Do you remember when Julia Gillard was late for an appointment?

Do you remember the tirade Julia Gillard received from Alan Jones (and the community at large) for being 10 minutes late for an interview? Here’s some of the transcript, which appears tame in comparison to the sting that was heard in the shock jock’s voice:

The interview had started poorly, with the Prime Minister arriving about 10 minutes late for her 7.10am slot.

“Ten past 7 is 10 past 7 isn’t it?” Jones said to Ms Gillard.

“I can understand you may not want to come on or you can’t come on but surely courtesy has to be part of the way in which the public are treated,” he said

To those who can remember hearing the now famous outburst, I’m sure you can recall the vile filth Jones lashed at the then PM. You may remember too, the lashings she received from the right-wing cheer squad who added her unforgivable tardiness to their long list of reasons why she was the most evil being on planet Earth.

Well I wonder what they’d have to say, including Jones, to Abbott being 20 minutes late to his first APEC meeting:

Arriving noticeably late to the first session of the APEC leaders meeting in Bali yesterday – where 21 world leaders gathered to talk about important matters – Mr Abbott appeared to be snubbed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And don’t you just love, where that story is from? Tony Abbott was noticeably late; no mention that it was a whole 20 minutes. Tony Abbott was snubbed; yes, the headline to the story was “Did Russian President Vladimir Putin snub our Prime Minister Tony Abbott?” Of course, Putin is the bad guy.

But wait, there are more bad guys:

Explaining his tardiness to journalists this morning Mr Abbott blamed officials for not alerting him to the start of the meeting.

Yep, I guess that lets Tony of the hook. After all, he’s not well known for being able to fend for himself.

Meanwhile, do you remember when Julia Gillard was late for an interview with Alan Jones? Do you also remember the outcry?

Do I detect the stench of double standards from our media?

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110 comments on “Do you remember when Julia Gillard was late for an appointment?

  1. Abbott was late because he was talking to the Canadian rep – a cosy little meeting between two of the few non-Asian leaders. Nice look, not.


  2. He was Receiving His final instructions from Peta, , I also note some karma is coming to Abbott via the travel claims his name will be mud with a lot more people now, What joy, He is so good at dishing it out lets all send some abuse back at him. He certainly deserves it ,

  3. “Abbott blamed officials for not alerting him to the start of the meeting”

    Remember when Shane Warne blamed his mum for giving him some diuretics?

  4. The thing is that it was not the first time Abbott was late at APEC and not the first time for important events back home either.

    Or what about not turning up at all for a vote in parliament for a notion he had raised he said was the most important of the age.

    We said Abbott would be a terrible PM and he would do things like this as well as backing down on his tough rhetoric, lying and breaking most of his promises. The right wingers fobbed us off but look whose laughing now.

    Not us, because this isn’t funny, it’s utterly tragic to have such an unsuitable incompetent man representing Australia on the world stage and as our PM.

    It appears the right wingers are laughing at themselves at even thinking this man would make a half decent leader.

  5. From the very beginning I said this idiot would embarrass Australia. If you look at a press conference he had with Julie Bishop u could see that even she was embarrassed but his behaviour, and poor Margie can’t even walk by his side anymore he will bluff his way for a time but even his own Party will wake up to the fact that he is inept.

  6. Yes, it was Mr. Putin, who pointed out that Abbott had not turned up. It appears that there is also trouble between Putin and Abbott. Maybe Putin did not like Bishops and Abbott’s language when it come to that Australian Putin has locked up.

    Abbott does not seem able to manage time, or do more than one thing at a time.

    The media seems to have given up today, telling us what a wonderful job he is doing. Wonder why?

    As far as I am concerned, Abbott was doing as he said many times before the election, That he took time off each year, when it came to Polli Pedal and the visit to the Aboriginal lands to do charity work. It appears, now, that all he was doing, was electioneering.

    Now one does expect more from a Opposition leader, than 24/7 electioneering for three years.

    That is not what he is being paid for. That should be up to his party, not the taxpayers pocket.

    So, Abbott has had to apologize in one way or another, to the Indonesians, Malawian, PNG and now Russia.

    Not a bad effort for any PM 21 days into his government.

    He has not even set the date for recall of parliament, let alone sat in the hp-use.

    Next week, Labor, I hope, presents a new face to the world, with the gloves of, ready to go.

    Now, with Gillard, we had a PM, always on time. Always graceful and respected by all she met.

    Yes, there where some problems such as the beat up on the live beef trade.

    Soon sorted out between the two parties.

    That is what Abbott ignores. Yes, the Indonesians are doing, what they have been trying to do for years, wean themselves off Australian beef. Nothing to do with Gillard’s actions.

    Abbott does not comprehend, that most on the world stage, respected and liked Gillard. He seems to think, they think of her, as her does.

    Abbott would have been better not making the apologies. He mode of doing so, will make things worse. He treated the apology as a big joke.

    If one in not genuine, better to shut up.

    Trouble is, that the fact that he made the admissions, is proof, that the leaders demanded such.

    “Sky News Poll.
    Should politicians be allowed to claim travel expenses for attending charity and community events?

    Sky poll. The question cannot be answered in yes or no. If one is attending as politician, yes he should be paid.

    If he is claiming, as Abbott did, he is on leave, and doing charity work, the answer is no.

    One cannot be a charity worker, and performing political, or in this case, party work, electioneering, at the same time.

  7. What will day 22 bring, one wonders. Have they left the retreat yet?

    By the way, Abbott once again is being talked about, around the globe.

    What does one say to a man, that proudly tell the Chinese leader, that Australia is open for business, and it will be cheaper here, as her is doing away with the carbon tax. Saying this to a leader, that is in the process of introducing his own ETS.

    Abbott must believe his spin, and what he is being fed by the deniers and the mining industry.

    There is no other explanation.

  8. I get the impression that Putin isn’t the sort of person who suffers fools lightly…

    On travel rorts, Yes, it’s a claim if the primary purpose is a commitment to do with one’s office. An example is Gillard’s visit to Byron Bay. The purpose was to open a new section of the Pacific Highway with local member Justine Elliot and while there she also attended a wedding. I think that the former PM’s public duties are sufficient to claim travel expenses. However, if it’s pursuing one’s hobby and then calling it a community event or attending a horse race (presumably also a community event), then there isn’t anything resembling *duty* about it.

  9. Abbott should have arrived at the denoted time. That is what most people do. He should have ensured he had the right notes. I suspect, he was too busy either gossiping or big noting himself with the Canadian PM.

    Who by the way, is not going to CHOGM meeting out of principal.

  10. PM Abbott in running for Australian sexism awards

    Australian PM Abbott in travel expenses furore

    Cannot remember such headlines for Gillard when she was PM. In fact, cannot remember any other PM getting such press. Well at least not in the first 21 days.

  11. Let’s get back to Alan Jones and his appalling rudeness to then PM (not to mention his other foul and malicious attacks on her). How can this insufferable egomaniac be let off the hook in view of Abbott’s embarrassing tardiness at APEC? HOW? HOW? Imagine the ordure he would have flung, the enraged spittle that would have hit the mic if Julia Gillard had been late, let alone come with the wrong documents. It’s time, surely, that the Jones parrot – in the spirit of Monty Python – fell off his perch.

  12. The Prime Minister Gillard was late 10 minutes late for a quasi radio interview, she should have been thankful that Alan Jones was willing to take some time out of his Oh So important Trivial day to accommodate her, Tony Abbott on the other hand was 20 minutes late for a very important Heads of state Meeting, they should already be aware that he is so arrogant and bloated with self importance, that they should be thankful that he showed up at all.

  13. It also appears that Abbott at the same time. missed an impromptu celebration by the Indonesian President, playing the guitar for Putin’s, I think 61 st birthday.

  14. Listen up people Tony Abbott Was NOT told what time the meeting started, hence there was a chance he may be late, but Julia GilLLIARD WAS told what time here interview with Alan Jones was and Alan Jones was rightly angry at GilLIARd for arriving late becuase if you know what time a interview, meeting etc starts then you really should be on time and please tell me how small the media outcry was when GilLIARd was late?.

  15. Come off it Wayne, he’s a PM attending a very important meeting with world leaders and as a supposed leader he should make sure he knows what time a meeting of that importance is.

    That he didn’t, and it’s not the first time he’s missed important events, says a lot about how terrible a leader he is.

  16. Migs, on seeing the report, my mind went back to the Jones issue, and I thought exactly the same thing… Snap, 😀 that is also the sound of the last vestige of Abbott’s credibility breaking into a million microscopic particles and disappearing into the ether. 😯

    I also said from the outset that he would be a monumental embarrassment on the world stage, 🙄 I suppose we should be grateful that he didn’t fall asleep, like he did for the Aborigines when he was late for them 😉

    What a complete KNOB!

    Cheers 😀

  17. OK Wayne if I give you a source for when Abbott turned up 35 minutes late for an important prearranged event he knew the exact time for will you admit it is right to get angry at Abbott?

  18. Truth Seeker don’t forget the Nicola Roxon debate, and he swore at her for picking him up for being 35 minutes late. According to Wayne she had every right to be angry at Abbott and Abbott was in the wrong.

  19. Yep, the inequality of not only women to men, but for our leaders of different sexe’s too… APPALLING!!!. How sad it is when I teach my year 5’s, especially the girls, ‘you are the generation to bridge the gap’, ‘you have to make a difference’ and for those innocent 10 & 11 year olds to be mortified that there is still so much inequality between men & women of today. They just cant believe they are not equal to the boys sitting across from them! well of course, that will be in societies eyes, unless the world bloody steps up & acknowledges how sexism must be irradicated!!! I bet Julia didnt blame others ‘not informing her’ the meeting had started?….. but after all, it was only Jonesy, & I already dont think much of that pompous man, & Julia only 10 minutes late…., NOT 20 minutes, & not in another country with major political dignitaries, and world waiting! But the media thought it ok to keep that one a secret….Shame on the media too, because your lack of attention to this, puts you up there with the other sexist people of the world. You have a go at Gillard being late but you obviously think its ok for Abbott?….. and speaking of Abbott, Mr Prime Minister……you’re an idiot!!

  20. Tony Abbott Was NOT told what time the meeting started

    Spot on Wayne! No-one tells me anything and perhaps it’s for good reason. I wouldn’t know. But you do apparently. And will you provide me with a link to what I didn’t know so I can read it out at the next media conference? Now there’s a good lad. Have you met Neil?

    hence there was a chance he may be late

    Right? No wrong! I didn’t know when the meeting started so there wasn’t ‘a’ chance I might be late, rather there was every chance I would be late. Wayne, you’re not being helpful. Are you sure you’re not related to Neil?

    Got to go now, Peta wants to teach me how to ‘tell the time’. Should take a while I suspect.

  21. Wayne, all attendees would have been given a package with a timetable for what is happening each day. It’s standard practice for any sort of conference, training day, or even meetings. Abbott would have been well aware of what time he should have been there, including the informal gathering for Putin’s birthday.

    Unfortunately for Australia, this idiot is so arrogant and self absorbed he believes everyone should wait for him.

    Offending some of the most important world leaders 21 days into becoming PM, is just stupid. I’m still wondering how on earth he became a Rhodes scholar

  22. Tara, you provide a perfect example of why we need to pay teachers less until they learn to express themselves coherently, including how to punctuate.

    Seriously, you do yourself and your ‘profession’ significant damage with that dribble.

  23. As George W would say mission accomplished, Murdochs puppet has the reigns of power, now his minders have a full time job whilst the rest of us squirm at this moron the MSM wholeheartedly helped to put there.
    His recent Bali speech sounded like a child resiting a school presentation, more gaps than Australia’s borders.
    Now the rorts come to air something the Labor Government should have been across and broadcasted with vigour. Mind you I have said in the past that the Labor media squad over the last SIX years should have been kicked from pillar to post for NOT doing their job.

  24. Ive read and heard the famous catch cry of the season so many times. That we, ie those with a brain and in the know knew that Tony Abbott would be a serious embarrassment on the world stage…. sigh…I fervently believe this will continually be the case. But folks I am thankful that he will be shown up for the imbecile he is and It will be a personal great joy to see him fall from grace. But since he may be the wreck of a wrecking ball I sincerely hope that people will learn from this mistake to let a con artist with no substance take the helm and loose the real and dignified ones we had. So I hope it gets real real bad before we have no choice but to take the upswing. But since Australia is in fact run as a corporation is the real crux of the issue and is a real danger and a cause for real concern.People don’t even realize that what they have bought into with Abbott will diminish everyone’s rights to a fairer society.

  25. I wonder who tabot will blame for the rort saga being such a big deal. He seems to have a scapegoat for everything he stuffs up. Late for a meeting, it is the attendants who didn’t get him. Not buying boats, the electorate misunderstood him. Spent the best part of three years chasing down Thom(p)son and Slipper over allowances but, as I heard put yesterday, the whole time he was throwing rocks, he was standing in front of one of the largest glass houses in Parliament.

    How soon before “Joe the Cameraman” gets another gig?

  26. that’s not a nice way to talk about your wife.

    What makes you think I was talking about her? Please Explain! 😉

  27. Well well well Mr Taylor. When I pasted the same comment in jest some time ago towards you, I was ear bashed into submission by your disciples, even though at the time you replied you had no wife. As I had unintentionally offended you with my with my quip, I was quick to apologise.

    I wont expect the same of you though.

    To digress, here is a story which hopefully restores some public faith in our justice system. At least up here anyway. RIP Damian.

  28. Yep, one nameless MP

    Yep, he’s their sauce 😉

    Others might just say the price of democracy

    How much did it cost to fly tabot around to lie about the Carbon Price for the past three years? How much did it cost to shut down Parliament for all of his dummy spits?

  29. Abbott fast tracking a slew of trade agreements and it seems in doing so willing to give up a slew of things to other countries to the detriment of Australia.

    The China FTA has been negotiated for six years because of some very important sticking points China won’t bend on, with sugar and our financial institutions being just two. It seems Abbott will cave in on them to have an agreement by the end of the year.

    He’s also jumping into the TPP with both feet without looking.

    But he’s kept a promise and fast tracked compensation to Australian victims of terrorism to the tune of $30 million.

    That got more air time and precedence on the ABC than the growing rorts scandal and his being 20 minutes late for a meeting with world leaders, though they showed the footage of that on commercial TV this morning and it looked real bad, with Abbott being signalled out for being late.

  30. with sugar and our financial institutions being just two

    The scariest is China’s requirement that their projects can ship in their workers on their own rates. Workchoices by no name.

    Mind you, the TPP is scary in itself. It’s all pretty worrying actually

  31. Tom, and these same workers have no knowledge of Australia’s safety standards..huge problems previously with imported workers. Also a way of getting around 457 Visas which the Labor government changed so that no overseas workers could be rorted via being very substantially underpaid – also ensuring that Australians were hired first. I believe that it was Filipino workers brought onto mine sites in WA who were the test case and as a result the Labor government changed the laws so that these people could not be exploited. Gina didn’t like it. 👿

  32. Summo, Tom and I have known each other for a number of years. If he was insulted then I’m sure he would have told me himself. He doesn’t need you.

  33. LOL. What a surprise that Dummo should come galloping in to the defense of Idiot Boy. This idiotic rorter is going to be a greater source of embarrassment to Australia than Dubya was to the United States!

  34. as I heard put yesterday, the whole time he was throwing rocks, he was standing in front of one of the largest glass houses in Parliament.

    Right-Wing Projection: Idiot Boy is the master of it.

  35. Idiot Boy is the master of it.

    It appears that h is master of a few things apart from Right-Wing Projection


    I am sure the list will grow as the position shrinks down to accommodate him 😉

  36. Well we all know, that Abbott has trouble reading anything.

    One cannot expect him to read the timetable, when he is chatting up a mate, the Canadian PM.

    Maybe he was not invited to the impromptu birthday greetings, and guitar playing.

    Once again, he is ensuring we are friends with all.

    By the way, he is a late entry in the proposed trade deals, they are talking about.


    Yes, that is what our Honorable just said. ABC 245.

    We have to be good international; citizen. I promise we will be better in the future.

  37. There is no government money being spent on the Labor election campaign.

    Yes, the taxpayer will pay for the caucus meeting where the vote is to be taken.

    I suspect much more business will happen at the same time.

    Abbott bought his government to Canberra for nothing. Just to have a get together it seems. I think the aim was to give them orders, to shut up.

    This is normal gatherings after any election.

    If Abbott would only announce the recalling of parliament, maybe the meetings would not be needed.

    Abbott now, at Bali, laying a wreath. I suspect we will once again, be told of how brave he was, and all the wonderful work he did after the second bombing.

  38. On this, day 22 of the Abbott government, the word most used to describe him, appears to be groveling.

    Yes, he truly does believe we have little influence on the world stage, and must not reach above our station, in life.

    Well, he is working hard to make his statement true.

  39. Abbott heading fro Brunei this afternoon. Wonder if he manages to catch the plane. Well one never knows, maybe the forgot to tell him.

  40. ABC 24, just said, Abbott has not been successful, diverting attention from TA entitlements.

    Yes, time for a change.

    Fels says, all claims must be posted on the web, as soon as claimed.
    Suspect most would disappear.

  41. Hunt still talking about DD. Wants the ALP to recognize in the first week of parliament, the mandate, and step out of the way. Hunt, they might just do that for the cost on carbon emission, but fight for the rest of the CEF suite of legislation.

    Yes, Mr. Hunt, they might just focus on saving that, and your Direct Action, and how you intend to fund it.

    Mr. Hunt, when is parliament sitting. Not much time to get the grounds for a DD before the middle of next year.

    Are you going to sit up to Christmas and beyond.

    You have to get the legislation through both houses, two times, three months apart

    Do you really believe it will not be sent off for Senate hearings or inquiries.

    I suggest that you et a GG in as quick as possible, one that does as your government orders.

    There is no guarantee, with new senators coming in in July, that a prudent GG would agree to any DD.

    One has to prove the government is not working.

    Consumer confidence has fallen 2% in the month. Evidence is that the bloom is coming off the housing market.

    Summo, you lied to me, you said all was rosy.

  42. Can anyone explain to me, why we no longer have poll results from dawn to dust.

    There have been I believe four since the election. Of course they appear to favour Labor, not the government.

    Maybe that is why?

  43. Wonder if he manages to catch the plane


    Can anyone explain to me, why we no longer have poll results from dawn to dust.

    Perhaps Labor are leading them?

  44. Constant Whingers acting up again.
    You are sufferers!
    Sufferers of both selective memory and memory loss.
    Who was the most unreliable leader , a leader suffering from total lack
    of Punctuality ? The much dispised Kevin Rudd.
    Oh! Kevin you have done it again.

  45. Copy will be available on Grattan web site. Budget emergency. Yes, he say, we have, but sees the answer in budget reform.

  46. Truth Seeker October 9, 2013 @ 10:42 am “Just posted “The late Tony Abbott?” ”

    Truthy, should that not be “The late, not so great, Tiny Abbott?” 😀

  47. dust>dusk. Maybe I used the right word, by mistake.

    Yes, we are still whinging, and don’t we have a lot to whinge about.

  48. LOL Voyager, you ignorant Right Whinger (oops, pardon the tautology). We had to put up with your constant whining throughout the last THREE FRIGGEN YEARS, but now you morons think we should all just “put up & shut up”, now that you idiots have got what *you* want.

  49. You stole my thunder, I was going to ask about Where’s the Daily Polls, another we don’t Need to Know moment, and Did Abbott claim laundry expenses for his Budgies, Cos they are full of crap as well. Can the army step in and do a Morsi for us .

  50. We had to put up with your constant whining throughout the last THREE FRIGGEN YEARS

    SIX years. The useless pricks on the right whinged for SIX years. And they’d still be whingeing NOW if they hadn’t won the recent election.

  51. When I say “won the election”, I mean, if Murdoch hadn’t won the election FOR THEM. They’re a basket case unable to stand on their own feet.

  52. Seems he caught the plane. Gives a speech tomorrow, but no one has any idea what it will be about.

    Funny, he got off the plane, but seen no sight of Marge. It could not be possible, that he left her behind. Forgot abut her.

  53. We should keep our eye on, and heed what is happening in the land of the free, USA.

    Yes, a small number of people are willing to lead the world into a depression, top prove their point.

    They seen to believe. easier way, they will get what they want. Smaller government, no matter the consequences.

    Could it not be, their influence and stand over tactics, over the last decade or two, with cutting of government expenditure, and lowering taxes, that has led to the mess, they are now in.

    Never ever heard of a group, any time in history, that is willing to lead the world economy over the cliff, to prove a point.

    I fear we have some in this fair land of ours, who are of like mind,

  54. No, cuppa, they won the election. They were voted in by voters.

    We have to acknowledge that. We do not have to like or respect that government though.

  55. They won the election WITH HELP. They couldn’t have won the election WITHOUT that help. They’re a media welfare case – the biggest in this country’s history.

  56. No, just alleviating the pain, that he endures, if he has to read anything Love the look on the woman sitting next to him.

    He must be working out his expenses.

    Marge seems to have disappeared since the Bali Memorial.

  57. Apparently Truss is single handedly saving the auto industry in Australia, including Ford.

    What’s really happening is they are leaving Labor’s $1 billion in forward estimates in place, rewording things a little and claiming they are saving the industry after creating a faux disaster when in opposition.

    Straight out of the Howard book of dirty tactics.

  58. Tony Abbott apologised to Malaysia for things he said about them when he was in opposition, and also lied saying he had not said other things about Malaysia’s inhumane treatment of asylum seekers.

    He was questioned about this but denied having stated anything about Malaysia treating asylum seekers badly. Then three quotes were shown of him doing exactly that.

    So yet another backflip by Abbott. Caning Malaysia when in opposition to stop a workable asylum seeker policy and now crawling to them and lying about what he said about Malaysia.

  59. pmsl @ how the tempo in cafe lispers has slowed over expenses, since so many labor mugs have been caught out and one half of your new saviour Albo sided with Abbott.
    ohhhhhhh..the pain…my sides are splitting

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  60. arm in arm Albo and Abbott…yeeehaaa. 🙂 It could be a stage show…hit the road boys. Where is Clive?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  61. Though not illegal it shows the character of the man and the party he’s in.

    A multimillionaire, Turnbull claims $175 a day to stay in his wife’s house in Canberra.

  62. Mightn’t be a broken promise yet but the furtherest any promise has been shoved right ever.

    Libs promised this during the election campaign, now saying they will do it in 40 years.

  63. Doncaster? wtf is Doncaster? We need a high way to the rich north up here in Qld. Bugga Doncaster. prioritise for Christs sake.

    I’m off to Gladstone on Tuesday ME. 500k. Feel free to accompany me. The drive will fix any chiropractic work you may require.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  64. But of course you miss the point on Doncaster. It was yet another big Liberal lie.

    Strange how you went on about a Labor lie before the election but now completely ignore the string of Liberal lies, broken promises and backflips, instead still going on about Labor in your hypocritical desperation to draw attention away from this woeful government and the worst PM we’ve ever had.

  65. The thing that is making me laugh right now is thinking of Joe Hockey meeting with the IMF and World Bank leaders and trying to explain to them why we are getting rid of carbon pricing.

    “The world’s finance ministers should focus on two elements to tackle climate change: setting the “right price” on carbon emissions and phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said overnight.

    At a panel on the opening day of their 2013 autumn meeting, Lagarde and World Bank Group President Jim Young Kim said climate change was a priority for their lending institutions, the first time the two had addressed the issue together in public.

    Lagarde said measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can add much needed revenue to national economies and steer countries toward the development of cleaner renewable energy.

    “There are two things that they should focus on. One is get the (carbon) pricing right and we can help them with that,” Lagarge said, referring to measures such as applying carbon taxes and and establishing emissions trading schemes.

    “The second thing we can do is gradually phase out and remove the subsidies that apply to energies, and particularly fossil energies,” Lagarde said.

    The subsidisation of fossil fuels currently amounts to upwards of $485 billion, she said.

    The paper said that subsidies were expensive for governments, and that rather than helping consumers, they detracted from increased investment in infrastructure, education and health care which would help the poor more directly.

    The IMF also plans to publish a report by mid-2014 providing US policymakers with guidance on how to design a carbon tax within the context of broader fiscal reform and fiscal consolidation objectives.

    Kim said the World Bank is focused on three major areas: ensuring sustainable energy for all countries, supporting low-carbon urban planning, and shaping “climate smart” agricultural programs.

  66. The only sites likely to delete factual content like that Kaye, have names like Andrew or Pies or are published in Ltd. News papers 🙄

  67. FORMER Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be awarded the 2013 Jerusalem Prize, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to strengthening Australia’s connection with Israel.

    The Jerusalem Prize is awarded annually by the Zionist Council of Victoria (ZCV), the Zionist Federation of Australia and the World Zionist Federation, to an outstanding individual who supports Israel and the Zionist movement.

    As a member of the Australian Parliament and Australia’s first female prime minister, the ZCV says it feels that Gillard demonstrated unwavering commitment to democratic values, as well as ongoing support of the aspirations of Israel’s people for peace and security.

    According to ZCV………………
    These silly overseas people, do not they know, this woman is no good and a liar to boot.

    They keep giving her praise and awards,

    Cannot work it out, why can’t they see. Not fair, they keep telling me, I have to apologise. Don’t they know, I am better than her.

  68. They keep giving her praise and awards,

    History will not be kind to the libs or msm for their last six years effort of so successfully misrepresenting actual events

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