots off at the mouth in inane posts and petty insults.

    Oct 5 – Oct 11 Two refugee boats, not one.

    A little perplexed though, those two boats weren’t towed back. Must be an Abbott policy failure then.

    Five or more were stopped by the Indonesian authorities, not by anything Abbott has done, and so far not one Indonesian boat has been purchased by Abbott, another Abbott policy failure.

  104. Let’s see how the numbers stack up one month before and one month after the election:

    03 – 09 Aug: 6
    10 – 16 Aug: 4
    17 – 23 Aug: 3
    24 – 30 Aug: 6
    31 – 06 Sep: 3
    07 – 13 Sep: 5
    14 – 20 Sep: 3
    21 – 27 Sep: 5
    28 – 04 Oct: 4
    05 – 11 Oct: 2

    Thing is that the Australian people were told exactly how many people, including a breakdown of children accompanied and not, plus the nationalities of them before October 05. Not only that they through other parties like the media and opposition were allowed to see first hand the state of the refugees in detention.

    Now no one outside of who Abbott and Morrison allow to know have any information whatsoever on boats, the number and make up of refugees, where they are sent and how they are treated. No one outside of who Abbott and Morrison permit can report on or visit the refugees or get first hand information on them independently of the government propaganda.

    They will lie through their teeth to the Australian people, as they have a long history of lying on these matters and only give information that seems favourable to the government, like the release of the boats stopped by the Indonesian authorities in an attempt to paint it as an Abbott victory.

  105. Mobius, and then there’s this bullshit from Bolt:

    Air Marshal Mark Binskin, at the weekly media conference on Operation Sovereign Borders, says just 215 boat people have arrived in the first three weeks. That’s about 70 a week, compared to the 500 a week that turned up under Labor earlier this year.

    If people want the truth they can go to Archie’s page:

  106. Yes Michael as they control the media and information in this expect a barrage of propaganda that doesn’t bare any resemblance to the truth. You cannot believe anything this government or the right wing MSM tells you, especially on matter relating to refugees.

  107. “The United Nations has slammed as a possible breach of the Refugee Convention the Abbott government’s plans to speedily send a group of Sri Lankan asylum seekers home.
    The boatload of asylum seekers believed to be from Sri Lanka arrived at the far-flung Australian territory of Cocos Islands on Thursday – the first such group for months.
    At his weekly border protection briefing on Friday, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison refused to confirm where the asylum seekers had come from, but said Sri Lankans could expect ”even more stringent” screening than people from other countries.”

    In March this year, the UN Human Rights Council expressed its concern at the “continuing reports” of “enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, torture and violations of the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, as well as intimidation of and reprisals against human rights defenders, members of civil society and journalists, threats to judicial independence and the rule of law, and discrimination on the basis of religion or belief.”

    In August – the same month we heard reports that protestors demonstrating over access to drinking water were killed by the Sri Lankan army – the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, visited Sri Lanka. She concluded that the state “is showing signs of heading in an increasingly authoritarian direction”.

    Amongst other concerns, she noted the expanding military presence; the vulnerability of women and girls to sexual harassment and abuse, including from the military; a surge in the incitement of hatred and violence against religious minorities; and the intimidation and harassment of human rights defenders she met during her visit.

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