For sale: Australia

Did anybody see this in The Australian a few days ago? Here are some key points:

Indonesia’s biggest importer of live cattle from Australia, the Santori company, has just announced the purchase of two massive cattle properties in the Northern Territory.

The sale comes just a day after Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott concluded his first talks in Jakarta with his Indonesian counterpart, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Mr Abbott made it clear Australia would welcome any investment by Indonesian companies, including government-owned businesses, in Australian cattle stations . . .

Tony Abbott has certainly kept his word. It was recently announced that:

Tony Abbott has put investment and free trade at the centre of the Coalition’s agenda to reignite economic growth by warning that other countries would “build walls against us” if the nation cracked down on foreign capital.

In a news conference to announce his government frontbench, Mr Abbott said: “I want people here and abroad to understand that Australia welcomes foreign investment. It’s got to be the right foreign investment, which is in our national interest, but one thing we can’t do is build walls against the world.”

But wait! Prior to the election Tony Abbott and the Coalition were against foreign ownership of agricultural property. Last August in their own discussion paper they stated:

. . . the Coalition proposes the sale of farmland and agribusinesses be examined particularly closely, suggesting the Foreign Investment Review Board scrutinise all foreign acquisitions of agricultural land valued at over $15 million. The current threshold is $244 million.

And the Murdoch media even jumped in with it’s undying support:

South Australia’s food supplies will be increasingly at risk unless Julia Gillard adopts the Opposition’s new measures on the sale of farms to foreign investors.

And of course, Tony Abbott was at pains to tell us how much he was against foreign ownership.

Now we hear that he wants to attract foreign investment.

What ever made him change his mind?

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  1. Just cannot understand why a few of the cashed up Unions don’t step in
    to run ‘ model green agricultural farm ‘. No 427 Visas of course.
    All paid up Union members and their families could also holiday and work there
    bi annually..

  2. Michael, from your link..

    Despite announcing, while in China, it would rarely be in the nation’s interest to allow a foreign government to control an Australian business, Mr Abbott, pictured, said the Coalition supported overseas investment. “We need it. We want it. It is essential for our continued national prosperity,” he said.

    But it was important the public have confidence that the foreign investment was in Australia’s national interest, Mr Abbott said.

    I wonder if Abbott includes the mega miners in that statement about Australia’s national interest.

  3. Prime agricultural land and agribusinesses are only the beginning for this Abbott government.

    Lookup India and Australian Coal and Coal India:
    Coal India, under a haze of scrutiny, eyes Australian miners
    Coal India to acquire $4 billion worth of Australian assets | Mining …

    Abbott is not just planning to sell off the raw materials, but the infrastructure, land, jobs and the kitchen sink as well.

    No wonder the gormless and lost right wingers are doing nothing but “look over there”. Their beloved hero is letting them down big time and is doing the very things they would be up in arms over if Labor did them.

  4. What you Have Pointed out Michael Is This ,IT Is Typical Of Tony Abbott, Plenty of Noise Before the Election, The NO to everything campaign, No to foreign Interests Buying Australian Land, GO to Indonesia Tells them The Opposite Because its good for the Country, On TV News 24 this morning Jeremy Fernandez , When Mark Dreyfus Pointed out That Tony Abbott went to water about the Boat People Issue Jeremy Says “The Indonesians Accepted Australias Point Of View,They Did not complain about it, As Mark Pointed out Once again Tony Abbotts Double Dealing, Even Yesterday That Nasty Nasty Person Scott Morrison was Telling us that the Coalitions Immigration Policys are still on the Table , Are we to Believe That they were told What our Prime minister Has been Bleating about for years, I Don’t think so, It would Have Been Broadcast Across the Nation if he Had Proven His case, Is It Just Me But I Still Cannot Fathom How A Double Dealing Proven Liar Has got to this Countrys Top Position And Its Not Even A Month Yet, Sob Sob Sob.

  5. Please Greg, I like your message but capitalising each word makes that message unnecessarily hard to read and comprehend.

  6. i wonder when he will do a backflip and allow all boatpeople to stay in australia.
    probable when gina tells him to i suppose ? and then none of it will be reported either i suppose ! then it will be all labors fault i also suppose ?

  7. Didn’t that idiot Banaby Joyce do a back flip. Abbott or Peta Credlin probably told him to get in his corner and shut up the Libs are running the Country all we want is the Nats. vote.

  8. I would like to see the friction between the Nationals and Liberals come to the surface during this Abbott government’s term but doubt it will.

    Just as they were suppressed and the media snowed them over before the election they will be downplayed and buried.

    The Nationals, as they nearly always do, will sell out their constituencies for a handful of portfolios they don’t merit and lots of pork to keep them quiet, pork that will mostly benefit a select few elites and cruel the rural people in general.

  9. there is 1 silver lining out of this the national partys going to have to split from liberals before next electio or go the way of the democrts, once more we will have a large minor party not 1 that i like mostly but still it will ad to democracy, unfortunately with second GFC around the corner well probly never be in a position to buy any of this stuff back, althow it dosnt sem it this is the calm before the storm all were feeling atm is a light breeze and a suspicious presure change. on the subject of improving relations with indo though abbot locked the local media out of his press confernece there and there talking of legal action because its illigal there so he may of made a few big buisness’s happy over there but the press/populace is rather anoyed at him

  10. but then u must remeber this is the man that thought u stored knowledge in a supository, typical priest mistake he probly thinks ”
    statesman” is a car model

  11. and who owns Santori?… it’s the Japfacomfeed Company established 1971 (Suharto times) – we wonder who the main share holders are – in 2010 the President Commissioner H. Syamsir Siregar was certainly a past long serving member of the Indonesian Armed forces – Born in Pematang Siantar in 1941, graduate of the National Military Academy and Army Command Staff School. Active member of the Indonesian National Armed Forces up to 1996.

  12. Out goes Australia … In comes Chindonesia … Australians need to educate themselves in two new languages … Mandarin/Cantonese and Indonesian … Well done ABBOTT, you’ve sold out Australia’s soul …

  13. ananda1955l maybe Gina will have bigger problems next week. Keeping herself on the bodyguard of her companies.

    It appears the son is her worthy successor.

    They are repeating Brendan Nelson’s NPC address. ABC 24

  14. This is the hidden xtra “but wait there’s more” when you cop the free set of steak knives you were promised in the heart.. Voyager just say no to drugs 🙄

  15. The sales of the properties was given the OK by the Labour Party to Indonesia, along with the nsw labour gave the sale of thousands of acres of land in the Liverpool plains to China and others.
    A sale worth the millions does not go thru in 2 weeks. A lot of people knew it was on months ago..

  16. Pete H @12.13pm,.. having one or two (or more) languages in todays world is fast approaching, umm, ‘normal’ (woteva that is 😕 )…… I myself speak Strine, ay. 😉
    …Australia has been ‘sold-out’ for a long time, ‘things’ such as the MMRT were about trying to redress the situation.
    I just hope the selling of the ‘farm’ dosen’t include the sell out in regional employment (457 etc) …and that ‘the’ foods exported don’t impact on the price/supply in our food markets.
    I would hate to see the situation develop where ‘they’ grow the raw food ingredients here,..export said food ingredients…. process ingredients and then ‘we’ import the processed products back 😮 ….. and the only Aussies that benifit will be some Port workers that arn’t on 457’s 🙄
    ..anyhoo, as it is I spend an inordinate amount of time scouring the shelves at the supermarket now trying to buy ‘Aussie Made’….. and it’s getting harder to find them 😥 ….how sad my country.

  17. So I wonder what the right wingers think of Abbott about to sell Australia’s IP and other national laws over to overseas multinational companies under a secret FTA to be signed within the month.

    Other countries that have signed similar agreements have seen themselves pay out billions in fines and their national laws, especially environmental and over vital resources like water, being usurped.

    Not only is Abbott selling off our land and resources to foreign interests it looks like his planning to sell of our intellectual property as well.

  18. Wonder how long Dr. Nelson job will last after his address to the NPC. Not long, I suspect. Wonder why his comments did ot get a bigger run in the MSM.

  19. Was the land freehold or leasehold? I think it is probably better to have different guidelines acording to title. Good old Nationals …WIMPS !!!

  20. That’s not right Tricia Williams, unless you can give us sources to that claim.

    Indonesia only voiced and approved the purchase of 1.5 million hectares of Australian cattle property since Abbott won the election.

    October 2 2013: INDONESIA’S biggest importer of live cattle from Australia, the Santori company, has just announced the purchase of two massive cattle properties in the Northern Territory.

    The sale comes just a day after Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott concluded his first talks in Jakarta with his Indonesian counterpart, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

    Mr Abbott made it clear Australia would welcome any investment by Indonesian companies, including government-owned businesses, in Australian cattle stations, despite earlier comments from his new agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce opposing such foreign investment.
    – See more at:

    I believe that other such huge land sales to foreign interests did land on the previous government’s table but because of the backlash, including from Abbott, they shelved or delayed making decisions on them.

    I haven’t looked up your other claims, but take them at face value.

  21. LOVO, since when did Australia have to import spuds..

    This article is from May 2012, and I very much doubt that the situation has improved one iota since then..

    ONE in four Australian vegetable growers is facing financial ruin as they fight a losing battle against cheap processed imports, mounting labour costs and greater competition for our traditional export markets.

    The importation of processed fruit and vegetables is now worth $1.5 billion a year, a rise of almost 60 per cent over seven years, a Sunday Age analysis of federal government data shows.

    Imports are now so prevalent, and exports of processed fruit and vegetables under such threat, that a quarter of growers are going broke, according to the latest analysis by the industry body AusVeg.

    In the past two years alone, the local food processing industry has shed 1127 jobs and closed five plants.

  22. “In April, Smith joined a number of local food and beverage producers, including Glen Cooper, chairman of Australia’s largest beer brewer, in calling for a dedicated “Australian made” aisle in supermarkets to make it easier for consumers to choose locally made products and keep local businesses afloat.”
    I never buy the ‘chains’ milk or petrol… I’de much rather pay a little more and support the local dairy farmer or locally owned petrol station…. I urge everyone to take the time to look at the label(s) on the product(s) you buy, because once the local has gone…it’s gone for good.

  23. Summo , you have V good points.
    The CW’s ( alias Constant Whingers ) seem locked in this mode.
    Until this mindset changes and others take on and help the hard slog of
    Farming unfortunate sell offs will continue.
    A Union taking on a Farm , well I would like to see how long they would last.
    Certainly not as long as an Energiser Battery.
    ps Craig T would not like it, no knock shops in the outback

  24. Locked into what mode.

    We have moved onto the present.

    Some continue to stay in the mode, of Labor still being in power.

    Most here are looking ahead, not backwards.

  25. The property market has been on the improve for a while. Some say there is a danger of a bubble bursting. Others say no.

    Share market has been traveling pretty good as well.

    Unemployment a worry.

    Abbott installed his government 18 days ago. There has been no recall of parliament.

    No new budget, what had he done to bring this miraculous recovery about.

    All I have seen, is the man making a fool of himself in Indonesia.

    One could say the Gillard/Rudd PGN scheme, has led to a sharp decline in those coming by boats. Some terrible accidents, maybe helped.

    No need for the visitors to show concern for me. Should be worrying about themselves, and their obsession with a government, that was in the past.

    They do not seem to be able to move on. to focusing on this the 18 day old Abbott government,

    Yes, Abbott set the standard, of how one treats a government. We have learnt well, and will be ensuring that Abbott is held accountable to every word, he uttered out of his mouth.

  26. Shit the Abbott government must be really terrible. VOYAGER and Summo now in a mutual jerking session attacking unions and Labor again, nothing on Abbott and his terrible government.


    I do note Abbott pimping his daughters to Harry, and please can one right winger tell us what’s with Abbott’s gaping mouth and flicking tongue whenever he’s talking to someone, especially VIPs?

    Shit the right wingers went on about Gillard’s accent and Rudd’s hair flick but Abbott’s lizard like tongue flicking and gaping mouth long pause sentences with ahs is so much worse.

  27. Would like the right wingers thoughts on this.

    There are strong calls for Abbott to crack down on white collar crime in the light of Leighton Holdings corruption during the Howard years.

    Fat chance, Abbott and his senior ministers are knee deep in being buddies with the companies engaging in corruption.

    Hamish Tyrwhitt from Leighton Holdings accompanied Abbott to Indonesia and Turnbull has shares in the company.

  28. “I do note Abbott pimping his daughters to Harry”

    Typical ALP scum. Attacking a mans family.

    Cannot get much lower than that.

  29. Where was Abbott’s family attacked. All hast was said, Abbott uses his family for political fodder.

  30. What I don’t understand is why Vbs, Summo n’ NoS hate their fellow Australians so much ? Why do they think it’s right to lie and misrepresent ? Why do they think their so ‘more betterer’ and have the right to do their ‘put-down routine(s) here ? Why 😕
    All they ever do is show how ‘ill’-informed they are …..and time and time again they show themselves as to being the type of person one would not want to be.. 😈

  31. All hast was said, Abbott uses his family for political fodder.”

    And FU continues the attack on Abbotts family. If i was a son or daughter of a PM I would want to meet Harry. Abbotts family meeting Harry is normal.

    How low can you people get?? Well maybe i should not ask. You people never surprise at how low you can get.

  32. One got lower when they attacked Ms. Gillard and her family for over three years.

    At least we do not make it up, and keep to the truth.

    Sounds like some are taking their words from a certain man on another site.

    I have not attacked Abbott’s family.

    Yes, he does use his daughter and wife as props.

    It was he, that connected them to Harry, not us. He did th is it on a radio station.

    Yes, it was shocking, and I believe those who did so, were the lowest of the lowest, with their continuous attack on the former PM Gillard her family.

    Yes, I will continue to attack Abbott, as he attacked the previous Labor government.

  33. The thing that amuses me about Voyager and Summo and Neil is that they spend so much of their time here. Don’t get me wrong…I fully understand how difficult it is to get any semblance of sense on a conservative site…they just use abuse…just like our tame RW nutters do.

    Summo, just wondering….do you think the low interest rates might have something to do with real estate sales? Do you think people maybe a tad worried that if they don’t get locked in now before Tony and Joe stuff things up that it may well cost them a shitload more?

  34. What was it, that Abbott said about his two girls and Harry on that radio station.

    No, what he said, was not appropriate.

  35. “Neil is that they spend so much of their time here.”

    I started posting with some of these people in 2007 on Tim Dunlops blog.

    “Yes, he does use his daughter and wife as props”

    Keep up the attack on Abbotts family FU. I know you have lost it and have nothing useful to say when you do.

  36. Neil it is not an attack to observe that Tony Abbott used the women in his family for his campaign. How many politicians go to every press conference holding their daughter’s hand? How many politicians say “Vote for me I am the one with the not bad-looking daughters”? How many politicians put their gay sister in the public eye just to say “see I’m not homophobic…I even am related to some gay people though I do find it threatening”? How many men, walking into functions, hold two daughters’ hands and leave their wife to trail behind? If I was Margie that in itself would have made me slap the prick. The Abbott women may be very nice people. Their father pimping them to win an election is NOT nice.

  37. “Their father pimping them to win an election is NOT nice.”

    And the attack continues. You know if it was the other way around it would not even occur to me to make comments like that.

    Labor supporters are really sick human beings.

  38. ” In a major development in the northern property market, Indonesia cattle importing, lot feeding, processing and wholesaling company Santori has confirmed its purchase of the Underwood’s family’s blue-ribbon Victoria River District aggregation Riveren and Inverway. Santori is the single largest Indonesian importer of Australian cattle – ”

  39. A man so obviously using the women in his life is what is sick Neil. A man who says to schoolgirls during a photo shoot “There’s nothing wrong with a bit of full body contact” is sick. A man suggesting a candidate’s best attribute is sex appeal is sick. A man who enjoyed premarital sex saying that his daughters’ virginity is a gift is sick. A man inappropriately touching a female aboriginal author is sick. A man suggesting that women have different interests and aptitudes is sick. A man suggesting that abortion is “the easy way out” is sick. In fact everything about this moron and his attitude to and treatment of women is sick. And then we have the ultimate affront of him declaring himself the Prime Minister for Woman…now THAT’S what I call sick.

  40. When Craig Thomson has actually been found guilty of the things he has been accused of then I think a certain wanker here should not make reference to him in a demeaning manner. He should on the other hand take note that a certain piece of crap that goes by the name of Kathy Jackson, good old Tony’s mate should fit the bill nicely for the very crap she accused Thomson of. Funny that there is a deathly silence on this issue coming from the little irritations that show themselves here occasionally.

  41. The claims by Jackson, the Coalition, and the media had Thomson spending over half a million dollars of union funds fraudulently a couple of years back. Since then the dollar figure has plummeted to well under $30,000 — around 5 per cent of what it was initially, after the bulk of the wild initial claims were tossed out.

    Since then, self-proclaimed “whistleblower” Kathy Jackson has herself come under quite a bit of scrutiny, as her intentions seem to become more dubious with each peek into her own past behaviour. The end result of this is that she is now under police investigation for allegations that could make claims against Thomson look like a primary school kid being accused of pinching milk money.

    Further evidence of wild spending patterns by Kathy Jackson’s branch of the union whilst she was its Secretary from figures provided by the HSU to the Australian Tax Office show massive cash withdrawals; exorbitant spending on multiple credit cards, bar tabs and huge amounts spent on liquor; massive spending at Coles Express on who knows what; thousands of dollars in child care payments for Jackson’s children, despite her telling Chris Uhlmann on the ABC’s 7.30 that members never paid for her child care; an unexplained discretionary fund; restaurants; and some rather pricey camera equipment.

    In just 3 short months Jackson managed to rack up over $1800 at Coles Express, over $1000 in 24hrs in bar tabs and liquor store purchases, close to $28,000 in credit card repayments, more than $8,000 in cash withdrawals, and over $5,000 to a mystery fund.

    All up close to $76,000 in very unusual expenditure — to say the least. All this in just a single quarter. That’s $76,000 of union members money — some of the lowest paid workers in the country.

    She also spent over $22,000 of Health Services Union funds on skiing holidays in one quarter. That does not include what went onto credit cards on those trips either as her personal credit cards were being direct debited from a HSU account. Jackson’s fallback position has always been that all her expenditure was approved by the Branch Committee Of Management (BCOM). The BCOM had given Jackson approval to use the members money for luxury ski holidays. The BCOM gave the go ahead for Jackson to pay a company she owned ‒ Neranto No. 10 ‒ vast consultancy fee’s . BCOM told her to send over $20 grand to her mate Wai Quen for legal services, despite Quen being in another country and not performing any service at all. BCOM gave her the nod to try to break world records for credit card expenditure. BCOM gave her the nod to pay her fiancée Michael Lawler’s children in another state while everyone else was on Xmas break. BCOM also said everything was cool with her spending more on a Volvo than was invoiced and not questioning where the change went.

    This is also the same BCOM who gave the blessing for immense wage rises for Kathy Jackson, Marco Bolano and others in the union, with Marco taking over $200K and Kathy over a quarter of a million.

  42. NSW senator-elect David Leyonhjelm, who admits he benefited from voters mistaking him for a Liberal Party candidate on the ballot paper, will receive more than $1 million from taxpayers as a result of his hefty primary vote.

    “We would like to change the system – but we’re not giving the money back.”

    His Liberal Democratic Party will pocket the money, despite planning to oppose public funding for political parties. ”We might be new but we’re not stupid,” he told Fairfax Media.

    The Liberal Democrats benefited from snaring the ”donkey position” as the first name on the left of the tablecloth-size Senate ballot paper on the September 7 poll.

    A day after the election, he said: ”Looks like I’m going to be the senator for the donkeys.”

    He has so far received 415,891 votes, or 9.5 per cent of the total primary vote in NSW. When a party claims more than 4 per cent of first preference votes in the Senate, they qualify for election funding of $2.48 per vote.

    The Liberal Democrats Party supports more rights for gun owners, legalising marijuana and gay marriage and wants all government entities, including the ABC, SBS, Australia Post and Medibank Private, sold.

  43. “Since I have been travelling more extensively, I have received some extraordinarily high bills for global roaming, running into the thousands and thousands of dollars,” Julie Bishop

    “It was absolutely ridiculous. I didn’t take an iPad with me, I was using my mobile phone for everything – data recovery, texting, getting emails.”

    Ms Bishop said while recent reforms ensured mobile phone providers texted travellers when they arrived overseas to advise of call charges they still seemed exorbitant.

  44. ”They’re both very excited to see you,” said Tony Abbott of his daughters as they stepped forward

    Read more:
    Guests at the function included billionaire James Packer, cricketer Brett Lee, former rugby player George Gregan and VC winner Ben Roberts-Smith.

    Are these the young people, known fr their charity work. I thought this was what the gathering was for.

  45. It was among the most lavish weddings in Indian history.
    Gina Rinehart flew three Coalition MPs from Perth to Hyderabad in a private jet, where they watched the granddaughter of her business partner marry in front of 10,000 guests.
    But Barnaby Joyce, Julie Bishop and Teresa Gambaro collectively claimed more than $12,000 in ”overseas study” allowances to pay for their flights home.

    ………In the name of fostering stronger ties with India, Mrs Rinehart invited Australian politicians to be her guests at the wedding. The three Coalition MPs accepted, while Labor’s then resources minister Martin Ferguson rejected the billionaire’s offer, telling The Age he did ”not think it appropriate to attend”. What was not reported at the time was the extent to which Australian taxpayers helped pay for the politicians’ travel………………

    Read more:

  46. Who is the greatest whingers on these pages?

    Not whinging, just pointing out, this PM, unlike ex PM Gillard, has no class.

    How is that whinging?

    As for the comment, I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you?.

  47. kayelee1, from Ms. Bishop’s comment, I assume the staff are not telling her the cheapest way to travel. I believe this was a big thing in the last government. Advice was given, not to use their phones.

  48. n the name of fostering stronger ties with India, Mrs Rinehart invited Australian politicians to be her guests at the wedding. The three Coalition MPs accepted, while Labor’s then resources minister Martin Ferguson rejected the billionaire’s offer, telling The Age he did ”not think it appropriate to attend”. What was not reported at the time was the extent to which Australian taxpayers helped pay for the politicians’ travel.

    Read more:

    I agree with Mr. Martin Ferguson.

  49. FU attacks charity workers now. “Are these the young people, known fr their charity work. I thought this was what the gathering was for.” Each of those individuals you named FU is a indeed worthy recipient of recognition for their charity work. Each has used their success on or off the field in support of chosen charities. In your usual know all fashion, you must know the rest of the guest list to be so critical. Your attack shows a distinct lack of respect. That’s the socialist way though, as we all know.

    Poor form old girl, very poor indeed.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  50. What they said were to attend were young community workers. This list is definitely not young charity workers.

    It was promoted as private function, where young, workers, who commit their lives to helping others where invited.

    Not, I am not condemning those who attended, the rich and powerful in our society.

    I am condemning the excuse that Abbott has given.

    I am condemning the fact, that they were not invited.

    Truth is, that the PM did not have a role to play yesterday. The honour belongs to the GG on this occasion.

    No state Premier in sight.

    Why hide the type of people you were invited.

    The place the PM should have been, was in Bali.

  51. Group of West Papuan activists have got into the Australian compound in Bali, seeking refuge. Now Abbott has a real problem to solve.

  52. ……………A follow-up survey of 485 businesses in November, however, found that a third of manufacturers and construction firms and as many as one half of service sector respondents ”did not yet have enough information” to gauge the impact of the new tax.
    Read more:

    “While the carbon tax came into force on July 1 its impact is still far from clear. Many companies are taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude, perhaps because it’s very future is still sometimes called into question. But even if the Liberal Party should win the next election, dismantling the tax might well prove too complex and costly. And, in the meantime, failure to accommodate the new environment could put businesses at risk. -………………..

    See more at: ………….

    Are we at last, getting the truth about the so called carbon tax, and what business really believes about it.

    If it does not caused the damage, the government claims, should it be left in place?

    What justification do they have for dismantling it.

    It appears, in spite of what the government says, increasing renewals within the community.

    More power is now generated by renewals. Coal power generation, is falling.

    That is what it is supposed to do. Not increase the price of electricity, as Abbott claims.

  53. Notice, PM still in Australia. Sending off Prince Harry. Why not on his way to Bali, where there is an emergency for him to deal with. Appears the Australian Compound has been invaded by some West Papaunas, seeking asylum.

  54. No state Premier in sight.

    Sorry Fu, that’s not correct. Barry O’Farrell was there in spades and appeared in many media pieces, especially the ABC who showed and mentioned him many times,more so than the GG and Abbott.

    What O’Farrell had to do with a National event has me perplexed, but trying to keep a Liberal pollie away from a spotlight or fluff piece for self promotion is like trying to take a bone from a starving Rottweiler.

  55. It appears that all is not OK in paradise. Could the Coalition be no better than Labor, when it comes to their party politics.

    “…………… Adam Brereton

    factionsnsw liberalsadam breretonugliesdavid clarkealex hawkensw right
    The NSW ALP might be heading for a trainwreck but many members of the likely new government have serious factional form. Adam Brereton on the rampaging NSW Right
    Coalition stalwarts, Labor true believers and the politically apathetic agree that next week’s NSW state election will be a whitewash but there hasn’t been much serious critique of Barry O’Farrell’s impending government in the press. It’s as if it might spoil a good opportunity to teach Labor a lesson.
    The soft treatment meted out to the incoming Liberals by the papers is worrying because even up until September last year, the right wing of the NSW division was tearing itself apart in branch stacking and preselection battles…”

  56. Also watch this space for Federal Liberal vs. Federal National stoushes in the next three years.

    With such a weak feckless leader in charge of the Coalition there will be some fun watching the infighting over the coming years.

  57. There was no role for either.

    I suspect many in the Navy will not like the way Harry was built up yesterday. Deflected from the Navy celebrations.

    Was O’Farrell out this morning, to say good bye to Harry, who is on his way top Perth, for a private function of the Premier there.

    How does Federal and Sate leaders have private functions with the Queens Representative, while in this in this country.

  58. Well, living on the Central Coast of NSW, I have seen plenty over the last few years. Abbott and Sinodinos up to their necks in it.

    Maybe it will be the Coalition in seats here that will be before the courts.

    It would be funny, if Mr. Thomson walks, found not guilty of anything.
    It is Jackson, that is being sued by the HSU, demanding she return money. that they say, she was not entitled to.

    Yes, good times ahead, if one is not a Coalition follower.

    Listening to Insiders. How can that groveling speech, be seen as statement like. is beyond me. Then after what Cassidy wrote earlier in the week, who would expect anything else.

    When did Abbott return the money for Mirabella’s wedding?

    Bishop still has not responded.

  59. I fail to believe a barrister, and now AG, cannot decipher what he is entitled to under expenses.

    He claimed to know all when if come to Slipper and Thompson. Gave legal advice on the behaviour of both.

  60. …Martin Ferguson refuse the offer of that wedding

    Yes Fu, this is important as Ferguson said there was a conflict of interest using Gina’s private jet at her expense to go to a wedding.

    The Coalition pollies have no excuse as Ferguson made it plain there was a conflict of interest, yet Joyce even went further, charging a trip to Perth and then home to the taxpayers.

    So we have the likes of Neil saying how corrupt Labor politicians are yet here we have one who was honest and two Coalition members who were corrupt, but I bet Neil has not typed one word of condemnation of the Liberals who have had the noses in the taxpayers trough. If the shoe had been on the other foot he would have been screaming “corrupt dishonest Labor” across the topics.


  61. “Like the top secret TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) agreement, the laws are rushed through and then implemented with a “but it’s the law”. A circular argument – we have no say in TPP agreement, there is no metagovernment, and the Agreement is not following the mandate of the people (if there is no consultation and if its top secret, there is no mandate). We can’t even start an antimarketing campaign against big companies involved in TPP because of the new ACCC act. Or a chalk on the sidewalk campaign. To hell with that. Let’s do it anyway. In our hundreds of thousands. In our millions. Are we revolting? Yes we’re revolting. And we’re getting better at it. And that’s got to be scary for Government and Corporate sector alike.”

  62. Day 19 of this government. Another day, another scandal.

    This in spite of the Opposition, being involved in their own affairs.

    Abbott can only blame himself for the predicament he finds himself.
    MSM having big trouble covering up for him.

    Hockey off to NY this week. They say he will be calling on the rating agencies while there. It appears he needs some wriggle room. Yep, a mile of so, I would suspect.

    Wonder what reception he would get, as he has played down their importance over the last THREE YEARS.

  63. Isn’t is something the number of backflips this government has done since getting into power. It has to be a record for the most in the shortest amount of time.


  64. OK Neil if someone tells me you have responded sensibly and answered lucidly to this I will read your post.

    Current government is now borrowing twice as much a day as the previous government and plans on borrowing more to implement a stimulus package.

    Neil should be condemning this with every fibre of his being and if he doesn’t then he is the hypocrite I’ve always said he is.

  65. Hockey off to NY. Seems he wants to talk to rating agencies. Needs some leeway. Yes, at the end of the day, we hope that Hockey listens and does as Labor would. If not, we are in trouble,

    Yes, it appears that Abbott will keep his promise of no surprises.;

    He will just keep everything secret, therefore no surprises. Clever tactic, I must say.

    Abbott has kept the lid on his party for over three years. How much longer, before the party blows.

  66. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a free trade agreement involving Australia, the US, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Japan and Vietnam. Negotiations are secretive, but we know from leaked documents and limited public information that this agreement is not mainly about trade in goods. The agenda is being driven by the US on behalf of its global corporations, who want changes to our laws which would suit corporations but reduce peoples’ rights.

  67. The bid for GrainCorp from multinational agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland is looming as the first test of the new Federal Government’s attitude to foreign investment.

    A Foreign Investment Review Board assessment of the deal is pending, and the takeover would ultimately need to be signed off by new Treasurer Joe Hockey.

    Representatives from the NSW Farmers Association, the Victorian Farmers Federation and AgForce Queensland met with advisors to Mr Hockey in Canberra on Thursday, as well as with the Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce and other government officials.

    They’ve formed a united front against the deal, saying ADM hasn’t explained how it would benefit growers.

  68. Thanks for the link LOVO, some very telling stuff in that pin.

    A Liberal party member in NSW has been threatened with a five-year suspension for his recent appearance on 7.30 that was part of his campaign for reforms to how the party works, and the move is dividing party members around the country.

    And the right wingers dare say the Labor party is undemocratic. How much more evidence do they need that the Liberal Party has turned into a dictatorial political organisation heading for fascism.

  69. I remember it well Kaye Lee and it was the turning point for me with the Liberals. Howard turned a once great conservative party with morals and some decency into a right wing party based on greed that was morally corrupt and fully beholden to vested interests.

    He turned politics into divisiveness and wedging and they have only gone downhill from there. Abbott has gone way beneath that in basing the entire party doctrine on negativity, deceit and ineptitude with no intention of keeping any promise or guarantee it makes.

  70. @Mo,

    with no intention of keeping any promise or guarantee it makes.

    Indeed, although to be fair, I reckon they’ll be keeping the promises made (to murdock and the 1%) as the price of buying government. 🙄

  71. Abbott in China. Obvious for media piece of Abbott sitting at a table talking to the Chinese representative Xi, lots of tongue flicking and then he looked down and read his piece.

    He couldn’t even get right a short speech to a foreign dignitary without having to read it.

    Then it has come out that Abbot lied to him in saying that he will increase trade with China because getting rid of the carbon and mining taxes will prolong the mining boom. Already some have jumped on this for the fraudulence it is.

  72. Enjoy it while you can Summo, I have no doubt Abbott will try to take it away. A reduction of public holidays is on the IPA agenda, especially ones won by workers and unions.

    The history of Labour Day in Australia spans over a century. It is an important annual event that remembers those who struggled and succeeded to ensure decent and fair working conditions in Australia. During the mid to late 1800s the working day was long and arduous, where some employees would work up to 12 hours a day, six days a week.

    Many Australians saw the need for better working conditions and in the 1850s there was a strong push for this. On April 21, 1856, stonemasons at the University of Melbourne marched to Parliament House to push for an eight-hour working day. An agreement with employers for a 48-hour week was eventually reached and Australian workers welcomed the new eight-hour day. A victory march was held on May 12 that year and each year after that. In 1856 the new work regulations were recognized in New South Wales, followed by Queensland in 1858 and South Australia in 1873.

    In 1874, Tasmania joined the other states in adopting the shorter eight-hour working day. In 1879 the Victorian Government made one further step towards better conditions for employees by proclaiming a paid public holiday that year. In light of the labour movement’s successful push for an eight-hour day, a large May Day meeting was held in Melbourne in 1890. On May 1 that year a local newspaper made reference to that day as May Day.

    One of the first May Day/Labour Day marches in Australia occurred on May 1, 1891 in Queensland. More than 1000 people participated in the march and carried banners. The leaders wore blue sashes and the Eureka flag was carried. It was reported that cheers were given for “the eight-hour day”. The Labour Day date was moved from May to the second Monday in March in some parts of Australia after World War II. Since 1948, Labour Day in Western Australia has been observed on the first Monday in March. It marks the granting of the eight hour working day to Western Australians.

    Workers, you know those people Abbott wants to and the Liberals at the behest of their masters have always screwed.

  73. Oh ME….. Is there ever any sunshine in your dim dark place? All you ever do is moan. Abbott isn’t going to take away labour day, you silly old fool. Stop fretting. You will put yourself in an early grave with all that worrying.

    Fairfax 33 degrees today, onshore winds at 5k increasing to 15k this arvo. Water temp 23 degrees. Beach, slow roasted leg of lamb on the bbq and beers is the order of the day…do you feel better now ME?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  74. What is the benefit of this. One should say, nothing but vindictiveness and waste of money.

    If will be interesting to see who they pick to head the investigation.

    What is should show, is the the Cornoners invsstigation got it worng, when they accused the Rudd government odf wrong doing.,

    Wonder what role Steve Lewis is to play in this Abbott government?

    “….KEVIN Rudd and other senior Labor figures may be forced to give evidence as part of a royal commission-style inquiry into the deadly roof batts fiasco.

    Insulation businesses that suffered heavy financial losses could also be paid compensation, as part of a wide-ranging probe to be signed off by Cabinet within weeks.

    News Corp understands the Abbott Government is close to choosing a senior legal figure to chair the inquiry – which will be charged with getting to the bottom of a scandal that killed four people and triggered more than 200 house fires.

    Draft terms of reference are currently being discussed among Ministers with senior government figures keen to ensure Mr Rudd and former environment minister Peter Garrett are able to be compelled if necessary.

    Mr Garrett – who has retired from politics – was demoted in early 2010 for his part in overseeing the $2.4 billion home insulation scheme………..

  75. Mr..Abbott must believe his spin, or is not above lying to worlds leaders, if he said that we are open for business and it will be cheaper, because we are getting rid of the carbon tax.

    I cannot believe that he said this to a leader of world leading country, who is in the process of introducing a similar ETS.

    Still talking in halting sentences and slogans as well.

    Wonder what the leader of China really though. One again, Abbott in his groveling mode. Making a big thing of how busy Abbott is, makes one want to puke. As if both Rudd and Gillard, say oin their arse doing nothing.

    Maybe, good, “you are open for rorting, and we will definitely be coming”.

    What of those asylum seekers, who fled quickly when told they would be calling the police or army. Then have the hide to say they left voluntary. Robb, with his comment, that the problem has been solved, no more comment.

    Yes, one can be proud to have this mob represent us overseas, Even Bishop did not let us down, with her shocking dress sense yesterday. Not groomed asa usual. Maybe doing some work, is a shock for the system.

  76. ‘The NBN was an important project and that an all fibre networks is a desirable end point. I think the government strategy of investing in a high speed fibre optic base broadband network is a good one. I think it will make a difference to us as a nation and it will ensure more equity in access to relevant services for all Australians.’(AFR 4 October 2013)

    I will reveal who said that later. Note the opening, “was an important project”, meaning this person thinks the NBN is dead.

  77. Why does Abbott keep saying, we have plenty to give, but does not add, they have much that we want.

    Trade deal with China going bad. It appears that China wants us to reduce our migration rules, to allow them to bring in staff for the companies they buy here.

    Yes, want to buy in, and staff at their wage levels.

    If Abbott is successful, one will take it, this is what he will agree to.

  78. By the way, it feels much longer, but this is day 20 of the Abbott government. Wonder what scandals arise today.

  79. Oh dear Mö – he goes on to say:

    I think the best solution would see Telstra at the heart of such a network and that the network ideally would be made up of the components that ­currently are owned by the telecom companies, predominantly the biggest being Telstra, and then extended where coverage doesn’t currently exist.

  80. Wonder what the rest of the ISPs think?

    I, for one, do not want Telstra back in the driving seat. That is what held us back for decades.

    I cannot get over, how the media is trying to build up this PM, who cannot even talk, as one does to other adults.

    The looks on the faces of other leaders tell it all.

  81. Yes Bacchus Ziggy Switkowski.

    Turnbull has handed him a gift that will see him not only earn a huge wage as MD of NBNCo, probably already considerably increased over the last MD, who was doing it well below the rate of similar MDs, but make him a fortune on the Telstra shares he still owns as part of his Telstra board payout.

    No wonder the right wingers want to talk about anything but this government, the poor dears. They have voted in a real lemon, the worst this country has seen, and they know it. So bad they’re unable to defend or praise it in anyway, except to throw in strawmen, look over there at Labor and nonsense topics like going to the beach.

  82. Richard Woolcott to be on in about a hour time. ABC 24. That will be another Abbott love feast, one would believe.

    I remember, that the Coalition made a big thing of Gillard attending a staff members wedding while in Opposition.

    The PM also had many official duties as well. They were well documented at the time. I think that wedding was in Queensland. As for Tim using the car, that is a different matter altogether. I believe it was Gillard who corrected the incident.

    Partners are are entitled to use cars. The problem, Tim was using it for his work, which I assume is not allowed. This is what that MP in Victoria is in trouble for.

    I want to know, who paid for Abbott to transverse the country, every day for three years, electioneering for his party.

    He was in up to three states on some days, for photo ops.

    One wonders, if Albanese and Shorten began claiming TA and expenses for their campaign, to be leader of the Labor Opposition, what the outcry would be.

    What is different, than Abbott with his three year dummy spit was doing.

  83. I believe there dis also a inquiry on the alleged, twenty year old AWU scandal in the wind.

    Many Oppositions, propose such inquiries, but when in government , prudently forget. Not this vindictive government, it seems.

  84. Hmmm – I wonder about conflict of interest there. Will the Labor government elected in 2016 be having an enquiry into the corrupt handling of NBN Co by Dr Switkowski?

  85. Wonder if Abbott uses the same method of speaking to his cabinet, as he does for the public, and now it appears, overseas leaders. Talking as if one is addressing a two year old?

    Wonder if Abbott can kneel any lower, when addressing them. Maybe he should adopt the Muslim method, putting hos forehead to the ground. Kneeling is not good enough.

    Then Abbott did say, we do not have much influence on the world stage, and must not reach above our station. His groveling and playing down the worth of this country, shows, he does really believe that.

    Yes, “Papa”.

    I really did think, this country was well past cringing, in front of the rest of the world, and that we seen ourselves as equal. Obviously not, if one follows Abbott.

  86. All these enquiries into members of the previous government Fu. Could be making a rod for their own backs. Up until now, new governments have generally avoided this sort of thing so they don’t have to face similar when they inevitably lose government.

    Open the floodgates – Labor will be having a ball in 2016 at this rate. Travel expense rorts, NBN Co corruption, tow turn back the boats enquiry… and the government is only about 20 days old yet!

    Then we could have an AWB Royal Commission, Children overboard Royal Commission, Royal Commission into going to war in Iraq…

  87. Before the election, I made a comment, that ,maybe with Abbott, is what we see, is all we get. I am afraid to say, I am being proven correct. There is nothing more there.

  88. Experts are saying, the momentum is the result of the work, that government officials have been doing over the last twelve months. Yes, the results of the action of Gillard, As Gillard said, her greatest pride was in the success, that she has had, dealing with China.

    What we are now seeing, is Abbott and the media trashing her reputation. Once again, at the expense of this nation.

    Why, when it comes to the wellbeing of Australia, credit given, where it is earned.

    Evey time, Abbott opens his mouth, talking to overseas leaders, he condemns the action of the previous government. Wonder what they think of Abbott.

    Reith will be on, saying the outcry over attending the weddings is petty. Seems so, everything is pretty when it comes to the Coalition. The same is a hanging offence, if committed by Labor.

  89. Maybe, in the Senate, they should have one, back to the wheat sales, a decade or so ago. Another into the children overboard. One into the politicization of the armed forces. The list is endless.

    One into the lies that was told about the weapons of mass destruction.

  90. Maybe another into Reith’s son used of that phone. Maybe another, about Reith and Howard’s direct participation in the water front debacle.

  91. Bacchus, they still have power in the Senate, up to next July.

    Just points to how petty and childish this government is.

  92. Bacchus, sorry, I doubled up on what you said. Great minds think alike.

    Could be a fun few months. Yes, all that can come out of these enquiries is the truth. Yes, the coalition will be shown up for the liars they are.

    One can only come to the conclusion, they believe their spin. That is terrifying.

  93. Bacchus. The reason Abbott and Co are wanting Royal Commissions and Major Inquiries in regards to the Labor Party, they are frightened of losing the next elections and becoming a one term Govt, so lets make the ALP nonexistent.

  94. Yep crowey – they’re pretty easy to see through, aren’t they. ‘Twill be interesting to note the dates for these “enquiries” to report back – in the lead-up to the next election anyone?

  95. TO Mobius Ecko Thank you for Highlighting my Inadequate Writing style, I will try to do better in Future, LOL, point taken, Wifey is forever telling me about it, Keep up your GOOD Complaining, Hug Hug Hug

  96. No problem Greg, at least you didn’t shout. As I stated though the message is what’s important and that was there, nicely first word capitalised and all. 😉

  97. As the NBN lurches from disaster to disaster under Turnbull the three directors Turnbull confirmed this afternoon, Ziggy Switkowski, Alison Lansley and Kerry Schott are all prime examples of the type of board director Turnbull has been railing against when in opposition.

    I keep saying the hypocrisy of the Liberals and right wing supporters knows no bounds but this government is wallowing it and their supporters are engaging it full bore as the Abbott government not only backflips on policy after policy, but engages in the very things their supporters lambasted the previous Labor government for, but worse.

    Now it turns out that even Africa is going to leave Australia behind in FTTP and fast broadband.

    Africa is a prime example of how different the costs are now. Until recent years much of Africa was dependent on wireless communication to keep costs down, it was also a hard capped speed for users, vital in countries with only satellite infrastructure available for external connections. With the (somewhat) recent opening of the West African fibre links, there’s far more bandwidth available, so fixed lines make far more sense.

    We’re seeing major FTTP projects in places like Lagos, Nigeria, & South Africa.

    In stead of going down the stop gap solution of FTTN, they have opted for FTTP, not because they want to deliver faster services, many being below 100Mbps, but because it represents greater value for money. The main value is in the inherent reliability & modularity of fibre.

    Then we have places like Kansas, who want to teach creationism in their classrooms installing fibre but with technologies that allow it to be 8.5 times faster than the best our NBN will deliver. There’s nothing stopping Australia from going down that route but sold my principles Turnbull and troglodyte Abbott.

    Then there’s Turnbull’s guaranteed promise of 8,698,000 homes connected to 25Mbps by 30 June 2016. With all his dicking around with NBNCo he’s already fallen behind the daily target he needs, which 12,000 25Mbs+ connections per day. Current estimates are, and this is before all his enquiries, restructures, copper maintenance, and fridge box installations, he will be two years away from achieving his target in June 2016 and the costs will have blown out so much that NBN FTTP would have been a bargain in comparison.

    Just chalk up another monumental fuck up to a 20 day old government, clearly the worst this country has ever seen.

  98. Is Abbott outsourcing his role as PM. Why does he still sound like he is being fed the words, when speaking, Cannot any evidence of a ear plug. Not enough hair to cover one, those the ears, are indeed big and ugly enough.

    Maybe there are ones available that can be embedded in the body.

    Even when speaking to leaders of other countries, he speaks the same faltering way. As if waiting for the next word to utter.

    Maybe he is just a slow thinker, and in fear of misspeaking.

    “…………….Prime Minister Tony Abbott refers to her as ”the boss” and Peta Credlin is proving why, stamping her authority on the make up of the government.
    Fairfax Media has learned Ms Credlin, who steered Mr Abbott’s path to The Lodge as his chief-of-staff, is deciding every government appointment from top ministerial aides right down to the electorate staff of new MPs.
    She sits at the head of the government’s ”star chamber”, which has already knocked back some applicants put forward by cabinet ministers.
    Sitting on the star chamber panel are federal Liberal Party director Brian Loughnane – Ms Credlin’s husband – along with John Howard’s former chief of staff, Tony Nutt, and ministers Michael Ronaldson and Kevin Andrews.
    Appointments already made suggest a strong emphasis on previous experience in the Howard years of government and a direct working connection to Mr Abbott or Ms Credlin.
    ”It’s fair to say they are putting the Howard band back together but there are three key categories: Credlin loyalists, Abbott loyalists and Howard loyalists,” said a Liberal source.
    Credlin loyalists include Jane McMillan, who has stepped across from Australia Post to head up the Prime Minister’s media unit. The pair worked together as staffers for senator Helen Coonan in the Howard government……….

    Read more:

  99. Did one noticed the silly grin that Abbott had trouble controlling, when questions did not please him. I thought he was heading off, into one of those silent treatments, that O’Reilly got.Got himself back to normal in a few seconds.

  100. What has Morrison announced today. Something about criminal protocol for the refugees.

    Only wants to talk about APEC.

    Some miss understanding of the refugee policies they took to the electorate. Did not appear that he intend to buy boats. More back peddling.

  101. Yes, runs off, while questions are still being asked. Questions not to his liking. Does not like weddingate

  102. Wonder when Papa is going to spring that trap. Expect the Chinese will not be far behind.

    I am sure, they have worked out, they are dealing with a dill.

  103. Andrew Leigh ‏@ALeighMP 3h
    It appears the federal govt has taken down the Better Schools website. #badomen
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  104. Social media is calling Credlin. Prime Minister Credlin.

    Abbott questioned at APEC over a second wedding he claimed expenses for and then paid them back when found out.

    He said he did so off his own back but as soon as the media tried to question him further a minder signalled Abbott to close the press conference down, which he did, as usual running away like the coward he is.

    There is an attempt by the 5th to get the MSM to also question Abbott on two surf carnivals he participated in for which he claimed a combined expenses of nearly $10,000, yet the parliamentary records show he did not put in any reports, did not visit any businesses, people related to politics or engage in any study tour, making those expenses claims a rort.

  105. So far $84,000 in dubious claims by Abbott as LOTO have been found in the records.

    Labor accidentally puts one cent out of place and there are calls from Abbott and the MSM to sack the government and have royal commissions.

    The Liberals who have had their noses in the trough big time since early Howard times and Abbott who has rorted approaching $100,000 in tax payers money, along with running a slush fund he lied about, and there is mostly silence.

    The hypocrisy is approaching GRB proportions.

  106. What a laugh.

    Abbott said in the presser at APEC that ministers should err on the side of caution when claiming and when in doubt don’t claim.

    It has taken Abbott seven years to come clean on two claims that were openly rorts and only when the media got wind of them, then there’s his book tour that was obviously a rort but he didn’t err on the side of caution then, and there are still other claims he’s made that are obvious rorts like his participating in surf carnivals that he hasn’t come clean on yet.

    Shit the big bang is a tomb thumb compared to Abbott’s hypocrisy and that of the media letting him get away with the lies.

  107. Yeah according to Neil his Liberals are squeaky clean and honest as the day is long.

    FEDERAL Liberal MPs have been caught rorting the public purse by ordering nearly $300,000 of printer toner in the lead-up to the 2010 election.

    In a scandal insiders have dubbed “Tonergate”, The Courier-Mail can reveal Liberal MPs went on a three-week blitz in late 2009 to beat a strict financial cap and stock up on office equipment.

  108. You want to read the right wingers on the ABC website trying to defend the Liberal’s rorting.

    Everything from a Labor smear campaign based on nothing to it was a long time ago so lets move on. Every standard excuse and pardoning is there, exactly the multiplicative inverse of when Labor was in power and they jumped on every little thing, true or not, more often than not calling for an immediate election.

    “According to Neil” does have that “opposition says” bullshit ring about it.

  109. Will you people listen up? As I said today, people should repay if they have any doubt and they should do so as soon as possible.

    The fact that it took me seven years to have my doubts, and therefore to repay, is exactly what I’m talking about.

    Everyone knows I am slow. Just watch and listen to my responses under questioning.

    BTW dumbos, by concentrating on the trivia, you are missing the larger picture which is all about making the ‘rich’ much ‘richer’ and the very powerful much more ‘powerful’.

    And if you really want more insights, understand that we only have general ideological guidelines rather than policy positions and we will therefore provide as many distractions as possible to feed the media beast. Lots and lots of inquiries chaired by ‘mates’ who know what outcomes we want and when we want them.

    Winners take all.

  110. Leaving the former Speaker and now independent Sunshine Coast MP, Peter Slipper, out of the equation for now, over the period 29 Liberal and National party members repaid $57,064.34, while 22 Australian Labor party MPs repaid $31,089.02

    And the libs claimed slipper was a bigger cheat then the rest of them combined? This number does not reflect the latest round of wedding rip off’s wither. add that to the libs tally, along with the $84,000 from tones alone that Migs highlighted. Stop the Waste indeed

  111. Clutching at straws in desperation now taylor. I can’t see any problems with Abbott’s top 25. All good here, so there’s nothing to defend.

    Is timmy still driving miss daisy?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  112. All good here, so there’s nothing to defend.


    At least, when Gillard was made aware of the claims (was it really only about $400?) she paid it back, and it was discovered from within her office.

    tabot has obfuscated right up until the media actually started in on him. With kid gloves too.

  113. I’ll ask this another way, for which I won’t get a straight or honest answer.

    If a Labor pollie, but especially someone like Gillard, had a top 25 like that would have said the right wingers condemning her were clutching at straws and it was all good with nothing to defend?

    Warning. Entering hypocrisy land.

  114. Look at the way they latch onto ‘Timmy’ ME, That should answer your question. And, they ramped it up when the Gillard one came out a while ago. A trip down memory lane might be appropriate 😉

  115. It a laugh a minute watching the right wing clowns defending the L&NP snouts in tax payer troughs when only a short time ago they couldn’t condemn Labor and their ex-Liberal enough for far less, or even for stuff that was just made up.

    The ABC News and Drum online comments sections are very telling and seriocomical from the right wingers with their full hypocrisy on display whilst not being able to see that hypocrisy when it’s pointed out.

  116. Another Liberal rorter…

    WA Liberal pays back expenses</b?

    WA Federal Liberal MP Steve Irons was forced to repay almost $11,000 in wrongly claimed airfares and car transport fees this year.

    Details of the repayments came as Prime Minister Tony Abbott admitted he was forced to repay taxpayer cash he claimed for travel to weddings of two coalition MPs in 2006, including to the nuptials of embattled former speaker Peter Slipper.

    Documents obtained by The West Australian under Freedom of Information laws show Mr Irons repaid $10,863 in domestic flights and Cabcharge payments.

    The West Australian revealed this year Mr Irons spent almost 130 nights in Melbourne and 20 nights in Adelaide over a two-year period, despite being a member for what was then the marginal seat of Swan.

    […]Travel records show one of the nights Mr Irons spent in Melbourne coincided with the debut AFL match of his son Jarrad for Port Adelaide in round one of the 2011 season.

  117. In another MASSIVE BACKFLIP, it appears that (luckily) the libs are going to be giving the car companies what Labor were, and what the libs argued vociferously against.

    He told the business press: “There’s money there,” he said. “The Labor Party’s added money through to 2020, which we haven’t touched and I’m not going to touch – that’s all there for keeps.”

    “It’s in the forward estimates, it’s been through the budgetary process, it’s been legislated, there’s at least $1 billion. The more, the better, as far as I am concerned, because I don’t want the industry to close down, I want them to keep going.”

    STOP THE WASTE! for don’t we have a BUDGET EMERGENCY!?

    Unbelievable. It appears that, again, we have been LIED to by the libs. They were going to cut it by half a billion dollars? Looks like they LIED, again.

  118. What Abbott is ignoring about the polli pedal and other events. He claimed he was doing it for charity, not government work. If he was doing it for chaity, the tax payer does not pick up his expenses.

    So, Abbott was late this morning,and Putin was quick to point out the fact.

    Jonathan Green was =on ABC 24 this morning. The discussion was about the social media, and the effect it was having. Pointed out more that one, the blogs that are detailing Abbott’s expenses. He said that the British experience, that led to many loosing their jobs over expenses came about by gentle probing from the public. It took on a life of it’s own, that no media can control.

    Yes, lets hope he is correct. The government in this position, after 21 days, is amazing.

    What is more concerning from stories overnight, that Peta is in full control of all appointments, along with the husband. Has a adviser ever had so much power, within the PM officer.

    Yes, Howard had advisers the play a big role, in how the office was run.

    Do not know of any, that choose all government appointments, and had control of what all the government has to say.

    I knew someone was pulling his strings, but outsourcing his role to a office adviser, is indeed a new one.

    Wonder how the rest feel, having to grovel to Peta, to get a or I suspect, even a hearing.

    How long can this last, I wonder. It appears most appointments, have been those who work with Peta or her husband over the years.

    Have been out for hours, only to turn the TV on, to see that the stories have taken on a life of their own.

    Appears he claimed expenses for Peter Slippers wedding.

    What has he apologized to Malaysia for?

  119. Slummo,

    ‘….. bob hawk’s birthday bash? you won’t see that published here I’ll bet…” … put up or shut up. :mrgreen:

  120. Summo resorting to projection and abuse after doing a “quick look over there at Labor”. Oh so typical.

    So if you believe it’s wrong for Labor pollies to do it, as you go to pains to highlight, then you must believe this lot of Liberals with their noses in the trough to a much greater extent should all be sacked?

    Hang on, you didn’t say that at all. Indeed you approved of Abbott’s rorting at 8:00AM. Double standards?

    So whose the hypocrite?


  121. More recently, on October 2, 2012, Tony Abbott claimed:
    “We have never been a Stalinist party. We have never been involved in the business of suppressing free speech…”
    ” Recently it was revealed that members of the Coalition Government had to seek approval from Tony Abbott’s office if they were to be speaking to the media.

    An email that was leaked to the Australian Financial Review states:

    “All media coordination and requests should go through Kate first. This covers all national media interviews on television, radio and print. This includes any ABC local radio or ABC television interviews, the Sunday programmes, Sky News, and metropolitan print media longer-format interviews, etc. With any regular appearances on shows such as Sky AM Agenda, they should first have been coordinated through Kate at least the day before; on the morning of the interview it is still best to speak with Russ Neal for the main daily issues and messages.”

    That sounds just a little Stalinist to me.

  122. …….After the ceremony, the bride went back to her electorate office to have a drink with the Canberra-based journalists she’d invited (as guests) from the Melbourne ………..papers. Slightly unorthodox but then Soph is not your usual kind of girl. We reporters filed items for our Sunday papers and then went on to the reception, where a good time was had by all.

    Tony Abbott was one of several MPs at the Mirabellas’ nuptials in 2006. He claimed more than $1000 of public money for travel expenses which, as controversy swirls about Coalition politicians billing the taxpayers for attending weddings, he has just paid back.

    There is no reasonable case a politician could make that the Mirabella wedding was some sort of official work. The only guests who had (light) duties were the journalists (and no, I didn’t claim any expenses from my company). The fact that it was simply a social occasion was implicitly recognised by those politicians who didn’t make claims. George Brandis, also on the guestlist, who has been caught up in another wedding controversy, travelled with fellow senator Brett Mason and neither claimed…………..

    So much for the sanctity of marriage, when it comes to the Coalition. Wonder how the brides feel, having their weddings turn into political events, especially when some are only there to network, to dig up dirt on a duly elected PM.

    Gina back in court today. New Trustee to be named today.

  123. Wonder if Gina claimed tax concessions for paying for the Opposition members, she took to that wedding. I believe she was rewarded with a generous contract that arose with her efforts at the time.

    I believe this is the reason, she took them all. Martin Ferguson rejected the invitation.

  124. Actually Tim is allowed to drive that car. There was concerns, he used in in the job he had at the time. The PM corrected the situation at the time. not seven years later, after it became public notice. We know there has been blogs around for months, detailing all these expenses. Jonathan Green, actually mentioned them more that once this morning, pointing out, they were having a affect, and the topic was not going to go away.

    Same happened in Britain.

    ABC 24. Yes, and they all acknowledge, that the social media, and blogs, were now playing a part in where people get knowledge of daily events.

    This government is only three weeks old today. It seem like it has been around for years.

  125. It appears we can not compare Ms, Gillard ari costs with Abbott;s for the last three years,.

    This is because, a PM uses the official plane, while the Opposition leader, normal airlines.

    Maybe someone can compare Rudd’s air expenses when Opposition leader. with Abbott’s efforts.

    I cannot see, how anyone can justify, visiting up to three states on anyone day, 24/7 for photo ops can be justified.

    I call it electioneering, the excuse that Abbott gave this morning for wedding and sports fervent. His excuse was, that he was visiting marginal seats. and the Macquarie area. Yes, electioneering. One cannot call it anything else.

    He went into election mode from day one, of the 2010 government.

    That should be paid for by the party, I believe.

  126. Does one buy this, or is it just another example of how vindictive and petty, this government of 21 days is?

    “……….The Abbott government has pulled down the Better Schools website as it works out how it will handle the school funding reforms started by Labor.
    The website allowed people to see the six-year deals the commonwealth struck with NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT to roll out the new system set to begin in January, but the Coalition’s commitment is limited to the first four years.
    The site also included a search tool that allowed people to type in a school name and find out the notional amount of extra funding it would be entitled to by the sixth year.
    The website at was accessible last week but now contains only the Australian government logo and a message that it is “temporarily unavailable”.
    A spokesman for the Department of Education said the site was being updated.
    “Following the election, all website content is being reviewed,” he said.
    The spokesman would not say what information was being removed and when the site was expected to be back online…………

    Read more:

  127. By the way, most of the information on MySchools site did not exist, before Ms. Gillard took over the education portfolio.

  128. “…………Gillard is one of the best close-quarters politicians the Federal Parliament has ever seen.
    As prime minister, she ran a disciplined, professional office that operated in much the same way as a well-run law firm – a product of her early career at Slater & Gordon.
    Cabinet process was strictly upheld and the massive flow of administrative and policy paperwork that moves between government departments, the prime minister’s office and the prime minister’s desk was dealt with efficiently.
    There was courtesy shown to staff, MPs, public servants and stakeholders – every person entitled to a view was given a chance to express it before a decision was made.
    Gillard would diligently work her way through the detail of an issue and then patiently execute an agreed plan to tackle it.
    She was generous with her time and did not rush people in the way busy leaders often do. She was never rude and never raised her voice, unless for humorous purposes.
    She had a quick mind and could master a brief at lightning speed. She was a masterful parliamentary tactician and a brilliant analyst of the day’s events and the politics of the Labor caucus. She was a genuinely affectionate person and had a quick wit that could be deployed to lift the spirits of those around her.
    At her instigation, birthdays were the subject of office celebration. This would involve Gillard turning up for cake and delivering a very personal speech to even the most junior staff.
    Significantly for a national leader, Gillard had no major personality defects. She is probably the most normal, down-to-earth person to have served as prime minister of Australia in the modern era.
    In a crisis, she was supremely calm. While others wilted, Gillard had a resilience that allowed her to keep stepping up to the plate……………

    Read more:

    We have Abbott that works hard at outdoing Ms Gillard, in her strongest achievements and skills.

    Why does he bother. Why not work on his own strengths, and forget about Gillard,

    What I mean, is for many months, we seen him everyday, trying to relate to babies and kids. Every time he neared them, they gave him look of terror and moved away from him, as far as the could get. Every time Ms. Gillard approached children, they immediately warmed to her. Some people bond easily with kids, others do not. Just a fact of life.

    Then we have Mr. Abbott’s slogan of methodically, etc type of government. Yes, another skill, as the article shows above, is how Gillard carries out her task as PM. Yes, she was actually criticized for doing so, given as a reason she was unable so sell he When she completed that, she the began to put in place, mostly with legislation, her agenda for the 2013 election campaign, finishing just before Rudd deposed her.

    Yes, what Abbott is working with overseas at this time, is the result oh Gillard and officials, methodical work over the last twelve months.

    This is also not a natural for Abbott. Why does he insist on comparing himself to Gillard. Why does he just dump the slogans. It only shows up the strengths of Gillard, which he would be hard to surpass.

    The latest, is his desire to be seen better on the world stage, than Gillard.

    He has taken every opportunity, to run her down, to leaders of other countries, that respected her when she was PM. Yes, most liked and respected her.

    What must they think, when Abbott, the new PM comes along, criticizing, at every meeting, the previous PM.

    Not statesman like at all. I believe kids have a name for that type of behavior. I just cannot bring it to mind.

    Yes, Abbott seems to be obsessed with out doing Gillard, in every department.

    I suspect Abbott’s behaviour will quickly be seen, as mean, vindictive and petty,

    I, for one, cannot understand his actions.

    He needs to forget about MS. Gillard, and get on with developing his own style. Will stand him in better stead, in the long way.

  129. From Paul Syvret & Erica Crombie on twitter 😆

    You put your rort foot in,
    You take your rort foot out,
    You put in a claim and you shake it all about

    The public ask you questions so you run away,
    And that’s what it’s all about!

    😆 😆

  130. Bacchus, could not say it better.

    I know, from talking to some non political friends, definitely not rusted on Labor, Abbott’s groveling is not going down well.

  131. Apparently tabot is claiming his charity events were in the line of work.

    In other words, they weren’t charity events. So he is just a cheap poser

  132. And again I will raise the point. This was all yelled out loudly before the election by some quarters. Journalists were in fact tweeted the facts. Ignorance was no excuse. But it has all been ignored until now.


  133. The right wing comments attempting to justify it or calling it petty are laughable, especially in the light of the six years of mostly baseless attacks they launched against the previous two governments.

  134. How many employees get paid for ‘charity’ work?

    Quite a few actually Tom. 😀

    A company I worked for until recently encouraged staff to take a couple of paid days each year to volunteer with “approved” charities. I know my son’s company also has a similar arrangement, but I think they have more days available for this.

    A better question is, “how many employees get paid Travelling Allowance for ‘charity’ work?”

    If son decides he’s going to volunteer with a charity in Sydney, he’ll get his normal pay for the day, but all other costs of travel & accommodation will be his problem…

  135. Tom, and “And again I will raise the point. This was all yelled out loudly before the election by some quarters. Journalists were in fact tweeted the facts. Ignorance was no excuse. But it has all been ignored until now.

    One wonders if his fellow Australians aren’t the only ones Tones has been lieing and back-flip’n too, just to see his name on the door..
    Mayhap “he whom shall not be named” is applying a bit of pressure through ‘his’ MSM… just to show who’s boss 😉 ….. a gentle squeeze around the budgie’s.. as it were 😮
    just say’n 🙂

  136. Point taken, Migs 🙂 …. but….. even though ltdnews have started their ‘current’ Tones storys with a negative Tones slant and ended with a pro Tones stance…. once upon a time ‘we’ would not of even heard the negative bit…. just the pro….. and as I said afore… just say’n 😉

  137. just say’n 😉

    Labor MP’s caught up in the scandal.

    Former Trade Minister Richard Marles claimed flights to Labor MP Michael Danby’s 2008 Parliament House wedding.

    After lashing Coalition MPs over their expenses, former Attorney General Mark Dreyfus was forced to repay $466 claimed while he was away from Canberra on a skiing trip.

    Wayne Swan, took his two children to both the AFL grand final replay and NRL grand final by VIP aircraft, costing taxpayers more than $17,000 in one weekend.

    Labor MPs spent almost $7000 on travel to Sydney for Bob Hawke’s 80th birthday in 2009.

    This bullshit has been going on since Roman times and will still be going on long after we’re worm fodder and all the bleating from you sooks won’t change a thing. Move on!

    If you are so concerned, take it up directly with your local member. At least you have one ;(

    yajustgottalaugh 😉 ‘just say’n’

  138. And they all pale into insignificance besides the world champion rorter tabot, who spent three years yelling from his pulpit about other people ‘rorts’ false or otherwise.

    glass houses and all.

    Mind you, the only claim above you mention that was against the rules was for $466, the others, from my understanding, were legitimate claims. It seems ltdnews is providing ‘balance’ by simply listing any claim a Labor person makes, whether it is legitimate or not?

  139. Well. Abbott has made all well this morning, by announcing a extra, I say extra deliberately will be going to those who suffered from bombings in Bali and the Twin Towers.

    Even Howard admitted they were well compensated at the time.

    Yes, if any have ongoing serious medical conditions, fair enough, but more, retrospective is another matter.

    Wonder how true, is all that Abbott claimed to do, in the second bombing is true. I only say that, as for the last three years he has been claiming his electioneering, has been charity work. One has trouble believing what the man says.

    Why does Abbott keep saying, we are sticking buy all the countries in the regional. Is he saying, Labor has an opposite view.

    Could I rudely suggest that after 22 days, could I say that Abbott is only carrying on from where Labor and government officials left off.

    He would be working with the agenda Labor and government officials have been working on for the last twelve months.

    I have problems, when someone keeps telling me how good they are, that they are doing what the previous person did not do. One should not have to keep saying, I respect you and your country. Ones actions, alone should show that.

    I see that the USA is last in the literary states fro children. Could that be the reason the country is losing it top spot in the global economy. Could it be why they seem to be going backward. While at the same time, we see Asia’s standard rising rapidly.

    Yes, I agree with Ms. Gillard, when she says and acts on the fact, the key to a golden future, is to invest in the people. Yes, in educational and skill training.

    What we see now, is not a PM that is taking us into that Asian Century, but one that is in the region, groveling and apologizing to all.

    We have the Canadian PM so concerned about human rights in Sri Lanka, because of human rights. We have a PM sending back Asylum seekers to the same country. One has to be wrong. I do hope it is not our PM.

    As for TA and other benefits, open to MPs, it is time that the full Fells report was implemented.

    Wonder how much it cost, for Swan to put his two boys on the plane with him. Not a penny more, I suspect.

    Abbott is saying, he will not change a thing. Why? There is definitely wrongs, that need bringing into this modern age.

    The pollies were given huge wage rises, with the intention of removing thing, such as study tours and other outings.

    The only expenses that should be available, are those connect to carrying out official duties.

    We should not be expected to pay for a full term or three years, any electioneering, done by any MP. That should be the responsibility of the party.

    Yes, time that all is open, and time that they have to justify the claims.

  140. Maybe Abbott, with his love of setting up new bodies to oversee all that is Labor or unions, that he go one step further, and set up one that overseas all TA and other expenses claimed.

    I have had jobs, that included card for expenses. Believe me, every cent spent, was closely scrutinized each month. Plenty of please explains over a few cents.

    Every receipt had t be produced. Explanations for every query demanded. Reasons for every outlay. Three quoted for all work done, not matter how small.

    Believe me, you soon made sure, you knew every guideline. Surely barristers and other highly trained people would find it so hard.

  141. I note on ABC 24. Some are raising the prospect, that most of the spending, in conflict, especially of Abbott’s is party campaigning, He says so himself.

    Opposition leaders are not elected to take on three years dummy spit, and continuous election campaigning, They have a job to do, as Opposition leader, which Abbott ignored for most of the term. Yes, to oppose, suggest something better, and to improve legislation that is put forwarded by the government. Yes, and even sometimes, support the government, in a bipartisan way.

    Yes, I might be naive, but I do believe Oppositions have a valid role to play in good governance.

    They are there to build, not destroy.

  142. “Just hours after lashing Coalition MPs over their expenses, former Attorney General Mark Dreyfus was forced to repay $466 claimed while he was away from Canberra on a skiing trip.

    Mr Abbott defended his expense claims yesterday after it emerged he had charged taxpayers to travel to Port Macquarie to compete in an ironman event in 2011 at a cost of almost $1300.

    Department of Finance records also show Mr Abbott has used travel entitlements to take his family to AFL Grand Finals and Derby Day in Victoria.

    “…..The family trips cost taxpayers more than $10,000 and a charter flight to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, which he attended with one of his daughters, last year cost $8800.

    Mr Abbott last week paid back $1700 he claimed for attending the 2006 weddings of former Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella and expense-scandal-plagued ex-MP Peter Slipper.

    He defended all of his claims, including for the ironman event and claims over his annual Pollie Pedal charity bike ride during which he attends community events.

    “I believe that all of my claims have been within entitlement and let’s not forget that Port Macquarie was a marginal seat effectively and I want to assure you that I don’t go to marginal seats simply for sporting events although the sporting event in question was a community event,” he said.

    “I think you’ll find that there were quite a few other community events involved in those visits.”

    Mr Abbott’s spokesman said the Prime Minister’s travel claims were within the rules, and cited numerous examples of senior Labor figures charging taxpayers to travel to sporting events during the last term.

    Wayne Swan, when acting PM in 2010, took his two children to both the AFL grand final replay and NRL grand final by VIP aircraft, costing taxpayers more than $17,000 in one weekend, according to Mr Abbott’s office.

    “All travel undertaken by Mr Abbott included comprehensive community engagement and was within the rules,” his spokesman said.

    “Mr Abbott receives a large number of invitations for attendance at – and involvement in – community, charity, business and sporting events. Mr Abbott has represented the C…”

    Is carting your adult children to sporting and musical events, really justified.

    As for Swan, whether he took the children or left them at home, made no difference to the cost of that plane, going to Melbourne.

    Time for the rorts to stop. I am applying that to all MPs.

    It is easy to attached expenses to genuine political duties.

  143. This, I believe, is what the present outcry about abuse of expenses should be about.

    “….The Coalition, enraged at falling just short of victory, embarked on a three-year campaign of destabilisation. Tremendous pressure was brought to bear on Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor, the country independents whose votes kept Labor in office. No-confidence motions and suspensions of standing orders were almost daily occurrences. As Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott ramped up the rhetoric to hysterical levels, declaring a new crisis or an emergency with each passing week….”

    John Hancock stepping down from his claim to be trustee. Bianco has been nominated. Sister Gina objects.

    Could it be, that Gina, senior, has been outsmarted.
    Gina, mother, wants Gina. Wonder why?

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